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It had been nearly two years that Kanda and Allen were mate.

Kanda started to reconsider Allen after what the white-haired did during the Alma Karma incident. Three months after he was sent to Matera he came back to the Black Order and decided to tell the Moyashi what he felt. (A/N: Let's say that Apocryphos never showed up and don't worry I would include Apocryphos in the next chapters). Lenalee told him that the omega was confined in prison for a long time. She didn't really know what they did to Allen but she thought more like hoped they didn't torture him too much. But since Allen had had his first heat, they had to move him in the infirmary ward (still constraining his arms) until it had passed. It would last for 5 to 10 days and as the omega didn't have an alpha yet he could handle his first heat if it was not too violent. Only betas could approach him so Kanda couldn't visit him. It was his first heat after all and the heat suppressant wouldn't work out. The Alpha bit his inner cheek. He would lie if he said that he didn't felt any guilt. It was because of him that Allen was imprisoned. If the cursed man didn't hide him and Alma and had said them where he sent them then he wouldn't have any problem. If it wasn't for him, the Fourteenth wouldn't be awake and Allen would not be in this mess. He was actually surprised that the younger one broke many rules just for his sake and Alma's. He was so touched by what Allen did. That's why he came back, that was why he would go back to the black order. He wanted to save him even though that meant giving up on his freedom (a little bit OOC but in the recent chapters I felt like Kanda may worry about Allen). He couldn't live peacefully if he hadn't come anyway. He couldn't even die in peace if he stayed where he was actually. He would try something he had a feeling would work. His last moments with Alma were precious to him and he couldn't have them without the little omega.

Since he couldn't see Allen right away, he went to retrieve Mugen. He walked along with Lenalee and Marie whom he came across to when he was observing the gate point when they were in France. While Lenalee was sharing her worries, Kanda said that she had gotten ugly because of her crying face and all the scratches in her face. The comment did nothing but upset the Chinese girl and hadn't Marie hold her Kanda would have literally been kicked. As Kanda reached the Old Man Zhu room, followed by a still upset Lenalee and Marie, he entered the hall. He saw Komui, the Director Rouvellier and some guards. They briefly talked and then he entered the Old Man Zhu room. The old man confessed what he did in the past and apologized to Kanda for everything he had done to him. Kanda just said that the old man would go to hell too when he reached for Mugen. When he touched and told Mugen to awaken, it started to shine and took the form of a cube. It flew above them before it approached Kanda's hands. Before the innocence could reach Kanda's hand, Lenalee took the opportunity to stop the process by slamming the innocence between her hands and asked if he was really sure. He opened her hands and they saw the liquified form of his innocence. He drunk and said that he was free now. Just like we observed with Lenalee innocence crystal-type transformation, wounds, looking like a cross, opened in both of his hands and they started to bleed. Then when the required quantity of blood was filled it crystallized and took the form of red-blood human-form innocence. When he activated it, the red crystal-like Mugen took form of a red katana. After that, he went to his room. 'Tomorrow I have to go to the Central' he said to himself.

The next day, he went to the Central to plead Allen's cause before the Black Order's ruler. It was easier to convince them than what he expected. He told them that he was planning to mark Allen as his omega. He knew that their superiors were conventional. It wasn't really a secret. Conventional individuals often thought of omegas as sub-human/weakling controlled and guided by their alphas and that they needed alpha's approval before doing or saying something. Kanda wasn't stupid enough to not notice that even inside the church, a place that's supposed to be a "holy place", sexism existed. 'How hypocrite' he thought. He also added that the reason Allen was in prison was that he hid him but now that he came back there wasn't enough reasons to keep him in custody. He announced reluctantly with bitter filled in his voice that Alma was dead (he didn't give details though). As for the Fourteenth, as long as he would be Allen's alpha, he would help him fight him. And as a final argument, Kanda said that he could have never come back but he decided to go back here as a good will from his part. Kanda's arguments were good and he spoke surprisingly politely. Though they were skeptical and suspicious, after discussing and debating about the issue, they finally decided that the exorcist in front of them was right. They announced that after Allen's heat the omega wouldn't be held anymore. However, Link was still in charge of Allen and would keep reporting to Rouvellier everything. He would keep watching Allen even after Kanda would mark the omega. Kanda had to mate with Allen before the latter would be 17.

When the heat period was finished (5 days after he came back), he came to the infirmary and told the omega everything. He told him how grateful he was for what the other one did for him and some other details. He also informed him what the Central decision was. It didn't really happen according to what he thought it would. It happened better than he thought even though the omega's reactions were unpredictable; first he was relieved to see him alive, then angry to see him coming back, after that he was happy to hear that the Japanese decided to become an exorcist as simply Kanda Yu, he felt a little bit sad he even cried when the kendoka had told him his moments with Alma were only for him and no one else and finally he was rather embarrassed when he heard what the Central decision was. (A/N: don't worry I will develop this interaction later on).

Allen wasn't really too pleased to hear that him and the kendoka had to mate. However, he was secretly happy. He would never say that out loud but he had always found Kanda attractive. Sincerely, Kanda was the most handsome Alpha he ever saw and his scent was marvelous and musky. Nonetheless, he agreed to mate with Kanda. He actually started to have feelings for the alpha. At that moment when he peaked at Kanda's past, he understood better the Japanese behavior. Even now he was touched by what Kanda did for his sake. He would never admit it though. However, he couldn't help but felt uncomfortable. He didn't want to chase away Kanda's lover out of his mind. He didn't want to chase away their bond. He started to feel guilty but Kanda stopped his train of thoughts and told him that it was okay, that he was okay. It was Kanda's decision. The kendoka confessed that he had feelings for the cursed one for a long time. He started to have feelings for Allen back in Matera when he wanted to protect the doll and the ugly man. He had just repressed his feelings at that time because of that woman he was looking for. And thanks to Allen, he had his moments with his lover. Kanda pointed out that Allen was just afraid to mate with him. He was suspicious that Allen was afraid to love someone deeply. And Kanda was right. Allen was really afraid to love again and put someone in his heart. He didn't want to erase Mana. But what Kanda told him changed his mind. He told him that just because he wanted to mate with the Moyashi didn't mean he would forget her/Alma. They would always have a place in his heart. As much as he hated the church, he just couldn't go and live a normal life without the Moyashi in it. That was why he came back. That was why he decided to be attached to the Black Order again. As long as the Moyashi was by his side he would be happy. Allen surrendered and they agreed to mate during the second heat. Allen wanted it to be done as soon as possible. Allen was still a little bit reluctant though. They spent time together and their interaction didn't change that much. They still fought over ridiculous thing but they also started to open up with each other about personal things. They hadn't really discussed about their past yet as they weren't ready for that.

It was time for the second heat, it was Kanda's duty to take care of him and to mark him. Actually, after Allen's first heat, their relationship had improved drastically. They were still bickering like before but it seemed like they became friends. Actually, more than friends but they didn't want to put a word to their relationship. During the second heat, they did more than mating they fell for each other. They already had feelings for each other but during this period they became even closer. Allen let his guards down and took off Mana's mask. He opened up to Kanda about his childhood. They were talking a lot and occasionally bickering. They decided not to have sex yet. Allen wanted to take his time and estimated that they should develop their relationship further before doing it. Kanda respected that and agreed. However, it was heat and pheromones were really strong, they almost couldn't keep their promises but they did. They touched each other, they kissed and they cuddled just like what a normal couple would do but no sex thanks to Kanda's self-control. Well they were officially a couple now. Link was not around during Allen's heat because he could assault the exorcist as the omega would be weakened and he would free compelling pheromones.

Since they became mate, they always went together in mission (with Link too). Central was still wary of them. Their feelings were getting stronger the more time they spent with each other. And soon enough, they were bonded. Allen could strongly smell Kanda's scent and during heat would be bothered by other scents other than Kanda's. Kanda on the other hand could smell Allen's scent and his feelings too. They were compatible. They could always know where the other one would be no matter how long the distant between them were. Kanda was overprotective of him now and he seemed like Allen needed more Kanda's presence and scent. (A/N: this is the bond's principle) When Link noticed that, he reported it to Rouvellier. And the central decided that when Allen would be 18, they would marry with each other. Neither of them was pleased to hear that. Not that they don't want to marry, they just wanted it to be their decision. They accepted it though and decided to have sex after the wedding if their hormones allowed them that.

Unfortunately, they had sex during the third heat. Their hormones and pheromones were too strong now that they were mated and bonded. Also, Kanda's rut started the third day of Allen's third heat.

Times passed by and soon they got married in the church. The ceremony was really simple. It was the reflection of their personalities: simple, fast, concise and with a lot of foods. Luckily, no suspicious activities during the wedding.

They weren't two individuals anymore; they were one being separated in two bodies.

They were soulmates.

Allen never thought that the emptiness in his heart could be filled and that he would feel complete.

Kanda never thought that he would love someone again. His love for Allen was even stronger than what he remembered. He would always protect him and take care of him no matter what.

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