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Chapter 2: Bad or good news?


"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Allen and Kanda screamed in unison

"That is impossible!" Allen then continued with a frown in his face.

"I know. I don't understand either. I…" Johnny started but was cut off when he saw Allen and Kanda running towards the exit.

The married couple was heading to the Science Department to find Komui for explanation.

It all started one week earlier.

-One week earlier-

Lavi alongside with Kanda were walking in the corridor heading towards the cafeteria where a certain white-haired boy was working as part-time job. Even though Cross was presumed dead two years ago, his debt didn't die with him unfortunately. And Allen helped Jerry from time to time to earn money. Especially after his heat, Allen's body was still a bit weak so he couldn't go on missions. But as an active person, he resumed working in the cafeteria. His heat didn't alter his habits during his rest days. Link prepared cake while Allen was working.

It was noon and Lavi went to the meditating room to inform Kanda that they alongside with Allen had a mission. He suggested to the raven-haired man to head to the cafeteria to warn Allen and having lunch in the process which the other one agreed.

The walk was animated as always. Lavi teasing Kanda and Kanda getting angry easily and threatening the red-haired to kill him. Nothing unusual.

The Japanese sped up his pace not because he was fed up by the red-haired well maybe a little bit but because the odor coming from Moyashi was unpleasant. He could smell his feelings because they were bound to each other remember? Well now, he could smell anger and hopelessness? He couldn't really tell but his Alpha instincts told him to rush to his omega side so that was what he did.

"Oi wait! Yu?" Lavi pleaded which Kanda merely ignored even though Lavi called him by that name once again. At this point, he started to run. He wasn't the type to worry over someone but the smell was so strong he could barely stand that he got worried. He would never admit it though.

After what it seemed like eternity, he finally arrived at the cafeteria followed by an out of breath Bookman. He was frantically scanned the area but he didn't see the bunch of white hair he was looking for. He grabbed roughly the collar of a finder who happened to be the nearest to him.

"Where is Moyashi?" he questioned him with voice filled with a threat and cold eyes.

The finder was scared and stuttered nervously "W.. Wh.. Who?"

Lavi banged his shoulder and told him to calm down and that the finder might not know Allen's cute nickname. He then added that he was Allen's alpha so he should be able to locate him.

"Tch" Kanda sighed and released his grip dumbfounded. He forgot he could trace his husband smell. He lost his temper again or maybe he was too worried to focus well he never knew. When it came to Allen, he always lost it anyway. He closed his eyes and sniffed. And he found him.

His husband was in the kitchen probably helping Jerry. Well that was why he was there anyway: to do his part-time job to save money.

He ran towards the backdoor of the kitchen and opened the door.

Upon seeing what was going on in the kitchen he felt ridiculous. He almost regretted for being worried.

Allen was indeed angry but by the look at it. Kanda deduced that someone ate his share of cake again. Link's cake. It already happened before when Lavi took a bite of his cake the white haired got angry and put some wasabi in the Bookman Junior's food. And by the look of Link exasperated face he guessed right.

"Oi Baka Moyashi, we have a mission with Lavi. We're leaving in 30 minutes so go and pack your things" he almost shouted being furious for being worried over someone stupid like his husband. He then left the kitchen. He felt so ridiculous. The odor had changed and became pleasant again because his small husband was glad to hear that they were going on a mission. He was sure that he was excited.


"Walker, please hurry. We are already late" Link rushed while running to the ark point.

They were running late. Kanda told him that they would leave in 30 minutes. He should have gone to his room right away but decided to eat first. He couldn't be at his best with an empty stomach. His innocence was parasitic after all. That was why Link didn't protest.

They arrived at the point. Kanda saw them arriving and sighed. In a normal time, Allen would be vexed by the Japanese behavior. But he understood because he was late.

Kanda raised an eyebrow upon seeing him so breathless while Link was normal. He put that aside accusing the heat recovery not total. Allen gave him a questioned look after finally being able to catch his breath. He just shook his head. Allen was still perplexed though.

"You're late, Allen and Two-dots" Lavi said cheerfully ignoring Link protests with that ridiculous nickname "I had to wait for you with a gloomy Yu" he cried out and was wiping dramatically his fake tears.

Soon enough, Mugen was in a very close distance to his neck with a very dark eyes from his owner.

"How many do I have to tell you to not call me like that" Kanda threatened and this time Lavi gulped and raising both of his hands as a sign of surrender.

"Do you really have to threaten him like that, BaKanda" Allen proclaimed while hitting the back of the Japanese head.

"Shut up and let's go. The latecomers have nothing to say" he said nonchalantly. That comment made the beansprout pout and feel guilty. For now, he had no right to argue because he was at fault so he let it to be.

They went through the ark portal with an electrical atmosphere mainly because of Kanda bad mood. The four men with Timcanpy walked silently in the Mediterranean white town until they reached the door which was labelled Bulgaria.


They were surrounded by a dozen Level 3 Akumas and one Level 4.

Being outnumbered was an understatement but it was nothing compared to that day when The Earl Millennium made up a trap to awaken the Fourteenth. When the Earl used Kanda and Alma. It seemed that the akumas was just in the area sensing the innocence. Allen could tell that it wasn't a trap because his powers were not sealed: his abilities to see Akuma's soul and the Musician.

"Innocence, activation" the three exorcists said in unison while the finder who accompanied them and Link helped the citizen escape.

"Ahlala, three exorcists? A man with a ponytail holding a katana and a white-haired boy with a cursed eye, huh? Aren't you Kanda Yu and Allen Walker?" the level 4 said with their usual small childish voice.

"And me? You don't know me?" Lavi exclaimed with fake disappointment mixed with puppy eyes in his face and his right index pointing at his face

"No" the level 4 said firmly and added "It doesn't really matter anyway because you're all going to die and we will take the Innocence". He smirked and his murderous aura was visible.

"Don't make me laugh" Kanda smirked and then said "Oi, Moyashi, Lavi. I will take him, you two take care of the level 3"

All the level 3 were mocking him and one of them addressed to the Japanese "Try it out, Exorcists. If you can really beat us -" and resumed laughing like the others. He was cut off when he was sliced up in two. He looked at the samurai who didn't move a single step so he wondered who dared cutting him off. Then he saw a bunch of white and white sword. Before he could say anything, he exploded.

"Don't underestimate us, Akuma and" Allen said with a smirk and a little split of blood in his face. Then he glanced saying firmly "My name is Allen, you bastard"

"Let's go Lavi, let's destroy them all" he started running while he was destroying two already.

"You're so energetic, Moyashi" Lavi teased while he was catching up the younger one.

"The name's Allen!" Allen protested.

Meanwhile, Kanda and the Level 4 hadn't move since the little Level 3 destruction. They were glaring at each other. The atmosphere was heavy. As the wind was blowing hard, they started to run towards each other and they started to draw their weapons.


The fight of Kanda against the level 4 was intense. Few words exchanged. Blood dripping. Metal clicking sound. It seemed like they were at the same level. Just a determined move would finish the battle whether from Kanda's side or the akuma's side.

Kanda was about to unleash his final attack when he heard Lavi cried out someone's name. His someone. His husband's name. He froze and glanced at their side.

Only 3 akumas left good. But Allen was lying unconscious on the ground. He internally panicked. He was so concentrated to his husband direction that he didn't notice the Level 4 loading at him. He barely dodged the attack and he got a little cut on his head. The blood was dripping on his face and he felt a little bit lightheaded. He reluctantly put his worries aside and decided to finish off the level 4 as fast as he could. He went towards the akuma and attacked with the technique he was planning to use earlier before he got distracted.

"Be cursed, Kanda Yu" the level 4 exclaimed before exploding.

Kanda didn't listen to him and was already heading towards Lavi and Allen. He was in a hurry. He would blame his inner alpha for the worry he felt but he knew that it was him. He was a bit relieved when he saw that there was no akuma left anymore. However, when he finally reached them, the sight that welcomed him was horrible.

Lavi repositioned Allen in that way his back was on the ground and Lavi hand supported his head.

Allen was paler than usual and his breaths were unsteady.

"What happened to Moyashi? Is he injured?" Kanda frantically asked while he was kneeling down checking on the beansprout.

"No, he isn't. He suddenly collapsed while fighting." Lavi explained "I thought it was a fever but he seems to not be burning up"

"Let's go to the nearest hospital" Link said from afar joining them.

"Tch, don't give us orders" Kanda glared at him "it was our intention from the start, you Lvellier watch dog". Then he picked up Allen in bridal style.

"Let's go" Lavi intervened in a desperate attempt to calm the heavy atmosphere between Kanda and Link.

They started to run to the direction of the hospital

-Three days later-

"How is he?" Komui asked to the next Bookman.

They were talking on the phone with Kanda's golem

"He is fine, I guess" the red haired answered "the doctor said he passed out due to exhaustion"

"Mmh, maybe it was too soon to send him in a mission" the Scientist head wondered.

"Maybe. I asked Yu if it was always like this and he said that it was the first time" Lavi said "no wonder Yu was so freaked out "he nervously laughed "Even the calm and stoic inspector was panicked"

"We should proceed to examine him when you'll be back." The Chinese man declared "when will you go back to the headquarters?"

"Probably today at 2 pm" Lavi said.

"Okay, I will inform the Ark department" Komui said with his serious tone.

"Okay, bye Komui" Lavi said and then hung up the phone

"Is Allen Walker okay?" the Scientist assistant asked

"Yes, but we need to examine him to be sure" he replied worry filled in his voice while positioning his glasses.


After hanging up the phone, Lavi went back to the hospital room. Allen was dismissed. They could leave the country. As a bookman, he should stay objective and neutral, but he was worried about the younger one as well. What if it was his innocence? Or worse? The science department could delay the noahfication but they couldn't stop the process. What if the Noah in him was fed up of being pushed and wanted to awaken? Or it was just the side effect of his heat and decreased his stamina?

The beta was thoughtful. Bookman should had come along for this mission. He arrived in the hospital room. He heard someone packing things through the door. He carefully opened the door. Close enough to make him unnoticeable and wide enough for him to be able to spy on them. Well he couldn't spy that long because there were two alphas in there and their sense of smell are very strong so they could have already spotted him when he was in the corridor. But surprisingly, they didn't notice him yet. Maybe because they were busy.

The view was somewhat calm. Kanda and Link didn't let the omega do anything and while Kanda was packing his things, Link sat in the chair near the hospital bed with the same electric atmosphere as usual. Knowing Allen, he could say that the white haired had protested but he had lost the argument and pouted. What made Lavi internally laugh was Kanda because the latter had changed he couldn't recognize him. Well he was still grumpy and short tempered and treated the finders like shit. However, he somehow softened especially when Allen was around.

When they rescued him and Bookman, he was beyond surprised when they announced him that they were bounded to each other and that the Alpha marked Allen. He was also amused when he was assisting their wedding. It was so strange. Never in his life he would have thought that they were going to be lovers. But when he looked back, they were maybe made to be together. They were quite similar on the inside.

He had enough of staying at the door and proceeded to open wider the door. Then he entered the room.

"Yo, need help?" He offered

"Tch" was the only reply he had from Kanda

"If you really wanted to help" Link said "you could've offered it earlier when you arrived instead of spying on us"

"Oh, you noticed" Lavi asked faking an embarrassed tone while scratching his face and looking at anywhere but not at them. "You okay, Allen?" he asked turning to the pouting omega.

"Oh yes" Allen replied with his signature smile scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

"You're quite quiet today" Lavi pointed out and that drew the other alphas attention especially Kanda.

Noticing the stare, Allen reassured "I am fine, I just hate being inactive. But Kanda wouldn't let me help him".

"Tch" was all Kanda reply.

"Well you passed out in the middle of the battle out of nowhere, Walker" Link said as a matter of fact statement.

"It was just exhaustion" Allen pouted "the doctor says that. And I am fine now"

"But you slept for 2 days and a half" the blond haired replied.

"Yes Allen, you should take it easy" the red haired interjected "Besides, why do you still call Yu by his last name"

And in a split of second, a blade was touching Lavi's neck. And a glare from the Japanese Alpha.

"How many do I have to tell you not to call me like that? Stupid rabbit" he threatened "I will slice you in two"

"Okay" Lavi cried out

"Moyashi, get up. We are going" Kanda said

"The name is Allen, Bakanda" the cursed one said while getting up. Being in bed for three days without doing anything was so frustrating. He swayed a little before standing still. His body adjusted to his new position. He glared on everyone. They were all staring at him. "Can you leave me for a second. I am going to change my clothes" he requested sounding irritated.

Lavi and Link left the room without protesting. Usually Allen wasn't that private. It was a strange behavior but they preferred to put their curiosity aside.

"You too" Allen said to the other one left in the room beside him

"I am not leaving" Kanda nonchalantly stated "Change your clothes now, Moyashi"

Allen changed his clothes while glaring at his husband. He still felt slightly tired even though he had slept for a couple of days. It scared him. What if his stamina had drastically gone down? Was it his innocence sensing the Noah and trying to fight it by draining his energy? He didn't know. He didn't want to think about it. He was freaking out.

His train of thoughts were interrupted by an annoyed Japanese complaining about how slow he was. He just pouted and quickly resumed changing his clothes.

After they left the hospital, they decided to eat something before the appointment time. They went to a local inn and ordered food.

Kanda, Link and Lavi were amazed by how much food Allen had ordered. It was very few. It was so unlike him. Of course, when he went on mission he wouldn't order as many foods as when he was in HQ but this time it was a normal ratio. It was so odd. And the odder part was that he barely touched his food.

"Are you alright, Walker?" the blond haired said out loud what they all thought.

"Mmh, yes. I am just not hungry" the said man simply exclaimed.

"Hum. You're definitely sick!" Lavi stated suspicious.

"If you are all done, then let's go" the Japanese Alpha coldly said

He got up and left the inn followed by his husband. Lavi and Link stared at their fading silhouette and then staring at each other.

"I am worried about Walker's health. He passed out during a fight, he is always tired and he doesn't eat food. That's very strange. I wonder if his omega status is affecting his body more than we thought. He is also a Noah host and a parasitic type innocence accommodator. Maybe is it too much for his body" Link split out what was on his mind, concern was seen in all over his face.

Lavi was a bit startled by that statement. That was the first time Link was talking this frankly with him. Anyway, he put that aside and thought about what the other Alpha had just said. In all the Dark Order story, Allen was the only omega exorcist. Since the black order existed, the exorcists were whether Alpha or Beta even though Alpha exorcists were rare. It might be for this reason that only one omega in all word and all history was chosen by the innocence. The heat handicapped him. He had questioned Bookman about this issue and the old one confirmed that it was odd and that even in history only Alpha and Beta were registered as innocence accommodator.

After what it seemed like forever, both of them followed the couple. They sped up a bit to catch the other two. Once they reached them, they just followed them in silence still thinking.

Before the bookman apprentice and the inspector had reached them, Kanda didn't know how to reassure Allen so he just let him be. As the Allen Alpha, he always could tell when Allen was troubled about something. He knew from the smell that Allen was upset about something. But he decided to talk to him when they would be alone. He knew from the other one lame reassurance earlier that he didn't want to talk about it.

The walk was silent. An awkward atmosphere installed. Nobody talked as if everyone was lost in their thoughts. As they could see the church where they were heading off, the finder that were accompanying them soon approached them. Noticing the atmosphere, he just said that the gate would be open at 2:03pm. It was 1.45pm.

They reached the church and saw the priest waiting for them. They informed him their individual code and then the priest guided them to the ark point.


When they passed through the ark entrance connected in the headquarters. They were welcomed by the Great Intendent and his sister. The Chinese woman was worried about the little albino that she couldn't help but wait for them and hug them. Over the past years, her hair had grown longer just like before. She tied them in high pigtails.

She was beyond worried. She was always worried about Allen. She didn't really know why but she thought it was because she considered him as a little brother. Someone to protect. That was why she was so saddened when they thought Allen was dead back in China and relieved when she saw him coming back and that he had gotten stronger. She also felt happy when he started to talk to her more casually, less formal. He used to only talk to Kanda casually and now she felt like the younger one was finally considering them as his new family.

When they traversed the ark and she saw him she ran towards him immediately and instantly hugged him. She asked him if he was okay and he nodded. She noticed too late the glare she received from the Japanese man. She waved her hands. Sometimes she forgot that the two of them were married and Kanda as an alpha was really possessive of his omega, Allen. It was natural. She could have been punched if it wasn't for his brother to interject in between her and Allen.

He instructed him to following him and informed him that they were going to exam him in order to determine what was the matter. He was silent and did what was he told to do. He took off his clothes in the top and let the doctor examine him. He hadn't reacted when they took some sample of his blood.

After one hour or so, the doctor told him that Komui would notice him when he would get the result. He nodded and came back to his room. He threw himself in his bed and he was staring at the ceiling. Timcanpy flew in circle above his hand. He was finally alone, well technically. He was still tired and he accused it on the medicine he got when he was hospitalized. He felt drowsy, he wanted anything more than to sleep but he wanted to clean himself and Timcanpy.

He looked at Timcanpy and smiled at him. It was almost as if it took all his energy to just get up of the bed. He managed to get up anyway and went to the bathroom. He was surprised Kanda hadn't come to the room by now. Maybe he sensed his mood? He shook his head. He was so worried about what was going on in his body. He never collapsed and be out cold for a couple of days before. Even after his heat. As the hot water filled the tub, he undressed while thinking. He was so distracted by his train of thoughts that the water almost filled completely the tub and would overflow it.

What frightened him the most was that the medicine he took every day was useless and Nea could take over his body. Of course, since he was bounded to an Alpha, his body and his mind were stronger. He sighed and entered in the tub. He started to clean himself and once done he cleaned his golem as they usually did. Once he was satisfied by the golem cleanness, he got out the tub and emptied the tub.

He changed into his pajamas. He wondered why he felt so tired. He slept almost for two days and still. He then came back to his room and sat on the bed. He was still worried and couldn't shake off his fear. He was on the verge of breaking down when Kanda had entered the room.

He was grateful when the alpha didn't ask if he was alright because obviously, he wasn't. The older one just sat there next to him and gestured him to rest on his shoulders. He couldn't hold back and let his tears stream down his cheeks. He hid his face in Kanda's shoulder. He just cried there. He didn't make too much noise. Just some sob every now and then was the sound that could be heard.

After he cried his eyes out, he fell asleep probably tired from the breakdown. Noticing that the other one was sleeping, Kanda easily put him in bed. He then took a quick shower. He is worried too about Allen. He was his omega after all. He just wished it was nothing serious. He sighed when he was thinking about the next day. He knew that Allen liked to talk about his feelings sometimes. So, he had to prepare.

He was also tired. Not physically. But emotionally. He wondered if it was a good idea to come back to the Black Order. If he just stayed hidden then he wouldn't be worried like that. But deep inside he knew he might be beyond worried for the younger one if he hadn't come back.

He went back to the room and positioned himself beside Allen. As sensing his presence, the smaller one tugged him closer. He smiled. He always thought that when Allen was sleeping, he looked so oblivious of this hell. His smell was better too. He smelled no more worries coming from the other one and that was good because the omega's negative thoughts made his sweet smell stink.


Footsteps were echoing in the corridor. Komui just came back from Hevlaska place. He asked her to examine Allen Walker's innocence the next day to make sure there were no abnormalities with Crown Clown.

He waited the result of the young exorcist exam as well. He wanted to be careful with him. He had a parasitic innocence and his lifespan was shortened by that fact. He wanted to make sure if Crown Clown had started to take a toll on Allen's body. If it wasn't the case, his next guess was the side effects of heat didn't wear off completely when he was sent in a mission and made his stamina decrease. If it wasn't the heat's fault then the most probable reason was pregnancy. However, it couldn't be because they put Altrenogest molecule in their medicine as contraceptive. If that was the case, they needed to prepare. He was 18 years old, still a young age to carry a baby. His innocence was part of his body so there is high risk of complication during the pregnancy even life threatening. And as his body would do anything to protect and feed the growing fetus, his own body would be weakened. The last but not the least, the Noah within the omega would show up and take his body.

However, knowing Allen, Komui knew that he would never abort the baby. He was adopted and he knew how he felt when nobody wanted you. Same for Kanda. He never had a real family. Maybe remembered having a family. So, the two would most likely keep the baby even though it meant they had to fight against the church.

-Two days later-

The doctor got the exam results and talked to Komui. Komui was right about his assumptions. He assigned to Johnny the duty to inform Allen about his condition. He deemed he was the right person to announce it because he was pretty close to Allen so Allen wouldn't feel too exposed.

He just gave Johnny the paper without explaining anything. The young scientist was a bit surprised and decided to read the paper only when he would announce the news.

He was nervous and by the way Komui looked he was afraid to announce that his friend was dying.

It was early in the morning. Around 7am o'clock. He walked without looking at everyone he crossed path with until he reached Kanda and Allen's room. Once he arrived, he hesitated a bit and his hands shook uncontrollably. He took a deep breath in order to calm down before knocking on the door.

He heard footsteps coming toward the door. And then the door opened. It revealed the person he was looking for.

"Allen, g- good morning" Johnny greeted him nervously

"Johnny? Good morning" Allen greeted back a bit surprised to see him "What are you doing he-"he was about to ask but when he saw the paper the beta scientist was holding, he knew.

Noticing the omega glance over the paper, Johnny that if Kanda was there, he could announce it. It was odd indeed. However, Komui explicitly told him to tell them the news when the Alpha was around.

Allen raised an eyebrow and told him that Kanda was inside the room. He invited the scientist in. He allowed him to sit on Link bed. Since he and Kanda were married, Link would sleep in the same room as them every three days. The blond Alpha was attending a reunion with Lvellier that was why he wasn't around.

Johnny was fidgeting in his place. Not saying a word. He didn't know but it made Allen nervous and worried even more than two days ago.

When Kanda smelled the negative feeling Allen emitted, he urged Johnny to split it out.

"Oi, Johnny. Talk already. You're making him nervous" he said angrily

That made Johnny jump and almost threw the papers on the floor. He stuttered a bit and he finally opened the file. He started to read briefly.

"From what I read here, Allen you're pregnant?" Johnny said his expression as surprised as the couple.

-Present time-

"What's the meaning of this, Komui?" Kanda said dryly without greeting the Great intendant.

They were in Komui office. He was signing papers pressured by his assistant.

"As Johnny told you, Allen-kun is pregnant" he said in a serious tone.

"I thought the medicine you give me to delay Nea appearance was contraceptive too so Kanda and I wouldn't have to be worried about pregnancy when we are in heat" Allen frantically asked. He was beyond panicked right now. He had some difficulty to breath, his heart thumped rapidly and he felt a tingle pain in his stomach. It wasn't the right time. He was an exorcist. He had to save akuma and fight against Noah. He had to be strong to get rid of Nea. He wasn't ready at all.

He pressed his right arm on his stomach, the pain he felt increased of intensity. His left arm tugged tightly his shirt as he tried to catch his breath. His head felt heavy and he felt dizzy. His legs gave out and he fell. He didn't hit the floor though because strong arms were preventing him from falling.

He couldn't hear what they were saying to him. His vision started to blur. The last thing he saw before the darkness was swallowing him was Kanda worried and slightly panicked face trying to call him.

It was pitch black.

A pleasant darkness.

He instantly felt better while shutting down the world.


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