So, this story came about from late night ridiculousness and just deciding to go with it. I have always thought that Clint, Bucky, and Sam would get into so much trouble together. So, I decided to write a collection of drabbles depicting just that. I was talking to a fellow Marvel fan and trying to come up with a ship name for the three of them together and most of them were absolutely awful. Then, I was just like, "Clucky Wilson" and then started laughing hysterically because I was going on minimal sleep and it was late at night. All I could picture was a chicken with Bucky's head, a bow n' arrow on it's back, and Falcon's wings. So, because the name and vision was so ridiculous I just had to go with it for this story. Because let's face it, these three could become incredibly ridiculous after awhile.

Most of these drabble prompts I got off pinterest and instagram that I thought fit so well with these three. So, took the prompt and put it in the story. If any of these ideas were your originals please let me know so I can give you credit. Also, if you have any prompts let me know and I'll see if I can fit them into the story.

The first chunk is just going to be Sam and Bucky and then, Clint will be added in later. Thanks for reading!