Luka took a good look at the Pocket Castle before taking it. Did he really need his allies? Not having to deal with their antics would probably be a welcome change of pace. Then again, no request for several months? Not a chance.

Ilias eyed him suspiciously, while Sonya was looking up close at the castle. She felt something familiar from it, but couldn't put her finger on what disturbed her.

"Are you refusing a gift from your goddess? After the sacrifices I had to make to acquire it?" Ilias had started frowning in front of the perceived's insolence.

You stole it from the Monster Lord, you kleptomaniac. Luka accepted the item graciously. As he grabbed it, he felt a tingling sensation as the item acknowledged his owner. Ilias frowned again upon seeing his reaction, but they got teleported in the courtyard before she could say anything else.

Upon her arrival, Ilias's eyes widened in shock. Several monsters were wandering around, and two golems were standing guard at the gate. She saw them looking at Luka not with the predatory gaze she almost always saw in those beasts, but with the respect one would give to a great friend they were indebted to.

"W-W-What's happening? There are monsters everywhere! Is it a trap orchestrated by that damn fox? It's impossible!" She eyed Luka accusingly.

The hero silently shrugged. Trying to deny anything would be pointless. In the meantime, Sonya looked confused as her memories mixed.

"As your goddess, I order you to destroy them!"

As the priestess stepped forward, she looked around her. "Oh yeah, I remember them. I'm off to see Sara." She entered through the main door in a half dazed state. The monsters did not react to her presence and let her pass without issue.

"Wait! Help your goddess cleanse the place from those heathens!"

Ilias rushed after her in the castle, but soon stopped when she realized monsters were everywhere. None were actually giving her actual attention, but she scowled as she looked around.

"Luka, you MUST rid this place of monsters! Those pests are everywhere and are to be eradicated."

The hero nonchalantly stepped forward. "They're friends, don't worry about them. They won't harm you." Well, maybe one or two of them will.

The goddess remained determined in her crusade. "This vermin is infesting our prize, destroy them!" Luka looked around. Fortunately, the monsters currently present were the more social kind and would bear the insults for the moment. Some were starting to look a bit startled. The hero tried to mediate the situation before anything bad could happen.

"They will help us. I already got their support and their loyalty before starting this adventure. Besides, there are hundreds of them. Why should we attack them?

"Because!" Ilias took an haughty, domineering attitude. "They are a bane to everything that is good and that I stand for. NOW DO IT!"


Ilias stumbled in surprise as she recognized the voice from afar. "No, there's no way…"

"Hyiiuu, who decided to fuck with the space time continuum again? Seriously, that will kill you, and not in the good way." A blue haired succubus, who wore only white gloves, stockings, and the bare minimum to protect her modesty was stumbling down some stairs, a hand holding her head. "At least those in the chapels did shut up." Midway, she proceeded to use her aura to shock herself into shape. "Aaah, all better now." She looked around her, and smiled as she noticed the small, powerless goddess. "Huh."

Of course, Morrigan had to come down.

Her grin was widening as she progressively made her way to the duo with a light, dancing step. Ilias tried to conceal herself behind Luka, but she was worried by his lack of reaction, as the latter didn't even pull his sword against the upcoming threat.

"Luka! Protect your goddess!" She tried to sound imperious, but her shaking tone was breaking any effect.

"Oh sweet Alipheese, she's so cuuute like that! I wonder how much she knows about the pleasures this world have to offer!"

The still grinning succubus leaned over, trying to look at the angel hiding behind Luka's back, but Ilias repositioned herself each time to avoid her gaze, resulting in a ridiculous hide and seek game happening around the weary hero.

"Awww, don't worry, I won't eat you. That'd be more Kanade's or Hiruko's thing."

"Lukaaaa…" Ilias was getting teary eyed.

"But I'm suuuuuure we will have plenty of fun adventures together! After all, it's been so long I've been on an escapade without my sisters to nag at me!" The goddess looked completely hypnotized by the succubus's eyes, like a mouse in front of a snake.

"Dear Morrigan!" Another voice echoed from upstairs. "It appears a few residents could use your wake up services, including my travelling partner." A mage wearing a green dress with a low neckline appeared. Her identity was made obvious by the teddy bear adorning her witch hat. "Oh my, what a cute little angel, are you lost? Ufufufu…"

Even better. Totally not Black Alice is also here...

The goddess started whimpering in despair. Luka gently patted her on the shoulder. "Th-this is a nightmare. Please wake me up Eden. Please wake me up."

"Do we have new guests to entertain?" Mephisto followed the duo and, soon noticed Ilias at her turn. "Ah, I see." She pulled out her wand. "It seems we have someone who will require a fitting escort to protect her from unfortunare encounters and would be assassins. Two guardians to accompany her and Luka would be appreciated."

Morrigan raised her hand. "Oh, I volunteer! With me and my reputation, nobody will dare mess with us!" She proceeded to turn toward Ilias while beaming with pride. "Besides, I'm one of the only persons currently available that has firsthand experience with her…" Her usual insane grin reappeared on her face as she predatorily licked her lips

Alicetromeria stepped forward. "I shall accompany you as well. It would be a shame if something unfortunate happened to the one who calls herself the goddess of creation."

Mephisto tried to refrain from grinning, but only barely managed to conceal her expression with her hat as she turned toward the hero. "I defer to your judgment to determine if those are fitting companions for your upcoming adventure."

Luka shrugged. "'I'm fine with it." I'm stuck between keeping Ilias in shock by getting accompanied by two of her worst nightmares and having said nightmares roam the region in a bad mood. I won't be able to restart anything ever again if those two deals too much damage and "accidentally" accelerate the spread of chaosization.

The yoma teacher smiled. "In that case, I wish you luck on your travel! Don't forget to stop by if you need anything!" She then turned toward the two other monsters. "Still, I would advise you to conceal your auras to avoid scaring the locals."

"Pff, yeah, we'll keep a low profile, don't worry."

Ilias had already left the place in a hurry. Luka and the two enthusiastic monsters soon followed. First destination: Iliasburg.

As the door slammed, Mephisto started chuckling sinisterly. Salamander revealed herself from behind a pillar.

"I must admit, even for you, that one was seriously wicked. I know it's Ilias, but come on…"

"The most enjoyable prank is the one that happens on its own." Mephisto winced in pain for a moment. "Although I wonder what's exactly currently happening. I feel a mix of familiarity and déjà vu… except I know I wasn't there now…" She started massaging her temples and took a look at the unflinching fire spirit. "This world feels so strange. Aren't you a bit disturbed by what's happening?"

Salamander shrugged. "I'm not thinking too much over it. I know Luka made a pact with me. It's good enough for me."

"Fair enough. I have the same feeling." Mephisto looked at the spirit. "Oh, I almost forgot, are you willing to join me, Haruka and Chrome for a game of Dungeons and Dragongirls? We'd appreciate a fourth player since Cornelia is still out cold and she will likely want to tidy up the library afterward, and our game master has a new story she wishes to test."

The fire spirit raised an eyebrow. "Does it look like I play this type of game?"

"Ah, but I heard from a certain wind user that you loved playing an element based warrior."

Salamander's face was suddenly barely an inch away from the yoma. "Tell me which one."

"The one who is mastering it of course."

Salamander groaned. "Fine. I accept."