Luka was drifting alone in a black void. The hero couldn't tell if Black Alice had deprived him of his sight or if the strange space he was moving through was completely empty from anything. There was no sense of up and down, he could still breath but the only smell that reached his nostrils was the aroma of metal mixed with his own sweat, the only thing that touched him were his own clothes and weapons, and the only noises he could hear was his own equipment clanking periodically. He tried to prevent his mind from drifting as to what his situation meant for the world and himself, but completely failed.

Has the world been destroyed? Is everybody dead? Did Black Alice capture me to somehow harness the time travel ability Reaper gives me? What is going on?

He focused on his breathing and calmed down, remembering his experiences on his adventures and his various allies' advices. Panicking was be useless, he needed to keep control of himself should something, anything happen.

Luka felt a smooth tentacle grab his ankle. Before he could ready his sword, he heard a reassuring "kyu", and sighed in relief as he realize Nuruko was the one latching onto him.

The Chaos Spirit grabbed Luka in a full body hug. The hero didn't attempt to free himself even as he felt more and more uncomfortable as he tried to guess what she was trying to do. The next instant, he felt a sudden movement, and before he could ask what was was she planning, a deafening shattering noise almost tore his eardrums out. The next second, gravity was apparently back and the duo was falling at high speed on the ground. Luka's fall was cushioned by Nuruko into a rubbery bouncy noise, and the hero's face turned red as he realized his head was nested between her breasts.

"…Thank you Nuruko…"

The Chaos Spirit didn't answer, still looking at him with his red eyes which made the hero wonder if she was judging him or was just concerned for his well-being. He slid away from her body as he got up and looked around them.

He was in a small rural village under a night sky. The place was mostly covered in those scarlet vines and purple square slabs he all too often saw in Tartarus. Its entrance and everything beyond that was swallowed by chaos. As he checked the village itself, he could see piles of bones and mechanical parts scattered around, sometimes even concealing the small houses under the grim remnants of a fight long past. But even under all those changes, the hero recognized all too well his hometown of Iliasville.

"For how long have we been gone?"

The Chaos Spirit's body made a strange movement that looked like a shrug.

"You've seen Nero and Neris?"

She shook her head negatively.

Luka sighed and steadied himself. He couldn't afford to cry right now: He had to reach Ilias Temple and take Reaper's opportunity to start his adventures again. And this time… He would have to do it right.


Luka turned to see the Chaos Goddess teleport herself at the entrance of the village. He instantly readied his weapon as Black Alice pointed a finger toward Nuruko.

"Aaaand off with you you slithering Deus ex Makina! Now let the story happen!"

The Spirit of Chaos' appearance shimmered for a second before she threw an explosion of chaos back into her opponent. Black Alice frowned.

"Come on, don't make me kill you! You know what happens when spirits die! It's not pretty!"


Nuruko answered by pulling out a large futuristic cannon and blasting Black Alice with it. The attacks weren't enough to seriously harm her, but she was still destabilized by the assault even as she tried to immobilize Luka.

The hero decided to jump in the fray and attack her directly with the power of Sylph.

"Gah! Don't jump in either! I need you alive to bargain with that rabbit!" The Chaos Goddess tried holding back against those two opponents that she couldn't afford to kill.

"This is not funny!" She proceeded to fly above the group and surround herself with a barrier.

"There! A barrier that can only be broken by ME!" She blew a raspberry toward the duo and made a few more grimaces before they started running away toward their goal. An apparently endless wall rose up from the ground to block the party as Black Alice cackled maniacally.

"Oh, no, no, no! Don't think it's over! If you take it like that, here's another wall! We'll have a lot of FUN together!"

Luka and Nuruko readied themselves while Black Alice was tapping her chin with a finger.

"Mmmmh, what should I do first with you… Maybe I should violate you again and again as I devour you slowly? What do you think about that?"


The wall shattered in pieces to reveal Alicetromeria in her green dress. The disguised Monster Lord's eyes were concealed by her impressively wide hat, but Luka and Nuruko both stepped away as they could feel her threatening aura. Before Black Alice recovered her composure, her counterpart casted the same spell again and chained with a pillar of fire on her person. The attack barely grazed the Goddess of Chaos, but it also made her absolutely furious, and she found herself tumbling in the sky uncontrollably as a phoenix made of fire violently hit her.

"I feel like I was forgotten a little too early." Instead of its usual uncanny cheeriness, her tone was a grim growling sound. She turned back to see the Four Heavenly Knights arriving with a second Alma Elma and Ilias.

"They'll explain you what happened. But before you leave, swear to me that no matter what, you'll make sure that Heinrich and me will be fine on the other side." She was glaring at Luka.

The hero trembled slightly under her gaze. "I…"

She grabbed the hero by his collar, surprising me. "SWEAR TO ME!"

Luka nodded positively before Alma Elma gently grabbed him by his shoulder.

"I swear I'll do everything to make sure you're both fine."

"Good… That's enough for now." The Four Heavenly Knights, Luka, Ilias and Nuruko started leaving in a hurry. "Take care of yourself while I have her attention. I believe you have a job to do."

The Monster Lord who was masquerading as Alicetromeria turned back toward the entrance of the village as the remainder of the party left. She emitted a low, threatening growl as the Goddess of Chaos came back, pouting and frowning.

"That was cheating!"

"Maybe this will teach you that there are limits to what you can do before paying the price."

Black Alice looked at her counterpart haughtily.

"Was I always that weak?"

"I don't know, I'm not the one who got knocked away like a flea."

"Oooh, a sharp tongue! Say… Why don't you join me? We could have so much fun together!"

"You mean besides the fact that I know you mean absorbing me? You know exactly why…"

The Goddess of Chaos exploded into laughter. "You're mad for such a small thing! It's so funny!"

"You know what's funnier? Seeing you sing your victory, even as I threw you like a broken doll barely a minute ago."

Tiring of her counterpart's acerbic repartee, the goddess started casting a spell.

"I'll show you what real power is! I'll show everyone why I'm above them, and why the world shall be nothing more than my sandbox!"

Alicetromeria raised a shield as she prepared herself. She muttered a few last words to give herself courage.

"Heinrich… Don't worry, you won't have to remain alone for long…"

She unleashed herself and revealed her true form. Her lower body was now a large purple snake, with a gaping mouth connecting her torso and two horns growing on each side. She had several tentacles of the same color coming from her back as well, slithering through the noise and ready to strike.

The Goddess of Chaos in front of her scoffed. "You really think you stand a chance to me? I have all the power I could ever want and more! I will smash you like the flea you are!"

Both versions of Black Alice started casting spells at each other in a destructive storm that destroyed the world even faster and harder than they were killing each other.. However, even before the duel started, the result was obvious to any would be watcher.

After a few minutes, some semblance of normalcy returned to the world as only one Black Alice remained.

"You were gone for two weeks. When you disappeared with the twins, the barrier surrounding the Snow Continent collapsed and we evacuated to rest. The situation kept worsening around the world, with more and more apoptosis coming out of every Tartarus to kill everyone they could come across… We only managed to hold them so far before we no longer could protect everyone… And that's not entering into the numerous earthquakes, rain of lava, or other abnormal incidents that claimed an alarming amount of lives."

Luka carefully listened to every one of Tamamo's words as the group kept running toward the temple.

"Is everybody else safe?"

Tamamo didn't answer. The hero knew that he wasn't going to like the answer even before he asked the question, but he didn't think it would be that bad. He eventually decided to clear the air.

"What happened to Heinrich?"

"He was fighting a horde of apoptosis near Grand Noah with Black… Alicetromeria a week ago days ago. The place was under an evacuation order to bring people to Yamatai Village and other eastern settlements that had been spared by the Tartarus expansion. But then... Some people directly turned into apoptosis and attacked the other ones, turning the city and its surroundings in a slaughterhouse. One of the assault was led by Adramelech, who was respawning again and again, and, after a long fight, the apoptosis simply erased Heinrich. Afterward, Alicetromeria fell into a depressive state. When we noticed the movement near the village, she was the first to step in even before we could prepare."

Luka felt a tightening around his heart as the fate of his idol had been confirmed. Still, he kept focused on his goal as they entered the temple.

"Who else died?"

The heavy silence was almost unbearable, until Tamamo let the cat out of the bag with a heavy sigh. "We're everything that remains. Between those who died fighting apoptosis, were killed by Black Alice or by other supernatural phenomenon, and those like the twins who all simply disappeared… I'm sorry Luka. The situation out there is that bad. The only reason we survived is because we remained in the Pocket Castle watching out for signs of you or of those twins while the world was collapsing. Everyone else outside died, without exception."

"Even Eden, Lucifina-chan and Micaela-chan died…" Luka could hear Ilias's voice filled with wrath. "That damnable Adramelech killed them all in front of this village!"

The hero only answered by nodding distractedly, but he almost tripped on his own feet and had to lean on the wall as he was breathing heavily. He wasn't tired, but he still felt his own body going incredibly heavy, the weight of all those deaths sinking on his shoulders. His companions stopped to check on him, but he was ready again before they could give him any support.

"I'm fine, I'll handle it… This nightmare can't be over soon enough."

"…You said you'll be able to bring back everyone, right?" Ilias looked at him expectantly.

Luka shook his head before making a dismissive gesture.

"I can't remember and I honestly can't say at this point… I feel like those last months destroyed everything I knew about the workings of the world."

"You at least remember where's that door, right? You kept telling me that you're the only one able to see it."

Tamamo grimaced. "Well… Actually I can take a good guess as to where it is."

Luka groaned. "Don't tell me there's a fucking barrier on the wall upstairs."

The silence was a clear enough answer.

"This is becoming exhausting… I feel like it has become her go-to solution to block our movement."

"Well… It does screw us quite nicely since we can't destroy hers just like that. I'd do the same if I was at her place."

Eventually, the party arrived upstairs. While his companions could only see a light barrier surrounding a portion of a wall, Luka could see a large stone door behind it. He always questioned the role of Hades and why the White Rabbit let him access it, but right now it was his -and everyone's- salvation.

"Can't you just… No, of course, we can't break the wall around to have you enter on the other side." Ilias was disappointed by her inability to come out with a solution.

"Dooon't worry! I'm here to help!"

The party turned to see Alicetromeria standing behind them. They didn't wait a single second before unleashing a barrage of talismans, arrows and spells on the newcomer who held fast against this storm.

Black Alice magically changed into her classic blue and white dress before dusting herself. "That was rude, don't you think? You are poor guests to my tea party, and I shall properly discipline you on etiquette!"

She launched a pillar of fire, but Tamamo reflected the spell back to its caster, the latter not even bothering to protect herself.

"But it doesn't matter. I forgive you. It's playtime after all!"

Luka and his party steadied themselves, fully focused on Black Alice. However, he soon noticed that the Goddess of Chaos wasn't the only issue. The opposite end of the temple and a large part of its roof suddenly collapsed into the void, warning them that they'd only have a few minutes to grant to Black Alice's game before the world would also disappear.

Ilias gulped loudly. "Do we even stand a chance against her?"

"The alternative is submitting to her whims." Tamamo opened her fan as she readied a talisman. "If someone wants to be her plaything, be my guest."

Granberia groaned. "We won't give up without a fight! I'd rather die than submit to her!" The remainder of the Heavenly Knights readied their own weapons.

"Kyu." Nobody understood what Nuruko was telling, but the fact that she kept a large makina pointed at Black Alice made her intent clear enough.

The Goddess of Chaos scoffed. "That would be touching, if that didn't make you look so pathetic, like ants banding together to try to hold back the boot that will smash them. We could have had so many tea parties together…"

"Your tea parties are what the mouth of a succubus would be if you replaced pleasure with boredom."

Black Alice's eyes narrowed. "You know what? I considered letting you live slightly longer. Maybe even let you happily wallow around in your Pocket Slums… But I changed my mind. I will kill you all. Slowly. Painfully."

She started swinging several tentacles that she had spawned out of nowhere in front of her, and Luka's companions scattered. The hero himself was fighting back to back with Granberia, cutting apart any tentacle that got too close to them. In the meantime, Alma Elma and her counterpart surrounded Black Alice and attacked in perfect sync, forcing the Chaos Goddess to defend herself against the two succubi from two directions at the same time. Ilias and Nuruko shot down any tentacles that were trying to flank another of their companion, while carefully keeping an eye on the ever collapsing temple.

Granberia and Luka managed to push forward, but Black Alice summoned again a large number of tentacles to push back all of her opponents before her new limbs were repelled back themselves by a slime wave launched by Erubetie. The Heavenly Knight of water pushed forward with a solidified drill of her material, but Black Alice countered with a powerful lightning bolt, stunning her opponent in the process. In the meantime, Luka and his companions resumed their attacks on Black Alice's front and her sides.

Feeling some movement behind her, she reflexively swept the ground behind her with a thick tentacle. She heard Tamamo's sandals clack on the stone floor as the kitsune jumped over it, and felt aggressed by waves of light when the kitsune's talismans activated. Tamamo pushed her assault forward by creating a salvo of storm with her fans, but Black Alice managed to knock her to the edge of the void with an explosion of chaos.

"Hurgh, annoying fox! Whether you're here to help or attack, you always do it from behind!"

Black Alice focused back on the opponents in front of her. She transformed her arms into large glowing scythes, making her incidentally look like a mantis. Even as her tentacles focused on keeping away all her opponents, she started using her transformed limbs to attack Granberia. The dragonkin was now having difficulties keeping both her opponent's scythes and the tentacles at bay. Black Alice managed to pierce her shoulder, making the dragonkin cry out in pain before the latter, more determined than ever, riposted in a flurry of blows.

"Vaporizing Rebellion Sword!"

A serie of fire infused strikes cut down any tentacles that attacked Granberia, and Black Alice snarled as she pulled the burned stump back while preparing to generate a new batch. She simultaneously violently slashed at the dragonkin at a superhuman speed with all her limbs, but most of her attacks were deviated by Granberia herself, and the remaining ones were deviated by one of the two Alma Elma.

"Too many sluts around here… Let's change that!"

In the blink of an eye, she teleported a short distance and was no longer surrounded by everyone. She trapped one of the two Alma Elma in a void ball, and attempted to strike the second with several other pairs of scythe she created herself. Alma Elma barely escaped the assault with a few grazes as she jumped back, thankfully supported by a rock pillar spawned by Tamamo who managed to ever so slightly slow down Black Alice's assault. In the meantime, Nuruko broke free the other Alma Elma, who proceeded to attack Black Alice back by flanking her, throwing the eighth Monster Lord back on the defensive. After several more minutes of status quo, Black Alice casted a nova of darkness from her body, knocking everyone back.

"You know what? I'm now completely tired of playing with you! Feel the power of a real goddess!"

Black Alice used all of her focus to completely immobilize the closest version of Alma Elma, and, in the blink of an eye, cut her apart into pieces in a series of rapid strikes.

"There! Who's ne-"

She got interrupted by a rock fist rising from the ground hitting her straight in the jaw. The humongous mineral limb attempted to slam itself on top of her, but scattered apart ineffectively as it hit Black Alice, who looked more offended than seriously hurt. The Goddess of Chaos prepared to cut down Tamamo the same way she killed Alma, but a tsunami of slime blocked her. Enraged, she imbued her scythes with the intent to cut apart Erubetie. However, her plan was foiled by Nuruko, who slithered between both of them and shot Black Alice with a missile battery. Enraged, the chaos goddess once again changed her strategy, and instead recalled all of her tentacles before transforming into her divine form. She shielded herself as she flew slightly higher while pushing back everyone to the ground, and looked over her opponents with a displeased pout.

"You will die! You will all die uselessly like the rude nuisances you are! I shouldn't have invited such parasites to my glorious tea party! But first…"

She teleported Luka and Nuruko into the void behind her. While both of them could somehow breath, they couldn't further intervene in the fight for the moment, too busy trying to close the distance between them and the fight.

"Now, DIE!"

Black Alice rained spears of dark energy on her opponents. Several hit the wall barrier which weakened slightly, which didn't escape Tamamo and Ilias even as they endured the rain of attacks. While nobody died, the Heavenly Knights and the small goddess were wounded, their blood pouring on the stone floor. As they used their skills to recover, Black Alice rushed Granberia and cut both her legs with a darkness imbued hand before piercing her heart. Granberia didn't even cry out in pain, instead slashing at her opponent with all her might and leaving an impressive gash across her chest. Black Alice yelped in pain, and threw Granberia's remains away before healing herself.

She found herself instantly faced with the wrath of Alma Elma. The succubus queen was a storm of punches that Black Alice had to fully focus on to hold back. After a few seconds of dodging the succubus queen's strikes, she started counterattacking with her own punches. Her sheer power completely overwhelmed the succubus queen and she managed to knock her on the ground. Before she could land the final killing blow, however, she felt someone grab her hair and slash at her back. She turned to see Granberia, bleeding heavily but still determined to kill her. Black Alice blasted the lizardkin with a shockwave, knocking her back again before disintegrating her once and for all. In the meantime, Alma Elma recovered, supported by Erubetie, and the pair of monsters attacked with a series of rapid punches, furthering her frustration.

"What is it with you people that refuse to die?! You really need to learn your place! Let me send you all to your oh-so-loved kin!"

Black Alice started a storm of raw chaos energy, but had to interrupt her spell when a sudden change in its flux burned her. The next instant, an energy projectile exploded near her head, informing her painfully that Luka and Nuruko had somehow returned to the fight. She cried out in rage, and summoned a large slab of chaos in an attempt to crush everyone as she swung it around. However she only managed to clear the rubble from the temple. She was now forced to use her transformed limbs to defend herself against the hero.

"Damn it! We can't win against her!" Tamamo's voice echoed inside Ilias' mind.

"We don't need to. We only have to destroy that barrier. The one that can be destroyed by the Chaos Goddess. Or chaos energy created by the reaction of light and dark powers used by god-like beings."

"I think I understand your idea. We need to keep Black Alice's focus away from both Luka, me, and you."

"...Got it…"

"Wait for the occasion and try to survive until then. It should present itself very soon."


Black Alice casted a chaos shockwave at Ilias and Tamamo, but Nuruko jumped midway and absorbed it, unshaken.


The Chaos Goddess blasted Nuruko apart with a powerful dark spell in a noise that sounded like a primordial death cry. However, the Spirit of Chaos didn't make a single noise as she died and disappeared into particles. As if to answer her death, the void started shimmering periodically, destabilizing Black Alice who had difficulties gathering energy to cast a spell.

Alma Elma attempted to exploit the opening by charging at Black Alice with a wind-imbued fist, but her opponent tanked the punch without much effort. She struck the succubus at her neck repeatedly, killing her in the process. Still furious, she turned toward Luka, her face contorted in a grimace of rage.

"This is what happen to all those that oppose me! Your last companion is dead! Now kneel before me!

Luka fell on his knees, aghast, before he rolled into fetal position, his hand gripped on his sword with all its strength and his free hand place on his chest.

Noticing what happened, Tamamo turned toward her remaining companions and nodded. Taking the cue, Erubetie duplicated herself at an extremely high rate and threw her copies on top of Black Alice in an attempt to drown her while Ilias pulled out a power stone from her dress.

Ten seconds.

"I ask thee, eternal time…"

"…My body, lost and devoured…"

"I beseech thee, return my true body to me!"

In a flash of light, both Ilias and Tamamo revealed themselves in their full glory. The goddess of light stood tall and determined on the side of the kitsune, her dignified composure having completely lost her childishness as she started channeling a spell. At the same time, Erubetie and all her bodies started glowing stronger and stronger while they were trying to drown Black Alice, the latter having difficlity in dealing with the high number of copies.


"Divine thunder!"

"Eternal hell!"

The two unsealed god-like creatures focused their attacks not on Black Alice, but on the barrier guarding the wall. As their combined assault connected, they reacted to create a powerful wave of chaos, destroying the barrier.

The smallest period of time afterward, Erubetie exploded into a cataclysmic detonation. Against all expectations, the temple didn't take further damage, the floor and the wall unaffected even as both Ilias and Tamamo were violently projected in the wall, while Black Alice was once again tumbling in an undignified manner.

At that precise moment, Tamamo felt something pass near her before disappearing as it hit the wall.


Once Black Alice recovered, she instantly placed a barrier back on the wall before turning her attention to Luka. The hero was still in fetal position near the void. She felt an anomalous signature come from him, and when she got closer, he disintegrated into dust. She checked around and saw him now looking at the protected wall, perfectly immobile even as the world around him kept falling apart.

So much for your pretended omniscience you sorry excuse of an upstart goddess.

The Goddess of Chaos released a discordant cry as she realized that she had failed in her plan, being just a second too late in restoring her barrier. Luka was now also out of the equation. Any chance to use him or to torment him was gone.

"RAAAARGH! Are you serious?! I'm now STUCK HERE FOR YEARS, AND IT'S YOUR FAULT, YOU LIAR! I'M SURE YOU TAUGHT HIM THAT TRICK!" She pointed to Tamamo. "I wonder how slowly I should kill you for being such a nuisance! If I knew it, I would have hunted and eliminated you when you were only a cub, and I…"

As the Word of Dispel expired on both Ilias and Tamamo, they fell from the wall and sat down patiently, ignoring Black Alice's sore rant. Ilias chuckled.

"You know… If someone told me a few months ago that I would appreciate having you by my side as death comes for me, I would have laughed it off and killed them on the spot for insulting me."

Tamamo chuckled back, unfazed by the Goddess of Chaos' endless stream of insults aimed at her.

"Me too… Then again, I cooperated with Micaela… Saw a younger version of her and Lucifina… All that to face the last Monster Lord currently alive."

Ilias gasped silently when Tamamo mentioned her two lieutenants. "Do you think they'll forgive me? I mean… I did screw up everything, went against every one of their advices, and pretty much started the apocalypse myself before getting her son killed…"

Tamamo shrugged. "I don't know… You did make a lot of effort to atone and you changed for the better, after all… Do you think the Dark Goddess will forgive me for failing to protect her children?"

Ilias shrugged back. "If she's anything like me… If she's like me when I was back in my prime, no, but if she's like me now… How was living with her actually? I mean… I never really concerned myself with that… But now, I'm getting curious."

Still ignoring the screams echoing in front of her, Tamamo answered as she looked up into the sky. "I'd hesitate between saying that she trusted us to stand on our own and saying she didn't care much about anything. We were free to do anything we wanted. And sometimes… We regretted our lack of restraints. You remember the kingdom of Enorca? They kinda were our allies before our little party..."

Ilias groaned. "Huuurgh, I still remember your family binging in the streets…" She smiled. "And then you fought each other to get the king like children wrangling for the last candy. That was actually pretty funny."


Black Alice screamed at the top of her lungs as she casted the most powerful explosion of chaos energy she could on the trio, ending Ilias's life and disintegrating Luka's body while Tamamo ended critically weakened, and was now having difficulty simply getting up. Black Alice grabbed the kitsune by the neck with a tentacle and brought her close to her face, an inhumane smile on her face all the while. Tamamo wasn't even trying to struggle free from her grasp.

"Any last word you furball?! Before I end you like the parasite you are?!"

Tamamo could only mouth two words before she breathed her last.

When Luka opened his eyes again, he instantly recognized the star-filled void of Hades. His feelings were soon confirmed when his hands touched the familiar cold stone of the ground. As he slowly got up, still shaken by the nuclear explosion produced by Erubetie's sacrifice, he looked around him. The first thing that he noticed was the absence of the usual magic circle at the center of the platform he was on. The second was the presence of the White Rabbit besides Reaper. Even as the avatar of death war remaining perfectly still with a neutral expression, the white-furred monster was nervously dancing around, her hands behind her back.

"I think we have a lot to talk about."

"You have no idea."

A few minutes later, the Goddess of Chaos threw her counterpart's lifeless body in the void, enjoying seeing it getting disintegrated just like the Heavenly Knights earlier. It helped her lighten the mood ever so slightly, but right now, she was in a terrible disposition, not unlike a spoiled child who broke all her toys and learned that she wasn't going to get new ones, no matter how hard she threw a tantrum.

The only body she hadn't thrown in yet was Tamamo's. The kitsune had completely and utterly finished breaking her mood with those two simple words.

"Game over."

She didn't understand what the small lying fox meant at first, and she thoroughly enjoyed strangling the life out of her before snapping her neck, showing her that her so called mastery of the earth was nothing in front of the power of the goddess.

And then… She understood. Luka had escaped her grasp. That world was now broken, and thanks to the death of the Spirit of Chaos, she would need a lot of time and effort to travel to another world. This one was a key point, and right now, she could only get to see the residents of the other worlds panic as the locals Tartarus started expanding. Oh, sure, she enjoyed watching it, but being forced to remain a spectator when she could have personally stepped in left a sour taste in her mouth. Now, she couldn't do anything to spice up the show. She'd have to stick to that role for a long time. That damnable fox was a wrecker, and Black Alice wanted nothing more than to skin her alive to wear the fur of her tails as a coat.

Except that, in her anger, she threw the body into the void and every last bit of the kitsune's fluff disintegrated. And Ilias didn't even give her the pleasure of leaving a body as she died. The Goddess simply disintegrated into nothingness once all life had left her. All those small issues kept deteriorating her mood further and further with each passing second.

The Goddess of Chaos crossed her arms and pouted, drifting across the endless void for a moment as the last lands of the world kept disintegrating. Eventually tiring of this sight, she created herself a pocket dimension and disappeared. She was a goddess after all, she could find something to create and to torment to pass the time… But it would never be as fun as destroying others. She only left behind her a few islands of dirt slowly breaking down into nothing as the last bits of matter from this world returned to a primordial state of chaos.

For the shortest of moment, the world was free from invaders from other dimensions. Not a single invader from a world of light or from a world of darkness would accompany this world in its dying throes. All those that had come to save this place were dead or elsewhere. Apoptosis had cleared whatever remained before disappearing themselves. And the one responsible for this destruction in the first place had finally left this world she had toyed so much with.

Barely a few seconds later, the smallest life present in the dirt ended, and finally, after an undetermined amount of time, the smallest pebble disappeared.

And so the world was reduced to an endless void.