Dipper was paging through the journal (again) stopping at a point where that talked about a creature that the author had characterized as a 'Leprecorn.' He read about how the author considered them incredibly frustrating and scratched his chin.

"Hey bro bro! Guess what we're having for breakfast!" exclaimed his sister Mabel who waved a box of Lucky-O's right in front of him. They always enjoyed that cereal with its marshmallow bits.

"That does look great Mabel, say, you mind taking a look at this?" he asked. He showed her the illustration of the Leprecorn. She just gushed at the sight of it.

"Awww, he looks so cute! Y'think we might see one of those in the woods today?" she asked. Dipper couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a green sweater with a rainbow on it.

"I don't know if that would be enjoyable, the author here says that they're irritating and the gold they dispense isn't even real," he replied.

"Did somebody say gold?!" they heard their Grunkle Stan ask. Dipper quickly made a point to hide the Journal under the table.

"Uh, we were just discussing a legend somebody told us in town about a creature that gives out plastic coins so, nothing to get excited about!" Dipper quickly answered.

"If people believe it's from a leprechaun, they'll pay good money for it, lead the way!" answered Grunkle Stan. Mabel insisted on carrying the box of cereal with her so she could have something to eat along the way. Dipper felt like a total fool leading a man significantly older than him on what was certain to be a wild goose chase.

They walked for about thirty minutes, Grunkle Stan keeping up the rear, Mabel munching on her Lucky-O's straight out of the box like they were candy. Then, they heard a rustling in the bushes, they stopped, and as luck would have it, a small, pony-like creature with a rainbow-colored beard and tail, a unicorn horn and wearing a green top hat came out.

"Top of the morning to you!" it said.

"Wow! Y'know after dealing with those dinosaurs, this actually doesn't surprise me at all," said Stan.

"Hey little buddy! Wanna be friends?" asked Mabel as she approached the creature, she then knelt right down beside him. Her companions found it interesting to see the Leprecorn standing next to her while she was wearing a sweater with a rainbow on it.

"Hullo lassie, might I trouble yeh for some of your cereal?" he asked. Mabel nodded happily and poured some of the cereal and he gladly devoured what had been offered to him. He then looked back at them.

"Care for a spot of tea?" asked the Leprecorn.

"Uh, are you going to make it? And how?" asked Dipper.

"If you set your mind to it, anything can be done!" the creature replied who then proceeded to do a little jig.

"Dipper, he's being hospitable," said Mabel who then lifted the creature in her arms and hugged him. The Leprecorn seemed unfazed by this gesture and continued looking at Dipper and Stan with a smug look on his face. Something about that unnerved them.

"Mabel! Don't forget what happened with those gnomes!" warned Dipper.

"Yeah, and you don't know where that thing's been! Sheesh," said Stan. Mabel reluctantly put him down.

"Come with me, and you can have a share of me treasure," said the Leprecorn, who then pranced into the bushes, he looked back at them.

"If you believe in magic and that there's a pot o' gold at the end of every rainbow, it be wise to follow!" he said before swishing his tail. They decided to follow him cautiously. He soon led them to a pot of gold, he jumped upon it, and a few more coins fell from his beard to join their brethren in the pot.

Stan wasted no time in running over to the pot of gold and then grabbing a few coins, turning them over, and biting down on of them.

"Yuck, this is plastic!" exclaimed Stan.

"Yeah, that's what the legend said," said Dipper.

"Tourists might still buy it," replied Stan with a devious look. He flicked the Leprecorn away, grabbed the pot of gold (with amazing strength) and started to hightail it back to the Mystery Shack.

"That wasn't very nice," said Mabel sadly.

"Nevermind about that, let's just get back to the Shack with him. Y'know I'm amazed he was able to pick that thing up," said Dipper and the twins began to make their way home. They had barely made it back to the trail when they heard a series of squeaky noises. They turned back around, and sure enough, there was the Leprecorn, still smiling broadly.

"Aw, Grunkle Stan didn't hurt him after all!" cooed Mabel.

"I don't trust that thing Mabel, let's just get out of here!" Dipper said as he grabbed his sister by the wrist and they ran, Dipper was hoping to leave the Leprecorn as far behind as possible. Mabel was a bit sad, she thought that might be the only time she would ever actually get to see a real unicorn. How very wrong she was!