This story MIGHT have mentions of abuse, attempted rape, and bullying. All from Ron to Hermione. Spoiler. Hermione's parents are dead, so she is adopted by Sirius.

Draco knew the possibility of getting the Oder to give him a chance was dangerously low. It wasn't just because he was the son of Death Eaters, but he had also done some questionable things in his third year. At least last year he was more civil with the others, he remembered being so close to Hermione and carrying her things for her when they had to go to the same classes. She would let him, to a degree, but she mostly hid behind him when she seemed to feel uncomfortable; just how she would have with Potter. Potter and he came to come to an understanding of the other, which probably was a huge factor of there not being any fights happening between the two.

Hermione's scent may have also helped to keep him calm whenever Weasel would snap at him, but he was surprised when Potter was the first of the two Gryffindor boys to accept him in their small group. Be it as it may, he didn't spend too much time with the group; just enough to where he was considered to be apart of the group. The only time her scent hadn't worked was when he had seen Weasel on top of Hermione as she yelled at him to get off of her, the scent of her blood and her fear had him losing his control. Her eyes were red and his hands were traveling up her clothes, his member had already been shoved inside of her. Unfortunately, Draco doesn't quite remember what had happened but Hermione wouldn't leave his side whenever he would be in the same room as Weasel and Potter. She would be behind Potter until he would walk in and he couldn't help but feel satisfied that she felt safer with him in the room.

"What the bloody Hell," came Weasel's shout when the adults allowed him in. "Are we really going to just let this snake in?"

Draco noticed that Hermione was hidden behind Lupin, which he felt slightly satisfied with. Her eyes lit up when she saw in at the door and seemed to feel safe enough to move out from behind Lupin.

"Hush, Ronald," Misses Weasley snapped as she whacked the back of her son's head. "He is allowed a safe place just like anyone else here."

Draco snorted gaining the attention of everyone else, "I'm not here for safety. I am here to fight for the right side."

"You don't really believe that rubbish, do you," Weasel spat at the others in the house.

Hermione, who had placed herself right next to Draco, looked into his grey eyes; looking to see if he would be lying perhaps. "I do."

Flabbergasted, Weasel gaped at Hermione with confusion and anger. Draco then turned his head to look back at Hermione, loving how her brown eyes would not leave his. He frowned, however, when he noticed that it looked as though she hadn't been getting any sleep; if the heavy black bags under her eyes were anything to go by. Concern flooded in his chest, but he got distracted when he smelled her scent for the first time in a month.

Her orange and vanilla scent sang to his senses, his body went lax as he gazed into her eyes. Faintly, Draco could smell a bit of dog on the girl- even though she owned a cat and was around another werewolf. The scent seemed more hers rather than picking it up from someone else. Hermione was a beautiful witch, though her beauty was seen by him, Draco didn't put it on the top of his list on why he liked the muggle-born. Hermione was smart, loyal to those who earned her trust, and she gave out a second chance if someone would ask for it.

"I bring some...interesting news," Draco heard Snape comment next to him.

"Brilliant," Dumbledore grinned, "let us begin the meeting."

Draco was then forced away from Hermione, but he soon noticed that Ron had gripped her elbow in a tight grip. It was enough that Draco could hear her bones bopping, her wince gave him the correct answer- but she also tried to leave his side. His face was a dark red, bordering to violet, as he began to shove her towards the stairs.

Growling lowly, he grabbed the girl and snapped his teeth at Weasel before he brought her with him inside the kitchen. Weasel fought to keep Hermione, but thanks to his werewolf strength he was able to safely get Hermione away from the red-head and into the safety of the kitchen. He sat her in his lap, before whispering a sleeping curse into her ear. When he felt her body relax into his own, he sighed in relief.

"Why hasn't anyone tried to keep Weasel away from Hermione? Can't anyone see she is terrified to be in the same room as he?"

The adults furrowed their brows at him, but he didn't care as he transfigured a hairbrush from the air. Parting her hair down the middle, he began to work out the huge knots in her hair. He knew that Black and Lupin knew of her fear, but they probably figured it was from the events of Voldemorts return.

"Did something happen between them," Misses Weasley asked in concern.

"He raped her," Draco said as he pushed the images he had seen from the last year, "and he hit her."

He heard two different growls coming from across the table, looking up he saw that both Black and Lupin were the one's growling. His eyes glowed his omega when Lupin's eyes shown his beta gold orbs, but he shook his head as he ignored most of the meeting of the adults until he was asked to speak his part.

Until then, Draco kept his mind on the girl who was in his lap; wondering why Weasel was so abusive towards one of his best friends. It made no sense to him on when the change began, but perhaps it was happening all along- from the first year they met and it just escalated to what their relationship was today. For now, it didn't matter as much to wonder about the history of their relationship, he had to focus on protecting Hermione from the Weasel and get Potter in the know. She was like his sister, after all.

Hermione felt so frail and thin, like, just a small squeeze from him and she would be on the floor broken. The thought scared him, she needed food in her system quick- but he might have to start off slow with how small she felt in his arms. Last year she felt much more sturdy than she does now, though, he had to admit, that she seemed to wear baggier clothes near the end of the year. How long had it been since she last had a decent weight on her?

"Draco," Misses Weasley called gently, "is there anything you have to tell us?"

"About him or your son and Granger," Draco asked with genuine curiosity.

Misses Weasley's lips pursed in a tight line, "him first Ron later."

Nodding his head, he shifted Hermione a bit more so he could get his blood circulating in his legs once more. "First off, I am a werewolf."

Gasps sounded around the room. He expected to be tossed out, but he only saw heavy concern for him from the adults' eyes.

"You poor dear," Misses Weasley whimpered.

"Who did it," Dumbledore and Lupin asked.

"Looks like Lupin isn't the only one to have a monthly furry problem," came Sirius's joke. Everyone else just seemed shocked to say anything more.

"I was changed by Greyback," Draco said as he twirled one of Hermione's soft curls around his finger, "he changed me at the end of the third year. For the most part, I tried to dismiss it, but I learned it was only hurting myself and my inner wolf. When I learned this, I accepted I was a werewolf, but I also accepted my wolf- by doing that I allowed the wolf to teach me what I needed to know. It was hard, but once I allowed it to happen- and making some boundaries- everything became much easier."

To prove his point, Draco moved Hermione to Sirius to hold, he got up and switched to his wolf form, allowing his eyes to glow the color of an omega. After last night, his wolf told him he could change at will now. When everyone got their fill of his change, he shifted back to a human. Sirius grinned a wolfishly as he seemed to unconsciously hold Hermione as a father would- Draco deemed him safe to keep the girl with the older man.

"What do any of you know about being an alpha, beta, or omega," Draco asked tensely. His wolf growled when he saw Lupin's eyes shift to a bright gold color.

"Not much, to be honest," both Sirius and Lupin said together.

Huffing irritably he stood up, slamming a closed fist onto the far wall. This just got a bit more complicated. He was hoping that Lupin would know the meanings of a wolf- even in the wolf pack.

Let me take control, Draco. His wolf chuffed, he nodded ever-so faintly.

"An Alpha," Storm spoke, "is a werewolf with the bloodred eyes. He is able to turn anyone at any moon change- a power-hungry rouge. In terms of a pack- the alpha is the leader of the pack- along with their mate chosen by Lady Moon, are wolves who care for their pack and make sure everything is okay. A beta- those most commonly found with the bright gold eyes. They make up almost all of the werewolf population, they can be one of three in a pack- alpha, beta, and omega."

"Wait," Sirius raised a hand, "how do you know all of this, Draco? Mooney had been a werewolf for almost all of his life and he doesn't know all of this."

Storm could tell that the man with long curly hair was merely curious, and wasn't at all angered at Draco apparently knowing more than his friend. Though, the wolf was annoyed that he was interrupted.

"I am not Draco, my human allowed me to take over so I may speak about ranking in werewolf terms and pack terms." Storm saw that the other humans noticed the blue-green color of Draco's normally grey eyes.

"Fascinating," the man Storm recognized as Dumbledore stated.

"As I was saying," Storm huffed as he played with the she-wolf's hair, "betas are very common and have a chance to be beta, alpha, and omega. Inside the pack, betas are the second-highest ranking of the pack, after the alpha couple, but there are few of them in the pack."

Storm rested his eyes on the older werewolf, he felt incomplete to Storm, but he could probably mention it to Draco to get the two alone together to speak about it.

"What is Remus then," Arther Weasley asked.

"He is beta, but he is also rouge. He has no pack, yet. It could be changed if given the choice to make a pack bond with my human." Sirius watched as Storm stared into Remus's eyes, tense air around them as Moony and Storm feel for each other. "As of now, Draco is a natural omega. For his eyes were like this on his first shift. Omegas are powerful, possibly more powerful than the alpha of red eyes. No one wants us in the pack, for they fear the powers of us, we are unknown and they fear that."

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