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"Katie! Watch out!" Isabelle Brown cried, as her twin sister walked across the street, her nose buried in a book, about to get runover like a pancake. Isabelle surged forward, hoping to push Katie out of the way, but somehow got enough strength to push them both out of the way.

"Wow, Isabee, have you been taking gym classes?" 13-year-old Katie said, awed by her sister's sudden movements.

"No…. You would have known." Isabelle stood, flexing a muscle. How strong am I? She thought to herself.

"Well… We should get going to school. We have math class first period." Katie said, brushing off her jean jacket. So together they walked towards their high school, where they should be too young to be in, but the school had made an exception, as they just got everything. And since they also went to an international high school, they had language classes, but Katie and Isabelle could be learning Chinese, Spanish, and French, and they'd still ace very test they took, whether it was speaking or writing. But Katie and Isabelle had friends, they were popular. They were the 13-year-olds who were Juniors. All their friends were older than them, but they still had friends.

"You ready for the test?" Aubrey Hampshire asked Katie. Aubrey was their only friend that didn't care about their smarts. She still treated them as if they didn't skip four grades. But they liked it when people didn't call them 'Albert Einstein's daughters', or 'Dorktionary'. Some boys called them that, but they were jerks.

"Yeah. We studied last night, but-"

"You guys don't need to study." Lillian Brydges interrupted. She shivered. "Oh well, it's cold out here, can we go inside? Class is starting in 15 minutes, and I want to get there early to at least give the impression that I studied for the test."

" Sure. I also need to get my books for French, because it's second period for me." Isabelle said. So they walked towards the school building, only to be stopped by Bethany Lopez, the meanest girl in the school. Katie sighed.

"What do you want Bethany?" Bethany shrugged.

" I came to see what you nerds are doing going to the building so early. It's only 7:50! You still have 10 minutes! Oh wait! I know what you're going to do! You guys are going to go read the thickest dictionary you can get! Well, that's dumb." She taunted. "Dorktionary!" And she doubled over laughing with her minions.

Isabelle reached up and tugged an itchy eyelash. Suddenly, Bethany gasped. Her eyes glazed over, and she reached up in the motion of tugging an eyelash. "What," she gasped. "There was another Dorktionary. When we were five, we were supposed to play, but I called her Dorktionary. And then she hit her head on her front steps. There was another Dorktionary!"

The whole time Bethany was remembering the whole day, everyone had eyes on Bethany. Katie and Isabelle were looking at each other, clearly confused, and Aubrey and Lillian were rolling their eyes.

"C'mon girls. Bethany is acting weird today." Aubrey said, taking hold of the situation. They started to walk away.

"No! Wait!" Bethany cried, and her hand shot out and grabbed Isabelle's arm. "There was another Dorktionary, her name was Sophie, and when she was twelve, she disappeared. Forever. Off the surface of the earth. So if you want to stay, be careful. I was mean to you before, but don't disappear." Then she walked away, half supported by her minions.

"Okay….. Well, now we have to rush to class." Lillian said.

"So, how did your test go?" Aubrey asked Isabelle.

"Great. I did the optional question as well. See you at lunch!" Isabelle responded as Aubrey walked the other way to her next class.

"See you!"

"Katie, I have to go put back my books in my locker and then we can go to Starbucks for our free period." Isabelle told her twin sister.

"Okay, I'll come with you." Katie paused when she saw Isabelle shaking her head. "What else am I going to do? Sit here and wait? That's boring."

"Fine." Then they walked to Starbucks, but when they crossed an alley, someone grabbed their arms, and pulled them into an alley. Katie and Isabelle shrieked and screamed and kicked, but whoever they were held strong. The person was cloaked, and when the person pulled back the hood…. They were looking at an exact carbon copy of themselves but older, and with brown eyes. She was really pretty, and her blonde hair reached just past her shoulders. But her hand was curled around something, like she was holding a hand. Then someone blinked into sight and confirmed their question. They were holding hands, and the person who disappeared had brown waves down her back, and shocking teal eyes. They both looked like princesses, but Isabelle didn't understand why they would be kidnapping them.

"Hello. My name is Sophie, and this is Biana." The blonde one said. The twins gasped.

"The Sophie?" They said at the same time. Sophie did a double take.

"What do you mean?"

"Um. Why are we talking to complete strangers, Katie? Lets go." Isabelle said, unable to believe that this person had disappeared off the earth. They started walking away, until Sophie called,

"Wait! I get it! I understand! I was you before!" The twins froze.

"No, there's no way you were us before." Katie said.

"Yes, I was. You see, we're something called elves." Sophie let that sink in before continuing. "And I lived with a human family, here, in San Diego. I was five years old, and I hit my head on my front steps. Then my neighbor, Mr. Forkle, who was actually an elf triggered my telepathy. So I can read minds, and then when I'm twelve, Biana's brother, Fitz, came into my life and showed me what the world really is. And I tried to run. I didn't want to believe it. But it is true. You're not human. You guys are elves. And if you don't believe me, I can show you."

Katie and Isabelle stared at Sophie and Biana, the truth finally sinking into their bones. They had never felt like they were actually human. Their older brother was always telling them that their love for languages was unnatural. But that was a joke. James was always joking.

"I have a way to prove it to you." Sophie said, question leaking into her words. They nodded, allowing her to prove it to them. "I have felt like you did before, when Fitz was showing me what the world really was."

"How is this a test? I don't get it." Katie responded.

"Well, what did you just speak?" Sophie asked. The twins just gasped. They didn't know that language. Their brains had just translated it for them without them even trying."What is that language?" Isabelle asked.

Sophie just smiled. "Ogre."

Katie and Isabelle shared a look, that said should we trust them? We knew how to speak that language. Then they both nodded.

"Okay. So, then are we going to go to the north pole and dance around with Santa Claus, or eat spaghetti and syrup, like Buddy the Elf?" Katie asked. Both Sophie and Biana burst out laughing.

"Oh, and you have great accent as well!" Biana said. The twins looked at Sophie for help.

"You've been speaking Enlightened Language since we spoke in Ogre. I wanted to see if you were really Polygots. And no, elves are not like that. We have abilities, and everything like that. But first, we need to take you to Biana's house." Katie and Isabelle looked at each other warily, and then decided to just trust Sophie. She held her hand out, and Katie took Sophie's, and Isabelle took Biana's hand.

"Now, this is very dangerous, you have to concentrate on just yourself, okay? Don't think about anything." Sophie said.

"Wait, Sophie, we have to put their nexuses on." Biana reminded Sophie.

"Oh yeah." Sophie took two black bands from her pocket. One had dimonds on it, and the other just had a single teal diamond in the middle. She snapped both on, and then she held up a clear crystal up to the sky and they all stepped into the light.

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