Recollections, Baby

Summary: Waiting on the results of a pregnancy test, Beck and Jade reminisce on the birth of each of their children. Based off Malcolm in the Middle S2 E25. Future Fic.

CHAPTER ONE: Meet the Olivers

Beck and Jade Oliver: married ten years with four children.

First was ten-year-old Jonah Bartholomew Oliver.

Without Jonah, none of his siblings would exist. At least, that what he tells them. Jonah (or Jojo, as he is affectionally called) was born the summer after Beck and Jade graduated from high school. More or less, he was an accident, senior year slip up, unplanned miracle, or whatever you'd like to call it. Regardless, his existence made his parents grow up far quicker than any of their friends had to. While he's not as artistically inclined like his parents, he always had a pretty easy time in subjects like math and science. For his ninth birthday, he asked his parents for a microscope. A microscope. His parents had no idea what a nine-year-old could need a microscope for, but got him one anyways.

Next, was Kendall Philip Oliver.

Two years after Jonah was born, Kendall made his way crashing into Beck and Jade's lives. Having two kids by the age of twenty sounds stressful, and it absolutely was. By no means were Beck and Jade intending on expanding their family so soon, but obviously fate had other plans for them. Watching their friends experience college or enter the ever-unstable entertainment industry was incredibly hard for this young couple that was stuck at home nursing a newborn and caring for a toddler. Their relationship ended up extremely strained. They both sat internally with the insecurity of where their lives had ended up. The combination of that stress, with a colicky baby and chasing around a rambunctious toddler was enough to send them far over the edge one day. After a bitter fight that lead to Beck staying at his parents for two nights, they came back together and cried about how overwhelmed they each were. Being miserable without one another, they came to terms that the way they were living wasn't going to work any longer. While Kendall's birth may have led to one of their biggest fights ever, he was also the push that lead them to getting their shit together.

While Kendall constantly is trying to impress and win over his big brother, he's quite a different person. His parents saw early on his natural affinity towards music. It was no surprise that they would eventually have such a creative minded kid. Though rather insecure in other aspects of his life, Kendall can cultivate confidence through his piano lessons and music classes. He seems to have inherited a lot of that from his mother.

Soon after Kendall appeared in the world, so did Sabrina Elaine Oliver. Sabrina was born when Jonah was 6 and Kendall was 4. Beck and Jade really thought they were in the clear after they were pregnancy free for 4 years. Clearly, that overly found confidence bubble was bound to burst. Beck and Jade were 24 at that point, a standard age where people start to consider marriage, not having a third kid. However, they were far more confident in themselves with this pregnancy than either of the ones they experienced before. While they were extremely young to have a 6 and a 4-year-old, it wasn't crazy that they were 24 and pregnant. It was the first pregnancy that Jade didn't receive an insane number of dirty looks in public for. After working on their marriage a few years prior, they felt more stable than ever to have a baby. That was until they found out their baby was going to be a girl. Beck was excited for the change but was happy regardless of the sex of the baby. Jade, on the other hand, had her confidence shattered at that particular OB-GYN appointment. She overly got in her head about only knowing how to raise sons and that she never got along with other girls easily. Jade was completely inconsolable by Beck on this. It was like this information set off this emotional switch in Jade that seemingly no one could shut off. Surprisingly, it took Tori sitting down with her to get her out of her head, despite Tori and Jade's bumpy (that's one way to put it) relationship. Tori had to point out that herself and Jade had no reason to overcome their differences but did so anyways and were now extremely close friends. If Jade could get over a fierce rivalry with another woman and form a deep friendship, then this whole idea Jade had that she was not a girls kind of girl was complete bullshit.

While Tori's words definitely helped qualm Jade's insecurities, seeing Sabrina's face for the first time completely washed them away from existence. Jade immediately felt utterly ridiculous that she was ever unsure about her capabilities to raise a daughter- and besides, Sabrina doesn't seem to be turning into the girliest of girly girls anyways.

Then, there's little Rory Benjamin Oliver whose only two years old. Beck and Jade swear even numbers are unlucky for them when it comes to fertility. Two years after Jonah, came Kendall. Four years after Kendall, came Sabrina. Two years after Sabrina, comes Rory. Beck and Jade thought they were in the clear, that three kids before 30 were more than enough. But of course, it doesn't matter what they think. Their bodies have a mind of their own. When they announced at 26 years old that they were going to have a fourth baby, their parents were hyper concerned at this point. Were their kids trying to repopulate the earth? At this rate they were going to have their very own football team before they knew it. Not only were they worried about the family financially, but emotionally as well. Beck's parents saw first-hand the tole having a second baby had on the couple's mental health, how would they cope with four? While Jade's parents were far less hands on with their involvement, they thought it was insane that their daughter had turned into, in their exact words, a "baby factory." When they told their friends, their enthusiasm was not believable in the slightest. While Cat, Tori, Andre, and Robbie tried to put on a face of support for their longtime friends- they were all freaking out on their behalf on the inside.

After Jade's first pregnancy, this one had been the most poorly received of all. Before announcing the pregnancy, Beck and Jade had been handling the fact that they were expanding their family yet again relatively well. Once their friends and family knew, though, they could not stop sharing their concerns and comments. Though well meaning, they started to take a serious toll on the couple. It was non-stop until Jade was six months pregnant, which is when she was admitted to the hospital due to an extremely concerning spike in blood pressure. Beck ended up with the job to meet their friends and family in the waiting room and tell them that it was time they shut the hell up about whatever thoughts they had about the way their family was growing, and that all this fussing was hurting them far more than helping.

Once they brought baby Rory home, though, their friends and family took this as a chance for redemption. They individually came by frequently to help out. Whether it was Cat stopping by in the morning to take Jonah and Kendall to school, or Beck's parent's coming by, bringing and having dinner with the family. They all just wanted to express how sorry they were for pushing so hard they literally ended up sending Jade to the ER.

Now at two years old, Rory looks like an absolute sweetheart. He's well aware how far his chubby cheeks and big, blue eyes can take him when he's trying to get something. He is a completely uncontrollable toddler, making him the easiest scape goat for siblings. Broken lamp? Rory. Fork in the toaster? Rory. Lost homework? Rory.

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