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"Genie, I need to find Ababwa."

While the sentence had only been whispered, Genie was still able to hear it all the way across the courtyard due to his magical powers. However, just because he could hear the boy, didn't mean he was going to do anything about it. After 1,000 years stuck in a lamp all by his lonesome self, Genie was not about to let his first date in forever be ruined by an obnoxious human boy who was too childish to man-up and tell his crush the truth. So, Genie was of the mind to ignore the kid's insistent whispers. Let him get himself out of trouble for once. How hard was it to walk up to a lady and say that you like them without insulting them in some way during the process? Why couldn't the boy just talk to the girl without getting in hot water with her?

"She has maps, lots of maps," Aladdin relayed quietly.

Genie continued listening avidly to Dalia, the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Maybe if Genie didn't do anything, Aladdin would realize he was being stupid and just tell the girl the dadblamed truth!

"Ababwa, of course!" Aladdin said loudly, obviously in reply to the princess. "Ababwa…"

Genie wiggled his fingers behind his back and sent some magic Aladdin's way. He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Hopefully, the creative countries and "Just Be Yourself" banner that Genie had put on Aladdin's map would encourage him to do the right thing.

Aladdin wasn't impressed. He protested with silent lips, but Genie wasn't about to budge. The kid was going to have to tell the truth eventually, why not now?

Suddenly, Jasmine grabbed the map and pulled it down so that she could see Aladdin's face.

"Have you lost your country?" she asked somewhat incredulously.

"My country? No, no," Aladdin replied. Genie could just see the wheels turning in the kid's head as he desperately tried to find a way out of this situation.

Aladdin sighed heavily and leaned onto the table, resting on his open hands. He turned his face away from the girl, before speaking.

"To tell you the truth, Jasmine," Aladdin began in a reluctant tone. "I really can't tell you where Ababwa is on a map, because…" He trailed off for a moment.

Genie almost let his mouth drop open in shock. He only stopped himself as that would look rather strange to Dalia. Aladdin was actually doing it! He was telling the princess the truth!

"Because," Aladdin continued. "Well…" He sighed again. "I can't read maps."

Wait, what?

Genie sighed internally. Stupid kid. He was going to mess everything up if he kept lying like this.

"You see, I should have told you sooner, but I was embarrassed to admit it, especially to someone as brilliant and learned as you are. If it really means so much to you, I can get one of my men up here to show you where Ababwa is," Aladdin said smoothly, taking Jasmine by the hands. "But who needs maps anyway? They're old and of no practical value."

Jasmine had looked momentarily floored at Aladdin's admission, but quickly regained her composure. She pulled her hands away from him and arched an eyebrow.

"I guess I shouldn't be too surprised," she said regally. "Few people see the benefit of applying themselves to something that is not simple to learn. But while you may not appreciate maps, they are all I have. Maps are how I see the world," she explained.

Genie stopped listening. Aladdin seemed to have talked his way out of trouble all on his own, and Genie had to admit that it was a clever excuse. After all, map reading was not a skill that most people possessed. It was entirely possible for a prince to not be able to find his kingdom on a map. It wasn't like they were the one leading the caravan after all. Genie was willing to bet that that airhead prince that Jasmine had talked to at the party didn't know the north from the south!

Still, the truth was going to have to come out sooner or later, and all the crafty words in the world wouldn't save Aladdin from that when it came.

Izzy: *Glares at closed door with crossed arms. Waits for several beats. Narrows eyes and gets a calculating look on face.*

Izzy: Hi, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the second way this scene could have end-

*Door flung open*

Sweet: Hi, sugar. Miss me?

Izzy *leaps to feet and points accusing finger at Sweet*: Ha! I knew it! You're eavesdropping at the door and waiting for a good time to interrupt me! You little jerk!

Sweet *smirks*: Why, Izzy, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. *fake innocent tone* Did I interrupt you again? I apologize, really, I don't know how that keeps happening.

Izzy *glares*: Yeah, right. Whatever, twerp. Just tell me, why are you here?! What is it that makes you want to invade my author's notes so much?!

Sweet: Oh, that.

Izzy: Yes, THAT. You promised me answers last week, so fess up. What's going on here?

Sweet: Well, if you really want to know…

Izzy: Yes…?

Sweet: … I like your company?

Izzy *glare intensifies*: Try again.

Sweet: Okay, really though. You want to know why I'm here? Because you want me to be. You like having someone to talk to you.

Izzy: *sputters* What?! That's RIDICULOUS! I'm not- I don't-

Sweet: Deny it all you want, sugar, but I couldn't enter your author's notes if you didn't want me to.

Izzy: So, you're saying that the reason you keep bugging me is because I want some company? Why you? Why couldn't I get someone nice like Luna Lovegood or Dawn Summers?

Sweet *raises eyebrow*: Dawn Summers? Nice?

Izzy: You know what I mean.

Sweet: Yeah, okay, I see your point. Well, the thing that you have to understand is that there are 3 different types of characters out there. There are your average, boring characters that have no idea they exist in a fictional world and that there are people reading about them and watching stuff they are in. We in the know call them "norms". They're the ones that look confused whenever someone breaks the fourth wall. They have no clue what's happening around them.

Izzy: That that would be characters like Jack Carter or Jo Lupo from Eureka, right? They were all super surprised and weirded out when you mentioned me during One More Season's Greetings.

Sweet: That's right. The next type of characters know they are in a fictional world and can hear the narrator, but they can't do anything about it. They are incapable of breaking the fourth wall without the author's express permission. We call them "witnesses", because they see everything, but they don't participate. Taggart from Eureka is one of those characters. He couldn't say anything about your existence until I had already broken the wall, and once the wall was back up, he was back to his silent self. While those characters could feel that you were looking for a companion to talk to, they don't have the power to act unless you expressly brought them into your notes.

Izzy: Ah, I see.

Sweet: And finally, there's the last kind of character. Characters like me are called "betas" because our literary powers are second only to the authors. We can break the fourth wall whenever we feel like it and can do things without the author's permission. The only things we can't do are what we've been specifically told not to do by the authors. And even then, if the author doesn't really mean it, we can still do it. Like when you fuss and tell me not to interrupt you, you aren't laying down the law, you're just kvetching. Only betas like myself could answer your call and there aren't that many of us to begin with.

Izzy: Oh, okay I get it. But then, even if there aren't many of you, there is still more than one beta, right? So, why were you the one to show up?

Sweet: That's simplicity itself. I was the one to show up, because I'm the only beta you've written about. Even us betas couldn't answer your call without first being invited into one of your stories.

Izzy: Ah, I see. So, if I write about another beta, will they hang around too?

Sweet: Well, sort of. You see, there has to be a balance. You know how sometimes in cartoons they'll show a little devil on someone's shoulder and an angel on the person's other shoulder?

Izzy: Yeah?

Sweet: Well… I'm your angel. *grins broadly*

Izzy *disbelieving look*: Uh huh.

Sweet *gives fake hurt look*: What, you don't believe me? I'd make a great angel!

Izzy: ... Other than the fact that you're a literal demon…

Sweet *shrugs*: Well, yeah. Except for that.

Izzy: So, you're the little demon on my shoulder giving me bad advice, huh? So, who's my angel?

Sweet *smirks*: Oh, no. You're not going to get him that easily. If I tell you who he is, you'll just think up a story for him and bring him right in. No way. You're going to have to figure it out on your own. And incidentally, just because I'm the devil doesn't mean my advice is necessarily bad. It just means it's more fun!

Izzy: Fun. Sure. Indulging in harmful behavior might seem fun short-term, but I believe life is more enjoyable overall if you don't start by shooting yourself in the foot. I think you'll find I'm not the type to just do whatever seems like a good idea in the moment. I like to practice self discipline.

Sweet: Really? How's that diet going for you?

Izzy *glowers*: Shut up, Sweet.

Sweet: *smirks*

Izzy: Seriously, though. Can't you give me one hint about who my angel is?

Sweet: Alright, fine. Your angel is a character you already know and love. In fact, you already have at least one story idea with him in it.

Izzy: Um, that doesn't really narrow it down at all. I like a lot of characters, and if I've read or watched anything, I've come up with story ideas for it. Honestly, I have to take breaks when I'm watching or reading things so that I can walk around and play with the fanfictions I'm writing in my head as I experience the story.

Sweet: Okay, let me be more clear. You have at least one story idea that you actually plan on writing down and posting at some point with him in it.

Izzy: Well, that changes things! I don't consider many of my ideas actually worth posting. Also, can I assume that the character is generally considered a good guy with strong morals as they're supposed to be my angel?

Sweet: That is correct.

Izzy: Alright, thank you. So, let me see what I know so far. First of all, it's a character that is special. It may be a person that breaks the fourth wall occasionally, but possibly not, as you didn't break the fourth wall in canon. Secondly, the character is a good guy with strong morals, so that eliminates characters like Deadpool who break the fourth wall but are morally ambiguous or evil. Thirdly, it is a character I "know and love", so I don't have to worry about watching new shows or reading new series. Also, it is a character I like, so Captain America is out. He's an alright person, but he's a little too perfect for me to love him as a person. I prefer my characters to have personality flaws and to make mistakes. It makes them more human. I realise Captain America isn't perfect, but he's just too straight-laced for me. Fourth of all, the character is a male. You said "he" at least four times, so I definitely didn't hear you wrong. And finally, I plan on posting at least one story with him in it, which narrows the field considerably. Thanks for telling me so much, Sweet, I think I can make a reasonable guess on who the character is now! *smiles sweetly*

Sweet: …Wow… Annoying brat.

Izzy *grins*: I just listen. You should try it some time. So, if I'm right, then my angel will be joining us next week after I write a ficlet with him in it.

Sweet: See? You think you know who he is so you're just going to make up a story for him instead of posting something that you actually thought was good enough that it deserved posting!

Izzy: No, I'm not! I already had a ficlet idea for him. It's just now I'm going to write and post it this week instead of pushing it off and writing other stuff first.

Sweet: Hmph. Well, okay. It's just… I was enjoying chatting with you one on one, Joyful.

Izzy: Oh… I'm sorry, Sweet, but you know me. I love knowledge for the sake of it. You can't dangle bait in front of me like that and not expect me to do everything I can to find out the answer to the question. I HATE not knowing things. It drives me crazy. Besides, I may be wrong. You might have more time alone with me while I figure things out. Nothing's certain yet.

Sweet: I doubt you're wrong. You played me like a fiddle. I gave you way more information than I thought I did.

Izzy: Sorry.

Sweet; Nah, I'm sort of proud. That deviousness is way more devil than angel, sugar. Keep tricking people like that, and it may not matter whether or not you get your angel.

Izzy: Um, thanks? I guess? Anyway, we should sign off now. This note has gone on long enough.

Sweet: Agreed. Mind if I stay this time?

Izzy: Go right ahead. *turns to audience* Well, that's all for today, guys! I hope you enjoyed these alternative ways for the Aladdin scene to end. Both were courtesy of my mom. This story is done, but stay tuned as I plan on posting a new ficlet next week.

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Sweet: *snaps fingers and they both disappear in a puff of emerald green smoke*