"Tess, come inside, please!" Tess turned around to find grandma Larsen on the back porch calling for her.

"Coming," Tess shouted, skipping toward the back porch.

"What do you need Gramma?" Tess asked as she stepped into the house.

"We have a visitor, and more. I thought you would like to be included, your parents are busy right now so come quick." Grandma Larsen guided Tess to the office. Tess stood in the entry in shock when she saw who was in the room. Right there in front of her was the Sorensons, her other set of grandparents. Weren't they supposed to be trapped at Wyrmroost? Next to them was Andromadus. Tess's aunt and uncle were near the doorway.

"Hello, Tess." The Sorensons greeted.

"Dromadus? Gramma and Grampa Sorenson? What are you doing here? Where were you?" Tess asked.

"There has been much unrest at Wyrmroost, the whole preserve has descended into chaos. Celebrant is on a rampage. so I retrieved your grandparents, and I brought news." Dromadus informed.

"What kind of news?" Marla asked

"Bad news for the team we sent to Titan Valley."

"What's going to happen to my children." Marla panicked, staring intently at the wizard with her lips pursed.

"You sent Kendra?" Grandma Sorenson exclaimed.

"Yes, we sent Kendra" Scott stated uncertainly.

"Guys, be quiet!" Tess exclaimed all adults turned to face her.

"I want to know the news." Tess continued.

"The dragons are strengthening the defenses of the dragon temples all around the globe, they fear that the chaos is the perfect opportunity for spies to sneak in and steal their treasures, and they are correct. If the group tries to enter the temple they will be obliterated. They need to find Seth and get out as soon as possible, the preserve is unstable now that they have lost their king."

"What do you mean? What chaos?" Grandpa Larsen questioned.

"Rumor has spread that the draconic monarch of Titan Valley, Rex Montem, one of Celebrant's sons, was killed by the Titan valley dragon slayer, a powerful Shadowcharmer and warrior named Nocte Stella." Dromadus said.

"A shadow charmer? Why haven't we heard of her?" Grandpa Sorenson questioned.

"Nocte Stella was never well known amongst the knights. She spent her time on her passion: keeping preserves stable and free from Draconic tyranny. She was powerful before she was a shadow charmer, I have gotten the opportunity to meet her once and she shared her story with me. It is a fascinating tale and the girl had not an ounce of evil or bad intentions. I would not surprised if after all of these years she has lost her need for justice, compassion, or sense of humor, but as we were saying, do we send a team in to try and warn the group?"

"Yes, we do not have many dragon tamers at our disposal amongst the knights, the only tamers I can think of are, Vanessa, Mara and Trask. Bracken can as well but we haven't been able to locate him." Grandpa Sorenson said.

"You need to be updated a lot." Grampa Larsen replied.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because on their way to Titan valley the group stopped here and that group consisted of Kendra, Warren, Vanessa, Tanu, Trask, Mara, Bracken, and Knox." Grandpa Larsen informed.

"You sent Knox?" Grandma Sorenson exclaimed, aghast, and appalled.

"How on earth did you guys find, Warren, Vanessa, Mara, and Trask? They were on missions across the globe. and Bracken was supposedly captured by Ronodin."

"Well, long story on all sides, but long story short, Kendra rescued Bracken; Warren and Vanessa showed up at Wyrmroost after successfully stabilizing Crescent lagoon; Mara and Trask were rescued by Andromadus after their mission miserably failed and they were badly injured." Grandma filled in hurriedly. Andromadus? She must have meant Dromadus. Maybe he changed his name. Tess would save that question for later.

"I want details later, but, moving on, I have no other knights that I can trust with such a delicate and perilous mission other than myself. Andromadus, would you be willing to take me with you to go try to retrieve my knights?" Grandpa inquired.

"Stan are you sure, you haven't been out in the field in years." Grandma Sorenson fretted, putting a hand of his shoulder.

"Ruth, when I became captain of the knights, every knight on that team became my responsibility, I have to go, if we don't find them or the dragons attack, I will have Andromadus take me straight back, don't worry." Grandpa Sorenson assured, embracing his wife. After a brief hug he turned to Andromadus. "Will you permit me to grab a few things from the attic room before we depart?" He asked, "Some potions and a few weapons?"

"Certainly, Andromadus said. Grandpa and Grandma rushed from the room.

Tess had no words.


Kendra sat on the grass examining a map next to Warren, who was nibbling on the last remnants of his lunch. Mara sat a small distance from him, tightening the bandages on her leg while finishing an apple. Kendra had brought her lunch down to eat with Bracken. From what she could tell Bracken seemed to be in good spirits, despite being stabbed.

Kendra shifted her attention back to the map in front of her. The original map was way too hard to get back out of the knapsack due to its ginormous size, so Bracken had gotten the wonderful chore of drawing a simpler and much smaller map. From what Kendra could tell, Bracken had done a really good job. Everything was labeled in small curvy letters and the lines were crystal clear. Kendra figured that being thousands of years old also came with good handwriting.

As Kendra continued to study a map she found a flaw. She had been told the dragon temple was marked on the giant queen's map, but Kendra couldn't find it on this small one, she expected it to be in those neat little letters somewhere on the map, but there was no hint of the temple. "Come here, I think something's wrong with this map."

"What?" Warren asked, leaning closer to get a look while Mara struggled her feet.

"What is wrong, Kendra?" Mara asked, coming near and keeling down on one knee to see.

"There's no sign of the dragon temple on this," Kendra said.

"Obviously," Mara remarked. Kendra and Warren stared and Mara continued, lowering her voice. "We obviously can't mark the temple at all, we aren't even supposed to know it is there. If the dragons were to capture us going in that direction with a map that has a big red X on their most sacred place, they would obliterate us off of the face of the earth without a second thought. But, if you must know where it is, it is here." Mara pointed to a small grove of trees next to a large lake. Kendra studied the area. There where wasn't much marked, just a few tiny trees next to a huge body of water labeled "Lacum Mortis".

"What does that mean?" Kendra asked pointing to the map.

"Well, my Latin is a little rusty, but I am pretty sure Lacum Mortis translates to Lake Of Death, but you can ask Nocte later." Warren chirped, Mara stared at him with stupefied surprise.

"How do you know Latin?" She asked.

"I got bored one summer as a teenager so my choices where learn a new language or get sent off to some summer school, so I learned Latin, partly to know another language, more to try and make some jerks in my class at school think I was in communion with demons." Warren answered casually. Mara cracked a smile and Kendra broke into giggles.

"You're joking." Kendra insisted.

"Nope, actually happened." Warren countered, grinning like a ten-year-old. Kendra burst into giggles again, though this time, Warren and Mara promptly shushed her.

She tensed."What's wrong?" the two adults in front of her looked to be on high alert.

"Listen." Warren whispered. Straining her ears, Kendra managed to pick up ok some sounds. Footsteps, and quite a few.

"What do you think—" Kendra's words were cut short by the arrival of makers of the footsteps. Grandpa Sorenson. He had Andromadus at his right and Nocte on his left.

Kendra bolted forward and embraced her grandfather, almost knocking him over in the process. She buried her head into his chest, relieved and overjoyed to see her Grandfather ok. He had been stuck at Wyrmroost! Her grandfather returned the embrace. Kendra heard shouts of "Captain?", "Stan?", and a "How the heck did you find us?" Followed by unclear explanations.

Kendra felt her grandfather pat her firmly on the shoulder as a wordless way to say, "you have to let go now'. Kendra reluctantly ended the embrace, pulling away from her grandfather, as Warren came in, giving grandpa Sorenson a handshake and hug. Mara was shaking hands with andromadus. When grandpa and Warren had finished their exuberant greeting, grandpa turned his attention to their group.

"Where are the others?" Grampa asked, full of concern.

"Bracken is badly injured, so he was put in our new knapsack, it is just like the one we had at wyrmroost. Mara and Kendra are right here. Vanessa, Tanu, Trask, Knox, and Seth are somewhere, we have been trying to find them after we got separated, when Ronodin attacked." Warren informed as fast as he could.


"Cant we tell you later? Now, why are you here?" Warren turned, Grandpa looked extremely worried, but questioned no more. Instead of talking he turned to Andromadus.

"We have come to get you out of here, the preserve is no longer as safe as it was if it was ever safe, the dragons are preparing their defenses, your plan to raid the temple will no longer succeed." Andromadus declared. Kendra looked to her grandpa, he nodded to confirm Andromadus's words.

"So what do we do?" Kendra asked, they needed that artifact to help them with their war against the dragons, but there was no way they could go to the dragon temple now, and Seth and the others were still missing.

"Well, we'll find them and get out of here," Grandpa announced. Warren and Mara looked like they both wanted to make a sarcastic comment, along the lines of "Oh yes, so simple, let us just go accomplish what we had been trying to do for almost a week now." But, both of them kept their mouths shut.

Kendra decided to break the awkward silence

"How do we do that?"

"Andromadus can take us right to them, right Andromadus?"

"I believe so, but you never know until you try,"

Andromadus snapped his fingers and Kendra felt the sensation of folding in on herself that reminded her of traveling using the translocator, then right in front of her stood Seth.


Seth was stunned as his older sister appeared out of nowhere. Before he had time to react, Kendra rushed forward and started hugging him so tight he couldn't breathe. Seth could hardly believe it, all of this time looking for Kendra and she just appeared out of mid-air.

"Kendra," He wheezed, "You're…cutting…my...air…off…"

"Sorry," she apologized, quickly withdrawing herself, allowing air to return to Seth's lungs. Seth stepped back to examine his supposedly older sister, she as about a head shorter than him with forest green eyes and dark brown hair, Seth assumed she was fair skinned but she was so muddy he could not make out her true skin color.

"Hi, Kendra." He greeted, realizing that he had been staring like an awkward weirdo.

"Hi, Seth." she whispered back, tears filling her eyes, and before Seth could say anything Kendra dove for him embracing him in another crushing hug, "I was so worried for you," she whisper-cried into Seth's shoulder, Seth's heart clenched, he had no idea how much grief his running away had caused his sister.

"I am sorry, for running away." Seth apologized, not knowing what else to say. Finally spying the people who he supposed must have come with Kendra, Seth looked each one over. There was an older man with balding white hair, another older guy with a long flowing white beard and exotic robes, a middle-aged guy with scruffed up hair and a leg in a splint who was chatting animatedly with Vanessa, and a tall native American woman with messy black hair and a large scar slating across one cheek.

"We found you, I can't believe it!" Kendra exclaimed.

"You where actually looking for me?" Seth asked. Somewhere in his mind he had just continued to tell himself that his sister was only here to complete her mission at the dragon temple or something, but she had actually been searching for him! He wanted to say more to his sister, but she was being smothered in hugs by Vanessa. Seth spotted the older man coming for him, he wore a gray plaid shirt and baggy jeans,

"Hello Seth," He greeted, grinning,

"Hey," Seth said, giving a small wave. He didn't know what else to say, he didn't know this man at all.

"You don't remember me." The man stated.

"No, am I supposed to?" Seth asked, feeling ashamed.

"I am your grandfather, Seth, we have come to take you home." Seth felt a weight drop in his stomach, no, they couldn't take him back, he needed to stay and find his memory, he needed to find end defeat that demon Humbuggle. "No, I can't go back," Seth argued.

"Why not?"

"Because I have work to do here," was all Seth answered, he didn't want to get into this right now in the middle of the reunion. Thankfully the man asked no more questions. Seth studied him again, so this was his grandfather, well, Seth hoped he was, he didn't seem bad, on the contrary, he seemed quite nice.

Seth stood in awkward silence until the man with the crutch limped forward with Tanu at his side

"Hey Seth, good to see you again buddy!" He exclaimed.

"Good to see you too I guess." Seth shrugged, he had no idea who this was either but he seemed to match the description of the guy named Warren, light brown hair, tanned, injured.

"Seth, this is Warren your distant cousin." Seth's grandfather explained.

"Stan, can you shush the others? Andromadus wants to make some announcements," Tanu informed. Seth assumed that Stan was his grandfather's name. Stan, let out a shrill whistle, all talking ceased.

"Knights gather around please, we have matters to discuss," Stan announced, everyone was already there so there wasn't much movement.

"We know you came here to retrieve the artifact that could help us with the dragons, but with the dragons fortifying the temples, I would say, to abandon the mission, now that we have Seth and return home. But, apparently, you have a bargain with the giant queen that you must fulfill, I see much wisdom in trying to ally with the giants, and breaking a promise as big as this would not help our cause. After a brief consulting with Trask, might I suggest a plan, those of you who are injured or do not want to keep going will be sent back to fablehaven, and those who insist on being a part of the mission will continue with Nocte and I." Andromadus announced. Seth found himself torn, sure it would be nice to go back to somewhere safe and maybe get some alone time, but it looked like Kendra was going to continue on the mission and Seth didn't want to be separated from her.


Kendra climbed down the ladder of the knapsack, Seth coming after her. Kendra had proposed that she try to see if Bracken could do anything to fix Seth's memory and her grandfather had agreed that it was a plausible idea. Bracken sat propped up on the floor with a bundle of blankets. He was reading a book by the warm luminance of the room.

"Seth!" Bracken exclaimed, snapping the book closed.

"Hi, Bracken." Seth greeted, last time he had seen the unicorn he had been the underking's prisoner.

"How did you find him?" Bracken asked turning to Kendra.

"We didn't, Andromadus did, he showed up with grandpa and teleported us straight to him, turns out the others had already found him," Kendra said.

"So why are you down here and not with the others?" Bracken questioned.

"We came to see if you could do anything for Seth's memory, and There is probably some arguing," Kendra informed, "It will probably be Trask and Vanessa are trying to pressure Mara and Warren to return to Fablehaven, but they don't want to abandon the others."

"Pretty accurate assumption." Bracken chuckled. "Mara is tough to shake and Warren is stubborn, I have a hunch they still have tricks up their sleeves, and I bet they haven't told about their more recent injuries," He remarked.

"Ya." Kendra confirmed

"Back to Seth," Bracken said.

"Right, can you see into his mind and see if there is anything you can do to fix him?" Kendra asked.

"I don't think so, but Seth can you come here and give me your hand?" Bracken asked, wincing as he propped himself into a sitting position. Seth looked hesitant to approach the injured unicorn, but made no objections. He stepped forward and offered Bracken his hand, Bracken closed his eyes and concentrated for a several long minutes before letting go.

"We can't fix it with unicorn magic, but there might be another away."

"What?" Kendra and Seth asked in unison.

"First, remember no magic lasts forever, when demons cast spells or make curses they try to tie it to something nearly immortal, usually that thing is their life fore. Demons are virtually immortal. and I am willing to bet that Humbuggle ties his curses to himself. Most demons do anyway."

"So what you are saying is that if we slay Humbuggle we break the curse on Seth?" Kendra exclaimed,

"Yes, but killing such a powerful demon will not go down easily, and don't forget about our other mission." Bracken reminded.

"Well, it's not my mission." Seth announced, "I came here to try and defeat Humbuggle and get my memory back, I don't belong in this group."

"Yes, you do Seth. We will try to help you get your memory back, just please, don't run off again." Kendra pleaded. Seth's eyes softened,

"Fine," Kendra was relived, she had been worried that Seth was going to run off again.

"I think you guys might be wanted outside," Bracken remarked, Kendra knew that he was probably right.

"Thanks, Bracken."


"You really plan on trying to kill Humbuggle?" Grandpa Sorenson asked incredulously.

"Yes, if it can help me get my memory back I will do anything," Seth said. Grandpa nodded.

"Slaying Humbuggle? Do you guys like to dance with death?" Nocte asked, striding forward.

"Apparently." Grampa Sorenson muttered under his breath.

"What's so bad about Humbuggle?" Seth asked

"Humbuggle is an indomitable demon and he holds vast amounts of power. He usually takes the form of a dwarf but do not underestimate him. If he wanted he could be a dragon. He is a lethal trickster, one of his most common names for him back in my day was, the prince of the gamble, the shapeshifter, the Scourge of the Titan valley." Nocte remarked, Seth froze, oh, no, he thought, that creepy girl on the island warned him about this. He was torn between saying everything and saying nothing. Alerting the group about potential dangers was important, but if they thought fighting Humbuggle was to dangerous, they would probably send him back to fablehaven, whatever that was. Seth decided to keep quiet for the moment and see how things went.


Knox was relieved to have everyone back together and he was even more relieved to find that Mara was alright. Knox had been really worried about her and the others, he felt bad that Bracken had gotten stabbed, but Warren, Mara, and Kendra didn't seem any worse, though who knows.

Knox had very much enjoyed having food again, while he had been traveling with Seth and Raxtus they had eaten wild berries. When he had met with Vanessa, Tanu and Trask, he found that Tanu had found a family-sized bag of Doritos inside one of the bags he had taken when the camp was attacked the first time. Having a real dinner had been absolutely amazing, even if it was sandwiches and smores.

Dinner had been strained. Knox knew that the others were trying to be gentle with Seth, but when he and Kendra had gone down into the knapsack there had been lots of yelling, people insisting others go back, refusing, yelling, then Andromadus and Nocte had to break everyone up as Seth had come back.

At least they all seemed happy at the fact that there was enough of them that there was much more time between watch shifts so that they all hopefully might get a good amount of sleep. Trask and Warren were trying to find a good working shift schedule with partners. Thankfully Nocte never needed sleep so she was always a partner option, but it was argued that not all of them felt 100% safe around Nocte. So they had decided that you could pick a second watch partner, which Knox was grateful for. Honestly, Nocte was quite intimidating, with her pitch-black armor, a huge sword, and impressive height, and Knox had never known her until today. Though most of the others seemed accepting of the intimidating dragon slayer. Dinner passed without incident, and Knox dug out a Blanket from the knapsack. They had lost all the sleeping bags when they had fled the original camp, however, there was still plenty of blankets and a few spare pillows. Knox had gotten third watch with Mara (Knox picking her as his partner). Knox snuggled into his blankets trying to get some sleep before it was his turn for watch, it didn't take long.


Seth had first watch with Kendra and Nocte that night. The fire was slowly turning to embers as the stars started to appear in the sky. Kendra was quiet, not saying much, but Seth wanted to say everything. He wanted to ask how she had been, how the other team members had gotten injured, how she had gotten here, what was Fablehaven. After what felt like an eternity he finally broke the since.

"Kendra, what is Fablehaven?" Kendra looked taken aback.

"Well, it's a preserve for all the magic animals. We live there with parents and grandparents, Warren lives there too, along with his brother Dale and our other grandparents are also there and before too long Vanessa will be in."

"Oh, right because she and Warren are getting married." Seth realized,"And what are our parents like?"

"Mom is amazing, she's always there for us and Dad is amazing, though he makes really bad jokes all the time. When they found out about how you lost your memory, they were so worried, Mom almost cried, Dad tried to stay strong," Kendra said. Seth felt another pang of guilt. Had his parents really been so worried about him?

"Kendra how did you get here?" He asked,

"Well, we were going to have Andromadus take us here but then the place where we where staying was set on fire by the dragons and we all ran for it, Andromadus completely disappeared, so we traveled via fairy shrine," Kendra informed, that made literally zero sense to Seth, but he'd ask about that later.

"How did the others get injured, Knox didn't tell me much of that."

"Well, Mara was injured before she came here, something with a dragon, then we were attacked by this wolf-bear thing, we tied to flee. I can see in the dark and so can Bracken, but Warren couldn't, there was a ditch in the path and Warren fell, that's how he broke his ankle. Then, we here attacked by the wolf bear and Ronodin. When they jumped out onto us, Tempest bucked Warren and me off and he broke a ton of ribs. Mara was injured again killing the wolf-bear and Ronodin stabbed Bracken. Well Ronodin was trying to stab me but Bracken saved me and got stabbed instead, honestly I have no clue on how I survived unscathed, I guess I am really lucky"

"How did you get Ronodin to go away?" Seth asked, his curiosity peaked.

"Well after Bracken had collapsed, Ronodin turned on me again, he was in his unicorn form. Mara threw a knife that injured Ronodin I damaged his horn with my sword, then I slashed his leg as he reared up, he went running afterward." Kendra said, not without a bit of pride. Seth was astounded, his sister was awesome!

They sat in silence some more, Seth pondered Kendra's words. Could he have prevented all of this by not running away from Crescent lagoon? The thought that all of these injuries where caused by people trying to find him made Seth ache. But they were coming anyway, weren't they, or were they going to go the temple much later? Seth reckoned that they hadn't taken much time to prepare and had come straight after him.

"And how about Nocte, how did you find her?" Seth asked.

Kendra laughed, "Well, Mara had told me she had spotted some tracks that looked like yours when she was trying to find Knox so I ran off to try and find you after Mara and Warren had tended to their injuries. While I was looking for you I heard a ton of commotion I followed the noises, I found a huge dead dragon, and there was Nocte. The Titan Valley dragon slayer, who is also not nearly as intimidating as she looks." Kendra added. Seth chuckled, he would have to find that out himself.

"I am totally super intimidating!" Nocte joked joining Kendra and Seth by the smoldering remains of the fire.

"How's the perimeter?" Kendra asked.

"Nothing to report, just trees, more trees, and a few rocks." Nocte paused to study Seth.

"Kendra you never told me your brother is a shadow charmer." Nocte remarked.

"How did you know that?" Seth asked.

"I can see it." Nocte remarked.

"How?" Kendra drilled.

"Kendra, Andromadus didn't tell you? I am a shadow charmer just like your brother." Kendra gasped, and Seth had no idea what to think, weren't shadow charmers friends of demons and darkness? Was Nocte going to kill them?

" I am not going to kill you." Nocte scoffed, Seth gaped in awe, so Nocte could read minds.

"I can do much more than that Seth." She bragged.

"Can you teach me?" Seth begged, the words spilling out of his mouth to quickly to process.

"Certainly, it has been years since I met another charmer." Nocte accepted.

"Another? was there more of you?" Kendra asked, finally speaking.

"Yes, both of my sisters where charmers as well as my mother. There were many more of us back in my day."

"Really!" Seth exclaimed. The only other shadow charmer he had met so far had been the Sphinx. Seth had started to worry that all Shadow charmers where evil.

"Evil? is that what we are called these days!"

"Sorry I didn't mean to offend you." Seth apologized, Nocte took no heed.

"After all we did for those mortals, we helped them back onto their feet after the age of demons, we established preserves and boundaries, we worked tirelessly to help the human race, but you get a few rotten apples and they assume they have to cut down the tree! They already killed hundreds of us during the Salem trails, but if mass murder wasn't enough they hunt us down lock us up because they call us as evil." Nocte ranted, Seth hardly followed he had no clue what most of that stuff was. He needed to so a lot of studying.

"Nocte," He asked timidly, trying to change the subject, "Can you teach me to read minds?"

Nocte's expression and voice softened. "Well, I suppose you have no better teachers, may we conduct a little exercise?"

"Yes," Seth said uncertainly.

"Have you been taught to quench fire? Or to draw upon your energy?" Nocte asked.

"Yes," Seth answered relieved, at least he knew how to do some things.

"Ok, well that's a start, because we will need to use both of those." Nocte continued, Seth nodded.

"When you quench fire you take your shadow and smother the flame, right?" Nocte went on.

"Right," Seth answered.

"Well, with mind reading you try to put yourself in your opponent's head, take your darkness and use it as sight. Kendra, can we use you for this?" Nocte asked.

"Is it safe?" Kendra asked uncertainly.

"It is some of the safest," Nocte assured, Kendra nodded.


"Seth, like you drew upon your darkness and put it into the torch, take it and try to put it into your sister's mind or head, but don't try to smoother it as you did the flame, you want to see inside. Go on, try it." Nocte insisted, Seth focused drawing upon the shadow inside him he tried to make that energy flow into Kendra. The first few trials failed and he grew frustrated. He tried again, forcing more into it. The moment he did, there was a flash of blinding light, but he did not see the light with his eyes but he saw it in his mind. Seth focused harder, pushing more of his energy into his sister, when suddenly it was all clear.

"What is he doing? Did it work? I almost hope it doesn't, I don't want my little brother poking around in my mind."

"It works, Kendra. And I am officially offended" Seth confirmed, his sister looked stunned.

"Wow," She whispered in awe, Seth let out a gasp of excitement and joy, the depths of his new ability finally sinking in. This was so cool! Nocte grinned, Seth could tell that she was reading him.

Seth had a sudden idea and couldn't help himself, Seth drew upon his energy again and this time directed it at Nocte, after a fog of darkness, not unlike Kendra's light he could hear Nocte's thoughts.

"Well, the boy has talent, he would make a fine apprentice, wait, he is totally reading me, whatever, good work Seth." Seth withdrew his energy, but now he felt tired and slightly strained.

"With enough practice, you can even see into others' eyes or relive their memories but for now take a break. Too much too soon will wear you out." Nocte advised. Seth nodded, he would have to work up to doing more at once.

"You and Kendra go to sleep, you have had a long enough shift, I will wake Warren and Vanessa.

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