Hey everyone this is a story that I have been meaning to publish for a very long time and cause its been in my back log for so long I don't know how mature to make this story. Do i want to make it on par with the anime, should I make it worse or lighter, sex, blood, violence. I come with so many ideas for this story so I want your guys opinion please comment and review

Akame ga Hunter Chapter 1 The Hunters Arrive

"Oh Ieyasu, wake up." said a teenage boy with messy brown hair and green eyes. His name was Tatsumi and he was currently trying to wake up his friend Ieyasu. "Alright you forced this on yourself." As an aura surrounded his hand and he formed a fist.

Tatsumi quickly pulled his arm back and punched his sleeping friend who on reflex woke up and caught the powered punch. The result of the punch caused Ieyasu to be the center of a newly formed small crater.

Ieyasu shot out of his sleeping bag. "Hey what's the big idea. I was having a really good dream." Ieyasu was Tatsumi's childhood friend and was currently sporting a bit of a bed head. Normally his hair would be spiky enough to pop a balloon. "Huh what happened to the campsite?"

"I packed everything already. All that's left is your stuff and some breakfast we saved for you." said Tatsumi pointing to the now mostly cleared clearing that they used last night as a campsite. Now being greeted by the morning sun.

"Oh the sun is already rising.I really slept in. Thanks for saving me some breakfast." he said as he began to roll up his sleeping bag. "So where's Sayo?"

Tatsumi pointed to a tree stump where a girl with long black hair was sitting cross legged. She was wearing a kimono skirt that complimented her figure and her above average bust. "She's currently making sure our path to the capital is cleared today."

The boys finished packing as Ieyasu ate breakfast a few minutes later they had breakfast and were packed and ready to go. All except for Sayo.

Tatsumi carefully nudged her a bit, her response was to slowly open her eyes. "Hey Sayo, is everything alright? Should we be expecting a fight?"

"I don't know." she said as she put her hand under her chin, in a thinking position. "I've been trying to figure out what those strange energy signatures I've been sensing. Some of them move and some don't, I just don't know what they are."

"You sure it just isn't that time of the month for ya." said Ieyasu grabbing his massive weapon that was wrapped up in cloth to hide it, but if anyone looked at it they would think it was some sort of massive club.

"NO this has nothing to do with that." said the girl glaring at Ieyasu. Ready to put a few arrows in him.

"Both of you stop." said Tatsumi in a calm voice. "Sayo hasn't been wrong so we got a bit of a walk ahead of us."

"So no running then." asked Ieyasu, getting depressed.
"Yep, only normal walking today." as the words came out of his mouth he too began to deflate a little.


"Look out, it's an earth dragon." said the caravan leader as a giant danger beast began to rise from the ground. The giant monster reached out to attack the caravan, but stopped when it felt something. It turned around to see in its final moments Tatsumi with sword in hand.

In the next moment, the earth dragon was chopped to pieces. Leaving everyone stunned. The caravan leader stepped forward and thanked Tatsumi. "Thank you young man. You were spectacular, you defeated that danger beast with ease."

"It was no problem." he said as his companions caught up with him.

The caravan noticed the other two and came to the conclusion that they were on par with the boy in front of him. "Hey you guys look strong, how would you guys like to come work for my uncle's shipping company."

"Sorry sir but we're just trying to get to the capital." said Sayo, kindly turning the man down.

"Come on now. Judging from your clothes you guys are looking for money right." trying to push the offer. "My uncle can pay you well."

"Hey buddy," said Ieyasu with a firm look. "We have our own business to see to."

The man gulped at the look. "Look I'm just trying to help you guys okay. The capital is a dangerous place, that's filled with monsters in the form of men."

"Really now." said Tatsumi, sporting his own dangerous look. Making the man back away. "Thanks for the warning minster but I think we'll be just fine." As the trio stepped around from the caravan. "So that energy you've been feeling. Do you think that it could be those monsters?"

"Maybe, we'll just have to find out when we get there."


"Wow, so this is the capital." said Ieyasu as they entered through the gates. None of them could deny that the capital looked impressive. The streets looked clean and the stores looked nice and the people were bustling. Thought there was one underlying thought all three of them had as they entered.

'This place reeks of blood.'

They could all tell that this wasn't a place of life or a place that was civilized at all. This was a place of death. Even though they couldn't see it they could tell underneath all of the happy people and clean streets was a disgusting city that would make most battlefields look clean in comparison.

"What is with this place?" asked Sayo "We've walked through war zones with less death than this."

"Yeah this place is making my skin crawl even more than any enemy we've faced." said Ieyasu as he adjusted his weapon on his back making sure it would be ready at any moment.

"Come on," said Tatsumi "We've been walking for a while. We should find somewhere where we can eat and find directions."

Sayo thought this was a good idea but. "Would they even accept our money?"

"Why wouldn't they? It's the standard copper, silver and gold." stated Ieyasu

"Yeah but they're not from this country, they might not be acceptable here."

"I know a place where we could ask." said Tatsumi with a bit of twinkle in his eye.

Both Sayo and Ieyasu gave each other a sideways glance before staring at Tatsumi. "You want to go to the blacksmith."

Causing Tatsumi to jerk a little. "Well ...um yeah.. Kind of." as he scratched his head in embarrassment. Every town they stopped in he would always find his way to the blacksmith shop. Always the blacksmith shop. "Hey come on, what's so bad about the blacksmith?"

"It's loud"



"Can't you make better stuff what's the point"

Tatsumi's soul took the hits but tried to justify going. "Look I speak blacksmith and I can get them to help us."

"True buuut," Sayo admitted "Every time we go there you lose track of time talking to the other blacksmiths."

"Hey we all have our own hobbies right and it's kind of fun looking at what others create."

"Okay but do you know where the blacksmiths would be in this town."

"Uuuuuuhhh" was Tatsumi's obvious response being there first time in the capital.

"Ah you guys lost." came a voice. The three turn to see a very sexy blonde woman practically wearing nothing, a tube top that was barely containing her massive rack, detachable pants that showed off her legs, a unique belt, and scarf.

Sayo was a bit envious of the woman's body, mainly the boobs. Tatsumi's face went red as he tried to look at anything but the woman's body when he noticed the belt. Ieyasu was blut. "Boobs." with a stupid grin.

Causing Tatsumi to face palm and Sayo to give a glare and the woman just laughed. "Well if you like them so much how about you buy your big sister here, some lunch." she said bending forward a little giving the boys a good view of her tits. The result was both boys getting a small nose bleed.

Sayo gave them both a glare. Tatsumi looked away but Ieyasu continued to stare though he quickly stopped when Sayo pulled his ear and against his protest pulled out his bag of money.

"Here." said Sayo as she grabbed the woman's hand, shoving the small bag of money in her hand. "Women can be more than their bodies. This may not help all that much but it can get you on the right track. I know you can do better."

"Huh?" The woman's face twisted with confusion. "Wait. I'm not a prostitute."

"I know you can do so much more." said Sayo. She turns around and grabs the boys and begins to walk away. "I believe in you."

The three walked away hearing the woman scream that she wasn't a prostitute. "Hey Sayo, that belt she was wearing." said Tatsumi, bringing up the belt.

"Yeah that was definitely one of the energies I felt."

"But she was preparing for a fight and we aren't hiding." pointing out how little the woman reacted to them. "Do you think she was testing us?"

Tatsumi thought about the encounter. "No. I don't think so. She definitely didn't sense us. She might have been an ameatur."

"That wasn't the body of an amatuer." stated Ieyasu with a goofy grin on his face. Earning him a smack upside the head, courtesy of Sayo.

"Her body aside," began Sayo "One of the energies I was picking up was coming from her, somehow, but not at the sametime. I don't get it myself but I vote we avoid her and anyone else like that from here on out."

"Agreed." Tatsumi nodded. "Now let's find the blacksmiths." earning groans from his companions.


It didn't take them long to find the blacksmiths. Like all towns or cities, the blacksmiths are near the lower end of the city. Blacksmiths were good but no one wanted to live near them.

The second they walked into the shop, Tatsumi began to act like a kid in a candy store, looking at each and every display while muttering about the materials and techniques used to make each item. Sayo and Ieyasu began to tune him out as they long since gave up trying to follow what he was saying when he gets like this.

"Hey brat," came a booming voice. They turned to see a well built elderly man, with a full grey beard in a blacksmith's outfit. "Get away from the displays, if you can't buy them then don't mess with them."

"Sorry," apologized Tatsumi. "I guess I got excited seeing these fantastic works. This blade here you used a saber wolf tooth right. Mixing that and the iron is hard but this looks perfect."

The blacksmith had to pause for a moment not expecting the brat in front of him to actually know what he used to make the weapon. The blacksmith wouldn't deny it was a delightful surprise. "Why yes I did use a saber wolf tooth, how did you know that?"

"Easy, you labeled it as a special curved iron sword but you don't get that color of iron unless your using some form of tooth mixter with your metal and that curve means you used a tooth as the base and even though not many people use a wolf saber tooth, it the only one common enough to retain the color when forging."

"Well I'll be a hunk of scrap metal. You actually know your stuff kid."

"Well I don't mean to brag, but I've forged a few items in my day."

The blacksmith gave a smug grin. "Well hot shot, how about you take a look at this." as he pointed to a display case showing off a unique chest armor piece. "What do you think of that, bet you can't guess what I used to make that masterpiece."

Tatsumi's eyes began to shine as he looked at the piece of gear. "Wow a golden trim chest piece made out of an armored manta shell."

The blacksmith almost fell on his own ass in surprise. "How in the hell did you know that?"

"My blacksmith teacher and I tried to work with an armored manta shell before and well, it didn't end up too great." as Tatsumi got a little embarrassed remembering it all happened. "We underestimated the material and lost a few tools that day."

The blacksmith couldn't help but laugh. "Yep it's quite rare to get your hands on that stuff, one wrong step and you lose the shell and your tools." as he continued to laugh. "Not gonna lie lost a few hammers the first time I tried but I kept at it and got this beauty."

"Lucky, we destroyed all we had."

The man smiled. "The name's Olrick. May I get the name of my fellow blacksmith."

"Its Tatsumi sir, and my friends behind me are Sayo and Ieyasu." he said as his friends greeted the blacksmith.

The man looked at the other two. "You two don't look like blacksmiths to me. Now that I got a good look none of you look like you're from around here."

"That's because we're not." said Ieyasu bluntly.

"We're from port Whale." said Sayo, remembering the town name. "We're here in the capital to make a delivery. Actually if you wouldn't mind we could use some help."

Olrick rubbed his beard and was well known to be a bit of a grouch. "Well normally I wouldn't help a bunch of kids but I couldn't turn down a fellow blacksmith especially one that has a good eye. Whacha need?"

"Do you know where a currency exchange is around here? We looked when we came in but couldn't find one."

"Currency exchange," muttered Olrick before remembering that Port Whale was a shipping town and accepted all kinds of currency but the capital was a different story. "Didn't you trade some at one of the towns on your way here?"

"We tried but with all of the fighting happening we had to go through some of the poorer towns that couldn't trade too many coins and the coins we did have we spent on the entrance fee."

Olrick nodded in understanding. "I see well most banks that would be able to exchange your currency are for the nobles but I do know of a small bank known as the golden leaf that might take some of your currency. It's on the main road that has a sign with a golden leaf. You can't miss it."

"Really thank you." said Sayo bowing in thanks to the blacksmith with her friends following her lead.

"No problem and hey if you guys are in town for the next few days, we can always use some more help around here if you guys need the cash, and I'm not just talking the forge for you two. This young man could help with heavy lifting and the young lady can work the front. A cute face always brings more customers."

Sayo kept smiling but inwardly groaned. Along their travels she would often have such jobs while the boys did the more physical labor. It gave her a bit of disdain for working the front of a shop. "Thank you sir, but we should hurry. It's already getting a bit late, we should get going before it closes." trying to get them out in a timely manner.

"Of course but please think of my offer. I would love to see what you can do kid." he said gesturing to Tatsumi.

Ieyasu and Sayo were moving to leave, but Tatsumi had another idea. "Well if you can't wait I got something here for you to feast your eyes on." as he took his sword out, causing his friends to groan.

Olrick's heart stopped when he saw the blade. "Incredible" was all he could say. The blade was in the shape of a short sized broadsword, but the blade itself had a green shade to it and looked like it was put together but with a hundred small plates. ""It's made of dragon scales." Tatsumi nodded, but Olrick couldn't tell what dragon. He had never seen this before but he could tell this was a masterpiece.

"Pretty nice huh. I had to work for four months straight to fix every piece of armor for some hunters to get those bad boys." Tatsumi slightly bragged.

Olrick quickly gave it back. "Don't tell anyone you made this." he said with urgency.

This set off alarms for the three. "Mr. Olrick, is everything okay?"

Olrick pointed to the wall where several wanted posters were hung. "That's Night Raid. They're a group of assassins that have taken out several well known figures around the capital. I don't usually keep posters but a rumor has it that they practice on civilians at night. A well known blacksmith was killed a little while ago when he was fixing up weapons for some noble. You'll make yourself a target by not only them but by others of the capital if you show that around. I know a few greedy nobles that actually might kill for that blade."

The trio studied the poster, which wasn't that good in the first place, for a moment. Tatsumi bowed once more to Olrick. "Thankyou for the warning sir."

"Don't mention it, ever." He said. "I got to keep up being the tough boss around here. Stay safe out there, brats." as they left the shop.


The trio was staring at a sign. "We're sorry we are closed till tomorrow morning. We hope to see you again." said Tatsumi reading the sign out loud as he was reading it and his friends began to give him a look. "What? Why are you guys looking at me? How do you know it's my fault that we couldn't make it. Maybe it closed an hour ago."

"Actually it closed five minutes ago." came a voice from behind them.

The information at first made Tatsumi flinch and his friends to increase their stare but after a second they turned to see the origin of the voice. The man was well dressed and was being flanked by four men, two flanking each side and each of them holding weapons.

"You three look like someone stole your money." said the Man. "We could cut a deal."

"Oh yeah." said Ieyasu, grabbing his weapon. "And what kind of deal would that be."

The man chuckled at that. "Well we can do this the hard way where things get a little bloody or you could let us borrow your lady friend of the night."

"HUH?" said Sayo, getting angry.

"Don't worry, miss." said one of the men. "We just want you to do a little dance for us."

"We got some nice clean clothes that will make you look so much better." said the second. "Especially when you take them off."

Tatsumi and Ieyasu looked at each other for a moment before stepping out of Sayo's way.

"We got some toys that you can play with." said the third.

They now were giving the idiots looks of pity.

"We'll make this a nice night. HEY WHERE'D SHE GO."

The man in the fancy clothes couldn't believe it she was gone. She was right in front of them. Thought the man before hearing several Crashes behind him. When he turned he saw all four of his men beaten into the ground. Before he could even process his shock he looked down to see the girl in front of him, giving him a sweet smile. She didn't give a chance to speak as she gave him a high kick to the face knocking him out instantly as he was sent flying down the street.

Tatsumi got the courage to talk to his friend. "Feeling better?"

Her face didn't change and remained emotionless. "Come on, that caused a bit of noise we should get moving."


They walked around aimlessly for a bit until they came to a stop at a bridge. The sun had already set and they didn't have any place to stay and to top if off they were hungry.

"Okay what now." asked Ieyasu

"Looks like we're sleeping outside again." said Tatsumi

Sayo made a slight sigh. She wanted to sleep in a real bed tonight. "Sleeping outside in the middle of a city should have seen that one coming."

"Sorry Sayo, do you think you can find us a clear spot for us."

"Sure." she said sadly as she took a seat against the bridge railing. "Just give me a minute and make sure no more creeps show up."

"No problem." said Tatsumi taking a seat next to her. "We gotcha."

"Don't sweat it," said Ieyasu, taking the seat on her other side. "If anyone shows up it will be my turn to deal with them."

WIth that Sayo closed her eyes as she began to focus. Less than a minute went by when a carriage stopped right in front of them. Ieyasu stood to confront whoever wanted to mess with them.

"Um, excuse me do you guys need some help?" said a young girl coming out of the carriage. "My name is Aria, if you want you can come back to my place and you can eat some food and get yourself cleaned up." she said with the most convincing smile she could muster.

The three could only stare at her for a moment before Ieyasu spoke. "Wow your an angel. Guys we should go with the super cute girl." he said, a little too eager.

Tatsumi and Sayo gave him a deadpan stare at his lack of hesitation. "That was way too quick man." said Tatsumi.

"You should at least be a bit more concerned when a stranger gives you an offer like that." Sayo scolding Ieyasu a bit.

"I do apologize." said Aria's guard. "The young lady has a bad habit of picking up strays."

Sayo wanted to protest but her stomach was growling and made it obvious that she was hungry. "Well if she is offering, it would be rude to refuse."

"Very well then it's settled, guards please help them with their bags, you can sit next to me miss." Aria said as she took Sayo's hand.

After introductions and getting into the carriage they could tell that Aria had ulterior motives. Ieyasu began to cry inwardly as they began to move all three of them could feel the familiar feeling of killer intent from Aria. This was a trap.


After the carriage ride and being introduced to Aria's parents they were all sitting down to dinner, digging into the meal.

"So what bring you fine young kids to our glorious capital today."

"We're trying to make a delivery." said Tatsumi as he ate the bread. 'Yep I can definitely taste it there and it ruins the bread.' thought Tatsumi.

"Really and who might you be delivering to, a noble perhaps?" asked the mother who was hoping it wasn't a noble.

Sayo was disappointed. 'Why the juice. You ruined the juice.' she thought before speaking. "No, no one that important. We're trying to find our teacher and give him something he left for us."

"Oh well I hope you find him." said Aria getting a little irritated. "Wow you guys have eaten a lot of food, I hope you've been enjoying it.

"Oh yeah it's been great." said Ieyasu, swallowing a mouthful of steak. "Thought not gonna lie, the poison has been destroying the flavor."

He's words echoed a bit as the family and the guards were stunned at what they heard. Wondering how on earth had they known and how were they still awake.

"Actually Ieyasu it's not poison. It's sedative, there trying to put us to sleep. Do you by any chance work for our enemies." Tatsumi asked the family the last part.

"Guards subdue them now." ordered the father.

The guard closest to Ieyasu instantly turned into paste on the wall, as Ieyasu got out of his chair holding a massive blade almost the same size as him. The blade looked intriget and mechanical as if it could change shape but for now it was just a massive club with a blade around it.

"What the hell." said the father trying to get up along with his family, but as they all tried they noticed arrows were currently pinning them to their chairs.

"Daddy I can't get out." said Aria trying to pull one of the arrows out

"Okay I'm done here." said Sayo as she got out of her seat holding her bow. Even though it didn't look mechanical like Ieyasu's weapon, it still looked different then any bow the family had ever seen. "I'm going to figure out where that feeling of death is coming from and how about you guys."

Tatsumi took a sip of his drink. "I think I'm going to stay and have a little chat with our nice hosts here."

"We'll if you're going to have fun with the family and you are going to find where the feeling of death is coming from, I got dibs on everyone else in this place." said Ieyasu finally being able to fight. The remaining guards tried to jump him only for him to smack them away with his blade as if they were insects. "This is going to be fun."

"Don't let anyone get away." Tatsumi said as he put some more meat on his plate. "It would be problematic if the whole city knew what was going on here."

Ieyasu nodded and began to take a walk. Everyone in the dining room could hear noises as he walked down the hall.

"Hey Tatsumi," Sayo, getting his attention. "You mind if I bring Aria with me. It will make things go faster." as she grabbed Aria with a sweet smile that sent a chill down the girls neck.

"Sure go for it." said Tatsumi as he moved closer to the parents as Sayo took Aria against her will.

"Look young man we can make a deal." said the father trying to control the situation. "We have money that we can give you. You can give it to your family."

"Don't need it." he said calmly as he resumed eating.

"How about you let us go and we let you live." said the Mother. "We've laced the food with poison and it will kill you without the antidote." trying to bluff.

"Look….uh you know I didn't bother to remember your names. Though that doesn't matter right now. Me and my friends are trained in many things. Which include into poison detection and training our immune systems to resist sedatives and poisons and the cheap as crap you put into this meal is nowhere near enough to even make us feel tired. So you fucked up and now you're paying for it. So how about you answer my questions and I don't kill you right now." he said with a smile. This only made the parents realize that their time had come and their reaper was in front of them.


Night Raid had arrived at the mansion. "Oh Leone. You confirmed these guys are guilty right?" asked A green haired young man named Lubbock. Only for Lubbock to notice that Leone wasn't paying attention as she was still annoyed. She had been like that all day. "Is she okay?"

A girl in pink with long pink pigtails began to chuckle. "Apparently some kids thought she was a prostitute." said Mine as she picked her massive rifle up. "To top it off they gave her money to find a new line of work, out of pity." as she began to laugh.

"Oh shut up washboard." said Leone.

"EXCUSE ME!" said Mine as the girls got into each other's face.

"I don't get it." said a confused girl with purple hair, she was wearing a purple dress that accentuates her figure and apple breasts, and was wearing glasses. Her weapon was a giant pair of scissors. "Hasn't this happened before." trying to remember correctly.

"That's not it." said Leone "Before it was usually some dude who wanted a piece of my ass. This time.." Leone remembering Sayo's face. "This time it was someone who was sincere about it and for some reason I can't get those stupid kids faces out of my head."

"You can think about it later." said a girl with black hair and red eyes wearing a black academy uniform, holding a katana. "It's time for us to commence the mission."

"Akame's right." said a man in full body armor. "These people are guilty of kidnapping and murdering people off the street. Me and Leone will go through the west side, Akame and Sheele will go through the east side, and Lubbock and Mine will make sure no one escapes." They all nodded as they split up to accomplish their appointed tasks.

Leone activated her belt giving her lion claws and a new set of ears on top of her head. Leone and Bulat moved to the door, only for Leone to stop before busting down the door. "Leone what's wrong."

"Blood lots of blood in the air." she said "Way too much." as she charged through the door. She stopped in the doorway at the sight. "What the hell."

"Looks like someone got here before us." said Bulat as he looked at the open front lobby. It was covered in blood and the remains of the guards and the servants were scattered everywhere.

"Oh yeah." said Leone getting excited. "I love to meet whoever redecorated this place."

At that moment they could clearly hear the sound of someone running through the halls. They both gave each other a silent nod before following the sound.


"Hey don't you think this is odd?" asked Mine as both she and Lubbock were standing on Lubbock's wires that were currently holding them up above the trees in the back of the mansion. "Where is everybody?"

"Your right I haven't heard anyone screaming or running. Now that I think about it. Isn't there a lot more blood on the windows then there should be. We just got here and even though the others are good they aren't that good." said Lubbock making sense. "I think someone else was here."

As if on cue, a guard covered in his own blood slowly tried to walk out of the mansion. Only to collapse a few feet away from the building. "Oh come on." as a boy came out of the door. The guard began to try and crawl away. "Is this really all the fight you guys have." the boy sighed as he lifted his weapon into the air. "I guess I was expecting too much." before slamming the guard with his giant blade, killing him.

"My eyes may not be as good as yours but that weapon." said Lubbock

"Yeah." Said Mine pointing her sights at the boy below them. "That's definitely a teigu."

They watched as the boy quickly swung the blade removing the fresh blood from it. He was able to swing the blade as if it was as light as a feather. He put it over his shoulder as he began to walk down the path right below them. ONly to stop for a moment and then continuing down the path.

They both turned when they heard a noise in the tree next to them when they saw Akame and Sheele quitely approach the two. "Mine, Lubbock, did you two hear that noise earlier."

"That would be that guy." said Mine pointing to the guy walking through the trees.

"Is that a teigu?" asked Akame, seeing his weapon.

"Most likely."

"Then is he the one that did our job?" asked Sheele as Akame explained that when they went inside they couldn't find anyone, everyone was dead. They agreed to follow him but to stay out of sight. They followed him by using Lubbbock's wires to create paths from tree to tree. They followed him to a shack at the back of the estate, where they saw a girl in fancy clothes seating on her knees in front of several people laying in front of her. she looked too afraid to move and her fear only grew as she saw the boy.

Then a girl holding a small child came out of the shack greeting the boy. They spoke for a bit when suddenly they heard someone running coming from the house.

"Aria." yelled her mother as she ran towards her child.

"Mommy." said Aria as she stood up. She only was able to take three steps before several arrows appeared in her legs. All of the members of Night raid that were there didn't see the girl even notch the arrows, they only saw the arrows suddenly appear in the rich girl's legs and the blacked haired girl holding her bow in a firing position.

The mother froze for a second as she was running towards her daughter when suddenly she was separated from her lower half at the hip. Her top half was airborne for a moment before landing in front of her daughter. The dying woman built up the strength to lift her head and whisper a single word. "Why"

"Don't give me that." said another boy walking up. "I said I would let you see your daughter. I never said I was going to let monsters like you live." by the time he spoke the last word she was already gone. Tatsumi took his sword and pointed at Aria. "Do you have anything left to say?"

"It was our right." she said as her face twisted. "They were nothing but country hicks. Nothing more than cattle. My family had full right to do as we pleased with them as we pleased. They should be thankful with how well we treated them."

"My conditions are filled." said Sayo as an arrow with a heart shaped tip was shot through the girl's chest. Aria collapsed and the arrow faded away.

"Why the hell did you do that?" said Ieyasu "That seems like a waste to me."

"Hey you never know. We are in enemy territory, this could work in our favor."

"Sorry Sayo but I have to agree with Ieyasu on this one." Said Tatsumi "According to parents almost all of the nobility in the city are like them. They even been invited to parties to just torture and kill people. Apparently the prime minister allows them to do this whenever they want. This shit is the reason we've had so many problems getting through this country."

"Okay so what now? What do we do from here?" asked Ieyasu

Sayo put her bow back on her back. "I had a chat with one of the guards that tried to stop me when I grabbed Aria. He was kind enough to tell me where the closest clinic was. We should take them there as quickly as we can."

"Alright Ieyasu, I want you and Sayo to take these people and get them to the clinic." said Tatsumi as he held a hand up to stop his friend's protest. "Out of the three of us I'm the fastest and you two can sense things farther than I can. If things go bad I know you guys will come to my rescue and besides I want to try something."

"Okay those guys are definitely teigu users." said Lubbock as he and the present members of night raid watch the three. They had stayed silent the entire time.

"No doubt don't about it. Arrows don't just disappear into thin air like that." said Mine. "But which teigu do they have? I don't recognize any of those weapons. Akame have you seen those weapons before."

Akame shook her head. "No. This is the first time I've seen them. No one in the empire had weapons like that."

"So who's side are they on?" Sheele asking the million dollar question.

Mine never took her gun barrel off of them. "Who knows but I say we should- They're gone!" True enough down below the three had disappeared along with everybody who was on the ground in front of the shack.

"Whacha lookin at," said Tatsumi standing on the wires right behind Mine. In all of the battles Night Raid has fought, no one has been able to sneak up on them like this. Lubbock instantly dropped the wire holding them up and using the wire to wrap around Tatsumi as they fell. MIne dove forward to escape, Sheele and Akame went for the attack all in mid air. But it was pointless as Tatsumi simply moved faster then them and escaped before the wires could surround him. "Wow that's one hell of a greeting." he said now standing in front of the group.

Mine let out a battle cry as she rapidly fired several shots at Tatsumi with her gun. Tatsumi didn't even flinch as he began to deflect each shot with ease. It just made Mine more frustrated as she saw his bored expression on his face. "Dammit hold still." she shouted as she kept firing.

"I am. You're just not doing anything. Are you testing me or something?" he asked, raising his eyebrow. "Huh" Tatsumi looked down to see his legs trapped by wires. "Interesting." as he quickly thrusted his sword behind him. Catching the giant pair of scissors.

"Sorry, please die." said Sheele as she tried to close the blades, but as she tried to close them she realized she couldn't, with his sword stopping her scissors. "They won't close. I can't cut his sword."

"No duh."

"Just keep him from using his teigu." shouted Mine

"Teigu? What's that?"

Tatsumi didn't get a response as Akame came in for the kill aiming a quick slash to his neck. What happened next shocked everyone there. Tatsumi raised his left hand and stopped the blade with his finger. Akame tried to put more force into it but she couldn't cut his flesh. "How?"

"Alright Akame." yelled Lubbock celebrating too early.

"No you idiot, he isn't dying yet." as Mine slapped Lubbock

Akame continues to try and put pressure on Tatsumi's finger. "She's right. I can't cut him."

"Well of course not. You're just pushing your blade against my finger with your own strength. You can't cut me like that. What are you doing?" Clearly showing his confusion on his face as he easily kept two members of night raid at bay with just his sword and finger. His confusion rubbed off on them as both girls didn't know how to respond. "Well if you guys aren't going to get serious."

Akame felt the pressure around him increase causing both girls to jump back and away from him. They had no idea what they just felt but Akame could fill her sword reacting to it.

"No you don't" said Lubbock as he tried to trap Tatsumi again, but his wires stopped inches away from Tatsumi wrapping around the air around him, as if he was surrounded by an invisible suit of armor. 'What the. Is this his teigu's ability, an invisible force field.'

"Raaaaah" Leone gave a battle cry as she rushed into the area, she tried to rush Tatsumi, who calmly dodged every single blow. After the sixth attempt punch, Tatsumi in a flash of speed flicked Leone in the forehead with enough force to put Leone on her ass. "Ow why you, wait YOU."

"Huh oh prostitute lady. Did you find a new job already, good for you." As he gave her a thumbs up. 'What the hell. She's completely different now. She's not giving off the same feeling as before and that belt of her is giving off some weird power. Wait a minute, none of them are giving off any power, it's their gear.' though Tatsumi finally solved the mystery.

"Hey are you listening to me.I'm not a prostitute. I'm an assassin of Night Raid." Shouted Leone 'Why? Why am I getting this feeling from this kid?' she thought trying to keep herself from shaking.

"Night Raid?" Tatsumi quickly turned and reached out his hand and grabbed something in the air and held his sword right above his other hand. "Nice try, but I've fought someone who can go invisible before. It ain't going to work on me."

"Wow you're pretty good kid." Said Bulat as he turned visible when he did he felt Tatsumi's grip on his spear loosen and used the opportunity to gain some distance.

"That armor. What is that armor?" said Tatsumi almost fixated on the armor. "I've never seen anything like it."

"This armor is the mighty Incusion. Made from the remains of the mighty dragon Tyrant." boustead Bulat.

"Tyrant. I've heard of that. That's the evolving dragon, right." he said with stars in his eyes.

"Uh yes. It is." Bulat confused at the outburst. "Shouldn't we be fighting?"

"Bulat's right." said Leone resuming her battle stance. "We're enemies of the empire. You ain't going to stop us. We have a job to finish."

"Leone waited," said Akame as she took a few steps forward. "He's the one who killed our target." pointing to the remains of the mother. Before getting Tatsumi's attention. "So why are you fighting us? Why did you kill them?"

"Well there daughter tried to trick, trap, and kill me and my friends. We aren't even from this country so to be honest I have no idea what's going on here, but in the first day of being here I can safely say without a doubt I hate this place. These people are some of the worst I have ever met on my travels and trust me, with all the dickbags I've met that's hard. As for you guys, I was curious." Said Tatsumi before looking away in the distance. "That and I have some questions, so let's make a deal."


"Why the hell should we make a deal with you?" Yelled mine pointing her gun at him.

"Well for one we got company incoming, so we don't have much time to go into great detail, but this country sucks and I'm willing to take a gamble on you guys."

'Gamble' they all thought.

"You guys let me take a look at your stuff and help me and my friends out and I'll personally teach you about your weapons even about the power within them."

"Power? What power?"

"I'll teach you guys Nen."

Next Time: Moving in with Night Raid

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