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Chapter 9 General

Esdeath grinned as she gazed down upon Najenda, 'Not a single scratch on her, I haven't hit her once, this surprise is getting better and better,' She thought with a smile, 'A worthy fight, how long has it been since I've had one?'

Najenda kept her eyes on Esdeath the entire time, their fight had destroyed the small street they were in and the surrounding buildings, Najenda felt a slight pinch of guilt at that, she wanted to keep property damage to a minimum if possible but she also wanted to keep punching Esdeath in the face. 'Damn she's good, even without nen she's still a force to be reckoned with. If it wasn't for my new eye I would have been hit several times already.' Najenda's new eye had its own ability, crystal eye. She's able to see clearer and in different visions that other people can't, including seeing the temperature of her surrounding, 'I defiantly picked the right eye to train with first, it's clear that she makes a path in the air when she's about to make her ice, seeing her moves ahead of times helps me from getting hit, the problem is now is that the whole air is dropping in temperature, it's getting hard seeing her attacks. I need to attack quickly, while I've had a boost to power thanks to nen, I'm not completely used to my new arm and eye just yet.'

Najenda then reached into her back pocket and grabbed two golden bracelets and put them on each wrist. "Oh, is that your new Teigu?" asked Esdeath with no fear or negative emotion with the idea her opponent is about to get stronger, if anything it just made things better for her.

'Not at all, these things are just for show, the only they can do is manipulate around my arm when it changes, as to hide my nen powers, can't having the empire pick up on nen anytime soon.' The bracelets then tightened slightly as lines appeared on Najenda's arms. "With this power right here, I'm going to kick the ass of the empire's great general Esdeath."

Esdeath smiled on top of her tower of ice, "Oh really, you will make me taste defeat," as the air around Esdeath got colder, "We'll see about that." Esdeath launched her attack.

Several large ice shards fellow at Najenda, each one aiming to skewer the leader of Night Raid. Najenda raised her right arm as it moved unnaturally as it changed shape and color until it turned a dark green and grew to cover Najenda's form, 'REX SHEILD!' All of Esdeath's shard broke as it clashed with Najenda's shield.

"Oh a teigu that transforms the user's arms," said Esdeath as she analyzed Najenda's new power. "I'm guessing it can turn your arms into a variety of different forms."

"Let me show you," said Najenda before she vanished from Esdeath's sight, the ice general quickly covered her surroundings with ice as Najenda appeared next to her on top of the ice tower, using her left arm to punch through her ice barrier, narrowly missing Esdeath.

'Fast,' thought Esdeath before using her rapier to try and slash at Najenda. Najenda used her right arm to block the attack. This was the start as they started to exchange attacks with one another.

The rest of NIght Raid witnessed this battle with awe as they saw Najenda keep up with Esdeath and block each blow from the general. "Holy shit, look at the boss go!" said Leone.

"And this is her with no Teigu," said Mine wondering how quickly this battle would have gone if she had a powerful weapon. "Maybe if she had Pumpkin with her she would have won by now."

"I don't think she needs it," said Sheele as she kept her eyes on the fight. "She's doing just fine."

"I'm not sure about that," said Akame as she also noticed something else. "The boss is holding her own but aside from that one good strike at the start of the fight, she hasn't landed a single another hit on Esdeath. Even with nen, they're both evenly matched."

"NO!" said Lubbock not accepting that statement, "Lady Najenda is far better than that psycho. She'll win, she hasn't shown her everything just yet."

'She's not slowing down.' Esdeath realized as they traded attacks switching between attacking and blocking. 'The air around us is well below freezing, she should be feeling some sort of effect by now.' She then noticed heat emanating from Najenda. "I get it, your Teigu allows you to manipulate your body."

"Damn I was hoping it would take you longer to notice that," said Najenda with her manipulation training, she choose her own body to be the object she manipulates not only to go with her new arm and eye but also so she could keep fighting even in the harshest environments. "I'm not that same woman I was when you took my arm and eye away last time." Najenda threw a hard right with her arm now taking the form of pure metal, hitting Esdeath off of the tower and onto the roof of the buildings below. Esdeath quickly recovered as Najenda landed on the roof, "I can't transform my body like my arms but I can manipulate it enough to keep my body temperature high enough to negate your frost."

Esdeath was now breathing heavily, she couldn't remember the last time someone pushed her so far and she was enjoying every moment of it. "Interesting, let's test that theory shall we." Esdeath swiped her sword in front of her making ice that quickly covered the roof of the building. Najenda then transformers her right arm again turning it red and more lizard-like, slamming it into the roof causing the wave of ice to part around her, 'How many transformations do those bracelets give her? I've never heard of Teigu like that before. I need to take them from her corpse.'

Najenda lifted her salamander arm, 'I'm going through my transformations too quickly. Each of my new arms has a certain amount of time to cool down before I can use them again and admittedly I'm running out of nen faster than expected.' Najenda then dashed forward. 'I need to beat her now.' As Najenda stepped forward the roof beneath her collapsed. "What!" as she fell she saw that the interior of the building had been frozen and crumbled, along with some unlucky individuals that didn't flee when the fight started.

"I have you now, Najenda." as Esdeath dived at Najenda with her rapier ready to impale her.

Najenda then changed her right arm again, this time into that of a talon-like arm as she used the claws to block the sword before using her left extended behind her as if it was elastic. "No, I have you!" as she quickly retracted her left arm while keeping her transformed into a harder material.

Esdeath saw this and quickly braced for impact as the fist hit her sending her through the building and out into the streets. The streets were now void of all civilians as most either fled when they saw the massive tower of ice or found someplace to hide, the only ones left were now the members of Night Raid and the incoming soldiers that all saw Esdeath come crashing into the streets through the wall of the building and making a crater in the street. "GENERAL ESDEATH!" yelled the soldiers, they then all saw as Najenda walked out of the building. "FREEZE!" yelled the one in charge who looked like he would rather run, which some soldiers did.

"Fuck this I'm out." said Another one as he turned to run only to come face to face with a rampaging monster coming towards him. "WHAT THE FUCK!"

The monster then leaped into the air high above Najenda, as she looked up she saw a separate figure jump off the monster. "In the name of JUSTICE, KILL HER!" yelled Seryu as she was about to join the fight before Koro grabbed her and shielded her as an energy bullet hit Koro knocking it off of its path at Najenda and crashing into the side of a building. "That attack, the pink one."

Mine stood tall on the roof of a building. "HEY PSYCO, STAY OUT OF THIS FIGHT, THIS IS BETWEEN NAJENDA AND ESDEATH."

"Like I would listen to a villain like you," said Seryu before pausing for a second. "Wait did you say Esdeath?" she then looked down at the crater seeing a human-size ball of ice that shattered revealing the general. "LADY ESDEATH!"

"The pink one is right," said Esdeath as she stood tall cracking her neck not noticing her current state of attire and ignoring as Mine said her name. "This fight is between me and Najenda."

"Lady Esdeath wait!" said Seryu as she quickly jumped down and ran in front of Esdeath, blocking her."

"What are you doing? Get out of my way now." Ordered Esdeath before she noticed Seryu's red face. "What's with your face?"

"Your clothes."

"Huh?" Esdeath blinked before looking down and noticing that her chest was now bare to the world to see. "Oh?" Esdeath quickly made an ice bikini before tossing the remains of her jacket to the side. "That last attack hit quite hard, I barely had time to put up any defenses." Esdeath then noticed something else as she moved her shoulders. 'I can't feel my left arm.' as if on cue the left strap to her ice bikini broke off. Esdeath took the strap in her hand before looking up at Najenda, before making another strap this time, it went around her neck. 'Did she do something, is that why she's not attacking?'

'That ability is taking longer to set in than I expected,' thought Najenda who then felt some of her nen return. 'It looks like this pause has given me the time to get some of my arms back.' as Najenda started working out a plan.

"Seryu, I'm going to attack Najenda, while we fight I want you to go and route out the remaining Night Raid." As Esdeath gave the girl her orders.

"Yes, ma'am." saluted Seryu as she and Koro then jumped after Mine. "For JUSTICE!"

"All troops, go and help her out," said Esdeath. "I will finish this fight with Najenda." as the soldiers did as they were told and left after Seryu.

"Oh, are you sure that is the right move?" asked Najenda. "You pretty much just signed their death warrants and are you so confident that you think you can beat me on your own?"

Esdeath laughed, "I beat you once and I can do it again." Esdeath then sent out a wave of ice though this time as the ice traveled forward it stopped halfway as if it ran out of power. 'What!'

"You still think you can beat me?" as Najenda appeared next to her punching her in the gut, sending her flying back down the street, Esdeath slowly got up and glared at Najenda. "I told you, I'm here to kick your ass."


Seryu chased after Mine. "Come back here and face Justice!" roared Seryu as she hopped from roof to roof following Mine.

"Nah," said Mine as she kept up the pace making Seryu and Koro chase after her in vain.

"Dammit how is she so fast?" said Seryu asking no one in particular.

"Nen." Seryu then looked over to Koro who looked back. "Nen."

"Koro, you're talking again!" said Seryu with surprise as she stopped on a rooftop looking at her Teigu. "Why are you talking now! Why haven't you said anything before?"

"Nen." was all it said.

Seryu was about to ask again when her instincts told her to move, she quickly grabbed Koro and dove to the other end of the roof as several holes appeared in the roof. 'Invisible bullets, is that nen?'

'She dodged!' as Mine started to get worried. 'That thing is a problem, if it tells her how to get nen then we could be facing an enemy that's as strong as us. It needs to be eliminated now.' Mine quickly started firing off at Seryu who started running dodging the attack.

"Koro, machine gun arm." Koro bites down at Seryu's arm and replaces it with a large machine gun. "EAT LEAD VILLAIN!"

Mine quickly dodged all the bullets without even trying that hard, Mine then started firing back hitting the roof tiles that Seryu was running on causing the girl to fall off the roof, Koro then expanded catching her. "Now you die!" as Mine focused her nen into her Pumpkin and fired off a large blast that looked like it engulfed the two. "There that should- WHAT!"

As the smoke cleared Mine could clearly see that the Teigu was still standing and Seryu was safe beneath it, she then noticed that there was smoke coming from the creature's mouth and remembered that it could eat Nen. "Koro, you saved me." said Seryu as she looked up at her partner/weapon amazed. "Thank you, now let's beat this criminal and show them that justice will prevail above all else."

Koro then bent down and grabbed Seryu and ran away from Mine. "Hey get back here." as Mine started firing at the creature.

"Koro what are you doing? We need to go back there and fight." as Seryu struggled in Koro's arms.

"No time, not enough nen," said Koro.

"Not enough nen?"

"Nen is the power source of all Teigu, it's what separates us from other weapons," explained Koro shocking Seryu. "It makes us stronger and it gives me the ability to communicate, it's what makes us compat-" he didn't finish as a Katana pierced his skull.

"Not another word." threatened Akame as she stood on Koro's head with her sword still in its skull. "You will die now."

Koro roared as he spun flinging Akame off of his head, Akame gracefully spun in the air before landing on her feet staring the pair down. "Live and learn, Seryu. That is the only option right now."

"That will not happen." As Sheele appeared and cut Koro's arm, severing it and causing it to drop Seryu.

"KORO!" yelled Seryu before she took her machine gun arm and started firing it at Sheele, who used her Extase to block each shot. As she kept firing Seryu noticed the blood on the giant pair of scissors and that the woman's lower dress was drenched in blood. "That blood?'

"You are the only one left," said Sheele. "I took care of the rest."

A rage boiled inside Seryu as she looked at the woman in front of her, "Those were good soldiers who believed in the capital, the empire that fought for justice above all else, how can you monsters even live with yourselves."

"If you think the empire is justice," said Mine. "Then you're insane."

"Insane, I am JUSTICE!" yelled Seryu. "I am the sword of the empire and I bring punishment to all those you will are it." Koro roared behind her as he was ready for a fight as they both knew they couldn't run from the three assassins.

"Whatever, let's just end this and take the Teigu," said Mine as the three got ready to execute the mad girl, but before they could a massive gust of snow covered the area, blowing all the girls away. "WHAT THE HELL!?"


Back with Najenda, she was bracing herself after she hit Esdeath a few more times the ice witch gave one final push as she summoned as much power as possible. 'How….how can she make a blizzard? My ability should have made her power almost uncontrollable.'


Najenda looked to the side to see Lubbock slowly making his way towards Najenda. "Lubbock, what are you doing?"

"We need to get out of here," yelled Lubbock. "This might be her finale attack, the whole capital is covered in snow right now."

Najenda didn't like the idea of fleeing when she was so close to killing Esdeath but if this kept up then they might just die. "Alright, we'll leave."

"Damn right we are." Both of them turned to see Sayo standing next to them, "You both may not be able to see as good as me and Tatsumi but that bitch is about blow."

Najenda went wide-eyed before looking at Esdeath as she slowly started to turn to ice. "Shit, she's going to freeze the whole capital."

"We got no choice, now," said Lubbock. "Let's go."

"She'll die before then but were still too close, come on Tatsumi got the others." Sayo nodded told both of them to hang on. "Blink Arrow." as Sayo blinked them away.

After they left Esdeath was still pouring out snow at a rapid rate uncontrollable, 'Are they gone?' Esdeath asked herself. 'I can't tell, what is happening to me, I can't see anything anymore, am I going to die like this?'

"Of course not." said a voice.

'What? Who's there?" asked Esdeath confused as to where the voice was coming from.

"I'm close and you're either lucky or truly a gifted Nen warrior, you might come from a clan."

"What, wait….you….you're the Demon Extract inside me." Esdeath realized who was speaking to her.

"Yes and just this once I will help you, but I expect something in return later when we speak next."

"What are you asking for?"

"None of that now, Sleep." said the voice causing Esdeath to instantly feel drowsy and forget about all the pain.

"Nen….Warrior," said Esdeath as that was the last thought she had before passing out unconscious. She will live but it was clear as day that the unbeatable General Esdeath had lost.


"Okay now that everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!" asked Bulat. "It was just supposed to be recon, you weren't even supposed to show up." as he pointed at Najenda. "What the fuck were you thinking?"

Najenda was silent for a moment as she looked at her right hand. "I won't lie, I wasn't really thinking all that much, I just really wanted to punch that bitch in the face."

"That was your big plan punch the bitch in the face." Bulat couldn't believe it, the cautious and calculated Najenda threw all caution to the wind and just walked up to arguable the deadliest enemy they had. "Please tell me you had a better reason than that."

"To be honest not really, I just wanted to see if I could pull it off and to see just how powerful nen made us."

Leone than just forward. "And in conclusion, we can take on the capital all on our own." as she tried to calm everyone down. "If Najenda could kick Esdeath's ass then we can handle anything they got."

"No, Leone," said Najenda bursting her bubble. "I probably couldn't go toe to toe with her if I didn't make her nen go wild."

"You made her nen go wild?" asked Tatsumi.

"Yep, when I first spoke with her I tapped her shoulder activating my ability Nen disruptor. It pretty much allows me to disrupt other people's nen, and since I was only able to get a tap in before we truly started fighting it took a good while before it took effect."

"You made that for us, didn't you," said Sayo seeing why she has such an ability.

"Sorry, I trust you guys but…."

"Hey say no more," said Tatsumi putting his hand up, not feeling insulted at all. "We just showed up out of the blue, it's no surprise that you would be a little suspect." The others agreed with that statement.

"Even I came up with an anti nen ability," admitted Akame somewhat nervous of their reactions.

"Good," said Sayo, "There are some real psycho's out there with some nen abilities, it's always good to have an ace against them." as Sayo praised the idea.

Sheele then looked around and noticed that the tension was still somewhat high. "Um, Tatsumi, Sayo, uh could you two give us a moment. I think we all need to talk."

Bulat let out a heavy breath. "I agree, we need to have a meeting, about this now."

"About what?" asked Mine not picking up on what the tension is about.

"I'm guessing it's about nen," said Lubbock hitting the point on the head.

"It's changed us, some more than others," said Sheele.

Najenda nodded as she raised her new arm before looking at Tatsumi and Sayo. "Before you two go, let me just make it clear, you are not in trouble or the problem. This Is something we of Night Raid need to talk about."

Both Tatsumi and Sayo were a little conflicted but in the end, decided to give the other members some space as they discussed how to move forward.


Tatsumi sank deeper in the hot spring as the warm water washed his fatigue away, he was still worried about the others, they were still talking in the meeting hall, though part of him understood why they had given assassins that were connected to a rebel group that has a goal of taking over the empire and making it into a better country. How will they use nen moving forward is a big question for all of them. That also brought up the big question for Tatsumi. "I wonder how long we're going to be staying here or even when this is over if I'll see any of them again?"

"I guess that all depends on what we do afterward."

Tatsumi turns around and sees, Sayo standing there with nothing but a towel covering her. Tatsumi instantly turned red at the sight, now Tatsumi could be stupid at times but even he could see just how beautiful of a woman Sayo was, with beautiful hair, clear skin, hourglass figure. "SAYO! What are you doing?"

"I came to take a dip into the hot spring." she said as she stepped into the water, feeling the warmth of the water, "Ah this feels great."

Tatsumi put his hands over his growing erection. "Um shouldn't you uh go to the women's side of the spring, Mine and Leone did make that wall for a reason." as he pointed to the wall the girls had made as a part of their training also to keep Lubbock from peeping on them.

Sayo blushed slightly, " want me to leave?"

"No," said Tatsumi instantly. "I mean, you're more than welcome to stay if you want."

Sayo smiled, "Then I'll stay." as she moved closer.


"You know I'm kind of disappointed that we never finished our dance, today."

"So am I," said Tatsumi honestly as he moved closer to Sayo as well hoping she wouldn't push him away, she didn't as she got closer to the point where shoulders were touching. They were silent for a moment as Tatsumi was trying to calm his heart down. "Um, Sayo…." Sayo turned to Tatsumi and quickly pressed her lips against his after a brief moment of shock Tatsumi wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close deepening the kiss.

The two kept their lips together as their kiss deepened more and more, as they kissed Sayo slowly moved until she was sitting on Tatsumi's lap as they kissed. After a moment they separated their lips as both of them need a chance to breathe. "I've wanted to do that for quite a while."

"Really, well I hoped I lived up to it," said Tatsumi before he looked down and saw both of Sayo's bare breasts, during the kiss Sayo had lost her towel. "Uh Sayo, your towel."

Sayo looked down, "Oh well, um do you like them?" as she used her arms to push out her breasts.

"Oh yeah, very much." as Tatsumi couldn't help but stare at them.

"Then you can stare at them all you want," said Sayo before kissing Tatsumi again, this time pressing her boobs against his chest as she felt his abs and other well-toned muscles

As they kissed, Tatsumi explored Sayo's body, feeling her soft legs, moving one hand to her soft plump butt and the other snaking up and massaging her breast, carefully rubbing and pinching her nipple, causing her to moan wildly. Tatsumi then repeated the action causing her to break the kiss. "Oh sorry, did I pinch too hard?"

"No, it's fine, they're just more sensitive than I expected," admitted Sayo before noticing Tatsumi looking worried. "What's wrong?"

"Are we moving too fast?" He asked. "We just had our first kiss and you're naked sitting on my lap."

Sayo gave him a quick but passionate kiss. "We are warriors that go to battle each and every day. I think we are at a good pace, not to mention a part of you wants to go further."

Tatsumi's member was rock hard and if it wasn't for the towel around his waist, it would be rubbing against Sayo's entrance. "Tatsumi gulped. "I guess so."

Sayo kissed Tatsumi again, this time as she did she reached down and grabbed the towel slowly removing it from Tatsumi's waste, when she did, she felt his massive cock rub against her, for a moment she froze before she started to grind her pussy against his cock, mixing the water with their juice. Tatsumi moaned as he felt pleasure with each grind until it became unbearable. To Sayo's surprise, he picked her up and placed her on the edge of the hot spring with him at her entrance, giving her a look for permission. "Do it."

Tatsumi then pushed himself inside her as he felt her warm embrace envelop him as Sayo screamed in pleasure as a new feeling of euphoria washed over her, it grew as Tatsumi began to move. He started slowly before he started to speed up with each thrust, water, and sweat rippled across her body as her boobs bounce with him. He watched them jiggle memorized, reaching out and grabbing them without missing a beat.

"Oh GOD YES TATSUMI, YES!" she couldn't help scream as her mind went blank with each and every thrust inside her. Her body felt like it was on fire and she just wanted more and more, as she dug her hands into the grass around them "KEEP GOING FASTER, FASTER!"

Tatsumi did as he was told and grabbed her as thrust harder and faster as he pounded her pussy, he soon threw caution to the wind he poured some nen into it making his thrusts even greater. Soon Tatsumi was reaching his limit. "Sayo, I'm about to."

"ME TOO, keep going, keep going." was all she said as Tatsumi moved faster until he was at his limit. "TATSUMI!"

"SAYO," they screamed as they both came at the same. Tatsumi filled her up to the brim as much of his liquid spilled out and even more so when he pulled out causing a lot of it to pour into the hot spring, but at the moment he didn't care as he laid down next to Sayo, who moved to cuddle with him as they stared up at the night sky. "That was incredible."

"We should do that more often," suggested Sayo.

"I wouldn't mind doing this again at all," said Tatsumi.

"Can I join in next time?" Both of them froze as they both slowly turned their heads to see Akame staring right at them.

"Akame, how long have you been there?"

"Not long," she said as she then knelt down right above him. "Everyone is still talking and I needed a snack break and I was wondering if you had any of the snacks I gave to you during training."

"No, I gave them back too early before we left on the mission."

"Oh." Akame paused for a moment. "So about next time?"

Tatsumi's mind went blank at the question. "Uhhh…." he then turned to Sayo who was oddly quiet.

"I'm thinking."

"Seriously!" as Tatsumi shot up to a sitting position.

"Yes, I'm thinking, this isn't the first time we've discussed the idea of sharing," said Sayo completely serious, before looking at Akame once more. "Fine, if it's okay with Tatsumi then I guess I'm okay with it as well."


"Tatsumi fainted again," said Akame as she poked him.

"I hope he doesn't do this for every girl."

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