Nasaea's POV:

Honestly how hard can it be to take care of a baby? Not that hard right? Just feed and change them, oh and make sure that they entertained in some way.. That should be good enough. But it isn't! Babies require constant attention and care, from the get go. Always crying over the littlest details, or whining when they don't get what they want. Plus their poop smells like a garbage truck was dumped into a rotting skunk den. That isn't even the worst part of it! Imagine a demigod! With powers! Percy thinks it's funny to swirl the water around as we changed him. So guess who has to deal with a poop whirlpool. Me! I'm always the one changing him. Why didn't anyone warm me the hassle of having a baby? A super powered one at that.

But I can't take him out of my lake, because the one time I did. Some nymphs kidnapped Percy and quite literally thought it would be a great idea to hide him in the forest and make us find him! And Percy just giggled and cooed as if it were nothing. He is a baby so I don't think he knows the difference anyway. Actually thinking about it, if it wasn't me taking care of him, I would also do something similar. Playing pranks or playing was always such a thrill.

Back to the point, I definitely wasn't prepared to become a parent. Like right now I'm trying to put Percy to sleep, but he just keeps kicking the blanket off or rolling around with- seriously where is he getting all his energy from!? It's been like three months since I became his "mom" and I haven't slept in that long. I need my sleep. Sleep, I'm sorry for never acknowledging you before.

Percy is driving me crazy. Whoever said parenting was easy, clearly never parented before. But good news is in the past three months, Percy finally began calming down. If only little.

Still it wasn't all bad. I can say with certainty that he made each every single day worth it. No matter how many times he needs to relieve himself. I don't know, somehow he manages to brighten up every bodies day with his smile. If he continues to smile like that as he gets older, he'll definitely be a lady killer. Almost as if Aphrodite herself blessed him.

It honestly melts my heart when he speaks. Just so adorable. Ok somehow, I don't know how, he just gets all the creatures involved with his schemes. One time he convinced Amphite, a known hard head, to prank the forest nymphs. By making them think their trees were on fire! At sunset she used a thin veil of water to mimic the look of fire. With all the oranges and reds. It was honestly hilarious. If I only I can convince her to join me in one of my pranks.

And the way he talks *squeal* just makes my heart jump with joy. He can't really pronounce his r's yet, so he only makes w sounds in it's place. Don't even get me started on his walking. He developed super quickly, surprising us all and walked right away! Like full on walked before he even hit two years old! Three months later he can basically jog around the entire lake. Damn do demigods develop fast. Or is it just him? But in the water, he zooms across the lake. Already swimming like another naiad.

I've decided to start teaching him. About everything. The gods, monsters, symbols, the myths, fighting. Everything. If he knows all of this before he has to leave, he'll be much better off... I remembered a prophecy, from way back. It was a hot topic for gossip.

A half-blood of the eldest gods

Shall reach sixteen against all odds

And see the world in endless sleep

The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap

A single choice shall end his days

Olympus to preserve or raze

Percy. My Percy. He's a child of Poseidon, one of the eldest gods. One of the first in quite a long time. If the prophecy is about him, then he must be prepared for it. I don't want him to go. Even if it's been only three months. I don't want my baby to get hurt. But that's selfish, I can't be selfish when the world is at stake. Even if it's not him, but the daughter of Zeus... At least I will know he's safe.

We will teach Percy, with all of our knowledge. The nymphs, naiads, and anyone else who's around here.

Third POV:

To get Percy to do anything was easily one of the toughest things they had to accomplish. Anything Physical was easy enough though, that kid loved to exhaust himself. To start out they woke up early in the morning. Finding Percy up and about, talking to the fish. Did he ever sleep? Since he was just over two, Nasaea, Amphite, Asea, and Kyrene began by stretching. Nothing physically demanding until he was older. They didn't want to stunt his growth.

Kyrene and Amphite focused primarily on flexibility three times a week. The exercises were simple to begin with. Hamstring, glutes, shoulder, ab, neck, and back stretches.

While Asea thought it would be smart to start teaching form twice a week. Form was everything, not only in fighting. A wrong form meant possible death. They didn't want that. She began with a basic fighting stance without a weapon. Constantly fixing his errors with a stick.

It took Nasaea a full week to convince Percy to start learning basic English. She started out with pretty easy lessons, with the alphabet and simple writing. Only to remember, that all demigods have ADHD and that their brains are hardwired for Ancient Greek. She didn't stop however and continued to add Greek into the mixed. Doing this every single day, for an hour or two. Depending if Percy was being difficult or not.

And about twice a week, he would spend most of the day with the nymphs. Starting off with what plants were edible or not. And quickly getting off track, pranking and goofing off. That was a good thing. Wouldn't want Percy to become all dark and gloomy. Like some emo child, without a sense of humor. Or stiff necked.

Basic lessons took Percy about six months to learn. Pretty fast for someone so young. But he was a demigod, he had to develop fast. He was fairly proficient in Ancient Greek, English was a different story. It took him five months to learn the alphabet. And six months to write a basic sentence in English. That was easily his worse subject. Nasaea slowly began adding extra lessons in other subjects. Can't have an idiot now, can we?

Stretching was a cinch. After six months, he was already beginning to do make yoga poses. And swim laps in the lake without the help of his powers. Safe to say he didn't get far. But the key was making progress. Asea's teaching continued to progress at an alarming rate. Getting forms down quickly, she started teaching hand-to-hand combat. Actually she taught and Percy flailed his arms around. Thinking he was doing it right. This irritated her to no end, causing her to get a Hades of a lot stricter. Much to Percy's dismay. Actually, all of his teachers grew stricter. A change from their usually carefree attitude.

But that didn't stop Percy from acting like a lunatic with any chance he got, "And why can't I go play with the nymphs?" Percy asked.

"Because last time, you nearly drowned! I don't even- How can a child of Poseidon drown? How is that even possibly!?" Nasaea questioned, it didn't make any sense.

"I didn't drown, I playfully held my breath until I passed out. There's a difference." Percy answered, finding no flaw it in his actions.

"And why did you do that?" Nasaea asked, rubbing her eyes with her fingers.

"They asked me to." Percy stated a matter of factly.

"You'd probably jump into a pool of lava if they asked." Nasaea mumbled to herself.

"Can I!?" Percy jumped around in glee. Obviously that sounded like the best idea ever!

This was generally the normal exchange he had with his mom. Or any adult he talked to really. He made them feel like a real family. In only those short nine months they were together, they became nearly inseparable. Just because of a baby boy, it really didn't matter he was a son of Poseidon. Even getting the nymphs more involved with every day activities.

At this point the nymphs would help with more than just edible plant life. They began teaching him on camouflage and stealthiness. And the proper way to run away if the situation called for it. With every passing day the Prince of the Sea was getting stronger. Sooner than they could blink their eyes, three years passed.

Percy's POV: (5 and a half)

Don't get me wrong I love my family dearly, but do they have to watch my every move like a hawk! Ever since I found a pool of lava, they wouldn't leave me alone. It's not like I was about to jump in. No. Definitely not. Nuh-uh. Maybe... I thought about it... Ok yes. But come on, I was curious! Now they have me completed immersed in training. Ha I know big words!

I barely get any breaks, every morning I begin by sprinting around the lake until I drop dead and they recently added a backpack to the mix filled with, you guessed it, rocks!. And when I say morning I mean waking up before sunrise. What kind of torture is that!? Then Asea dunks me into the lake, to reenergize me. Sometimes it feels like being the son of the sea god is a curse more than gift. Then breakfast. She then makes me fight her in hand-to-hand combat. I have yet been able to beat her.

Asea teaches a partially offensive and partially defensive martial art that focuses on overwhelming your opponent through swift dodges, quick movements and even faster attacks. The primary focus lies on both joint locks and pressure points and it often relies on the agility and quick thinking of myself primarily, but also of my opponent. The biggest strength is the speed with which an opponent can be overpowered. By exploiting the sidesteps of both fighters your opponent tends to tire out pretty quickly, which just helps pave the road to victory. On the other hand the biggest weakness is a common feeling of being in control even when you might not be. When you're overconfident you'll need more than your skills to win. Or that's what she says at least. I have a short attention span. We end at about lunch time.

But get this, that isn't the end! Next up is physical training with Amphite and Kyrene. What kind of people think it's a great idea to have a five and a half year old lift rocks? They make me do push ups and pull ups with weight! Their weight to be precise, and they think it's funny. I swear, the fates cursed me. Oh and I forgot to mention sit ups, chin ups, pushing a freakin boulder around, and let's not forget my favorite one. Lifting as much water as I can out of the lake. It's not that much now, but soon I'll be able to lift about a quarter of it. My mom says that that is still a lot. But I have to be better, if what they told me is true.

Apparently the world rest on my shoulders. I still get nightmares about the stupid prophecy, it's always a voice coming from deep pit. Mumbling something about the gods, and join him. I wake up from those dreams in a cold sweat. Can I sweat underwater? Oh and I just remembered that I never wore a shirt. Or had a bed. Or stepped inside a thing called a "building" whatever that is- Ah stupid ADHD! The thing in my dreams is a giant butt face.

Back to my daily routine. After those gruesome exercises, I am forced to target practice with a couple daggers carved out of some hard wood. A gift from a couple of the nymphs. Super sweet of them. I would have to hit moving targets in the sky and on the ground. I can hit about half of them right now. When I first started, man was I awful, I couldn't even throw it straight. Somehow managing to hit a tree behind me, scared that poor nymph half to death. Which why Asea said form was extremely important.

And if I managed to get through all that, I would spend the rest of the evening playing hide and seek with my favorite nymph, Phoebe. Technically she was teaching me how to hide and cover my tracks properly. As well as how to swiftly run across tree tops and on the ground. Like a ninja! Man I would make an awesome ninja. But that never stopped us from having fun and playing practical jokes whenever we got the chance. Definitely my favorite part of the day.

Then I would finish off relaxing with my mom as she taught like a normal person would in school? I think that's what it is called. Yea I'm smart. Sadly more monsters began appearing around here. I guess my scent kept growing like I have, bringing them here. It was a great time to practice with my water powers and I get to protect my family while I'm at it. It also meant that at some point in the future I would have to leave. I don't want them to get hurt because of me.

Ooo my water powers! I can make swords and stuff like that to fight off the monsters, since I don't have a real weapon right now. I've killed a couple hellhounds, dracaena, and one time a cyclops. I can also make a whirlpool around me! And one time I accidently made small, little storm. No one got hurt, I swear! Just, you know, made the nymphs really angry at me for a little bit. They can really hold grudges, I spent a month trying to get on their good graces.

I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It feels like I have four moms and countless other siblings. Don't tell the nymphs but, Phoebe is definitely my favorite. And my moms always take care of me. Nasaea is the caring one I always rely on when I'm done with training, she acts like real mother. Amphite has a stiff personality, but she never let's me get hurt too badly. Always picking me up when I fall down. Asea beats up any one who dares to even hurt me. At first she was the one fighting monsters for me. Until I convinced her I was ready, she still watches me thinking I don't know. Kyrene is the fun parent. She always takes me out and helps me with my stupid ideas. Sometimes even adds to them. Life is great.

A Year and Half Later: (7 years old)

I have a feeling today is going to be a great day. I started out like I would any other day. By habit, I woke before sunrise and swam out of my mom's lake. I sprinted around the lake as usual with a heavy backpack strapped tightly to me. Right now I can probably go around the lake fifty-times? Before collapsing. And I mean full on sprinting, not a light jog, around a lake that is about five-hundred meters all the way around. Then breakfast. I love food. Eating a dozen eggs that a couple nymphs cooked up for me and some pork. Strange when they are profound vegans. I have no reason to complain as we small talk. "This food is as good as always. Thank you!"

"You don't have to thank us. We're family after all." They told me as they sat and joined me on my rock.

"You're right, but my moms would hand it to me if I don't show my manners. You know how they are." I said in-between bites.

"Oh we know. Before you nose dived into our lives, they were real buzz kills. Now I don't remember a time when they were happier. Or played as much." They told me.

"You guys are sweet. Thanks for the delicious meal!" I shouted, sprinting in a random direction. Trying to find Asea. She tends to make it difficult now, but come on. I'm Percy, Son of Poseidon!.. It took me twenty minutes, and I was punished for it. Badly. I had to grab the nearest rock about my size, roll it up a hill... then runaway as it chased my back down! THREE TIMES! Asea can really be cruel.

Then she commenced my training. Starting off with a carved wooden sword that felt really awkward in my hands. I jumped in and swiped at her legs, forcing her jump. To which I kicked her in the stomach and swiped again with my sword at her arms. That were trying to block me. Landing gracefully on her tippy toes she dashed forward punching at my face. Quickly rolling out of the way and I used the side of my sword to block a kick coming for my ribs. Pushing her back, she lost balance, using this chance to kick her leg out from under her. Landing flat on her back, I jumped on her stomach and drew my hidden dagger to her throat. "Yield?"

"You've gotten good, but I'm still better." She grabbed both my hands, twisting them. Forcing me to drop both sword and dagger. Then used her forearm, shoving it into my throat and threw my onto my back. Pinning me under her. "Do you yield?" I had no chance as I struggled a little, so I nodded and she got off of me. "Again!" attacking me with no warning, "Remember, you'll have to fight multiple people so always be prepared." Asea taught as I continued to didge her punches.

This went on for a couple more hours, constantly fighting back and forth. Only managing to beat her a quarter of the time. I'm only seven and she's... uhhh… more than seven, what do you expect? Until lunch time. Today I was motivated and swallowed my food up quickly.

Rushing towards physical training with Kyrene and Amphite. Well I trained, and they watched me. They didn't need to tell me what to do anymore, so they just encouraged me. I love them. First up is rocks. I begin by digging in my heals and shove the boulders as hard as I can. Right now I can barely mange to push it twenty feet. Utterly exhausting my legs, yet I keep going by dunking my body underwater. And move to push ups, having both my mom's sit on back continuing even when my arms begin to feel on fire. Trust me I know what that feels. Stupid fire. Thankfully no scars from that.

Then I would reset with the next exercise and do it all over again. Finishing off with training with my powers. I would start by lifting a large portion of the lake up and try to forcefully make a whirlpool, spinning the water as fast as possible. Once I felt comfortable with that, I would let go and imagine my first mom. Sally. I used my last memories of her as a catalyst for a storm. I sat criss cross apple sauce, bringing clouds together. The wind is howling like some horror movie opener. My hair is whipping so violently about my face I can feel it continuously slap me. The trees creak, screaming as their limbs strain against the onslaught. Then the rain starts, not slowly, but so thick I can't see the trees in front of me. It pummels my skin raw in seconds even though I can't get wet if I don't let it.

"-rcy!" I think I heard something, "Percy!" Mom? "Get a hold of yourself Percy!" I got so lost in my thoughts I lost control, slapping myself hard in the face. I began concentrating. First I need to calm the storm down, I started doing the exact opposite of what I did to make this horrific storm. I remembered the calm times, relaxing days where I had no worries whatsoever. Just as the water obeys me, it reacts to emotions, calming down. "I can't believe I lost control again. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. It's all my fault!" I felt a hand gently grasp my shoulder, but I didn't have the heart to look at them. Not now. Shaking their hand off I sprint off into the forest. Jumping up to a couple branches, dashing off. Not looking back. Before I realized it, I was lost.

And it was dark.

I was alone. All alone right now. Damn it Percy! What's wrong with me? Now they'll worry about me. I'm so stupid- "Come on Annabeth, they are right behind us!" A masculine voice shouted.