Why she allowed her family to pressure her into coming here was something that kept on repeat in her head. She couldn't understand what the purpose of coming to the one place that haunted her dreams and her every waking moment.

She could still remember the day they brought the land and the cottage that sat nestled in the tall weeds and overgrown grass. Bellatrix had been beyond ecstatic when the real estate manager showed them the unloved property.

March 1970

The day had started out dark and gloomy, the storm from the previous night had drenched the grounds and pulled down the neighbouring trees creating chaos everywhere you looked.

An owl had arrived at breakfast along with the portkey in the form of a golden key that would take them to another property for them to decline. Minerva hated the last three and Bellatrix had no desire to have neighbours overlooking their home. Her reasoning, "no neighbours mean no need to worry about being clothed Min. Think about it, I get to see your fabulous behind whenever I want." She shamelessly grinned pressing her naked chest to Minerva's back, her hands roaming her barely clothed body.

If it wasn't for Minerva's insistence and pathetic attempts at stopping her lovers advances Bellatrix would of made them late to catch the portkey. Thankfully both women landed gracefully in a baron field surrounding a large cottage. The grass was unkempt and the weeds had been left to grow nearly as tall as them. The sound of the sea crashing against the rock face eased the tension.

"Thank you for coming. I know, I know. It doesn't look much now but imagine what you could do with all this land." The magical realtor Jenson enthusiastically greeted them with a wide smile showing off his overly bright teeth. "This beautiful property has been sitting empty for the past decade and unfortunately the seller passed away last year but for you that means the price has decreased to half the original asking price."

Bellatrix eyed the man with amusement, a feral grin lighting up her face. "You don't say. Tell me Mr Realtor where did you polish your teeth? They would make great lightening in our new home."

Jenson's smile dropped, a strangling gurgle emerged from his throat at the predatory look Bellatrix was giving him. Minerva feeling slightly bad for the man stepped into her wife's path forcing the younger woman to turn towards the cottage.

"I love you Bella but Morgana help me you are terrifying the man," she whispered in the crook of her wife's warm neck. "Now focus your attention on the real reason we are here and if we sign the sales contract you may then continue my love."

Bellatrix laughed kissing her wife's lips enjoying the delicious moan erupting from her witch. "Even without seeing inside of the place Min I can feel that we are finally home."

She still remembered the shocked and confused look on Jenson when they signed the contract that same moment Bella called it home. Home, their home.

Home. The place where they enjoyed their firsts and the place where Bellatrix took her last breath. A place that was meant for their family but their daughter never got to experience. Home, the same home she lost everything.

Tears trickled down her face, a gut wrenching sob ripped from her throat. Her legs went out from beneath her, her knees colliding painfully on the grass. This was meant to be their home.

"Oh Bella I can't do this anymore, not without you." She cried out.

While the McGonagall clan heartbreakingly watched Minerva collapse from grief, no one saw the dark shadows pulsing out from inside of the once beloved cottage. A single whisper caught in their tight unforgiving clutches.