I am absolutely shit at writing Prophecys so I apologise in advance.

The Prophecy speaks of the heart bond Bellatrix and Minerva share, the bond passing to Hermione and Narcissa. Their love brought back a long forgotten evil.

I won't say any thing more as I don't want to ruin the rest of the story with spoilers. Let's just say the evil is a nod to Doctor Who.

Unknown location unknown date

Cold. Hot. Numb. Consuming pain burning relentlessly through her veins chased by the freezing cold numbing her body. Strangely she felt nothing but felt everything all at once, was she dead? Was this the afterlife? Because if it was it absolutely sucked. Her eyes refused to cooperate, stuck as she was in the never-ending darkness.

Memories of her life came back in shards, never complete and always missing important information. Who was she? It infuriated her that her very identity was a mystery.

While she was stuck a certain young girl's life was playing in her mind. Something deep inside her knew that this girl was important to her but she just couldn't piece the puzzle together.

Well at least she understood some things happening in these strange dreams. The brunette child was curiously delving into some sort of black book. No a diary. A blonde boy, she felt the close connection between the two children.

Blood spilled, blood called to blood. Blood on parchment. She blinked rapidly. That was knew. Her body had refused to cooperate since now.

Something at the back of her mind. Something she needed the girl to know. Shadows. Don't trust them. Her name sat on the tip of her tongue. Hermione? Who is she? Hermione don't trust.

Shit. She was so tired. No she needed to concentrate.

Something dark, something dangerous was trying to take over. No need to fight. Need to warn. Prophecy. That's it.

Find the Prophecy. Find me. She begged as the darkness finally took over her weak mind.

Not sure how much time has passed but she could suddenly feel a presence calling out to her. Something or someone important to her, how she knew that she couldn't explain.

"Oh Bella I can't do this anymore, not without you." A beautiful feminine voice shattered the suffocating shadows that had wrapped around her entire being and for just that one incredible moment she remembered everything.

Her name came flooding back. Bellatrix Black McGonagall. The oldest sister to Andromeda and Narcissa. The wife to Minerva McGonagall, her beautiful soulmate and paternal mother to their little girl. Hermione.

Life she once lived flashed before her eye. Her wedding day to the most incredible woman who had stolen her heart. Her career as one of the most feared Aurors that wizarding Britain had come to known, she excelled at kicking arse and taking names.

The birth of Andy's little girl, Nymphadora Tonks. Clumsy as Bellatrix and just as mischievous as her mother. The girl had held a special place in her heart. Curious and loyal as a Hufflepuff she used to tease Andromeda. She hoped any child she had would be just like their cousin.

The rundown cottage they brought close by to the McGonagall clan had called to her. It felt like coming home. Home for her and Min.

Win after win during her time on the professional duelling circuit. Fools that believed they could take down Bellatrix Black had their backsides handed to them all without breaking a sweat. The dazzling smile she sought out at the end of very round in the crowd belonging to her lover.

The dread and happiness she felt the moment she found out she was expecting. The awe and nervousness from Minerva when she announced the latest addition to their small family. The sadness she felt when she handed in her badge and retired from the Ministry, she wanted to focus full time on her wife and unborn daughter instead of being pulled away to chase after Dark wizards and criminals.

Then came a Prophecy that took Bellatrix and Minerva in a tailspin.

Two halves of a whole will come as light as a feather

One born from dark while the other born from light belong together

A love spanning through generations bring back the shadows

The shadows will take one leaving the other lost and alone

Bellatrix had refused to listen to the rest, since she had been a child she never believed in the ridiculous magic of Divination and Seers.

The beautiful day her baby girl was born. Hermione Black McGonagall. Born two weeks early in Hogwarts infirmary. Strange coloured eyes, the left was green and the right was brown and a soft tuff of light brown hair. Minerva teased she looked just like Bella. Her heart never had felt so full in that moment as she curled into her wife's warm embrace as their daughter laid asleep on her chest.

And then came the day everything suddenly stopped. Hermione had turned a week old and she had the urge to return to the cottage without letting Minerva know. She had thought she would be back in their quarters way before her wife finished classes for the day.

Foolish she was. She can't remember what happened only the screaming of her sister and lover as she blinked out of existence. She needed to know why but for the life of her she couldn't.

For the first time in a very long time Bellatrix forced her lips apart and called out to her wife, her heart, her soulmate.