The New Emperor


Godric's hollow 1981

4-year-old Harry Potter was standing in front of the crib where his younger brother was crying, he would not let anything happen to his brother his babysitter Laura a young recently graduated student from Hogwarts was ready with her wand.

(Unknown location)

A man kept alive by a strange device using a long lost ancient art watched as this fool who called himself a dark lord burst through the door into the room that held the two children and their babysitter, they watched as the fool gave her a choice to live if she stepped aside only for her to refuse and be killed by the pretender.

To his utter joy, the pretender then tried to kill the boy only for the little one to stop the curse in mid-air he was force-sensitive however his green eyes had changed and were now a sickly Sith yellow.

The boy repelled the pretender's energy back at him before sending a blast of force lightning at him vaporizing this dark lord to ash.

This was the boy he had finally found him the Daughter had been a disappointment but it was clear this child was the key to the return of the Sith.

Darth Sidious turned to one of his loyal followers who awaited his command. "Contact General Pryde I have a task for him." As he watched his subordinate run off to do his bidding, he would find this boy and have him trained in the arts of the force so he could one day rule the Empire, after all, it is what any dutiful Grandfather would do.

2 months later

Above Earths orbit

Resurgent-class Star Destroyer-Order

Allegiant General Enric Pryde looked at this little backwater world with distaste however his Emperor had gave him an order he would follow it without question that is why he tolerated 2 aliens guides on his Bridge they were Force-users some of the only members of the Emperors hands left alive as the New-Republic and Jedi order had purged most of them.

"Well have you located the boy or not I will not have my or the Emperors time wasted." He snapped at the two who jumped in shock before nodding their heads.

"Worry not General we have located him on a small landmass known to the locals as the United Kingdom in a sub-region known as surrey." Nodding he went with them and a group of First-order stormtroopers to find the boy.

(4 Privet Drive)

Young harry was currently in pain his uncle Vernon was beating him he had asked when his parents were coming for him causing his uncle to beat him calling him a useless ungrateful freak when a large blast took out the entire front window.

6 people in white Armor came in pointing their weapons at the Dursleys behind them was a tall man in a black uniform with a large overcoat who upon seeing the young boy injured on the floor called for a medic.

"Tell me boy what did you say to warrant such treatment." Young harry looked at the man before speaking. "I only asked when my parents were picking me up and he attacked me again."

Looking up at the group the fat one, in general, reminded him too much of the old imperial Governors for the core-worlds growing fat and useless on kickbacks and bribes.

"Well, where are the boy's parents tell me or my solders will enjoy using you as target practice." That seemed to work as the human Hutt told him. "ha the left him here on our doorstep with nothing but a note saying they didn't want him that he was a freak."

"it's not true my parents care for me I'm not a freak." Came the weak reply from the boy only to have the Slob laugh at him.

"You are a freak boy, it's all you ever will be your parents hated you and dumped you on us here read it if you dot believe us grabbing the note from the side he tossed it at harry who slowly started to read it tears falling from his eyes.

"Mama why is the freak crying can I hit him." Came the childish response from the mini Hutt his response Caused something inside the boy to snap as he dropped the note looking up at the Dursley his eyes a yellow color. "I AM NOT A FREAK!" he yelled before sending torrents of force lighting at his aunt uncle and cousin killing them instantly.

This was definitely the boy the Emperor spoke off looking down at him he placed a hand on his shoulder. "come you still have one family member who wants to meet you and show you your true destiny away from this backwater planet."

With no real option harry agreed following the man and his soldiers he left the ruined house to see the whole street had gathered as he bordered the ship General Pryde had his men fire at the population before quickly boarding the transport as well.

The transport made its way back to the Star Destroyer which made its jump to Exegol in the unknown regions the boy would meet his grandfather.

Hogwarts School

Albus had just returned from Number 4 seeing the carnage left behind the potter were waiting for him with members of the order taking a deep breath he told them the story. "It appears the residence I place young harry in was attacked by a group of unknown origin and took young harry with them."

Lily gasped she hated leaving her son there but it was the only choice he was a squib but now he was gone taken by an unknown group however Albus placed the letter James had written she saw tear stains.

Albus pulled his want and used an unknown spell to view the memories the tears held before they fell from their creator what they saw was heartbreaking even James felt an overwhelming sense of guilt.

However, upon seeing the group that attacked lily gasped she knew who these people were and who they served, you see lily was only a stepsister to petunia her mother had been born on a different world and had become a mistress to the Emperor of the galaxy her mother had fled when she found out the truth about him and a few months later he was supposedly killed on the 2nd Death Star whatever that was.

But now it was clear he had survived in hiding now his followers had taken her son but why was he able to use the force like in the tales her mother told her of a group known as the Jedi looking at Albus and James she sighed. "I know who those men our they are known as stormtroopers solders loyal to my father it appears my son has been taken to his grandfather."

What lily would only tell them later was that if they ever so harry again, he would be more dangerous then any dark lord they had ever faced, how right she was.

Authors note

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