Chapter 2

(Exegol Unknown Regions)

General Pryde showed the boy to the entrance of the temple looking at the boy's face he saw calmness which was slightly unnerving, any other child would be beyond terrified by this fortress but not this one.

Following them were the two Hands of the Emperor even they seemed different in once they landed on the planet, they had helped answer any questions the boy had about the Sith or the Empire.

As they walked further into the temple towards the platform Harry could feel the darkness growing stronger it was strange it felt comforting this is where his Grandfather lived General Pryde had told him who they were meeting once the Star Destroyer was in Hyperspace.

As the platform lowered into the deeper level of the temple harry looked at the statues of what he assumed they were Sith Lord of old when a dark voice echoed through the Citadel.

"At last. I have waited a long time for this moment, but now finally you are here". As the group walked off the platform towards the source of the voice General Pryde could not help but notice the two Hands quickly share a look of worry with each other.

The room was full of strange-looking machines and a few hooded workers who looked up at the 4 as they walked towards the Emperor, they saw he was attached to a strange arm that was most likely keeping him alive.

"My Emperor may I present your Grandson Harry Potter." General Pryde spoke while kneeling before the man Harry followed the general's example and bowed causing a chuckle from Palpatine.

"well-done general, my boy welcome home." Harry looked shocked and frankly, a bit freaked out his body was badly damaged how on earth was he still alive but before harry could speak the two Hands drew there Sabers and made to strike at the Emperor only to be frozen in place by the Force.

"did you truly believe me so weak that 2 mere dark siders could kill me in the heart of my Power was it so you could impress the Republic." The two Hands stopped struggling as they looked in pure fear at the crippled Sith Lord who laughed.

"oh yes, I have known for some time what your plan was you planned to kill me and take my grandson to stand trial before the Senate where he would most likely be executed purely for being off my Bloodline."

Looking at his Grandson he could see the anger in the boy's eyes as he looked at the two traitors while he knew the Senate would not likely execute him as he was still a child what better way to cement his loyalty to the Final Order and to him.

"This is your final test my boy, use your anger your hatred and punish these traitors just as you will one-day punish your parents for betraying you." It was all the encouragement he needed despite the two Traitors begging for mercy young harry no longer trusted easily his eyes were once again Sith Yellow as he used the force to choke the two traitors'.

General Pryde watched as the body of the two Traitors fell to the ground dead so did the last shred of the boy's innocence as he turned back to the Emperor and bowed. "You have done well my boy they received the punishment all traitors receive, now your true training will begin."

"hmm however you will need a new name harry is far too common you will need a name that will strike fear into the hearts of both the Republic and the Jedi, hmmm yes yes it is fitting for you arise Revan Palpatine my grandson and heir to the Empire."

The boy looked up his eyes still yellow and smiled. "Thank you, my Master."

(Potter manor)

Lily awoke screaming from the vision she had just seen; her father had her child and had converted him to the dark side as she feared she didn't notice James calling to her until he shook her.

"Lily what on earth is it what's wrong". All lily could do was cry into his shoulder and repeat he has him over and over until she finally fell back to sleep however deep in her mind, she could hear her fathers voice. "you failed little girl he is mine now".

For the next 10 years, he was trained in the ways of the force by his grandfather or by the leader of the First-order who was nothing more than a puppet of his grandfather General Pryde would also teach him manly military tactics and basic marshal training.

The boy would slowly become a man he would even build his own armor based on Darth Revans own Armor it would be on his 14th Birthday his Grandfather would send him on his most important task.

He would leave Exegol for the first time in a decade to Join the First order as the Supreme leader's chief enforcer supported by General Pryde the other First order Generals and admirals made no noise of protest, especially when it was known that he was the former Emperors Grandson.

To the older generation of First-Order Solder or Officer this was the rightful Heir to the Empire to up and coming officers like Major Hux he was merely another relic of a Bygone age that would change when Lord Revan took up his first command a world deep within First Order territory was up in arms wanting to be liberated from the First orders tyranny.

Snoke ordered Revan to deal with the world sending him with Major Hux and 3 Star destroyers he was to suppress the inhabitants of the planet make them docile by whatever means necessary.

(Resurgent-class Star Destroyer- Finalizer Bridge)

Revan watched from the bridge as his ships dealt with the pathetic defense fleet the planet had scraped together to try and stand against them it was quite amusing Really as these fools tried to take on a destroyer let alone 3 of them.

"Sir our scanners indicated the Rebels have activated their capitals Shield Generators." Came the voice of lieutenant in charge of the ship's Scanners causing Hux to walk over to him with a small sneer. "Well my Lord, what are your orders I recommend a direct bombardment of the City."

"that would be a waste of time Major, the Rebels will use the ruins of the capital as a symbol of Imperial oppression he was secure the capital and use it as a base to strike at the rebel outpost across the planet."

"launch our bombers and bomb the supply depots across the planet let us see how long the people support the Rebel's when they still have to send food shipments to the capital leaving them to starve soon someone will break".

"Why are we wasting time on this course of action we should ughhh." The crew turned to see Major Hux on his knees choking for the senior officers this brought back memories of Lord Vader to the younger members of the crew they were horrified but did not say a word.

"You will do as I command Major, I will not tolerate disobedience on this ship do I make myself clear." Hux who face was turning blue from lack of breath managed to gasp out. "Yes, My Lord."

Revan let him go before turning towards the ship's Captain who nodded, "Deploy all bombers with fighter escorts destroys the government supply depots."

Within 3 days the communities refused to send any more food to the Capital within a month the citizens inside the capital overpowered the Rebel's and deactivated the shield generators allowing First Order Forces to occupy the City within 2 months the Rebel's had been ousted or sold-out by the local communities in exchange for their lives.

Leaving a single Star destroyer to Guard the world Revan returned to the Capital of Ilum or as it was now known as Starkiller Base.

Authors Note

So, Harry is now known as Revan Palpatine or Lord Revan Ilum is the current Capital of the First Order to the Majority of the First Order Palpatine is Dead they have no idea about the Final Order or the Sith Eternal.

We will do a time skip for the next chapter to the events of episode 7 Kylo has joined the First Order by then and sees Revan as a true example of a Sith while they have rivalry it is more accustom to Siblings.

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