Authors Note: well apparently people want this story to continue so I have decided to continue, so I have decided to continue this story before doing a pre–Empire Version.

Revan Shan 2077.



17-year-old Revan Palpatine walked across the bridge of his super-Star Destroyer after giving orders for his fleet to jump to a world he had not set foot on in 13 years, his Home-world Earth. As to why we'll that was the interesting part.


"My lord, he is making contact with us." A Final Order officer informed him his face held no expression unless you looked into his eyes to see the hint of awe and utter devotion when mentioning his Grandfather or him for that matter.

As he made his way to the coms room, he looked around his cruiser it had been gifted to him by the Supreme Leader and was a modified version of the old Executor-class Super Star-Dreadnought flanked by 3 regular First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyers, however, all his ships were crewed by his clones or members of the Final Order.

As he closed the Blast-Doors to a now-empty Coms Room he bowed as the Hologram of his Grandfather appeared. "Lord Revan, there is a great disturbance in the force coming from your home world, it appears your former parents have learned the horrible truth a few years ago that you are their prophesied Saviour."

Looking up at his Grandfather despite wearing a mask the Emperor could feel the young Sith Lords yellow eyes burning with pure anger at him at the mere mention of his parent's. "What is thy bidding my master." Revan spoke doing his best to hold back his anger only to hear the Emperor laugh.

"HAHAHAHA, there is no need to hide your anger from me my dear boy, your hate is what makes you powerful use it embrace yourself fully and witness your powers grow even stronger than they are now, anyway it appears your old name has come out of some Goblet the wizards have in their possession binding you to compete in a tournament."


He had his orders his fleet was to head to this primitive world and assume to role of the official Galactic Government, which would be very easy considering any Hyperspace Lanes leading to Earth were within First Order Territories.

He looked towards the Viewports as the fleet made the jump, he smiled to himself he would compete in this tournament and carry out the secret mission his Grandfather had given him.

Headmasters Office

Hogwarts School

Scotland UK

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore felt his 113 years, a boy that had long vanished from this world taken by men that were loyal to his Grandfather a man who Lily had told him once ruled the entire Galaxy as was apparently a Dark lord. Thankfully he was reported as dead at the battle of Endor.

But now his name had been called from the goblet after the shock of the previous few years with the shade of Voldemort saying that it was Harry that was the boy who defeated him and not his brother, even worse he had only realised that if the boy had indeed defeated Tom that is why his magical Core was so low he had used up most of his reserves and was suffering from magical exhaustion, of course a very angry Lily Potter made her anger unknown by destroying his office and nearly killing Severus when he mumbled about another spoiled potter brat.

Meanwhile in her office at the school Lily Potter sat in shock her baby boys name was called from the goblet, if he didn't turn up, he would lose his magic and maybe his life she hoped somehow her long lost son was still able to hear about this and come home so she could ask for his forgiveness and come home to them.

She had no idea that he was on his way however Revan was currently speaking with his military commanders discussing how best to approach this world, while it was indeed primitive a few of the different nations as they called themselves had access to Nuclear Weaponry, primitive source of power and Weapon that had long gone out of use in the galaxy but in enough quantities could possibly devastate his fleet.

"This is what we will do once we come out of Hyperspace we are going to be noticed very Quickly by the population, we will dispatch prob Droids to every Capital City which I will use to inform the populace who we are and what are intentions are, once that is done, I will take a transport to Island nation of England capital to speak with their Queen about her magical population as it seems only high-ranking government officials know about the magical world."

1 day later

The people of Earth, particularly in the western world looked up to the sky when they heard a very strange noise only to widen their eyes in shock and horror as a massive ship came out of nowhere along with 3 much smaller ships.

World governments tried to mobilised there military's quickly only to stop when reports came of small floating black robots coming from the ships came in even the Queen who was in London at the time stood out on the balcony at Buckingham palace to see what these things where, in another part of London the Minister of Magic stood outside number 10 with the prime minister just as the Droid activated its holo projector projecting a 150 foot hologram of a man in robes and a mask across every capital city across the planet.

"Greeting citizens of the planet Earth my name is Lord Revan Palpatine of the First Order, I assure you we have no quarrel with your world an apologise for causing any distress are intention here is peaceful with the permission of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom I would land in your city and speak to you face to face, I shall be down in 20 mins until then I will look forward to speaking with you."

With that the hologram ended and the prob droids left the planet, while many world leaders were very happy that it was not their nation this First Order was interested in, they were also very worried why would they go for England, was it truly a peaceful mission or did they plan to use the UK as a staging ground.

20 mins later

The Queen along with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Magic flanked by The Coldstream Guards at the Palace watched as the Transport ship landed within the confines of the palace, the ramp lowered revealing men in Red Armour March down and take post in front of the ship allowing the man from the hologram to walk down.

News reporters and civilians watched as the Queen of England stepped forward to meet this extra-terrestrial who like his men looked very human. "Welcome to London Lord Revan it is ones pleasure to greet you." The Queen spoke her voice cool and calm it impressed Revan to woman had stones.

"Your Majesty I thank you for you welcome it is good to be back home after all I was born here 17 years ago to members of your other population." The Minister of Magic paled he knew who this was the true boy who lived the long-lost Potter Boy.

The Queen raised an eyebrow in surprise it continued. "One will assume your mission here revolves around them I suppose?" Revan nodded. "In that case I grant you permission to travel my lands freely However, this also brings up a situation from 13 years ago where your group came here ones before attacking a street in Surrey it killed at least 20 people."

To her shock the young man lowered his hood Removing his mask so she could see his face his green eyes held grief in them. "Yes, and I cannot apologies enough for that you see it was me they took then men in question had orders to take me away silently however they went completely over the line as such they were put before Court-Marshal found guilty and executed for there crimes we have made paper copies of the cases my aid will give your prime minister a copy we are also willing to pay reparations in the form of this."

To the Queen and Prime Ministers shock 2 more men came off the shuttle pushing a large crate which had inside they would later be told 2 million Pounds sterling worth of Gold, naturally the matter was forgiven and the First order was allowed to speak with the Minister.

Revan merely smiled at the man informing him he would make his way to Hogwarts to partake in this TWT and would be representing the First Order and that they would be there within the next few hours.

So, when 30 mins later the Great Hall of Hogwarts was greeted by a pale and panting minister the hall grew quiet at what he had to say. "ALBUS! The Potter Boy he arrived this morning with an army and spoke to the Queen he said he would be here within a few hours to partake in the Tournament."

Back on his Flagship Revan smiled as he watched more transports get ready for his arrival at Hogwarts. What when meeting the parents who abandoned you an abusive home you want to show them your new strength, well some of it.