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"All Might/All Might" (Muscular Form)



Disclaimer: I don't own My Hero Academia or any of its characters.

"Watch me, All Might!" Izuku thought as the air around him began to crackle with green electricity, his eyes narrowing in determination. "One for All: Full Cowling 10%! "

Several of the students around Izuku were surprised when the air around them seemed to start buzzing. Then, in the blink of an eye, Izuku shot forward, leaping over the crowd of students and instantly taking the lead. All of the students around Izuku were knocked down by the small shockwave sent out by the force of his leap forward. Before the students at the front of the pack could even be shocked by Izuku's sudden, shotgun start, he was already nearly a football field ahead of them. With a thud, Izuku landed back on the ground and instantly took off running, the other students just now starting after him.

Back inside the stadium, within the luxury suites, several of U.A. University's teachers were closely watching the obstacle course race. But, the teacher who was watching most intently was Mirko, her red eyes locked onto the large screen showcasing the race. Her rabbit ears twitched slightly and a smirk spread across her face as she watched Izuku shoot passed the starting line, getting an explosive start to the race. One of Mirko's powerful legs was rapidly tapping as she watched and analyzed Izuku's every movement.

"Okay, kid, you showed me your grit when those villains attacked during the rescue training..." Rumi muttered under her breath, feeling her heart start to race as she felt a rush of excitement. "All Might's chose you as his little prodigy, so...show everyone here what you've got."

"And Midoriya is off to an explosive start! Hey mummy man, are you ready for our live coverage and commentary!?"

"I'm being forced to do this against my will."

Back on the obstacle course, Izuku was panting lightly as he sprinted ahead. Glancing back, Izuku saw that Todoroki had used his ice power to freeze the legs of a large group of students, temporarily locking them in place. Izuku wasn't surprised to see several of his classmates using their quirks to try and catch up with him. Bakugo was using smaller explosions to continuously propel himself forward. Momo created a pole from her palm and used it to spring over the students Todoroki had immobilized. At the same time, Mina secreted acid from her feet and essentially skated on it.

"Deku really is going for it..." Ochaco thought as she jogged near the middle of the back, carefully avoiding any debris in her path. "But, I can't bust out any of my secret moves yet."

"Woah, that Midoriya guy is no joke..." Hitoshi Shinso, the indigo-haired student who had antagonized Class 1-A two weeks earlier, said, seemingly being carried by several of his general studies classmates. "His quirk seems pretty handy...whatever it is."

"I expected as much from our class..." Todoroki muttered as he looked back at the dozens of students that had made it past his ice trap. "More made it through than I had anticipated."

"Heh, I knew they wouldn't make this easy." Izuku thought with a smirk, watching as several of his classmates started to gain on him. "But I'm aiming for first place! I'll go all out if I have to!" However, as Izuku continued running, he winced when he felt a sudden stabbing sensation in his head. Looking back forward, Izuku was shocked to see a massive fist barreling toward him. Leaping out of the way to avoid the attack, Izuku hissed and gripped his head when he was struck by the same stabbing pain. Whipping around, Izuku's eyes widened when he noticed a second attack heading toward him. Dodging this attack as well, Izuku briefly fell back to catch his breath and assess the situation. His eyes narrowed slightly as he examined the massive, robotic figures that were blocking his path. "These look like the faux villains from the entrance exam!"

"It wouldn't be an obstacle course without any obstacles! Starting with the first trial, Robo Inferno!"

"It's the zero pointers from the exam!"

"Are you kidding me!? The hero course students fought those damn things!?"

"There's way too many of them! We can get past them all!"

"Ugh, I never wanted to see another one of these things..." Momo grumbled as she stared up at the imposing, mechanical monster. "How on earth are they paying for these things?"

"I took one of these things down during the entrance exam..." Izuku thought, crouching down slightly as the air around him began to buzz and crackle with energy. "They're not that scary." Gazing at the zero pointers blocking their path, Izuku quickly devised a plan. Taking a deep breath, the sleeve of Izuku's jumpsuit tore away as his arm began to blow with energy. "If I use 100% of One for All I'll cripple myself...but, 80% just might work. It'll hurt like hell though."

"I wish they had picked something a bit more intimidating..." Todoroki thought as icy energy began to gather around his right hand. "Especially since my dad is-" Before Todoroki could finish, he was shocked to hear what sounded like a thunderclap go off next to him. Looking over, Todoroki was shocked to see Izuku hurling toward one of the zero pointers. "Midoriya?! What is he doing!?"

"Detroit Smash!" Izuku roared, slamming his fist directly into one of the zero pointers. The force behind Izuku's attack sent out a massive shockwave, partially caving in the zero pointer's armored shell. While the zero pointer wasn't destroyed, that wasn't what Izuku was aiming to do. As the zero pointer reeled back from Izuku's attack, it began to stumble, eventually crashing into the faux villain next to it. This created a domino effect, where each of the zero pointers toppled into each other and crashed to the ground. The earth itself seemed to shake as the zero pointers fell into a tangled heap of metal, struggling to free themselves. "Nice! It worked! And wow that hurt!" Izuku grimaced as he held his arm as it throbbed in pain. "Nothing's broken...I think...but I may have torn a muscle..."

"What's this!? Midoriya seems to have immobilized the robots! It seems like he's cleared a path for the other students! Quite the unorthodox plan!"

"What is he doing?" Todoroki thought as he stared at Izuku, his eyes narrowing slightly. "He could have done something to hinder us...but instead he made it some everyone could get through."

"Alright, enough standing around..." Izuku thought, lowering One for All's power back down to 10% as he took off running again. "Time to win this!"

"It seems like the leaders of the pack are overwhelmingly from class A." Thirteen pointed out as they intently watched the race unfold. "After what they've been through, can't say I'm surprised."

"Class B and the others aren't doing bad..." All Might added, his piercing blue eyes locked onto Izuku's every movement. "It's just that class A knows there's no time to hesitate."

"Those kids were exposed to the big, bad world up close and personal. They had that fear sown within them. And they've endured it. Overcame it. Each has grown from that experience and forgotten how to hesitate." Rumi thought as she crossed her arms, her eyes narrowing as she carefully watched the race unfold. "I can tell that punch really hurt, but the kid is still going strong. And he didn't take the opportunity to create an additional obstacle to slow everyone else down. This kid really is something else."

Back on the obstacle course, Izuku was still ahead of everyone else. But, several of his classmates, namely Todoroki and Bakugo, were hot on his heels. Rounding a corner, Izuku came to a skidding stop when he noticed a massive gap between himself and the rest of the course. The gap was filled with dozens of small, rocky platforms interconnected with tightropes. As Izuku plotted his best course of action, several of his classmates managed to catch up with him.

"So, you all breezed past the first barrier! Well, how about the second!? Fall and you're out! You gotta crawl across if you wanna make it! This is the Fall!"

"You've really got to work on these names."

"The gap looks to be about 200 yards..." Izuku thought as he stroked his chin, muttering to himself. "I could easily leap from platform to platform...or, I could jump the entire gap. I think about 30% should be enough to clear it."

"You really shouldn't be overthinking things, Izuku-chan. Or else, everyone will pass by you." Tsuyu's voice pulled Izuku from his inner ramblings. He then watched as the frog girl easily began to climb across the tight ropes. "This isn't a problem for me. I can make a big splash on this obstacle."

"Heh heh heh, time for my support items to get the spotlight!" Another familiar voice caught Izuku's attention. Looking to his left, he spotted Mei Hatsume fussing with a device strapped around her waist and some strange-looking mechanical boots. "Now, pay close attention all you national support companies! Gaze upon Wire Arrow and Hover Soles!"

"You're participating too, Mei?" Izuku asked as he quirked an eyebrow, getting the excentric girl's attention. "What about Melissa?"

"Oh! Melissa helped create these, but I'm the only one participating! Someone has to show off our babies!" Mei explained with a grin, taking a moment to adjust her goggles. "She's probably watching from the stadium though!"

"Those look pretty wild..." Mina said as she gestured toward Mei's odd-looking boots. "Are you even allowed to use those things?"

"You guys in the hero course also have practical battle training, right? In the interest of fairness, as long as they're items and costumes developed ourselves, using equipment is totally allowed! In fact..." Mei said with a grin, pressing a button on the device strapped around her waist. A split second later, a wire launched out of the device and impaled itself into the side of one of the rock platforms. "For us students in the support course, this is the best opportunity for us to show off our creativeness and craftsmanship to the entire industry!" Suddenly, the wire Mei had fired tensed up and yanked her forward over the edge. "So, all you corporations out there, get your eyes on me!" As she neared the side of the rocky platform, Mei's hover boots activated and began to propel her upwards. "And check out my adorable babWHOA!"

Everyone watching was shocked when Mei's boots began to spark and smoke. Before Mei could get on top of the rock platform, her hover boots stopped working and she began to plummet. Luckily she was able to grab ahold of the wire she had fired earlier, stopping her from completely falling down the pit. However, she wasn't completely safe yet as the added weight began to dislodge the wire. Frantically pressing switches and buttons, Mei desperately tried to get her invention to start working again. Just as the wire pulled free from the rock, Mei closed her eyes as she prepared to fall to the ground below. But, after only falling a few feet, Mei was surprised when she came to a jolting stop.

"Are you okay, Mei?!" Cracking an eye open, Mei was shocked to see Izuku leaning over the edge of the rock platform, holding on to the wire that had come dislodged. "Hang on! I'll pull you up!" With green electricity crackling in the air around him, Izuku effortlessly pulled Mei up to safety. Once she was secure on the platform, Mei breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. "That was a close one. How are you doing, Mei?"

"I'm fine, my baby just had a slight malfunction." Mei said as she reached into the toolbelt around her waist and pulled out a screwdriver. "A few tweaks and I'll my baby up and running again."

"Are you sure you should still be using that thing?" Izuku asked, rubbing the back of his head. "I wouldn't mind helping you across."

"Thanks for saving me, Izuku, but I need to do this myself..." Mei said as she took off one of her hover boots and began to tinker with it. "For both my own and Melissa's sake. We need to show off our inventions to the world."

"Alright, I understand." Izuku said with a small smile, reaching out and patting the top of Mei's head. "Good luck, Mei! I hope you finish the race! Show everyone how great your and Melissa's inventions are!" Glancing around, Izuku saw that the other students were rapidly making their way across the gap. Taking a deep breath, Izuku subtly raised One for All's power. "I can't risk knocking Mei off the platform. So, instead of jumping the whole gap, I'll just jump from platform to platform."

A small shockwave ruffled Mei's hair as Izuku lept off the rocky platform, easily landing on the next closest one. Pausing her work for a moment, Mei took off her goggles and gazed at Izuku. She studied his movements, watching as he fluidly jumped between platforms. In less than a minute he had cleared the entire gap, putting him firmly back in first place. As Izuku disappeared further down the course, Mei's face flushed slightly as her heart began to beat a bit faster.

"Heh heh, he really is perfect..." Mei thought as she returned to repairing her hover boot. "We're gonna make so many amazing babies together."

"Would you look at that folks! After a brief stop to save another student, Midoriya is back in first place! But that delay allowed some of the other students to close the distance! This race is tighter than ever between our front runners!"

"And it seems like Midoriya is nearing the final barrier."

"There's the finish line!" Izuku thought, spotting the finishing gate that led back into the stadium just across a large clearing. The clearing was about as long as a football field and completely fenced in. Looking back, Izuku saw that he still had a decent lead, but Todoroki and Bakugo would catch up quickly if he was delayed at the next obstacle. However, just as Izuku was about to step into the clearing he winced as he felt another stabbing pain in his head. "What the hell is that!?"

Pressing a hand to his forehead, Izuku took a moment to collect himself. As Izuku caught his breath, he recalled the previous two times he had felt that piercing pain. Nothing in particular stuck out to him. He hadn't been hit by any of the zero pointer's attacks, so that wouldn't be causing the pain he had felt. In fact, the stabbing pain in his head seemed to happen before he was about to be attacked. Izuku's eyes suddenly widened as this realization hit him. Was the pain he was feeling some type of warning?

"Is One for All warning me of danger? It's never done that before. Let's see if that's really what's happening..." Izuku thought as he crouched down and grabbed a small rock. Cocking his arm back, Izuku tossed the stone into the clearing ahead of him. His eyes shot open when an explosion went off where the rock landed. "No way...it really was warning me."

"What's this!? Does Midoriya have a sixth sense!? He's spoiled the surprise and discovered the final obstacle! It's a minefield! A deadly Afghan Carpet! The mines are hastily buried, so they're easy to spot at a glance! So, you students better watch your step!"

"For legal purposes, I should clarify that the mines aren't deadly. They're just really loud and flashy, and won't cause any serious injuries."

"A minefield?" Izuku thought, staring at the clearing, now noticing the dozens of conspicuous mounds of dirt. Looking back again, Izuku saw that Todoroki and Bakugo were less than 100 yards behind him. "I can easily leap across this. I'll just..." Just as Izuku was about to jump over the minefield, he stopped himself. He couldn't help but think about the other students who would get caught up in the minefield. Ochaco, Momo, Mina, and Kyoka's faces specifically flashed through his mind. A hero wouldn't leave something behind to endanger others. Seeing how close Todoroki and Bakugo were, Izuku clenched his fists. "Damn it!"

"DEKU!" Bakugo yelled as he raced toward Izuku, using small explosions to rapidly propel himself forward. "What the hell are you just standing around for?!"

"Izuku had such a large lead, how did we catch up?" Todoroki muttered, watching the green electricity around Izuku intensify. He was confused when he saw Izuku take a breath and cock his fist back. "What's he doing?"

"One for All: Full Cowling - 40%!" Izuku's veins glowed and pulsed with power as his fist rocketed forward. "Texas Smash!"

As soon as Izuku finished his swing, a massive wall of wind pressure exploded off his fist. Todoroki and Bakugo were stopped in their tracks as they shielded themselves from the intense rushing winds. Izuku's attack blasted through the clearing, setting off every mine in its path. The entire area seemed to shake as dozens of explosions went off. Deafening bangs and blinding lights flooded the entire clearing. A wall of dirt and debris was flung into the air, raining down on Izuku, Todoroki, and Bakugo.

"What's this!? Midoriya has seemingly taken out every mine! What a buzzkill! What's he thinking!?"

"He must be looking out for the other participants."

"Good! The mines are taken care of!" Izuku thought, taking one last moment to glance back at Todoroki and Bakugo. He saw that they were still disorientated by the explosions that had just gone off. With his full cowling still active, Izuku took off running. "Time to finish this!"

"*Cough* What the fuck, Deku!?" Bakugo barked as he spat out a mouthful of dirt, waving dust out of his face. Once his vision began to clear, Bakguo's eyes widened when he saw Izuku sprinting across the clearing. With a growl rumbling in his throat, explosions burst out of Bakugo's hand as he began to race after Izuku. "OI! Get the fuck back here!"

"Why would he waste time clearing out the minefield?" Todoroki thought, coughing out some dust as he began to chase after Izuku and Bakugo. "I truly don't understand you, Izuku."

"Midoriya is in first place, but Todoroki and Bakugo are hot on his heels! This will be a close finish."

"Sorry, but this won't be close." Izuku thought as he increased One for All's power, further increasing his speed. Within seconds, Izuku began to pull away from Bakugo and Todoroki, literally leaving them in his dust. "All Might told me to tell the world that I'm here, so I can't lose!"

"Would you look at that! Midoriya is pulling ahead! HAHA! He left the other leaders of the pack eating his dust! Your students really are something, Eraserhead! What're you teaching those kids?!"

"I have nothing to do with it. They've all been pushing each other to improve."

"Well, this certainly has been exciting right out the gate! And it looks like the first student has made it back into the stadium!"

"There it is!" Izuku thought as he entered the tunnel that led back into the stadium. His footsteps echoed off the walls as he sprinted toward the light at the end of the tunnel. With one final burst of speed, Izuku burst into the stadium, a victory alarm blaring as he crossed the finish line. "I did it!"

Hearing the roaring cheers from the crowd caused a massive smile spread across his face. Letting out a victorious cheer, Izuku pumped his fists into the air. Just outside the stadium, a sudden roar from the crowd caused Mt. Lady to stop her patrol and gaze at one of the massive monitors broadcasting the events. Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Izuku's smiling face blown up on the screen.

"No way...there he is...that kid really is in Class 1-A..." Mt. Lady said in a surprised tone, resting her hands on her hips as she stared at the screen. "And he won the first event? Okay yeah, I definitely need to keep an eye on him."

(Same Time: Unknown Location)

"Heh...heh heh...Izuku...you're amazing, Izuku..." Himiko Toga said with a massive, menacing smile as she reached out and touched the screen in front of her. Her face flushed as she ran her fingers across Izuku's face, frowning when the broadcast switched to a different image. Feeling her heart pound in her chest, Himiko clutched a hand to her chest and released a wistful sigh. "I can't wait to see you again, Izuku."

(Back in the Stadium)

"God damn kid, that was fantastic." Rumi thought with a feral grin as she felt a rush of excitement run through her body. "Keep going. Keep improving. I can't wait to see what heights you'll achieve. Just the thought is getting my blood pumping!"

"The spirit of a savior hero that lies at your very core...this exhibition is a competition that tests the exact opposite of that. But, despite that, your willingness to stop everything and help others was on full display, young Midoriya." All Might thought with a proud smile, watching as Izuku waved to the crowd. By now the other students who completed the course were starting to filter into the stadium. "Heroes nowadays depend on their popularity so much. So many selfishly try to beat everyone else and stand on top. But not you, young Midoriya. I chose you because of your selflessness, hoping you'll help buck this trend. I'm hoping other heroes will see you and follow your example."

"..." Bakugo said nothing as he panted heavily, sweat pouring off his brow. When Bakguo looked over at Izuku, he grit his teeth in frustration as he tightly gripped his trembling arm. "God damn it...that little...again...he's getting further away."

"Racers are now crossing the finish line one after another! We'll go over the standing in a few moments, so everyone relax and catch your breath!"

"Deku!" Izuku perked up when he heard a familiar, bubbly voice. Turning around, he saw a very exhausted-looking Ochaco wobbling toward him. "That was amazing! First place, I'm so jealous!"

"To lose a race of all things with my quirk..." Ida said in a depressed tone as he hung his head in shame. "I've still got a lot of progress to make."

"Izuku..." Momo said, walking over and resting her hands on her hips. Mina and Kyoka followed right behind her. "Did you clear out that minefield?"

"Uh, yeah..." Izuku replied with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Was I not supposed to?"

"Why would you do that?" Kyoka asked in a curious tone, quirking an eyebrow. "That must have wasted a lot of time. You could have lost first place."

"Yeah! What were you thinking?!" Mina exclaimed as she excitedly pointed toward Bakugo and Todoroki. "One of those guys could have beaten you!"

"Oh...well, I..." Izuku muttered, his face flushing red as he reached up and scratched his cheek. "I just wanted to make things easier for the other participants. The thought of one of them possibly being hurt didn't sit right with me."

"What he really means, is that he didn't want any of you girls to get hit by one of the mines." Izuku yelped in surprise when Tsuyu suddenly appeared next to him. Pressing a finger to her chin, Tsuyu cocked her head slightly. "Am I wrong?"

"Uh...you see...I...it was..." Izuku began to stammer incoherently as his face began to burn near neon red. After a few more moments of desperate sputtering, Izuku gave up and released a heavy sigh. Turning his head to hide his blushing face, Izuku rubbed the back of his head. "Yes, you're right."

"I LOVE HIM!" Ochaco, Momo, Mina, and Kyoka thought simultaneously, their faces flushing red as they felt their hearts throb.

"Alright everyone gather around!" Midnight exclaimed as she clapped her hands together to get the student's attention. Using her flogger-style whip, Midnight gestured toward the large screen behind her. "It's time to check the results!"

Obstacle Race Results:

1. Class A: Izuku Midoriya

2. Class A: Shoto Todoroki

3. Class A: Katsuki Bakugo

4. Class B: Ibara Shiozaki

5. Class B: Juzo Honenuki

6. Class A: Tenya Ida

7. Class A: Fumikage Tokoyami

8. Class A: Hanta Sero

9. Class A: Eijiro Kirishima

10. Class B: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

11. Class A: Mashirao Ojiro

12. Class A: Tsuyu Asui

13. Class A: Mezo Shoji

14. Class A: Ochaco Uraraka

15. Class A: Momo Yaoyorozu

16. Class B: Yosetsu Awase

17. Class A: Rikido Sato

18. Class A: Mina Ashido

19. Class A: Kyoka Jiro

20. Class B: Itsuka Kendo

The rankings continued, and in the end, a total of 42 students who managed to complete the obstacle race would move forward. The last three students to finish the race were Mei Hatsume, Yuga Aoyama, and Minoru Mineta, who barely made the cut. All the students who were advancing in the exhibition breathed a sigh of relief.

"There you have it! The top 42 students from this qualifying round will move on!" Midnight announced with a smile, pulling up her glasses and letting them rest on her head. "But, for those of you who placed lower, don't worry! We've got another way for you to show your stuff! And now, the main selection really begins! The press corps' going to be jumping out of their seats, so give it all you've got!"

"Here we go..." Izuku thought as he clenched his fists, feeling a rush of nervous excitement. "The real event starts now."

"Now, on to the second event! I already know what it is, but I won't spoil the surprise! I hope you're all just trembling with suspense..." Midnight exclaimed, gesturing to the screen once again. A series of events began to rapidly change and flash across the screen. After about a minute of anticipation, the events on the screen began to slowly, eventually stopping entirely. The event that was landed on surprised and confused the students. "And there it is! The next event will be a cavalry battle!"

"A cavalry battle?" Tsuyu repeated as he cocked her head and pressed a finger to her chin. "How exactly are we gonna be teaming up?"

"Participants will, on their own, form teams of two to four members each and get into a horse-and-rider formation!" Midnight explained, smacking her whip against her palm. "The rules are fundamentally the same as those of an ordinary cavalry battle. Steal your opponent's headbands while guarding your own. But, there is one exception...each of you has been assigned a point value based on your ranking in the last event!"

"Wait a minute..." Izuku thought as his eyes slowly widened, realizing what was likely about to happen. "Oh no..."

"The individual point values start at five, at the bottom! So the student who came in 42nd place is worth five points, 41st is worth ten...and so on." Midnight continued, a smirk spreading across her face as she pointed her whip at Izuku. "Our first place participant is worth...ten million points!"

"Shit..." Izuku thought as he broke out into a sweat, feeling all eyes in the stadium were on him now. Nervously glancing around, Izuku gulped when he saw that every student was looking at him. "Why me?"

"The higher ranked students are who you want to aim for! This survival game is a chance for a major comeback! It's anyone's game!" Midnight cheered throwing her hands into the air. When she saw Izuku's nervous and shocked demeanor, Midnight licked her lips. "Alright kid, you've been pretty impressive so far, but let's see how you handle this much pressure."

"Their eyes...it feels like I'm in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks..." Izuku thought, feeling his stomach churn as he felt his entire body start to heat up. Nervous energy flowed through Izuku as he rapidly clenched and unclenched his fists. "They're all gonna be aiming for me...I'm their ticket to the next round."

"There will be more suffering ahead for those at the top." Midnight said as she rested her hands on her hips. "As I'm sure you've heard countless times since enrolling here, this is...plus ultra!"

"This pressure...it's intense..." Izuku thought, his heart pounding so loud that he was sure others could hear it. However, as Izuku continued to bask in the overwhelming gazes of his fellow students, his nervousness was slowly replaced by excitement. Soon, a smile crept across Izuku's face as his eyes sparked with determination. "Alright...you all want to come at me...bring it on!"

"Oh my..." All Might thought as he closely examined his protege, surprised by the look on his face. "I haven't seen that look before, but I like it."

"The match will be 15 minutes. The points for each team will be determined by its members." Midnight continued her explanation, cracking her whip to regain the students' attention. "The rider will wear a headband displaying the total number of points! Until the match ends, you'll all compete to grab each other's points and maintain the ones you have. Any headbands you grab must be worn around the neck or higher. But be careful, the more headbands you have, the harder they'll be to manage. Most importantly though, even if your headband is taken...and even if your horse formation falters...it's not over til it's over!"

"Hmmm, so that means..." Momo said as she stroked her chin, her brow furrowing slightly. "With 42 contestants, there will be ten to twelve teams on the field during the whole event."

"Ugh...how bothersome..." Aoyama muttered in an annoyed tone, shrugging his shoulders. "Too many people to keep track of."

"I think it's a relief actually." Mina said with a smile as she rested her hands on her hips. "With that many teams, it means there's no need to panic if your points get snatched."

"But, that means you'll need to pay extra attention, Mina. Or else you'll get lost in the minute-to-minute action." Tsuyu chimed in, staring blankly at the pink-skinned girl. "And we know that paying attention isn't your strong suit."

"Oi! C'mon Tsuyu, that was uncalled for!" Mina snapped as glared at the frog girl, puffing out her cheeks in a cute pout. "You're lucky we're friends!"

"Alright, that's enough chit-chat! I'm not done with my explanation!" Midnight exclaimed, cracking her whip once again which caused all the students to snap to attention. "Quirks will be allowed in this event, so feel free to go wild! However...it's still a cavalry battle! Targeting other teams with the intent of making them fall will earn you a red card! And that means you're out of the game! You've got fifteen minutes, so get out there and form your teams!"

"In my case, my team members don't really matter point value wise..." Izuku thought as he watched the other students scramble around and try to quickly form teams. "Whoever teams up with me is gonna be painting a massive target on their backs."

(Same Time: Security Break Room)

"This sports exhibition...I suppose it's all about preparing those kids to be real heroes." Death Arms arms said, pausing to take a drag of his cigarette. After blowing out a puff of smoke, he let out a light sigh. "It's a simulation of the dog-eat-dog society of heroes they'll soon be joining."

"You're telling me..." Kamui Wood said as he crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat. "If your agency sucks it's tough to even put food on the table. And during the qualifying match, I was expecting to see those kids drag each other down just to make sure they got ahead. But, that Midoriya kid...he really surprised me."

"For real, that kid is something else. Not only did he come in first place, he also helped clear the path for the other students, making the obstacle course easier for them." Mt. Lady said, subtly trying to wave her hand in front of her face. "Do you really have to smoke in here asshole? At least blow your smoke somewhere else!"

"Maybe it's a good thing Midoriya helped everyone out." Kamui Wood added as he nodded his head. "In our line of work, there are going to be cases where you need to be able to cooperate with business rivals."

"And this cavalry battle will only reinforce that point..." Mt. Lady said, glancing over at a nearby TV that was broadcasting the exhibition. "You can't win this event by yourself. To achieve victory they'll need to work as a team. So, they'll need to take the time to understand the compatibility of their quirks. It's a real give-and-take situation. It reminds me of working with side kicks."

"Or meeting with other agencies for quirk training..." Death Arms added before he took a drink from a water bottle. "All the skills that pros obviously need...those kids will need to start learning them now."

(Back Within the Stadium)

"So damn loud..." Bakugo thought, his left eye twitching in frustration as a group of students from Class 1-A gathered around him. They were all hounding him to form a team together. After they started to get in his face, a growl rumbled in Bakugo's throat and they backed off immediately. "Give me a damn break! I don't even know what your fucking quirks are!"

"Geez, forget about Class 1-B..." Rikido Sato grumbled in an annoyed tone as he glared at Bakugo. "He's so full of himself that he doesn't even notice his own damn classmates!"

"Young Bakugo may be quite abrasive, but he still came in third place and is worth 200 points." All Might thought, watching as the students continued to rush around to form teams. "And with how all-purpose his quirk is, it's no surprise that he's a popular pick."

"Oi! Todoroki already formed a team for himself!" Kirishima exclaimed as he pushed his way to the front of the students that surrounded Katsuki. "So, team up with me, Bakugo! I know you wanna be the rider, right?! So your front horse should be someone who can take all those explosions, right? And who might that be?!"

"..." Bakugo said nothing for several moments, simply staring at Kirishima with an uninterested look. "I don't know, someone who's not afraid to die?"

"HA! Nope! It's me, with my hardening!" Kirishima proclaimed with a grin as he pointed at himself with his thumb. "This horse here won't break!" Leaning in a bit closer, Kirishima lowered his voice a bit. "You wanna beat Midoriya, right?"

"You've got a fucking deal." Bakugo said with a devious smirk, clasping hands with Kirishima. "You're gonna eat dirt, Deku!"

"Shoji...Shoji..." Mineta said with tears in his eyes as he tugged on Shoji's pant leg. "No one wants to team up with me! All the girls I've asked turned me down without a second thought! Please be on my team! I'm too small to be a part of the horse! And no one will agree to be the horse to my rider! But with your size and those appendages, you'd be able to hide my entire body, right?!"

"..." Shoji simply stared at Mineta for several moments, seemingly mulling over his offer to team up. After about a minute, one of Shoji's mouthlike appendages extended toward Mineta and smiled. "That sounds like a great idea, Mineta."

"It seems like everyone is trying to stick with their classmates. That makes sense because we don't know about the other class' quirks." Izuku thought as he watched the other students around him mingling and trying to discuss strategies. "I've got to figure something out quickly." However, Izuku was acutely aware that pretty much everyone seemed to be giving him a wide birth. "Damn it! Everyone is avoiding me like the plague! They've seen my quirk, but they know I'm gonna be the primary target during the match. So, instead of playing defense with my points, they're gonna try and steal someone else's."

"You sure have it rough." Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts when a friendly voice spoke up from behind him. Whipping around, he was surprised to see Itsuka Kendo smiling at him. "You're really suffering from success right now, that's gotta suck."

"Yeah, I'm feeling like a real black sheep right now." Izuku said with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. "How about you Itsuka? Have you found a team yet?"

"Not yet." Itsuka said, gazing at the students mingling around them. "But I've got some ideas."

"Oh..." Izuku said as he nervously wrung his hands, staring at Itsuka. "Then...would you like to be on a team with me?"

"That's a tempting offer. You really kicked some major ass during the obstacle race." Itsuka said with a smile, before placing a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "But, I'm gonna have to pass this time. Sorry Izuku, but you're a bit too hot right now. Everyone is gonna be gunning for you." Giving Izuku's shoulder a pat, Itsuka waved and began to walk away. "Maybe next time though! You're an interesting guy Izuku!"

"O-Okay then..." Izuku said as he waved awkwardly, watching as Itsuka disappeared into the crowd of students. Once Itsuka was out of sight, Izuku released a heavy sigh. "I've got to hurry and find a team."

"Seems like you aren't having any luck with finding teammates, Deku." Hearing another familiar, bubbly voice, Izuku turned around and saw Ochaco's smiling face, immediately feeling a comforting sensation wash over him. Clasping her hands behind her back, Ochaco approached Izuku and looked up at him. "If you don't mind, I'd love to be on your team."

"You're the best, Ochaco!" Izuku proclaimed as he lunged forward and embraced Ochaco in a tight hug. Immediately Ochaco squeaked in surprise as her face burned red in embarrassment. As Izuku hugged Ochaco, he noticed that several people were giving them strange looks. Realizing how weird this probably looked to everyone watching, Izuku quickly released Ochaco. "S-Sorry about that! It must have been embarrassing."

"I-It's fine...I don't really mind..." Urakaka muttered, pressing her fingers together as she averted her gaze. "With so many people watching...it felt a bit weird. Especially since my parents might be watching at home."

"Well, aren't you two just looking adorable..." Mina said with a playful smirk as she approached the two lovers, with Momo and Kyoka following behind her. "I'm sure that hug will raise some eyebrows."

"Please try to refrain from public displays of affection like that in the future." Momo added, glancing at the students around them as she noticed a few of them whispering to each other. "Our...unique...relationship would certainly be frowned upon. The less people that know, the better."

"Now's not the time to be worrying about our love lives." Kyoka reasoned as she rested her hands on her hips, giving Izuku a sympathetic look. Clapping her hands together, Kyoka bowed her head apologetically. "I'm sorry Izuku, but Momo, Mina, and I have found our own teams. We just wanted to let you know before you wasted time asking us."

"That's okay." Izuku said with a smile, rubbing the back of his neck. "We all couldn't form a team anyway. Also, you'd all be putting your own standings in jeopardy teaming up with me."

"Good luck, Izuku." Mina said with a cheerful smile as she blew Izuku a kiss, starting to jog away. "We'll try to convince our teams to steer away from you!"

"You're not getting rid of me." Ochaco said in a bubbly tone, clasping her hands behind her back. "Even with the target on your back, we can try our best playing defense. Also, teaming up with the man I love just feels right. And I'm sure the others would be on our team if they could."

"Well, your quirk will be really useful, Ochaco." Izuku said as he glanced around the group of students, looking for a particular classmate. "There's one other person I definitely wanted on our team." Izuku's eyes lit up when he spotted his desired team, quickly jogging over. "Ida! There you are!"

"Hmm?" Ida hummed, perking up a bit as he watched Izuku approach him. "Oh, it's you, Midoriya. What can I do for you?"

"I was hoping you'd form a team with me and Ochaco." Izuku said as Ochaco joined him, standing close to Ida so that no one else could hear them. "The three of us will form the horse, with Ida taking the lead. With her quirk, Ochaco can make us weightless, which will give us excellent mobility. I haven't decided yet, but we'll want our rider to be someone physically strong. Anyway, my plan is to stay mobile and play defense the whole time. We don't need to take any risk going for extra points."

"As I've come to expect from you, Midoriya, your plan is very well thought out. But, I'm sorry, I'll have to refuse..." Ida said, taking a step away from Ochaco and Izuku as he pushed up his glasses. "Ever since the entrance exam I've been losing to you. It's precisely because I consider you to be a wonderful friend...that I cannot be on your team. Keep in mind, that Todoroki and Bakugo aren't the only ones who see you as a rival. So, I'll challenge you as well. Be prepared because I plan to go all out during this event."

"Ida's right. When it comes to this event, everyone is my enemy." Izuku thought as he balled his fists, watching as Ida tried to form a team with another group of students. "Right now...I'm on top. So, that means there's no time for loyalty between friends."

"Heh heh heh, so you did end up coming in first place. All eyes are on you right now!" Izuku immediately tensed slightly when he heard an energetic voice speak up from behind him. Turning around, Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw that Mei's face was only a few inches away from his own. "Team up with me, Mr. First Place!"

"AH! You're way too close, Mei!" Izuku yelped, taking a large step away from the overly eager girl. "Don't you know what personal space is?"

"Nope! HAHA!" Mei laughed as she pulled up her goggles, an enthusiastic smile spreading across her face. "It seems like you're in a real pickle! But you're in luck! I'll happily team up with you!"

"Uh, Deku..." Ochaco said in a confused tone, stepping next to him and leaning in close. Placing her hand in front of her mouth, Ochaco whispered to Izuku. "Who is this girl? It seems like she knows you."

"This is Mei Hatsume." Izuku replied as he watched Mei practically bounce in excitement as she continued to stare at him. "Remember when I went to get my costume fixed by the support course? Well, Mei is one of the people I ran into over there."

"Well, It seems like she's taken quite an interest in you." Ochaco said, quirking an eyebrow as she examined Mei from head to toe. Focusing on Mei's rather large bust, Ochaco frowned slightly and looked down at her own chest. "Damn, are her's as big as mine?"

"You have to let me be on your team! Joining up with you means I'll be in the spotlight!" Mei exclaimed excitedly as she grabbed Izuku's shoulders and locked eyes with him. "Then, Melissa and my babies will be seen by every industry big shot! They'll have to notice our babies!"

"W-Wait! Pump the brakes a second!" Ochaco said in a shocked tone, her eyes shooting open as she pulled Mei away from Izuku. "What's with all this baby talk out of nowhere!?"

"But wait, there's more! This won't just be advantageous for me!" Mei proclaimed as she completely ignored Ochaco, rummaging around in her toolbelt and pulling out several of Melissa and her inventions. "In the support course, we focus on developing equipment to make heroes' quirks easier to use! I've got plenty of our babies here, I'm sure you'll find one that suits you!" Spotting a particular gadget, a jetpack-looking device, Mei's eyes lit up as she picked it up. "OH! How about this one!? It's been modeled after a certain hero's backpack, with a few of my own additions..."

"Hold on a sec, I've seen that before." Izuku said with a smile, closely examining the jetpack. "That's Buster Hero Air's jet pack. I love that guy, I've been following him since I was a kid. His agency used to be in my neighborhood, so I'd see him all the time."

"Wow, they're getting along great already..." Ochaco thought as she watched Izuku and Mei continue their enthusiastic conversation. The brunette couldn't help but notice how close Mei was to Izuku, the faint blush on her face, and the way she smiled at him. "I know I told Deku not to push other girls away if they were interested in him. But, I wasn't expecting another girl so soon. I bet he doesn't even know how she feels...hell, she might not even know how she feels yet." A small smile spread across Ochaco's face as she clasped her hands behind her back. "I really do want this sharing thing to work out, so I won't get in their way."

"Not having Ida put a wrench in my plan, but having Mei will be a big help..." Izuku thought, noticing that most of the students had formed their teams as he scanned through the crowd. "We just need one more." Taking a breath, Izuku began to walk through the gathered students, searching for any potential teammates. "Our formation is just missing one last piece." It was then that Izuku spotted a student standing by themself. As luck would have it, it was a member of Class 1-A, Fumikage Tokoyami. "Uh, excuse me, Tokoyami?"

"Oh, Midoriya?" Tokoyami said as he turned to face Izuku. "What can I do for you?"

"I want you to be a part of my team." Izuku said, causing Tokoyami to quirk an eyebrow in intrigue. "I want you to be our defensive wall. You don't need to focus on attacking. Just keep us protected."

"Hmmm, that's an interesting proposal." Tokoyami said as he stroked his chin. "The darker it is, the more ferocious my quirk attacks. But the beast is harder to control. In daylight he's easier to manage, but not much help in a fight. I don't think you knew that, but picking me and my quirk for pure defense...not a bad choice, I'd say. Okay, I'm in. Use my abilities the best you can. After everything I've seen from you, I trust you, Midoriya."

(Five Minutes Later)

"Alright, that's it! Your fifteen minutes are up!" Midnight announced, taking a moment to stretch as she watched the students gather in front of her. "It's time to get started!"

"Oi! Wake up, Eraser! They've had their time to form teams and strategize. And now, all twelve teams are lined up and ready to begin!"

"I must say, the teams they've formed are...interesting."

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen! Let's get a fearsome battle cry going! Here comes the starting signal! Blood begets blood in the U.A. University grand match!"

"The reason I chose you all is because our formation will by far be the most stable." Todoroki said as he looked at his teammates: Ida, Momo, and Kaminari. "Yaoyorozu. You take the right. Provide an insulator, shield us and supplement our movement. Kaminari. You guard the left and keep enemies away with your electricity. Ida, you take the lead. We'll make use of your mobility and physicality for defense."

"And you?" Ida asked, crossing his arms. "You'll hold them off with your ice and fire, right Todoroki?"

"No..." Todoroki replied as he looked off into the stands. Spotting a particular person watching amongst the crowd, Todoroki's eyes narrowed. "In battle, I refuse to use my left side."

"Formed your teams? Made your plans? Well, too bad if you haven't! Here we go! The countdown to this brutal battle royal!"

"Alright, it's go time." Izuku thought, typing on his headband which displayed his team's point value, an incredible ten million 325 points. Taking his position as his team's rider, Izuku's green eyes sparked with determination. "Ochaco, Mei, Tokoyami, are you ready?!" Immediately, his three teammates enthusiastically sounded off. "Let's do this!"

"Three! Two! One!" Izuku could feel the overwhelming pressure as every team taking part in the cavalry battle turned their attention toward him. "START!"

"This is really just a battle for the ten million and everyone knows it!" Tetsutetsu exclaimed, his team instantly charging toward Izuku. "You better be prepared to lose!"

"HAHA! We're coming for you, Midoriya." Toru cheered as ushered her team forward. "You're not getting away!"

"Sorry, Izuku." Kyoka thought, sprinting toward his team. "They're all deadset on coming after you."

"We've got two teams coming after us right away!" Tokoyami's shadow exclaimed as it materialized in front of him. Nodding his head, Tokoyami looked back at Izuku. "Make your choice, Midoriya! What's our play!?"

"We need to go on the defensive! No need to take risks!" Izuku ordered, gesturing for his team to fall back. However, just as they were about to move, Izuku's team noticed that they were sinking into the ground. "Damn! It must be one of their quirks!" Thinking quickly, Izuku put his first plan into action. "Ochaco! Mei! Turn away for a second!"

Quickly, Ochaco touched Izuku, Tokoyami, and Mei, activating her quirk. Then, Izuku grabbed the switch to activate the jetpack Mei had shown her earlier. Using Ochaco's quirk and the jetpack, Izuku's team soared into the air, avoiding the two teams that were coming after them. Kyoka tried to use her earphone jacks to try and grab at Izuku's team. However, she was quickly swatted away by Tokoyami's Dark Shadow.

"Well done, Dark Shadow." Tokoyami said as Dark Shadow shifted and maneuvered around his body. "Be sure to keep our blind spots covered."

"Great job, Tokoyami! You were the defensive edge we were lacking!" Izuku cheered, watching several other cavalry teams moving beneath them. "Thanks to your quirk, our midrange is covered now!"

"Heads up guys!" Ochaco shouted as she winced slightly, feeling a wave of nausea wash over her. "We're about to land!" Using Mei's fixed hover boots, Ochaco made sure their team safely landed back onto the ground. "Woah, these things work great, Mei!"

"I knew you'd be dazzled by my babies! Melissa and I worked extra hard on them!" Mei gushed with a massive smile, practically buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. "They're just the cutest, aren't they!?"

"With Ochaco's quirk and your babies, we're so much more mobile!" Izuku praised as he gave Tokoyami's shoulders a reassuring squeeze. "We've got this guys!"

"Grrrr! We'll just get after them again!" Toru exclaimed, bouncing up and down with agitation. "Time for our revenge, Jiro!"

"Uh...Hagakure..." Kyoka said as one of her earphone jacks moved and gestured toward the invisible girl's head. "Your headband is missing."'

"What!?" Toru yelled, reaching up and frantically feeling around on her head. She gasped when she felt that their team's headband was missing. "How is gone!? When did that happen!?"

"You left yourselves wide open..." Neito Monoma, a student from Class 1-B, said with a smirk as he twirled Toru's headband around his finger. "I saw an opportunity and I took it."

"Would you look at that, Eraser! It's only been a few minutes and things are already hectic! Everyone is scrambling to gather headbands! It's not just the ten million! There's plenty of other high-rollers out there!"

"We should focus on URGH!" Izuku winced as another stabbing pain shot through his head. Realizing what the pain now meant, Izuku's eyes widened slightly as he began to scan around for possible threats. Glancing down at the ground, Izuku noticed several purple orbs scattered across the ground and that Ochaco was about to step on one. "Watch where you step, Ochaco!"

"What?" Ochaco said in a confused tone, looking down at the ground. She yelped in surprise as she came to a skidding stop, narrowly avoiding stepping on the purple ball. "Wait a second, that's from Mineta, right?"

"BAH! How'd you notice!? I was so careful when I placed those." Hearing Mineta's shrill shout caused Ochaco to wince. Turning around, Izuku's team saw Shoji charging toward them, seemingly by himself. However, Izuku noticed that Shoji's wing-like arms were forming what seemed to be a protective barrier around his back. It was then that Izuku noticed Mineta's face poking out from a gap in Shoji's barrier. "You're a real pain, Midoriya!"

"Is that even legARGH!" Izuku hissed as he was hit with another stabbing pain in his head. A split second later, a long, slimy object shot out of the gap as well. Leaning back, Izuku narrowly dodged the lightning-fast attack. When the object retracted back into Shoji's barrier, Izuku saw Tsuyu's face staring back at him, realizing the slimy object was her tongue. "Tsuyu!? How many people are in there, Shoji?!"

"Good job dodging, Izuku-chan..." Tsuyu said, her tongue slightly handing out of her mouth. "But, you won't be so lucky next time."

"I'm surprised you team up with Mineta..." Izuku said as he cocked his head slightly, looking between Tsuyu and Mineta several times. "He hasn't...you know...tried anything weird?"

"You're thoughtful for being worried, Izuku-chan..." Tsuyu said, glancing over at Mineta which caused a shiver to run down his spine. "But, Mineta-chan knows what will happen if he gets any strange ideas."

"That's good to URGH!" Izuku winced as his threat detection went off again, now starting to adjust to the painful sensation. A split second later, Izuku heard an explosion come from his right. Turning toward the sound of the explosion, he wasn't surprised to see Bakugo rocketing toward him. "Kacchan! I knew you'd be coming after me!"

"I bet you're pretty full of yourself after winning that first round, Deku!" Bakugo bellowed with a devious smirk, an explosion bursting from his palm and launching forward. "Now give me that damn headband!"

"Damn it, Tokoyami won't have time to run defense! It's one me now!" Izuku thought as he raised his arm and made a flicking gesture with his hand. Green electricity began crackling in the air around Izuku as he took a deep breath, Bakugo less than ten feet away now. "Reel in the power, too much and I could knock over my team. I just want to knock Kacchan back! Delaware Smash - 2%!"

Flicking his finger forward, Izuku fired a small ball of air pressure that slammed into Bakugo. Unable to dodge, Bakugo took the attack directly in the chest. His eyes widened as he was briefly stopped in his tracks before being sent flying backward. Flipping through the air, Bakugo struggled to correct himself, using several small explosions to try and reorient himself. Just before hitting the ground, a line of tape wrapped around Bakugo's waist. His teammate Sero had rescued him, reeling him back to the rest of the team.

"Whoa! Bakugo's attack has been repelled! But is leaving your team like that really allowed!?"

"Technically it is." Midnight explained with a wink, watching the event unfold with renewed excitement. "As long as your feet don't touch the ground, you're good!"

"There you have it folks! This has been quite the event so far! Both the hotly pursued first place team...and their determined pursuers are nothing to scoff at! After nearly seven minutes of play, why don't we take a moment to examine the scores!" Pausing for a moment, Present Mic looked over the team standings. However, what he saw surprised him and pretty much everyone watching. "What's this!?"

1. (A) Team Midoriya - 10,000,325 P

2. (B) Team Monoma - 1,350 P

3. (B) Team Tetsutetsu - 1,125 P

4. (B) Team Kendo - 685 P

5. (A) Team Todoroki - 615 P

6. (B) Team Rin - 195 P

7-12. Teams Bakugo, Kodai, Tsunotori, Mineta, Shinso, and Hagakure - 0 P

"Besides Midoriya, Class A's not doing so hot! And what happened to Bakugo!? When did he lose his headband!?"

"This is too easy, Class A..." Monoma in a cocky tone said as his team sped by and swiped Bakugo's headband. "At least put up a challenge."

"Give that back you sac of shit!" Bakugo growled, glaring daggers at Monoma. "You want to die!?"

"When Midnight announced the first event, you didn't need to be a genius to realize that they wouldn't be thinning our numbers that much during the preliminary round." Monoma explained in a condescending tone as he tied Bakugo's headband around his neck. "Forty or so seemed like a reasonable amount. It was the perfect chance to hang back and observe our soon-to-be rivals' quirks and tendencies. So, it's only fair that we ended up placing more moderately."

"You're whole class was in on it?!" Kirishima exclaimed in a shocked tone as he stared wide-eyed at Monoma. "That's crazy!"

"Well, not everyone, but that would have been ideal...instead of aiming for some longshot chance at first place, like a horse chasing a carrot on a stick." Monoma said with a smirk, his team turning away from Bakugo and moving away. "Now, be a good horse can keep chasing after that carrot. I'm sure you'll get it eventually."

"..." Bakugo said nothing as his face twisted in pure, explosive fury. "Kirishima...change of plans." Looking back, Kirishima felt a chill run down his spine when he saw the murderous aura radiating off Bakugo. "Deku can wait...I'm gonna murder these cocky bastards first!"

"So, Class B was playing the long game, that's not a bad strategy..." Izuku thought, watching as Bakugo furiously chased after Monoma and other Class B teams. "I got the impression that Class B was stronger than they seemed. It seems Class A always being in the spotlight put a chip on some of their shoulders." Breathing a sigh of relief, Izuku patted Tokoyami's shoulder. "I don't think we'll need to worry about Class B targeting us."

"It's not Class B we need to worry about right now..." Tokoyami said as he came to a skidding stop. "We've got our next opponent."

"I knew you wouldn't make this easy..." Izuku said, staring down the opposing team in front of them as he balled his fist. "Todoroki."

"Your running comes to an end here, Midoriya..." Todoroki said as his eyes narrowed slightly. "We're coming for you."

"Looks like the match is already half over! Class B is on the rise, but in the end...who will be wearing that coveted ten million point crown!"

"Did you really need to add insult to injury, Monoma?" Itsuka asked in an annoyed tone, a frown spreading across her face when she saw how pissed off Bakugo was. "That was super lame."

"I guess you're right. That was not very hero-like." Monoma admitted as he shrugged his shoulders. "Plus, you hear all the time about villains getting payback against heroes they have a grudge against."

"Oi, calm the hell down, Bakugo." Kirishima said, hearing a growl rumble in Bakugo's throat as he practically shook with rage. "If you don't keep your cool we'll never get those points back."

"Oh, don't worry. Just keep moving forward, Kirishima." Bakugo said in a menacing tone as he punched his fist into his palm, setting off a small explosion. "I'm as cool as ice right now."

"I don't think we're gonna be able to avoid a fight..." Tokoyami said, Dark Shadow swirling protectively around him. "They're really gunning for you, Midoriya."

"We're halfway through the calvary battle." Izuku said as he balled his fists, his eyes narrowing in determination. "So, we've just got to keep moving and hold out a bit longer!"

"Forward, Ida!" Todoroki ordered, his team starting to rush toward Izuku's. "Yaoyorozu, prepare our defense. The insulator too."

"On it." Momo said as she began to use her quirk to create defensive objects for her team. "Sorry, Izuku, but we're winning this!"

"Kaminari..." Todoroki said, noticing several other teams were surrounding them. "Get ready to-"

"Yeah, I'm on it!" Kaminari exclaimed with a grin as electricity crackled in the air around him. "Just get ready!" Just then, Momo finished her insulator and handed it to Todoroki, who used it to shield their team. With his team now shielded, Kaminari unleashed a massive burst of electricity, hitting every other team that was around them. All the teams hit by the attack were stunned in place as electricity coursed through them. "Indiscriminate Shock: 1.3 Million Volts!"

"We've got less than six minutes. No time to waste." Todoroki said, grabbing a rod-like object Momo had created for him. Using this object, Todoroki slammed it against the ground and channeled his ice powers through it. A thick sheet of ice spread across the ground, freezing in place every team that had been hit by Kaminari's attack. "Sorry, but you guys will just get in my way."

"Wow! What's this?! Todoroki has dispatched a herd of cavalry teams with one swift attack!"

"Smart. He waited until they were stopped by Kaminari's shock before freezing them in place. Wouldn't expect any less...he must have noticed how many competitors dodged his ice during the obstacle course."

"Excellent play-by-play, Eraser!"

"I'll be taking those..." Todoroki said, snatching several other team's headbands as he sped by them. Reaching up, Todoroki tied the headbands around his neck. "Now, it's time for the main prize."

"Uh, Izuku..." Mei said in a worried tone as she noticed that the boost pack Izuku was wearing was sparking and shaking. "My baby looks fried! It must have taken a story hit from that blonde guy's electricity. Looks like Melissa and I will need to do some more tinkering."

"I don't like this, Deku..." Ochaco said, watching as Todoroki's team barreled toward them. "Without that jetpack, our mobility just went way down."

"Don't worry, I'll distract them!" Tokoyami said as Dark Shadow lept in front of him and tried to attack Todoroki's team. However, the living shadow was stopped when Momo created a shield to block its attack. Grunting in frustration, Dark Shadow retracted back to its original defensive position. "Yaoyorozu's quirk is annoying...but, I'm more worried about Kaminari. The light from his attack could destroy my defensive armor. If he uses that attack again, I don't have a shot at stopping him."

"Well, I don't think they know that, right?" Izuku said, feeling his heart race as the adrenaline pumping through him almost made him start shaking. "The only one I've ever told my weakness is Koda. But, he doesn't talk much."

"Don't worry guys..." Izuku said as his eyes narrowed in determination. "I'll make sure these ten million points stay with us."

"Oh my..." Monoma said, stopping Bakugo's team with a small explosion. "You have such a fun quirk."

"What the fuck..." Bakugo growled as he glared fiercely at Monoma. "That's my..." Lunging forward, Bakugo tried to hit Monoma with an explosion. However, he was surprised when he seemingly hit a brick wall. When the smoke cleared, Bakugo's eyes widened slightly, seeing that Monoma's skin had hardened similar to Kirishima's quirk. "Okay, this pissing me off!"

"What the hell am I lookin' at!?" Kirishima exclaimed in a confused tone, not understanding what was happening. "That's my quirk! It's like I'm staring into a damn mirror!"

"Nah, you've got things mixed up." Bakugo grumbled as he grit his teeth in frustration. "This bastard is nothing more than a god damn copy cat."

"Ding ding! Get this man a prize!" Monoma taunted with a smirk, shrugging his shoulders. "Well, any idiot could have figured that out by now." A vein visibly bulged on Bakugo's forehead as Monoma waved, his team turning away. "Aw, don't be upset. You brought this upon yourself after all. Hey...remember that pledge you made earlier? Seems kind of embarrassing now, doesn't it?" It took every ounce of restraint Bakugo had not to leap off his horse and beat Monoma to a pulp, his face twisting in barely contained fury. "Well, thanks for the points!"

"What are we going to do, Bakugo?" Mina asked as she looked up at him, wincing when she saw the look on his face. "We have zero points."

"We're going to take first place. But, not just first place, no..." Bakugo said in a menacing tone, his brow visibly twitching in anger. "I'm going to take first, to end all firsts!"

"Alright folks, there's only about one minute left! And it looks like Todoroki has made his own like arena around Midoriya's team! It looks like they're primed to snatch the ten million points at a moment's notice! But, Midoriya and his team have somehow managed to avoid them for five whole minutes! Will they be able to clinch the win!?"

"Just keep them away!" Izuku shouted as sweat dripped from his brow. "It's almost over!"

"He's keeping his distance and stays away from my left side. He's smart. The most direct route to freezing them would also hit Ida. If I let them bait me into attacking recklessly, my own ice could be our downfall." Todoroki thought, locking eyes with Izuku. "And Tokoyami keeps blocking Kaminari's electricity...we've only really got one shot left. This Midoriya guy is something else."

"Everyone." Ida said as he got his team's attention, crouching down slightly. "In the minute or so that remains...well, what I'm about to do will render me useless. Then it's up to you guys."

"They're planning something...it's their last chance." Izuku thought, watching Ida seemingly discuss something with his team. "If it's Ida's plan, it's probably going to revolve around his quirk. He must have some trump card up his sleeve." Taking a deep breath to ready himself, green electricity began to crackle around Izuku's body. "Tokoyami...be ready to grab me."

"What?" Tokoyami said in a confused tone as he looked back at Izuku. But, when he saw the determination burning in Izuku's green eyes, he nodded his head. "Alright, I trust you, Midoriya."

"Grab it, Todoroki!" Ida exclaimed, a split second before rocketing forward at a blinding speed. "Over Torque! Recipro Burst!"

Time seemed to slow for a moment as Todoroki's team shot toward Izuku at an incredible speed. However, Izuku knew that whatever Ida was planning, it would likely revolve around him using his quirk to move at an insane speed. So, the second Izuku saw Ida move even the slightest amount, he activated Full Cowling and lept into the air. And, Izuku had seemingly jumped away at the perfect moment because as soon as he jumped away from his horse, Ida was already behind his team.

"WHAT!?" Ida thought in shock as he whipped around and stared up at Izuku. "Did he predict my Recipro Burst?!"

"It's not over yet!" Izuku thought, spinning around in the air as One for All's power began to course through his arm. Taking aim at the ice wall keeping them trapped, Izuku unleashed a powerful attack. "Texas Smash - 50%!" The blast of air pressure hit the ice wall, causing it to blow open. With their escape path now open, Izuku began to fall back toward the ground. "Tokoyami!"

"Got you!" Tokoyami exclaimed as Dark Shadow shot out of him and grabbed Izuku out of the air. Once Izuku was safely back on the horse, their team quickly bolted through the hole he made for them. "Excellent work, Midoriya."

"Thank Kacchan for giving me the idea." Izuku said, looking back at Todoroki's team, briefly locking eyes with the ice user. "You almost had me there, Todoroki."

"That was incredible folks! Ida moved so fast that it was almost impossible to track him with the naked eye. But, Midoriya managed to avoid him and his team made a clean escape! I'm on the edge of my seat right now!"

"I'm sorry guys...I thought we had them there." Ida said as he released a heavy sigh and hung his head. "I elevated my tongue and RPM to an explosive degree. But, the kick has temporarily stalled my engines. It was a secret I haven't told anyone yet...but still...Midoriya managed to counter it."

"It's fine, Ida. With the points we already have, we should be fine." Momo said with a small smile, watching as Izuku's team disappeared out of sight. "Well played, Izuku. I'd expect nothing less from you."

"Momo is right, we should focus on protecting our points now." Kaminari said in a slightly groggy tone as he looked a bit disorientated after using his quirk so much. "With Ida's engines out, let's play defense and run out the clock."

"Izuku Midoriya..." Todoroki thought, his eyes narrowing slightly as he balled his fist. "This is the last time you beat me."

"So, that has still managed to hang onto the ten million, I'm surprised." Monoma said as he looked at a screen displaying the team's rankings. "Second place, huh? Not too bad if you ask me. Let's focus on keeping the points we've got."

"Wait just one damn minute!" Monoma sighed when he heard Kirishima yell from behind him.

"You really are persistent, aren't you? That sort of stubbornness is-" Monoma stopped mid-sentence when he turned around and saw Bakugo flying toward him, less than a foot away. "Tsuburaba quick! Guard!" Inhaling deeply, Tsuburaba exhaled and used his quirk to create a solid wall of air to stop Bakugo in his tracks. "HA! How d'ya like that!?"

"If you think this will stop me..." Bakugo snarled, smashing through the air barrier with his raw strength as he reached out and snatched two of Monoma's headbands. "You're even dumber than you look!"

"Team Bakugo's stolen two, putting them in third place! A late game shake-up in the rankings! Things are heating up at the very end of the match!"

"Damn it..." Monoma muttered as he tightly clutched his last remaining headband. "We have to guard this one with our lives."

"Come on man! At least give us some heads up next time." Sero chastised, using his tape to reel Bakugo back to their horse. "But, at least you've guaranteed we move on."

"Not good enough! I ain't done yet!" Bakugo roared as he angrily pounded on Kirishima's head. "I'm not settling for some half-assed first place!" Pausing for a moment and taking a breath, Bakugo let out a long exhale. "I couldn't brace myself going at it alone. So get moving. We're taking back our points! And then the ten million!"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Kirishima said with a grin, charging after Monoma's team. "That bastard pissed me off too, so let's get some payback!"

"Soy sauce face! Use your tape now!" Bakugo exclaimed, causing Sero to grumble in annoyance before he fired out a line of tape that landed just past Monoma's team. "Raccoon eyes! Melt a path for us with your acid!"

"Want me to drop your ass!?" Mina spat in an annoyed tone before she unleashed a wave of acid from her palm, partially melting the path in front of their team. "The name's Mina! Mina Ashido you prick!"

Ignoring Mina's comments, Bakugo braced himself as he angled his arms back. Unleashing an explosion from both his palms, and using the melted path and Sero's tap, Bakugo's team rocketed toward Monoma. Another air barrier was created, but with their momentum, Bakugo's team easily smashed through it. Monoma's eyes widened as Bakugo reached out and snatched his team's last headband.

"Incredible! Bakugo is absolutely merciless! What a perfectionist! Anything worth doing is worth doing right! We're in the endgame now!"

"Where are they!?" Bakugo exclaimed frantically looking around the arena. "Deku and Todoroki!"

"Here we go, everyone! Final stretch!" Just as Bakugo spotted Izuku's team on the other side of the field, the final countdown began. Knowing he didn't have time, a growl rumbled in Bakugo's throat as he locked eyes with Izuku. "10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Time's up! Now let's see who the top four teams are right now! Somehow managing to hold onto the ten million points the entire round, in first place is Team Midoriya! In second, team Bakugo! In third, team Todoroki! And in forth, team Tetsu...wait! What?! It's team Shinso in fourth!? Okay, these four teams will proceed to the final event!"

"We did it..." Izuku thought as he breathed a sigh of relief, sitting on the ground. Looking up, Izuku watched as his teammates celebrated their victory. "But I couldn't have done it without my team."

"We'll proceed to the afternoon portion after a one-hour lunch break! See you all then! Hey, Eraser, want to grab some food?"

"You know your mic's still on, right?"

"That was excellent, young Midoriya!" All Might thought with a large grin, standing up from his seat and applauding his pupil's performance. "You and your team truly did an outstanding job!"

"I can really see why All Might picked this kid..." Rumi thought as she looked down at the field, watching Izuku sit on the ground and catch his breath. "He's fucking something else."

"What the hell happened to us?" Some of the students from Class B discussed amongst themselves, all of them confused as to what happened. "How'd we end up with zero points?"

"That sucked." Tsuyu said in a mildly upset tone, approaching Mina. "But congrats all the same, Mina."

"Bah, what really sucked was having to team up with Bakugo. He only picked me as a counter against Todoroki's ice." Mina grumbled as she rubbed the back of her head. "So, this win really doesn't say anything about my own strength."

"Don't sell yourself short, Mina." Momo said, waving as she joined up with her long-time friend. "That combo your team pulled at the end was amazing."

"It really was something!" Ochaco said with a bubbly smile as she popped up from behind Mina, causing her to jump in surprise. "It's so awesome you two are moving to the next round too!"

"It feels like I'm being left out." Kyoka said, shoving her hands into her pockets as she walked up to the group. "Tsuyu and I are the only ones not going to the next round."

"You both did great! Don't beat yourselves up." Ochaco said as she tried to cheer her friends up. "I'm just lucky I had good teammates. Without them, I wouldn't have stood a chance."

"Where are your teammates by the way?" Tsuyu asked, pressing a finger to her chin as she cocked her head slightly. "I don't see them anywhere."

"Tokoyami went to get something to eat...Mei ran off to meet with some girl named Melissa, she yelled about them having to do some work on their babies." Ochaco said as she turned toward one of the tunnels that led out of the stadium. "As for Deku..."

"I'm here..." Izuku said as he stood across from Todoroki, locking eyes with him. "You wanted to talk? Well, let's talk..."

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