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"All Might"

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(Three Months After Izuku's Accident)

"Well, it looks like Izuku has been making a steady recovery. His broken bones have healed up rather nicely, so we will be removing his casts tomorrow. The various lacerations he received all over his body have all healed as well, but they will leave some pretty nasty scars." A doctor said, looking through Izuku's various charts and reports. After flipping through the last few pages, the doctor set Izuku's clipboard back down on the end of his bed. "If everything goes well, he should be able to start physical therapy in the next few days. Then if he works hard and sticks with it, he just may be able to walk again."

"That's fantastic news!" Inko said with a massive smile as she gently squeezed her son's hand and breathed a sigh of relief. "About Izuku's scars though...is there anything we can do about those?"

"Unfortunately there's nothing we can really do." The doctor explained, slowly shaking his head. "They will fade and grow lighter over time, but they likely will never fully disappear."

"It's fine, mom!" Izuku cheered as a grin spread across his face. "I don't mind them! In fact, I think they make me look tough!"

"They sure do." Inko said, forcing back tears as she reached up and gently cupped Izuku's cheek. "You're such a brave boy, Izuku."

"I must agree." The doctor said with a smile, walking over and gently placing a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "After everything you've been through-"

"IZUKU!" An energetic voice exclaimed just before the door to the room burst open, which the doctor off mid-sentence. In the blink of an eye, a brown-haired blur darted across the room and leaped onto Izuku's hospital bed. A split second later, Izuku felt a small pair of arms wrap around him and something nuzzling against his chest. Looking down, he wasn't surprised to see that Ochaco Uraraka was smiling brightly at him. "I came to see you again!"

"Hi, Ochaco!" Izuku cheered, chuckling when he felt the brunette's hair brush against his face. "It's good to see you again!"

"I'm so sorry, doctor." A nurse said as she stood in the doorway, panting slightly. "I tried to stop her, but she just ran right passed me."

"It's fine." The doctor said with a smile, before patting Izuku on the shoulder and walking towards the door. "Let's give them some privacy. I'll be back later to check up on little Izuku."

"Hello there, Ochaco-chan!" Inko said cheerfully as she ruffled the young girl's hair. "You wanted to see Izuku again today?"

"Mhm!" Ochaco replied, nodding her happily and continuing to snuggle up against Izuku. "I'll come to see Izuku every day that I can!"

"Heh, she sure gets excited whenever we come here." Ochaco's father said with a grin as he leaned against the doorway. "It looks like my Ochaco has taken a real shining to your boy."

"Ah, Kazuya-san, it's nice to see you again." Inko said politely, getting up from her seat and making her way over towards the door. "And yes, it looks like Izuku and Ochaco are best friends already."

"Yeah...and I have your boy to thank for that...without him doing what he did...I..." Kazuya said as he rubbed the back of his head, looking as if he were fighting back tears. "Quirkless or not, your boy is a hero, Inko...my little girl is still here because of him."

"I know Kazuya-san, you bring it up every time we see each other." Inko said with a small smile, before glancing back at her son. Her smile widened when she saw that Ochaco appeared to be energetically recalling the events of her day, with Izuku nodding and laughing occasionally. "I just have this feeling that Izuku will do something special when he grows up, and I'm sure Ochaco will be right there with him."

"I think you're onto something there..." Kazuya said with a light chuckle, moments before he balled his fists. "Listen Inko...with how long Izuku has been in the hospital...I'm sure it's been getting really expensive...I really wished you'd let me-"

"Stop right there." Inko cut Kazuya off, holding up her hand. "Kazuya-san, I don't want to hear this again. I will not let you bankrupt your family paying for Izuku's medical bills. You've told me yourself, money is tight for your family right now, you can't afford to be paying for something like this."

"How are you paying for this then?" Kazuya asked in a frustrated as he crossed his arms over his chest. "This has to be putting some serious stress on your family."

"We're fine. We have a special benefactor helping us pay for Izuku's treatments." Inko said with a wink before she wrapped an arm around Kazuya's shoulder and gently guided him out of the room. "Now that's enough of that. Why don't we go get some coffee and talk about something a little less serious? You can tell me how Ayame is doing!"

"Looks like our parents are stepping out for a bit." Izuku said, glancing down at Ochaco and smiling. "What do you want to talk about now?"

"Hey, Izuku..." Ochaco muttered, her usual bubbly demeanor faltering for a moment. Reaching out, Ochaco gently poked Izuku's cast covered arm. "Does it still hurt?"

"Not really." Izuku replied, noticing that Ochaco was now tightly gripping the blanket on his bed, looking as if she was about to start crying. Smiling softly, Izuku reached out with his good arm and patted the top of Ochaco's head. "Don't worry, the doctor said most of my injuries healed up really well! I'll even be getting my casts removed tomorrow!"

"Most of your injuries?" Ochaco asked as she gazed up at Izuku, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "Is there something they can't fix?"

"Uh...sort of..." Izuku replied, turning his head away and looking out the window. He couldn't look Ochaco in the eyes right now, he didn't want to see her crying. "The doctor said that my spine was messed up pretty bad...and there's a chance...I may never walk again."

"WHAT!?" Ochaco exclaimed as she suddenly sat up on her knees, leaning even closer to Izuku, her face only a few inches from his. "You can't be serious!"

"Don't worry, Ochaco! I'll definitely be able to walk!" Izuku said with a nervous chuckle, backing further away from Ochaco, trying to get some breathing room. Just then, his conversation with All Might flashed through his mind, reminding him that he still had a chance to become a hero one day. "I have to have to walk again..."

"I'm sorry, Izuku..." Ochaco said quietly as a few tears fell down her cheeks. "This is all my fault. If I didn't run into the street-"

"Please don't blame yourself, Ochaco. It's really not your fault." Izuku said, patting Ochaco's head once again, which seemed to calm her down a bit. "If anything, I'm the one to-"

"OW! Don't hit me, you damn hag!" Izuku was cut off by someone screaming outside the door to his room. "Touch me again and I'll kill you!"

"HUH!? Say that again, you little shit!" Another voice shouted in response, this one sounding more feminine. "Keep talking back to me and I'll ground you for a year!"

"Uh oh..." Izuku said, releasing a light sigh and throwing his head back onto the pillow. "I recognize those voices."

Just then, the door to the room opened, and in stepped a woman who appeared to be around Inko's age and a young boy. They both had spiky, ash blonde hair and red eyes, with the woman ushering the boy into the room and him looking quite annoyed.

"Izuku, who are these people?" Ochaco whispered as she glanced at the newcomers. "They're really loud and look kinda scary."

"That's Katsuki Bakugo and his mom, Mitsuki." Izuku replied, watching Mitsuki guide Katsuki over towards his bed. After patting Ochaco's head once again, Izuku smiled at his new visitors. "Hello, Mrs. Bakugo! Kacchan!"

"Grrr! I told you to stop calling me that!" Katsuki growled as he stomped his foot. "Stupid-"

"Your friend is in the hospital, be nice to him!" Mitsuki exclaimed, before smacking Katsuki upside the head. Releasing a light sigh to calm herself, Mitsuki turned and smiled at Izuku. "How are you doing Izuku?"

"I'm good!" Izuku replied with a grin as he gave Mitsuki a thumbs up. "The doctor said that I'm healing really well and I'm even getting my casts taken off tomorrow! Then after that, I start my physical therapy!"

"That's good to hear." Mitsuki said, before pulling up a chair and sitting beside Izuku's bed. "Katsuki was getting really worried about you and begged me to come down here and see you."

"I was not!" Katsuki yelled as his entire face burned bright red. "There's no way I'd be worried about, Deku!"

"Oi, I told you to drop that mean nickname." Mitsuki hissed, glaring fiercely at her son. "You better stop with that."

"I don't think Deku is a bad nickname." Ochaco suddenly spoke up as she smiled brightly up at Izuku. "It screams 'do your best' to me. I kinda like it."

"Heh...I never thought of it like that..." Izuku muttered, a faint blush dusting across his cheeks. After a few moments, Izuku smiled brightly and nodded his head. "It's okay Mrs. Bakugo, I don't mind being called Deku."

"Oh, and who might this cutie this be?" Mitsuki said as she reached out and playfully pinched Ochacho's pudgy cheek, causing the young girl to pout in embarrassment. "I don't think I've seen you hanging around little Izuku before."

"This is Ochaco Uraraka." Izuku answered, causing the young girl to perk up slightly. "She's...the girl I saved."

"Ah, so this is the little girl you risked your life to save?" Mitsuki said as she brushed some hair out of Ochaco's face. "You're one lucky girl, Izuku put his life on the line to rescue you." Leaning in closer, Mitsuki whispered into the young girl's ear. "Make sure to keep him close, I have a feeling that a lot of other girls are going to be fighting for Izuku's attention in the future."

"Huh?" Ochaco said in a confused tone, cocking her head slightly. "What are you talking about?"

"You'll understand when you're older." Mitsuki said with a wink before she sat back in her seat. "So Izuku, your mom told me that All Might has visited you a few times. What's he like in person?"

"Yeah! He's so cool! " Izuku exclaimed, his eyes lighting up with excitement. "All Might visits me every other day! We talk a lot and he's told me so many awesome stories!"

"Yeah right!" Katsuki scoffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "You've never even met All Might!"

"DID SOMEONE SAY MY NAME?!" A booming and energetic voice boisterously exclaimed, moments before the door to the room burst open. Katsuki stared in slack-jawed wonder as All Might himself ducked underneath the doorway and waltzed into the room. With a massive smile plastered on his face, All Might strutted over towards Izuku's bed and gave the young boy a friendly salute. "Hello, young Midoriya! How are you feeling today?!"

"Hey, All Might! I'm doing great!" Izuku cheered, practically bouncing in his hospital bed. With a cheeky smirk, Izuku glanced at a shell-shocked Katsuki. "It's great to see you again!"

"It's great to see you again too!" All exclaimed before he let out a hearty laugh, resting his hands on his hips. "I'll always make time to visit my biggest fan!" Bending down, All Might gently patted Ochaco on the head with his massive hand. "And it's nice to see you again, little Ochaco!"

"Heh heh, hello Mr. All Might!" Ochaco said as she chuckled and hid her face in her hands.

"HA! HA! You two are so adorable!" All Might proclaimed, before turning towards Mitsuki and Katsuki, finally acknowledging them. Walking over, All Might crouched down in front of Katsuki, the young boy's mouth agape in shock. "Oho, and who might you be? A friend of young Midoriya's?"

"Y-Y-You're...A-A...All...Might..." Katsuki stuttered out as his breathing became faster and faster. Suddenly he began to wobble slightly, falling unconscious a few moments later.

"Oh geez..." Mitsuki said, releasing a heavy sigh and getting out of her seat. Picking her son up, Mitsuki placed Katsuki down on the chair she had been sitting in. "This damn kid, he gets overexcited so easily." Turning back around, Mitsuki saw the concerned look on All Might's face. "Don't worry, he's fine. You just really surprised him."

"See..." Izuku said with a smile as he leaned off the bed to look at Mitsuki and Katsuki. "I told you that I knew All Might!"

(Four Weeks Later)

"Come Izuku, keep it up!" His physical therapist encouraged, watching the young boy struggling to hold himself upright. "You've finally managed to stand up on your own, now let's take that first step! You can do it!"

"RAAAAHHH!" Izuku exclaimed as he tightly gripped the bars he was using to support himself, the muscles in his arms burning. Sweat poured off Izuku's brow as his legs began to buckle. A few moments later, Izuku collapsed to the ground, panting heavily. "I-It...it hurts..."

"Don't worry buddy, you're doing an amazing job." The physical therapist said with a smile, before handing Izuku a water bottle. "After you drink this, how about we stop for today?"

"No." Izuku said as he grabbed the bottle of water and took several long gulps. "I can keep going...I need to keep going."

"Okay then, I like the enthusiasm." The physical therapist said with a smile, patting the young boy on the shoulder. "Why don't we take a small break then? I need to talk with your mom for a minute."

"Okay..." Izuku said as he nodded his head, taking another gulp of water. "I need to catch my breath anyway."

"How's he doing?" Inko asked, watching Izuku try to pep himself up once again. "It looks like he's struggling."

"Quite the opposite actually." The physical therapist said with a smile as she stood next to Inko. "For most people, it takes months, sometimes even years, to get where Izuku is now. For him to be standing up already, even with support, is simply amazing. You should be proud of your son."

"I am proud of him." Inko said, quickly wiping away a tear that had formed in her eye. "He's working so hard every day."

"I've been doing this job for a long time and I've worked with a lot of patients..." The physical therapist said as she released a light sigh. "For most people...they just seem to give up hope after they don't start seeing results after a few sessions...the road to recovery is long and difficult, and some people can't make that journey...but your boy is different, it's quite refreshing. He's optimistic and wants to work every day...it gives me hope that he will make a full recovery one day."

"I know he'll do it." Inko said with a small smile, locking eyes with the physical therapist. "My Izuku is a fighter and I know he'll overcome this."

"Then young Midoriya, I believe you are worthy to inherit my power. But before you gain my power young Midoriya, you must do one thing! You have to overcome your injures, strengthen your body, and walk once again! If you choose to walk down this path, I will be with you every step of the way and mold you into a hero worthy of my quirk! Now young Midoriya, are you prepared to join me on this long journey!?" All Might's words rang through Izuku's mind as he stared down at his water bottle, a picture of Japan's number one hero plastered on the side of it, smiling brightly at him. A sudden rush of determination flowed through Izuku as he set down the water bottle and gripped the railings above him. With a grunt, Izuku began to pull himself up, the muscles in his arms straining. After a few more moments of struggling, Izuku managed to get back onto his feet. The young boy's legs were wobbling, but he wasn't going to fall down yet. Izuku tried to take a step forward, but his body wasn't listening to him. Breathing through grit teeth, Izuku tried to raise his leg up, but it felt like he was trying to lift a bag of bricks. Huffing in frustration, Izuku tightly gripped the railings he was using for support. With a fiery determination burning in his emerald green eyes, Izuku inhaled deeply to ready himself. "I will become a hero! A hero just as amazing and strong as All Might! I will be a hero who can save everyone!"

"Once we're done with today's session, I believe we should-" The physical therapist stopped mid-sentence when she glanced over and spotted Izuku. Her eyes slowly widened as she watched Izuku take an awkward step forward. "I-I don't believe it."

"What are you-" Inko suddenly gasped, watching as her son took another shaky step, tears forming in her eyes. Sniffling to fight back her tears, Inko cupped her hands over her mouth. "Oh my god, it's amazing."

"Look, mom!" Izuku exclaimed, a massive smile spreading across his face as he took another small step forward. "I'm doing it!"

(10 Years Later: Central Musutafu)

"Hmmm, if I hurry up I should be able to get some training in with All Might before class starts." Izuku thought as he stared down at his notebook, quickly scribbling down a few new additions. With a smile, Izuku closed the notebook and slipped it back into his backpack. "I can't believe it's already been ten years since my accident."

Izuku looked down, marveling at how much his body had changed over the years. After he had taken his first steps, it took almost another three months of therapy before he could walk without support, and even then he still had a slight limp in his step. Almost immediately after he was able to walk again, Izuku wanted nothing more than for All Might to start training him. But All Might refused until Izuku's body made a full recovery, instead he instructed the young boy to study because a great hero needed brains as well as brawn. And that's exactly what Izuku did, spending as much time as he could studying and learning, with Ochaco sometimes even joining him as well. This continued for almost six years, with Izuku gaining immense knowledge on both heroics and academics.

Once Izuku was ten years old, his limp was all but gone and his spine had made a full recovery. This is when All Might had finally agreed to start training Izuku. All Might was tough, yet caring when training Izuku. They started off fairly simple with basic strength and cardio training, but gradually over time the intensity of Izuku's training increased. He went from only running a few laps around a track to having to run a literal marathon. But what All Might focused on the most was Izuku's strength training. All Might had explained how his quirk worked and Izuku knew he would have to strengthen his body tremendously. So for the past four years, Izuku has been training with All Might nearly every day, and the results were fairly noticeable. While Izuku's body wasn't even close to as massive as All Might's, it was still packed with new lean and powerful muscles. Even without a quirk, Izuku knew that at least physically he was the strongest kid in his middle school, even more than his frienemy Katsuki.

During these years of training, Izuku had gotten a lot closer to Ochaco. The bubbly brunette was practically inseparable from him, going with him nearly everywhere. The only place she didn't go with him was school and that's because her family lived on the other side of town, and they couldn't afford to send her to his school. But that didn't stop her from being with him whenever possible. Along with his study sessions, Ochaco had decided that she was going to join him during his training with All Might as well. Because of her parent's financial troubles, Ochaco had decided at a young age that she would become a hero and help out with their money problems. Both Izuku and All Might were more than happy to allow her to join but kept the true reason for their training secret for now.

Izuku stopped reminiscing when the ground beneath him began to rumble, followed by loud crashing sounds in the distance. A grin spread across Izuku's face as he took off sprinting towards the commotion, knowing what the cause likely was. Skidding around a corner, Izuku spotted a fairly large crowd gathered outside a nearby train station. Almost instantly, he spotted a massive man with a monstrous appearance wreaking havoc in the station. Izuku's excitement only grew as whipped out his notebook once again, eager to take some new notes. His eyes widened in pure joy when he spotted that it was the hero Kamui Wood who was fighting the villain.

"All Might introduced me to Kamui Wood once before, but I've never had a chance to see how he fights in person!" Izuku thought as he quickly drew a couple of quick sketches. The crowd let out a flurry of cheers when Kamui Wood's arm morphed into over a dozen razor-sharp spears, all of them launching towards the villain he was fighting. "Oh, that's an interesting quirk, it must be useful at long and close range."


Just then, the ground began to tremble once again. Looking up from his notebook, Izuku's eyes widened in surprise when a towering woman ran in and hit the villain devastating kick. The new hero on the scene was a voluptuous young woman who had purple eyes with white pupils, with elegantly long eyelashes. She had long, voluminous, creamy blonde hair that reached down to her waist, with two shorter strands curled to frame her face, parted slightly to her left. Her hero costume was composed of a purple and pale tan-colored skintight bodysuit, which was accented with orange stripes. The suit also had a pair of purple gloves with orange accents on the edge of the cuff. This design was also shared with her boots, which were cut off at the thigh in a deep v-shape. The suit also had three peculiar orange diamond-shaped designs on the purple top that were located under her chest, and she also wore a purple domino mask with horn-like protrusions on the sides. The villain the woman had kicked was sent flying backward, crashing through a nearby wall. When the dust began to settle, it was clear that the villain was unconscious.

"Wait...I recognize her..." Izuku thought, his eyes narrowing slightly as he tried to remember where he had seen the giantess before. "AH! That's right! All Might and I ran into her once! She was trying to make her debut as a hero and All Might wanted to help her out, but he ended up defeating the villain by himself. She was really upset with All Might after that...I think her name was Mt. Lady?"

"Today, I finally made my debut!" Mt. Lady exclaimed with a grin as she hoisted the villain up by his leg, slapping a series of restraints on him. "Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mt. Lady!"

A few minutes later, the police arrived on the scene and Mt. Lady shrunk down to her normal size. She was quickly swarmed by the crowd and various reporters as she handed the villain over to the police. Mt. Lady smiled brightly as she eagerly answered any questions the reporters had for her, taking the spotlight completely away from Kamui Wood. However, as Mt. Lady basked in the glow of her new fans, a green-haired boy standing away from the crowd caught her eye.

"Gigantification, such a useful quirk..." Izuku thought as he drew a quick sketch of Mt. Lady and added several notes next to her picture. "Although, the damage to public property might become a problem. I wonder if-"

"Oi!" Izuku was pulled from his thoughts when someone suddenly shouted in his face and yanked the notebook from his hands. Looking up, Izuku was surprised to see Mt. Lady staring at him, an annoyed look on her face. "I recognize you kid. You were with All Might when ruined he my last debut."

"Y-Yeah, he's still really sorry about that." Izuku said in a nervous tone as he rubbed the back of his head. "He was only trying to help out, but he kinda went overboard."

"That's for sure." Mt. Lady said with a light sigh, shrugging her shoulders. "Anyway, what are you doing standing here and muttering to yourself kid? Shouldn't you be in school or something?"

"I was actually on my way there right now, but then I heard all commotion." Izuku said as his face began to flush red in embarrassment. "I figured it might be a good chance to take some new notes."

"Notes?" Mt. Lady in a confused tone, looking at the notebook in her hands. Curiosity getting the better of her, she began to scan through the pages. After each new page she read her eyes slowly widened. Every page she saw was completely filled, packed full of detailed pictures, theories, and observations. She was surprised even further when she got to what seemingly appeared to be her own page. In only a few short minutes, this kid had written dozens of ways to utilize and possibly strengthen her quirk, even coming up with possible additions to her costume to improve it. "Kid...did you seriously do all this?"

"Yes, it's part of my training." Izuku replied as he smiled, tightly gripping the straps of his backpack. "I need to learn everything about becoming an amazing hero, kinda like you! The way you came in and defeated that villain was so awesome!."

"Amazing!?" Mt. Lady exclaimed, using Izuku's notebook to hide her blushing face, feeling her pride swell tremendously. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Mt. Lady handed back Izuku's notebook. "So you wanna become a hero, eh? What's your quirk?"

"I...don't have one yet..." Izuku answered as he slipped the notebook back into his backpack. Talking about being quirkless used to depress him, but now it filled him with a sense of determination. "But that'll change soon enough."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Mt. Lady asked in a confused tone, quirking an eyebrow. "A kid your age should have had his quirk appear a long time ago."

"Ah, it's nothing..." Izuku said as he waved his hands defensively, realizing his slip-up. "I really should be getting to school. Good luck with your hero work."

"Hold on!" Mt. Lady exclaimed, reaching out and grabbing Izuku's shoulder before he could run off. "One last thing before you go...what's your name kid?"

"Oh, sorry for not properly introducing myself. My name is Izuku Midoriya." Izuku said with a smile before he took off running again. "I do need to get going! I'll see you around Mt. Lady!"

"Izuku Midoriya..." Mt. Lady muttered, watching the energetic young boy dash around a corner. "I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about that kid."

(Later that Day: Aldera Junior High)

"You're all about to enter high school...so you should all start thinking about your futures...I would give you all one of these sheets..." Izuku's homeroom teacher said as he held up a stack of papers. A smirk suddenly spread across the teacher's face, before he tossed the papers in the air, causing the entire classroom to burst into cheers. "But I know you all want to be heroes!" Several students in the class even let off their quirks, forcing the teacher to try and calm their excitement. "Yes, yes, you all have magnificent quirks. But please don't use them on school grounds."

"Oi, sensei!" Katsuki boisterously exclaimed from the back of the room, kicking his feet up on his desk. "Don't lump me in with all these other losers! My quirk outshines all of their crappy ones!"

"Get the hell over yourself Katsuki!"

"Yeah! Shut yer damn mouth!"

"HA! You're the ones who should shut the hell up!" Katsuki yelled as he threw his head back and laughed. "You background extras should act like extras!"

"Man, does Kacchan always have to be so loud..." Izuku thought, before releasing a heavy sigh. Turning around in his seat, Izuku watched as several annoyed classmates gathered around Katsuki's desk. "He always has to start something."

"Watch your language Bakugo..." The teacher said as he sat back down at his desk. "Aren't you aiming to enter U.A. University one day? You might want to change your attitude."

"For real!?"

"I hear the cutoff score this year is 85!"

"They barely even accept anyone!"

"Would ya all stop yammering!" Katsuki exclaimed, jumping on top of his desk so that he stood over everyone. "I aced the mock exam! I'm the only one in this damn class who can get into U.A.!" A cocky smirk spread across Katsuki's face as he let out another hearty laugh. "One day I'll even surpass All Might and become the greatest hero ever! Not to mention I'll be super rich and popular too!"

"Oh, aren't you also gunning for U.A. Midoriya?" The teacher asked which caused Katsuki to deflate immediately and the rest of the class to fall silent.

"Oh boy, here we go..." Izuku groaned in his head, knowing full well what was about to happen. Everyone in the class turned to face him before they all burst out laughing. "There it is."

"HUH?! Midoriya?! No way!"

"You may be strong and have good grades, but you can't get in without a quirk!"

"Ugh, how many times do I have to explain this..." Izuku said in a frustrated tone as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Something like this has never-"

"Get real, Deku!" Katsuki roared, slamming his hand onto Izuku's desk, which caused a small explosion. Everyone in the class, minus Izuku, flinched because of the sudden blast. "Forget about crappy quirks! You have no damn quirk! Are you trying to get yourself killed or something!?"

"We've been over this Kacchan." Izuku said as he released a light sigh and locked eyes with Katsuki. "I know you're worried about me, but I'll be fine. I do actually have a plan."

"Tch, I ain't worried about shit!" Katsuki barked, turning his head away to hide his flushed cheeks. "I know you saved some little girl once, but don't get-"

"Her name is Ochaco." Izuku said as he slammed his own hand onto the desk, standing up out of his seat. Now face to face Katsuki, he shot him an annoyed glare. "You've met her a bunch of times, please use her name."

"Whatever..." Katsuki scoffed, before angrily whipping around and storming away. "Don't come crying to me when you end up getting hurt!"

"Can he just be honest for once in his damn life..." Izuku muttered underneath his breath as he plopped back down into his seat. "I think we'd get along better if he did."

(Several Hours Later: After School is Over)

"Man, the incident with Mt. Lady is all over the internet..." Izuku thought as he scrolled through his Twitter feed, seeing dozens of tweets about the fight. After a few more minutes of web browsing, Izuku put his phone away and stood up out of his seat. "I better get going, All Might said he had something important to tell me." However, as Izuku reached down to grab his notebook full of hero notes, it was suddenly snatched off his desk. Looking up, Izuku wasn't surprised to see that Katsuki was standing in front of him. "What is it now, Kacchan?"

"Oi, don't get snippy with me fucker..." Katsuki growled, his eyes narrowing slightly. "We ain't finished with our earlier discussion."

"I think we are." Izuku said as he held out his hand, beckoning for Katsuki to give back his stolen possession. "Now give me back my notebook."

"Forget the damn notebook." Katsuki said, before raising his hand, small explosions crackling in his palm. "We still have-"

"Oh no you don't!" Izuku exclaimed as he suddenly vaulted over his desk and tackled Katsuki to the ground. Katsuki was so surprised by the sudden action, that he didn't even try to stop Izuku from taking his notebook back. Quickly dusting the notebook off, Izuku tucked it into his backpack. "I put a lot of effort into this. If you want to still talk, you can do it without destroying my things."

"You bastard..." Katsuki growled, sitting up on his elbows. "I'm trying to help you...so stay the hell away from U.A."

"Kacchan, I have a plan on how to get into U.A. University...it's just gonna take a little bit more time..." Izuku said as he crouched down and offered Katsuki had his hand. "Just trust me, okay?"

"Tch, you keep saying that!" Katsuki exclaimed, before slapping Izuku's hand away. "What the hell plan could you possibly have?! If you take U.A.'s entrance exam, you're gonna get yourself killed!"

"You'll just have to wait and see..." Izuku said with a smile as he patted Katsuki on the shoulder, walking out of the room. "I'll see you later Kacchan!"

(Thirty Minutes Later: Takoba Municipal Beach Park)

"This place brings back so many memories..." Izuku said, watching the waves slowly crash against the shore. Breathing in the fresh air, Izuku took a seat on the soft, white sand. Picking up a handful of sand, Izuku watched as fell through his fingers. "I remember when this place was a literal garbage dump."

"And you're the one who cleaned it up." A familiar voice spoke from behind Izuku, causing a massive smile to spread across his face. Jumping back onto his feet, Izuku spun around and saw All Might smiling at him. However, his excitement faded slightly when he saw that the number one hero wasn't in his usual muscular form. "I'm glad you could make it here so quickly, young Midoriya."

"No problem All Might." Izuku said as he glanced down at All Might's side. "How's your wound holding up?"

"You're still worrying about that?" All Might asked, before chuckling softly and shrugging his shoulders. Japan's number hero had been seriously injured four years earlier in a battle against a villain named Toxic Chainsaw. His respiratory system was ripped to shreds and his stomach had to removed, which lead to him becoming quite emaciated. Because of these debilitating injuries, All Might could only do active hero work for a few hours each day. "I keep telling you I'm fine...it's more important now than ever that you be ready to inherit my powers."

"I know..." Izuku said in a dejected tone as he stared down at his feet. "I just wish I could have helped you."

"You were just a young boy when this happened, there's nothing you could have done." All Might said, patting Izuku on the shoulder. "That's in the past now, so let's not dwell on it."

"You're right." Izuku said with a smile as he perked back up. "So what did want to talk about? You made it sound pretty urgent."

"That's because it is urgent." All Might explained, now placing both his hands on Izuku's shoulders, locking eyes with his pupil. "Young Midoriya, you've overcome so much in a short amount of time. You not only beat a potentially crippling injury, but then you spent the next several years intensely training your body. As you are right now, I don't think you could be a better vessel for One for All."

"You don't mean..." Izuku said as he felt his heart begin to race, his entire body shaking in anticipation.

"Yes, you're ready now." All Might said with a massive smile, transforming into his muscular form. "It's time for you to inherit my quirk." Reaching up, All Might plucked a strand of hair from his head. "There's a huge difference between those who were born with a silver spoon and those who worked their butts off to earn it! Remember this always young Midoriya, you've earned this power, fair and square."

"Thank you, All Might." Izuku said as he bowed slightly, doing his best to fight back his tears. "Now, how do we do this?"

"Oh, that's quite simple." All Might said, thrusting the strand of hair towards Izuku. "Just eat this."

"H-Huh..." Izuku said as his eyes widened in shock, feeling a chill run down his spine. "A-Are you serious?"

"Well all you have to do is ingest my DNA." All Might explained, nervously chuckling as he rubbed the back of his head. "I figured this way is the least gross...unless you wanna drink my blood?"

"I'll do it this way!" Izuku exclaimed as he grabbed the strand of hair and shoved it into his mouth. Taking a deep breath, Izuku swallowed All Might's hair, a disgusted shiver running down his spine. After a few moments of nothing happening, Izuku quirked an eyebrow. "Hey...I don't feel-" Izuku stopped mid-sentence when he felt immense power welling up in his body. A small shockwave exploded off Izuku, as his veins began to glow bright red, and green electricity crackled around him. Izuku couldn't help but laugh joyously as he felt incredible strength coursing through him. "H-HA! I-I THINK IT'S WORKING!"

"Oh...Oh my goodness..." All Might said in awe, feeling an immense sense of pride. "He really did it."

"That was amazing, All Might!" Izuku cheered as the power flowing through him began to fade away, his body returning to normal. "I have your quirk now!"

"Yes, everything is working out well." All Might said, wrapping an arm around Izuku's shoulder, turning so that they were both looking towards the setting Sun. "But now the next leg of your training begins, young Midoriya. You may have my quirk now, but now it's time for you to cultivate it. The next step on your journey is preparing to enter U.A. Univesity!"

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