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Summary: Naruto died of old age. Years later Naruto was reborn as the son of Bardock and Gine born 2 years before Planet Vegeta's destruction. Born with a high power level, he was sent off the world by his parents to Earth for his own safety. On earth, he grew up and became a strong warrior. Watch/Read as he becomes the strongest... Strong, Smart Naruto... Few Of the characters will be Stronger than canon.

"Hello" - normal talking

'Hello' - thoughts


Planet Vegeta (Two years before its destruction)

Tonight was a happy moment for Gine and Bardock. Gine just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Bardock was happy that his newborn son is healthy. The doctors were making sure the baby was okay and checking his power level.

Bardock was a low-class Saiyan. He was a tall man of muscular build with black hair. His hair was unkempt with three bangs hanging to the right of his forehead and two hanging to the left. His hair also stands up in the front with five spikes and four in the back. He has a long thick rough scar running down his left cheek. He has a long prehensile tail with brown fur. He was wearing a dark blue and green Battle Armor, dark blue combat pants, long red armbands with matching leg warmers, and black and green boots.

Gine was a low-class Saiyan too. Gine was a woman of average height and curvaceous body. Womanly hips that held her juicy plump ass that just showed off her curvy body. She has a D-cup breast. She has a lighter-pale skin complexion, onyx eyes, and shaggy black hair reaching her shoulders. She has a long prehensile tail with Black fur. Currently, she is wearing a hospital gown.

"Power level 1000," The doctor said in shock. He checked again with his scouter but he got the same result. The other doctors were shocked as well. They quickly informed the parents.

"WHAT" Both Bardock and Gine shouted in shock. A low-class Saiyan born with a high power level was unusual. Gine was feeling very proud of her newborn son, so was Bardock .. BUT

'If the king hears about this, he will harm my son' Bardock thought.

He looked at his sleeping son through the glass of the incubation chamber. The doctors are low-class Saiyans as well, so they knew what was going through Bardock's mind. So the parents and the doctors decided to keep the baby's power level secret.

Bardock and Gine returned to their home with their newborn son. Gine went to sleep as she was feeling very tired from giving birth. Bardock didn't sleep that night. He was thinking all night long.

In the Morning Gine woke up fully healed but still felt a little tired. She went to her son's room where she found her mate sitting near the incubation chamber where their son was sleeping.

"Bardock?!" Gine called "Are you all right?"

Bardock looked at his wife "Yeah I'm fine" He stood up and went to his mate and kissed her. Gine kissed him back.

"Were you up all night?" Gine looked at him "What were you doing?"

"I was just thinking," Bardock said and went near the incubation chamber "About what should we do with our son"

"What do you mean?" Gine was starting to get worried.

"Our son was born with a High power level." Bardock looked at Gine "You know how king Vegeta is. If he hears about our son, he will banish our son, or worse he will kill him." Bardock said as he balled his fist in anger.

"What should we do Bardock?" Gine started to get worried.

"We are going to send our son to another planet," Bardock said with a straight face.

"WHAT?!" Gine screamed, "You gotta be kidding!"

"King Vegeta will not take the news of our son's power level well, to protect him we must send him away," Bardock said, causing his mate to look at him in surprise.

"Have you gone insane? Why would we abandon our son like that." Gine screamed at Bardock "He is just a newborn baby"

Bardock looks at Gine "I'm not going to send our son now." He looks at his son, "We should wait one or two years."

"I'm not sure about This Bardock, " Gine said in a worried voice. "Is there no other way?"

"No, Gine you have to think about our son's future. If we don't do this our son will die" Bardock tried to reason with Gine. Gine frowned and nodded.

"We haven't even named him yet," Gine said looking at the incubation chamber. They both looked at their sleeping son.

[Baby Naruto's appearance: Think of newborn Vegito. His hair color is dark brown to reddish upper style stands firmly upwards like Vegeta, while having Goku's hairline and has two bangs sticking out like a downward "V" shape]

"Nardock. Our son's name will be Nardock" Gine said with a smile. Bardock nodded as they watched him sleep and they started to think about the future...

Two Years Letter

"Bardock" "Bardock"

Bardock Started to wake up as he turned to look at his ship's pilot "What is it?"

"We have almost arrived on planet Vegeta," The pilot said and he looked at his home planet "Feels good be home!"


"What do you think about all this? Must be very important that Frieza ordered all the Saiyans to assemble," The pilot said.

"I don't know," Bardock said.

"Maybe the bastard has some big plan,"

"Scouters on, watch your mouth," Bardock warned the pilot. The pilot quickly turned off his scouter and took it off.


"Frieza is already here.'' Bardock looked at a big ship as they passed by it. "Something about this is strange… if he wanted to talk to his men he could have just used the radio and if he got new weapons for us, there is no reason we need to pick them up together." The pilot looked at Bardock in confusion.

'I have a bad feeling about this. This doesn't make any sense.' Bardock thought.

As soon as Bardock's ship landed on the landing area Bardock got ready to go to his home. A Saiyan behind him with a clipboard in his hand saw Bardock.

"YO Bardock, Good to see you back. Didn't think you would make it back alive." The Saiyan said.

Bardock got annoyed "Shut Up, Any idea why we got called back home so fast?'

"Beats me. Maybe they need us to conquer a big fortified planet" He said to Bardock. "OHH! Bardock Frieza's people Have been asking around about the SUPER Saiyan, Not sure Why Though."

Bardock gasped "Super Saiyan like the one in the legend!?"

Bardock Narrowed his eyes. 'That's it. It all makes sense now.' Bardock thought.

A few moments later...

Bardock reached his home. Gine was Cooking food in the Kitchen. She was wearing a sleeveless black bodysuit and dark green combat armor highlighted with bronze and outlined by white, in addition to purple armbands and white boots. Bardock entered the kitchen and he saw Gine. He got behind her and wrapped his arms around Gine. She gasped in surprise. She looked behind and saw Bardock and smiled. They both kissed each other.

"You are back," said Gine happily.

"Yes, we all got a callback,'' Bardock said. Suddenly Bardock got serious "Where is Nardock? Is he still in the incubation chamber"

"Yes, It's just about the time to let him out though. You should see him Come on" Gine said and she ran into Nardock's room and Bardock followed behind.

"Still small huh" Baedock smiled.

"Maybe he is a late bloomer. But he kind of looks like your grandfather." Gine pointed out. Bardock noticed it too.

Bardock used his scouters to measure Nardock's power level.

"1500,2000, 3000 no it's 4000," Bardock said in shock. "It can't be, how can his power increase that much ?!"

Gine was shocked as well. Both of them felt proud of their son. But they quickly became scared. Bardock Narrowed his eyes "After dark, I'm going to steal a pod for him."

"HUH," Gine was confused.

"I don't think we should wait any longer," Bardock said.

"And what's that mean? " Gine asked.

"The king is not our biggest problem anymore. We have to hurry because of Frieza. I think he is afraid that The legendary super Saiyan will appear one day" Bardock said.

"Hold on ... Super Saiyan but that's only… that's only a myth," Gine said.

Bardock laughs "I know. But Frieza is still bothered by it and we can't take any chances. I got the feeling that death is on its way towards us." Gine looked at Bardock wide-eyed.

Night fell as Bardock and Gine reached the other side of the planet and jumped to their destination. They kept Nardock inside the pod and Bardock was Carrying the pod on his right shoulder. Nardock was wearing typical Saiyan armor. He was crying very loudly and banging his fist against the pod. Gine was sobbing too.

"Is there another option?" Gine asked. She can't bear the sound of her son crying. It was heartbreaking to her.

"Let's think about this," Gine said.

"No, It's the only choice. We made this decision two years ago" Bardock said. "If Frieza doesn't kill us all then the king will Know about our son. We can't take any chances.''

"In that case why don't the three of us run off together?" Gine asked.

"We can't. They are keeping eyes everywhere and their scouters' will be able to track us in no time." Bardock answered Gine.

Bardock put the pod on the ground. Nardock was sobbing as he looked through the window. His parents were looking back at him.

"I have programmed this pod to head to a distant planet called earth. The people on that planet have low power levels and aren't technologically advanced. He will be able to do well there. Good thing is that the planet is not very valuable. So I'm hoping it won't show up on the Frieza force radar" Bardock said to Gine.

Nardock put his hands on the window so did Gine and Bardock from the other side.

"Nardock my son, if Your father is wrong about this we will come to you immediately," Gine said.

"Listen, son, You do whatever it takes to survive," Bardock said to his son ... "Goodbye Son," They both said.

As the pod slowly started to fly "Don't forget about us Nardock" Gine Screamed at the pod hoping that her voice would reach her son.

Energy started to gather around the pod. In a few seconds, the pod gained speed and headed to its destination. Gine started to cry on Bardock's Shoulder.


Bardock was right all along. Right now he was fighting Frieza's army. He tried to warn everyone about Frieza. But no one believed him and told him that he had gone mad. So Bardock stood alone, looking into the crimson skies of Planet Vegeta. Just above the atmosphere was Frieza, the mighty Arcosian who was universally known as the overseer of the Planet Trade Organization—the most feared being in all of existence.

He was about to attempt the impossible, he realized. Frieza's power far outclassed anything that a Saiyan warrior could ever hope to achieve. However, he wasn't about to let that stop him, not when the very fate of the Saiyan race was at stake. His heart was pounding, his blood boiling with anticipation.

Now, at this very moment, said Frost Demon was currently occupying the upper atmosphere of Planet Vegeta, ready to vaporize the planet without so much of a battle. In truth, the lizard-resembling creature did fear them, if they were to hold an uprising at the moment, there was a slight chance they could succeed. Needless to say, Frieza couldn't allow that to happen.

Bardock knew he hadn't much time to make his last stand—it was now or never. Beginning to gain speed, the Saiyan prepared to blast off to his destiny, clenching his hands into fists and grounding his teeth as he thought of all the lives that would be taken if Frieza was able to carry through with his mission.

He didn't care at all about the lives the Frost Demon had taken; what mattered was that he dared to claim the souls of his own people. Though he may not have cared for each and every one of his fellow Saiyan warriors, he could still feel and share in their undying devotion for battle and honor.

And if he failed to stop Frieza today, he knew that it was simply all over. Nothing would remain of the Saiyans, their culture, their people, and their planet would be all blown to dust.

With the thought of extinction and death running rampant through Bardock's mind, he quickly ignited his aura and dashed off into the skies, preparing for what would be the final chapter in the battle for Planet Vegeta.

Frieza looked at Bardock in boredom. He lifted his Right-hand finger and created a death ball and it slowly started to get bigger and bigger. Frieza finally launched his death ball at the planet below.

"AAAAAAAA ARRRRRGH'' Bardock Fired a powerful ki blast at the death ball but the ki wave didn't stop the death ball. As it slowly fell on the planet.

Bardock's Screamed in pain as he was swallowed by the death ball. Soon the death ball fell on the red planet. Thus the planet Vegeta was destroyed alongside all the Saiyans. Only a few remained alive.


A space pod was searing through space. The pod was equipped with all kinds of life equipment devices. Suddenly an automatic voice began to speak:" Identifying passenger, please stand by". From inside the pod, a small mechanical arm approached the infant. It stung a needle inside the arm of the kid, draining a little bit of blood. It brought the blood sample inside a scanner.

After a few seconds of analyzing the voice spoke again: " Passenger: Nardock, Son of Bardock and Gine. Status: low-class warrior" "Welcome Nardock, destination: Earth" Then the voice said: "Estimated time of arrival: 3 weeks "

Nardock began to cry because of the needle that was injected into his little arm. The space pod continued its path in the vast reaches of space, heading for its destination.

Three weeks later. The child was still asleep, sucking on his little thumb. But the automated voice spoke once again: " Wake up Nardock! Destination reached, landing procedures initiated " The Saiyan child woke up.

When he opened his eyes, he could see a beautiful blue planet through the pod's window. For a second Nardock smiled. The space pod began to enter Earth's atmosphere.

The Saiyan kid began to cry once again because of the bumpiness of the turbulence. It didn't take too long to enter the atmosphere. With a big explosion, the pod hit the ground.

The closest human presence was a rather reclusive old-timer. He looked in the direction of the explosion. "Well, what could that have been?" the old man said to himself " It's far from here though, it will take me two days to get there. I'll pack up and begin my hike tomorrow". The old man stared at the horizon.


Power level

[ LOW CLASS Saiyan: 100 TO 10000 ]

[ MID CLASS Saiyan: 11000 TO 25000 ]

[HIGH-CLASS Saiyan: 26000 TO 60000 ]

Nardock: 4000

Gine: 500 [ NON FIGHTER ]

Bardock: 10000

Frieza : 530,000 [ First form ]

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