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"Hello" - normal talking

'Hello' - thoughts

It's been almost a month since the mightiest warriors of the earth came to know that their home might be in danger from the tyrant Frieza. The family of the Saiyans wasted no time and began their training as soon as possible. Naruto and ChiChi decided to start training their kids seriously. They already explained the situation to them and both Bulla and Bolt understood what's on the line and without any complaint, they started preparing themselves for the future.

Bulma on the other hand already started planning on mass-producing large spaceships that could travel large distances in space much faster than the latest technology that Frieza force currently uses. She also found new strong material to make the gravity room tough enough for her husband and ChiChi can train without destroying it. The only problem was that the metal she found was completely new to her, it would take a few more months or a year to actually completely understand how to use it and build a gravity room with it.

Piccolo started training with Kami as well. Even though he already had many techniques and fighting styles in his arsenal, he still wanted to make a special technique that could take any enemies out, So he threw himself in Kami's secret library along with Kami to make that certain technique.

The same thing could be said about their friends too. They too began their training to get stronger to repel enemy attacks from outside the earth.

Expect Roshi, who was first ready to dish out at any enemy. But everyone noticed something odd about the old martial artist. Over the years he had become weaker and weaker without anyone noticing it. Even Roshi forgot about it too, they were living such peaceful lives that they haven't sensed each other's powers in years until recently. Of Course, Naruto knew what's the cause of this.

Before anyone could voice out their concern for him, Roshi explained to them what was actually happening to him. He eats a certain herb in order to live longer. He has to eat the herb every thirty years later and because of that his body goes through a dormant state, but only his power goes dormant and he gains a certain amount of life force in return. And this dormant state would only last for the next ten years. Though the old master was out of commission, rather than sitting in his house he decided to spend his time guiding and training both Tien and Krillin.


Naruto was in his bed sleeping, his wives at his side using his muscular chest as their pillow. It was past four am and after having sex all night long they slept peacefully, naked and there was no blanket covering their sinful bodies covered in body fluids. The moon's light shone on their bodies making the scene even more erotic.

But suddenly Naruto started to squirm in his sleep, it was very subtle so it didn't wake up his wives. Naruto was having a strange dream that was similar to his younger days. Tonight was not the first, for the past two months, Naruto was having dreams that made no sense to him. The worst part of it was that these dreams felt very much real and familiar for some reason. But after waking up from his sleep he hardly remembered what he saw, only a few glimpses of he could describe it to his wives. And tonight was no different. He started to shake in his sleep more, which got his wives' attention.

"Kaguya!" Naruto shouted and sat up, holding his left arm forward as if he was reaching for something or someone. Both ChiChi and Bulma woke up from their slumber, from his outburst. They both saw Naruto was breathing and sweating heavily.

"Naruto, are you okay?" ChiChi asked in concern. Running her hand over his forehead wiping the sweats away, she looked at her husband "What happened?"

Bulma saw Naruto was still breathing heavily "Calm down honey. Calm your breathing and tell us what happened?"

Naruto finally calmed down and shook his head a little "Nothing. It's just those dreams again."

"Again?!" ChiChi looked worried "Are these dreams the same as you had in the past?"

"Yes, But this almost felt real, and I felt like I was there experiencing everything. It's not like a normal dream."

Bulma took Naruto's hand in her own and held it tightly "Don't worry about that Naruto. Maybe it's connected to Saiyan history. I mean you do get information about our race in your dreams after all."

"No, no, it's not that. It's not about Saiyan at all. I don't know how to tell you, but in these dreams I was someone else, viewing events that I have never seen before, I saw many different people doing many outstanding things with elements. It all seems so magical. And the strange thing about it was that they were all human."

Naruto then got up from the bed and walked to the veranda. His wives soon followed behind. Even though they were naked. They didn't care if someone saw them at that moment "And tonight's dream felt even more real. I saw a horned woman with strange eyes, I knew her name somehow and then I saw her get stabbed by an unknown figure.

I screamed her name and tried to reach out for her but I was unable to move at all. I think these dreams are trying to warn me or something, I can't really tell for sure."

"Was her name Kaguya?" Bulma asked, "You screamed her name when you woke up."

"Yes, that's the name of that woman." Naruto looked at the moon hoping that would calm him down. Even though Saiyans were not supposed to look at the moon or they will turn into their Oozaru form. But Those Saiyans who have control over their Oozaru form can suppress the urge to turn into one and look at the moon without any worry. "She appears in almost every dream I'm having."

ChiChi put her right hand on Naruto's shoulder, which made him look at her, the moonlight made her flawless naked body glisten "Naruto, I texted your aunt Yaga, she will come and check on you next week. I Am sure she will be able to figure out what's happening with you with her magical power."

"When did you ….. " Naruto saw ChiChi holding a smartphone in her hand, and quickly figured out that she just texted his aunt. "I'm surprised that she agreed to visit. The last time she was here, she was pretty furious when she found out I am having sex with other women."

"She is just angry to find out that you are a pervert like your dad. But she still loves you more than anything. Besides she doesn't want to miss any chance to meet Bulla and Bolt." ChiChi chuckled at the end, remembering the day she appeared out of nowhere when she and Bulma gave birth.

Yaga blamed Roshi and Naruto for not inviting her to their wedding and not informing her about Bulla and Bolt's birth. Both Naruto and Roshi defended themself by pointing out that she was in the spiritual realm and they had no way to contact her. Yet Yaga still blamed them for making her miss both events.

"Yeah, she always gives them weird gifts whenever she visits." Naruto laughed a little.

"Don't tell me about it. Last time she visited she bought a living mummy for the kid." Bulma released a frustrated sigh "I mean who does that. I hope she will not bring any weird things this time."

"I highly doubt that." Naruto said "Bulma, when will the gravity room be ready? Did you find what you are looking for?" ChiChi too became interested in that. Anything that could make her strong always gets her attention.

"Well I found a new kind of metal that can handle any kind of heavy impact and Ki attacks, it is stronger than steel, but only a third of the weight, as well as being completely vibration absorbent." Both Naruto and ChiChi were a little surprised to know that there was metal that could handle Ki attacks "But its characteristic is completely different than any metal I know of. Its extraordinary ability to absorb, store, and release large amounts of kinetic energy is amazing. The only problem is that I don't know how to change their shape like other metals."

Naruto was amazed hearing that "Wow! I never knew a metal like that even existed."

"Where did you even find it," ChiChi asked her fellow harem sister.

"It was by sheer luck that I came to know about that metal. Satellite picked up some unknown energy signature near the Siyalal mountain area. So I sent some men out there, and there they found these metals. Apparently, the whole mountain itself was the metal. I studied it and found out that it came from outer space as an asteroid about seven million years ago,"

"Hmm, the size of a mountain! I'm guessing that when it arrived on earth, it was able to safely land on the ground because of its strange characteristics, am I right?" Naruto asked his wife.

"You are right. If it was a normal metal then nothing could have survived, the crash would have caused a large explosion that was enough to destroy everything in the world, not even a single bacteria would have survived"

ChiChi then asked, "Did you name it?"

"Since its main characteristic is absorbing vibration, so I named it Vibranium." Bulma replied, "You guys have to wait a little longer for the gravity room though."

"Nah don't' worry about it Bulma." ChiChi said, "We could still train without a gravity room you know."

"She is right, we will continue our training. You take your time." Naruto said to his blue-haired wife "After what happened with the prototype, I was not sure if any metal on earth could be used to make a gravity room. If this new metal is as strong as you say it is, then it's a good thing."

"Yes, once the gravity room is complete. We can actually train there without destroying it." ChiChi said, "Just take your time and make it as strong as possible."

Naruto suddenly wrapped his arms around Bulma and ChiChi's waist, bringing them closer to his body, their big breasts mashed against each side of his chest. They both looked at Naruto "Bulma, ChiChi, I need you both to keep my dreams secret from others. Others are already worried about Frieza and his force, and don't want them to worry about my problem."

Bulma and ChiChi understood what he was saying "But if it becomes serious, we will need all the help from others." Blue-haired Saiyan said to her husband.

"Yes, Naruto. If Yaga's magic isn't able to help you then we will use the dragon ball. One way or another we will solve the mystery of your dreams."

Naruto smiled, shared a passionate kiss with his wives and the three went back to their bedroom.

Next Morning

Bulla and Bolt woke up early and were getting ready for their camping trip with their father. Their previous camping trip was canceled because of Raditz. Naruto canceled it and focused on training them. And they didn't complain at all. They were getting serious training from their parents for the first time.

The training they were receiving for the past month was very intense. It made their previous training look like child's play. Their dad was not going easy on them at all. He suddenly became more strict with their training. He was hitting them harder, punching and kicking them with great force, accepting no failures from them. He was training them to the ground every day till day became too exhausted to even continue anymore. And it was not just Naruto who was being strict with their training but also their mommy ChiChi too. She too was harshly training them as hard as possible. Whenever they started their training both their dad and mommy seemed to become completely new persons. They make those drill sergeants on the Tv show look like kids.

Both Bulla and Bult were loving their new training from their parents. Why shouldn't they not? Their harsh training was making them stronger, faster, and more agile. The only bummer was that they still have to study after their training. Their mother Bulma was not taking any excuses from them to skip their studies. So They pleaded with Naruto, so he could convince their mom to reduce their study time. Fortunately for them, Naruto was able to convince their mother by fucking her stupid all night long. Bulma in the end decided to pause their studies for two years, as both Bulla and Bolt were already in high school at the age of only eight.

When Naruto started their new training, he introduced them to a simple yet effective technique called Killing intent. Although it was not considered as a technique. Killing intent was simply the user exuding pure killing intention, and having it affect their opponent, themselves, and others around them, up to the point of paralyzing them with fear. It's used by higher-caliber warriors, who just plant fear into their weak opponents.

When Bolt and Bulla felt Naruto released his Killing intent, they almost shit themselves in fear. To their shock, their dad just released only a little killing intention.

Naruto explained that they would have won against Raditz with their current power level. But they lost only because of their lack of experience, fineness in their movement and they got distracted when Raditz showed his full Killing intention towards them.

Naruto also explained to them that killing intention only works on weaker opponents. When the killing intent is particularly strong, it can even give the victim visions of their own gruesome death. So throughout their whole training Both Naruto and ChiChi release their Killing intention while training them. That way Bulla and Bolt could get used to that murderous feeling and not get distracted or frightened in the middle of a fight.

Bolt finished his packing for the camping trip and came out of his room with his backpack only to find Bulla was waiting outside of his room with her own backpack on her shoulder.

Bulla was wearing a tight black bareback tank tube top with a midriff front hole that showed her decent cleavage, a blue panty denim shorts that barely covered little of her phat bubble butt, and hiked up he butt a little, making it look a little bigger. Underneath the shorts, she was wearing a V-string penties and its strings were riding up her waist. Overall she looked like a little loli slut.

"Finally, I was waiting for you to come out for ages. How long does it take for you to get all prettied up?" Bulla said with a slightly teasing tone.

"Haha, very funny sis." Bolt replied sarcastically. He was used to it, getting teased all the time by his sister. But sometimes she still was able to get into his nerves. She always finds a way to tease or anger him. But he doesn't complain about it, he too had teased and pranked Bulla to get back at her. This was their brother-sister relationship. They were rivals. Always trying to get the upper hand on each other. In the end, they still loved each other.

Bulla realized that her teasing was not working, so she decided to stop teasing him for now.

"Hey Bulla, I was wondering why is dad suddenly taking us camping in the middle of our training?" Bolt asked, "I mean didn't dad cancel our camping month ago and started our training."

Bulla shrugged her shoulders "I don't know. Maybe daddy is giving us a break Or he is just fulfilling his promises to us. You know daddy always keeps his promises one way or another."

"You are right." Bolt said "By the way why are you dressed like that. Not that I mind, but still don't you think you are too young to dress like that?"

Bulla tilted her head to the right, looking a little confused "Huh, what do you mean? It looks great on me." She turned around and bent over a little to bring up her phat ass and pulled the strings of her penties up a little. "It brings out my ass and I can move much better in these."

Suddenly Bolt realized something "Wait a minute. You're not trying to get dad's attention are you?"

Bulla without any hesitation nodded "Yeah. I have been trying to get daddy's attention for the last few weeks. I want him to see me like he sees mom and mommy. And all my attempts are not working so far." Her shoulders slumped in defeat. "I am hoping, this camping trip I will put up a show and get him to like like me, you know."

"Pervert!" Bolt teased his sister. Then he put a fake concerned look on his face " Oh! God. What perverted and twisted-minded sister I have! Please show her the right way, please." Bolt smirked as he was the one who was teasing Bulla this time.

Bulla's face was burning red. She knew incest was something frowned upon in human society, but in Saiyan culture, it was basically a normal thing. Even after knowing this she always gets flustered whenever she thinks about incest. At first, she didn't have any attraction toward her father. But After seeing her mom committing incest with grandma Panchy, switched something in her mind. She began to peak on Naruto whenever he was having sex. It was not heard, given that everyone in her family was very sexually active and barely tried to hide their sexual activities in the house. Hack her father even had sex with all the maids that worked in the house.

The more she saw her father pounding her mothers and every other female member in their family, the more she got strange feelings and got attracted towards her father. But the problem was that she was not sure that her father saw her that way as she sees him, a potential mate.

Bulla shook her head and got rid of the redness on her face and lightly glared at her smirking brother "Speak for yourself Bolt. you are no less pervert than I am. I always see you Peaking at mom's and mommy's asses. Heck, I even saw you masturbating in front of parent's room when they were having sex while their door was open."

This time Bolt was the one who blushed in embarrassment, he never thought he would get caught by anyone let alone his sister. Before he could say anything and defend himself, Bulla spoke again "You even play with all the maid's boobs and still take bath naked with grandma. I saw you both taking baths once fully naked, you were fondling her large breasts, groping her ass, and kissing her. Grandma even gave you a blowjob. Just imagine what mom and mommy would think when they would hear about this huh. Their precious boy is already a big pervert " Hearing her say that, Bolt's face became red to pale as a ghost.

"PLEASE don't tell them about that. They will kill me if they hear about that." Bolt pleaded to his sister. He almost fell on his knees "I'm not supposed to have any sexual activities till I reach the age of eleven."

Bulla became confused "Eleven! What are you saying? Isn't the legal age of having sex is sixteen?"

"You don't know?"

"Know about what?" Bulla asked her brother, getting more confused.

Bolt finally realized what the problem was and asked again to confirm his suspicion " You haven't read the book dad gave us on our fifth birthday did you?"

"Well, I did read it first and learned a lot about Saiyan culture and history. But since I like to learn things from daddy so over time I stopped reading it."

Bolt rubbed his forehead seeing his sister's stupidity "You know dad gave us that book for a reason you know. He can't tell us all about our culture and Saiyan history in words every time, you know. That's why he wrote that book so we could learn deeper about our culture and our Saiyan biology."

"Biology! You mean there's biology in that book?"

"You mean to tell me you don't even know there's a biology section in that book?" Bolt asked. Bulla just shook her head negatively. "It's very important Bulla. You have to know about Saiyan's biology. How the Saiyan body works and how our body is different despite being similar to humans." Bolt explained to his sister.

"What's it has to do with what you are afraid of mom knowing about it?"

"Well if you read the book, then you will come to know that Saiyan children grow differently from human children. Saiyan becomes adults at the age of ten to eleven. It's called the first stage of adulthood. Our body and mind hit maturity at that age and we can be compared with eighteen years old humans." Bolt explained and Bulla listened very carefully.

"For female Saiyans, they become adults at the age of ten and for males it's Eleven. Apparently, the male body takes a year more to become more mature than the female body does. Although we will still be called kids until we reach over twenty and reach our second stage of adulthood and become full adults,"

"Sweet. I will be an adult just fourteen months later ." Bulla pumped her fist in the air, then she looked at her brother and asked " But why you don't want our mothers to find about you playing with maids and you having oral sex with grandma? Isn't incest normal in our culture?"

"Both our mothers and dad know about me sneaking glances at their assets and me having fun with maids." Bolt said "They said nothing was wrong with it and it was normal for a Saiyan boy at my age. Dad acutely supports it. But Mom and mommy warned me to not have sex before I become eleven and they both want my first time to be with them. After that, I even started kissing mom and mommy and groping and fondling their ass and boobs whenever I like."

"Then why are you afraid, you said it yourself that they already know?"

"They don't know I am having oral sex with granma and if you tell them then I will be in lots of trouble. Grandma knew about this But I lost control of my lust and pleaded to her to do it with me and she agreed.

Bulla chuckled a little "How can she say no to you. We all know you're the one who is her favorite between us."

"That's because I have a cock." Bulla sweatdropped hearing him say that. "Believe me, sis, SHE is a complete nymphomaniac. I may have started it out of curiosity and lust but she sucks me dry every chance she gets."

"Hahaha... You reap what you sow. But don't worry I won't tell anyone."

"Hehe… thanks, sis. But enough about me." Bolt looked straight at his sister's eyes "I know you are nervous. But don't be. You are thinking dad will not return your feelings, but you have to remember that we are Saiyans and our way is different from humans.

My only advice for you is to open yourself to dad more. Express your feelings towards him. If you're nervous then do it slowly. Dad will accept your feeling, I am sure of it."

Bulla nodded and felt a little amazed that her brother was being wiser than usual. Her apparent wasn't excogitating when they said Bolt was the smarter between them. "You are right I should express my feelings towards dad. This camping trip will be the best palace and time to do that. Thanks, bro" Bolt smiled at his sister "You give pretty good advice."

"Of Course, I am the smartest between us after all." Bolt puffed up his chest, but then he saw his sister giving him the look that said 'don't push it' "Hehe now let's go. Dad is probably waiting for us outside."

"Yes, let's go."

Unknown to them both Bulma and ChiChi were hiding and listening to their conversation the whole time. Well, they weren't hiding actually. Their children were too busy talking with each other and didn't notice their mothers standing at the end of the hallway.

"Looks like we have to teach Bolt a lesson. He did what we specifically told him not to do." Bulma shook her head in disappointment. "He just had to wait a few years, is that too much to ask?"

"He is his father's son alright. But we are to blame as well you know." ChiChi said as she folded her arms under her huge boobs almost popping them out of her skimpy kimono. Bulma looked at her confusingly. "What I mean to say is, We walk around in sexy clothes flaunting our bodies and we tease him little sometimes and having sex with Naruto anywhere our mind pleases, also there's Naruto fucking every maid working here and not to tell Panchy and Launch sometime walks around naked in the house too."

Bulma widened her eyes "Poor baby. He must have been suffering all this time….. Maybe that's why he..."

"Hmm, but still, he broke his promise." ChiChi said in a stern voice "If he was having problems, he should have come to us rather than going behind our backs and have oral sex with Panchy. He must learn what happens when someone breaks their promises."

Bulma nodded her head completely agreeing with ChiChi on that matter " We should also have a long talk with mom too. She knew about it yet she still …."

"Hmm, You are right. And what should we do about Bulla? She obviously sees her father as a mate. Should we tell Naruto about our daughter's feelings?"

"I Am not sure about that ChiChi. I know Saiyan chooses their mate and gets married at a young age, for Bulla it could be a silly little crush on her daddy. Every girl has a crush on their daddy at a young age, over time that feeling goes away." Bulma said with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Even though we have to consider that she is going through changes as well. Maybe we should have a girl-to-girl talk with her, just to make sure, you know what I mean." ChiChi said and Bulla agreed with her "Now let us go and wish them goodbye before they go"

[Nighter Bolt or Bulla will have sex until they reach fifteen or sixteen]


Bulla and Bolt quickly went downstairs heading towards the main door of their house. They did see their father and guessed that he was waiting outside for them

"Sis, one more piece of advice, You should read and finish that book. If dad finds out you didn't read it, he might actually punish you this time."

"Don't worry I will," Bulla said with a cheery smile on her face as they exited their house. Bulla started thinking about what her daddy will do if he somehow hears that she didn't read the book he gave her to read.

'Daddy never punished us before. Though he did scold us whenever we did something wrong. How will he punish me? Will he scold me or spank me.' just thinking about getting spanked by her daddy made her butt clench hard. She saw how her daddy spanked mommy and mom while they were having sex. 'Whenever he spanked them, they both only asked for more and spank them even harder. They were liking getting spanked by daddy. But how? isn't getting spanked in the ass hurt.'

Bulla sometimes noticed her mothers having large red handprints on their ass in the morning. She imagined herself getting spanked by her daddy. She saw herself laying on her stomach on his knees and her shorts and penties were nowhere to be seen. Then her daddy would spank her phat ass with his big strong hand, leaving a red hot mark on her bare cheeks.

Just imagining herself getting spanked and experiencing the feeling her mommy and mom felt made her pussy tingle.

"Hey sis, are you okay? You stopped all of a sudden." Bolt asked, " You are breathing heavily and your face is red too."

Bulla quickly came out of her imagination and shook her head " I'm good. Just thinking of something, you don't have to worry about it… l-lets go." Bulla said and quickly ran outside.

"That was weird." Bolt quickly followed her, where he saw his dad waiting for them with Launch. "She Must be here to say goodbye. Or is she coming with us?"


Naruto was waiting outside of his home waiting for his kid to come. Standing beside him was Launch in a dark blue skin-tight sportswear clinging to her voluptuous body like a second skin. Her large phat ass jiggled with each little movement she made. Naruto asked her to come with them for a reason. And she agreed mainly because she was bored and had nothing to do for now.

Just as he was about to shout his children's names as they were taking too much time, he saw them exit the house. He saw Bolt was wearing what he usually wore every day but his daughter's attire caught his attention. She was wearing revealing clothes for some reason. And not to say she was wearing a hiked-up string penties. But he didn't mind at all that his daughter was showing a lot of her skin 'With their mothers walking around wearing quite the revealing clothes all the time, I'm not surprised that Bulla is copying their clothing style. Besides she is almost nine, reaching her first stage of adulthood in a year or so. She can dress as she likes.'

Bulla came running to her daddy and stopped right before him "Daddy I'm ready to go." She gave him a bright smile. In return, Naruto too smiled back and nodded "Daddy do you like my new outfit?" She twirled around to show him her back too.

Seeing his daughter all excited and her tail swinging behind her, Naruto chuckled a little "You are looking beautiful my dear, just like your mother."

Bulla grinned in happiness that her father liked her outfit and said that she looked beautiful. Even though her daddy always said she looked beautiful. But today it felt different when he said that. It made her feel giddy inside.

"Damn girl, that pantie shorts pop up your butt." Launch said, "With that bubble butt at your age, I wonder what your ass looks like when you grow up."

"Large and perfect I hope," Bulla said while bouncing on the balls of her feet, making her cute phat ass jiggled, earning a head turn from her daddy.

Naruto still looked at his daughter's jiggling cute bubble but thought how Bulma's and ChiChi's butt was when he met them "Sweety just keep training and you will gain a killer body like your mothers."

"I will daddy."

"I Am ready to dad, " Bolt said as he walked near his dad and then looked at Launch "Are you coming with us as well aunty."

"Yeah, your dad wanted me to tag along. You will know why when we reach the forest." Launch said and put their right hand on her hip and gave Bolt a light glare "And what did I say about calling me, aunty. It makes me feel old which I am not."

Bolt rubbed the back of his neck and gave a nervous chuckle "Hehehe Sorry Aunty-y … I mean Launch…."

"That's better."

Right then they all heard the loud sound of a hovercar and it landed in front of them "Look like Panchy came early from her business trip." Naruto said.

The door of the hovercar opened and Panchy came out of it with a beautiful smile on her face. She was wearing a tight red pencil dress and had a small purse in her hand. When she saw her family standing there her smile widened "I'm back everyone." Everyone greeted her back. She then went to her grandchildren and gave them a small hug and a kiss on their forehead. Bolt then grabbed her breast right boob with his hand and copped a feel, which Panchy didn't mind at all.

She then went to Naruto, the Saiyan then held Panchy by her waist and locked his lips with her, Giving her a deep passionate kiss. Panchy moaned in delight as Naruto's tongue entered her mouth and engaged in a tongue battle with her own. With Panchy giving it all into the kiss with her tongue, their kiss was lewd, but she lost the battle as Naruto pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth as if he was fucking her mouth.

After a minute of kissing and swapping saliva with each other, they both parted their lips. Panchy looks at Naruto's eyes with her own lust-filled eyes "Ohhh GOD! I missed this feeling dear. This whole trip was a living hell for me. Please Naruto dear, take me to your room and fuck me with your cock, I can't wait anymore." Bulla and Launch looked at them and felt lust rising inside them.

Hearing her pleading sultrily, Naruto gave her a small peck on her lips "I'm sorry Panchy. I Am taking the kids on a camping trip." Panchy looked devastated hearing that. "But don't worry I leave a clone for you."

The smile returned on her face again. She didn't mind if she was fucked by a clone. Real or not, as long as she got that big fat cock in her tight pussy then she was happy with it. "Make sure it lasts for a few days. Because I won't be satisfied by a single round Naruto dear."

"Good to see you back mom." Suddenly they heard Bulma's voice and saw her and ChiChi coming towards their way.

"I hope that your trip went well, mother," ChiChi said.

Panchy could feel a little scone in their voices when her two daughters greeted her. But she still held her smile on her smile with her hand wrapped around Naruto "Year dear. It went rather well. But I missed you all very much though."

"Well, I'm glad that your trip went well." Bulma said to her mother "But you might let Naruto go. He and the kids are getting late for their trip."

"Oh sorry, dear." She let go of Naruto and went to her daughter's side and stood beside them. Panchy then looked at Bulla and Bolt "Good luck on your first camping trip. And don't do anything reckless you two, always listen to what your dad and Launch tell you to do, okay." Both of her grandchildren nodded their heads.

Naruto then made a clone. Naruto gave it enough Ki to have sex with his wives and other lovers for at least two weeks without getting dispelled.

"Okay kids, let's go." Naruto and Launch both flew away and both the Saiyan kids followed behind them.

Bulma, ChiChi, and Panchy waited for a few seconds, when they saw Naruto, Launch and the kids were out of sight, the trio went inside their house with Naruto's clone.

Inside the house Both ChiChi and Bulama stood with their hand folded over their melons, glaring at Panchy. It made her and the clone confused, why they were glaring at Panchy all of a sudden.

"Mom we need to talk," Bulma said and ChiChi nodded, as she looked at her confused mother.

Panchy didn't know what was happening so she asked " Is something wrong dear? You two seem to be angry with me. Did I do something wrong?"

"Yes, you did mother. You and Bolt both did something you two weren't supposed to do." ChiChi said to her mother-in-law.

Panchy's eyes went wide as she realized what she was talking about "How did you…"

"It doesn't matter how we came to know about your and Bolts secret. But what you did was wrong Mom. You should have done that. And you didn't do that with Bolt just one time, you did multiple times."

"Huh! Can anyone please explain to me what you three are talking about and what Bolt and Panchy did that you two are angry with her ?'' Clone Naruto asked them. He just came to existence with the sole purpose of fucking Panchy and his wives stupid and yet there seems to be a problem with the trio ladies.

Before Panchy could say something to her daughters, Bulma started talking " Our dear mom had oral sex with her grandson. And she didn't just do it once, she had sex with Bolt multiple times."

"WHAT!?" Is that true Panchy?"

"I'm sorry." She looked down in guilt " You all know that I have a special spot for Bolt. When I saw he was barely containing his lust and when he pleaded to me, that's when I too fell into my own lust and started having sex with Bolt." tears were running down from her eyes as she spoke " I tried to stop but you know how I am. My lust took control over me and I had sex with Bolt whenever we took bath together. Punish me if you want but don't do anything to my dead Bolt, please."

Clone Naruto stood silently as he heard everything Panchy said. His son had sex with Panchy. Granted they had only oral sex, but sex was sex. Groping ass and boobs was one thing, and having sex is another. His son promised him that he would not have sex with anyone until he reached eleven. Yet Bolt broke his promise. This made him a little sad knowing that. Naruto didn't know what to do.

Then he thought a little more. He too had this problem. With his dad watching all the porn magazines and movies all the time, Naruto too out of curiosity and lust got a blowjob from a mermaid when he was just ten years old. Because his dad was a giant pervert rather than being disgusted by his actions His dad actually felt proud of him.

When his lust died down a little he thought about it a little. Why was his libido was so high at such a young age? He didn't have an answer for that question nighter did roshi. The only explanation was that it was because he was an alien.

And he was right. When he got his wish granted by Shenron, he found out how a Saiyan's body works differently than a human body. A male Saiyan body hits maturity at the age of eleven. At the age of eleven, his body and mind were the same as an eighteen years old boy.

And the same thing happened to his son.

He went to the crying Panchy and hugged her. Panchy rested her head on his chest as Naruto patted her head "Shshshs Panchy don't cry. It's not your fault. It's all our fault, to begin with. Bolt's body is reaching its first maturity, at this stage his libido is high.

And we were having sex with each other without realizing that kids might see us. and not to tell All the maid s and female staff members walking around in erotic clothes in the house all the time. In a way, it's our fault. So don't take all the blame Panchy."

"Yes mom, both I and ChiChi realized it. It's our fault as well." Bulma said to her mother and she and ChiChi went closer to them.

"Mother we are not angry that you had sex with Bolt. In a way, you actually helped him relieve his lust and stress from his body." ChiChi explained to her mother-in-law. " we are just angry at you for keeping this secret from us."

Panchy slowly stopped crying and wiped her tears away " So you two are not going to punish Bolt?"

"Oh no, we are still going to punish him for breaking his promise." the blue-haired Saiyan said while chuckling " I am thinking I should punish him by taking away all his Manga and anime collection and ban him from getting anything new for a year or two."

Naruto laughed a little. While others will think Bulma's punishment for Bolt was funny, Naruto knew better " His whole collection! Bolt will get insane if you do that hahaha"

Panchy sighed in relief that her grandson was not going to get seriously punished.

ChiChi saw her mother get relaxed and chuckle ed "Oh mother, don't get too relaxed already. You kept this big secret from us so You are going to get punished too."

"M-Me!? What will be my punishment, ChiChi dear?" she held Naruto hoping that her punishment will be as easy as Bolt's is.

Both Bulma and ChiChi grinned evilly at the voluptuous blond "I and Bulma decide that your punishment will be that you can't have sex with Naruto's clone until the real one comes back and it will take a month for him to return."

"And top of that you only see us having sex with this clone and maids, also you will be banned from masturbating this whole time."

Panchy's eyes went wide, her face became pale as a ghost " No, no anything but that. Please don't do this to me please dear. You can punish me any way you want but please not this….." She pleaded to her both daughters who only smirked at her.

Clone Naruto then let go of the terrified blond and stood beside his wives " She is right Panchy. I too think this punishment is okay for you."

"Not you too dear. Please Naruto dear I need your cock now." Panchy pleaded to the clone that was made for her " I haven't had sex this whole month and if just watch you have sex with others and not me then I will go insane.

I don't think I can take it."

"You made your bed mom, now you have to sleep on it," Bulma said.

The clone Naruto suddenly got a wicked idea And looked at his wives " Honey what do you say we start doing it right here and now"

"That's a great idea dear."

"Yes, we don't mind having sex on the floor sweety, let's do it here"

With that, both of them took off their clothes and stood wearing only G-string. Lust was building in their chest as both women went to the clone and started taking off his clothes very slowly. While giving the turned-on blond a show by shaking and jiggling their huge ass.

Panchy backed away little. She felt her core getting heated up and her pussy was already wet. She slowly took off her pencil skirt and when she was about to take off her penties but someone held both of her hands and prevented her from doing anything else. Panchy looked at the person who was restraining her hand by holding her arms behind her back. It was one of the headhouse maids, Scarlett.

Scarlett was the same dark-skinned red-haired stripper/ prostitute who once challenged Naruto at his bachelor party. After getting the fucked stupid by Naruto that night she was ruined for any other man. You see, she was a normal woman with a killer body who had a decent job. She was not a stripper/ prostitute. She sometimes goes to a bachelor party with her stripper friends to have the thrill of having sex with unknown men. And she gets a good amount of money too. But getting the taste of the hunky Saiyan, she was unable to get satisfied by any other man.

So she searched for Naruto and found out he was one of the richest men in the world and world martial art champion. He married Bulma Brief and another woman named ChiChi. Fortunately for her Bulma was hiring new maids at that time, so she quit her job and worked as a maid in Naruto's home. Of Course, Naruto instantly recognized her. Over the years she has become his favorite mad to fuck and with one of the old head housemaids retired Naruto gave the post to her.

Scarlett was wearing a blue and white erotic stretch mesh molded cupped french maid dress with flutter sleeves, lace-up front, hook-n-eye back, and double-layered skirt with an apron. It barely contained her huge melons, and the skirt only reached down her bubble butt. Black stockings with high heels made her look even sexier. She wore no underwear, so Naruto could have her anytime he wants without the hassle of taking off her penties all the time.

Even after eight years, she looked just as sexy as before she started working here as a maid. In Fact, she looked even better than when she first met the Saiyan. And it all thanks to Her Lord Naruto's potent cum.

Yes, Naruto's cum is so potent that every maid in the house was able to maintain youthful looks by simply drinking his cum. But that is not all. Naruto's cum has other benefits, not only did his cum help them keep their youthful looks, but also their body had become more toned and their body became more voluptuous. Their stamina increased as well. All the maid's bodies now can be compared with the hottest model in the world yet they were nowhere close to Naruto's wives and lovers.

Naruto's cum was a mystery at first but Bulma did some testing and found out There was a large amount of Ki in his cum. Whenever Naruto cums he unknowingly uses Ki in his balls to produce gallons of cum.

Scarlett looked at the Panchy, her mistress, who was glaring at her with a heated glare "Ah Ah Ah! No, my lady. You can't touch yourself. Lady Bulma and Lady ChiChi forbid you, remember? You can only watch and watch only."

"Scarlett!? Let me go this instantly." Panchy demanded as she struggled to get herself free but Scarlett was quite strong for some reason. Scarlett bought a handcuff out of nowhere and cuffed her Panchies hand behind her back.

Panchy gasped in surprise as her hand was cuffed behind her back. She stopped making any attempt to get free as it was impossible for her now. But she looked at her red-haired maid "Scarlet if you uncuff me, then I will prompt you to the main head housemaid." The voluptuous blonde said "Just think about it, every maid including the rest of the head housemaid will be under you. You can even spend more time with Naruto."

"Hmm, tempting offer you are giving me my lady." Scarlett said "But If I let you go Lord naruto will be very displeased with me, and I don't want that. Besides…" the maid licked her lips sultry and whispered into the blonde's years " lord Naruto already promised me that position. Because I am his favorite maid to fuck whenever he pleases and always will be."

Panchy fell on her knees, losing all hopes of getting free and touching herself for any release.

Scarlett started to take off her maid outfit, soon she was fully naked only wearing her stocking and high heels. "Now stay here my lady, but don't worry they will keep you company and make sure you don't run away." Two maids wearing similar maid outfits like Scarlett but black in color came and held Panchy in her place.

Panchy with teary eyes saw Scarlett slowly walk towards her Naruto and daughters with her phat booty bouncing with each slow step she took. When eyes fell on the trio, her pussy almost squirted in lust. Naruto held Bulma in a full nelson position facing toward her, her twin, perfectly shaped, and voluptuous mounds were mashed against her own knees. Bulma's pussy was quivering and drooling juice, that rolled down to her anus and fell on the floor making a puddle.

Naruto then started rubbing his rock-hard cock against his wife's pussy, coating his cock with her juice. Panchy saw ChiChi on her knees under them, licking and sucking Naruto's ball sack and his orange-sized balls. Scarlett too went on her knees and started sucking Naruto's fat long cock, lubing it with her saliva. Panchy started to squirm in her palace but the two maids held her in place.

Bulma looked at her mother with her eyes filled with nothing but lust "Look at me mom, look at your sluty daughter is about to be fuck by her husband's big fat cock…. Ohhhhh god! Naruto fuck me." Panchy squirmed even more.

ChiChi while sucking Naruto's balls, with one hand she fingered her dripping pussy, and using her other hand she pumped and positioned Naruto's cock head against Bulma's pussy "Slurp…. Slurps Yes ... slurps... go ahead, honey…. Slurp... Slurp … sphere that pussy." She then opened her mouth as much as possible and took one of his big balls fully inside her mouth, burying her nose in his ball sack 'Mmmmmm! It tastes sooo good. And the smell! It's burning my nostrils ahh!'

Scarlett had naruto's other ball in her mouth and like ChiChi her face was bored in his smelly ball sack, drawing up long sniffs of his smelly ball sack 'Soooo good… I love my life' She taught and pulled his ball out of her mouth and sloppily dragged her tongue over his shaft. She again took his ball inside her mouth and buried her nose into his sack.

Naruto groaned in pure pleasure as the two women sucked his balls in their mouths. He felt like he was about to blow at any time. With his cock head positioned against Bulma's pussy he squatted a little and with a hard thrust, Naruto buried every single throbbing sixteen-inch of his cock into his wife's tight pussy, piercing through her cervix door and bumping against the back of her womb, making his wife spat out globs of saliva.

Bulma felt her husband stretching her womb till she felt his cock reach her chest area. A fucked stupid look appeared on her face as she screamed into the high heaven "Iammmm Cummmmmmming!" She was squirting so hard that her love juice reached her mother and the two maids who were holding the blonde, her juice rained on them for a minute straight.

The two maids opened their mouths and brought out their tongues to get as much as their lady's juice in their mouths and started drinking it. They moaned like a whore.

The Clone Naruto reached his limit as his wife's tight gushing pussy tightening around his cock and having his both balls sucked by two women was too much for him "I'm Cumming Bulma, take my cummm." With that Naruto moaned and came. Like a fire hose, he released gallons of cum inside her womb. Bulma's eyes rolled back into her head as she felt his hot and thick sperm filled her completely from the inside before forcing her womb to expand and swell up. Naruto groaned loudly and kept on cumming. Both ChiChi and Scarlet moaned and hummed, vibrating his balls inside their mouth so Naruto's ball can produce more cum to pump into Bulma's womb.

Soon her belly and womb expanded so much by the gallons of sperm Naruto kept pumping, that her womb couldn't contain it anymore. Cum gushed out of her stretched-out pussy, covering Both ChiChi and Scarlett with Naruto's Cum, who was trying to drink as much baby batter as possible.

The sensation of her husband's boiling cum inside her body brought the Blue haired Saiyan to another, much stronger orgasm. With her brain overloaded with pleasure, her body shook, her fingernails clawed the skins of his arms that held her head "I Am Cummming!"

'Soooo muuuuch ahhhhhh' Bulma moaned in her pleasure-filled mind.

"Ahhh! Look at lord Naruto fucking lady Bulma stupid with his big fat cock." One of the maids said who was holding Panchy down. "It never fails to amaze me to seeing Lord Naruto cum like a horse"

"Yes, look at that ahegao face she is making. I hope Lord Naruto finishes with them quickly, I just can't wait for my turn."

"Me too, I already came just by drinking Lady Bulma's juice ahhhh !"

Panchy with her whole body covered in her daughter's juice just watched in arousal, lust as her daughter getting her pussy destroyed by Naruto. Her Pussy was on fire and dripping wet at this point, Her almost nonexistent Penties was so wet that it was making her uncomfortable. Yet she felt agony in her core for not able to join them or relieve herself and she knew and it terrified her that this was just the beginning of her punishment.


Naruto along with his Kids and Launch has been flying for One house straight. They were flying high above the vast sea and their destination was not far away. Except for Launch, both Bulla and Bolt didn't know where their dad was taking them. When they asked him where they were going, he just told them it was a secret.

Suddenly Naruto and Launch started to descend to the sea, and both of the Saiyan kids followed behind.

Bulla saw the only vast sea and no nothing to land on asked "Daddy why are we descending toward the sea? There is no land."

Naruto and Launch chuckled a bit "There is a land, you just can't see it dear. Now when I say close your eyes, you two will close your eyes for a few seconds, okay." Naruto said to his children who were confused but none the less they nodded. A few seconds later Naruto told them to close their eyes and they did what they were told to do.

Bulla felt a shudder run through her body for a second, she felt as if she was phasing through some kind of wall. She heard her daddy tell them to open their eyes so she did. What she saw shocked her. Instead of just seawater, there was a large island in the middle of the sea, it was almost ten times bigger than any island they owned. The whole island was filled with lush forest, She could see many different kinds of tall huge trees that she had never seen before. She doubted if any tree on earth can be as tall as these trees. In the heart of the island was a large mountain and just beside that was a large lake. Its water spreads through the whole island like a tree's root, resembling rivers, eventually merging with the sea.

"Sis, LOOk OUT '' Bolt screamed at his sister to warn her from a strange black and orange incoming object towards her.

Bulla came out of her shock and quickly evaded what was coming towards her. She looked at that strange thing and realized what it was "I-Is that a-a …?" Bolt too was as utterly astonished as his sister.

Naruto chuckled seeing his daughter and son's gobsmacked face "Yup that was a giant Bee that you almost collided with."

Launch couldn't hold back her laughter anymore "Hahaha, You two should see your faces. You two are like 'ohh! My god! what was that?'"

"Bee at that size! But How, why? When did this island appear out of nowhere? I have so many questions, dad?" Bolt asked questions after questions to his father as he was very curious and eager to know what just happened.

"Let's land near that lake, there I will explain all of your questions," Naruto said and he and Launch speed up to land on their destination followed by Bulla and Bolt.


The location they landed was just near the lake and ground was sandy and plain, and there was a big campfire palace. "Before you asked something, first let me tell you two about this Island. This mysterious island is called the paradise island and its forest is called the terror forest. Why it's called the terror forest you will learn soon enough. This island belongs to your grand-aunt Yaga. In Fact, she created this island with her vast magical power."

"But why daddy? doesn't she already have enough islands?"

Bolt also asked, " And everything on this island doesn't seem normal at all."

"There's a funny story behind it actually. When dad was young and learning martial arts only to impress girls, your grand aunt was traveling the world to learn magic. You see everyone on this earth is born with Ki and she was the only human who was born with Magic and don't ask me how. Even I don't even know why that happened." Naruto suddenly said to his daughter.

Bulla shut her mouth as her daddy seems to already read her mind.

"So she traveled around the world to learn about magic, but to her vain, she found nothing that could help her. So she self-taught herself and became an expert in using her power."

"Wow, You mean to say she self-taught herself everything without anyone's help." Bolt said, "I didn't know she is so ingenious."

"Yup," Naruto cheerfully said " So where was I … Yes … When Evil King Piccolo was wreaking havoc in the world and dad was hiding and training in the mountains, your grand aunt made this island and hid it with a strong illusion spell, so king Piccolo can't sense or find this island. Her reason was she believed that dad won't be able to beat him and wanted to hide in this hidden island with her brother for the rest of their life here."

"But that didn't happen. Roshi was able to defeat the bad guy and save the world." Launch said to the kids.

Naruto nodded "But When she was making this island she was in deep fear and her magic went unstable because of King Piccolo. As a result, you can see this strange island, almost every plant and tree are different yet the same, animals that are small are bigger here and vice versa. You two would be surprised when you see the size of the dinosaurs that live here. But you can still find regular trees and herbs here."

Launched then smirked at the Saiyans kids who became more and more amazed as they listened to their father " And let me tell you two a secret. The herb that your grandpa eats to live long, blooms here every thirty years.

"Really! Can we see it, daddy? Please Please Please " Both Saiyan kids begged and brought out their puppy dogs eyes.

"Sorry kids, you have to wait for the next thirty years if you want to see it. Your grandfather and grand aunt consumed it a few months ago." Naruto felt like he kicked a puppy seeing their dejected and depressed look "Now you two, can ask me any question you like, now shoot."

"Why didn't you tell us about this island before."

"And how come you didn't tell us that grand aunt Yaga is so talented with magic?"

Naruto chuckled "I wanted this island to be a surprise for you two and answer to your question Bulla, even I don't know what aunt Yaga can do or can not do with her magical power."

"Huh, but why daddy? I Mean she is your aunt, why would you know?"

"It's because of her job kid." Launch said as she folded her arms under her large chest making her breasts pop up a little in her tight sportswear. "It's a very confidential job."

"Launch is right. You see kids when my aunt was young, she started experimenting with her magic power. Because she didn't know what she was doing. She accidentally was able to bring the dead for twenty-four hours. And make any dead people from the spiritual realm to the living as an undead forever."

"WOW, it's like the wish-granting dragon, daddy?"

"No dear. Unlike the dragon, she can only bring back the dead for 24 hours only." Naruto said, "Also because of that she got a job offer from the spiritual realm."

Seeing the kids confused, Launch explained to them " Guys from the spiritual realm didn't like the idea of someone bringing back the dead alive. So they confronted her and got impressed with her magical power and offered her a job. "

"And the problem is that we don't know what her job is or what she does exactly. She spends most of her time in the spiritual realm and hardly visits me and dad. But after you two were born, she kinda started visiting us every year on your birthday." Naruto said.

Both Bulla and Bolt nearly took all the information in. Especially Bulla who became confused in the middle of her daddy's explanation "Aw! all that spiritual realm and spiritual guys Launch just told us went right over my head."

"Don't sweat it dearly. Even we don't know much about it. Apparently, Kami knows all about this kind of thing and he too visits them sometimes. But for some reason, he wouldn't tell me or Piccolo about it." Naruto said and patted his daughter's head.

Bulla smiled at her daddy "I don't mind daddy, But thanks for this surprise daddy."

Bolt nodded "Yes dad, I thought our first camping trip would be out of the city in some ruler area, but this is so awesome. Camping in the magical island"

Naruto smirked "Don't thank me just yet, there's one more surprise I have yet to tell you."

"Naruto, I will tell them what their next surprise is. It's the reason I'm here after all." Launch stated and Naruto nodded at her giving her the floor. Launch looking at the kid "If you two are wondering that you are here to just camping then you two are dead wrong. We brought you two here so you two kids can learn how to survive in the wild,"

"Survival training but why?" Bolt asked the blond woman.

"There will be a time when you two have to run and hide away from your enemies. And a good and secure place to hide is deep in the jungle." Launch replied.

"Saiyans never run away like a coward," Bulla stated proudly.

"You are right Bulla, but sometimes a tactical retreat is a wise decision if your enemies are away stronger than you."

Bolt through for a few seconds and realized what Launch was trying to say "I get it now. If we ever have to hide from an enemy, then we have to hide in an unpopulated area and suppress our Ki, so that enemies can't detect us. But we don't know anything about how to survive in the jungle, am I right ?"

Launch nodded "You are right Bolt, smart as ever."

Naruto then took their backpack away from the kid "Launch here will teach you what to do and what not to do in the forest. She is an expert in this matter" Naruto said "And will be taking your supplies, as you will be making your own supply from what you get from nature. And during your training, you two can't use any Ki at all. This island contains many dangers and dangerous animals that can use Ki. If you survive here then you can survive anywhere on the earth."

Both kids nodded and got ready for their training. Launch, seeing them looking at her like she was their teacher made her feel something different about herself. Nonetheless, she was happy that she got their full attention now. "Okay, the first thing you need to do is get familiar with his forest. Look around carefully, Look for animal trails left by animals in the jungle, and follow them. Make a map in your mind." Booth Saiyan kid nodded and waited for more instruction. Launch looked at them questionably "Why are you two waiting for? Do as I just said."

Bulla's and Bolt's eyes widened and hurriedly went away from the campsite and started doing exactly what Launch just said. Naruto and Launch saw them going deep into the forest, and suddenly he realized something, he forgot to warn his daughter about something "BULLA, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR GIANT SPIDERS."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Bulla's terror filled scream rang all over the island.

Both Naruto and Launch broke out in laughter as the direction the kids went, was the way to the giant spider's nest.


Power Level

Naruto :150000 ( Age : 30)

ChiChi : 80000 (Age : 30)

Bulma: 5000 (Age: 31)

Bulla : 9000 ( Age: 8 and a half)

Bolt : 7000 ( Age: 8 and a half)

Piccolo:75000 (Age:16)

Krillin : 35000 (Age : 28)

Tien : 15000(Age : 35)

Chiaotzu : 4000( Age : 28)

Yamcha : 3000 ( Age : Dont care )

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