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Its been four days since Star Butterfly had came to earth from Mewni to live with the Loud Family in Royal Woods Michigan. And what four days they've been, Lincoln was right about Star being around bringing a whole new level of chaos to the Loud House. So far, counting Star's first day on earth, Ludo and his monsters have tried, and failed, to take Star's wand about 3 times.

And of course, there was Star herself creating many magical Hijinx that the family has never dealt with before in their lives. From the monster attacks, to Star quite often messing up spells that led to some chaos, to the laser puppies running around and causing mayhem. But it was nothing the Loud family couldn't get used to quickly.

Well…except for Lisa who was STILL trying to get her mind under control at the concept of magic actually existing! It went against everything she stood for and whenever she asked Star about to try and find some sort of scientific sense to it, the only response she usually got from the energetic blond was 'I dunno,'

And speaking of Star interacting with the Loud family, she has been doing that quite often as well. She sometimes helped act as a manikin for Leni all the while getting some enjoyable small talk with the 19-year-old, with Star not really minding her even noticing Leni's air headedness.

With Luna, Star would sometimes pop in on her and Luan's room to her the rocker's music. Even saying it was far better then any of the music she's heard on Mewni. And of course Star was actually someone who enjoyed Luan's puns and even helped her pull a few pranks.

With Lynn, Star actually made for a really good sparring partner as, despite her appearance, Star was a really freaking tough and had some strength to her. While Lucy wasn't exactly of Star's upbeat personality and insanely high energy, she was quite curious about the magical properties of Star's wand. She just wished Star would use some more of her style magic instead of the bright and colorful spells Star usually made like the Rainbow Fist Punch or Narwhal Blast.

As for the twins, Star got along with both in completely different ways. For Lana, Star just loved all the different animals the tomboy had and also enjoyed getting down and dirty, literally, by rolling around and playing in the mud. While Lola would constantly ask Star questions about what princess life was like and while Star didn't quite enjoy the princess scene as much as Lola, other then gaining the royal magic wand, she was happy to answer the pageant princess's questions and participate in tea parties.

And as for Lily, Star just found the youngest Loud a complete delight and loved spending time with the cute little girl. Always showing off her magic around her with Lily loving to watch and even giving the 4-year-old the laser puppies. Of course Lily still loved the other pets in the house, their dog Charles, cat Cliff, canary Walt, and hamster Geo. But not every night Lily falls asleep with 8 laser puppies cuddling up to her.

And Lincoln was the person Star spent almost all her time with. It was about 15% of her time with his sister, and the last 85% with Lincoln himself. Star quickly started Lincoln her best friend and despite Clyde being Lincoln's own best friend he didn't stop Star from calling him that. Lincoln showed her a bunch about earth culture and tons of cool stuff like tv, comics, technology, all the good earth stuff.

Plus, Lincoln kinda became the brother Star never even realized she wanted. While Star did wish she had siblings before so the castle wouldn't be so lonely growing up, she always wanted a sister. But now after hanging out with Lincoln so much, she realized a brother is really the thing she wanted.

And Lincoln was always down for hanging out with Star. The magic stuff was a lot of fun and Star herself was just pleasant to be around and her constant energy and peppiness was kinda contagious. Plus now, he always had someone to hang out and do stuff with. With his sisters not really to interested in the stuff he was into, and his friends not always being able to hang out, Star was also an amazing friend to be around and both were happy to be constantly doing stuff together.

And today was another one of those days as it was currently 5 in the after noon was Lincoln was at the oven cooking something as Star watched with excitement and anticipation. "Are they done yet?" Star asked as she visibly restrained herself from jumping up and down.

"Just 10 more minutes Star." Lincoln told the blond with a smile as he took off his oven mitts. Currently Lincoln was preparing what, in his opinion, is his dads' greatest dish. Macaroni and Cheese bites. His dad taught him how to make them a year ago and since then Lincoln worked hard on making them himself so he could get them to be as good as how his dad made and by now, he was pretty proud on the progress he's made on making what was easily one of his favorite foods. One of which he was eager to share with Star.

Star stood close to the often and took a deep breath through her nose to inhale the scent of the cooking Mac N Cheese Bites and sighed in delight as her mouth started to water. "So good~" Star let out in a dreamy tone before giving Lincoln a giant grin. "These are gonna be great snacks to watch during your ghost killing show!"

"First off, its ghost hunting, not killing. They're kinda already dead Star." Lincoln corrected the royal Butterfly as he gained his own smile. "And second of all, I know you're just gonna love ARGGH!"

"Why is it called that anyway?" Star asked with a giggle at the name of the ghost hunting show. "It's like they couldn't think of a proper name and the guy just went, ARGGH in frustration and they just decided to use that."

Lincoln rolled his eyes in response. Believe it or not it wasn't the first time someone's said that about the name of the show. "For your information, it's an acronym. It means the Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters. And trust me, this show is the best. Me and Clyde even helped Hunter Spector catch a ghost a few years ago."

"That's so cool!" Star complimented as she looked up in thought. "Reminds me of the time our castle's basement got haunted."

"Woah, you fought a ghost before?" Lincoln asked with amazement.

"Nah, his name was Larry and he just kinda raided my dad's meat stash." Star explained causing Lincoln to deadpan a bit. "Granted this did leave dad declaring war on him which just ended up with him swinging a sword through Larry for 2 days straight."

"Well that's…not as cool but still neat." Lincoln said when-

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"I got it dudes!" Right as Lincoln and Star heard knocking at the door, Luna was quick and eager to be the one to answer it as the 18-year-old quickly sped down the stairs with an excited smile on her face. When Luna opened the door, she instantly knew who the person was and pulled them into a deep hug. "Sam!"

Laughing happily and hugging Luna back was a girl Luna's age. She was a little taller than Luna and had blond hair done in a spiky ponytail. She had a large teal streak in the front part of her hair with the tips of each part of hair in her pony tail also being teal. She wore a jean jacket and a shirt identical to Luna's only it was black instead of purple as well as jeans that were ripped at the knees and white shoes with red strips. This was Luna's girlfriend, Sam Sharp.

"Hey babe!" Sam happily greeted her girlfriend as she returned the Loudest Loud's hug full force. Star and Lincoln watched from the kitchen with Star letting out an 'Aaaaawww' after seeing Sam and Luna give each other a kiss on the lips. "You know the roof of you house looks like a castle right?"

"Haha, yeah." Luna laughed. "You can thank Star for that?"

"Star…Star…" Sam repeated as she scratched her chin in thought. Finally, the named clicked on Sam as Luna's girlfriend knew who Luna was referring to. "Oh! She's the magic girl staying with you guys, right?" Sam had to admit, she had her doubts about Luna saying the exchange student staying with her was magic, but after seeing some pics Luna sent and the new topping for her house, Sam thinks Luna is telling the truth.

"Yep! She's actually in the kitchen right now hanging out with my bro." Luna informed her girlfriend as Sam looked into the pathway and actually saw the two sticking their heads out looking at her and Luna. Sam smiled and gave them a wave which the two returned with Star's wave being much more rapid and with more energy put into it. "So, ready for date night?"

"Yep! But there's something else first. Actually, it works out great that Lincoln and Star are here!" Sam told Luna, who raised her eye brow in response. Sam then turned towards the driveway where her car was parked and waved her hand around, presumedly signaling someone. After a quick moment, Luna heard the door to Sam's car open and close and then saw another girl approach and stop right next to Sam.

This girl appeared to be about Star and Lincoln's age with platinum blonde hair with a streak of aqua blue in it. She had aqua eyes and freckles on her face and wore green and white shirt, cyan shorts, white kneesocks and blue and white shoes. She also had a necklace with a golden seashell on it. "Luna, meet my cousin-" Sam was saying before being interrupted by…

"Jackie!?" It was Lincoln who spoke up as he came into the living room with a smile on his face with Star following right behind him. The girl now known as Jackie looked to Lincoln and gave a smile of her own as she walked up to the white head with the two sharing a high five.

"Hey Lincoln, didn't expect to see you here." Jackie said to the white-haired boy in cool tone. "Didn't realize it was your sis dating my cuz."

"I had no idea Sam was your cousin. But looking at the two of you side by side…" Lincoln then took a moment to look between Sam and Jackie. "I can see the resemblance."

"Oh, I didn't know you knew Lincoln." Sam said to her cousin who turned and nodded at her.

"Yeah, me and Linc are classmates actually." Jackie informed Sam who 'Oooooh'ed in response. "He's a cool guy and a good friend."

"Thanks! Same to you Jackie." Lincoln said with a grin before he remembered Star was behind him and moved out of the way so Jackie could see her. "Oh, and Jackie, this is Star Butterfly."

"Hello new friend!" Star enthusiastically greeted to Jackie.

"Oh, I think I know who you are." Jackie stated as she looked at Star. "You're the new girl in school right? The magic girl?"

"That's meeee~" Star confirmed with a cheeky smile.

"Alright! Its cool you two know each other!" Sam happily said as she referred to Lincoln and Jackie. "I was actually hoping if you two wouldn't mind hanging out with her? I made date plans with Luna today but I kinda forgot I was supposed to hang out with my cuz today…sorry."

"Its cool Sam, don't let me keep ya from your girl." Jackie reassured her older cousin before turning to Lincoln. "And hey, I'm totally down for hanging out with Lincoln and the new girl. If it's cool you two."

"Yeah! That sounds like a lot of fun." Lincoln was perfectly down for adding Jackie to their hang out.

"Yay! This hang out is gonna be off the chaaaaain!" Star said with a somehow more excited tone as she jumped up and down.

"Alright! Now that that's settled…" Luna said as she wrapped a hand around Sam's waist and pulled her girlfriend close to her. "Shall we my lady~"

"We shall~" Sam responded in a flirty tone as she kissed Luna on the cheek. The two then turned around and headed out the door with Sam telling her cousin before leaving. "I'll be back Jackie! Have fun!"

"You to cuz!" Jackie told Sam as everyone watched Luna and Sam leave the house.

Once the two 18-year-old were gone, Lincoln stepped in between Star and Jackie and decided to properly introduce the girls to one another. "Well girls, let me properly introduce you two to each other. Star, this is Jackie Lynn Thomas. Jackie, this is Star Butterfly."

"Nice to meet ya Star." Jackie greeted as she held her hand out.

Star quickly grabbed it with both her hands and gave Jackie a rapid handshake similar to the one she first gave Lincoln. "Helloooooo~" Star greeted back in a sing song voice. "Nice to meet you to new friend!"

"Hehe, quite the arm ya got." Jackie laughed a bit after Star released her from the princess's energetic handshake.

"Thanks!" Star happily thanks Jackie as she bounced up and down a tiny bit. "Anyway, me and Lincoln were getting ready to watch a ghost killing show!"

"Hunting!" Lincoln corrected, but Star didn't even seem to pay attention to him.

"Wanna join us?" Star finished with sparkling eyes.

"Sure, sounds fun." Jackie agreed with a nod. She was pretty sure Star was referring to ARGGH and while that wasn't a show Jackie usually watched, she was happy to give it a try at least.

As the three were talking, they failed to notice Lucy come down from the stairs and into the kitchen. The black haired Loud opened the fridge, simply hopping to grab a quick snack, but as she was looking, she heard a knocking on the back door. Raising her eyebrow at who could possibly be coming in through the back door at this hour, Lucy closed the fridge and went over to the door and opened it.

At first Lucy saw no one outside the door. Even after looking around for a bit, the 11-year-old Loud failed to see who could have knocked on the door. But then, as Lucy looked in front of her and got ready to close the door, suddenly she saw the head of a figure…and just the head.

"Yo what up tiny girl!" Lucy's single eye could be seen widened as her mouth gaped open, a look of shock actually appearing on the goth girls head. Standing, or rather floating, in front of Lucy was a unicorn, but only with a head a neck. She had light blue fur and a pink mane that was constantly flowing and fluttering, teal eyes with gold stars for pupils, and a teal, striped horn. On both sides of her neck were pink hearts and she had sparkles and glitter falling out of her neck.

Lucy's expression remained the same as she stared at the floating unicorn head as it spoke up again. "Yo girl, have you seen my bff anywhere?" Lucy didn't respond. "My bff? B-fly? Princess of Mewni? Super fun girl with pink hearts on her cheeks? Ring a bell?"

Lucy continued to have the same expression as she starred at the floating head. The head of the unicorn looked around uncomfortably before choosing to fly over Lucy. "Ya know what, since you seem to be broken or something and can't respond, imma just head inside. Sound good? Sounds good."

"Oh man, those smell great Lincoln."

"Thanks Jackie, just gotta wait for them to cool down now."

"Circle food!"

The unicorn head heard this when she came into the house, with Lucy soon falling to her back when the head floated past her, and saw Lincoln taking out the Macaroni and Cheese bites out of the oven and onto the stove. Recognizing the last voice that spoke up, the unicorn head looked to the source of it and smiled widely at seeing the princess of Mewni looking at the earth food with a drooling mouth. "B-Fly!"

Star's eyed widened as she stopped drooling over the food at hearing the voice that was all too familiar with her. "That voice…it can't be!" Star said with excitement over who it could be and looked to where the voice had spoken up and the princess of Mewni's eyes sparkled brightly at seeing the floating head.

"Woah…" Jackie let out as she and Lincoln also looked to the new floating figure. Jackie was certainly a little surprised about seeing a floating unicorn head in front of them, after seeing the other magic stuff caused by Star around the school and her natural cool and calm demeanor, she wasn't even close to freaking out.

'One of Star's friends no doubt.' Lincoln thought calmly to himself as he looked at the unicorn head. After spending four days with Star and what she usually brings to the table, something like this didn't really affect him that much like it would have five days ago.

"Flying Princess Pony Head!" Star squealed happily as she grabbed the floating head, now simply known as Pony in, for a hug.

"Sup B-Fly!" Pony Head greeted back as the two separated. "Get ready girl! Because we're going out tonight! You ready to make some baaaaad choices?"

"Oooooo! Sounds fun!" Star said with still sparkling eyes and an excited smile. "I can even bring along my friends! I'll introduce you!" Star then suddenly appeared behind Lincoln and Jackie as a blur and wrapped an arm around each one. "The girls is Jackie! We just met but we're practically super friends now! And the boys my best friend Lincoln!"

"Your…best friend?" Pony Head asked Star with chagrin.

Star quickly realized how Pony Head felt at Star saying that was quick to reassure to floating head. "Oh no, no, no, no! On earth!" Star explained to Pony Head. "Lincoln's my best friend on earth. You're my best friend on Mewni! Lincoln, this is the pony I told you about."

"Oh yeah, I think I remember you mentioning something about that." Lincoln said as he remembered Star telling him that she was super good friends with a pony back on Mewni.

"Cool." Jackie said with a small smile on her face as she watched Pony Head got right into Lincoln's face and blew some pink steam out of her nose at him.

"I hate your face, plus you're ugly." Pony Head mocked Lincoln while laughing causing Lincoln to glare at her.

"Least I have limbs." Lincoln retorted to which Pony Head simply rolled her eyes.

"Oh chill snow ball, it was a joke." Pony Head floating towards Star. "Tick-tock girl, time paaartaaay!"

"Yeah Lincoln!" Star said as she grabbed Lincoln's wrist with a giant grin on her face. "Let's paaartaaay!"

"Um, what about Jackie?" Lincoln asked, gesturing his head to said girl.

"She can come with us!" Star said with even more enthusiasm. "What do you say Jackie? Ready to go out and get craaaaaazaaaaaay!"

"Sure." Jackie agreed with a small giggle. "I'm just about down for anything. Sounds like a fun time."

"Alright then its settled, best friend party!" Star happily cheered as she put her arms around Lincoln, Jackie, and Pony Head and pulled them in for a quick group hug.

"Aright then, let's get going." Pony Head said as she opened up her mouth and stuck her togue out to reveal a pair of scissors.

Star gasped in response as she looked at the scissor with stars in her eyes. "Dimensional Scissors?! Ah! Jealous!" Star said as Pony used them in cut a portal right in the middle of the kitchen.

"Wait we're going to another dimen-" Lincoln was saying before getting cut off by Star grabbing both his and Jackie's wrist.

"Come on! Lets go!" Star quickly said as she dragged the two through the portal.

Pony Head was the last to float into the portal, but before she completely went through, she looked around the room suspiciously before completely going in with the portal soon closing. Right as they left, suddenly another portal appeared in the kitchen and stepping out of it were three tough looking guys in mask, two short, one tall. The shortest man looked at the ground and scooped up some of the glitter Pony Head left behind and examined it. "Glitter, she was definitely here." He said before opening another portal with him and the two tall men stepping through.

Back with Star, Pony Head, Jackie, and Lincoln felt themselves falling down from the sky. Star and Pony Head simply laughed as they along with Jackie suddenly fell onto a couch shaped cloud with Lincoln falling flat on his face on the floor. "Ow…" Lincoln groaned as he sat up.

"Smooth landing there Linc." Jackie lightly teased the Loud boy.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up." Lincoln said with an eyeroll before looking around and saw that they were now in some sort of night club-like place supported by a bunch of clouds that had all sorts of different creatures around the place dancing to music. "Where are we?"

"The Bounce Lounge." Star answered as she leaned back on the cloud she was on. "My favorite place to chill~"

"I can see why, this place looks awesome." Jackie said as she stood up and looked around at the completely new and fun looking environment.

"I know right!" Star happily said, excited that Jackie was already liking this place. "Just make sure to stay away from the edge."

"How com-WOAH!" Lincoln immediately cut himself off as he almost walked off the edge due to not paying attention and quickly saved himself from falling down to what would have been an impaling fall as a field of spikes could be seen underneath the Bounce Lounge along with a skeleton of one unfortunate victim.

As Lincoln stared at the deadly bottom, Star came up from behind and grabbed Lincoln close and pulled him away. "Lincoln! Jackie! Photo Booth! Photo Booth!" Star said enthusiastically as she pushed Lincoln, Jackie, and Pony Head, into the booth.

Star then quickly entered the booth and inserted money into the machine and the four inside quickly started getting into various poses for photo's, with the booth adding fun effects and glittery backroads to their photos. With their first four take, they all smiled as Star inserted another coin into the booth and talked to Lincoln and Pony Head. "Now just you two!" Star told her two best friends as she pointed to them. "A way to celebrate the night my besties became besties! Come on Jackie, I'll show you some dance moves!"

"Sounds good." Jackie said with a smile as Star grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the photo booth an onto the dance floor.

But once Lincoln and Pony Head were alone, the floating unicorn head quickly got into Lincoln's face and gave the Loud boy a threatening look. "Listen, we are not gonna be besties." Pony Head told Lincoln with a low tone. "We are not even gonna be second-besties."

Just then the booth took a photo of Lincoln and Pony Head, with the two briefly getting into a pose and smiling with the photo adding the words Super Kawaii to the backround.

"Second-besties?" Lincoln asked with a raised eyebrow while glaring at Pony Head. "That's not even a thing."

"Ohhhh! You wanna make this a thing?" Pony Head challenged angrily as the booth took another photo of them as they quickly got into another pose with the words LETS ENJOY", "HAY GURL!", and "PARTY LIFE" appearing.

"Look here, Earth Turd." Pony Head mocked Lincoln. "This night is really important to me. You or that other girl, jickie or whatever her name is, mess that up, and you're gonna get the horn!"

At that last part, Pony Head moved her horn to Lincoln's neck, but Lincoln simply smirked and moved the horn away with his hand, causing Pony Head to be surprised at the person she called Earth Turd doing this and taking her threat without even flinching. "Oh go ahead Pony, I dare you." Lincoln challenged the floating head while looking her right in the eye. "I'm sure Star would just LOVE to hear about you doing that to me. Good luck getting your story straight."

Pony Head's jaw dropped. No one has ever stood up to her like that before and so confidently. But she had to remain cool. So she simply narrowed her eyes at Lincoln before floating out of the booth. "You got guts Earth Turd, I'll give ya that. But don't think for sec this isn't over!"

Lincoln simply narrowed his eyes at Pony Head before the booth took a picture of just him not doing a pose. Once the last picture was taken, Lincoln left the booth and looked around and saw Star and Jackie getting it down next to each other on the dance floor.

"Wow Jackie!" Star complimented as she watched Jackie dance while doing some moves of her owns. "You got the moves!"

"Not so bad yourself Star!" Jackie complimented back as the two high fived each other while dancing. "This is a lot of fun. Thanks for bringing me along."

"Well you know what they say, the more the merrier~" Star said in a sing-song voice as she continued to bust a move.

"Well at least they're having fun." Lincoln couldn't help but smile at the scene of Star and Jackie dancing around together having a blast. But he did frown once Pony Head came up next to Star and started doing her own dance.

Lincoln initially decided to just leave them be and not get involved with whatever Pony Head was doing. She could let her peacefully hang out with Star tonight and just stay in the back round. Not big deal, he could just grab some punch, bop his head to the music and join the others if Star or Jackie asked. Not much Pony Head could do if numbers were against her.

However, Lincoln couldn't just stand and do nothing when he saw Pony Head looking at Jackie with a devious smile and proceeded to tackle the platinum blond full force. Jackie let out a surprised yell as she was tackled off the dance floor and almost fell down the edge of the bounce lounge, holding on tightly to the edge to keep from falling. "Jackie!" Lincoln called out for his friend in a concerned tone as he quickly ran over to Jackie and helped her stand back up and away from the edge. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, don't worry Linc I'm fine." Jackie reassured the white head with her usual calm tone. She reassured Lincoln with a smile as she gave him a light punch to the shoulder. "Come on, you know I'm tougher than that."

"I know, I was still worried though." Lincoln told Jackie, who simply placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes in response, her smile not leaving her face.

"Jackie! What happened?!" Running up to them was Star who looked at said girl with concern in her eyes. "What happened?"

"What happened is that your bestie almost pushed Jackie off the edge." Lincoln told Star as he angrily pointed to Pony Head who was still dancing around. "She tried to kill her Star."

"Pfft, whaaaaaat? No!" Star denied with a sheepish smile. "She just gets a little wild when she dances." To prove her point, Star gestured to her Pony was dancing at Lincoln and Jackie looked to see Pony Head dancing on top of an elf-like teenager and even started riding on his back like a horse.

"Star, she threatened to stab me in the photo booth." Lincoln deadpanned at Star causing Jackie's eyes to widened a tiny bit at the information.

At hearing this, Star's eyes also widened as she looked down nervously and nodded her head to Lincoln. "Yeeeeeeah…" Star slowly said. "She can be possessive."

"Understatement." Lincoln muttered blankly.

Star then got an idea and smiled as she turned to Pony Head, stilling messing around with the elf, and called out to her. "Pony Head, let's go to the Amethyst Arcade. Lincoln will have more fun there!"

"No way, girl!" Pony Head yelled while laughing. "I'm getting my dance on!" However, the sound of a portal opening in the distance made Pony Head flinch, and looking to where it opened, her eyes widened in fear as she saw the three masked man emerge from it.

Getting out the scissors with her tongue again, Pony Head quickly flew over to where Star, Jackie, and Lincoln were and opened up a portal while quickly saying. "Yes, you're right he will have more fun there!"

Once Pony Head entered the portal, Star looked to Lincoln and said in a giddy tone. "She's warming up to you~" And with that said, Star walked through the portal herself leaving only Lincoln and Jackie to themselves.

"So an arcade huh?" Jackie said to Lincoln she gently nudged him with her shoulder. "Thinks its as good as the one back home?"

"No way." Lincoln immediately stated with a smirk. "Even if its some sort of fancy dimensional arcade, Gus's has class." Both Lincoln and Jackie shared a laugh at this as they stepped through the portal.

"Holy pixel…" Lincoln let out after seeing exactly what the Amethyst Arcade was all about.

"I think we broke him." Jackie joked as Star giggles at the look on Lincolns face and the drool coming down his lip.

"SO MANY VIDEO GAMES!" Lincoln yelled as the Amethyst Arcade seeming to have never ending rows of arcade machines. There were more games than he could even hope to count.

"Knew he'd like it." Pony Head stated with an eyeroll. "This place is full of squares." Lincoln was about to protest…but then looked around and saw the people playing games in this place were literal squares and rectangles with faces and limbs.

"Hey Lincoln check it out." Jackie said, getting Lincoln's attention as she pointed to what looked like a dancing game. "Reminds you of Dance Battle back home?"

Lincoln looked at the machine and smirked as he had a good idea of why Jackie pointed out that specific machine. "You wanna go?" Lincoln challenged the platinum blond.

"Only if you're ready to lose!" Jackie said as she quickly ran towards the machine with Lincoln laughing and following close behind.

"Have fun you two~" Star told the two as that just left her and Pony Head alone.

"Weeeeeell, while they're over there doing their thing, come on B-Fly, I saw Lance Lance revolution over there!" Pony Head told the royal Butterfly while pointing her horn towards said game.

"My favorite!" Star clapped and jumped up and down happily as she grabbed Pony Head and quickly ran towards the game. "Let's go!"

About 20 minutes passed as Lincoln and Jackie, and Star and Pony stuck to their respective games. Lincoln and Jackie were battling it out for the high score on the dance game and Star and Pony Head were battling it out in Lance Lance Revolution.

"You're going down Pony!" Star yelled as she held her red lance to battle against Pony Head in the game on the giant screen in front of them.

"We'll see about that girl!" Pony Head replied while holding her blue lance in her mouth. "I got you on the ropes!"

"Hey you. Square."

Pony Head flinched as she heard the deep voice coming from a bit away from behind. Shifting her eyes to look behind her, she saw the three masked man there at the Amethyst Arcade interrogating one of the squares there and showing him a photo of her!

"Have you seen this pony?" The man asked with the square denying seeing the floating head. "Don't you lie to me little man."

After hearing all this, Pony Head dropped her lance out of her mouth in shock, allowing Star to take the win. "Haha! In yo face Pony Head!" Star cheered in victory as she did a little happy dance.

"Yeah, yeah, good for you B-Fly! Come on lets go!" Pony Head said quickly as she started to push Star away, much to the blond's surprise. "Now come on, I'm already bored, lets go check out this other club I know!" Pony Head quickly used her scissors to open up a portal, eager to get out of here fast.

"Oh ok!" Star said, instantly being onboard with the idea. "Just let me go grab Lincoln and Jackie."

"No, no, no, no, no!" Pony Head said quickly in a panic. "Um, you go first and I'll go get them. Yeah that should work!"

"Aaaaaw, see? I knew you would be fast besties!" Star happily said to Pony Head before going to the portal. "Don't keep me waiting!"

After Star walked through the portal Pony Head waited a few anxious seconds before flying in herself, getting the heck out of dodge.

"Haha! Gonna have to do better then that Jackie!" Lincoln said as he stepped it up on the game he and Jackie were competing in. The two were completely unaware of Star and Pony Head leaving and were still focused on the game they were playing.

"We'll see about that Lincoln!" Jackie challenged back with a smile on her face as she laughed at the sheer amount of fun she was having with the white head. "Ya know, dancing at an arcade machine like this reminds me of something…"

"What tha-oh no. Oh no please don't bring that up." Lincoln, despite his pleas, laughed at the memory as he knew what exactly Jackie was referring to. "Man Jackie don't do this to me."

"When you used to have a crush on me~" Jackie said in a teasing voice. "One day you asked me to the arcade and tried to put the moves on me."

"Please stop. That was two years ago." Lincoln embarrassingly laughed as his cheeks went pink. "Man I was so stupid back then."

"Aw, I thought it was cute." Jackie giggled a little at the memory.

"You're enjoying this aren't you." Lincoln said with a sly smirk towards Jackie with Jackie simply putting on an innocent look. "Ah well, guess it was kinda funny looking back on it. Glad we're still friend though."

"Course dude, you're practically my bro." Jackie told Lincoln as she patted his shoulder a few times. "And its awesome that your sis is dating my cuz. If we're lucky we might actually be related one day."

"Yeah! Wouldn't that be awe-" However, Lincoln was soon cut off by a strong hand being placed on his shoulder.

Back with Star and Pony Head, the two were currently in another club where a band was playing with the two princess's surfing the crowd of cheering fans together. " Is this not a blast or what, B-Fly?" Pony Head cheered as she turned to her best friend.

"Yeah-heah!" Star cheered before looking around and noticing the lack of two human friends. "But where's Lincoln and Jackie? I don't see em anywhere. I thought you got them."

"Pfft! You got me, girl." Pony Head told Star who simply gave Pony Head a confused look. "And I'm way more fun!"

"What are you talking about?" Star further questioned.

"Uh, heh, funny story. You're gonna love it." Pony Head knew she was in a corner and had to no choice but to tell Star the truth. "I kinda ditched him and left him in the other dimension. Oops. Hehehe."

"What?!" Star screamed as she fell off the crown and onto the floor.

"B-Fly!" Pony Head called out to Star in a concerned tone.

"How could you do that to my new friend and my best friend?!" Star yelled as she glared at Pony Head. She knew her friend could be possessive of her, but that was unacceptable.

"Best friend?!" Pony Head yelled back with a bit of an offended tone. "Last I checked the best friend was me!"

"I can have two best friends!" Star told Pony before crossing her eyes and looking away from her. "Unless one of them is a friend-ditching liar."

Pony Head looked down in guilt as she asked. "Those earth turds mean that much to you?"

"Their the best turds I've ever known." Star stated with nothing but certainty in her voice.

Pony Head was silent for a moment before sighing and taking out her scissors. "Okay…" She said before opening a portal.

Back at the Amethyst Arcade, Lincoln and Jackie could be seen tied up in separate chairs both also tied together back to back with a bright light being shined in their faces by none other than the three masked men. "For the last time…where is she?!" The shortest of the men demanded to know as he held a picture of Pony Head to Lincoln and Jackie's faces.

"Look dude, we already told you we don't know." Jackie told the man as she struggled to escape the ropes.

"She probably ditched us here or something." Lincoln tried to tell the man. "Doesn't ditching people in other dimensions sound like Pony Head? You know her more than me probably."

The three masked man looked to each other at Lincoln's reasoning with one of the tall ones saying. "He has a point."

As this was happening, a portal opened not to far away and out from it stepped Star and Pony Head who were quick to notice the tied-up humans surrounded by the three masked men. "There they are!" Star gasped as she pointed her wand at the masked men. "Crystal Dagger-"

"Wait B-Fly! Its to dangerous!" Pony Head got in the way of Star casting the spell and looked Star right in the eye and knew what she had to do. "Hold out your hand."

Star did as told and Pony Head proceeded to spit out her Dimensional Scissors into Star's hand. " Your dimensional scissors?" Star gasped at Pony Head giving her something so valuable.

"I won't need 'em where I'm going." Pony Head told the Butterfly Princess as she floated towards the three men.

"Pony Head, wait!" Star reached out for her floating friend as Pony Head made herself known.

"Oh, hey, creeps!" Pony Head yelled out loudly, causing all three masked men to turn to the source of the voice and see Pony Head looking right at them with a smirk. "I heard you're looking to ride with a pony! So come and get me!"

The three men growled as they all chased after Pony Head with the pony princess laughing her heart out as she flew away from them at full speed.

From destroying machines to crashing through polygonal nerds, Pony Head was laughing like a mad pony the entire time as she flew away from the men chasing her. "Woohoo!" Pony Head cheered. "I never felt so alive!" Pony Head then fired a blast of magic out of her horn at some large crystals coming out of the ceiling. The crystals all fell down with the men chasing Pony Head panicking and narrowly avoiding get crushed my them.

Pony Head laughed at the scene, but right as she did she crashed right into the wall at full speed, bruising her up and making her fall to the ground.

The three men then surround Pony Head, ready to take her in, but before they could suddenly Star, Lincoln, and Jackie, the latter two now free from their ropes, jumped in front of the three men all in fighting stances. "Back off, creeps!" Star yelled at the masked men.

"You want her, you gotta get through us." Jackie told the three men as she took a deep breath.

"Don't worry Pony Head." Lincoln reassured the pony princess. "We've got your back...of your head." Pony Head smiles at the scene of the two humans she's been bullying today getting ready to defend her. But before any fighting could break out…

"Time to give it up, cupcake!"

Everyone froze at hearing the deep echoing voice, with Star and Pony Head recognizing it. "Is that…" Star slowly began. "King Pony Head?!"

Just then a massive portal opened up behind the three masked men and from it came a giant floating pony head with green fur, a dark blue mane and beard and wearing a crown. "Holy…" Lincoln let out at seeing the massive floating unicorn head.

"That's a biiiiiig head…" Jackie let out as she looked at the king.

"Hello daddy…" Pony Head nervously greeted as she looked up at her father.

"Hello Princess." King Pony Head greeted back with a not to amused tone.

"What is he doing here?" Star whispered to her best Mewni Friend.

"Oh B-fly, it's the end of the line for me." Pony Head told Star in a saddened tone. "But at least I got in one last night of fun with you."

"One last night?" Star asked, confused as to why Pony Head was saying that. "What do you mean?"

"Before this…" Pony Head hesitated to say due to how much it horrified her. "I'm going to St. O's!"

Star let out a horrified gasped at what Pony Head told her. "Not St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses?!" Star screamed, praying to the heavens that her friend was just joking with her.

"Oh, its true." Pony Head confirmed, much to Star's horror. "I did it to myself. I'm headed to the slammer."

"It's reform school, cupcake, not jail." King Pony Head said with an eyeroll. "Although admittedly it is a lot like jail.'

"Oh Pony Head." Star said to the floating pony princess in a touched tone. "You knew you'd get sent to St. Olga's, but you still came back to save Lincoln and Jackie."

"Oh, well, you know... It's hard to say it, but they are your other besties." Pony Head admitted hesitantly. "Okay, I said it."

"Oooohh, come here!" Star was quick to pull Pony Head into a tight hug which Pony Head would have happily returned had she had arms. Star then pulled Lincoln and Jackie into the hug as well.

"All right princess, time to go." The short masked man said as he took Pony Head and put a muzzle on her. They then opened a portal and started to drag Pony Head away.

"Bye Pony Head!" Star sadly said goodbye to her good friend. "I'm gonna miss ya!"

"Don't give in to the man ya hear me!" Jackie yelled to Pony Head. "Never give up the fight for freedom!"

"Hey Pony Head!" Lincoln called out to, making Pony Head turn to him. "Good luck in princess jail."

"Aw, thanks Earth Tu-I mean…thank you Lincoln." Pony Head actually used Lincoln's name. "But don't worry about me! No jail can hold on to me for long! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" With some resistance on Pony Heads part, they masked men managed to drag Pony Head through the portal.

After this, King Pony Head sighed as he floated towards the portal himself. "Kids...you have'em, and then you...wish they weren't around." The king said before going through the portal himself.

"Yay!" Star cheered as she wrapped an arm around Lincoln and Jackie. "My besties are besties!"

"Wouldn't go that far but…I do hope she does well." Lincoln said as he honestly hoped to see Pony Head again and maybe forge a better friendship with her. After escaping Star's arms, Lincoln looked towards Jackie and said. "And hey Jackie, sorry about getting you involved with all this magic stuff."

"Are you kidding? Today was awesome!" Jackie told the two in front of her as she put her arms to her hips. "Lincoln, I thought you were cool before and this just helped prove it. And Star, you're also really cool."

"Aw, thanks Jackie." Star said as the hearts on her cheeks started glowing. "Maybe you can come along with us on more adventures!"

"Sounds good." Jackie said, rather looking forward to getting into more magical hyjinx.

"Wait a minute…I just realized something." Lincoln said as his eyes slowly widened as he realized the situation they were in. "We're stuck in another dimension!"

"Ooooooooh…I didn't think about that." Jackie slowly said.

"Oh no we're not~" Star said in a sing-song voice before pulling out the Dimensional Scissors Pony Head gave her while sticking her tongue in a similar manner to Pony Head.

"Woah! Cool!" Jackie said as she and Lincoln smiled at Star having the dimension travelling tools.

"Now we can go anywhere we want." Star said with growing excitement in her voice. "Anywhere in the entire universe."

"Sounds good!" Lincoln cheered with excitement as well at the idea of exploring entirely different adventures. "But for now, how about we head home and get to that ARGGH marathon? We still got Mac,N,Cheese bites to eat after all."

"Woohoo!" Star cheered as she quickly used the scissors to open a portal to earth and dragging Lincoln and Jackie with her.

Just another day of Star living with the Louds.

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