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The school bell rang signaling students that classes were about to begin and for them to be in their seats. Thankfully Lincoln and Star were already sitting down in their seats which were next to each other with Star in the second row of the classroom with Lincoln in the third one with the next seat on the fourth row next to Lincoln being empty. Currently Lincoln was getting his biology book out while Star was looking over her wand. It's been a few days since the whole 'Lincoln trapped in the closet' incident and so far the two teens made sure to keep a close eye on their wand and powers respectively.

It still unnerved them about what happened. Star's wand releasing that green energy and Lincoln's powers briefly shutting down but also releasing green colored ice and fire. Something was going on and hopefully the two could get to the bottom of it before any real problems started. But ever since then things seemed to be going fine. "Hey Star." Lincoln said to get the princess' attention. "How's the wand been doin?"

"Good so far." Star answered by using it to created a brightly colored and glittered covered pencil on her desk. No trace of that weird off-putting magic energy. "What about your powers?"

"Been working fine so far." Lincoln said as he lifted up his right hand and proceeded to produce cold mist from it. He would have showed that his fire side was working too but didn't want to risk setting off the sprinklers. "Think it was just a one-time fluke? I mean surely magic has it's off days right?"

"Maybe…maybe, maybe." Star constantly repeated as she further inspected her wand. The princess then shrugged and placed the magical item back in her back pack. "But hey! Let's not worry bout any of that jazz! I heard that it's career day here. That sounds fun~"

"Eh, not really." Lincoln shrugged as he got a pencil out. He couldn't help but wonder what was taking Ms. Pham so long. She's usually never late to class. "We just go to the guidance counselor, he evaluates stuff like our grades, test scores, hobbies, and such and determines what kinda job we should peruse in the future. It's not nearly as exciting as the Internship fair I went to in grade school."

"Still though~" Star fantasized what she thought career day was. One look at her face and Lincoln knew that her version of career day was probably a lot more magical, brighter, more colorful, and just more Star. "Being able to see our future's…"

"Uh, Star, that's not-"

"Ok class settle down. I have a special announcement!" Cutting off Lincoln was Ms. Pham who was finally in her classroom. She was actually the last one there as all the chairs, except the one of the fourth row next to Lincoln, were completely filled. Everyone was giving confused looks to their biology teacher, wondering why she was taking so long. Perhaps it had something to do with that special announcement she mentioned? Well before anyone could ask questions, she spoke up once more. "I am excited to announce…we have a brand-new student with us at Royal Woods Middle School starting today!"

This caused all of her students to gasp as they all started whispering and muttering to each other. A new kid? Already? They only got Star a few months ago and she was about as crazy as a new kid could get. And now they were getting another one? Well this school year certainly wasn't boring to say the least. "Ooooooo! Lincoln did you hear?! We're getting a new kid!" Star quietly yelled to Lincoln with an incredibly excited look on her face as she bounced up and down in her seat. "I can't wait to meet them! Do you think we can get them to be in our friend group?!"

"Alright Star I know you're excited but just calm down a bit." Lincoln chuckled at the girl's enthusiasm. It was a bit contagious as he suddenly found himself a bit excited as well. But he still wanted to keep a level head and consider the possibilities. "I mean not all new kids are super cool and awesome like you. For all we know they could end up being some…juvenile delinquent with a green mohawk or something."

"Um…that's…oddly specific Lincoln." Star said to Lincoln with a bit of a weirded-out tone.

"…Yeah I heard it too." Lincoln had to admit that what he said was a bit strange. Deciding just to forget about it and move on, Lincoln cleared his throat before speaking again. "Anyway, let's just see how this new guy or girl is and see what happens."

Star eagerly looked to the front of the classroom to see who this new hid was as Ms. Pham gestured to the open door of the classroom. "Class, please welcome…" Ms. Pham began the introduction of the new student. "Hailey."

"Sup Royal Woods." A…familiar voice was heard as the new student stepped into the class. Everyone's eyes widened, the boys' especially, as they saw the new girl come in. But two of the students in the room had probably the biggest reaction of all. Lincoln and Star. This new girl…she has a very familiar look to her.

Hailey was a girl that was rather on the short side but had all the assets to make up for it as both her chest and thighs were rather eye catching to say the least. She had dark tanned skin and wore a sleeveless yellow top that showed off her belly along with a black skirt that went down to right above her knees and brown high-heeled boots. She had orange eyes with a very familiar style of long red hair that was tied back in a black spikey hair tie with bangs that covered her right eye. Finally, she had black earrings and a black collar around her neck.

"…I bet you they're F-Cups." Rusty was heard whispering getting a few glares from the girls and a few nods from the boys.

"Lincoln…" Star slowly began as she couldn't take her eyes off Hailey. Not because of the girl's stunning features, but for how very familiar the girl looked. She was almost a dead ringer for…"Do you think that's-"

"Nope! No, no, no, no." Lincoln quickly denied while shaking his head. No way that was her. Why would she wanna come to his school anyway? It made no sense. Surely she had much better things to do then come to freakin school! "I'm sure it's just a coincidence."

"Alright Hailey." Ms. Pham spoke again to the new girl, completely oblivious to the students starring at her as well as Lincoln and Star's little conversation. "Why don't you take the seat next to Lincoln."

"Glady~" Hailey said with her voice becoming more and more familiar to Star and Lincoln to the point where it was exactly the same. Everyone watched as the new girl made her way to the seat next to Lincoln and was quick to stare at the white-headed boy next to her with a smirk on her face. Lincoln blushed and looked down at his desk, still in denial about the possibility, while a few boys gave Lincoln a jealous glare. "Hey snowball." Hailey greeted causing both Star and Lincoln eyes to widen. "You come her often~"

Lincoln and Star proceeded to slowly look at each other with Lincoln closing his eyes and slowing nodding his head. "Yep…" The Loud boy sighed out. "It's her." Lincoln then opened his eyes and turned his head to 'Hailey' with the girl still smirking at him. "Hekapoo! What are you doing here?!"

"What can't a girl go to school anymore these days?" Hailey asked Lincoln with a wink. Yep, you heard it right folks. The new girl Hailey was really the dimension scissors forger herself Hekapoo. "And in case you're wondering about the form, got the idea from some magazines Leni gave me. So I worked some of my magic and disguised myself as a human so the rest of these fleshwads wouldn't freak out."

Lincoln deadpanned at Hailey's explanation as Star looked past Lincoln so she could get a good look at the magical being's human disguise. "Ya know…" Star started nodding her head in approval. "You gotta admit, she does look good."

"That's not the issue here Star!" Lincoln snapped a little getting the princess to raise up her hands. The Loud boy then turned his head back to Hailey aka Hekapoo. "Hekapoo…what the heck?!"

"What's wrong snowball?" Hailey asked in a teasing voice as she put a finger to her cheek. "Not happy to see little old me~"

"Well…no it's always good to see you." Lincoln admitted has a bit of pink came to his cheek. Hekapoo and Star noticed this and couldn't help but silently snicker at it. "But just…why are you here?"

"Well I got nothing better to do so I thought I'd pass the time by checking out what you do every day." Hailey explained as she gestured around the class room. Lincoln's explained how human school is to the scissors maker and he would agree with her in saying it was mostly really boring. But with her, Star, and Lincoln there, she was confident things would get spiced up one way or another. "So that means we get to hang out more and I can keep an eye on ya."

"I don't need a baby sitter." Lincoln grumbled in a bit of an embarrassed tone over what Hekapoo was implying.

"And how will you protect yourself with your magic not working, hmmmm?" Hailey questioned as she tilted her head a bit and rose a brow at the Loud boy.

"I can still...wait..." Lincoln's eyes soon widened as he realized exactly what she said. His magic not working…she knew about that?! "How do you know about that?"

"Star told me." Hailey instantly answered as she pointed to said princess with Lincoln being quick to send a glare to her.

"Hehehe..." Star sheepishly chuckled under Lincoln's gaze. "Well since she's part of the high commission I thought it would be a good idea..."

"I can't believe you did that." Lincoln sighed out as he pinched his temples.

"It's not a big deal." Hekapoo shrugged. Honestly magic went haywire more often than one thought. Especially if you didn't know how to use it. And considering half of the crystal in Star's wand was gone it was to be expected there be some mishaps. And since, according to Lincoln, he got his powers from the wand, it was more than likely that they were linked in some way. "Also coming here was my idea, not Star's"

"Look, Hekapoo I appreciate it." Lincoln said to the disguised magic girl. He wasn't really upset with Hailey being here, far from it really, but he really didn't wanna be treated like a child and constantly be watched over. "But I'm perfectly capable of handling myself."

It was then that Hailey frowned. It seemed rather sad and, human disguise or not, looked foreign on the girl. Lincoln flinched a bit and feared that he may have hurt Hekapoo's feelings. While she certainly comes out as a bad girl, which she really is, she does have a bit of a soft side as Lincoln had discovered. Before he could voice on apology however, Hailey spoke up. "...Like when you were kidnapped by Toffee?"

Lincoln found himself flinching again. So that's what this is all about. "…I…I…" Lincoln struggled to think of a response. What was he suppose to say? That whole experience pretty much freaked everyone out. He even remembered Hekapoo…crying when that happened. And then saying that she was going to shrink him and keep him in her pocket.

"And that's when you still had your powers." Hailey also pointed out as Lincoln's still working and flawless ice powers did nothing against the box he was trapped in.

"...Touché" That was all Lincoln could think of as a respond.

Hailey then let out a sigh as she ran a hand through her face. Emotional stuff wasn't her strong suit but ever since she's met Lincoln she's been making an effort to get better at it. "Look, I'm not trying to undermine you or anything." Hailey explained to Lincoln as he gave her his full attention. "When you were in that box...I was terrified alright. I was scared I was about to watch you die right in front of me." Lincoln couldn't respond. He simply looked down at his desk and remembered the terrifying experience. And he could only imagine what it was like for those watching. "I just...I just want to make sure you're safe okay?"

Lincoln thought about it a little more. He could get where Hailey was coming from. Honestly if he saw that happen to someone he was close to he would probably wanna make sure they were safe as well. And there really was no harm in it. So he turned towards Hailey once again and gave the disguised girl a soft smile. "...Yeah, ok." Lincoln said getting a small smile out of Hailey. "Sorry bout that but you have a point. And hey, more Hekapoo time is always a good thing."

"Exactly." Hailey grinned as she sent Lincoln a wink as her smirk soon returned. "But in school, I'm just a local bad girl who's an old friend of goody two shoes Lincoln Loud~"

"Hehe, sounds good." Lincoln said before leaning close to the tanned girl's ear. "Hailey~"

"Oooooh, this is gonna be fun!" Star excitedly grinned.

"So wait, you humans have some sort of sage or something look into the future to see what career you're gonna get?" Later into the day, it was time for the whole career day thing to begin. Currently Star, Lincoln, and 'Hailey' were all heading down to where a lot of other students were gathering up with Hailey taking a guess as to what she thought career day was after Star described it to her.

Lincoln rolled his eyes and smirked. He figured it was better for both girls to see it for themselves and figure out what things really were instead of trying to explain it himself. Besides, their reactions could end up being funny. But something that wasn't as funny to Lincoln was that, everywhere they went, most of the boys as well as a few girls ended up stopping and starring at Hailey. At one particular group of guys they passed, Hailey grinned and couldn't help but buff out her chest a bit and get their eyes to widen. "What's wrong boys~" Hailey asked in her signature teasing tone. "Never seen a pair of F-Cups before?"

"I knew it!" Rusty was heard yelling before turning to Zach with a smirk. "Pay up!

"Dang it!" Zach let out as he dug through his pockets.

Lincoln couldn't help but give an unamused glare to his friends and the other people they passed as they found themselves unable to not look at Hailey. "Seriously people show some respect..." Lincoln muttered as he shook his head.

"Aaaaaawww." Star let out towards Lincoln as the three stopped at the area they were supposed to be. Hailey wasn't really too interested in this and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Once she was gone and Star and Lincoln were by themselves waiting for the guidance counselor, the princess said to the Loud boy. "Is someone jealous that other guys are paying attention to H-Poo~"

"What? I'm not jealous." Lincoln quickly denied as he put his hands into his pockets and looked away from Star. Meanwhile Star just crossed her arms at him and smirked. "It's just basic human decency..."

"Says the guy who checks her out when she's not looking." Star claimed. Not even before this whole Hailey thing. When they were walking to their classes throughout the day, Star got a clear view of Lincoln checking Hailey out when she was in the lead.

"I don't do that!" Lincoln snapped as he turned to Star with his face bright red.

"Uh-huh, uh-huh." Star took enjoyment in Lincoln's denial and embarrassment. "Then why were you starring at her bum when we were walking to math class?"

"I-I thought there was a stain!" Lincoln stuttered as he tried to think of an excuse as fast as he could. "But there wasn't."

"…" Star gave Lincoln a blank look and slowly shook her head. "Dude you're a worse liar than Pony Head."

"…Ugh…" Lincoln groaned a bit as he looked down at the floor, a look of shame on his face. "Please don't tell her…"

"Don't worry I won't." Star reassured Lincoln with a big grin on her face. It was official ladies and gentlemen. Star was now in full ship mode. "But I'm sure she wouldn't mind if she knew~"

"I don't want her to think I'm some weird perv or something." Lincoln claimed as he was very adamant on not letting Hekapoo know he was sorta, kinda, maybe, absolutely checking her out. How would almost anyone respond to that sort of thing? The last thing the white head wanted was to ruin his friendship with Hekapoo because of something like that.

"Ya know, there's a difference between being a perv and being into someone~" Star claimed as she nudged Lincoln a little bit and caused his face to go even redder with her words.

"I do not have a crush on her." Lincoln immediately stated as he knew exactly where Star was going with this. It was the same place his sisters often went to whenever there was something involving him and almost any girl. Star's only response was to smirk at Lincoln and put her hands to her hips. Lincoln gave the Mewman an unamused look and soon noticed that Hailey was returning from the bathroom and heading towards them. Luckily it was at this point that it was Lincoln's turn to visit the guidance counselor. "This conversation is over. I'm gonna get this career day thing over with already."

"You can lie to me but you can't lie to yourself Lincoln!" Star yelled to the Loud boy as he went through a door that had the name 'Mr. Candle' and not giving Star another word.

Star then chuckled as she leaned against the wall and waited for her turn. Just then Hailey rejoined Star and leaned on the wall as well next to the princess. "…He was checking me out wasn't he?" Hailey immediately asked with Star simply smirking and nodding.

"Starring at your rump the whole way to math class." Star said as she and Hailey shared a high five.

"Knew he had a bit of naughty side to him~" Hailey said as she suspected that Lincoln had a bit of perv in him somewhere. It was only a matter of time before it came out onto her.

"He's a guy." Star stated as she crossed her arms behind her head. "They all have one."

"Ain't that the truth sister." Hailey chuckled as the door to the guidance counselor's office opened up once again with Lincoln stepping out of it carrying some sort of big pamphlet-like object in his hand.

"Well that was quick." Lincoln said with relief. Really the counselor gave him a completely stupid and bad job he would never take. So ya know, that was good for quick chuckle. "I'm gonna head to my locker, meet ya there."

"Think I'll join." Hailey said as she stretched a bit and walked towards Lincoln. "Already got a job so nothing I need to worry about. Have fun princess."

"Okie doki! Time to see what my future holds!" Star then started to jump up and down excitedly into the guidance counselor's office and turned around to see a man whose face was hidden by the steam coming off his coffee mug. "Star Butterfly…" He spoke in a rather calm tone with the steam making the whole vibe seem sage like, but moving the cup away from him revealed he was just a regular looking middle-aged man. "Please sit."

"Ok!" Star then jumped onto the wheeled chair in front of her and spun on it closer to Mr. Candles desk.

"Help yourself to some candy." The counselor offered as he gestured to a bowl of candy with a little cat statue attached to it with its eyes constantly moving left to right.

"No. Thank. You." Star declined while matching her words and eyes to the ones on the little cat statue. "I'm just really excited to have my fortune told. How do you do it? Read palms? Converse with the dead? Examine head lumps?"

"Nope. Just normal guidance counselor stuff." Mr. Candle explained as he reached into his desk and pulled out a folder seemingly containing information about Star. "Have you given much thought to your future?"

"Totally!" Star stated as she took out her wand and twirled it around a bit. "When I grow up, I wanna raise warnicorns." Star then used her wand to spawn a warnicorn right under her and road it around the room a little bit.

Mr. Candle didn't seem fazed by this and simply stated. "Well, that seems like a fun hobby." Mr. Candle stated getting Star to raise a brow. Just a hobby? But she just stated she wanted that as a full-time career. "But you might not have much time for hobbies as the queen of Mewni."

…Oh. That quickly got Star out of her happy mood as the warnicorn disappeared from under her and left Star back in the seat in front of Candle's desk. Right…she kinda actually forgot about that today as she ended up getting excited over her potential future careers. She kinda already had an unchangeable future…"I may not know your fortune, but your future is set in stone." Candle stated, putting empathize into that last word.

"…Stone?" Star said with a frown. Now it just felt like Mr. Candle was rubbing salt into the wound.

"Are you dating anyone?" Mr. Candle suddenly asked out of the blue getting a surprised reaction from Star.

"What?" Star questioned with a flinch. That was one of the last things she expected him to ask. "Uh…no."

"What about that Lincoln boy or that Jackie girl?" Candle pressed the subject further drawing an embarrassed blush out of Star. What was this guy's deal with her love life? "Got a secret crush on one of them? Spend an awful amount of time with them."

"What no!" Star quickly denied as she used her hair to hide her red face from Candle. One of those names definitely struck something within her. "Lincoln is like a brother to me. And dating your brother…um, gross. And Jackie is just a good friend. A really, really good friend of mine."

"Yeah I guess both of those scenarios are kinda weird. Maybe someone else then." Candle shrugged as he averted his gaze from Star. So it seemed like the princess was still single and up for grabs. "It's never too early to start searching for the future king of Mewni."

"Maybe…" Honestly Star was now just wanting to get this all over with as she was hoping to avoid the whole 'becoming queen' thing as much as possible. And this guy was just driving right into that and throwing in her love life to boot.

"Cheer up Star." Candle reassured the princess as he handed her a piece of candy from the little dish. "Or should I say, Your Majesty?" Star only hummed sadly in response as she took the candy that was offered.

"Pfft, wow garbage island? And I thought my career was bad." Lincoln laughed as he looked at one of the selected careers of his friends. That friend being Jackie as, along the way to his locker, Lincoln and Hailey ended up running into the skateboarder. Jackie had already had her meeting with Mr. Candle and she and Lincoln decided to look at each other's 'future careers' that Candle recommended to them with both of them quick to laugh at it. "Never took you for the garbage woman Jackie~"

"Hey, at least I ain't ending up some creepy grave digger." Jackie laughed as she showed off the folder Lincoln handed her. That's right, Candle had recommended Grave Digger to the Loud boy. Ironic considering his little sister was the one into that sorta stuff. "Been spending more time with Lucy and her group huh?"

"Hey look at it this way." Hailey smirked with crossed arms and fingers pointed at the two humans in front of her. "Both of you are gonna end up on some kinda list due to your careers."

Both Lincoln and Jackie got a good laugh out of this as they proceeded to crumble up the other's chosen career folders and tossed them in the garbage. "Ya know, it's really cool that you're in school now Hekapoo." Jackie said to Hailey as the tanned girl leaned against the lockers. When they met up with Jackie, Lincoln and Hailey decided it was alright to let the skateboarder in on the little secret of who Hailey actually was. "Between you, Linc, and Star, school's finally gonna get a little exciting~"

"What can I say Jackie, I bring the party." Hekapoo stated with a smug expression as she showed off her body to the platinum blond. "A lot of the boys certainly think so already~"

"Just watch out for Rusty." Jackie quickly informed the disguised scissors maker. A creeped out look on her face as she remembered the many time Rusty tried to hit on her. "He's a weirdo."

"Was he the one making bets about my cup size?" Hekapoo asked Lincoln in a deadpanned tone.

"…Yep." Lincoln sighed with a nod.

"Welp, guess there is one in every dimension." Hailey stated with a bit of a sigh. Wasn't too big of a deal. She's dealt with creeps before to the point she was a pro at dealing with them. And that Rusty guy didn't look tough at all. Just then Hailey looked to the side and her eyes widened as she saw who was coming towards them. "Woah, what's with the long face Star?"

Hearing the Mewman's name spoken, Lincoln and Jackie looked at the direction Hailey was looking, both humans saw Star walking towards them…but couldn't help but suddenly be worried for Star. The magic princess was in a slump and had a saddened look on her face. "Hey Star, you ok?" Lincoln asked as Star approached and opened her locker up.

"Mmmm…" Star mumbled a bit as she put some books from her backpack into the locker. It seemed what ever happened with Star left the Mewman in a bit of a funk.

"Hey if it's about what career you got it's alright." Jackie reassured the princess. But when she said the word career it caused Star to flinch a bit. "Me and Lincoln got some crap ones as well. This career day stuff is a load of BS anyway."

"Well it wasn't for me." Star stated in a rather irritated tone as she slammed her locket shut before leaning against it. "As Mr. Candle said himself, my future as queen is set in stone…nothing I can do about it…"

"Ooooooh…" The three next to Star let out as they quickly pieced together why Star was like this. The career Mr. Candle must have given Star was most likely…queen of Mewni. Something Star really wasn't looking forward to but couldn't avoid, no matter how much she wanted to.

"There's nothing I can do about it…" Star groaned as she slowly slid to the floor. "The only thing in store for my future is being queen…"

"Hey, hey, it's alright." Jackie reassured as she sat down on the floor next to Star. Star found herself instinctively leaning to Jackie for support as she always found comfort in getting close to the cool girl. "Remember that talk we had a few weeks ago? About how you can do whatever you want as queen. I mean who's gonna tell you what do to when your queen?"

"I guess…" Star mumbled as she still felt really shaken up and upset about the whole thing. According to her mom, she couldn't just do whatever she wanted as queen. She had to go by the book.

"Hey, just look at your great-great-great-great-great grandmother queen Festivia." Hekapoo pointed out as she got on the cheer-up-Star wagon. "That woman spent like 95% of the time partying and the other 5 on actual queen stuff. Man couldn't count the amount of times that woman got drunk. Sometimes she would drink straight from the barrel."

"Yeah come on Star." Lincoln voiced his piece as Star simply sighed and stood up. "Just because you're queen doesn't mean you have to stop being you."

Star was silent for a moment, her sadden face reflected on the floor before she spoke up. "Look…guys, I get what you're trying to do and…I appreciate it." Star sighed again as she began to rub her temples at the feeling of an incoming headache. "But…I think I just rather be alone right now. I'll meet you at home Lincoln."

"Star…" Jackie tried to call out for and reach for the girl, but it was too late as Star sped walk across the hallway and was quickly making her way to the exit. Jackie frowned for a bit before turning to Lincoln and Hailey with a determined look on her face. "Ok guys, we gotta find a way to cheer up Star!"

"Hey, I'm down." Hailey stated before looking over to Lincoln.

"The man with the plan is on it!" Lincoln said with a thumbs up…before turning that thumb in the direction of the bathroom. "Right after I use the John!" Both girls couldn't help but giggle as Lincoln quickly made his way to the boy's restroom. Once there, he was about to head to one of the urinals to take a leak, but suddenly cringed as he heard a plopping sound from one of the stalls. "Guess someone had the spicy burritos for lunch." Lincoln muttered a bit.

But before he could make his way to the urinal, a pillar of flames erupted from the stall that the plopping sound was heard from instantly snapping Lincoln's attention to said stall. "Ok…no burrito should be that spicy." Deciding to investigate, Lincoln stepped into the stall next to the one where something was going on and made himself an ice block he could step on in order to look into the next stall from above.

Looking into the stall, Lincoln saw the guidance counselor himself dropping some black balls into the toilet. The toilet water reacted and released a strange mist as the water turned red. "All right sir, phase one is complete. What's next?" Mr. Candle spoke to the toilet. Lincoln narrowed his eyes at the water and swore he could make out some sort of face. "Sir are you there?"

"You idiot!" A very familiar voice was heard coming from the toilet followed by the face in the water finally taking form. Lincoln gasped at who he was. Star's ex-boyfriend Tom Lucitor. The demon had his mad face on as he looked at Candle as he spoke to the person working for him. "You forgot the most important part. Me!"

"I got confirmation." Candle reassured his boss and showed the demon that everything was going according to plan. "Both Starcoln and Starkie are completely platonic."

"Whaaaaaat?" Lincoln quietly let out as not to alert either one of his presence.

"Make sure there's no possibility of either of those two being a…thing." Tom ordered the guidance counselor as he gave a salute. Meanwhile Lincoln found himself glaring at Tom and Candle. So that's what this was all about. The whole Star being nothing but queen of Mewni thing. It was all just some ploy for him to get back together with Star. He couldn't believe someone could sink so low. "Also, stop offering everyone candy. You're gonna blow my cover. I want her back."

"I gotta go." Candle said as he stood up off the toilet seat.

"I'm not done!" Tom yelled at his goon as he still had some things to say to Candle.

"No, you don't understand." Candle stated before covering his hands over his crotch with a strained expression on his voice. "I gotta go!"

"Flush me first!" Tom quickly ordered.

Lincoln quickly hopped off the ice block so he wouldn't have to see Candle doing his business, but the glare on his face remained. He was mad. That little punk was messing with Star's head. Star's future was already a sensitive enough topic and now he's poking the bear and messing Star up in the process. As Lincoln was thinking all this, he failed to notice small amounts of green mist and smoke coming out of each respective arm. "That son of a-"

"Bitch!" Jackie yelled in frustration as she punched a locker. Lincoln had returned from the bathroom, after doing his own business, and explained the whole situation to both Jackie and Hailey. This quickly caused two reactions from them. With Jackie it was anger, something that was quite scary to see on the normally chilled out girl, and disappointed in Hekapoo.

"Wooooow, I knew Lucitor wasn't exactly the nicest person in the universe." Hekapoo said as she shook her head while leaning against a locker. "But that's a new low on so many levels."

"That bastard is going to pay!" Jackie yelled with a pissed off expression on her face. Lincoln quickly backed away from the skateboarder so she wouldn't end up taking her anger out on him. He knew the old expression of 'nothing is scarier than the anger of a gentle soul' and he was seeing it in full force. "I'm gonna go straight down to hell and poke all three of his eyes out!"

"Ok, Jackie, I'm mad at him too, trust me." Lincoln told the platinum blond as he fully understood her anger. As he's stated before Star was like another sister to him. And he would also say he could handle a lot of things. An explosion to the face? He could handle that. A gang of monsters? He could handle that. Someone calling him Larry his whole life? He could handle that. Someone making one of his sisters sad and upset? He couldn't handle that. "But you gotta remember, Tom's a demon. If we're gonna take him on we gotta think of a plan."

"…No." Jackie shook her head getting Lincoln's eyes to widen. "Lincoln, I know you come up with some pretty great plans, but I knew this guy was a creep from the start and I was right. I wanna handle him on my own. Please."

Lincoln hummed a bit in an unsure tone. He knew Jackie was one of the toughest girls he knew, but taking on a demon by herself? He wasn't sure if she could handle that. Looking to Hailey for her opinion, the disguised girl simply smirked and gestured her head towards Jackie. Turning to the skateboarder again, Lincoln couldn't help but be taken back by the sheer determination in her eyes. She wanted to do this…and she knew she could do this. "Ok Jackie…I trust you."

Jackie found herself smiling and giving the Loud boy a quick thank you hug. "Thanks Lincoln." Jackie then separated from Lincoln and quickly ran off. "Enjoy time with your lady friend!"

"She's not my…and she's gone." Lincoln sighed. He knew there would be no fighting with her about the subject anyway.

"Sooooo…" Hailey let out as she went to Lincoln's side and bumped him a bit. "We're all alone now~"

"Taking down a demon huh?" Janna asked as she closed her locker. While Jackie did want to take down Tom on her own, she knew she was gonna need to know exactly how to take down a demon. And who else would know how to take down something demonic then Janna? The girl was an expert in all things super natural. "I think I can help ya out, follow me."

Jackie smirked and followed Janna across the hallways of the school to a new set of lockers. And when they reached these new lockers, Janna went over to a locker and started to insert a combination. Jackie rose a brow and looked over the locker and realized who's it was exactly. "Isn't that Stella's locker?" Jackie asked as she knew the locker number was the one of Lincoln's really tall friend.

"Yep." Janna didn't even hesitate to answer as she successfully opened the locker that belonged to the tall girl. She then reached back and Jackie watched with widened eyes as Janna took the entire back of the locker off and revealed a secret area of the locker. Janna then moved to the side and gestured her hand towards the locker, allowing Jackie to see everything that was in there. "Just take what you need."

At Mr. Candle's office, the 'guidance counselor' was currently sipping from his mug of coffee and looking at his folder. He's already talked to Lincoln, Jackie, and Star. Those were the three students he really needed to focus on so now he just had to breeze through the rest of the students.

At least that was the plan. What he didn't expect was for someone kicking open the door to his office. That person being a not-too-happy looking Jackie Lynn Thomas. Currently Jackie was wearing her backpack that had a spray bottle of water attached to it along with a necklace around her neck with some of it hidden in her shirt. "Oh, uh, Jackie." Mr. Candle greeted the platinum blond in a surprised tone as Jackie stomped towards him. "W-What are you doing here?"

"Something you're gonna wanna stay back for." Jackie told Candle whose eyes widen in response. He then soon gasped as Jackie picked up the cat statue off the desk and placed it on the ground before taking some chalk out of her pocket and started drawing a circle around the statue. "Alright let's see if this works."

"U-Um, I r-really don't think you should be doing that." Candle quickly told Jackie as some nervous sweat came down his head. That cat was pretty much Tom's eyes and ears for this room and it shouldn't be messed with lest Tom gets mad. But Jackie continued to work on the circle and drew some symbols in it. "S-Seriously what are you doing?"

"like I said, something that you should probably stay back for." Jackie repeated before tossing the chalk aside after finishing her work. The platinum blond then dusted her hands off before standing up and stomping on the chalk circle. And once she did that, the circle and cat statue started to glow.

"Uh-oh…" Candle let out before hiding under his desk.

Jackie smirked as a pillar of flames erupted from the cat statue. Not only did this open a portal, but it brought out the one who was connected to the cat statue in the first place. Tom. "Hey-what the…" Tome let out in a confused tone as he looked around the room. He didn't remember opening a portal here. It must have been forced. And the one that forced it was right in front of him. And it was none other then the girl who danced with Star at the Blood Moon Ball. "You-Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Before Tom could say anything else, Jackie grabbed and start pulling on Tom's ear. "You and I are gonna have a loooooong chat!" Jackie growled at Tom before dragging him back through the portal she forced open with it soon disappearing after the human and demon went through.

Back at the Loud House, Star was currently in bed still shaken up about the whole career day thing at school. How could she not be? She just had it practically shoved in her face that she had absolutely no say in her future. She was gonna be queen of Mewni. That's that. No room for argument.

And despite Jackie's claims of Star being able to do whatever she wants as Queen, the book her mother had sent her weeks ago had said otherwise. Star was currently looking through said book now with each page giving some ridiculous thing she had to do as queen. And once again, Star could just see how miserable the women in the pictures look. Only now it seemed to be worse.

There had to be some way around this, so closing the book, Star got off the bed and headed over to her mirror and pressed a button on it. The mirror proceeded to call up Star's mom with it showing Moon being pampered by servants doing things from her hair and make up with Moon not lifting a finger at all for it. "What did you do?" Moon instantly asked her daughter.

"What... nothing!" Star claimed as she averted her gaze from her mother. She should have expected that her mother would quickly accuse her of doing something. "Yet. I'd like to ask you something. Are you happy?"

"Happy?" Moon asked with a raised brow. Her daughter called her up just to ask about that? "What difference does that make?"

"I mean…I don't know." Star knew she couldn't bring up the issue directly to her mother. She could probably guess what the queen would say and it was exactly the opposite of what Star needed to hear right now. "Do you have any warnicorns?"

Moon continued to give her daughter a confused looked before turning her head and calling out to one of her servants. "Goffrey, do I have any warnicorns?"

"You have 19, Your Majesty." The voice of Goffrey was heard off mirror.

"Oh. Apparently I have 19." Moon told Star as she turned back to her.

"Oh sweet!" Star actually smiled. Maybe there was still hope after all for some fun and happiness as queen.

"But when you are queen, you don't have time for warnicorns." And said hope was quickly dashed away by Moon's words. "Everything I'm saying is in your guide book. Incidentally, you may want to review the chapter on hair care." This caused Star to brush her hair sadly. She liked it the way it was though. "If you're going to be queen, you have to look the part. Don't worry so much about happiness. It makes you look pale. Love you. Bye."

Moon then hung up the mirror and left Star alone with those words. All of that…just made Star feel worse about the whole thing. She was going to be stuck to be an unhappy, emotionless queen…just like her mom. Suddenly Star's sadness was quickly replaced by another emotion.

A purple glow immediately covered Star's entire body. Her hair and skin turned and glowed the color along with her eyes as her cheek marks became cracked and shattered as anger boiled in Star's blood. The princess had an enraged looked as she slammed the Queen's guide book in her hand on the floor, opened it up, and viciously started tearing the pages out of the book.. "HERE'S! WHAT! I! THINK! OF! YOUR! STUPID! DAMN! GUIDE! BOOK!" Star yelled in complete rage as she merciless teared through the book and spared no page at all.


"AH!" Star yelled as her anger turned to fright as she heard the sound of her shirt tearing a bit…as well as feeling the addition of new limps. Slowly looking, Star flinched in fear of herself as she saw that on her left side, two more arms had grown on her. One below and one above her original arm with all three of her arms having black claw-like nails. And this quickly got Star to freak out. "What's going on?! What's going on?! What's going on?! What's going on?!"

Star flailed her now three left arms around and tried to get the extra two to go away. She had no idea what was going on. Her purple form was already an issue and now it was providing her with extra body parts? She did not want this! Thankfully, the two extra arms suddenly disappeared and retracted into Star. The princess was breathing heavily, but was revealed that it was over now. Her whole body was shaking as she was trying to comprehend what just happened when-


"AH!" Star screamed again as she felt like she was pushed forward and fell to the floor and quickly used her arms to stop her face from hitting the floor. In doing this, she saw that she had the normal number of arms on both sides. But where did that tearing sound coming from? Star soon realized that her back felt heavier and looked back with her eyes soon widened in horror. From Star's back sprouted two large purple moth-like wings. "No! No! No! No! What's going on!?" Star didn't even see the worst of it as on the back of Star's moth-like wings were a pattern that resembled a rather intimidating face.

"Go away! Go Away! Go Away!" Star quickly punched her wings to try and get them to go away similar with those arms. Her purple state already felt weird and wrong, but this just looked and felt straight up messed up. Good thing for Star it didn't take these wings long to retract into her and leave the back of her shirt with two long tears.

But as soon as those disappeared Star felt something sprout from the top of her head. It even made her head band fly off her head. Quickly feeling around, Star felt something long and thin coming out from her head. Going over to her normal vanity mirror, Star gasped as she saw two long antennae coming out of her head with diamonds at the tips of them. Not only that, but her right eye had turned into a heart. Similar to her Mewberty form. "W-W-W-What's h-h-happening to me…"

Currently with Jackie, the skateboarder had dragged Tom back through the portal by his ear. Said demon was now rubbing his now sore ear as Jackie looked around. It was obvious she was back in the underworld and was guessing she was in Tom's room based on all the stuff that was in here ranging from a ping pong table to some arcade machines.

"You just made…a big mistake!" Tom yelled at Jackie as his eyes glowed red with anger. But Jackie wasn't intimidated in the slightest. She was ready for this as shown by her confidently crossing her arms and glaring at Tom. "We're all alone…in my room. There's nothing stopping me from destroying you right here and now!"

Tom then yelled and charged at Jackie with a flaming fist and was fully ready to strike the 14-year-old down where she stood. Jackie made no attempts to dodge and simply stood there, her glare unbreaking. And when Tom threw the fiery punch…


"Huh?" Tom's eyes stopped glowing as all the anger within him was replaced with surprise. Suddenly a barrier formed around Jackie and protected her from his blow. Looking to the girl, Jackie smirked at Tom which quickly made his anger return full force. Tom then lit both of his fist on fire and started punching the barrier protecting Jackie as hard and as fast as he could.

Jackie simply let out a fake yawn to mock Tom a little as, no matter how many times or hard he punched, the barrier wasn't breaking at all. Soon enough, Tom got tired and stopped punching to catch his breath. "Ok…" He breathed out with a bit of sweat going down his head. "What's…going on?" Jackie silently answered this question as she reached into her shirt and pulled out the necklace she was wearing completely. A necklace…with a cross on it. "…Ok that's just not fair."

"Oh, you're talking to me about not fair?" Jackie proceeded to once again glare full force at Tom. Even gritting her teeth a bit as she shoved him harshly away from her. "You wanna know what's really unfair? Making Star think she's good for nothing but being a stupid queen." Tom's three eyes widened in surprised as he looked at Jackie. "Yeah, yeah, I know all about your little scam with Candle. And I gotta say dude, even for a demon, that's low as hell!"

"Yeah…well…what are you gonna do about it?!" Tom yelled back at Jackie as he gave her his own glare. He wasn't gonna justify his reasons for trying to get Star back. He wanted them back together. That's that. It doesn't matter how it's done. "I can't hurt you, but you can't hurt me either. I can just keep you down here in the underworld forever!"

"Oh? Is that so?" Jackie smirked and reached for the spray bottle attached to her backpack and aimed it at Tom. The demon chuckled at this and crossed his arms. That was her plan? Spray him with water? He could handle getting a little wet.


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Apparently he couldn't handle it as the second she sprayed him, Tom felt the water sting worse then anything he's felt before and quickly fell to the ground hold the part of his body that was spray. "THAT HURTS LIKE A DICKENS?! WHAT IS THAT?!"

"Holy water." Jackie simply answered as she shook the spray bottle a bit. "Ya really think I wouldn't come and face a demon unprepared like an idiot?" Jackie then proceeded to spray Tom a few more times with the holy water.

"AH! STOP THAT!" Tom yelled as he tried to shield himself from the water. It wasn't gonna cause any permanent damage or kill him or anything like that. But gosh did it sting like all heck.

"Ok." Jackie said as she stopped spraying Tom with water. "Tell Star the truth."

Tom quickly growled as his eyes lit up with his body igniting with flames. Though they were weaker than normal due to the water covering his body. "NO!" He yelled with his voice taken on that distorted and demonic overtone.

"No, no! Bad demon!" Jackie scolded as she started spraying Tom again quickly putting out his flames and got Tom to crawl up into a ball recoiling again. "Tell. Star. The truth!"

"Never!" Tom yelled as he would bare this pain if it meant not having to tell Star what he's done.

"Ok, fine then." Jackie said with a frown as she briefly stopped spraying Tom. Tom was able to open his eyes despite the pain and saw Jackie reach into her backpack for something. "I wish it wouldn't have had to come to this but…you forced my hand."

Tom's eyes widen as he saw Jackie pulled a book out of her backpack. But not just any book. A book that all demons feared. The Bible. Tom gulped a bit in fear as Jackie opened it up, quickly skimmed through the pages, and-


Proceed to smack Tom over the head with it. "Ow!" Tom let out as he held the spot Jackie hit him. "That's not how you're supposed to use that!"

"I know!" Jackie stated as she gripped the book tightly. "This way's just more fun."

"Ow!" Tom let out again as Jackie once again hit him with the book. "Just stop this already!"

"Ok demon boy, there's only two ways this is gonna turn out." Jackie informed the demon prince as she glared down at him while Tom rubbed the spot she just hit. "We either stay down here and I continuing spraying you with holy water and smacking you with the book of God, or we could go back to earth, and you fess up to Star!"

Tom growled again at Jackie…but realized she was right. With that necklace around her neck he couldn't lay a finger on her and she had every means of pretty much torturing him. Especially if she decided to actually read from the book. So, seeing the only other option, Tom stood up and reluctantly nodded his head. "…Fine." Tom said as he turned his back to Jackie. "I'll…I'll tell her…"

Jackie smirked as she put the book back in her backpack. "Good." Jackie said with a satisfied smirk. "Glad we could come to an agreement."

Outside of the Loud House, a pillar of fire emerged from the ground next to the house, reaching all the way to Star's tower on the roof. From the pillar emerged the same demon carrying an elevator car that took Star to the Blood Moon Ball. When the car reached Star's window, it opened up revealing Tom and Jackie inside.

Jackie was quick to jump out and looked into the room of the princess and look around for Star. "Yo Star you here?" Jackie asked as she expected Star to still be here since she said she wanted space earlier. "There's someone who needs to-OH MY GOSH! STAR!"

"Make it stop…make it stop…make it stop…" When Jackie looked at Star…it wasn't the prettiest sight. Star was still glowing purple…with various moth parts sprouting from her body. Her left side had on extra arm above the original while the right half had an extra arm below the original. She also had the moth wings as well as one antenna sprouting from her head. "Please make it stop…"

"Star! Star! Star please calm down!" Jackie made herself known to the princess. A completely worried expression on the skateboarder's face as she went to Star's side and wrapped her arms around the girl. "It's ok. It's ok. It's ok."

"Jackie…" Star muttered as she instinctively held on tightly to the girl. "What…What are you doing here?"

Jackie sent Star a soft smile that did a great deal in calming the princess down. Jackie then looked to where she came from and glared. "HEY TOM!" The platinum blond harshly yelled. "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!"

"Tom?" Star questioned as she looked to where Jackie was looking.

Sure enough her ex-boyfriend was there and saw everything. The demon had a look of realization on his face as it was obvious what Star was going through. While he didn't know about the whole purple and growing extra parts thing, it was clear to see that Star was straight up having an anxiety attack. And he caused it.

Tom took a deep breath as he knew he had to fix it. But it would come at the cost of most likely losing any chance at Star forever. "Hey…Star…I have something I need to tell you." Tom said as he floated down in front of Star and Jackie. "I…I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Star questioned with a confused look. "F-For what?"

"…I was the one who set up Candle to say all of that to you." Tom said as he looked at the ground. Meanwhile Star gasped at the reveal. The reason Candle drove into both subjects of her being queen and her love life…was because of Tom. "I…I wanted to get back together with you. I got desperate and tried to think of a plan to ruin anyone else's chances with you. And with both of us being royalty it…would only make sense for us to get back together…I'm sorry."

Star took everything in. The only reason she went through everything she's been through today was because of Tom's desperate attempts to get back together with her. Star found all her extra moth parts retracted into her body and even found herself finally stop glowing purple. "Wow…Tom…I…I can't believe you'd go that low." Star felt tears build up in her eyes as she tried to process everything. Tom tried to reach out for her only for the Mewman to harshly slap his hand away. "Don't. Touch. Me! Just…go away! I don't wanna see you anymore! Ever!" Before Tom could say anything, Star quickly ran out of her room with the tears finally escaping her eyes.

"Star!" Jackie called out to as she watched the princess leave the room. Jackie then looked back at Tom and sent the demon a glare. "Your, a jerk!"

Jackie then went after Star without saying another thing. Leaving Tom alone as he looked down at the floor, guilt quickly taking over. "Yeah...I really am..."

And boom! Season two episode two completed!

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