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It was a nice and bright Saturday afternoon in Royal Woods, there was a decent amount of snow on the ground due to the flurries of the last few days but thankfully the roads, sidewalks, and other areas like that were clear of white powder due to salting day yesterday. Jackie especially was thankful for this as it meant that the skate park was nice and smooth again. "WOOHOO!" Jackie, who was wearing a seafoam green coat and matching mittens, thin purple snow pants, and a black beanie with a yellow bird symbol on it under her helmet, cheered as she jumped on a ramped and a made a clean landing that didn't kill any of her momentum. Another good thing about skateboarding in the winter was that most other people didn't want to skate in the winder. Meant she had the whole skate park to herself.

Well, her and one other person…

"Wooooooo! Go Jackie!" Star clapped as she sat on one of the benches in the skate park and watched Jackie do what she does best. Boarding like a boss. Ever since Star finally got a hold of herself and left her room, she's been making up for lost time with the friends she's missed. Especially when it came from Jackie who made sure to give the princess a long and big hug when Jackie saw her again, the memory still making Star blush. "You're so awesome!"

"Hehehe, thanks Star!" Jackie said as she came to a stop in front of the bench Star was on. Star's words making the skater girl blush a little bit. "Let me tell you there's nothing like skateboarding in the winter. Don't get why most people don't like doing it,"

"Eh, probably just got handle the cold," Star shrugged before grinning and pointing thumbs at her and Jackie. "Unlike these gaaaals~!"

"True that girl," Jackie smirked as she stomped on the end of her skateboard causing it to flip up into the air. When it came back down Jackie easily caught it with Star's eyes sparkling at the sight and the princess muttering 'awesome' under her breath. "But seriously though, it's awesome! The cold wind rushing against your face, the ice making you gain more speed, and if you start losing control you can always just crash into a snowbank."

"That last one also helps when your best friend wants you jump out the window of your room," Star giggled which was soon followed by Jackie, the platinum blond girl hearing about the measures Lincoln took to get Star to come out of her room. "But that does sound really cool! Man I wish I knew how to skateboard as good as you, you make it look like so much fun!"

"Trust me, it's a blast…hmmmmmm…" Jackie then got a bit of an idea in her head. It was the weekend, so they didn't have to worry about school, they also didn't have any homework. Star was back to her chipper self, and it would be awesome to get to do another activity with Star and show her a really cool earth thing. "Well…how about I teach you?"

Immediately after hearing that, Star let out a long and high-pitched gasp. Was Jackie really offering her to teach her how to skateboard? With stars appearing in the princess' eyes, Star grabbed Jackie's jacket and pulled her down to where Star was looking up at her with a massive smile and there faces inches apart. "You mean it?!" Star asked as she started bouncing up and down on the bench she was on.

Jackie's face went a bit red due to how close she and Star were right now, but the girl was able to keep her cool as she smiled back at Star. "Well sure!" Jackie said while looking right into Star's eyes, Star only growing more excited over this. "I'd love to show you the ropes, maybe we could even have skating dates."

Star quickly froze up after Jackie finished her sentence. Star's face nearly went all red as the hearts on her cheeks literally started to thump in rhythm with her actual heart. "Uuuuuuh…what did you just say?" Star had to ask to make sure she wasn't hearing things.

"Skating days," Jackie stated once more in the same tone, raising a brow at Star's sudden change in tone. "Ya know, days where we go skateboarding around town together?"

"Riiiiiight, right, right, right, pfft, of course! Skating days!" Star nervously laughed as she let Jackie go and stood up from the bench, taking a few steps back from the human girl, Jackie continuing to raise her brow Star. "That sounds super duper fun! Like the funnest thing in the world! Skating days…yeeeeeah."

"…What…did you think I said?" Jackie asked slowly, making Star's eyes widen slightly.

"Nothing! Now come on!" Star then grabbed Jackie's wrist and tried to drag the girl away. "Teach me! Teach me! Teach me!"

Jackie laughed at Star's enthusiasm as she pulled her hand away from Star, "Woah, woah, easy there girl," Jackie chuckled as Star eagerly bounced in place. Jackie then gestured towards the skate park around them and explained how she would go about teaching Star the art of skateboarding. "This place is pretty advanced, if you're gonna begin learning then you need to learn the basics before you start doing the fancy stuff."

"Aaaaww…ok…" Star cutely pouted, wanting to begin trying to do all the cool stuff Jackie did like grinding, wall skating, and jumping off ramps. But she understood what Jackie was saying, especially since she's never heard of a skateboard before coming to earth.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll make it to the big leagues in no time," Jackie reassured Star as the skater girl put her arm around the princess, making Star smile and blush a little. "Come on, let's head back to my place. We'll go practice in the place where all the world's best skaters first got their start, the sidewalk!"

And so after a 15-minute walk, the duo made it to Jackie's house. It didn't take long for Jackie to get Star a skateboard of her own as her uncle worked for a company that made skateboards so she could get all sorts of custom boards no problem. Then it came time for Star to officially begin her lesson in skateboarding. While Star was incredibly excited and hyped up for it at first, the second she stepped on the board the princess started to get a bit nervous. "Woah-woah-woah!" Star let out as she nearly lost her balance and fell off. "I'm not gonna fall am I?"

Jackie couldn't help but let out a quiet chuckle, finding Star's sudden nervousness over the situation kinda cute. "Don't worry, I promise you'll be fine," Jackie reassured Star as she placed a helmet on the girls head, safety first after all. "Look, riding a skateboard isn't as hard as people make it out to be. First off, don't stand up straight otherwise it'll make turning harder and you probably will fall off. Just crouch down a little, almost like a fighting pose."

"O-Ok, I can do that," Star then did as Jackie said and crouched down, spreading her arms out a bit like she remembers seeing Jackie doing when she skates. "Like this?"

"Perfect!" Jackie lightly clapped her hands together and nodded at Star. So far so good, she knew Star could easily get the hang of this. "Now while on a skateboard, your body is the steering wheel. When you wanna left left, lean left, turn right, lean right. Just not to much, you turn to far and your gonna flip the board over."

"Alright, alright, so turn like this?" Star asked as she started swinging her hips from left to right a bit intensely. "That's how it goes?"

"Pfft, sort of, heheh…" Jackie had to resist laughing out loud at the sight. "You don't need to try so hard, just subtle movements will do it."

"Oh…I knew that," Star blushed a bit in embarrassment as Jackie chuckled again. "So whats next?"

"Simple, when you wanna start moving or speed up, just kick the ground to get yourself going!" Jackie said as she demonstrated by kicking the ground behind her. "And that's pretty much it! Once you master all that we can get started on the more fancy and advanced stuff."

"Ok I think I get it…" Star nodded slowly as she looked above. All she needed to do was kick the ground and start going. Yep. Just kick the ground, lean when she needed to steer, and stay balanced. Simple as that. She just…needed to kick…the ground…

Jackie smirked as she saw Star stalling, she remembered being exactly like this when her uncle was first teaching her how to skate. "You nervous?" Jackie asked as Star squeaked a bit before slowly nodded. "Don't worry, I know exactly how you feel."

"Really?" Star asked as she couldn't possibly imagine Jackie being nervous about…well…just about anything really.

"Yep, I was about six when my uncle first started teaching me how to skate." Jackie explained to Star as she put her hands to her hips, Star listening to every word the platinum blond girl said. "And I was the same way you are right now, I could barely even move. But luckily he helped me eventually start moving."

"How's that?" Star asked with a raised brow. Instead of answering the princess, Jackie instead simply showed what her uncle did…and grabbed Star's hand. "Whaaaaaa…."

Not noticing Star's read face, Jackie explained her reasoning for this. "My uncle held by hand my first time so I could have a safety net." Jackie explained as Star gave Jackie a small smile. "So I'm gonna do the same, I'll hold your hand as you go on so you can get comfortable on the board."

"You won't let go?" Star asked, making sure Jackie wouldn't leave her.

"I won't let go," Jackie reassured the princess.

"Promise?" Star asked as she held onto Jackie's hand tightly.

"Yes, I promise Star," Jackie as she put her free hand to her heart.

Star then took a deep breath to get herself ready. She could do this, she was Star Butterfly. The girl that fought monsters and was able to get her wand back after Toffee forced her to destroy it. She could ride a skateboard, especially if Jackie was here to help her. "Ok…here I go!" Star then finally lowered her foot to the ground and light kicked, finally getting the board going forward.

The board wasn't going to fast, but that was fine for Star. She just wanted to get a feel for things before really getting into it. Plus if she went to fast Jackie might end up letting her go. As she and Jackie went forward on the sidewalk, Star put Jackie's other bit of advice and started to make light turns. She lightly titled right and turned slightly closer to the snow-covered lawn of a house they passed and then turned left and got closer to the salt covered road. The further she went, the more confident she got in her abilities to be on the skateboard. After they passed another house, Star grinned and told Jackie, "Hey, I got this. Yes!" Star cheered as she hopped a little bit while on the board. "Ok Jackie, you can let go of my hand right now, I think I can do it on my own!"

"Oh, I already let go of your hand!" Star's eyes widened as she felt her heart skip a beat after that. She looked behind her and saw Jackie…walking behind her. Looking to her hand that Jackie was previously holding, she saw that it was indeed free from the platinum blonds grasp. "You've been riding all by yourself girl!"

"Jackie! You said you'd hold my hand!" Star yelled quiet dramatically, her speed on the board starting to increase due to the street going on a downward incline that she failed to notice. "You lied to me!"

"My uncle did the same thing!" Jackie stated, showing Star this was all part of her method to get Star comfortable on the board. "He held my hand for a little awhile but then let go without telling me and I was able to ride on my own without even knowing it! And look your doing the same, you're doing an awesome job and now we can go on teaching you more advanced stuff."

"Like how to stop?!" Star yelled as she started going down hill and gaining speed fast. Jackie's eyes widened as she quickly ran forward, but she was to late as Star was already getting to fast to catch up with on feet and beginning to disappear from view. "HOW DO I STOP?!"

"…Ok…I might have screwed up…" Jackie muttered with a worried tone, mentally punching herself for forgetting to explain Star how to stop.


Things were quite calm in the Loud House as about half of the siblings were out doing stuff and their parents were at work. Lucy was in her room working on poetry, Lana and Lola were in the living room watching cartoons, Leni was working on a dress, and Lincoln was currently in the kitchen cooking up something. He was at the stove making bacon with a bowl of pancake mix next to him on the counter and as the bacon was sizzling…


Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes,

Take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake,

Bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make,

Bacon pancaaake!


Suddenly Lincoln's little song was interrupted by the door to the house slamming open, further surprising him was that it was Jackie running in with a panicked look on her face. "Outta my way! Gotta get to Star's room!" Jackie quickly yelled as she slammed the door shut and quickly raced upstairs. Why would Jackie need to go to Star's room? Weren't they hanging out together?

Turning the stove off, Lincoln went out into the living room and asked the twins, "Hey what was that all about?"

"I dunno," Both Lana and Lola shrugged as they kept their eyes on the TV.

Lincoln deadpanned at them and simply went up the stairs to see things for himself, "Gee, thanks." Lincoln said sarcastically to his younger twin siblings. Upon arriving upstairs, Lincoln looked to see the hatch to Star's room was wide open, allowing him to climb in and see Jackie in front of Star's mirror. "Hey Jackie's whats-"

"Call Star!" Jackie cut Lincoln off as she shouted to the mirror, the words 'Calling Star' appeared on the mirror. Lincoln rose his brow as he walked next to Jackie, the platinum blond not even acknowledging her presence. After a few seconds, Star answered on her compact and Lincoln saw her screaming and seemingly move at high speeds as she tried to keep her balance. "Star! Oh thank God you're ok!"

"Define ok?!" Star yelled as some snow got in her face. "I can't stop!"

"Ok, does someone wanna tell me what's going on?!" Lincoln yelled, demanding answers to whatever situation Star was in. "Jackie what the heck is Star doing?"

"I tried to teach her how to ride a skateboard but I forgot to tell her how to stop and now she's probably racing through town by now!" Jackie answered in one long breath making Lincoln's eyes widen. "Look Star, to top just lean forward until the tip of the board is touching the ground! The friction will make you stop!"

"But that doesn't make any sense you told me I shouldn't lean my bored to far so I wouldn't crash!" Star yelled back as the last thing she wanted to do was to crash while going at the speeds she was going. "Sorry but this princess says no thank you, I ain't taking that chance."

Jackie groaned a little bit at this before trying to think of another solution. "Ok then, how about a snowbank?" Jackie brought up another piece of advice she gave Star. A snowbank was pretty much natures airbag, that should allow Star to stop safely. "Can you find any snowbanks to crash into?"

"No! I'm going through town right now!" Star explained as they saw her turn and narrowly missing what looked like Rusty. Though by the screams in the background it sounds like she might have ran over his feet by accident. "Everythings been salted!"

"Dang it!" First she was thanking the salting today and now Jackie was beginning to curse it. Isn't irony a beautiful thing ladies and gentlemen? "How about your wand? That should be able to help right?"

"Oh, dip. It's in my backpack." Star cursed as she hasn't used it since yesterday and just left it in her backpack after school.

"I got it!" Lincoln yelled as he picked up Star's backpack that had her wand sticking out of it. Jackie quickly ran up to Lincoln and snatched the bag from him before jumping out of Star's room. Lincoln stood there for a second before raising his arms up, "You're welcome." With no time to lose, Lincoln quickly followed Jackie and the two made it outside.

Right as they began thinking of ways to catch up with Star as Jackie didn't have a board on her due to get here in a rush. Vanzilla was also gone so Leni couldn't drive them…but there was still a familiar brown and slightly rusty car parked in the Loud's driveway. Playing his signature keytar was none other than Oskar Greeson. "Uh, Oskar?" Lincoln questioned as he and Jackie walked up to the beaten down car with raised brows. "What are you doing in my driveway?"

Oskar hummed a bit as he looked around at where he was at. "Hmm, I thought this was my studio." Oskar said before looking at the two with a grin. "JK. Everywhere's my studio."

Jackie groaned a bit, she couldn't believe she was gonna have to get help from this guy. She didn't hate Oskar but like literally everyone else at school she found him incredibly annoying. "Whatever, just drive," Jackie ordered as she got in the passenger seat with Lincoln getting in the back seat behind Jackie as the girl pointed in the direction Star was at. "That way."

"Seatbelts," Oskar told them, making them roll their as they buckled up. Oskar smiled in satisfaction as he reached into a bag. "Now where did I put my keys…"

"You don't know where your keys are?!" Lincoln yelled in irritation. How was Oskar even here if he lost his keys. "How do you get anyway,"

"Easy, I just go with the flow. All zen baby," Oskar said with a laid-back tone with a smile that matched it. As Jackie's eye started to twitch, Oskar pulled out a marmot from his hand that had keys in its little paws. "Oh hey, it's Gene. Oh double hey, it's my keys."

"GO!" Lincoln and Jackie yelled in unison as Oskar started the car and started driving in the direction Jackie told him to go in.


With the Mewman princess, the girl was skateboarding for her life as she dodged all the obstacles that got in front of her. From streetlights, to benches, tables and chairs when she passed a café and even some cares when she turned into the road. But Star gasped as she looked and saw what looked like a mother holding a baby and crossing the street. "Stop! Star pleaded as she looked to the traffic light and saw it in the green. "It's green! You're not supposed to walk when its green even though that one game says your supposed to!" But it was to late as-


Star ended up going right through the lovely painting of a mother carrying her baby across the street that two guys were carrying. "Sorry!" Star apologized to the two men.

One of the guys who was carrying the painting looked at the ground in sadness. "Why do I even try anymore…" He said as the other guy put a hand on his shoulder.

Meanwhile down the street we see Janna and Zach walking next to each other, Zach holding a few books while Janna was holding what seemed to be a model of a UFO. "Thanks for helping me with this Janna," Zach said in a grateful tone as the girl simply shrugged in response. "Is there anything I can do for you in return?"

"Hmmmm…" Janna hummed a bit in thought before looking forward and noticing something pretty peculiar. Smiling a bit, Janna turned to Zach and knew what she wanted. "Take two steps to the left."

"Uuuummm…ok?" Zach rose a brow, really confused that this was the thing Janna wanted. He didn't argue about it and did as she said, but couldn't help but question it. "Why exactly did you want me-"


"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Zach yelled as Star zoomed by and ran over both of his feet.

"Hey Janna!" Star yelled to her as she passed them by, unaware of what she did to Zach.

"Hey Star." Janna waved casually to the princess.


Thankfully not to far behind was Oskar, Jackie, and Lincoln. Unfortunately though, at least for the latter two, Oskar wasn't the best driver as they were constantly swerving and had to lean in various directions to keep the car from getting off the road. Whoever decided that giving a drivers license to someone who was held back in middle school multiple times really needs to get fired from their job.

"Ugh…I think I'm gonna be sick…" Jackie groaned as she covered her mouth, her face becoming a bit green. Just then a textbook floated out of Star's backpack, which was on Jackie's lap, and opened up seemingly by itself. By it turns out there was a little passenger inside the textbook, none other than Glossaryck himself. "Uuuuuh…"

"Cool!" Oskar commented as he looked at Glossaryck. "Little book dude!"

"Um…who's this?" Jackie asked in a confused tone. Yeah she knew to expect the unexpected with Star but she certainly wasn't expecting a little blue man to come out of on of Star's textbooks. "Lincoln?"

"Oh that's right you've never met Glossaryck," Lincoln was actually kinda surprised by this. He could have sworn that Jackie and Glossaryck have met before. But looks like they hadn't. "Ok well Jackie, this is Glossaryck, Glossaryck this is Jackie. Oh and that's Oskar."

"Sup," Oskar said casually.

"Thank you for the introductions Lincoln," Glossaryck said as he looked at Jackie. "But let's get to the point, Mrs. Thomas where is Star and why do you have her wand?"

"Well I was teaching Star how to skateboard and things kinda got outta hand…" Jackie admitted with a bit of guilt in her voice. She still couldn't believe she forgot to tell Star something as simple as stopping. And now she was too scared to actually try the proper stopping maneuver. "She doesn't know how to stop!"

"Hmmmm…" Glossaryck hummed as he put his hands over his eyes binocular style and zoomed in Star who was screaming for help. "I'm guessing there's no invisible goats."

"Invisible goats?! What are you even…grrrr…" Jackie held her head in irritation and annoyance as she looked down at the little blue man and glared fiercely at him. "Look you little smurf reject, would you just start making sense and help Star!"

Glossaryck simply blinked at Jackie a few times before closing his eyes and putting his hands together. The gem in his head glowed as Glossaryck used his magic…and created a meatball sub with corn chips all over it. Jackie's mouth dropped at the sight as Lincoln simply stared blankly at Glossaryck. "Ya know what I'm not even surprised." The Loud boy said as he should have known that Glossaryck wouldn't help.

"You've gotta be kidding me?!" Jackie yelled as her calm and cool demeanor was broken and she was now grinding her teeth angrily.

Glossaryck took a big bite out of his sub and told Jackie, "Girl, this isn't a magic problem, and thusly is beyond my control." Glossaryck's explanation only made Jackie want to strangle the little blue man.

"Whoa, you put corn chips on your subs?" Oskar asked as he looked at Glossaryck's sub. "That is dope!"

"I love the crunch! You must try it!" Glossaryck then used his magic once more to place a sub similar to his in Oskar's hand. The two then made a toast by bumping their subs together. As they took a bite, Glossaryck's eyes shined as he noticed Oskar's keytar attached to the roof of the car. "What is that?"

"You play?" Oskar asked with a smirked. Finally someone he could share his passion with.

"Ok you know what screw this," Jackie said flatly. Dealing with Oskar was enough but now this annoying little blue man was really driving her over the edge. Star was in trouble and they could only thing about subs and bad music. Turning to Lincoln, Jackie asked something she should have asked a lot earlier. "Lincoln, can't you just use your powers to make a snowbank for Star to crash into like you did when me and her fell out of the sky this fall?"

Lincoln blinked a few times before bringing his hand to his forehead. "Ya know what, I can't believe I didn't think of that," Lincoln then gave Jackie an apology before sticking his black hand out the window and aimed at Star, or more specifically in front of her. "Alright Star! Lincoln's gonna save you! Snowbank!"

Nothing happened…

"Huh?" Lincoln's eyes widened as he tried again to get his powers to work, but similar to before nothing was coming out. He was only able to make a few spare snowflakes at best. "Oh no! Not now!" Of course it was right now that Lincoln's powers decided to konk out.

"What? What's wrong?" Jackie asked as Oskar was showing Glossaryck how to play the keytar, causing the car to start swerving again which certainly wasn't helping with the situation. "Lincoln why aren't you using your powers?!"

"They aren't working!" Similar to his time trapped in Star's closet, Lincoln could barely get his powers to function. Maybe a snowflake or two from his ice side and barely a spark from his fire side. "I'm sorry I got nothing!"

"Grrrr, just great!" Jackie yelled out in frustration, wondering how things could possibly get worse before turning to Oskar and Glossaryck. "Can you guys stop goofing around⁈ Star is in trouble!"

"Trouble! Trouble! Tr-Tr-Tr trouble!" But much to Jackie's annoyance, Glossaryck used the keytar to record her saying that and then synthetized it into some sort of beat.

"Oh yeah!" Oskar cheered as Glossaryck played the keytar while through in some troubles to add to it. "MC Oskar on the mic. Jackie make some noise!

Meanwhile Star was screaming as she tried to avoid more obstacles in her way. There was a line of little kids that Star had to jump over with the kids all clapping in response to the trick with one girl have her phone out and taking pictures.

Trouble! Trouble! Tr-Tr-Tr trouble!

Trouble! Trouble! Tr-Tr-Tr trouble!


Now in my car, I am the-

Oskar and Glossaryck:


Just then a bunch of guys moving big boxes came into view. Star wasn't able to pass through and she couldn't go onto the road due to an incoming truck. So the princess did the only option she could and proceeded to jump onto a bench the group with boxes were passing and grinded on it and made it through safely.


Tracking down Star at any-

Oskar and Glossaryck:


Star then turned onto a road where a bunch of cars were coming in her direction. The mewman was able to act fast and managed to evade all of them by turning in the right direction just in time.

Meanwhile Jackie and Lincoln watched the whole thing with widened eyes and were only able to say one thing. "Woah…"


Book dude can't help 'cause there is no-

Oskar and Glossaryck:


Outside of a therapy clinic, a man with extremely long legs smiled as he put his hands to his hips. "Finally, after all these years," He said with a massive smile on his face. "My irrational fear of someone skateboarding underneath me and bending down matrix style is cured!"

As if on cue, suddenly Star skated right towards his man. Seeing the gap between his long legs, Star narrowed her eyes as she suddenly glowed purple. With a flash of energy, the world around Star slowed down, allowing the princess to limbo underneath the mans legs and keep moving forward.

Once she accomplished this, her perception of time went back to normal as she stopped glowing purple. But the man with long legs was left with a horrified look on his face. "It's even worse then I thought…" He then walked back into the therapy clinic.


Star will be fine this won't end-

Oskar and Glossaryck:


Trouble, Tr-Tr-Trouble. Trouble, trouble

"Hahah! Take that Royal Woods! You can't knock this girl off her board!" Star yelled in with a triumphant tone as she rose up her hands. However as she looked forward she noticed something really wished Royal Woods had knocked her off her board.


Got sloppy hot rhymes like a meatball-

Oskar and Glossaryck:



Little book dude is my-

Oskar and Glossaryck:



Crusin' on through 'cause we doin' our-

Oskar and Glossaryck:



Jackie and Linc lookin' chill like they-

Oskar and Glossaryck:


"Oh no…oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" Star yelled as some construction going on in the road up ahead and it was coming up fast. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part that there was a metal sheet leaned up against one of the trunks…almost resembling a ramp. "AAAAAAAHHHH!"

Thankfully for Lincoln and Jackie Oskar had finally run out of rhymes and Glossaryck was finally done auto-tuning Jackie. But this relief was short lived as they noticed the construction going on up ahead with Star getting closer and closer to it. "STAR!" Both Lincoln and Jackie yelled in concern.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Star yelled as she could do nothing but get closer and closer to the construction. From what she could see, there was only one way she could try and avoid it. The metal sheet ramp. "If I don't make it…don't go into my secrets closet!" Star then let out another yell as she aimed right at the metal sheet ramp. The people working on construction gasped as they saw Star incoming and tried to urge her to stop. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't and so everyone watched as Star reached the metal sheet ramp…and took off.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" Star yelled as she rocketed through the air. This was it. This was how she was gonna day. From a skateboarding accident. Wouldn't that be something to put on her tombstone. But to Star's surprise, she wasn't dead. Instead she felt herself hitting the ground with a thud. Daring to look, Star gasped as she saw that she was still alive, still on the board, and still moving forward. "AHAHA! YES! STILL ALIVE!"

Lincoln and Jackie breathed a sigh of relief at seeing Star make it through ok…but then they noticed themselves getting closer to the construction and quickly panicked again. "STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!" They both yelled to Oskar in unison, urging him to put on the breaks to stop them from crashing.

To their surprise, Oskar actually did as such and the group came to a screeching halt. Swerving all the way to the side and knocking around in the car around a bit before they finally stopped. "Ugh…" Lincoln let out in a daze. "Did anyone get the number of that bus…"

"Oops, sorry guys. Gene got on the break." Oskar told them making Lincoln and Jackie look at him with crazed looks. Of course Oskar didn't listen to them. The only reason they are alive right now was because his pet accidentally sit on the break. "Don't worry, I'll get us back on track."

"No!" Jackie immediately yelled as she got right into Oskar's face, her eyes full of rage. "Everyone out of the car!"

No one put up on argument as they all exited Oscar's car, Lincoln grabbing Star's bag as it was knocked out of Jackie's lap and into the back after all the swerving they did while stopping. The group could only look forward past the construction as Star slowly started to disappear from view. "Well that's just great." Lincoln groaned out as he stomped on the ground. "How are we gonna catch up to Star now?"

Just then Glossaryck floated up to them with a little bit of a serious look on his face, "Okay, no more kidding around. This calls for magic." Glossarcyk then started to chant something as he was covered with an aura of blue flames and was about to cast a spell…until a grumbling was heard from his stomach causing him to stop and hold it in pain. "Uh...which is what I'd do if I hadn't eaten that...ooh...that meatball sub…"

"Word…" Oskar groaned out, now on the ground and feeling the same stomach pain as Glossaryck.

"Well Jackie, Lincoln, it's up to you two now," Glossaryck groaned out as he held his stomach. "Give her wand to her and save her life!"

"How?!" Jackie yelled as she gestured to the construction site. "There's no way we'll get through that, now with Lincoln's powers all in whack!"

"Huh…yeah you're…probably right," Glossaryck admitted making Jackie and Lincoln freeze. "Welp, you're smart kids. While you two figure something out I'm gonna go be sick." They watched as Glossaryck quickly floated away behind Oskar's car and cringed as they heard him throwing up.

"So…" Lincoln let out as he turned to Jackie. "Any bright ideas?"

Jackie tried to think. What could she possibly do to save Star? This was her fault. She had to be the one to save Star and get her out of this mess. But what could she possibly do? As she tried to think of ways she could save Star…the wand came in view. Jackie was out of options…she had no choice. "Glossaryck was right," Jackie told Lincoln as she looked at Star's eyes. "This situation calls for magic."

Lincoln rose a brow at first but then looked to where Jackie was looking, the wand. "Woah…" Lincoln let out as he took a step back. "Jackie…are you sure about this? Who knows what could happen?"

"And if I don't?" Jackie as she gestured in the direction Star was going.

"…" Lincoln was silent. What else could they do? Lincoln's powers were out of whack right now, they couldn't drive through the construction, and Glossaryck was sick to his stomach. After thinking about it, Lincoln held the bag out. "Just…be careful."

"Yeah." Jackie nodded as she reached out…and grabbed the wand. The second the wand was in Jackie's hand, similar to when Star got it, it began to glow as it changed form. Jackie and Star were briefly blinded by the light the wand emitted. When they could see again…they saw that the want didn't really resembled a wand anymore. In Jackie's hand resembled a long trident. The staff part had a spiral of ocean blue and aqua stripes, the bottom had an orange seashell on it that resembled the one around her neck, the top of the trident was around with three points coming out of it, one from the left, one from the right, and one at the very top that resembled a yellow star. It also had wave-like fins attached to the bottom half of the top part that extended down to the top of the staff part. And in the middle was the gem that, while still cleaved in half, resembled a lapis lazuli. Jackie was completely speechless as she looked over the trident-wand. "Wow…"

"Huh, suits you," Lincoln couldn't help but smile at the sight. The trident looked really cool and fit Jackie's love of the ocean. But Lincoln then noticed something else that made his eyes widen. "Woah Jackie…your face?"

"Huh? What about my face?" Jackie asked as she felt her face over. "Is there something on it?"

"…Kinda…" Lincoln said as he grabbed Jackie's wrist and dragged her over in front of the mirror on Oskar's car. "Look."

Jackie did so and gasped at what she saw. On Jackie's cheeks were orange seashells, similar to how Star has hearts on her cheeks. "Oh wow…didn't expect this…" Jackie couldn't help but take a moment to touch her cheek marks, but she quickly snapped out of it and remembered the mission at hand. "Time for oogling later, I gotta save Star."

Jackie then walked forward and held the trident in both of her hands, lowering her head as she closed her eyes. 'Ok Jackie…you can do this, Star is counting on you,' Jackie told herself as she tried to steady her breathing and focus on the magic she could feel flowing through her from the wand. 'You can do this…just do what Star does…wing it.' Jackie then opened her eyes, which glowed for a quick second, as the platinum blond twirled the trident around for a second before slamming it on the ground. "AQUA CYCLONE!"

Lincoln watched as the trident proceeded water that flowed around Jackie, forming a cyclone around the girl. With the water enveloping her, Jackie leaped into the air and started flying through it in the water. Lincoln smirked as he watched this, looks like Jackie as a handle on this already. "Good luck," The Loud boy said as all he could do now was wait and hope.

"Snowbank! Snowbank! Why aren't there any snowbanks!" Star yelled as she desperately searched for a snowbank, or really anything soft, that she could crash safely into. "Come on! Did they salt everything!?"

"Star!" Suddenly a familiar voice yelled out the princess' name as she looked behind her and up to see something remarkable that made Star gasp. Jackie flying through the air while enveloped in water and using her wand that had taken the form of a trident. Jackie then flew down and flew next to Star, allowing the princess to see Jackie's new cheek marks. "Don't worry Star! I'm here!"

"Jackie! I'm so happy to see you…though I am still mad about you letting go of my hand!" While Star was glad to see Jackie, she was still made at the human girl for lying about not letting go of her hand. "And are you using your wand?"

"Yes, but it was the only way to save you!" Jackie told Star, the platinum blond looking right into the princess' eyes. "And look, I understand that your mad. I screwed up, but please, let me get you out of this!" Star looked back in Jackie's eyes and gave a sweet smile. While this trip was far from pleasant…Star could definitely say that she was pretty rocking today with all the stunts she's pulled off. If she can do this, she could handle the more basic stuff easily. She then watched as Jackie extended the trident towards Star. "Grab on! I'll get us out of here!" Star was about to grab on when-


"AAAAAAHHH!" Both girls yelled as an onslaught of cars came into view. They both had to focus on dodging cars now, for Star it was easy as she was able to do what she did earlier and managed to turn out of the way of all the cares that came her way.

For Jackie it wasn't quite as easy as she wasn't quite used to magic. "Woah! Woah! Woah!" Jackie let out as she narrowly avoid hitting a few cars. Turning while inside a rushing cyclone of water wasn't nearly as easy as turning on a skateboard. Just then a loud honking got Jackie's attention and the platinum blond watched as a giant truck came her way. "Crap! Crap! Crap! What do I do?!" Jackie yelled as she tried to think of a way out of this. She then looked at the trident in her hand and mentally slapped herself, she had a magic trident in her hands! "Ok Jackie, just calm down and think of a spell…um…um…oh! Spectral Phasing!"

Jackie's body then lightly glowed for a second before her body became intangible like a ghost. The trunk then came at Jackie, but thankfully the spell worked and Jackie harmlessly phased through it. "Haha! Alright! I'm getting a hold of this magic stuff!" Jackie cheered for herself before looking forward and seeing Star. "Ok now more distractions, I gotta get Star out of her and I'm gonna need a better transport method then this!" Jackie smirked as she made herself tangible again and already knew what she wanted to do. "Wings of the Ocean!" Jackie held the trident close to her chest as the crystal glowed.

The water that was swirling around Jackie all gathered up around her back and formed wings of water. Jackie then came to a stop and flapped them around a few times, already liking this method better. "Alright! I'm coming for you Star!" Jackie yelled as she flew towards Star, as she was flying she saw a few kids standing next to the road holding snowballs.

"Hey, lets nail that girl on the skateboard," One of the kids said with a grin as he and his pose got ready to throw their snowballs. "It'll be hilarious seeing her crash!"

Jackie gasped as she saw the kids getting ready to throw their snowballs at Star. "Not on my watch!" Jackie yelled as she aimed her trident at Star. "Hyper Reflector Shield!" Gripping the trident with both hands Jackie thrusted it forward and beamed a silver beam towards Star.

"Woooooah, what's Jackie doing?" Star asked with a raised brow as the silver beam reached her and formed a dome around Star. Just in time to as the kids threw their snowballs right as the shield came around Star. The snowballs froze in place as they hit the shield before being thrown right back at the kids that threw them.

"Ah! The snowballs are fighting back!" The kids yelled as they started to panic.

"Star!" Jackie yelled as she back down to Star again and held out her hand. "Star! Take my hand! And I promise this time, I won't let go!"

"Jackie…" Star smiled sweetly at the girl and didn't hesitate to accept her hand with a blush face. As soon as she had Star, Jackie quickly flew up into the air with the princess in tow. The two then looked down at the ditched skateboard and saw a car run over it, smashing it to piece. "Ooooooo…sorry about the board Jackie…"

"Eh, don't sweat it. Like I said my uncle works for the company so it's no big deal." Jackie reassured Star as she held the princess close, making sure she wouldn't let the Mewman go. "Besides, I should be the one apologizing, I…shouldn't have tricked you like that. I'm really sorry."

Star smiled back at Jackie and gave her a reassuring look. "It's ok, I get you were just trying to give me confidence. And hey, I was killing it out their baby! At this point I'm a skateboarding boss!" Jackie chuckled a bit at Star's words and certainly couldn't deny it. Star then looked at the trident that used to be her wand and smirked a bit. "Plus, I see you couldn't help yourself~"

Jackie rose a brow before looking at the trident in her hand and quickly realized what Star met. "Oh! Right! Sorry about that," Jackie smiled sheepishly as she tried to hand to back to Star. "Sorry I was…kinda out of option."

"You know…it kinda suits you," Star said, keeping up her smirk and surprising Jackie a little bit. "The trident, the cheek marks, and those water wings, really gives you that queen of the ocean look!"

"O-Oh…hehe, thanks," Jackie said as her cheeks quickly started blushing pink.

Star then thought about it for a bit and told Jackie, "Ya know…if we're ever in a situation like this again…I don't mind if you use it," Star said, surprising Jackie quite a bit. Star was actually allowing her to use the wand again? Her families most important heirloom. "I know I can trust you with it,"

"…Thanks Star, that means a lot," Jackie and Star were both silent as they looked into each other's eyes. Both girls soon noticed how long they were starring at each other and looked away with red faces. "S-So do you want y-your wand back now or…"

"Hmmmm, let's get home first," Star said as she made herself comfy in Jackie's arm. "I'm taking the Jackie express home! Now move!"

"Hehe, yes ma'am!" Jackie chuckled a little bit as she flew in the direction of her house.

Boom! Jackie and the wand baby!

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