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The rain poured down hard on the land of Mewni. The weather most likely mirroring the troubles the kingdom was facing at the moment. It was unlike anything they had ever faced before and they needed to fix fast. But unfortunately, the king and queen couldn't handle it as the king was now dead and the queen…was currently out of commission to say the least. So that left it up to the Magical High Commission. Specifically…

"God dammit, I hate the rain…" Hekapoo cursed as she sneaked around wearing a black cloak. Her and the other members argued about who would be the one to do the deed and fix the situation. Hekapoo was the one that was ultimately decided to handle it much to her irritation. "We can't just get a baby from another dimension, no. I has to be a Mewman baby, because one of us suddenly going to the orphanage to adopt a baby won't look suspicious at all!"

As Hekapoo was grumbling to herself, she ended up tripping on something causing her to trip and land face first into a puddle. "Mother fucker…" Hekapoo swore as she wiped the water off her face before standing up. Looking at whatever tripped her, Hekapoo glared at what appeared to be a banner that said 'Pie Festival' on it. "Tch, Pie Festival…"

The pie folk were probably the most infamous people on Mewni other then the monsters themselves. The scummiest scammers in the multiverse that would try and steal everything you own in a matter of minutes. Hekapoo was glad that the Pie Festival ended yesterday because she didn't need to deal with them on top of everything else. She just wanted to get the job done and put today behind her forever. "Now which way was the orphanage again?"


"Huh?" Hekapoo winced at the loud noise, but then quickly recognized what kind of sound that was. A baby crying. Hekapoo's eyes quickly widened as she looked around for the source of the crying and her eyes eventually came upon one of the stands left over from the festival. Hurrying over to it, Hekapoo looked inside and, sure enough, there was a little baby there. The baby couldn't have been older than a month and it had a small tuft of blue hair on its head, it was left in a small basket with only a thin blanket over it. "Well, look at what we got here,"

Smiling, Hekapoo did a quick check and was able to see that the baby was a girl. Just what she was looking for. "Hm, looks like you lucked out little lady," Hekapoo said with a smirk as she picked up the baby girl and hid it under her cloak. "You're just what we need,"

Quickly making sure no one was around, Hekapoo took out her scissors and created a portal to get her and the baby out of the area before anyone could see them.


"Come on! Come on! Come on! No! No! No!" Star yelled as she frantically hit the buttons on her control with a panicked expression. Currently she and Lincoln were in the latter's room together sitting on Lincoln's bed. While Star was button mashing, Lincoln was acting calm and cool with a smirk on his face as he kicked Star's butt and knocked out her last life. "NOOOOOOOOO!"

"This games winner is…Greninja!" The game announced as it showed Lincoln's character striking a victory pose as Star's character, Wolf, was forced to simply clapped while in 2nd place.

"Uuuuuugh…" Star groaned as she fell onto the bed on her back. "I hate everything…"

"Well I believe that makes it 5 to 0," Lincoln couldn't help but brag a little bit at his wins. While Star proved to be a fast learner in the world of gaming and could even kick his butt in a few games…he absolutely crushed her when it came to fighting games. "Wanna make it an even 6?"

"Oh screw you Lincoln," Star grumbled as she stood up and lightly punched Lincoln's shoulder, making Lincoln chuckle as he was struck. "I'm gonna go get some hot chocolate,"

"Can you get me one?" Lincoln asked as Star left the room.

"NO!" Star yelled as she slammed the door.

Lincoln just laughed again as he crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back against the wall. "Somones a sore loser," Lincoln grinned, things have been going well for them lately. No bouts of drama, no random monsters popping up, so far the worst thing they had to worry about was pop quizzes. "Ah, now this is the life…"

As Lincoln was relaxing, an all too familiar fiery portal opened up in his room with Hekapoo jumping out. At this point Hekapoo showing up doesn't surprise him as the scissor maker has been popping up on an almost daily basis even not counting her appearance in school. "Hey Snowball," Hekapoo did her usual greeting as she jumped up on the bed with him. "How's it hanging?"

"Eh, not too much. Just kicked Star's but in Smash," Lincoln grinned as Hekapoo chuckled, wishing she was there to see how the princess reacted to that. "In fact, your just in time to get your butt kicked. You ready?"

"Hah! I play circles around you," Hekapoo told him confidently with a smirk. The two then chuckled together for a moment before Hekapoo sit up and reached into her pocket. "But maybe later, right now I actually wanna show you something I found in the Neverzone." Lincoln sat up as well and rose a brow as Hekapoo pulled out a flat pure white crystal that was about the size of a quarter and was shaped like a four-sided diamond. "Check it out, it's called a memory crystal."

"Huh, looks pretty cool," During the few times he's visited Hekapoo in her own dimension, the place was bleak, near lifeless, and was dull and colorless. It was rather interesting to see something pretty like the crystal Hekapoo had. "What's it do?"

"You attach it to your head, and it can play your memories like a movie," Hekapoo explained as she lightly tossed the crystal up and down. "They're extremely rare, wanna try it out?"

"That does sound pretty cool," Lincoln smiled as he stood up. The idea of viewing his memories like a movie did sound really cool and he could properly share some of his childhood moments with Star and Hekapoo this way. "So should I go find some tape so I can put it on my head or-"

"Nope! Sticks like a magnet!" Hekapoo stated as she smacked the memory crystal onto Lincoln's head. Lincoln winced a little at first, but his eyes soon widened a little bit as he felt the crystal attached to his forehead like a fridge magnet. "Now all you gotta do is say the year, month, and day of the memory, and the crystal will play it."

"Ok let me think for a second…" Lincoln put a hand to his chin as he thought of what memory to show Hekapoo. He wanted to make it a good one and something not embarrassing. He knew if he showed her any of his more humiliating moments of his childhood she would hold it over him and tease him about it forever. Snapping his fingers, Lincoln knew just what to show Hekapoo. "I got it! Ok, crystal, July 17th, 2016."

Lincoln and Hekapoo watched as the crystal glowed before shooting a beam of light forward, acting almost like a movie projector as they watched the memory together…

Currently an 11-year-old Lincoln was laying down in his bed with a sadden expression on his face. But he then heard a knocking at his door and looked to see an envelop was slide under his door. Lincoln rose a brow as he got out of bed and opened up the letter to find a card that said, "V.I.B? Very important brother?" After Lincoln read it, he heard rock and roll music coming from outside and looked out his window to see a remarkable sight.

A stage was set up next to his house with all of his sisters having dyed there hair black, except Lucy who had it naturally, and decked out in both cloths and make-up that resembled his favorite band smooch. "Hey bro!" Luna called out to as she played her guitar with Lynn on drums, the twins on the tambourine, and Lori on the keyboard. "1! 2! 3! 4!"

Loud Sisters:

Lincoln Loud!

Lincoln Loud!

The best dang brother anywhere around!

Lincoln Loud!

Lincoln Loud!

The best dang brother anywhere around!


He helped me get this tee that's sweaty


He helped me get red carpet ready


He helped us buy that closet thing

Lori then lightly nudged Lucy in the shoulder, trying to get her to sing along as well.

"I told you guys, I don't wanna sing," Lucy stated with crossed arms.

Meanwhile Lincoln couldn't help but be touched by the whole thing. He lost out on the chance to get tickets for SMOOCH due to helping his sisters convince their parents to get them the stuff they wanted. Needless to say, the Loud sisters for then made up for it. "Wow, I can't believe this. My sisters are pretty cool," Lincoln said as he looked down at them preforming. "Even if I can't see SMOOCH, this is the next best thing."

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Luna suddenly announced a real bombshell. "SMOOCH!"

"What?!" Lincoln gasped as he watched as none other then the SMOOCH tour bus pulled up in front of his house, the four members getting out to join the sister on stage with Lincoln coming outside to see everything for himself and speak to Luna. "How did you get SMOOCH?"

"We learned to be pretty convincing! Thanks to some advice from the master!" Luna explained, showing they used the skills Lincoln taught them to get his favorite band over here. It only got better as the members started singing along with his sisters!

Lincoln Loud!

Lincoln Loud!

The best dang brother anywhere around!

Lincoln Loud!

Lincoln Loud!

The best dang brother anywhere around!

"Wow! My friends are never gonna believe this!" Lincoln said as Lola, Lana, and Lisa led him to the special V.I.B. section they set up for him. But further surprising Lincoln was that Clyde, Zach, and Liam were also there!

"Except were also here!" Clyde said as Lincoln and his friends looked up and enjoyed the show as the lead singer of SMOOCH took a solo as he leaned down to Lincoln's level.

Pucker Uppenheimer:

Your sisters told us that you went so far

To help them out, you're a real rockstar

Everyone has had their fun

The song is over so we gotta


The song ended up in time as a giant robotic spider crawled out of the house, urging everyone to quickly start running away from the house.

The memory crystals light then faded as it finished playing the memory, Lincoln smiling fondly as he witnessed once more what his sisters did for him that day as Hekapoo let out a long whistle. "Dang! Your sisters did that all for you?" Hekapoo asked in an impressed tone. "Huh, they're pretty cool."

"Yeah…" Lincoln smiled as he took the crystal off and remembered more of the good things they did for him. Despite all the trouble they can cause…he definitely has more happy memories with them than bad. "They really are."

"But for real though, what was up with the giant spider?" Hekapoo asked with a raised brow.

"Yeeeeeeah…about that…" Lincoln sweat dropped as he explained things to Hekapoo.

"Grrrr, just you wait Lincoln," Star grumbled as she put a bunch of large and fluffy marshmallows into her hot chocolate, making sure it would be nice and sugary. "One day I will kick your butt so hard you won't feel it for weeks!"

"Hey Star!" After Star made her declaration, Lana stepped into the kitchen with her best amphibian friend Hops riding on her shoulder, the little frog wearing a cute winter hat of his own. "Think you can get some hot chocolate for me and Hops, please? Got stay warm when we're cooped up in here for the winter."

"Aw, anything for this little cutie," Star said as she lightly pet Hops' head, making the frog smile and blush a little. Star then poured two more glasses of hot chocolate from the stove and handed them to Lana. "Here ya go! Some toasty hot chocolate for the muddiest gals I know!"

"Uh, thanks but Hops is a boy." Lana chuckled a bit as Hops crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at Star.

"Oh…I know that," Star smirked as she took a sip of her hot chocolate as Lana chuckled with Hops rolling his eyes. Before Lana and Hops left the kitchen, a green and black portal suddenly opened in front of them. Before they could say anything, a monster they haven't seen for quite some time stepped out of the portal. Buff Frog. Both Star and Lana lightly gasped at seeing them, with Lana remembering him being the monster that helped them rescue Lincoln from Toffee. Buff Frog was silent as he reached his hands back into the portal…and pulled out a stroller filled with the 12 tadpoles Ludo gave Buff Frog, technically 13 but two shared the same egg sac. "Buffbabies!"

Star quickly gushed as she went to go look at all of Buff Frogs' adopted tadpoles as Lana smiled and walked up to them as well. "Awwww, they're adorable!" Hops ribbeted in agreement as Lana pointed to the two tadpoles sharing an egg sac. "Cool, conjoined twins."

"Star Butterfly…I am needing your help," Buff Frog said as he picked up all of his children and placed them in front of the princess and tomboy. "My babies! Please be babysitting them. I don't know anyone else to ask. Is Fire and Ice boy also here?"

Star briefly stopped oogling the babies to look up at Buff Frog. "Oh yeah he's just upstairs." Star told the frog monsters as she picked up one of the tadpoles. "And you can count on me! I'm like the Crowned Princess of Babysittonia,"

"Oh! Oh! Can I help too!" Lana excitedly asked as she raised her hand and went in front of Buff Frog. "Please! I'm really good with frogs and tadpoles! I can totally help take care of them!"

"Hmmmm…I don't know…" Buff Frog said in an unsure tone as he looked over Lana. "You are awfully young to be babysitter."

"But I-" Lana was cut off by Hops placing his foreleg on Lana's cheek before jumping onto Buff Frog's shoulder.

"Ribbit!" Hops introduced himself.

"Oh, hello there Hops, I am Yvgeny Bulgolyubov." Buff Frog properly introduced himself to Hops, telling the frog his real name.

"Ribbit." Hops pointed to Lana as he spoke to Buff Frog. "Ribbit. Ribbit."

"You're best friend?" Buff Frog asked as he pointed to Lana, Lana smiling and nodded her head. "And cares for you and many others as well?"








"You're hired!" Buff Frog told Lana with a big smile on his face. No way he could deny Lana now after everything Hops hold him about her.

"Alright!" Lana cheered as Hops jumped back onto her shoulder, Lana picking up two of the tadpoles. "You won't regret this I promise!"

A ringing sound was heard as Buff Frog reached into his pocket and pulled out a compact mirror phone. "Excuse me," Buff Frog said to the two girls before answering the phone and turning away. "Da?"

"This is gonna be so much fun!" Star gushed to Lana as the two looked over all the tadpoles they were now in charge of watching. "Just you, me, Lincoln, and all these little babies!"

"Don't worry little guys, you can count on us," Lana reassured all of the buffbabies as Hops did some gushing of his own, remembering the days of when he was a tadpole. "This is gonna be the best day you've ever had."

"Yes, yes, I bring weapons. What am I? Tadpole?" Buff Frog told whoever he was with on the phone. "Will bring torture bag as well. See you soon." Buff Frog then hung up on whoever he was talking to before taking out a purple booked labeled 'Buff Baby Book' and presented it to the girls. "Here is Binder. All of babies' schedules and informations inside." He then handed the binder to Star…who instantly handed it to Lana.

Buff Frog then picked up what seemed to be the smallest of his tadpoles and smile sweetly at her. "Oh, Katrina. My most delicate little glassy pearl." Buff Frog gave his adoptive daughter a kiss before handing her carefully to Star. "Please be extra careful with her."

"Don't worry Mr. Buff Frog, me and Star will treat them like they were our own," Lana reassured the monster frog with a thumbs up, "And I'll make sure Lincoln and Hops help out as well!"

"Ribbit!" Hops said with a salute.

"Just like a suitcase, totally handled," Star said in a playful tone.

"Take good care of them. Or else..." Buff Frog said in a threatening manner as he went back into the portal, though Lana and Star weren't intimidated Hops did gulp a little. "Okay. Daddy will come get you after work. Six o'clock sharp. Be good and listen to baby-sitters."

And with that, Buff Frog was gone leaving Lana, Hops, and Star alone with the babies as Star looked at Katrina in her hands with sparkling eyes. "Ooooh. So young, so full of dreams." Star gushed as she looked down at the rest of the babies. "What bright new adventures will we take you on?"

"Well why don't you get Lincoln and we can figure this all out!" Lana smiled as Star nodded and stood up, Katrina still in her hands as she headed upstairs. "Me and Hops will take a look at the binder."

Once upstairs, Star quickly headed to Lincoln's room but stopped when the door opened. "Wow, Lisa's kind of a little psycho isn't she?" Star's eyes widened a bit as she saw Hekapoo walking out with Lincoln.

"Yes, yes she is," Lincoln chuckled as he and Hekapoo looked forward and saw Star holding Katrina. "Oh hey Star, what's that you got?"

"Oh this is just little precious Katrina," Star answered in a baby voice as she nuzzled Katrina against her seat. "She's one of Buff Frogs babies! He just came over and asked us and Lana to babysit them! We get the whole afternoon to watch over them!"

"Huh, looks like I'll finally get the chance to get a babysitting job," Lincoln smirked as he put his hands to his hips, remembering how all of his older sisters had side jobs babysitting some of the neighborhood kids, some of them still do actually. "I'm in."

"Yay!" Star jumped up before looking to Hekapoo who didn't seem to react to this development. "Oh! You should join us Hekapoo! We got 13 babies to watch and we could use as much help as we can get!"

"Uuuuuh…" Hekapoo crossed her arms and looked away awkwardly. "I-I'm not so sure you want me around for this…"

Lincoln gave Hekapoo a soft smile as he put a hand on her shoulder. "Look, I know you're a bit…iffy with monsters," Lincoln stated as he tried to get Hekapoo more comfortable with this as he gestured to the baby in Star's hands. "But their just babies,"

"N-No it has nothing to do with the whole monster thing," Hekapoo revealed, surprising Lincoln and Star quite a bit. "It's just….I'm not good with kids…" Both teens looked as Hekapoo looked down with a sad and…regretful expression.

Lincoln could sense there was more to this and tried to ask, "Hey is something-"

"Aw come on, don't say that Hekapoo. Just look." Star then stepped up to Hekapoo and presented Katrina to the scissors maker. Hekapoo looked down at the little and saw the runt of Buff Frog's group of tadpoles looking at her, the tadpole's eyes seemingly sparkling. "Just look at little Katrina here,"

Star then grabbed Hekapoo's wrist and raised the scissor maker's hand up so she could place her Katrina in it. "Hey w-wait!" But Hekapoo was too late to hand Katrina back as Star backed away and looked at the two with an eager smile, Hekapoo then looked to Lincoln who just silently shrugged. Hekapoo sighed before she looked at Katrina resting in her hand. "H-Hey kid…"

"…" Katrina was silent as she looked up at Hekapoo, but to her surprise Katrina suddenly gave her a small smile and nuzzled against Hekapoo's hand as the tadpole nuzzled against it.

"Aaaaawww, she likes you!" Star said enthusiastically as Hekapoo couldn't help but blush a little as Katrina got comfy in her palms. Even Lincoln couldn't help but smile fondly at the sight as he took out his phone and took a picture of the scene. "Oh my gosh! Idea! Hekapoo why don't you watch over Katrina while the rest of us take care of the other buffbabies!"

"W-Well…I…" Hekapoo stuttered as she tried to put an answer together. She wanted to say no…she should have said no. But the eyes Katrina was looking at her with…they reminded Hekapoo way too much of her eyes from way back when. "I…guess it couldn't hurt…"

"Yaaaay!" Star yelled out as she got in between Lincoln and Hekapoo and gave them a one-armed hug. "This is gonna be the best day ever!"

"Just one thing," Hekapoo spoke up against as she stepped away from Star's hug. "Could I…take care of her in snowballs room. I think I'd be more comfortable if I was alone for this…"

That rained a bit on Star's parade as the princess frowned. "But…that would mean little Katrina wouldn't be down here…" Star quickly found Katrina to be the cutest thing in the world and was looking forward to spending the afternoon with her and the other buffbabies. "Are you sure you can't be downstairs with the rest of us?"

"Star, if Hekapoo wants to be up here let's let her and Katrina be up here. I'm sure it'll be fine," Lincoln told Star in a soft yet firm tone. He could tell there was more to it when Hekapoo said she was bad with kids and hoped that this experience might help with whatever it was. "Katrina will be find and she's just a stair climb away. Same goes for you Hekapoo, if you need anything we'll be downstairs."

"Alright…thanks Lincoln," Hekapoo gave Lincoln a genuine smile for backing her up on her decision. The time for saying no has based so it appeared she would have to follow through with this. At least it should hard watching after one tiny tadpole for that long…right? Hekapoo then looked down at Katrina who was still smiling at her as Hekapoo headed back to Lincoln's room. "Ok Katrina…let's get this started I guess…"

"Aaaawww…" Star let out in a sadden tone as Hekapoo took Katrina into Lincoln's room.

"Relax Star, it'll be fine. And remember this was your idea," Lincoln reminded the princess who could only nod in response. She supposed she was the one that recommended that Hekapoo focus on caring for Katrina. "We still have plenty of time to watch the other tadpoles. How long are they here for?"

Six o'lock sharp," Star gave Lincoln the time Buff Frog said he'd be back as the two made their way downstairs. "And I guess you're right, today should still be a ton of fun."

"There's the Star I know, come on let's go help Lana," Lincoln said with a smile as the two entered the living room and saw Lana and Hops sitting on the couch reading Buff Frogs binder. In front of them on the table was the other 12 babies. "Alright Lana, whats the situation with the babies?"

"Well Buff Frog explains a lot about them in his binder," Lana stated as she finished reading the last page, Lana and Hops both impressed with how much effort and devotion Buff Frog put into raising his tadpoles as well as gushing at all the cute pictures of them. Lana then rose a brow as she noticed the lack of a little tadpole girl. "Hey where's Katrina?"

"Oh, Hekapoo's taking care of her in my room," Lincoln explained to Lana who nodded in understanding. "Don't worry, Katrina's safe with Hekapoo I have faith in her,"

"Well that's nice of her," Lana smiled, not expecting Hekapoo of all people to help out with raising monster babies. She thought Hekapoo didn't like monsters. "Well anyway, why don't you put these guys down for a nap while me and Hops get out lily pads for them to sleep on."

Lincoln nodded as he took the binder to see how the babies were supposed to sleep as Star frowned a little. "Aaww, put a nap is boring," Star protested, wanting to play some games with the babies already. While she were sure they were adorable sleeping Star wanted to have some real fun. "Game on let's play some baby games,"

"No Star, babies need rest if they're gonna grow," Lincoln said firmly, while he may not have babysat before he did learn plenty of tips from his sisters. "Look, we let them sleep, when they wake up we feed them, and then we have some fun. Sounds good?"

"Lincoln's right Star, take it from a girl whose raised a bunch of baby lizards, snakes, frogs, salamanders, and toads," Lana backed up her brother as she made her way up the stairs. "They need plenty of rest of the right environment to help them. Hops, make sure things go smoothly down here."

"Ribbit!" Hops nodded as he hopped off Lana and headed back to the table where the babies were as Lana went upstairs.

"Ugh, fine!" Star groaned as she reluctantly agreed to help put the babies to sleep. She would make sure they had extra fun later though. "So how are we doing this?"

"Ok let me see…" Lincoln said as he turned to the part of the binder that had instructions on how to put the tadpoles to sleep. "Dimitry, Ana, and Igor prefer their stomachs." Star nodded as she rolled the respective tadpoles onto their stomachs. "Mikhail, Leo, and Irina sleep on their right sides."

"Got it," Star said as she rolled those tadpoles onto their right sides.

"Nadia and Sergei on their left." Hops nodded at Lincoln as he turned over the cojoined tadpoles to their left. "Katrina is delicate and must be held to sleep. Ok I'll text Hekapoo that."

As Lincoln got out his phone to text Hekapoo, the babies all yawned in unison as they were in their proper sleeping position and quickly started to doze off. "Aaaaaaww, look at them," Star gushed as she was totally right about them being asleep.

"Ribbit," Hops let out as he smiled sweetly at the sight.

"Ok I got the lily pads," Lana then came back downstairs with a bunch of lily pads, real ones, in her arms as she looked at all the tadpoles sleeping. "Aaaww, aren't they just the cutest things? Come on, let's get these lily pads under them and really make them comfy." Everyone then followed Lana's led as they gently lifted up the tadpoles so they wouldn't wake up and slid the pads under them. The tadpoles seemed to have fallen into an even deeper sleep as they snuggled into their new beds. "There we go, now while they are asleep, I'm gonna prepare something in the basement for them for later,"

"Sounds good Lana," Lincoln whispered as Lana headed to the door to the basement as he and Star sat down on the couch with Hops hoping onto the arm of the couch. "Heh, look at em. All cozy and stuff."

"So what do we do know?" Star asked in an eager tone.

"We let them rest." Lincoln told Star with his firm voice, knowing where Star was going with this. "Like we said Star, babies need rest. So we let them rest and I promise we'll have fun and games with them later."

"Uuuugh…fine…" Star relented as she leaned back in the couch with a grump expression. Star then looked at the sleeping babies again and smiled as she leaned her arm forward with a finger out. Lincoln said no play right now, but he said nothing about booping. "Just one little boop couldn't hurt…


"Ah!" Star let out as Hops preventing Star from booping the tadpoles by whipping his tongue at her finger. Hops narrowed his eyes at Star before making a 'I'm watching you gesture' making the princess growl back a little. "Alright fine. No booping…jerk."



"Katrina must be held to sleep…" Hekapoo read off the text Lincoln sent her about how to get Katrina to fall asleep. This was good, because Hekapoo really had no idea what to do. She had no clue how to take care of a monster child and like she said he experience with kids…didn't have the best track record. "Ok kid let's get you to sleep."

Hekapoo then proceeded to put Katrina into both of her arms and started to slowly cradle the child. She at least knew a few things about babies in general. But as she rocked Katrina, the tadpole didn't show any signs of falling asleep. "Come on kid, Linc said you just need to be held to fall asleep," Hekapoo lightly groaned as Katrina seemed to have a hard time get comfortable in her arms. "Ok, ok, come on Hekapoo think. What gets babies to fall asleep? Shaking keys? Warm milk? Lullabies…" That last one struck Hekapoo a bit as she remembered something. "Wait, a lullaby…"

Hekapoo was currently walking through the halls of Mewni Castle with a stack of documents in her hand. If there was one thing Hekapoo really hated besides monsters, it was boring paperwork. "Ugh, this stuff's gonna take forever to get through…" Hekapoo groaned out as she didn't know why she and the MHC had to handle so much of this stuff. Most of it was random small stuff that didn't really handle anyway. "I don't get why Omni just doesn't do it all, he's the one always going on about how much he loves meetings, and paperwork and that junk…"

"Aunt Hekapoo…" Hekapoo came to a dead stop as one of the doors she passed creaked open and the voice of a young girl spoke to her. Placing the paperwork down, Hekapoo looked back and saw a 6-year-old girl with long blue hair, fair cream skin, blue eyes, and magenta sparkle marks on her cheeks. The girl was wearing purple pajama's and had a scared expression on her face.

"Festivia?" Hekapoo said, revealing the name of the girl as she walked up to her with a worried expression on her face. "What are you doing up kiddo it's way past your bedtime."

Right as she got close, Festivia quickly lunged onto Hekapoo with a tight hug, burying her face into the scissor maker's chest. "I had a nightmare…" Festivia said as she started shaking, the nightmare she had clearly disturbed the young girl.

Hekapoo hugged Festivia back and picked the 6-year-old up. "Hey, hey, it's ok kiddo," Hekapoo reassured in a soft voice as she took Festivia back to her room, laying her back in bed and pulling the blanket over the princess. "It's just a dream, it can't hurt you."

"But it seemed so real…" Festivia muttered fearly as she grabbed Hekapoo's hand, refusing to let go. "What if I fall asleep and it comes true…"

Hekapoo smiled softly at Festivia as she lightly pet the young girls hair to comfort her. "That's not gonna happen," Hekapoo whispered to the girl. "No ones gonna hurt ya with me around, I promise." Hekapoo then inhaled as she did the one thing she knew would get Festivia to fall asleep…

Hekapoo looked down at Katrina with a bit of a worried look. She hasn't sung that song in a long time. But…if it would help the tadpole sleep then it was worth a try…


Sleep soundly safe in my heart…

You no longer have to face the evil in the dark

Just rest your mind, and leave your pain behind

Remember fondly, of a time when the world was so bright

Hekapoo's voice was soft and gentle, and she continued to rock Katrina who focused completely on Hekapoo as she sang.


You've fought so bravely, my dear

And so you can rest, for now there's nothing left to fear

Fighting onward, you dreamed unreachable things

But now your dreams carry you to a place where these things come true

It seemed to be working as Katrina found it hard to keep her eyes open as Hekapoo kept singing.


I'll hold your hand while you sleep

So don't be afraid, I won't let shadows touch your dreams

Maybe in time, we'll leave this all behind

We'll look up skyward, and the stars, they will shine in your eyes

Promise, you'll wake up in time

When you awaken I will be there by your side

There's a person, he'll fix the broken mistakes

I'll find him and journey on, I will save you, whatever it takes

No matter the fate I may face…

Hekapoo then finished, taking a few quiet breaths. She was honestly surprised she was able to sing the whole thing without messing up. She hasn't sung that in centuries and even then, she couldn't remember where she thought of it, it just kinda…came to her one day.

When she looked down, she saw that it was a success as Katrina was fast asleep in her arms. Hekapoo couldn't help but smile at the sight as she held Katrina close. "Don't worry kid…" Hekapoo whispered softly. "I got ya."

Back downstairs, about four hours have passed since the babies had fallen asleep. While they were sleeping, Star, Lincoln, Lana, and Hops were all just watching TV while it was on a quiet volume. The latter three were content with this as they would keep their eyes on the babies most of the time to see when they were would stir while occasionally looking up on the TV as it played programming suitable for children just in case the babies woke up and started to watch.

Star however was growing impatient. She was promised that when the babies woke up they would have some actual fun. But so far the babies have been asleep for hours and showed no signs of waking up. She didn't just wanna watch them sleeping the whole time, there was only two hours until Buff Frog came back to pick them up. She wanted to play with the babies at least a little before he came back.

Just then a quiet beeping sound was heard as Lincoln looked at his watch and saw that it was three o'clock. "Oh, time to make the babies lunch," Lincoln whispered as he quietly got up. "Lana, Hops, you two help me. Star, you watch the babies."

"Hey, no fair!" Star let out as the other three made it towards the kitchen.

"You wanna make 12 lunches?" Lana asked as she and Hops deadpanned at Star.

"I'll watch the lil' bits!" Star quickly said, choosing to go with this option rather then making 12 whole lunches. As the others went into the kitchen, Star was now all alone with the babies…no one there to stop her from giving the babies a boob. "Awww! So cuuuute!" Star let out as she looked down at the sleeping babies. "Just…one…boop…"

20 minutes later, in the kitchen, Lana, with Hops on her shoulder, and Lincoln stood in front of the kitchen counter that now had 13 baby bottles on it all filled with the babies lunches, ready for them to eat once they woke up. "Mmmmm, this stuff looks good," Lana commented as she looked inside one of the bottles which seemed to be filled with some strange swamp goop and a bunch of bugs. "I'm sure it'll be ok to try some…"

"Nope!" Lincoln quickly took the bottle from Lana and put the cap on it before Lana could eat it herself. "Maybe later but this is for the babies remember?"

"Oooh fine…" Lana crossed her arms, remembering to make that again later for her and Hops. "Buzzkill…"

Lincoln rolled his eyes as he held onto the bottle he took from Lana. "Yeah, yeah, I know I'm the worst." Lincoln let out sarcastically before pointing his thumb backward. "Look I'll give this one to Hekapoo so she can feed Katrina and you-"


"What's that?" Lana asked as she and her brother heard a bunch of high-pitched croaking coming from the living room. Heading back to the room, the siblings watched with widened eyes as the babies, who were all now wide awake, were bouncing on Star who was on the floor with a panicked expression. "Star what happened?"

"I couldn't stop at one…" Star let out as she sat up, the babies continuing to jump all over her. "I thought one boop would satisfy me…but I was so wrong…SO WRONG!"

"Ok, ok, don't worry Star, I've seen this plenty of time. Frogs always get cranky when they wake up, ain't that right Hops?" Lana smirked at Hops who blushed in embarrassment and looked away, unable to deny this claim. "A nice meal will help no problem, we just finished making lunch to!"

"Oh mah babies gotta eat!" Star's mood took a quick 180 as she ran into the kitchen to get the lunches Lana and Lincoln made.

"Ok while she's getting that, I'm gonna go take this to Hekapoo," Lincoln said as he started to go up the stairs. "You try and keep the babies under control."

"You got it Lincoln!" Lana said as she and Hops gave Lincoln a thumbs up.

Making it up the stairs, Lincoln entered his room to find the most adorable sight he's ever seen. "Aaaaaaawww!" He let out as he saw Hekapoo fast asleep on his bed, a sleeping Katrina in his arms. 'Heheh, guess she is good with kids.' Lincoln thought as he snapped a photo of the sight with his phone. No way was he gonna forget about this. After taking the photo, Lincoln quietly stepped up to Hekapoo and lightly shook her. "Oh Hekapoo~"

"Mmmmmm…" Hekapoo groaned a little as she woke up, Lincoln being the first thing she's seen. "Oh…hey Lincoln…" Hekapoo rubbed her eyes as a bit as she woke up and looked down…seeing Katrina in her arm. Hekapoo's eyes widened as her mind got back on track almost instantly. "Oh…that wasn't a dream wasn't it,"

"Hehehe, nope," Lincoln chuckled, as Hekapoo cracked a small smile as she looked down at Katrina. Lincoln then handed Hekapoo the baby bottle as he smiled as well. "Here, feed this to her when she wakes up."

"Yeah, sure thing." Hekapoo said as she took the bottle while still looking at Katrina.

"Alright, I'll leave you two too it," Lincoln said as he made his way out of the room, saying one last thing to Hekapoo before he left. "You're doing a great job by the way,"

Hekapoo looked up in time to see Lincoln close the door before looking back at the tadpole she was still carrying. "Thanks…" She muttered silently.

Lincoln made it back down the stairs in a pleasant mood. Hekapoo seemed to be better at this baby-sitting thing then she thought she would be. He was still gonna ask Hekapoo later about why she said she was bad with kids, but it looks like things were improving on that already. "Hey guys I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that-" Lincoln cut himself off as he saw the living room was now covered in some pink substance with sprinkles with all the babies bouncing around the living room, dinning room, and kitchen with Lana, Star, and Hops frantically chasing them. "What the heck happened?!"

"Ask Star!" Lana yelled out in frustration as she tried to lunge at one of the babies. "She had the bright idea of replacing their bugs with cake!"

"I was just trying to fun things up!" Star yelled as one of the babies puked caked onto her. "They were asleep for so long I thought they could use a sugar boost!"

"Star! They're babies! You can't feed babies cake!" Lincoln yelled before ducking under a baby that almost puked cake on him. "Maybe we should call Buff Frog!"

"No! We can't do that!" Star yelled as she got into Lincoln's face. "I told Buff Frog I was the Crowned Princess of Babysittonia."

"Wait what?" Lincoln asked before one of the tadpoles hopped on his head. "Ow! Well what do you think we should do?"

"Hold on, I got the binder!" Lana yelled out as she pulled out the binder and quickly read through it. "Oh! It says a bath can calm them down! I already got that covered!"

"Wait. Lana? Bath?" Lincoln questioned as Lana made her way to the door to the basement. "I don't like where this is going."

"Just trust me," Lana told her brother as she pointed to the basement. "Just lead them down to the basement, I'll take care of the rest."

"You got it Lana!" Star yelled out as she and Lincoln looked over the constantly moving tadpoles and the mess they were making. "Oh boy…"


"Yaaaaawn…" Katrina let out in a high-pitched tone as she started to stir awake, Hekapoo being the first thing she saw as her eyes opened back up.

"Hehe, morning kid. You slept like a rock," Hekapoo chuckled and cooed a little as Katrina nuzzled against Hekapoo's arm. Hekapoo smiled at the sight before she heard a small rumbling sound coming from Katrina as she started croaking. "Heh, let me guess, hungry? Well lucky for you I got your chow right here kiddo, eat up."

Hekapoo then inserted the bottle into Katrina's egg sac as a sucking sound was heard with Katrina happily sucking it down and eating the black goop and bugs. "Bleh, gross," Hekapoo winced a bit at the food that Katrina was eating before chuckling. "Well at least one of us is enjoying this."

Hekapoo then let out a sigh as she let lightly patted Katrina, a small smile coming to her face. 'Maybe…Maybe I was overreacting earlier,' Hekapoo thought as she started to grew more confident in her abilities to babysit. 'I mean…maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.'

But right as Hekapoo was relaxing, she looked down at Katrina again and suddenly let out a horrified gasp. The baby bottle she was using to feed Katrina was gone and, in its place…was a wine bottle. "NO!" Hekapoo yelled as she ripped the bottle away from Katrina and threw it across the room as she held Katrina close and closed her eyes tightly. "No! No! No! No! Not again! Please not again!" Hekapoo was unable to keep another memory from coming back to her…

Hekapoo was humming to herself happily as she sat in some meeting room with a bottle of corn-wine and a wine glass. "Finally a freaking day off…" Hekapoo let out as tonight was the night of the Silver Bell Ball, where all the heirs of Mewni gathered up and let their children dance together to celebrate the united kingdoms. Currently Omnitraxius was in charge of watching over Festivia tonight and there was no lame paperwork to take care of. "You've earned this Hekapoo."

Hekapoo then poured herself a glass of wine and was about to start drinking, but the familiar sound of a portal opened up behind her leading the scissor maker to raise a brow and turn towards the portal and see a 13-year-old Festivia wearing a fancy ball gown with a bit of a weirded-out expression on her face. "H-Hey Auntie Hekapoo," Festivia greeted awkwardly. "Mind if I join you?"

"Festivia? What are you doing here? Hekapoo asked with a confused tone. Festivia should be at the ball, she usually loved it whenever the ball rolled around, or any party for that matter, but something seemed wrong right now. "I thought Omnitraxius was watching you and the ball shouldn't be over for another hour."

"Well…yeah but…it's Prince Kelpbottom…" Festivia explained as she hugged herself, "When he danced he started getting a bit…touchy with me."

"He what?" Hekapoo asked with a growl before looking towards the portal Festivia came from. No way was Hekapoo gonna let something like that slide sitting down. "Ok, you stay here, I'll take care of this."

"Thanks Aunt Hekapoo," Festivia smiled and sat down as she watched Hekapoo go into the portal. When Hekapoo left, Festivia's eyes wandered towards the bottle and glass Hekapoo had with her. She's seen the drink numerous times but was never allowed to have any herself. Looking around, Festivia saw no one else around…and reached for the bottle.

Five minutes later, Hekapoo came back through the portal dusting off her hands. "Alright Festivia you won't have to worry about-WHAT THE HELL?!" Hekapoo quickly yelled at the sight she saw. Festivia was groaning on the floor with her face a bright red with the bottle of corn wine and glass next to her face. Picking up the bottle, Hekapoo shook it around and felt it was empty. "Did you drink this whole bottle?!"

"Hehehe…hic…maaaaaaybe…" Festivia let out in a dopey tone, showing she was completely drunk. After a whole bottle of wine it was a miracle she wasn't passed out. "H-H-Hey Aunt, hic,Heka-Hekapoo…you look reeeeeeally funny right now…hehehe, did you know that? Cause I sure-sure, hic, sure."

"Ok yeah you're completely plastered. Let's get you up," Hekapoo then grabbed Fesitivia's arm to pull her to her feet, Hekapoo letting the drunk teen lean on her shoulder. "Ok look, I'll tell Omnitraxius you weren't feeling well. And you better get some sleep and prepare for the hardest hang over later."

"Aaaaawww…you're getting, hic, riiiiid of me already? That's a, hic-hic, reeeal shame. I was hop-hoping we co-could paaaaaaaarty!" Festivia laughed as she tried to dance around with Hekapoo grunting a bit as she made sure Festivia stayed close to her so she wouldn't fall on her face. "Buuuuut I-I-I, hic, I guess you or anyone else does-doesn't r-really caaaaaare, hic, about me. Hahahaha! I should have, hic, know, hehehe."

Hekapoo sighed in annoyance, typical drunk behavior. Just saying random crap with a happy and dopey tone. "Ok big girl let's get you to bed." Hekapoo said as she took out her scissors and used them to close up the original portal and was about to open a portal to where Festivia's room was, until-

"Hey-Hey-Hey can I, hic, h-have some more please?" Festivia asked as her smile started disappearing a little bit as she started hiccupping a bit. "It was, hic, rea, hic, really freaking, hic, good!"

"What no you can't-" Hekapoo was about to immediately deny Festivia permission to drink more…until something came to her mind. Drunk people were a lot easier to convince into doing stuff. "Saaaay, while we're on the subject I was wondering if you wanted to talk about the whole…monster situation."

"Hic-hic-hic…h-huh?" Festivia let out with a confused expression. "What, hic, about, hic, it? Hic!"

"Well it's just, me and the rest of the commission were wondering what to do about the whole thing." Hekapoo said in a skeptic tone and a smirk on her face. "Omni was thinking we try and make piece with them but I was thinking we should, I dunno…go to war?"

"Pffffft, well that's a, hic, easy one!" Festivia yelled out as her dopey smile returned. "War of course! Hic, screw those monsters!"

"That's exactly what I was thinking!" Hekapoo smiled as she lightly patted Festivia on the back. Hook, line, and sinker. "So how about tomorrow we discuss more over a few drinks?"

"Yaaaaaaay!" Festivia cheered as she rose up a fist. "Woohoo!"

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Hekapoo yelled to herself as she slapped her head repeatedly, trying to get that memory to get out of her head. She tried so hard and for so long to forget that due to how much guilt and regret she felt from it. And now suddenly it's coming back full force. "Grrrr…why can't I just forget it happened?"


"Huh?" Hekapoo let out as she looked down and gasped when she saw Katrina looking at her with teary eyes, clearly upset about her food being taken away. Looking to where she threw what she thought was a wine bottle, Hekapoo saw the baby bottle and quickly went to pick it up. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" As soon as Hekapoo gave Katrina back the bottle, the baby tadpole calming down as Hekapoo shut her eyes to try and calm herself down as well.

"Alright that it babies! Follow the music!" It took half an hour, but Star and Lincoln were finally able to get the babies under control. Granted, by complete accident. No matter how much Lincoln and Star chased them the babies would always escape their grasp until Buff Frog started calling them and the babies started to dance to the ring tone. So now Star and Lincoln were using it to their advantage to lead the babies downstairs. "Shake what your Buff daddy gave ya!"

"Star they're adopted." Lincoln pointed out as he made sure all the tadpoles bounced after Star.

"Details, who need em." Star shrugged off as Lincoln deadpanned at her as he followed Star the tadpoles downstairs as soon as the last one went down the stairs. "Alright Lana, hope you got that bath ready!"

"I had it ready for a while what took so long?" Lana asked as she and Hops looked at them with impatient expressions, the two waiting longer than they would have liked. "How hard can it be to round up a group of kids?"

"I dunno, why don't you ask our parents?" Lincoln asked with a blank tone, making Lana's eyes widen. "They would know."

"…Alright touche," Lana admitted before smiling again ad taking a step to the side. "But anyway, get ready for your bath guys!" Lana then stepped to the side…revealing a kiddie pool full of mud, lily pads, and murky swamp water.

"Ah now that makes more sense," Star said as she should have realized what Lana's form of a bath would be.

"What? They're frogs!" Lana said as she and Hops jumped right into the pool making Star wince a little bit in disgust. "This is their version of a bath! Now come on babies hop in there's plenty of room!" All of the babies ribbited playfully as they hopped into the bath, taking incredible joy in rolling around in the mud, swimming in the swamp water, and floating around in the lily pads.

"Lana where did you even get all of this?" Lincoln asked in confusion. It was winter how would Lana get a bunch of swamp water and mud when everything was frozen.

"I make sure to keep a stash to last me through the winter," Lana said as she laid her head in the mud, a few of the babies nuzzling up to her. "Ya know so I get my necessary amount of dirt and stuff, me and Hops gotta enjoy ourselves after all."

"Ribbit," Hops nodded as he floated on a lily pad.

"Huh, fair enough." Lincoln shrugged; he really should have expected this from Lana. Lincoln then turned around and started heading up the stairs. "Alright I'll go get Katrina so she can enjoy this too, brb."

Once Lincoln was gone, Lana turned to Star and smiled, "Want in?" The tom-boy asked the princess.

"Ew, no," Star immediately denied as she took out her wand and proceeded to magic up her own kiddie pool fill with sand and clean water as well as a beach chair and a fruity drink. "This princess prefers to stay clean thank you very much." Star then sat in the beach chair and buried her feet in the sand and took a sip from her drink.

"Tch, laaaaaame," Lana said as she splashed some swamp water on her face.

When Lincoln came into his room, he saw Hekapoo still holding Katrina and pacing around in circle, the scissors maker taking steady breaths as if she was trying to calm herself down. "Uh, Hekapoo?" Lincoln spoke up with a raised brow.

"Lincoln!" Hekapoo jumped as she quickly turned towards the white head. "W-Whats up?"

"Oh, uh, well Lana set up a bath, well her version of a bath, for the babies so I came to get Katrina so she could enjoy it too," Lincoln explained as Hekapoo silently nodded, Lincoln feeling a sense of unease coming from her. "Is…everything ok?"

"Yes! Yes everything's fine, Katrina's fine." Hekapoo answered as she held out the baby tadpole who appeared to be happy and well taken care of. "H-Here, take her to the bath."

"Yeah sure," Lincoln said in a worried tone. He knew for a fact now that something was wrong before decided not to bring it up as he gently took Katrina from her. "Hey you wanna join us down there? Only a little more then an hour before Buff Frog gets here ya know,"

"Um…n-no thanks I think I'll just wait up here." Hekapoo said with a nervous smile as she backed up and sat on the bed. "I'm just gonna relax a bit, you two have fun,"

"Well…alright…if you're sure," Lincoln said with a small frown as he turned around and left Hekapoo alone in his room. After closing the door, Lincoln looked at Katrina with a small frown. "Do you know what's wrong with her Katrina?"

"Ribbit." Was a Katrina could let out.

"Well…let's get you bathed in swamp water," Lincoln managed a small smile as he took Katrina downstairs.

Back in Lincoln's room, Hekapoo groaned a bit as she jumped onto and laid down in Lincoln's bed, taking one of his pillows and hugging it close. "She's gonna be ok…she's gonna be ok…" Hekapoo muttered to herself as she closed her eyes…

In a meeting room, Hekapoo along with four others were seen standing around waiting. The others waiting with Hekapoo were what appeared to be a demon-goat man, someone with a crystal for a face and snake hands, a bipedal giraffe, and an orb on a stand that had someone with a skull for a face with several connected swords sticking out of both side of it. "She's late again…" The giraffe man said with an irritated tone.

"Oh relax, she's just on a date," Hekapoo stated, defending the late person. "It's no big deal,"

"What is a big deal is that this is the 15th time in a row this has happened." The skull faced person stated, greatly annoyed right now. "Doesn't she know there are schedules to keep."

"Baaaaaa!" The demon-goat let out.

Just then a portal opened up in the front of the meeting room and an 18-year-old Festivia stepped into the room with a blank, emotionless look on her face and hands in her pockets. "There you are!" The crystal headed man said in a relieved tone. "We were getting worried about you."

"Sorry…" Festivia let out quietly as she lowered her head.

"Alright young lady, you listen here," The scull faced person told Festivia in a firm and scolding tone, showing he wasn't messing around. "You've been late to too many meetings. We all have a job to do and it's time you start doing it, so from now on you'll be showing up on time."

"…Ok," Festivia let out with seemingly no hesitation, greatly surprising the entire commission.

"Ok?" The skull man asked, making sure he heard that right. "Ok like…you're gonna skip the next meeting to go to a rave or something?"

"No," Fesitiva stated as she rubbed her forehead. "You're right, I have a job."

"…How drunk are you right now." The giraffe man asked with a raised brow.

"I'm not drunk alright," Festivia said as she started to get annoyed as she turned around. "I'm just…I'm just tired. I'm gonna go,"

Before Festivia could make a portal and leave, Hekapoo spoke up with a worried tone. "Wait, Festivia," Hekapoo called out, getting Festivia to stop. "How'd it go with Prince Jags?"

"Who? Oh…Prince Jags…" Festivia let out a long sigh as she ran a hand through her long blue hair. "Well it was going well…until I mentioned who my mother was…"

"Wait, he didn't know who your mom was?" The crystal man asked in a confused tone, how could someone not know?

"Uh, apparently not," Festivia sighed once more. "Anyway some words were exchanged and…I don't think we're gonna see each other again." Everyone in the room, sans Hekapoo, gave Festivia worried looks as she turned around to face them again and shrugged. "But hey, who really cares? He's some…dumb guy. It might have been fun to be in a relationship with him but…fun's fun but who needs it?" That really surprised the commission. Festivia the Fun…claiming fun not be something someone needs. "I'll be in my room." And with that, Festivia opened up a portal and walked away, quickly closing it behind her.

"Should we…go check on her?" The crystal man asked in a worried tone.

"Eh, don't worry about it," Hekapoo shrugged, not making to much of the situation. "A guy just broke up with her, big deal. It happens all the time, she's just being over dramatic. She'll be fine."

"I…guess you're right." The giraffe man said, ultimately agreeing with Hekapoo.

Luckily that turned out to be the case as, the next day, one of the castle's servants reported Festivia to be passed out drunk in her room on her desk with her wand laying next to her head.

Hekapoo suddenly woke up in a cold sweat, quickly sitting up as she rubbed her eyes. "Damn…how long was I out?" Hekapoo asked herself as she looked around for wherever Lincoln's wall clock was. Once she found it she saw the time was 5: 30, only half an hour until Buff Frog comes to pick up his kids. "Geez 40 minutes? Didn't I sleep enough earlier?"

Rubbing her eyes again, Hekapoo got up and yawned a bit, her memory catching up with her as she remembered where Katrina was. "I…better go make sure they're ok." The scissor maker told herself as she exited Lincoln's room and made her way downstairs. Hekapoo then made her way down into the basement where she saw Lincoln, Star, and Lana all wiping down the tadpoles with towels. "Uh, hey everything going ok here?"

"Hekapoo!" Lincoln smiled at seeing the magical being finally come down to join them. "Took ya long enough, you doing ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, I just…needed some more sleep was all," Hekapoo answered with a small smile as she looked over the babies. "Looks like you got things all…ugh! Ok what the heck is that smell?"

"Royal Woods swamp water," Lana bragged as she finished wiping off the cojoined twins. "Only the good stuff."

"Well I guess it makes sense for these guys," Hekapoo said as she plugged her nose as she looked around for one tadpole in particular. "Where's Katrina? Can't, um, seem to find her…"

"Aw don't worry she's right here," Star reassured Hekapoo as she held up her hands to show she was holding Katrina. "Hehe, I finally got some cuddle time with her!" As soon as Katrina saw Hekapoo, the runt of the tadpoles hopes from Star's hand and into Hekapoo's. "Heeeeeey, you spent enough time with Hekapoo…"

"Hehe, hey there squirt," Hekapoo smiled as she light scratched Katrina's cheek.

"Welp, we got about a half an hour before Buff Frog shows up," Lincoln told everyone as he finished wiping down the last of the tadpoles, leaving all of them nice and clean…well…clean in frog terms anyway. "So let's get these little guys ready to go home."

"Ribbit! Ribbit!" Suddenly the tadpole Lincoln was cleaning started croaking loudly and shaking around…as a pair of long frog-like legs sprouting out of him.

Everyone gasped at the sight with Star and Lana smiling widely. "Leeegss!" Star let out with actual stars in her eyes. "Legs, legs, legs, le-hegs!"

"That's awesome!" Lana said before she started tearing up. "They grow up so fast!" Hops quickly used his tongue to grab a tissue for Lana to wipe her eyes with. Before everyone's eyes, they watch as all the other tadpoles aside from Katrina started croaking as they all started to grow legs as well.

"They're all growing legs!" Star gasped out as she started jumping up and down in excitement.

"Wow this is…incredible!" Lincoln marveled as he watched the beauty of nature unfold right before him…and the moment passed as the tadpoles all started running around in circle before running up the stairs. "Ah crap! Quick! Catch them!"

Lincoln, Star, and Lana all quickly ran after the babies in an effort to try and catch them, leaving Hekapoo alone in the basement with a still legless Katrina. "Heh, sorry about that squirt," Hekapoo apologized to the tadpole in her hands. "Don't worry, they'll grow soon."

"Oh my gosh they just got those things!" Lincoln yelled as he was struck chasing three of the tadpoles in circles around the couch. "How are they already so fast?!"

"I got nothing!" Lana yelled as she and Hops tried to corner a group of four tadpoles in the dining room. Lana and Hops then tried to jump at them only for the tadpoles to jump out of the way leading to Lana and her froggy friend landing on the floor face first. The babies then proceeded to pick them up with their heads and run towards the door and throw Lana outside! "Hey!" Lana yelled as the babies closed the door and locked it on her. Lana pounded on the door a few times, but sighed as she was unable to get in. "Geez…we really owe mom and dad an apology when they get home…"

"Wheeeee!" Star let out as she was in a constant cycle of chasing the tadpoles up the stairs and then sliding back down the rail with them. "Now this is what I'm talking about! Fun!"

"Star quick messing around!" Lincoln yelled as he tried jumping at a group of tadpoles only for them to dodge. "Ugh! We only have 25 minutes before Buff Frog comes to pick them up!"

"Relax Lincoln it's-WOAH!" Star went down the stairs only for two of the babies to hold their legs out and trip Star, leading to the princess to fall down the stairs belly first. "…Ok yeah we gotta catch them."

"Woah, what the heck?" Hekapoo let out as she watched the chaos unfolded upstairs. The babies were all running amoke and Star and Lincoln weren't able to catch them as the babies kept running away just in time, not to mention Lana and Hops trying to get back in the house through the window. After seeing all this, Hekapoo narrowed her eyes and did something she's never done before with kids…put her foot down. "Ok, that's enough!"


All of the babies flinched and stopped as Hekapoo stomped her foot on the ground with enough force to shake the floor. They also watched as Hekapoo generated 12 clones of herself that all ran towards them. The tadpoles tried to run away, but Hekapoo's super speed was to much for them as each of the clones managed to catch one of the babies.

Once all the babies were caught, the clone Hekapoo's but them on the couch before disappearing as the real Hekapoo, who was still holding Katrina, glared down at all the babies. "Now listen here, you kids are on time out!" Hekapoo said firmly, taking no nonsense right now. "You're gonna stay right here on this couch until your father comes home! Do I make myself clear?!"

All the babies nervously nodded in response as Hekapoo gave a firm nod. "Uh, Hekapoo was that necessary?" Star questioned, thinking Hekapoo was being a bit harsh. "I know they were messing around but they were just trying to have fun,"

"Actually Star I thinkt that was necessary. When kids misbehave, you gotta lay down the law. It's just how my sister Lori was." Lincoln explained to Star before smiling and putting a hand on Hekapoo's shoulder. "You did good Hekapoo, way to go."

"…Thanks," Hekapoo smiled as she blushed. "You should probably help your sister by the way."

"Hold on…" Lana grunted as she struggled to get her head through the window. "Almost…got it…"


Thankfully Star, Lana, Lincoln, and Hekapoo as well as a few Hekapoo clones were able to get the house cleaned 6, because just as he said, the second the clock hit 6 a black and green portal opened with Buff Frog stepping out…scorch marks and a few cuts covering him. "Babies!" Buff Frog said as he opened his arms and looked down at all his kids sitting on the couch…watching as they stood up on their new legs.

Buff Frog gasped at the sight as he started to tear up, his babies grew legs and he missed it! "You ok?" Lana asked as Buff Frog scooped up all of his kids into a hug and cried.

"I miss baby tadpole grow legs!" Buff Frog cried out. "Most important developmental stage of child development."

"Hey." Hekapoo spoke up softly as Buff Frog turned around and saw her presenting Katrina to him. "This one hasn't grown her legs yet."

Buff Frog smiled at his adoptive daughter; glad he didn't miss all of them growing legs. "My little late bloomer." The monster mother gushed before gasping at who was holding Katrina. "Hold on…are you not…Hekapoo? A member of the Magical High Commission."

"Don't worry Buff Frog, she was a huge help in taking care of the babies," Star quickly stepped up before any conflict could start. "In fact, she watched over Katrina the whole time."

"Really?" Buff Frog asked as he looked down at Katrina, his smallest child nodded in response. Buff Frog then smiled as he looked down at Hekapoo. "I know monsters and high commission not always see…eye to eye…but I thank you for helping watch babies."

"Yeah, no problem," Hekapoo told him with a small smile. "It was…it was really nice," Suddenly Katrina starting croaking as everyone around her watched as she grew her own pair of legs, her pair slightly bigger than her siblings. Right as she grew them, Katrina hopped down to Hekapoo and wrapped her legs around Hekapoo's leg in a hug, a gesture the magical being couldn't help but chuckle at as she patted Katrina's head. "Heh, see you later squirt. Try not to be to much of a pain to your dad ok?"

Katrina nodded before letting go of Hekapoo's leg and jumping onto her father's shoulder, Buff Frog smiling at her proudly with tears still in his eyes. "Your kids are on the next big part of their lives," Lincoln told Buff Frog as he looked over him. "By the way what happened to you?"

"Oh, uh, job was a bust I'm afraid, no new leads," Buff Frog explained, but still smiling. "But there is always next time."

"That's the spirit!" Lana cheered as she handed Buff Frog his binder. "Here's your binder back, and we added some new pages!" Lana then opened up to reveal a bunch of pictures she and the others took of the tadpoles with their new legs.

"Aaaaawww, Buff Frog gushed as he took the binder. "Thank you Star girl, Hekapoo, and Loud children. I will remember this, like something I will never forget." Buff Frog then took all of his kids and left through the portal we came from.

"I like that guy," Star smiled as the portal closed.

"Yeah, me too," Lincoln nodded.

"Yeah…guess he's not so bad…" Hekapoo admitted with a smile, but soon that smile turned to a sad frown as she looked down.

Lincoln saw this and immediately reached his hand out to Hekapoo's shoulder. "Hey, we'll see them again." He told her with a sad smile on his face, "I promise."

"You're right, we will," Hekapoo said as she took her scissors out. "Look…I'm really tired after today. I'm just…gonna go home and sleep."

"Yeah, think I'll do the same. It was a long day," Lincoln chuckled as Hekapoo opened a portal. "And look…I don't know what happened to you in the past but…if you ever need someone to talk about it I'm right here."

"Yeah…I know…thanks." Hekapoo looked back at Lincoln and tried her best to give him a smile. "Bye," Hekapoo then hopped through the portal and left, quickly closing it leaving Lincoln with a worried frown and Star and Lana raising their eyebrows.

With Hekapoo, she was now back in her house in the neverzone. After today…she had something she needed to see again. No matter how much it hurt…

Cue: Don't Look Back – Rick and Morty

Hekapoo went over to where her bed was and pulled it out of place, revealing a secret hatch under it. Opening it up revealed a single item, a locket in the shape of an oval with an opal gem in the middle with the words 'Best Aunt Ever' engraved into it. Looking at with a sad look, Hekapoo grabbed it and opened it up, reveal a picture of her and an 8-year-old Festivia hugging each other and looking happy.

Putting it an her neck, Hekapoo then leaned against the wall as she pulled out the memory crystal from her pocket and placed it on her forehead. "Era of Sparkles," Hekapoo instructed the crystal to play one of her memories. "Year 8, April 19th."

Hekapoo looked forward as the memory began playing in front of her…

"Wait what?" Hekapoo asked a 25-year-old Festivia with a shocked looked. How could she say something like this? After all the hard work they and the soldiers have put into it? "Why would you wanna pull back the Solarian Warriors now? We're so close to finally pushing the monsters away once and full all!"

"Because I said so that's why!" Festivia yelled back rather aggressively, clearly not taking no for an answer. "I'm tired of fighting! I don't wanna cause any more conflict! Just…tell em to pull back home! I'm taking away their Solarian powers. We are done fighting!"

"But why?!" Hekapoo persisted, wanting to hear an actually reason why Festivia was making the Solarian Warriors surrender. "First you end your party, then you leave the castle, and now your suddenly acting all sympathetic and stuff! Towards monsters! Ya know, the things that made you an orphan!"

Festivia winced heavily at this statement, not expecting Hekapoo to go for so such a low blow. But Festivia tightened her fist as she held her. "Call. Them. Back." Festivia growled through her teeth. "That's an order…"

"So that's it? All that hard work and years wasted for no real reason!" Hekapoo shouted as her body flared up, her temping getting the best of her…and leading her to say the thing she'd regret for the rest of her life. "NICE TO KNOW THAT RAISING YOU WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!"

"…" Festivia was completely silent, her heart nearly stopping at what Hekapoo said as tears quickly built up in her eyes.

Meanwhile Hekapoo quickly realized what she said as her flames disappeared, the scissor maker quickly covering her mouth and instantly regretting what she said. "W-Wait…I didn't-"

"PUL THE WARRIORS BACK!" Festivia was no longer interested in anything Hekapoo had to say as she yelled fiercely at her, tears streaming down her eyes. "NOW!"

"I….ok…" Hekapoo relented as she looked down at the floor, staying still as Festivia ran away with her hands in her face.

The memory crystal's light then faded, Hekapoo watching the whole thing with a neutral expression. When the memory ended, Hekapoo removed the crystal from her head as she came to realize everything she's done.

Her centuries long hatred of monsters.

Manipulating a drunk teenage Festivia into going to war with them.

Not taking Festivia's true feelings about certain things into account.

The memory she just watched.

And so, so, so much more.

"Holy shit I'm terrible person…" Hekapoo whispered to herself as she lowered her head, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a picture her and Lincoln took together when he was first showing her around Dairy Land. They were both making goofy faces while wearing headbands with cow horns on them. "Least I'm a pretty good friend."

Hekapoo then put the picture back into her pocket before using her scissors to open a small portal. Hekapoo tore the locket off her neck before throwing it into the portal that led who knows where. She didn't deserve it. Hekapoo then stood up and was about to open a portal to Lincoln's house again…but then dropped the scissors on the ground and sat back down, lowering her head as she listened to the absolute silence of the Neverzone.

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