Sup guys, its Its Rice Man here and I'm back with another attempt at a popular type of fic on this site and its a fictional version of Deadliest Warrior. Hope this is as popular and liked at Metal Harbinger's and my main DW fic. I do not have knowledge from the AC games since I have never played them and the Leaf ninjas profiled here will be during Shippuden. Thanks to Metal Harbinger also for providing support as always and you are the inspiration for this fic.


(Several men and women wearing green flak jackets and headbands with a leaf symbol take their kunais and hurl them.)

Leaf Ninjas: The Hidden Leaf village's famed shinobi who fight to protect their friends, families, Hokage and preserve the Will of Fire.

(Several leaf ninjas are seen fighting with ninja from the stone village, one of them incinerates them with a fire ball jutsu.)


(Several men in hooded white robes with a red capes flick their wrists and hidden blades pop out underneath.)

Italian Assassins: Secretive Renaissance era killers who fought a shadow war against the Templars.

(A group of Templar affiliated merchants are seen together, unknown to them several assassins leap from above and drive their blades into their necks.)


To find out, we've assembled a team of world class fighters to test history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Here in our elite fight club we have gathered doctors, medical scientists and weapons experts to test out the lethal arsenals wielded by each of our combatants to determine who would win a fight between two warriors who are dedicated to their causes.

Leaf Ninjas

Appearing From: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden

Height: varies

Weight: varies

Loyalty: Hokage

Armor: Shinobi Flak Jacket

Italian Assassins

Appearing From: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 190 lbs.

Loyalty: Assassin Mentor

Armor: Plate Armor

Ancient weapons and combat specialist DeadAliveManiac, medical expert Zivon96, weapons geek MKDemigodZ-Warrior, modern weapons and warfare specialist Its Rice Man and computer wizz Metal Harbinger get the fight club set up, Rice Man dresses two mannequins in the preferred attire of the warriors as DAM and Zivon collect the weapons while Demigod helps Metal set up the simulator. With the tasks complete they gather around the table with said weapons on it, a big grin plastered on their faces as they were clearly excited for their new show.

''Goooooooood morning ladies and germs! I'd like to welcome you, our faithful and loyal readers to our new show, Deadliest Warrior: Fiction Edition. I am one of your hosts and the best one DeadAliveManiac and these are my peasant sidekicks Zivon the medical guy, Demigod the weapons nerd, Rice Man the owner of the show and Metal who is our local computer geek.'' DAM said pointing at the others to emphasize his sense of superiority.

The other panelists weren't having it so Zivon and Demigod grabbed him, threw him to the ground and restrained him so Rice Man could put some duct tape over his mouth annoying the nerd.

''Anyway, welcome guys to our fiction edition of Deadliest Warrior. I'm Zivon and today our first battle will be between two loyal warriors to their respective causes from two very different franchises. The Leaf Ninjas from the manga and anime series Naruto against the Italian assassins from Assassin's Creed.'' explained the medic.

''It's really gonna be a good battle because when you look at their fighting styles, the leaf specialized in multitudes of tactics, one being assassinations while the Italian assassins specialized in...well assassinations. At the same time they were very much the same as they had the utmost loyalty to their leaders.'' Demigod added.

''I've never played any Assassin's Creed game so I have no idea what to expect from the Assassins. However, I grew up watching a lot of Naruto so I should be familiar with the weapons and fighting styles of the shinobi. We got blades but the most prominent weapon of these two were trickery and being some sneaky bastards. Seriously what match can top this as a series debut? Let's get this shit going guys and see who wins this.'' Rice Man concluded.

Shinobi, also interchangeably referred to as ninja, are the primary focus and the main military power in the series. In all the Great villages those who wish to become a shinobi must undergo training and study at their village's ninja academy. Throughout their training they will learn the basics of ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu while also specializing in usage of kunai and shuriken which are their main weapons. Following their graduation, ninjas are taken into 3-man teams consisting of Genin who and are lead by a Jonin who is a highly experienced ninja. Shinobi then perform tasks and missions for a fee ranging from bodyguard duty, manual labor and assassinations.

''The shinobi of the Hidden Leaf are devoted to the Will of Fire and value things like friendship and teamwork which is heavily enforced within their Genin squads. Genin who do not possess an aptitude for this fail and are will not survive when they do real missions for the village. The Italian assassins better be prepared for this new challenge with tough cookies.''

The Hidden Leaf ninjas defend their village, families and Hokage with an arsenal effective at all ranges.

Short Range: Ninjato

Mid-Range: Kusarigama

Long Range: Kunai & Shuriken

Special: Fireball Jutsu

Today, the leaf ninjas will not be conducting missions for the village, but rather they will confront a new threat in the form of deadly assassins.

The assassins can trace their earliest origins in Ancient Egypt where they were called the Hidden Ones and since then they have served as a secretive peacekeeping organization dedicated to preserving the survival of freedom. Their most famous period was in Italy during the renaissance era. It wasn't long before Ezio began recruiting oppressed citizens and training them in the ways of the Brotherhood, amassing an army that would become powerful enough to liberate Rome and eradicate the Templar's influence in Italy.

"These were dark times as the city of Rome was locked in the oppressive grip of the Templars and their devotion will definitely make them credible challengers to the leaf ninjas.'' Rice Man concluded.

The Assassins took their targets down with an arsenal built for multiple forms of combat.

Short Range: Schiavona

Mid Range: Halberd

Long Range: Hidden Gun

Special Weapon: Hidden Blades

These two warriors are well versed in short ranged combat and fought the enemy with two deadly straight blades. Up first will be the Leaf Ninjas with the ninjato.

Leaf Ninja Kakashi Hatake steps forward carrying the legendary razor sharp sword before the panelists.

''Hello friends, here I have the ninjato. It is one of the most used weapons in our world when it comes to close combat and some leaf ninja carry this on their person. It is similar to the katana used by the samurais in Iron country with a straight blade of 37 inches and 2 pounds in weight.'' explained the cyclops.

DAM pulled the duct tape off his mouth. ''How effective would this sword be in the hands of you guys?''

''When used by us it can be one of the most efficient weapons out there, I know one of my colleagues Yugao is the queen in sword combat.''

''I see, here we have a gel torso that will be wearing the robe of your opponents today and we also have their plate armor underneath that robe to see how you will perform against body armor. Do you think you can do it Kakashi of the sharingan?'' Zivon explained.

''I've dealt with people who were worse, an armored opponent should be no problem.'' the ninja answered confidently as he got into position.

''Okay Kakashi, I'm gonna give the countdown on 3...2...1...cut em up!'' DAM shouted.

Without saying a word Kakashi unsheathed his blade and in one swift movement decapitated the torso sending the hooded head rolling several feet away as the blood spurted from the wound. He then took the blade and went in for a thrust and managed to pierce through the armor. After a few seconds of struggling to yank his sword out he manages to do so before looking at the panel.


Zivon then walks over to assess the damage.

''Well I don't need to really explain the decapitation right? We've seen this too many times before and even the most unintelligent person can tell that it death on the first swing.'' He then checks the armor, ''For penetration you managed to get in at least 3 inches and got through the chainmail that left a cut underneath on the skin, it won't kill but it will hurt leaving him open to more attacks to finish him off.''

''We wouldn't just attack someone in armor head on because we would wait for the perfect opportunity to exploit any possible weakness the armor might have and finish the fight.'' Kakashi interjected.

Italian Assassin expert Shaun Hastings walked up and shook his head at Kakashi's failure to pierce the armor.

''While you guys are really quick like us, the armor I feel will be a saving grace for us and since you guys do not have any I think our blade will have no problem.''

Responding to the speedy ninjato, the Italian Assassins slice back with the schiavona.

''The schiavona was a strong and powerful straight blade that was made for mainly thrusting. It had a basket hilt to protect your hand and measured up to 3 feet and weighed 5 pounds.'' Shaun explained.

''It's going to be the same test for you Shaun, one torso wearing the standard outfit of the leaf ninjas. We will give you 15 seconds to slaughter this guy, think you can impress us?'' DAM asked.

Shaun nodded and got into position.


Shaun stepped forward and thrusts the blade into the gut of the leaf ninja stand in with a sickening crunch that made everyone else cringed in disgust. Yanking the sword out and spilling some blood onto the floor the expert then goes for an overhead strike that cuts deep into the shoulder of the target before decapitating it like Kakashi just as times is called.

''Well well well, the decapitation I'm not even gonna go into, the first thrust you got the blade all the way through and you managed to cut through the aorta which will cause a rapid bleed out and death, the chop into the torso you got through the clavicle and managed to cause a collapsed lung, the lung injury isn't the killing blow, the bleed out will and it is pretty quick too.'' explained the Canadian.

''It is a good blade that can slash well too like the ninjato.'' Shaun said.

''It's good, I will say that but we have speed on our side.'' Kakashi added calmly.

After testing out these two deadly straight blades, which one does the panel believe takes the edge?

''Schiavona takes it for me, it has a bit more reach and is heavier meaning it can dish out greater damage when it touches you.'' DAM started off.

''I agree, while the ninjato and the leaf ninjas have speed on their side, if they slip up one hit is all you need to end you with the schiavona, edge to the Italian assassins.'' Zivon seconded.

''Yeah I agree, the hand guard is another pro going for it too so the leaf ninjas can't disarm..haha...disarm the assassins.'' Demigod added.

''I'll go with the ninjato, one kill from one lightning flash slice, all skill you lived your life nice. Edge to the leaf ninjas.'' Rice Man said in disagreement.

DAM just shook his head.

''I'm not surprised you weeabo Narutard turd burger.''

''You're a dick bump.'' Rice Man responded.

In short range weapons, the Italian assassins take the edge with their schiavona in a vote of 3-1.

Coming up, both warriors bring out their preferred mid-range weapons and then later, the element of fire comes forth!


Now it is time for these warriors to bring in their mid-range arsenals and the Italian assassins kick it off with a polearm made famous by medieval European knights.

''Here it is gentlemen, I bring in the halberd. With such versatility this weapon was the stable of warfare in Europe with the hook, blade and spike end you had so many ways to kill a man. It measured 7 feet long and is 5 pounds in weight.'' Shaun explained.

''One of my favorite weapons. To test it out we have set up 3 leaf ninjas for you and for this we want you to attack each with all three parts of the blade to see how much damage each option can do.'' DAM said.


The expert stands in between all the torsos and awaits DAM's countdown.

''On 3...2...1...kill em all!"

Shaun flips the halberd to the fluke end and swung the weapon into the gut of the first torso piercing clean through the flak jacket before pulling it out and driving it a little higher. Turning his attention to the second torso he flips the weapon over to use the axe head and brings it down onto the clavicle of the torso. He then swings horizontally and gets the blade into the torso's neck. Focusing his sights on the last target he wasted no time in destroying it when he shoves the spike right through the neck of the gel target getting all of it through. With that he pulls the weapon back and shoves the spike back into the target, this time right through the heart.

''I'm done!"

''I will start with the first target you used the fluke on and from what I'm seeing the first blow to the stomach shows the flak jacket was not protecting this guy but the attack is not enough to kill him and you did not get deep enough to strike organs. At best he will be just bleeding which can be fixed quick. The second hit with the fluke saw the weapon cause the same amount of damage. In all this first target is not dead and he will literally just be having moderate bleeding and can be patched up in no time.'' Zivon said before walking to the second target, ''The second target saw a chop down onto the clavicle and the dept of the cut will cause lots of bleeding which will kill quickly. The neck saw a near decapitation and you cut through all his major veins and arteries for a very fast bleed out. And finally, the last target got the spike shoved into his chest and you struck the aorta for an instant kill then went and jabbed that thing right into his heart so there's no way this dude is making it.''

''That's the reason why the halberd was so deadly back then, the carnage is just unmatchable.'' spoke Shaun.

''So what do you have to counter this weapon Kakashi?'' Demigod asked.

''The weapon I have is just as versatile and does allow me to move fast with the way it's made.'' the ninja spoke.

The leaf ninjas swing back with a deadly weapon that can smash, slice and entangle.

''The kusarigama is a weapon you will see us use. It was two weapons in one with the kama sickle on this side and attached to it by the chain was an iron ball on the other end. You can hack into people with the kama, smash their skulls with the ball or even use the chain to entangle them.''

To test the kusarigama out, the panel has set up three torsos just like the halberd test and Kakashi will use each of his options on all three like Shaun.

''On 3...2...1...kill em!" DAM shouted.

Kakashi takes a moment to spin the ball end and a few seconds later he gets the momentum he needs and swings the iron ball at his first target hitting it square in chest striking the armor and knocking it backward. He quickly follows up with a downward swing and the ball impacts itself onto the side of the head with a loud crunch. Turning his attention to the next target he rushes over and digs the kama blade into the rib cage with a grunt. He quickly pulls the blade out and digs it into the crown of the skull and kicks it over freeing the kama in the process. Setting his sight on the last target Kakashi swung the ball end around and the chain found itself wrapping around the neck of the torso, grunting as he yanks the torso to the ground he pulls it toward him then finishes it off by digging the kama into the eye.

''I'm done.'' spoke the ninja as he took out his Makeout Paradise book.

''This weapon is some serious business. The iron ball struck the armor with enough force to break a few ribs behind it leaving him in pain and open to your second attack and it smashed his temple killing him instantly. The second torso saw that kama dig into his rib cage and I can feel that you have punctured a lung making his life suck, then you took that blade and dug it into the skull piercing the brain for another instant kill.'' Zivon then moved over to the final target and knelt down beside it, ''With the chain wrapped around his neck, had you made it tighter you definitely would've choked him out and when you dug the kama into his eye you again struck the brain for another kill.'' concluded the doctor.

''As impressive as the weapon is, the halberd could slice through the chain and render it unusable.'' Shaun chimed.

''Yes, that is true but the same thing can be said with the halberd as I can smash through the shaft with the iron ball.'' Kakashi said not looking up from his book.

Both warriors have unleashed the versatility of their weapons, but which one would our panelists side with?

''For me, I am going with the halberd on this one as it does not need a few seconds to gain the momentum needed to make the iron ball deadly. I give the edge to the Italian assassins.'' DAM started off.

''Second that notion, the kusarigama is just as versatile but if you're not careful with it you might end up hitting yourself with the ball end. So edge halberd.'' Zivon seconded.

''All three options with the halberd can kill you, that's all I will say here.'' Demigod said.

''If you look into it, the kusarigama has more reach with the chain and can wrestle the halberd away. The carnage the halberd will produce however impresses me more.'' Rice Man concluded.

In mid-range weapons, the edge goes to the Italian assassins for their halberd.

Coming up, two very different, yet simple ranged weapons are brought forth and then later it's a battle between agile and deceptive warriors!


The time has now come for both warriors to bring out their favored long ranged weapons. Up first will be the leaf ninjas with their kunai & shuriken.

''These two weapons are the staple of ninja from all the five great villages. The kunai were daggers that measured up to 7 inches in length and weighed a pound each. The shuriken, more commonly known as ninja stars were flat discs with four blades around it. When used among us ninja we either use the kunai in melee combat or use it and the shuriken as projectiles.'' Kakashi explained.

With the foam target in the plate armor of the assassins already set up Kakashi takes three kunai and shuriken each and gets into position.

''You may throw when ready.'' Zivon said.

Kakashi nodded and hurled a shuriken right at one target only for the weapon to bounce off the surface of its chest. Undeterred he scoops up another one and hurls it into the torso's eye becoming embedded in it. Taking his last shuriken he flints it like a frisbee into it's neck. Moving on to the kunai he scoops all three of them in between his fingers and hurls them all at the target. One flying into the armor and piercing it while the other two dig into the neck and face and once again, the cyclops ninja took his orange book out and read it.

''We noticed you didn't attempt to aim the shuriken at the armor, why's that?'' Rice Man questioned curiously.

''I knew it wouldn't do anything against the armor so I did the alternative.'' replied the ninja, not looking up from his book.

''Well, I can see you had one deflect off his chest doing nothing, the second one got into his eye blinding him, no kill and the last you didn't even hit the jugular vein but there's a 50-50 chance you can hit his major blood vessels for a kill. The kunai that hit the armor did achieve penetration but it's not much. Finally the last two got him in the neck and face and they're both enough to cause a kill.'' Zivon explained.

''These weapons are good for distracting but not much killing power, I think our weapon will catch the leaf ninjas by surprise.'' Shaun said.

The Italian assassins fire back with a boom that will catch anyone by surprise.

''The hidden gun was a weapon that Leonardo da Vinci designed himself. It fires two types of ammunition lead bullets and darts coated in aconite, simple, effective, deadly at range.'' explained the expert.

''For the first time we're seeing something like this and we've set up the perfect scenario for you.'' DAM said motioning toward the test area.

''It was my idea too, in this test we will have you assassinate the most powerful ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village, the Hokage. He is accompanied by two ninja bodyguards and you will be given three shots to kill them all.'' Rice Man said, ''You'll also be on this platform to simulate another building to make this assassination test more realistic.''

Kakashi looked up from his book and saw what the test was about and though he didn't want to show it, he felt complete disrespect toward his Hokage.

''As if the real life Hokage would be taken out like that.'' he thought as he flipped through his book.

Shaun got into position and loaded his first shot.

''You may fire when ready.'' DAM said sounding like Grand Moff Tarkin.

Nodding, Shaun aims his gun and fires a bullet through the neck of one bodyguard. He then went through a rather lengthy reload...

''Okay, that already kills it for me.'' Zivon said shaking his head.

After he finished loading the next bullet he took aim at the second bodyguard and put a bullet right through the forehead and the force knocks it over. Loading in his dart he aims and fires it at the Hokage dummy hitting it square in the neck.

Once again, Zivon walks over to check the damage done, ''First shot was a perfect hit, got him straight through the neck tearing everything within and putting him down instantly, the second one took the bullet right through the skull, hits his brain and kills him right away as well.'' he explained before checking the Hokage dummy, ''The Hokage, the most powerful ninja in the leaf village has been assassinated, aconite in his system, dart hits his jugular vein spreading the poison fast.''

''In a real situation, the Hokage would've more than likely been a sensor type and the assassin would be dead, plus his bodyguards might have been too.'' Kakashi interjected.

''To be fair Kakashi-sensei, we're having non sensor type leaf ninjas in the battle simulator for balancing purposes.'' Rice Man said.

''Fair enough.'' said the ninja as he read his book.

Two very lethal, simple but also different weapons proved their points, but which one gives its warrior the edge?

''I am going with the kunai and shuriken combination here.'' DAM started off, ''The reload of the hidden gun really just killed it for me sorry and this is a loud weapon too for an assassin.''

''I was automatically giving it to the gun right away, but seriously reloads like that kill it. The leaf ninjas can utilize a combination attack with their projectiles and some are skilled enough to toss a huge mass of each at you making your chances of evading more difficult. Edge to the leaf ninjas.'' Zivon seconded.

''Guys we're talking about a hidden gun against throwing stars and a dagger, the hidden gun causes a kill every time so I give it my edge.'' Demigod said.

''Yeah...the ninjas have more skill with their weapon despite the range it has over the kunai & shuriken. You fire the gun and its possible to miss, leaf ninjas will toss several kunai or shuriken at once and if they miss, just take another one out and throw it. Sorry but I give this one to the ninjas.'' Rice Man concluded.

''You're all stupid.'' Demigod said shaking his head.

''Nuh uh.'' DAM replied.

In a surprising turn of events, the edge goes to the leaf ninjas for their kunai & shuriken combination.

Coming up, the element of fire comes forth to burn all opposition and then later our battle between two tricky warriors begin!


The time has now come for both warriors to reveal their most iconic weapons. Up first will be the Italian assasins with the icon of the Assassin Order, the hidden blade.

''This is the very weapon that made the Order so famous, to bring the blade out just flick your wrist like this.'' Shaun performs the action and the blade pops out, ''Then you can run it into someone and can just go about your business like nothing happened. Countless people have fallen to this blade.''

''Lovely tool there and Rice Man has set up another Hokage assassination for you to do. The Assassin mentor needs you to assassinate the Hokage so let's see what that thing can do.'' DAM explained.

Shaun nodded and walked up to the target, ''Lord Hokage, it is a pleasure to meet you.''

The expert reached for a hand shake but quickly grabbed the Hokage and flicking his wrist, jammed the blade right up through the chin and into the brain cavity.

Zivon then walked over to check the damage.

''Dude, we didn't even hear anything aside from your voice and the slicing of the flesh, you took that blade and jammed it from the chin all the way into the middle portion of the brain, he's instantly dead and the Hokage never would've seen it coming. In and out, just perfect.''

''That's why the assassins are so famous, they were masters at eliminating targets without any suspicion whatsoever.'' Shaun said.

''You wouldn't get close to an experienced ninja with that, let alone a Kage leveled one. What I have in store will burn you guys before you can even comes within arm's reach.'' said Kakashi with a smirk.

To counter the sneak attack, the leaf ninjas fire back...literally fire back with the most powerful weapon at their disposal, the element of fire. For obvious safety reasons, the team has headed out to the range as to not accidentally burn the fight club down.

''The assassins will never expect us to fire this at them.'' Kakashi said performing some hand seals and unleashing a fireball into the air.

The panelists and Shaun stare in awe at the spectacle.

''The most basic of fire jutsu we use is the one I just used, the fireball jutsu which is a common weapon we'd use against other ninja. I don't have to explain what happens when someone gets caught up in it do I?'' Kakashi said looking at the panelists.

''Nope, go right ahead and demonstrate it on this group of assassins there.'' DAM said pointing his finger at the targets.

Nodding, Kakashi stands before the group of dummies, all clad in robes and the assassin's armor performs the hand seals once again and after doing the last one..

''Fire Release: Fireball jutsu!" he shouted and taking in a breath he blows powerfully and unleashes the blaze again and it goes flying into the group.

The dummies all catch fire and burn to a crisp for several minutes before Kakashi puts it out with a water jutsu so Zivon can examine the damage.

''Oh man, this is just horrible, they've been burned to the point of no return, you'll need dental records and DNA testing to find out who they are. Though they don't die right away it's just slow, painful and agonizing.'' explained Zivon as he felt the dummies, ''Armor obviously isn't helping either so it is moot.''

''This is insane, I picked up temperatures of 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, that's hurting.'' DAM said.

''But you performing those hand signs would leave you open and I can jam a blade through your face.'' Shaun quipped.

''Not before you're burned to a crisp.'' Kakashi said reading his book once more.

After seeing both weapons in action which one does our panel believe takes the edge?

''No brainer here, the hidden blade is only good for an assassination while the fire ball jutsu can take out whole groups of people in just one attack.'' DAM started off.

''It is a perfect tool for direct combat and the assassins are never going to see this coming until it's too late.'' Zivon added.

''These are Naruto ninjas we're talking about here too so I'm sure they can see that blade coming, leaf ninjas take the edge.'' Demigod said.

''If an assassin tries to sneak up on a leaf ninja and is detected, the hidden blade is useless. So this goes to the leaf all the way.'' Rice Man concluded.

In special weapons, the edge goes to the leaf ninjas for their fireball jutsu.

Now for armor, the Leaf Ninjas wore their standard issue shinobi flak jacket and the Italian Assassins wore a protective set of plate armor.

''After a brief discussion with the panel and myself we've decided to give the edge to the Italian Assassins and why? Harder material and much more protective against a wider range of weapons compared to the shinobi flak jacket. The jacket provides some degree of protection against weaker blows but more powerful ones will defeat the armor.'' DAM explained earning a nod from the other three panelists.

In the armor category, the edge goes to the Italian assassins.

Coming up, Metal Harbinger will gauge the x-factors and then our battle between tricky and deceptive warriors begins!


Welcome back to the fight club, here we tested out weapons between two warrior to determine who is deadliest.

For short range weapon, the schiavona's reach and harder hitting power sliced the ninjato down.

''Reach and more trauma gives it the edge despite the ninjato's speed.'' DAM said.

Edge: Italian Assassins

For mid-range weapons, the halberd hacked the kusarigama to pieces.

''Both are very versatile weapons, but the halberd causes much more trauma and can break the kusarigama's chain.'' Zivon said.

Edge: Italian Assassins

For long range weapons, the kunai & shuriken's ability to be thrown faster beat out the powerful but slow hidden gun.

''Faster reload time, you're a one man battalion with these projectiles and the reload really killed it, even though I disagree.'' Demigod said.

Edge: Leaf Ninjas

For special weapons, the immense flames of the fireball jutsu burned the hidden blade to cinders.

''Better use in direct combat and destructive capabilities gives it an enormous edge over the hidden blades.'' Rice Man said.

Edge: Leaf Ninjas

And finally, any form of armor is and always will be better than no armor.

''The leaf ninjas flak jacket will protect them from smaller and weaker attacks but with the schiavona and halberd it won't. However, the assassins plate armor will provide more protection and the harder material is what gives them the edge.'' DAM explained earning nods from the other three panelists.

Edge: Italian Assassins

Now, our resident thrash metal enthusiast Metal Harbinger will gauge the x-factors.

''Alright, let's get down to it.'' he said.

''First and foremost we got training and this one easily went to the leaf ninjas. Unlike the assassins who specialize in well...assassinations, the leaf ninjas are trained in a variety of roles from infiltration, direct combat, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu and have fire release jutsu all in one. Leaf gets a 95 to the assassin's 90.''

''Deception is a good one to include and these two were neck in neck, in the end I gave it to the leaf ninjas since they can use transformation jutsus as well as use genjutsu, which are illusions to confuse their opponents and then go for the kill. 90 to an 86 respectively.''

''Killer instinct I ended up giving to the assassins due to their shadow war against the Templars and even anyone affiliated with the Templars were taken out so they get a 91 to the leaf ninja's 88.''

''Stealth was more toward the leaf because as I've said, if you're an inexperienced ninja you won't be able to tell if someone else has transformed into another person so that allows leaf ninjas to get their job done more efficiently. 99 to a 98 each.''

''Lastly, we have loyalty and this one was even. You have some ninjas who are completely devoted and will follow the Hokage's orders without question and then some who are missing-nin like Itachi and Sasuke so defection is there but that's a very, very small minority. The assassins were devoted to their mentor due to their wisdom and experience. Both sides scored a 100 each''

Metal Harbinger has now completed the x-factor evaluation and will now run the simulator one-thousand times pitting 5 Leaf Ninjas against 5 Italian assassins.

''Here are the rules for the leaf ninja, they will all be Chunin ranked and led by a Jonin, no sensor types or summoning jutsu either and don't go throwing in the rasengan or chidori either, that's exclusive to Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi so it can balance out.'' Rice Man said.

''Understood, let me make the few adjustments here and...done.'' Metal said as he made his adjustments, ''Only one will remain standing, let's see it.''


It is a quiet night in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the strongest nation out of all five great villages. Recently in the Land of fire there have been reports of foreign assassins who have been targeting important figures within their nation and just the day before the fire Daimyo was assassinated.

This brought great shock to the village and the main response for the Hokage was to limit travel between within nation. Currently the Hokage was seen sitting on his desk with two of his ninja, one male and female by his side, the other three were perched in buildings surrounding the Hokage's tower on lookout duty.

Leaf Ninjas: 5

''Lord Hokage we do not want you to be more than five feet away from us, I think one of us henged into you would make it much safer for you to travel between the office and home.'' said the woman.

''Yes I understand, but these assassins might figure out our trick in using transformation jutsus if they get one of you.'' the Hokage, an elderly with a pipe said.

Unknown to them, several of the assassins had infiltrated their village and were assigned to assassinate the Hokage from their mentor. The white robed figures effortlessly leap from building to building, alleyway to alleyway toward the tower where they knew the village leader would be. If they can take the Hokage down much like they did the Daimyo it would be a significant achievement.

Italian Assassins: 5

The assassins stop just a few buildings away from the tower and knew that with the recent death of the Daimyo the Hokage would be on high alert so they took a moment to see if they can spot any leaf ninjas looking out for trouble.

The lead assassins sees into the distance one of the leaf ninjas standing on top of a building looking toward the entrance of the village and signals one of his men to deal with him. The assassin nods and quietly makes his way toward the leaf ninja and lands on the balcony very quietly.

The leaf ninja does not notice the assailant and before he can turn around the assassin grabs him, covers his mouth and drives his hidden blade into his neck severing his spinal cord. The ninja only let out a muffled cry before laying still.

Leaf Ninjas: 4 - Italian Assassins: 5

Gently setting the corpse down, the assassins comrades then make their way toward him and together they proceed to the Hokage's tower. Several minutes later they stood on a building that gave them a good view of the office and inside they saw the Hokage and his two bodyguards in the room. The lead assassin and two of his men load rounds into their hidden guns and aim at the three men.

As the Hokage was talking with his ninjas he gets up and walks toward the window and due to years of experience he saw the shape of men among the shadows of the other building..

''Assassins!'' shouted the Hokage.

Then three loud bangs were heard and bullets flew through the glass and caught the other two ninja off guard. The Jonin manages to duck in time but her Chunin comrade was unlucky and is hit in the throat and he chokes and twitches before going still.

Leaf Ninjas: 3 - Italian Assassins: 5

''Iruka no!'' the female ninja shouted.

The sound of the blast caught the attention of the other two ninja on lookout within the village and quickly they made their way toward the source of the sound.

''Lord Hokage, you must go!"

The Hokage nodded and used a shunshin to leave the immediate area and looking in the direction the blasts came from she spots the assassins in the shadows only for two more gunshots ring out prompting her to duck for cover. As the assassins were reloading them shooting compromised their location to the two ninja coming toward the Hokage and spotting the smoke from the guns, one of them takes out three kunai and hurls it at one of the robed men hitting him in the neck twice and the head once.

Leaf Ninjas: 3 - Italian Assassins: 4

Hearing their comrade's unpleasant sounds the other assassins look his way to see him dead on the floor as a flurry of shuriken comes their way. They all manage to leap out of the way. This causes the assassins to scatter knowing they have to take the ninjas out first so they can get to the Hokage. The two ninjas on lookout land where the assassins were but there was no sight of the enemy. They are then joined by their Jonin colleague who gives them an update.

''It's that assassin group that killed the Daimyo, they took out Iruka.''

''Is Lord Hokage okay!?'' one of the Chunin asked, afraid for the older man.

''Yeah, he teleported to safety, now let's split up and take these guys out.''

The Chunin nod and each go their separate ways in search of their assassin adversaries. One of the ninjas make their way into the marketplace and visibly eyes the area for any sign of movement. However, feeling a presence behind him and seeing a shadow loom over him he turns around just in time to avoid being stabbed in the back with a schiavona.

Rolling out of the way he draws his ninjato and swings the sword hitting the assassin in the side only for the armor to cause the blade to bounce off. Annoyed by this the assassin backhands the ninja and as his opponent stumbles he goes in for an overhead chop with his sword but the ninja was quicker and recovering from the strike he moves to the side and swings his ninjato slicing the assassin across the throat.

He watches as the man stares in shock at him and tries in vain to stop the bleeding but it proves futile as he dies.

Leaf Ninjas: 3 - Italian Assassins: 3

The ninja's victory was cut short when he did not notice another assassin sneaking up on him and before he knew what happened the assassin swings his schiavona and decapitates the ninja.

Leaf Ninjas: 2 - Italian Assassins: 3

Elsewhere near the shopping district the last Chunin had managed to locate and confront an assassin. Armed with only a schiavona the assassin could not attack in a way he wanted thanks to the ninja spinning a kusarigama around his head. Never seeing a weapon like this before the assassin was able to deduct that he'd need to time the spin right to get in and take the ninja down.

He eyes the ball and when the ninja swings the ball end he jumps out of the way but the ninja, with a twist of his wrist entangles the assassin by his neck and gives a big tug pulling the assassin toward him and in one swift motion drives the kama deep into his face.

Leaf Ninjas: 2 - Italian Assassins: 2

He yanks the kama out and untangling the chain around his dead opponent's neck he heads off to find his comrade and the last remaining assassins.

The redlight district was normally bustling with prostitutes and other villagers but with the recent events have forced the villagers to stay home after hours. The Jonin leaped from building to building until she comes pass an open window and is tackled by the lead assassin who was waiting. The force of the tackle caused the Jonin grunts in pain as she hits the ground with a thud.

She had only a few seconds to react when she heard footsteps coming toward him and when she looked to the side she saw the other assassin bringing the halberd's axe head down onto her face. She quickly pulls out a shuriken and flings it at the assassin hitting him right in the eye. The man screams in pain and drops his halberd to try and pry the weapon out of his visual organ but the Jonin ninja lunges upward and jams a kunai into the man's throat.

Leaf Ninjas: 2 - Italian Assassins: 1

The lead assassin leaps downward to clash swords with the Jonin but the remaining Chunin ninja intercepts him by flinging the ball end of the kusarigama and the attack makes contact right in the chest sending him tumbling into a ramen stand. Thankfully for his armor he only had the wind knocked out of him and hearing the sounds of chains twirling he looks to see the iron ball flung toward him again.

He rolls out of the way and sees his last comrade's corpse and halberd beside it. However, if he wanted to reach the weapon he'd have get the Jonin ninja out of the way first so taking a poisoned dart and as he loads it the kusarigama wielding ninja flings the ball at him again but was able to duck this time around, with a roll he gets out of the way and getting into an upright position he fires of the dart and the projectile hits the Jonin ninja right in the steel in her headband, enough to create a distraction.

He rushes toward the halberd and shoving the dazed ninja out of the way scoops up the polearms and goes to finish the Jonin off but the Chunin was on him and with the immediate danger before him he flips the halberd to use the fluke and with a mighty swing smacks it right into the kusarigama wielding ninja's gut making him come to a stop., his flak jacket doing nothing to protect him.

The ninja pukes out blood and is finished off when the assassin pulls the fluke out and chops into his shoulder with the axe head killing him.

Leaf Ninjas: 1 - Italian Assassins: 1

Kicking the corpse to the ground she turns to face her last opponent who looked in horror at seeing her friend die.

''Dammit Kotetsu..'' the Jonin muttered to herself.

The ninja only had kunai on her person and knowing that weapon has reach she couldn't afford to be picky. Reaching into her holster she takes out two kunai, one for each hand and gets into a battle stance. The two foes step toward each other and begin circling as they waited for the other to make a move. The ninja had to watch herself due to the reach of that halberd and knowing her opponent was being cautious the assassin feigns a thrust with the spike and making his opponent jerk from the movement he quickly swings the halberd's axe at the ninja's skull.

Thanks to her reflexes the ninja manages to raise her kunai and blocks the blow but the force of the swing knocked her back. The assassin goes to capitalize on the space created and thrusts again with his halberd only for the ninja to bring her foot up and places it on the halberd's axe head forcing it against the ground. She then proceeds to karate chop the shaft rendering the polearm useless.

She looks toward the assassin only to see the white robed man lunged at her with his hidden blades extended and the two become locked in a test of strength. Due to the assassin's larger size he forces his full weight on her and brings the hidden blades closer to face.

Knowing she wasn't going to win she shoves the man away and delivers a roundhouse kick at his face and with this one opportunity she performs a series of hand seals and with a deep breath...

''Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu!"

She spews a big ball of fire right at the assassin and the blinding flash of fire blinded him and soon he was engulfed in literal ball of fire. He screams in sheer agony and suffering as he was roasted alive and after a few minutes the flames died out and so did his life.

Leaf Ninjas: 1 - Italian Assassins: 0

The burnt, crispy and smoking corpse fell to the ground still, the armor partially melted. With the last assassin dealt with the female ninja reaches into her shuriken pouch and takes out a stick of dango.

She takes a bite and smirks, ''You're softer than a marshmallow.''


Winner: Leaf Ninjas

Leaf Ninjas: 552

Ninjato: 111

Kusarigama: 110

Kunai & Shuriken: 3

Fireball Jutsu: 328

Italian Assassins: 448

Schiavona: 127

Halberd: 209

Hidden Gun: 2

Hidden Blade: 110

Armor Failure Rate

Shinobi Flak Jacket: 12% - Plate Armor: 5%


Training: 95/Training: 90

Deception: 96/Deception: 86

Killer Instinct: 88/Killer Instinct: 91

Stealth: 99/Stealth: 98

Loyalty: 100/Loyalty: 100

Following a moderate battle between two very similar opponents it would be the Leaf Ninjas who win in the end with a good 55.2% of the wins compared to the Italian assassins with 44.8%. It was due to their much greater and diverse training in other specialties and their fireball jutsu which sealed their victory.

''When you look at it the leaf ninjas were better trained and capable of fighting their enemies head on. The assassins were suited mainly for assassinating and getting out of there.'' DAM explained.

''I knew it was gonna be close and even though the plate armor was more effective and the assassins were able to utilized their stealth and take the ninjas out it was when it came down to close quarters combat the ninjas turned it around.'' Zivon said with a nod.

''You know I had a feeling the ninjas would win it because if you specialize in multiple forms of combat and not just assassinations, makes sense you can handle yourself and win it.'' Demigod added.

''Even though the assassins had some deadly weapons and can sneak up on the ninjas, the leaf ninjas were just as good assassins if not better. Given their experience on dealing with ninja from the other villages it comes as no shock their diverse training and use of elemental attacks is unlike anything the assassins have seen and that left them terribly unprepared. Congrats to the Leaf ninjas for a hard fought win.'' Rice Man concluded.

Kakashi did not comment on the outcome of the battle as he was too focused on reading his Makeout Paradise and despite losing the cyclops had managed to get Shaun into the series as well as he was reading another copy of the book, both men giggling pervertedly...

(The surviving leaf ninja is seen in a large room with more of her fellow ninjas present. They are all sitting as they listen to the Hokage declare their new war against the assassins. The weapons of the assassins laid out in front of the Hokage as proof of the new threat. Though she had survived the battle, she was deeply saddened at the lost of her friends.)


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