Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a while. Work has become a complete shit show and I've been really tired to get chapters out but I hope the wait for this one was worth it. I've also been replaying RDR2 again and I've been hooked on it like I was when it first came out so that also motivated me to get this chapter out for you. Here it is, enjoy and I'd like to thank the panel for their continued support.


(Five Irishmen wearing black coats, black hats and green vests point their bolt-action rifles at the screen.)

O'Driscoll Boys: Nemesis of the Van der Linde gang renowned for their easy money schemes and love of whores.

(Several O'Driscoll Boys are seen in a shootout in Valentine. One of them takes aim with his revolver and drops a sheriff with a shot to the face.)


(Five gruff looking White men, a few with graying hair dressed in what looks similar to the Confedarate uniform point their repeaters at the screen.)

Lemoyne Raiders: The racist and neo-Confederate organization who have a bitter desire for revenge against the North.

(Lemoyne Raiders are seen terrorizing a group of Northerners in Scarlett Meadows. They take their repeaters and shoot each of them dead.)


To find out, we've assembled a team of world class fighters to test history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Here in our elite fight club we have gathered doctors, medical scientists and weapons experts to test out the lethal arsenals wielded by each of our combatants to determine who would win a fight between two vicious outlaws gangs from Red Dead Redemption II.

O'Driscoll Boys

Height: 6'

Weight: 175 lbs.

Leader: Colm O'Driscoll

Territory: New Hanover, West Elizabeth, Ambarino (Temporarily)

Lemoyne Raiders

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 165 lbs.

Leader: Lindsey Wafford

Territory: Lemoyne, Fort Brennand

''Yee-haw partner! Today on Deadliest Warrior: Fiction Edition we're bringing in two outlaw gangs from the game Red Dead Redemption II to have a good old Wild West shootout.'' DeadAliveManiac started off.

''We've never seen or done a fight where both combatants are from the same game or movie. This is going to be a question some fans of RDR2 have wanted to see get an answer since the game came out and today we'll settle the debate.'' Zivon96 said.

''I agree, Wild West shootouts make for some of the best fights in DW and I can't wait to see the results with these two outlaw gangs. Both are also enemies groups in RDR2 that will attack protagonist Arthur Morgan on sight.'' MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior added.

''These two have never encountered one another in the storyline of RDR2 even though they're in neighboring states but today they will meet to see who is the true and most dangerous enemy gang in RDR2. Let's saddle up and get this done partner!'' Its Rice Man concluded.

The O'Driscolls have been around for about a decade as of 1899, around the early days of the Van der Linde gang. After Dutch van der Linde killed Colm's brother, the two gangs formed a long-standing rivalry. The O'Driscolls managed to attract many young men into their ranks, and thanks to their large quantity of members they were able to cover a lot of territories and are known to kill women and children. Not only do they love killing, they also love making easy money and whores.

''These guys have so many members that in the game you see them in various parts of the map. They are heavily armed, very dangerous and will kill you in a heartbeat if you aren't careful around them.'' Rice Man explained.

The whore loving outlaws bring with them a deadly arsenal that enabled them to challenge the Van der Linde gang for years.

Short Range: Hunting Knife

Mid-Range: Schofield Revolver

Long Range: Lancaster Repeater

Explosive: Dynamite

Instead of battling the Van der Linde gang, the whore loving gunslingers challenge a new foe from the South.

According to newspapers, the Lemoyne Raiders are made up of both Confederate veterans and recruited, disenfranchised young men with reactionary views. As a result, they are deeply racist, anti-government, and have a bitter desire for revenge against the North. Structured like a militia, the group initially formed up as a neo-Confederate organization that was appreciated by locals and are involved in gun running.

''These guys are spiteful of any Northerner and very racist and are involved in the moonshine business. Their attitude toward their former enemies of the North as well as their racist attitudes make them a dangerous opponent for the O'Driscolls.'' Rice Man explained.

To assert their racist views and murdering ways, the disgruntled Southerners come armed with the perfect tools to achieve their goals.

Short Range: Civil War Knife

Mid-Range: Cattleman Revolver

Long Range: Carbine Repeater

Explosive: Fire Bottle

When these two outlaw gangs got up close and personal with the law they brought with them two deadly blades to carve up the opposition. Up first will be the O'Driscoll Boys with their trusted bowie knife.

''This hunting knife was a very common tool used in the old west. It comes with a sharp clip-point blade that measured 8 inches and weighed a pound, steel cross guard, and sturdy wooden handle. Designed for combat, this weapon can give the edge to any close-quarters melee fight, or be used for silent takedowns. For hunters, this is also the perfect weapon for killing and skinning animals.'' explained Van der Linde gang enforcer Arthur Morgan.

''Dang, well we have the perfect target to test that hunting knife on.'' DAM said pointing toward a pig stand in, ''We will give you 15 seconds to do as much damage as you can on this pig. Are you up to the challenge Arthur?''

''No problem boah I'll just pretend this pig is a rat named Micah Bell.'' Arthur chuckled as he got into position.

''Okay Arthur on 3...2...1...go!'' DAM called out.

With a yell Arthur takes his knife and jams it straight into the pig's neck with a sickening crunch and when he pulls out a torrent of blood gushes from the wound and without hesitation he delivers a series of stabs onto the chest area of the pork chops before jamming the blade into the upper chest area and proceeds to carve the blade downward slicing the cavity open spilling some of the pig's guts onto the floor as DAM calls time.

''That'll do it.'' Arthur said sheathing his knife.

Zivon then walks over to assess the damage.

''Well damn ya'll this knife is fucking brutal! For the stab to the neck to managed to go straight through the vertebrae and severed the spinal cord for an instant kill. With these series of stabs you did you're blade is big enough to strike vital organs like the lungs and heart. For the stabs that hit the lungs they wouldn't kill on its own but if you hit both of them you're done for. You also managed to hit the heart for an instant kill and this carving motion you did you sliced your way through multiple muscles and this massive bleed out will quickly kill this guy.'' explained the good doctor.

Representing the Lemoyne Raiders is Arthur's fellow Van der Linde gang member John Marston who walks over to look at Arthur's handiwork.

''What do you think John?'' Demigod asked.

''I can match it since the knife the Raiders had is very similar to the bowie knife.'' John said.

The Lemoyne Raiders respond to the bowie knife's damage potential with their own blade.

''The civil war knife was very common among well, soldiers in the civil war and was a weapon that was common in the hands of the Lemoyne Raiders. It came with a solid blade of 7 inches similar to the hunting knife with a large D-Shaped handguard for protection. This thing weighs in at just a pound.'' John explained.

''It's the same test for you then John, 15 seconds to do as much damage to this pig and for you we can pretend it's Edgar Ross when he used you in the first Red Dead game.'' DAM explained.

''Alright, time to get back at this son of a bitch for killing me at the end of the game.'' John said with a smirk as he got into position.

''Okay John on my mark. 3...2...1...cut em up!'' DAM called out.

''You goddamn Bureau asshole!''

John lunged forward and began a series of stabs into the targets neck and every time he withdrew his blade torrents of blood flew out of each wound much to the amusement of the panel. John then jammed the knife into the pig's skull before performing a series of more stabs into the chest area sending more blood everywhere and he continued his assault until DAM called time.

''Wish I coulda done that to Ross.'' John said.

Stepping back from the pig he allowed Zivon to walk over and assess the damage.

''Jesus man this knife is just as nasty as the hunting knife. You took that thing and jammed it repeatedly into this guy's neck and just one stab alone would be enough to end him but you took it up a notch and reduced his neck to nothingness. He quite literally choking on metal with each stab so that's a brutal way to go. You then took the chance to bring that thing down onto the skull for an instant kill and these series of stabs I see some didn't strike anything vital but all these stabs combined will kill.'' Zivon explained.

After testing out these two deadly blades which one does the panel believe take the edge?

''I didn't see much difference in these two knives because they did very similar damage and are nearly identical. I'm calling this one even.'' DAM started off.

''I agree the damage they did matched each other stab for stab I can't say one did better than the other. Even for me as well.'' Zivon seconded.

''They basically are the same knives, similar blades, length and weight it's too even a comparison here.'' Demigod added.

''Arthur and John could switch knives and easily do the same thing. I think it depends on how each gang uses their knife so even for me too.'' Rice Man concluded.

In short range weapons our outlaw gangs are even.

Coming up, these two outlaw gangs bring out classic wild west six shooters.


When these outlaw gangs from the west found themselves in a duel they brought in with them iconic six shooters of the time.

''Okay gentleman what revolvers are you bringing in today?'' DAM asked.

''The Lemoyne Raiders favored using this the Cattleman revovler which is a single-action revolver handgun. It was designed in 1872 for the U.S. government and weighs a little over 2 pounds and fires the .45 Colt cartridge.'' John explained.

''Very nice and classic looking Wild West gun. And you Arthur?''

''For the O'Driscoll Boys they enjoyed using the Schofield revolver. It is a single-action, cartridge-firing, top-break revolver produced from around 1870 to 1915 and It weighed 2.9 pounds and fires the .45 SW.'' explained Arthur.

To test out the accuracy and killing potential of these two revolvers our experts will be graded on how fast they will kill five targets. For Arthur he will need to clear a bank of lawman and John will attack a stagecoach carrying Northern politicians.

''Okay guys this test is gonna be a straight forward one. You each will carry two revolvers for twelve shots each so we're time both of you to see if you can deliver killshots to all of them. John you'll be up first.'' DAM explained.

''You got it Mister.''

''Good luck boah.'' Arthur said.

John walks to his starting position and places a hand on each of his revolvers.

''Okay partner, open fire!'' DAM called out.

In the blink of an eye John withdrew both his revolvers and immediately began to open fire on the stagecoach. Without thought he fires his first shot and manages to hit the horse stand in in the head before focusing on the driver and drops it with several bullets and shifts positions and aims his revolvers through the window of the stagecoach and empties his revolvers into the politicians inside spraying blood everywhere and when he used up his last shot he holstered his guns without saying a word.

''Damn that was fast.'' DAM commented.

''Sure was, that was just a shade over 7 seconds.'' Demigod said.

Zivon then walks over to assess the damage.

''You shot the horse in the head so that is a smart move considering you can now focus your attention on wasting the others and you started off by shooting the crap out of the driver and you did that by delivering a quick shot to his forehead for instant death and there was no way he would be able to react to defend himself.'' Zivon then opens the doors to the stagecoach to find all targets inside properly dealt with. ''I'm seeing multiple gunshots wounds in various places. One of these guys has a bullet that penetrates clean through his aorta causing instant death while a few have multiple gunshot wounds to the chest area for another kill and one has one straight through his cheek for a kill. Five guys dead in 7 seconds damn good job.''

''I expected such fast drawing and shooting from an expert gunslinger like you John. Okay Arthur you're up next with your bank job.''

''I know I'll do just as well as John so let's get to it.'' Arthur said with a smile.

Now in position Arthur places both his hands on his revolvers.

''Okay Arthur on my mark, now!'' DAM called out.

At a slightly faster speed than John Arthur withdrew his revolvers and opens fire on the bank teller taking it out immediately with a single shot to the center of the face before putting an extra bullet at the tie. Arthur then sets his sights on the lawmen stand ins and unleashes a hailstorm of lead on all the other targets sending them rocking with the impact of each bullet striking them and sending blood everywhere like John's test and when his guns clicked empty he spun the revolvers with style before holstering them.

''7 seconds, nice.'' Demigod whispered.

''Now that's how you shoot up a bank.'' Arthur said with a smirk.

''Damn, look at this mess.'' Zivon said as he made his way over to the bank. ''Holy hell look at this shit! You've shot them in multiple vital places such as the lung and hearts for instant kills. The lawman here on the left got a bullet straight through his badge and it him in his lung which wouldn't necessarily kill but you got him with another bullet which will cause him to bleed out and then you can watch him die. Everyone else took shots to the face for instant kills and you managed to use the bullet as a clip on for the tie.''

''That's the Arthur Morgan necktie.'' chuckled Arthur.

''You matched John with precision and quickdraw speed but does that factor into the final battle? No since both groups are not known for being fast with their guns.'' Rice Man commented.

''It was fairly common for these gangs to fire these revolvers from horseback as well since it was normal to do that in the west.'' John interjected.

''Then let's get to it. We already prepared 6 lawman in a line so you both will be riding past them and we want to see if you can peg them all and kill.'' DAM explained.

''I'll go first this time.'' Arthur said mounting his horse Boadicea and gets into position.

''Okay Arthur on 3...2...1...ride!" DAM shouted.

''Come on girl.'' Arthur said as he willed his mare forward.

As he rides up to the 6 lawman targets he draws one of his revolvers and aims at the first one and lets his first shot fly. As he passed the first lawman he aims and fires off his shots in quick succession before riding pass the lawman and makes his way over to the panelists and John.

Zivon then makes his way over and begins to assess the test.

''I'm already seeing a shot to the neck which will strike a carotid artery for a quick bleed out and then he'll die. The second guy took a shot to right eye which is another instant kill since it'll travel and hit the brain. Third one has a shot to the lung dropping it and he'll be in serious trouble but he isn't dead. Fourth guy has a bullet in the chest where the heart would be for another kill and the fifth and sixth guy are both struck in the windpipe so they're dead in seconds.''

''Five kills and one mortal wound. Good job Arthur.'' Rice Man commented.

''You have one guy that isn't dead quite yet Morgan I bet I can do better.'' John said with a smirk.

''I'd like to see you try Marston.'' Arthur chuckled.

John then mounts his stallion Old Boy and gets into position.

''Alright John let's go. On 3...2...1...charge!'' DAM shouted.

John willed Old Boy into a gallop and draws his revolver and opens fire on the first target hitting it in the shoulder. He then rides pass the second target and fires off another shot hitting it the face before emptying the last four rounds into the other targets as he rides by and circles around to meet up with Arthur and the panel and Zivon makes his way over to check the damage done.

''First guy has a round in the shoulder. It's gonna hurt like hell but he isn't dead so we have one guy that could fight back. The second guy has a shot straight through his nose for an instant and gruesome kill. Third target has one round through the neck hitting his jugular vein which will bleed out and kill him quickly. Fourth has a bullet in the eye, fifth has one in the cheek and the last one has a forehead shot. You have 4 dead lawman and 1 who might live, catch you and hang you in the end.'' Zivon explained.

Both outlaw gangs showed off their revolvers killing power but which one does the panel believe take the edge?

''I think I'll call this one even since they're both single action revolvers. They both showed similar accuracy and in the hands of outlaws who aren't these quickdraw types evens it out more.'' DAM started off.

''I actually agree. Both fire bullets that are different but the damage is equally destructive. I'm calling it even here too.'' Zivon seconded.

''For me I'll go off the stats of each weapon in the game and with that I go with the Schofield for accuracy.'' Demigod countered.

''I guess I'll say even too. The Cattleman can fire faster but the Schofield is more accurate if we're basing this off the game stats. In the end these weapon performed similarly well that I have to call even.'' Rice Man concluded.

In mid-range weapons, the edge is dead even.

Coming up, both outlaw groups unveil their favored long arms when two lever action rifles shoot it out.


The time has now come for both outlaw gangs to bring out their Old West rifles. For the O'Driscoll Boys they killed their victims with the Lancaster repeater and the Lemoyne Raiders terrorized those they deemed enemies with the Carbine repeater.

''This was a very common weapon the O'Driscoll used. This was a very popular gun to use in the American Southwest and it fired the .44 Henry, weighed 9 and a half pounds and was of course, lever action and carried 14 rounds.'' Arthur explained.

''Very good, another classic Wild West weapon. What about you John?'' DAM said.

''For me I have the Spencer Model 1860 Carbine. The Spencer was the world's first military metallic-cartridge repeating rifle, and over 200,000 examples were manufactured in the United States by the Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. and Burnside Rifle Co. between 1860 and 1869. It was of course like the Winchester a lever action weapon and carried 7 rounds which were the .56-56 Spencer cartridge and weighed in at 8 pounds.'' explained John.

To test out the accuracy and performance of the weapon our panel has set up a good old Western horseback chase where you will ride like the wind away from the law. Both John and Arthur will be chased by a posse of 10 lawman represented by foam targets mounted on real horses.

''Okay Arthur you'll be up first.'' DAM said.

Arthur mounts Boadicea and gets into position.

''Okay Arthur we're about to start so please do everything you can and don't hit the horses.'' DAM exclaimed.

''Don't worry boah! Let's start!'' Arthur shouted back.

''On 3...2...1...begin!''

Arthur willed Boadicea forward as Rice Man gets the horses with the lawman on them going as well and as both sides get into a full gallop Arthur draws his Winchester and aims behind them and begins picking targets off. With his first couple of shots he strikes one lawman in the chest two times before setting his sights on another target and picks it off with a single shot to the chest. He sets his sights on a third target and fires a single shot through the head sending brain matter flying everywhere.

''Damn that is some really accurate shooting from horseback.'' an impressed Demigod commented.

Arthur wastes no time in aiming at a few more targets and puts some precise shots into the chest of a few of the lawman. He aims at his tenth and final target and when he fires one shot at it and hits it the horse gets spooked in the process and he rears back which sends the lawman falling to the ground but Arthur wasted no time in sending a few rounds into the grounded target. With all his targets dealt with he stops Boadicea.

''All done boah!'' he called out.

The panel then walks over so Zivon can assess the damage and the panel gives him time to check all the targets before he nods his head.

''So what I just saw is that many of these guys are taking multiple hits to the chest area and the face. A few of them took several shots to the chest and while one might not kill multiple rounds in the chest increases the chance of death. Some took a round to the lungs and those combined with some of the heart shots I saw will lead to a kill. A few took rounds straight through the face which is of course death on arrival but my favorite one is the guy who was bucked off his horse and he may land on his head knocking him unconscious leaving him open to those shots to the chest which were enough to kill. All in all all 10 lawmen are dead so you're getting away with whatever crime you committed.'' Zivon explained.

''And this was completed in a shade over 14 seconds, that's some fast shooting there partner.'' Demigod said looking at his phone's stopwatch.

''So what do you think John?'' Rice Man asked.

''I can do exactly what Arthur does so observe gentlemen.'' John said as he mounts Old Boy.

The panel then take a few minutes to gather the horses and after calming them down they set up some new targets for John before he would be able to start.

''Okay John on my mark. 3...2...1...go!'' DAM called out.

''Come on boy let's go.'' John said to his stallion.

John's horse begins its gallop which prompts Rice Man to get the horses carrying the lawmen to gallop as well and when they all reached full speed. Drawing his weapon John turns around and takes aim at the first target he saw and lets a round fly hitting it right in the chest leaving a small bleeding hole in it. He cocks the hammer back before cocking the lever and resumes firing his weapon hitting a second target in the face.

''Look at the firing mechanism, he has to cock the hammer back before using the lever. That's gonna cost him some time and maybe his life if this was real.'' Demigod commented.

John sets his sight on a third target and puts two rounds into its chest and empties his last few rounds into both the fourth and fifth target respectively before he reloads the weapon. With the weapon reloaded he resumes his shooting and aims at the sixth target and puts a few shots into the face before emptying the next five shots into the other four targets hitting them in various parts of the body. He then brings Old Boy to a stop.

Much like before with Arthur Zivon examines all the bodies before concluding his assessment.

''Okay so I notice a slight difference in these two repeaters and that is stopping power. The Spencer has a slightly larger caliber and I'm seeing bigger wounds on these foam torsos. Much like the Winchester I'm seeing various shots in places like the chest, face and forehead and I notice that with the ones who took a shot to the chest it was with only one or two rounds. You're hitting them in the aorta and lungs for kills and the extra stopping power might possibly knock a guy off his horse. A few others have bullets in their neck and with that slightly larger round you're completely tearing the inside of their necks and severing the spinal cord for an instant kill. I can see that all 10 lawmen are dead just like Arthur so great work here John.'' Zivon concluded.

''That fire rate was slower but the reload was a bit smoother and you completed this in 17 seconds.'' Demigod added.

''Well Marston remember this, I would kill you as you're reloading.'' Arthur joked patting John on the back.

''Oh shut the hell up Morgan.'' John said with a slight laugh.

After testing out these two legendary repeating rifles which one do our panelists believe take the edge?

''I think I'll side with the Lancaster, more rounds, smoother transition between shots.'' DAM started off.

''I don't know the carbine repeater may fire slower but it fires the more powerful round which puts it on an even playing field with the Lancaster for me.'' Zivon said apprehensively.

''I go with the Lancaster for more rounds. You'll be killing more people and won't have to reload often.'' Demigod said.

''We're pitting unperfected new technology against regularized improved technology. There is a reason why the Lancaster's real life counterparts, being the Winchester were so popular for such a long time. Edge to the O'Driscoll Boys.'' Rice Man concluded.

In long range weapons, the edge goes to the O'Driscoll Boys for their Lancaster Repeater.

Coming up, we conclude the weapons testing when two different but crude improvised weapons burn and blow the competition away.


O'Driscoll Boys, the whore loving outlaws who love to murder. Lemoyne Raiders, the racist neo-Confederate militia who spite Northerners. Which gang will kill the other?

Now the time has come for these two gangs will bring out their favored special weapons which they used to blow and burn their enemies away. Up first will be the Lemoyne Raiders with their trusted and simple Fire Bottle.

''This was another common weapon the Raiders used to send a message, the fire bottle. As you can see it was just a regular bottle filled with combustible liquids like moonshine and you'd put a cloth through the opening and light it up. Toss this and well, you know what happens.'' Marston explained holding the bottle for all to see.

To test out the lethality of the fire bottle the team has set up a stagecoach filled with what the Raiders consider undesirables such as Northerners.

''Okay John the stagecoach is ready for you so whenever you're ready light that thing up and set this thing ablaze.'' DAM said.

''With pleasure friend.'' John said.

The gunslinger takes a match and lights the cloth in the fire bottle and quickly makes his way over to the stagecoach and when he comes within a few feet of the vehicle he tosses the bottle through the open window and soon the glass shatters and the inside of the stagecoach catches fire.

''Nice! I'm getting temperature readings of over 400 degrees! That'll hurt.'' Demigod exclaimed.

Soon the entire stagecoach is engulfed in flames and soon the panel puts it out so Zivon can assess the grisly injuries.

''Being burned alive is one of the absolute worst ways to die for real. You obviously won't die immediately but to suffer so much pain until you're no more is just freaking awful. Even if you survive this you're still fucked up for life and all the passengers are dead.''

''A reason why the Raiders used this when sending a message, you see a group of people burned it gives the thought of not messing with them.'' John commented.

''Okay Arthur what do you bring in to counter the bottle?'' Rice Man asked.

''Dynamite, it's an explosive made for clearing out mines or construction purposes. In this case we'll use this to blow the Raiders up. It is made of nitroglycerin, sorbents such as powdered shells and clay and sometimes it could be attached to a surface like a safe before you light the fuse and it weighed 1 pound.'' Arthur explained.

''Alright then let's see how this does in blowing up a stagecoach, light that fuse up and toss that baby in there.'' DAM said.

Arthur rushes up toward the stagecoach and with a match lights the fuse on the dynamite stick and quickly he chucks the explosive into the window and runs like a bat out of hell back toward the panel and John and after a few seconds the entire stagecoach is obliterated in the following blast sending body parts everywhere much to the awe of the panel and John.

''Hell yeah that's awesome!'' Demigod exclaimed excitedly.

''Nice boom!'' DAM shouted.

Zivon then walks over to assess the damage.

''Damn there isn't really anything for me to assess here since there are parts all over but if I had to guess with the stagecoach being destroyed all the targets are dead. The shock patches registered over 100Gs of force which means not only with the shrapnel kill, the concussive force will kill you as well. Good work.''

''Goes to show why the O'Driscolls favored dynamite because it gets the job done.'' Arthur said with a nod.

''Yeah that's why we so much off them in Ambarino.'' John chuckled.

After testing out both special weapons which one does the panel believe take the edge?

''Dynamite wins plain and simple. It can kill you as soon as it blows up.'' DAM started off.

''I disagree and go with the fire bottle. Sure it doesn't kill you instantly but the impact it has on seeing people burned so badly wins me over.'' Zivon countered.

''I say dynamite, while both won't work well if they get their fuse or cloth wet the former still kills you instantly.'' Demigod said.

''The dynamite also has an even bigger blast radius with the charge and will kill or severely injure more people faster than the fire bottle can kill. Edge dynamite.'' Rice Man concluded.

In special weapons, the edge goes to the O'Driscoll Boys for their dynamite.

Coming up, Metal Harbinger will gauge the x-factors of these outlaws and our Wild West battle will begin!


Welcome back to the Fight Club. Here we tested out the weapons of two outlaw gangs to see who would win a Wild West gunfight.

For short range weapons both the hunting knife and civil war knife were deemed equals.

''Both are extremely similar in build and performed the same so no edge here.'' DAM explained.

Edge: Even

For mid-range weapons both the Schofield and Cattleman revolver were equally lethal.

''Both are single action revolvers, one is a slightly faster shooter and the other is slightly more accurate which is why they're even.'' Zivon explained.

Edge: Even

For long range weapons, the Lancaster repeater showed the Carbine repeater why it was the superior long arm.

''More bullets, smoother transition in between shots. The Winchester rofl stomps the Spencer all damn day.'' Demigod explained.

Edge: O'Driscoll Boys

And finally, for special weapons the dynamite proved far more lethal than the fire bottle.

''Both are improvised weapons but the dynamite can kill you and groups of people instantly compared to the bottle which only makes you suffer before you die.'' Rice Man explained.

Edge: O'Driscoll Boys

And now, our resident metalhead and computer wizz Metal Harbinger will evaluate the x-factors of our warriors.

''Let's do this boys.'' Metal said.

''For training this one went to the Lemoyne Raiders because a majority of them are ex-Confederate soldiers meaning they are trained to handle and use their weapons more efficiently than the O'Driscoll Boys who are just regular outlaws with little training. 80 to a 70 respectively.

''For brutality I rated both gangs as even for one reason, how mercilessly they kill their enemies. The O'Driscolls love to kill innocent people which includes women and children whereas the Raiders target Northerners. Both groups scored a 95 each.''

''For organization this one went to the Raiders again since they are structured like a militia whereas the O'Driscolls are larger but more unorganized with no real structure. 88 to 79 each.''

''Fourth is logistics and this evened out between the gangs. The O'Driscolls steal and have money to get some powerful weaponry and the Raiders deal and sell arms to South American countries which means they end up getting some serious firepower meaning these two groups scored high with a 90.''

''Finally we have influence and this went hands down to the O'Driscolls. Their extremely large numbers mean they have a presence and control over quite a few states such as New Hanover and West Elizabeth with a small presence in Ambarino and they are a much greater threat to the Van der Linde gang. The Raiders confined to the state of Lemoyne only so they both are rated a 95 to an 80 respectively.''

Our panelists and experts have concluded the necessary weapons testing and x-factor evaluations. Now Metal will put the data into the simulator which will run one-thousand battles to the death.

Who will win between two brutal and vicious outlaw gangs?

Irish Outlaws

(Some O'Driscoll boys are seen in a shootout with lawmen in Valentine.)

vs. Southern rebels

(Lemoyne Raiders are seen tossing a fire bottle into a store owned by a Northerner.)

''In the end we will see which group will wipe the other out. Let's do this.'' Metal said as he presses the button.


-Rhodes, State of Lemoyne-

It was another sweltering hot day in the town of Rhodes as the locals were seen going about their day as usual. Soon the sounds of hooves striking the orange dirt and soon we are shown what was causing the sound. Five Irish men clad in black coats, black hats and green vests were seen riding into the town, these men were five members of the O'Driscoll Boys gang.

They specifically were given orders from their leader Colm O'Driscoll to begin expanding their operations south into Lemoyne and they were starting that task by heading into Lemoyne.

O'Driscoll Boys: 5

They hitch and dismount their horses which each of them grabbing their weapons. One had a Winchester while the rest had their revolvers on them.

The sight of the O'Driscolls cause the residents of Lemoyne to stop what they were doing and they all froze in fear at the sight of the Irish gunslingers. First they had the Lemoyne Raiders killing any Northerner that rides down here and now this? This was sure going to piss the Raiders off if they saw the O'Driscolls.

As they walked through the town they took pleasure in how the residents of Rhodes just looked at them nervously knowing that they were definitely known in the South as well.

''Boy these Southerners seem real scared of us eh?'' one of the O'Driscolls said.

''Hey what the hell are you Yankee bastards doing down here?'' a voice called out.

The O'Driscolls turn to look forward and saw five older White men walking up to them with weapons in hand and were dressed like soldiers and the O'Driscolls only laughed at the sight. They were now face to face with a few of the Lemoyne Raiders.

Lemoyne Raiders: 5

''What's it to you? You a bunch of grown men playing soldier huh?'' spat one of the O'Driscolls.

''We ain't playing soldier we fought your kind during the war. Now get the hell out of here or you're dead!'' one of the Raiders shouted with his revolver in hand.

''We ain't goin' no where, this is our turf now you understand?'' the lead O'Driscoll said.

Both sides began a stare down and they all reached for their weapons. The residents of the town saw and knew what was about to transpire and they all began to flee the town hoping to avoid being caught in the crossfire. After a few minutes of staring each other down the lead O'Driscoll quickly raises his Schofield and aims at one of the Raiders and drops him with a single shot to the head.

O'Driscoll Boys: 5 - Lemoyne Raiders: 4

''Holy shit!'' shouted the lead Raider.

One of his comrades armed with a cattleman revolver and fires a couple shots into one of the O'Driscolls in the chest and kills him.

O'Driscoll Boys: 4 - Lemoyne Raiders: 4

Both sides open fire on each other and all of them back up and duck behind stagecoaches and barrels that were on the street. Both sides pin each other down in a flurry of bullets and both were getting no where. That's when one of the O'Driscolls produces a stick of dynamite and shows it to the lead gang member.

''Hell yes toss it over and send them back to the bayou.''

Nodding, the O'Driscoll lights the fuse and tosses it at the Raiders and the stagecoach where the rest of the Raiders were but they had no time to react as the stick fell on the dirt in front of them.

''Oh no run!'' shouted the lead Raider.

He and two of his men run away but the third one couldn't run in time and was caught in the explosion and killed instantly. His body sent flying lifelessly into a wall.

O'Driscoll Boys: 4 - Lemoyne Raiders: 3

''Yeah take that ya bastards!'' an O'Driscoll said.

The same O'Driscoll rushes out of cover with his revolvers in hand and begins firing wildly at the retreating Raiders only for one of them to turn around and aim their carbine repeater at him and drops him with a few shots to the chest and head killing him gruesomely.

O'Driscoll Boys: 3 - Lemoyne Raiders: 3

''Bloody hell let's chase those inbred fuckers!'' the lead O'Driscoll ordered.

The O'Driscolls give chase to the Raiders who eventually make their way into the saloon and as soon as the Southerners entered the building they pushed a piano to block the main door off and lie in wait for the Irish to break in so they can gun them down and end the fight. They aim at the door and soon enough they heard the O'Driscolls were heard trying to kick the door open.

''Open the door ya damn bastards so we can kill you!'' screamed an O'Driscoll.

After a few seconds of trying to kick the door in the O'Driscolls stop and all was quite and before they could do anything an explosion blows the door and the piano away catching the Raiders by surprise and they were knocked down from the blast giving the O'Driscolls the chance to rush in guns blazing.

The O'Driscoll that rushes in first spots the Raiders lying on the ground and opens fire with his revolver killing one of them with a few bullets to the gut.

O'Driscoll Boys: 3 - Lemoyne Raiders: 2

He sets his sights to the other Raiders who were just regaining their bearings and before he can fire at them a fire bottle is thrown at him and he is set ablaze and is left to scream in agony before he falls down dead.

O'Driscoll Boys: 2 - Lemoyne Raiders: 2

Just then the other two O'Driscolls come in, jump over their comrade's charred corpse with their revolvers in hand opening fire on the Raiders who duck behind the bar counter to have the chance to reload their revolvers. Just as they reloaded their guns they peeked over the counter only for the O'Driscolls to leap over it with their knives drawn and jump onto the Raiders. The lead O'Driscolls stabs the life out of Raider he was attacking before slitting his throat.

The Raider gurgles on his blood before dying.

O'Driscoll Boys: 2 - Lemoyne Raiders: 1

The remaining Raider was briefly struggling to fight with the other O'Driscoll and before the lead Irish gang member could join in he manages to take his revolver and shoots the O'Driscoll in the gut before taking his civil war knife and jams it into the Irishman's throat killing him.

O'Driscoll Boys: 1 - Lemoyne Raiders: 1

The Raider tries to free his knife from the fallen Irishman but was sliced across the face from the last standing O'Driscoll and shoved against the edge of the counter knocking the wind out of him.

''Let's see what you got you old man.'' spat the O'Driscoll.

The O'Driscoll goes in for a thrust only for the Raider to step to the side and reaches for the civil war knife embedded in the dead O'Driscoll's throat and manages to swing the blade back at the Irish gunslinger cutting him in the forearm. Groaning in pain the O'Driscoll furiously kicks the Lemoyne Raider against the nearby wall and thrusts his blade once more only for the Raider to sidestep again causing his knife to get stuck in the wall.

The O'Driscoll struggles to free his knife and is stabbed several times in the back from the Raider and despite the pain the O'Driscoll let's go of his knife just as the Raider tries to stab the Irishman in the back of the neck he leaps out of the way and lands in front of his Lancaster repeater that had fallen off his back earlier when he leaped over the counter with his now dead comrade.

With this he rolls out of the way and swings the butt of the repeater into the Raider's face completely knocking the wind out of him and it sends the knife flying out of his hands and he falls to the floor in pain.

Now that he was defenseless he clutched his face in pain and soon felt the cold feeling of metal forcibly entering his mouth. He looked up and saw the Irishman with a wicked smile on his face.

''You're an old man playing soldier, the war is over.'' said the O'Driscoll.

The O'Driscoll then squeezes the trigger and blows the Raider's brains out on the floor.

O'Driscoll Boys: 1 - Lemoyne Raiders: 0

With his opponent dead the O'Driscoll straps the repeater to his back and takes out a cigarette and takes a puff out of it.

''Colm will be happy about this.''


Winner: O'Driscoll Boys

O'Driscoll Boys: 522

Hunting Knife: 3

Schofield Revolver: 108

Lancaster Repeater: 297

Dynamite: 114

Lemoyne Raiders: 478

Civil War Knife: 3

Cattleman Revolver: 107

Carbine Repeater: 268

Fire Bottle: 100


Training: 70/Training: 80

Brutality: 95/Brutality: 95

Organization: 79/Organization: 88

Logistics: 90/Logistics: 90

Influence: 95/Influence: 80

Following a crazy Wild West shootout between Red Dead Redemption II's most dangerous outlaw gangs it would be the O'Driscoll Boys who won. They won a close shootout with over 52.2% compared to the Lemoyne Raiders with 47.8%. It was thanks to their superior long range weapon and explosives that won them the shootout.

''At first I was going with the Raiders due to them being able to use military tactics but in the end they fell short with their outdated repeater.'' DAM explained.

''This was an amazing fight and could've really gone either way but in the end the O'Driscolls pulled it off. Knives were even but it really came down to long range combat.'' Zivon seconded.

''I had a feeling the O'Driscolls would win it because of their superior firearms and special weapon. The carbine repeater's low magazine capacity was another contributing factor to the Raiders' defeat.'' Demigod added.

''The O'Driscoll Boys are no joke, they have the numbers, the mentality to kill and the firearms to prove they are the law's worst nightmare but most importantly, they are the only gang to truly challenge and threatened the Van der Linde gang.'' Rice Man concluded.

''Doesn't matter if they won or not, I hate these two groups.'' Arthur said with a nod.

''Damn right, these two gangs ain't nothin' to me and Arthur.'' John seconded.

The two of them then take a puff from a cigarette before looking at each other and shake their heads.

''Goddamn O'Driscolls.''

(The O'Driscoll was seen waiting at the edge of Rhodes smoking a cigarette as Colm and a whole posse of O'Driscoll gang members ride toward him. With a smirk he waves at his leader and walks toward him to give him word that they can now set up base in Lemoyne and take the state over much like West Elizabeth and New Hanover.)


Next time on Deadliest Warrior: Fiction Edition, it's a fantasy battle between reptiles and felines.

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Khajiit: The infamous feline assassins and thieves of Elsweyr.


And I can't apologize to other RDR2 fans because both the O'Driscolls and Raiders are despicable people.

Here are a few more matches coming soon so look forward to them guys.

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