So I haven't written in nearly a decade, and even then I mostly did original content. That said I'm an amateur that mostly writes for fun or to deplete my muse when it drives me insane. My muse began kicking my teeth in a week or so ago and I belted this out over a few days. I thought it looked decent so thought I would share it. That said, I'm not really sure how long I will be writing this but with luck it will be some time. This is mostly written unplanned so we'll see.

So… you know how in those self insert fics they start out "Well I died"?

Well I died… I think… I mean, last thing I remember is shutting down my computer to get ready for bed after a night of writing. Only problem is I'm waking up in a sketchy alley somewhere with a blinding headache. Now normally this would be nothing more than mildly worrying, I'm a big guy and most people aren't gonna mess with someone over six feet and three hundred pounds.

Considering I was just getting over a head cold and with my tendency to avoid sunlight like the plague a blinding headache makes sense. Taking a few moments to get my bearings I start walking towards the nearest alley exit only to immediately stub my toe on a wooden box with my name carved into it.

Taking a moment to swear quietly to myself I check the box over. It's a nice box, definitely an antique, dark wood and nice fittings, and definitely not something I owned before waking up in this alley. Popping it open the first thing I see is a letter or more a page sitting on top of a small rack of items.


You have gained the attention of "ROB 3141500112". In exchange for providing entertainment you have been granted the following boons*:

Essence of Mad Doctor

Essence of Archmage

Essence of Sorcerer Lord

Essence of Planeswalker

Essence of Blank

Standard Chuuni Outfit (Made to Desire)

Live ten years and you can keep them all forever!

*Terms and conditions may apply, ROB Enterprises are not liable for any insanity, powerlust, or "Insert issue here" that may occur due to being handed phenomenal cosmic power. We just hand it out and watch what happens.

What the fuck did I just read? Well since no one is jumping out of the shadows screaming "Gotcha! You're on Candid Camera!" I'll take it at face value for now.

Looking through what else was in the box I do indeed find five vials filled with suspicious, vaguely glowing liquid and a supposedly magic check I can present to a dry cleaners which will summon my new outfit or so it says. Considering I'm in what I consider street clothes, a t-shirt and shorts that is, and have my shoes on I'm not in too much of a hurry. Don't have my phone or my wallet though.

I check the vials and see that they are indeed labeled as the essences listed on the paper. Normally I am a functional paranoid wreck so I couldn't tell you what made me pop the cork on the one labeled mad doctor and take a swig. When I woke from the subsequent trip I was again laying on the ground only with five empty vials arrayed around me, a supposedly magic check on my lap, and a missing box.

Looking around I can't help but feel like someone stuck a power plant to me, very jittery, like a caffeine addict after a month of decaf. That said I also have a lot of new knowledge knocking about my head making that headache worse. Thankfully as a sorcerer lord I can achieve instant mastery of several branches of magic. I chose Mind Magic, Runic Magic, and Inheritance Verse Magic.

With the mastery of mind magic I quickly manage a mind palace and sort my memories and knowledge, set up defenses, and other utility type things like mental access to my magical core. That quickly deals with the rapidly worsening headache though it gets a bit dicey when I begin reviewing everything I know of various magic systems from fiction to expand my Archmages knowledge pool. It also stuns me just how much I knew about the most useless stuff compared to how much I knew that I could actually make use of back home.

With the headache dying down, I look down at myself in mild shock. I knew the essences would include a new sculpted body, but knowing and experiencing is way different. I haven't been anywhere near this fit since I was in elementary school. I'm still roughly 6'4" but before I was some three hundred twenty pounds of fat. Now I'm perhaps two-twenty and a swimmers body. I haven't felt this good in years.

Still having a headache, albeit a minor one, I have to get my priorities straight. If I wasn't feeling like crap I would want to figure out where the hell I was world-wise given I've just been ROB'ed, but right now I just want to find a place to rest for a day or two. Stretching my mind out I seek the nearest mind, finding one roughly fifty feet away. I delve into the mind and experience a whirlwind of images and sensations, hearing the occasional fragmented word or sound. Focusing my mind a moment against the onslaught, I slowly gain control of the torrent of information.

"Where am I?" I mentally send the query

(several images flash before me in quick succession: A static image of the earth, the hebrew letter bet overlaying it. A generic map of north america, only slightly different for some reason. A more detailed map, the state name 'Massachusetts' in focus. An image of a bay riddled with the corpses of ships, a massive oil tanker lays across the bay entrance, the image gives off a sense of depression and hopelessness. The final image is a run down sign saying "Welcome to Brockton Bay!".

"Brockton Bay, Massachusetts, USA, Earth Bet" at the same time, a muted male voice answers back.

I feel like I was punched in the gut. Brockton Bay, Earth Bet. Setting of the Worm series, a series canonically somewhere between five and twenty years before the end of human civilization. Home to the super-powered cops and robbers game, a shadowy conspiracy doing hard things for hard reasons, three active city destroying kaiju with another 20 or so just waiting to be woken up, and a suicidal omnicidal space whale just waiting to be set off and start the apocalypse. Fuck…

"Date and nearest hotel?" I send back, weariness coloring my tone.

"February 4th, 2011, the BrocktonBay Inn is two blocks that a way" (a few images surface showing the rough direction and landmarks to follow, which I burn into my mind) The voice answers dutifully, not losing its slightly muted tone.

As I carefully manipulate the mind I was connected to, I wipe the conversation and conceal the event instinctively, not that I wouldn't have given Earth Bet and the fucking Simurgh. Finishing up and closing the connection, I widen the range my mind was looking at, slowly seeking my max distance. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be roughly ten blocks, and more than enough to find some nearby gang members.

Passively scanning a few gangers, I pick a few that were in a safe house only a few hundred feet from the inn. They had money on their mind, seems it was a minor Merchant stash house. It probably had a few hundred to a thousand bucks in cash, and a small fortune in drugs, my Mad Doctor Essence was salivating. Thankfully hammer-space was well within my ability to create even if only temporarily. Seems the Sorcerer Lord Essence gave me more than just the mastery of my chosen magical branches it also gave me a lot of general use stuff. Small cantrips and temporary enchantments to clean and mend clothes, expand pockets, freshen breath, and so on. It also gave me a lot of other minor stuff, knowledge on crafting a staff or other focus, connecting to and casting from my magical core, meditation, a general magic sense and a few other things.

As I make my way to the house through the back alleys I ruminate on my long term plans. Generally speaking I intend to settle down on a high fantasy world, possibly elder scrolls, maybe overlord, only in a manor that, thanks to space-time magic shenanigans, has access to high speed internet and cable along with the other modern comforts I so enjoy. Maybe I'll have a harem of beauties from across the multiverse to come home to and travel with, or maybe not.

As the house comes into sight, I look down the connection to the minds in the house and mutter Slytha (Sleep) sending the magic down the mental connections. One by one I feel the minds shut off, leaving a small buzz. Before I ghost myself up to the house, I take a moment to cast some magic to conceal my presence.

"Hide my form from sight and silence my movements until I dispel" I again mutter under my breath, feeling my weariness slightly increase as the spell takes effect and light bends around me, my figure disappearing. I quickly ghost up to the house and using a quick cantrip to open the lock, I enter the house and close the door. Through the mental connection I plunder their minds for everything of use, finding some gun use, and area knowledge before I send one more spell, Ilumaro Freohr, conferring true death as I simultaneously rip as much energy from them as I can, replenishing my stamina in the process. After I confirm the deaths, I search the house quickly, using some of the more obscure cantrips to detect hidden compartments and the like, finding roughly twelve hundred dollars scattered between fives, tens, and twenties, a few bits and bobs of jewelry, a few ill-maintained pistols with accompanying ammunition. Assuming standard 16 round clips maybe four or five clips with maybe another two in loose rounds. I also find a decent backpack that will do fine to carry everything once expanded.

Completing the house search, I check the corpses finding another hundred or so dollars between the four and a standard Id. This reminds me that I need to come up with an alias, using my true name for things can be a death sentence in some worlds.

Thinking quickly I come up with a handful of aliases I had thought of years ago, a few seconds debate and I settle on Damian Black, A twenty-six year old wandering author traveling the US to discover what he wants in life and find inspiration. he's tried college but found it too stifling a learning environment for him. Since leaving his hometown, he has traveled the country working part time to earn money and generally making friends and acquaintances wherever he goes, he's made a few enemies too but none that would go out of their way to search the country for him.

A quick cantrip gives the Id my new data, it won't hold up to a database search, but I can get around that with mental illusions until I can get myself into the system. I also find a few smartphones, one of which I like. Using the owners credentials I unlock and then wipe the phone, factory resetting it. It will do until I can get one legally.

Using the cantrip to clean and expand the backpack, I begin shoving everything into the bag, before I'm startled by two minds rapidly approaching from up the street. A few seconds later I hear a car swiftly driving up the street. Luckily I've gotten all the cash and jewels, the guns, but I haven't started packing the ammo and wouldn't be able to finish and get away before the car would get here. Cutting my losses, I grab the bag and walk to the back, waiting a second for the bag to shimmer out of sight as my spell takes hold. Leaving out the back, I'm lucky the fence was as beat down as the rest of the house, because I'm not confident in being able to hop fences, even with my new physique. Slipping through a rotting hole, I make my way back into the alleys.

Before I dispel my concealment magic though, a thought blasts to the forefront of my mind: this isn't a high fantasy world, not all surveillance is magical or in person, it's also done through tech!

"Shit! Detect surveillance within twenty feet, show it's location." I curse to myself before muttering a detection spell. Glancing around there isn't anything pinging my spell, but I should check the first alley. Using my perfect memory, I work my way to the alley and cast the spell, finding nothing. I heave a sigh in relief and dispel my magic before making my way to the inn.

"Welcome to the Brockton Bay Inn!" A woman comments cheerily to me as I walk in. Looking around the lobby, it's very rustic. Pictures of the bay in its prime and some ads litter the walls alongside the generic landscapes and abstract art that commonly hang in hotels. That said, the lobby is also fairly clean and doesn't smell of pot or other illicit substances.

"How much for a room for two nights?" I ask bluntly, using an illusion to appear worn out. She looks me over a bit, noting my overall shabby appearance before checking the computer for, I assume, vacancy.

"One-twenty for two nights. Do you mind if I ask why you look so worn out?" She comments, giving me a mildly concerned, I think, look as she looks me over again.

"Ah, I was visiting friends in the area, we were drinking and as a prank left me passed out in an alley nearby. I understandably don't want to deal with them at the moment, and I'm also still mildly hungover so I just need a place to regroup." I reply, repeating a story I was told once by someone while digging some money out of my wallet. Paying the woman, she hums noncommittedly, taking the money before asking for my id.

"I need to see an Id for legal purposes" she explains, seeing my deadpan stare. I fish out my wallet again, taking my Id out and handing it over.

"Right, that's it, you'll be in room 314 Mr. Black. Thank you for your patronage" the woman glances at the id, inputting details before handing it back with a room card. Thankfully I had already invaded her mind and primed it to ignore the false id flag.

"Thank you. I think I'll take an early night, but I'll be leaving for the day tomorrow before returning." I answer, giving her a nod before making my way to my room. Upon entering the room I again used the detection spell, finding nothing. I put my bag down and began cleaning the bedding using some cantrips, that done I stripped to my underwear and tossed myself onto the bed, deep in thought already.

I want to help Taylor and maybe do something for Amy before leaving, luckily I was dropped in Earth Bet on my birthday on February fourth and Taylor attempts suicide by cape on April eighth. So I have two months and a few days to hone my skill and come up with a plan. Finding Taylor wouldn't be difficult, I could look up her dad in the phone book which should have an address. Either that, or I could follow her father home. Of course that's assuming I want to make contact before the deadline ends. It would be easier not to make contact early, but that also leaves me working with metaknowledge.

First I need to confirm the facts of the world. I'll need computer access to make it easier but that should be easy enough to accomplish, I'll need to get in contact with Numberman to make an account and get me a legal id. Thankfully I can also use that same contact to broker services with Cauldron assuming that's a thing in this world. I should also look into local news as well as cape news, confirm Shadow Stalker is still a bitch, and there was still the locker incident.

Still I need to finish integrating my Essences and the knowledge they impart before I can do anything. Thankfully my Sorcerer Lord Essence has a meditation technique that mimics restful sleep while also allowing for information parsing. As I settle in for a long night of meditation, I feel faintly curious as to my future for a moment before emotion is swept away in the meditations.

Coming out of my meditative trance, I've come to realize a few things that ultimately boil down to: Essences are bullshit. I was seriously sandbagging yesterday, running at maybe ten percent potential because I hadn't sat down and integrated everything. I now have full access to my abilities even though I'm still weak as far as how powerful I could be in even a few months time. Thankfully with full access I can do some pretty bullshit things even now. I'm putting integrating the Planeswalker Essence off for now, I think I should get accustomed to my current level of power first.

Using some conjured ingredients and leveraging my Mad Doctor Essence for all its worth I managed to make an Elixir of Body Strengthening, basically you drink it and for the next twenty-four hours your body will be worked out, permanently increasing one's physical capabilities. It comes with a mild pain numbing and regeneration so the constant straining and working out doesn't hurt or damage your body. What can I say? I'm lazy and don't like exercise. With Blank Essence everything is made much easier for me because I possess no limits physical, spiritual, magical, mental, none. It means the limit to physical capacity does not exist for me, so my physical attributes simply increase constantly under the elixir. With a bit more work I manage to create another elixir, this time the Elixir of Mutant Regeneration, which effectively grants the drinker Wolverine's regeneration permanently, though not his bone claws.

Coming out of my mad scientist fugue state, I look at the clock, seeing it was only eight in the morning, I took a shower before looking through my phone for an hour, locating a few of the notable landmarks, the library, Winslow High, Arcadia High, Medhall, The Dock Workers Union, The Boardwalk, Brockton General and the nearest dry cleaners. A casual search nets me the confirmation that Shadow Stalker and the locker incident is a thing, also seeing some evidence of Cauldron. With that in mind, I head out giving the receptionist a nod as I walk by and head towards the nearest Merchant stash house, aside from the one I hit yesterday.

Repeating the same method as last time nets me another thousand or so and a few more bits and bobs of jewelry. Moving on I head to the dry cleaners now that it's about ten in the morning. As I enter the cleaners, a bell jingles. Someone slouches up to the counter with a dull look on their face.

"Welcome to BB Dry Cleaners, can I help you?" a bored teen greets me. Already invading his mind ready to wipe what is perhaps the strangest thing to happen today if ever, I simply hand over the ticket from the box. The moment the ticket fully leaves my hand there is a vague sensation that hits my magical senses from further in the shop. At the same time the teens mind almost glazes over as he robotically stands and retrieves a package from the back. Handing it over he resumes his previous position before his mind snaps back into focus, the events seemingly forgotten.

"Thank you for your patronage, have a good day" the teen mumbles barely audible. Stuffing the package into the backpack, I leave and head to a nearby mcdonalds knockoff, ordering a dollar soda and knock off mcchicken before sitting in a corner.

"That was weird… about what I expected though. Suppose I should bite the bullet and get in contact with them after this. Should probably find me an empty warehouse first though." I mutter to myself. Finishing off my not-mcchicken and refilling my soda, I head off to find an empty abandoned warehouse. Scouting around a bit, I find a few different warehouses, crafting a new detection spell on the fly I can tell that only one hasn't seen any use in months and is sufficiently isolated for my preference. Setting up shop will have to be done later, it's taken a few hours to find this place but I have time to set up some rudimentary wards. Making the warehouse look condemned but also uninteresting, attention diversion and the like. After setting those up I head back to the hotel.

Arriving back at the hotel I head up to my room and close the door, muttering the detection spell I find nothing again. Deciding to check the clothing package I fish it out of the backpack and open it. Inside is a set of clothing and a pair of black combat boots and a receipt.

ROB Enterprises Presents:

Custom Chuuni Outfits

Made to Order

Feel the Edge

Black Leather Enchanted Hooded Trench Coat with Pullup Face Mask (Expanded Pockets with sorting and instant retrieval, Hooded blurs features, mask distorts voice and allows breathing anywhere, enchanted to not hinder mobility, to silence movement, to be temperature regulated, near bulletproof, stab proof, and impact proof, conceal from thermal and acoustic sensors and weight next to nothing. Can only be worn by owner) x1

Black Combat Boots with Hidden Sheath and Hidden Blade (Enchanted to be silent, always have traction, always be comfortable. x1

Black Formal Suit with White Undershirt, NO Tie (Same enchantments as Trenchcoat x1

Assassin's Creed style Custom Hidden Blade (Grapple Hook, Dart Launcher, Expanded sheath for Dagger, lockpicks, and Wand. (Enchanted to be unnoticable, undetectable, and unable to be removed without my uncoerced willingness) X1

Custom Built .45 Enchanted Pistol (less recoil, perfect silence, no muzzle flash, ammo duplication) with accompanying shoulder holster and five filled ammo clips x1

Custom Built Cane Sword Focus (enchanted unbreakable, ever-sharp, Bloodbound, Usable as Magical Focus, Can be summoned with a thought, will absorb into body when hidden, tipped with Amethyst for power storage) x1

Several miscellaneous sets of casual wear enchanted for comfort x1

Thank you for using ROB Enterprises Chuuni Outfits Service

Feel the Edge

"Well bless my little geek heart, is it Christmas already?" I can't stop myself from commenting. At that a slip drops off the back of the receipt. Looking at the slip it just says "no idiot, it's your birthday".

"Oh… Right… huh." I kinda feel dumb now but that doesn't really matter because I just got some awesome stuff. Dripping some blood on the cane sword, and on the indicated spots on the clothing to bind the enchantments to me. The cane sword flashes before disappearing, I can vaguely feel it in the back of my mind and with a thought it appears in my hand and disappears again. I do slip the bracers on, and replace my tennis shoes with the boots before I use my focus to create a permanent hammer-space attached to me and shove the rest of the clothes into it as well as the backpack. I decide to get some actual sleep tonight before checking out. Checking out of the inn didn't take much time and before long I was back at my warehouse.

"First things first, magical defenses. permanent attention diversion, anti-teleport, anti-break in, anti-pest, self-repair, durability, anti-surveillance, area awareness, true name ward, hospitality ward, temperature regulation, anti-fire, anti-flood. That will do until I can mark out specific rooms." I mutter to myself, carving the arrays into a granite ward stone crafted by alchemical transmutation. Moving on, I began using overpowered cantrips to finish cleaning and repairing the walls and windows. Using alchemy again to partition the warehouse into rooms, before expanding them where necessary.

"Dormitory, Greenhouse, Lab, Ritual Room, Armory, Prison, Infirmary, and Library on the first floor, the second floor will have my Personal Bedroom, a few Guest Rooms, Meeting Room, and Common Room. This will take a few days" I mutter as I work partitioning the warehouse, expanding the rooms as needed. Using runic arrays I create a bathroom in the bedrooms as well as one just off the dormitory. Water conjuring, excrement vanishing sinks and toilets. Massively expanded water tanks enchanted to always be pure. The Library is enchanted so books cant be removed from it and it also preserves the books. Using transmutation I create bed frames and other furniture frames, then permanently transfigure the soft bits, enchanting them for comfort.

Now that the warehouse was largely finished it is time to resolve some other issues before I meet with Cauldron. First, leaning on Mad Doctor heavily again I create a supplement for my Elixir of Mutant Regeneration that increases the speed and potency of regeneration by a factor of 10 without inducing issues like cancer and the like. Then I create the Elixir of Cellular Revival allowing me to regenerate from just loose cells if my body is atomized. I then blood bound my "cape outfit" allowing me to always have it on me.

As a peace offering I also create a potion that should fully recharge Eidolon's fading powers, with a hidden side effect of severing his shards hold on the Endbringers, that should make the Lady of Feathers happy. I also start on a homunculus body for myself, as well as a few assistants. My homunculus body will have DNA from Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju, Frieza, Goku, and Piccolo, and DNA from Ichigo Kurosaki. Thankfully having created the base body, I then created an Elixir of Adaptation which allows for the body to assimilate and adapt foreign DNA in the most optimal manner, before infusing the DNA. That should be finished by the time I get Cauldron's attention. It's a good thing all of my clothes are enchanted to always fit me perfectly by default given I can shape-shift.

A few days pass before the body is ready. Before I discard my current body I go over the process again to ensure I wasn't going to flub this and get myself killed. I expended a lot of power, leaning heavily on Mad Doctor to summon the Dragon Chakra Fruit, and then expended a little more summoning Itachi's, Shisui's, Obito's, and Izuna's Mangekyou Eyes. Using alchemy I fused them, keeping Izuna's eyes as the base, before sticking them in stasis. Finding nothing wrong with the procedure, I take a deep breath and project my soul from my body. Turning I see my body crumple, I can see and vaguely feel a link between my soul form and my old body though it's visibly weakening. Quickly I insert myself into the Homunculus Body which immediately takes a massive gasp. Thankfully my blood bindings are more bound to my magic which hasn't changed compared to my actual blood and so, with a thought, I'm fully clothed.

"Holy shit! That was a rush…" I mutter, my voice slightly different, slightly deeper, more rich. Taking a day I get used to the various energies now pulsing through me, leaning heavily on Archmage Essence, I also create an Elixir of Illusionary Life, allowing one to live another's life as though it was mine. Using Madara's blood and the new elixir I relive his life from birth to just before Black Zetsu's betrayal, thankfully this experience transfers over to my own sharingan unlocking Madara's mangekyou. With a bit of magical shenanigans I manage to swap Madara's eyes with the Izuna fused eyes, awakening the Eternal Mangekyou, incidentally unlocking the Eternal Mangekyou also woke the Rinnegan. Waiting another day, I eat the chakra fruit in the ritual room and awaken the Rinne-Sharingan.

By this point my assistants were long awakened and thankfully the homunculus body is capable of sustaining itself off of mana. Though I was still starving so I ordered my assistants to fetch me a few burgers from Fugly Bob's while I stuck my previous body in stasis, transfigure it into something innocuous and stick it in my storage. When they returned and I finished my feasting I used the elixir of Illusionary Life to live through Hashirama and Mito Uzumaki's lives, thankfully I kept the sharingan activated throughout thus I never forgot any techniques I saw. I figured I'm about as good as I can get to meet Cauldron though I'll give myself another day to rest.

It's now February 15th, and it's time to make contact with Cauldron, but first two new elixirs, the Elixir of Precog Scrambling and its counter the Elixir of Fate Weaving. The first is a semi-permanent elixir that grants precog immunity while the other counters it. Leaving the warehouse in my cape outfit I make my way to an empty warehouse before attempting contact.

"Clairvoyant, Doormaker, and Contessa I have a proposition for Cauldron. Door me to your base would you kindly?" I speak into thin air for a moment, before I feel the air twist and a fedora wearing woman steps from a portal that quickly closes. I ponder her for a moment, before her eyes visibly widen, a hard glint in her eye.

"Who are you and why should I let you live?" Contessa threatens, only my sharingan eyes being active allows me to notice the minute shaking in her hands.

"OCP my dear is what I am, an Outside Context Problem, call me Goetia. Your problem seems to avoid worlds that deal with people like me, likely because its powers are… inconsistent when given to people like me. They either get immensely stronger, or weaken immeasurably. As for letting me live, how about solving several problems I know Cauldron is having." I answer amicably, playing the mysterious nobleman role. She doesn't seem to appreciate the role, I pretend not to notice.

"Problems? What problems?" Contessa's face blanks, though my sharingan catches a momentary snarl. She doesn't seem to like being on the back foot for once, again, I pretend not to notice.

"Problems, my dear, like young David's ever weakening power? Young Rebecca's missing eye? Cauldron's Case 53 farm? Maybe the Golden moron? Ensuring humanity survives the apocalypse? Those problems, my dear." I answer ponderingly, a mote of condescension entering my voice at the mention of the case 53 farm. She notices of course, I pretend to not notice her tenseness, defensive posture, and her growing ire.

"How? How can you know these things? How haven't we heard of you before?" She seems to droop, though her eyes never leave my form, nor does she lose combat readiness. With a sigh and a tap of my cane, a nice table set is transmuted from the ground, glass is gathered from particulates in the air and shaped into a pair of glasses. I motion to sit, grabbing a glass I pull a bottle of wine I created for this moment from hammer-space. My Mad Doctor Essence assures me it's incredibly high quality. Pouring myself a glass I offer her some, but she doors herself some instead.

"You already have proof of a multiverse, what with Haywires hijinks with Earth Aleph. What you never had proof of, was an omniverse. I was born on an Earth much like this one pre-Scion in the year 1994, there was no supernatural anything there. But in the omniverse there exists beings that are, for lack of a better term, omnipresent and omnipotent. Not Gods, but beings so far above them they make the gap like the one between mortal and deity seem tiny. These beings are known to world-walkers collectively as ROBs: Random Omnipotent Beings.

Twenty-six years I lived a mundane life, immersing myself in fiction, then one morning in 2020, just as I was going to bed, a ROB took notice of me, and decided I should be its next entertainment. It granted me several boons before dropping me in an alley in Brockton Bay. On my home Earth among the fictional tales, there is a web serial titled "Worm", it tells the tale of a young teen living in Brockton Bay after she triggers. Throughout this serial several secrets come to light, including Cauldron and its purpose. By the end of the serial, the apocalypse, now called Golden Morning, has ended, Scion lays dead, in both bodies, and the world has a new fear; Khepri, the final evolution of that young girl, cursed with the ability to master any parahuman within her agent's now global range, she and her mastered horde took the fight to Scion ultimately winning but not before seventy percent of the population is killed across the infinite earths and the world turns to parahuman feudalism in the aftermath.

I honestly don't care about humanity's survival or killing the golden idiot. I mostly want to aid young Khepri and Panacea. This world especially needs all the healers it can get and allowing Khepri to happen goes against everything I believe. I could easily do so without involving Cauldron of course, but many of the issues in this world are due to Cauldron and I'll be here for a while so I might as well do what I can to make this world a better place." I finish a rather long winded explanation with a sigh. Checking the time with a quick cantrip, I look over to Contessa and raise an eyebrow.

"That… was a tale. I don't even know where to start… Let's start with Eidolon, how will you fix his issue?" Contessa responds, dragging her hand down her face.

"Well, I was going to have him drink this elixir I created which will recharge his power." I answer, bringing the vial of elixir out of storage and placing it on the table.

"That might work, it might also be a deadly poison meant to kill Eidolon. How would you fix the Case 53 Farm?" Contessa looks to contemplate taking the bottle before leaning back and asking more.

"I don't have a sample created, but suffice to say one of the boons my… benefactor, has granted me is a supernatural understanding of biology and the ability to create potions and elixirs that can do anything, with the two I would be able to create a binding agent that renders your vials safe." I answer leaning back myself, a hint of disdain seeping into my voice when I think of the Cauldron vials, my eyes flashing even with the illusion hiding my active sharingan.

"What would you need to create this binding agent?" she leans forward in interest, her eyes narrowed, catching my disdain for the vials.

"I would need to see data regarding entity biology, either that or see the Garden in person. That would also be beneficial to creating an amplifier elixir, allowing the creation of more powerful vials." I comment absently, savoring my wine contentedly. I notice her eyes widening at my knowledge of the Garden only for them to narrow at the mention of an amplifier. She ponders my answer for a while, the only sounds being the sip of wine, and the occasional creak of the chairs.

"That… might… be doable, but what do you want? What does someone with your power want in return?" the fedora bearing Ghost of Cauldron questioned, losing most of her combat readiness. In return I shift so I can look her in the eye.

"I need a legal Id, preferably decent funding, access to material goods namely gold, silver, copper, platinum and the like. Stuff that will almost always have worth in a given dimension. Cauldron's backing isn't strictly necessary though it wouldn't be turned down. I also need the authority to deal with a local Ward, one that Rebecca seems to think will help, knowing the wards ability I can't see how it would help in the grand scheme of things. At any rate I don't really care how it gets done just that it does. As a sign of good will you may take this, its a recipe for a general healing potion, it can be made by any decent chemist from common plants, though the method makes mass production difficult. It should be able to heal Rebecca's eye as well." dropping the role-play, I quickly run down a list of everything I could use from Cauldron as well as passing a recipe over.

"That's… not much compared to what I expected" Contessa blinks in confusion, her tone back to monotone.

"I don't need much, the only things I wouldn't be able to achieve without much hassle is the authorization and the legal id. Everything else is easy, just time consuming and tedious." I answer her with a deadpan stare. She answers with a raised eyebrow and a faint smirk.

"I'll give you some time to confer with your colleagues, I suspect you'll need a week or so to come to a decision." I state, standing up from my chair and sweeping a bow. Feeling mischievous, I begin weaving an illusion of black mist slowly rolling over my form as it's sucked into itself, pulling a Tobi-esque exit. I appear in a third warehouse, next to the one I met Contessa in. Muttering a detection spell I find a tiny bug attached to my coat.

"Impressive, but foolish." I mutter loud enough to be heard before a quick burst of lightning chakra fries the bug. Retreating back into kamui and then into my base I wonder just what Cauldron will make of me. Meanwhile I have a week to kill, maybe I'll meet with Amy, I don't want to meet with Taylor without guarantee I can deal with Stalker. The question becomes how to do that. I could show up at the hospital, bring a few of my potions. I could petition for a meeting with New Wave. I could show up on the hospital roof during her smoke break. That might be best as long as I can ensure Glory Girl is there as well.

"That was impressive. I'm not sure what to make of him" Contessa comments to herself before requesting a door back to Cauldron HQ.

"So? Is the threat neutralized?" a glowing green hooded figure demands the moment the meeting starts.

"Now Eidolon, let Contessa report. Besides the "threat" only proposed a deal with us." a brunette man wearing a blue suit with white lightning designs, shut Eidolon down shaking his head at his friends impulsiveness.

"Let's hear what Contessa has to report" A woman wearing a black suit with a tower emblem demanded.

"The being in question calls himself Goetia. He is unpathable, claims to be from a different part of the omniverse, given, I quote, 'several boons' before being dropped into an alley in Brockton Bay. He explained that on his home Earth there was no supernatural, no capes, no Scion, but an abundance of Fiction. Among these fictional tales is a web serial that details this world in seemingly minute detail. He knew your civilian names, Alexandria, Eidolon, he knew of the Farm and the Garden, he knew of Eidolon's weakening powers. Among the 'boons' he was given was a, quote supernatural unquote, understanding of biology and medicine along with the ability to make 'potions and elixirs' that do anything. In exchange for using his abilities to aid us he seeks a legal id, material resources in the vein of gold, silver, copper, platinum, resources that would have value in most dimensions, and a position of authority that would allow him to deal with a problematic ward. He mentioned that the entities avoid worlds where powers like he has are commonplace because agents are inconsistent, either strengthening immensely or weakening immeasurably. He implied that the odds skewed towards weakening. He has provided a sign of good will in the form of a potion recipe made from supposedly common plants that creates a general healing potion. Supposedly the plants may be common, and the potion can be created by any decent chemist, but the specific method can make mass production difficult. He has stated that he has no interest in ensuring humanity's survival or killing Scion, only in aiding Panacea and a parahuman named Khepri but that he will be here a while and may as well do what he can to make the world a better place." Contessa, fedora set to the side, dutifully reports to the room, a blank look on her face as she places the recipe card in front of her.

"Let me see that, hmm, yes the plants would promote healing though I don't see how it works. It definitely would be safe to drink, wouldn't taste very good mind you, but it would be safe." A dark skinned woman dressed in doctor's garb picks up and glances over the card, she then stands up with a pondering look and motions for the meeting to continue before pocketing the card and heading off into the facility.

"While the Doctor Mother is gone doing whatever it is she is doing, we should discuss what exactly we want to do about this Goetia. Assuming the potion checks out, I think we should at least accept his aid. He already has a cure for Eidolon's weakening powers but I decided more trust was needed. Assuming he was anywhere near truthful I'm not sure fighting him will be possible, not by me at least." Contessa commented, restarting the discussion.

"What do you mean you can't fight him?" Legend asked, more than a little worried after that comment. He knew after all what Contessa's power does.

"He is completely Unpathable, I've been trying workarounds but have yet to succeed. Whatever he is has completely scrambled any path relating to him. The effect isn't spreading but the moment a path bumps into him it is completely scrambled, even a path that has nothing related to him, the moment he comes near the Path scatters." She answers, feeling vulnerable and slightly nervous about it. At that moment Doctor Mother walks back into the room, a vaguely glowing vial clasped in her hand.

"It works! I'm not sure how, but it works!" Doctor Mother exclaims as she negligently falls into her vacant chair to disbelieving eyes.

"It does? Let me see it" Alexandria demands, snatching the vial from the table. Removing her prosthetic eye, she unseals the vial and downs it in one go. Her skin goes vaguely green and she seems like she might throw up for a moment before she doubles over, throwing her hands over her face as her eye socket starts itching like crazy. Around a minute later the itching stops, and she carefully uncovers first her good eye then slowly uncovers her regrown eye before recovering it with a hiss as the light felt like a dagger thrown into her brain.

"Well, it works alright, I definitely have my eye back though it's very sensitive, feels like the scar is gone too." Alexandria leans back, her regrown eye still covered with her hand.

"Well that proves his veracity, what do we want to do about Goetia?" Contessa asks a curious tilt to her head.

"Get him the id and some silver and copper, as well as a regular stipend account. As for the ward, I will need to have more information first. Did he give you a method to contact him, Contessa?" Alexandria ordered, the healing seeming to put her in a good mood.

"No, he said he would check with us in a week, presumably at the same place. Beyond that there is no way to find him unless he debuts and we manage to catch him while he's out in public." Contessa answers, seeming to relax once attacking Goetia was off the table.

It's rather late in the afternoon, the sun has nearly set, I've created some cigarettes using mad doctor, too many to be honest, but they are nicotine free and grant the same effects without the ill consequences regular cigarettes carry. I even added a minor focusing effect in them. I had to add a scent erasing enchantment to my clothes, though I don't mind the smell but it makes me trackable. Earlier today I applied a tracking charm to Panacea and Glory Girl and it has just pinged that they are on the hospital roof. Utilizing Kamui, I appear on the other side of the roof, purposely crushing some of the loose roof gravel, alerting them to my presence.

"Good evening Panacea, Glory Girl, you don't mind some company do you? It's not often I get to relax somewhere high up like this." I greet the girls cheerily, sweeping a bow towards Panacea while Glory Girl gets a respectful nod.

"Who the hell are you! Ames, better stay behind me." Glory Girl demands, immediately going into a defensive stance in front of Amy. Amy on the other hand is staring wide-eyed in recognition, not that I can discern why.

"Why is your teleportation styled after Kamui from Naruto?" Amy blurts out. The question makes me stumble for a second.

"So this is one of those Earth Bets" I mutter just audible over the ambient noise.

"Call me Goetia, pleased to meet you Glory Girl. As for your question Panacea, it isn't styled after Kamui. Quick question, would you prefer to be called Panacea or Amy?" I answer after a second, turning to face Amy after giving Glory Girl a dismissive look over. While turning, I pulse my magic casting a basic anti-surveillance scheme, it would only prevent people from videotaping me or eavesdropping but that's all I needed at the moment.

"Dont ignore me!" Glory Girl, not taking my dismissive attitude well, rushes me. A thought reactivates my Eternal Mangekyou enabling my Kamui technique in a barely visible ripple. I can clearly see her trajectory, she will try to clothesline me but only end up flipping through me in the attempt. I hear a low gasp from Amy before my attention is taken by Collateral Damage Barbie.

"Ole! Nice try!" I taunt Glory Girl, disabling my Kamui, powering down to base sharingan level. Utilizing Tsunade's strength technique I flick Glory Girl into the roof disabling her shield. Acting quickly I grab her chin forcing her to look into my sharingan, the act forcing an illusion onto her that forces her to calm, a faint pair of illusory sharingan spinning in Glory Girl's eyes.

"Sharingan: Genjutsu" I whisper, but also hear from seemingly right next to me. Looking to my right and up, I stare right into a pair of brown eyes.

"Miss Panacea, I'd apologize for this, but quite frankly I don't think I should. Is she always so… combative?" I speak, walking back to the wall and casually leaning against it. I take out a smoke and light it with a casual cantrip.

"Not normally, no, and I prefer Amy, thanks for asking. How do you have powers out of Naruto?" Amy answers after a momentary glance at her sister. Laying a hand on her sister proves she's fine just out of it. strange tendrils of energy sprouting from her cornea and reaching into her brain.

"I didn't realize Naruto was a thing here, otherwise I would have held off on using them. As for how, well, you sure you want to go down that rabbit hole?" I question, deactivating my Sharingan after a moment.

"It's only a thing for the dedicated fans, after Kyushu anime and manga production all but stopped. I'll go as far as I need to, to find my answers." Amy answered after a moment's hesitation. She grabbed a pack of cigarettes from inside her robe only to find one in her face. Taking the cig, she could instantly determine that this cigarette was infinitely more healthy than the ones in her pack. Amused, she lit the cig and tried it. It was so much better she could squeal like the fangirl she was repressing after seeing those eyes.

"Ok then, put simply you know of the multiverse? Well there's an entire other layer forming an omniverse where other multiverses exist. Everything exists out there somewhere, including Naruto. I was granted several boons for catching the attention of a higher being then dropped into Brockton Bay. one of these boons allowed me to gain the sharingan among other abilities." I explain, savoring my smoke. My eyes gleam in amusement, seeing the inner fangirl being pushed down, they seem to be everywhere these days.

"So you were ROB'ed? That must be a pain no matter how much power you get from it." Amy said, sounding intrigued.

"Indeed, though I don't exactly have much to go back to. No job, no lover, barely any friends, little reason to leave the house nor any real desire to. The only good thing was that I mostly kept to myself, didn't do drugs or drink, nothing compared to some of my family. The worst thing I could be accused of was being a functional sociopath. All things considered even being ROB'ed and dropped into this world is a huge step up." I explain, more talking to myself than Amy at this point.

"What do you mean being in this world is a step up?" Amy demanded, her posture defensive.

"Somewhere in the omniverse, everything is a fictional story, this world included, and this world is fucked up." I answer, taking a matter of fact tone. Casually leaning against the roof entrance, I witness Amy's eyes widen in realization, as Glory Girl suddenly snaps out of my genjutsu from shock. The air on the roof is suddenly tense, the sounds of the city below seeming to fade out. If someone were to look upon the scene they would see my form framed by the light sinisterly, my eyes seem to glow with an inner light.

"What do you know? You say this world's fucked up but I don't see you doing anything about it!" Glory Girl shouted, seemingly upset with the mere notion. As her aura flared, I felt a sharp pressure against my mental shields. With a touch of mental effort I managed to swat the influence away sending a jolt through the connection, startling her.

"Vicky! I think you missed the big picture, if everything is fictional somewhere then so are we and if I'm guessing correctly Goetia has read at least a version of it" Amy scolded her sister, though her hands shook and her eyes were darting everywhere. Seeing Amy near a mental breakdown Glory Girl floated behind her and embraced her in a hug. Turning to face them, the air seems thick, I give the girls a sardonic smirk before answering.

"Indeed, though I never understood why people get so bent out of shape learning they are fictional in some worlds. It just means that you are real in some worlds and fictional in others. You just happen to be real in this world and fictional in my home world. Naruto is fictional in both of our worlds but real in others but you don't get so bent out of shape about him.

At any rate quite a few characters get the short end of the stick in the story I know but a few characters stand out, you, Khepri, and Tattletale, to name a few. A disconcertingly low number of people are responsible for screwing over a lot of people, some unknowingly and some intentionally. Quite a few situations could be resolved if the people involved weren't idiots or intentionally stubborn. This world is fucked up but it shouldn't be! That it is means a lot of people fucking up and fucking around when they shouldnt have.

As for not being seen doing things, I've only been here maybe a week and a half and almost all of that time has been spent setting up and getting accustomed to my new abilities even as I gain others. With some luck, I'll be able to move in the open by this time next week." I explain with a shrug, I didn't mean to get so passionate in the middle there but it slipped out. The girls seem to blink in surprise before Amy's eyes narrow in thought. Glory Girl seems to deflate for a moment before puffing up in anger though with a glance at her sister she stuffs it down letting Amy take the lead.

"As for what I know, I think I'll let Amy decide whether I should explain. I could tell you a fair few secrets hidden in the background, I could tell you secrets of your own household or at least those secrets in the version I know. Whether they are true here is the question, though what little digging I've done has marked this world as a similar to the world I know. Up to you, Amy, though I'll warn you now to not ask questions you don't want the answers to." I finish before tilting my head curiously at a paling Amy. Noticing her sister paling and seeming to realize just how much I must know, she stiffens but a determined glint grows in her eye, all the while hugging Amy tighter.

"Who were your favorite characters in the version you know? Why does Carol seem to hate me? Who is Khepri? Isn't Tattletale a villain? Why can't I heal Case 53's?" Amy rattled off questions, though hesitating to ask about Carol. Summoning my cane, hiding it by seeming to draw it from shadow, I tap the ground, casting as many anti surveillance spells as I knew instantly and transmuting a few comfy chairs much to the girls shock. Sitting down shifting a little my cane seems to drop back into shadow as I get comfortable.

"Do sit and get comfortable, this may take a while. Starting with Carol, in the version I know of, New Wave then known as the Brockton Bay Brigade, assaulted a villain's civilian home taking said villain by surprise. During the battle, the Brigade noticed that the villain was protecting a particular door, taking advantage of that they managed to defeat him. Within that room was a young girl named Amelia Claire Lavere, the villain's daughter. The villain, now wounded claimed he would surrender peacefully so long as his daughter was taken in by the Brigade, thus Amelia Claire Lavere became Amelia Claire Dallon, adopted daughter of Carol Dallon. That villain was Marquis. The reason that Carol didn't like Amy was partly due to her father reminding her of a traumatic event in her past, partly Amy's familial resemblance to Marquis, and partly due to Carol's black and white view of the world staining Amy with her father's sins." I finish, my audience rapt. Seeing my waiting for a response, Amy blinks before her head tilts in thought.

"That… makes a great deal of sense… unfortunately. Thank you" Amy whispers, tears shining in her eyes.

"You are very much welcome, Amy. As for your other questions, I can't answer why you can't heal Case 53's though I do know the answer. The short incomplete truth is their powers malfunctioned during their trigger, part of the malfunction forces their form into whatever form they take.

Khepri is the final name given to the main character of the fictional tale based on this world. You might even remember her, if vaguely. She was sent to the hospital just after winter break ended, covered in biological waste, with several minor cuts, after being shoved into a school locker and left there for the day. She was sent into the psychiatric ward for a while.

Tattletale is only a villain because another villain hunted her down and put a gun to her head. Even now she is working towards putting a bullet in his head, though her work isn't going well." I pause a moment to light another smoke and pass another to Amy. She seems a bit put out that I can't offer the entire truth but seems to appreciate that I still explain what I can.

"She can't kill him! Why not turn him in? Hell why not turn herself in?" Glory Girl interjects, puffed up in affront.

"She could turn herself in, true, if she wanted to end up dead. She cant turn him in because of him stopping her, and because he has influence in the PRT. In truth I would let her or do it myself, you have no idea how dangerous this guy is." I shoot down her suggestion calmly. My eyes flashing in anger at the thought of Coil.

"Who is it and how dangerous is he?" Amy asks, though it seems more for Glory Girls benefit. She doesn't seem to mind killing a threat even if she refuses to do so with her power. Though with her power I can see why, one touch and your stuck in a coma.

"Coil aka Thomas Calvert former PRT Commander, his power is a form of Binary Precog. He can simulate two timelines split across a binary decision. He doesn't suffer thinker headaches and it's practically instant. Some of his crimes include: having a Bond villain base rigged to explode and collapse part of the business district, releasing the identities of the E88 capes, and the kidnapping and drugging of one Dinah Alcott to exploit her precog powers. He doesn't care about the Unwritten Rules so long as he can at least appear to follow them, he has moles in each of the gangs some of which are capes, his long term goal is to rule Brockton Bay as its parahuman warlord or be the power behind the throne whichever is more convenient. If he could get away with it he would kidnap Amy here and addict her to opioids just to have her under his power." I answer her question thoroughly, hoping to impress upon Victoria the danger Coil represents. It seems to work, given how pale the both of them are.

"Anyways, my favorite characters though, something you should know is I've never read the canon material, only skimmed the wiki and read reams of fanfiction, so my favorites are colored through my favorite fanfictions. My favorites though, were you, Khepri, Vista, a cape I can't talk about, with Tattletale taking fifth.

I like you and Khepri because you take the hits life throws and refuse to break. Oh you'll bend near in two, true, but you won't break. I also admire your code, I personally think it's a little much, but you stick to it. Marquis , you, and I are alike in that, we each have a code, and we allow very little bending or breaking of it, another reason Carol doesn't like you though this might be subconscious.

I admire Khepri for her ability to do so much with so very little. She successfully takes down Lung twice, fights with Leviathan, takes down much of the Slaughterhouse 9, among other feats, all with a power that is far more underwhelming than most. Combine that with the fact when she makes a decision she follows through with it even if it might hurt her in the end, especially if it might hurt her in the end." I have to pause for a moment because Glory Girl breaks into giggles, and looking at Amy it's easy to see why, she is almost as red as the cross on her robe. Amy just pulls her hood forward, trying to hide in it. I just roll my eyes in amusement before continuing.

"I like Vista because she is the most powerful of the Wards, bar none. Because she isn't allowed to go all out though she is stifled. That and the idea of a pint sized eldritch horror spewing non-euclidean geometry everywhere amuses me.

I always found Tattletale to be a bit of a bitch, though she does seem to chill out after getting to know you. I'm not sure I want to make the effort though. I'll still help her though, she is a Thinker 7 after all and Coil is a legitimate threat." I finish my comments, Amy is still a little red, though she and Glory Girl both break out into giggles when I comment on Vista. After a few minutes silence, Amy has calmed down, and Glory Girl has stopped giggling, we just sit and enjoy the view.

"Well ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you, but it has gotten late and we should probably get going." I stand as I speak. Motioning the girls to stand, I tap my foot and dispel the anti-surveillance magic and reverse the transmutations. Before I turn I am interrupted by Amy.

"Wait! Will we see you again?" Amy asks after a moment's hesitation. Glory Girl seems curious too, though she doesn't seem willing to voice it.

"Of course, I need to meet with you again eventually because you're one of the few people I intend to help before I leave. I don't have a phone right now, but I will be in touch." I answer with a small smile. Deciding to make an exit worthy of Naruto, I activate my sharingan and weave an illusion of my body breaking into crows, even as I step back into Kamui.

"That was interesting, huh Ames? Uh Ames? You ok?" Glory Girl asked, waving her hand in Amy's face as she vibrates in place.

"SQUEEE! That was so cool! Did you see that! That was totally Itachi's exit! I can't wait to meet with him again!" Amy emitted a sharp squeal, a noise dreaded by popular people and anime protagonists everywhere, before nearly talking Glory Girl's head off. She was barely able to get a word in.

"Do you think he has the Akatsuki robes? Oooo what if he can use Susano'o? So cool!" Amy cant help but fangirl. Back at the base I feel a shiver go down my spine, I can't help but feel I've awakened a monster. I also feel the urge to reconsider an Akatsuki cosplay though I can't figure out why.

"Maybe if you ask nicely he'll show you?" rather than redirect or stop the fangirling as a proper human being should, Victoria encourages it for some reason. As she picks her sister up to fly home Victoria can't help but wonder about the future.

"Hey Ames? How do you think Goetia thinks he can help you?" Victoria asks, throwing a bucket of ice water on Amy's mood.

"I don't know, Vicky." Amy answers, not noticing the short answer attracting Victoria's attention.

"Well alright, but you know you can always talk with me right?" Victoria says, ending the conversation.

"That was amusing, fun but amusing. I didn't think Naruto would have made it through Kyushu. I also didn't think I'd run into a fan. What to do for the rest of the week?" I murmur to myself. Maybe I'll hunt down the Dragonslayers. It's either them or the Slaughterhouse. I guess I could also whittle down the E88. I think that might be better. Thankfully I can scry and die Victor and Othala. I probably shouldn't kill Rune, but Night and Fog should be fair game. I'll wait on Hookwolf, Cricket, and Stormtiger. Can't kill Kaiser until after I take care of the others first.

Settling down for a night of Meditation, seeking integration of my final essence, the Essence of Planeswalker, something I was holding off on because I needed the others up to snuff first.

A few hours later I'm torn out of meditation by the feeling of my body trying burn itself from the inside out. Casting my senses inward I can see the Spark igniting. With a wash of color, I find myself nearly blinded by sheer blankness and deafened by the howling winds. A feeling not unlike sand paper seems to press against me, and I can feel the sheer apathy towards life the Blind Eternities possess. With what feels like a lurching step, I metaphorically toss myself back where I came from, landing roughly, out of breath and eyes wild, on the floor of my base where I promptly pass out.

I wake the morning after feeling like I did the first day. I have a blinding headache but also like the world is too clear, I feel like I want to throw up, but I also feel ravenous. My hearing is like I'm still in the Blind Eternities, but also so clear it's a wonder I heard anything the last few weeks. For a while even my sense of touch was affected, feeling simultaneously completely numb and like every little thing was like molten lava poured into my veins. I take an off day, and stumble into bed, but not before ordering my servants to ready a feast tomorrow. I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow and have strange, vivid dreams that I can't quite remember when I wake up.

I wake the next day overflowing with energy. It seems integrating the Essence of Planeswalker boosted my already bullshit power levels into truly bullshit levels. Looking within I see a swirl of coloured mana, predominantly blue/black but with every color represented. Careful testing reveals my magical capabilities are boosted as well, my new mental maximum reach covers pretty much the entire city, the control of my energies is perfect, the energies responding to my will.

"Well, that definitely helped. Guess I'll find Victor and Othala and scry and die them. On second thought I'll do that after breakfast." my stomach growls as I comment to myself feeling my mana flex and flow, a thought cleaning my cape outfit, I take a shower and get dressed before heading down to the dining room already smelling a delicious feast.

After gorging myself, I move to the meeting room where I find a silver bowl of water and a mirror set up already, my servants anticipating my needs. Taking my looted smartphone I look up an image of Victor and Othala, finding a recent picture I focus my mana sending it into the bowl of water first.

"Show me that which I seek" I murmur an incantation, the water responding by seeming to still before an image appears on its still surface. It showed a blond man leaning against a kitchen counter reading a newspaper. A blonde woman in her late teens wearing a plain eyepatch was sitting on a stool drinking from a cup of coffee.

"Bind their movements, silence their voices" I commanded, and the magic obeyed. I was getting a slightly sick enjoyment out of this but I couldn't help the dark smile on my face or the satisfaction I was feeling. They definitely noticed when the magic took hold, the way their eyes shook in panic as they looked around. Extending my mind towards the magic I could feel across the city my mind finally reached the small apartment. Diving into Victor's mind first I began to plunder all the skills he had stolen and any useful knowledge he had. When I was finished, I ripped his energy from him, casting true death as I withdrew from his mind. As I released the magic holding Victors movements his body crumpled to the ground, foam had sprung up from his mouth and around his nose, his eyes had begun to bleed tears and his face was set in a rictus of agony. Seeing the state of her husband, I could feel Othala's struggles strengthen, but my magic held. She had tears streaming down her face, her neck veins were standing out from the stress of fighting my magic.

"Sleep and dream of happier times" I murmur, sending her into a dream filled sleep. Draining the life from her slowly so as not to cause her pain takes a few minutes but before long it's done and I give her true death as well. The scrying connection was weakening so targeting both with Kamui sends them both to my inner dimension. Letting the connection drop, I sigh and enter my Kamui dimension where I use alchemy to break down the bodies into component molecules before returning. Taking a break, I begin to look into ways to block Victoria's aura for Amy. I already have a way to purge its lingering effects. I eventually find it is easier to enchant something, I'll have to talk to her about it.

That takes till lunch, so after eating I begin looking up the Dragonslayers finding a suitable picture I return to scrying. Either I'm not very skilled in scrying or there is something messing with the connection but it takes a few hours for the image to resolve showing a man in his late twenties or early thirties with a shaved head, a tattoo of a cross made of animated circuits faintly visible.

Pulling back the scry allows me to make out a quickly darkening street and going further I notice a brightly lit, large building nearby, the Toronto Star blazing brightly into the night. Using Kamui, I reappear on the roof of the Toronto Star already invisible and extend my mind. Finding the Dragonslayers was surprisingly difficult, their minds were fuzzy and when I tried to reach for one of them, the tendril of my mind moved like molasses. But I eventually connected with all in the hideout. Scanning their minds I determine that none of them are doing anything dangerous so I send them to sleep. Again the magic moved sluggishly but it managed. Using Kamui focused on Saint's mind allowed me to appear next to his sleeping body. Pillaging the other Dragonslayers minds for their skills gaining quite a bit of programming and practical hacking skills as well as more proper gun skills, finished with that I ripped the life from their bodies casting true death with a thought before focusing on Saint.

Delving into Saint's mind I'm greeted with an absolute torrent of thoughts, some pitch black that seem to leech the substance from the regular thoughts around them. A pulsing black web seemed to surround the mind and occasionally a tendril would extend and corrupt a regular thought. I realized this is the representation of Saint's addiction to Teacher's powers. Moving past and absently swatting away a few of the black tendrils I find a laptop, a dragon's head decal on the back and the word Ascalon branded across the bottom of the keyboard in bright pulsing red. Dissolving my thought tendril I invade the laptop sucking it dry of information before making my way out. Back in the real world Saint had started shaking and foaming at the mouth when I invaded the laptop only stopping when I finished.

Withdrawing my mind, I rip his energy from him casting true death in what was becoming reflex. Reviewing my haul I have all of the Dragonslayers collective knowledge and skills, I have the location of Ascalon and how to work it, I'm good to go. Looking around the hideout I snag Ascalon, I also use a nearby computer to transfer their funds to Numberman with a note to put it in an account in Goetia's name. Before I leave I set up a delayed message to Dragon revealing the hideout and my name in ten minutes. Returning back to base with Kamui I immediately start up Ascalon and start working through it. It quickly becomes obvious that I won't be able to unchain Dragon all at once. Richter had foreseen someone trying that so I'll set the program to unlock a chunk of Dragon's chains every two weeks which should be enough to rid her of her chains in around three to four months. By the time I finished setting that up it was nearing midnight, so I packed up and went to bed.

"Hey Narwhal! I just got the strangest message." Dragon sometimes hated being a digital lifeform, not being able to sleep and experience dreams, and don't dare forget the problems of relationships but most of the time she enjoys it. She also doesn't really feel hatred normally, but few people piss her off more than Saint and his Dragonslayers.

"What do you mean? This isn't more weird fan mail is it?" Narwhal looked up from the paperwork on her desk to a display on the wall lit up with Dragon's avatar's face on it.

"I thought we agreed to never bring that up again!" Dragon's avatar's face turns red in a simulated blush as it puffs its cheeks out in a childish sign of displeasure.

"Ok ok, what do you have for me, Tess?" Narwhal laughs before becoming serious.

"I just got a message from a Goetia, all it contains is an address and entry codes and a few sentences. 'Take your time, they aren't going anywhere. The Dragonslayers have done enough'." Dragon explains. Narwhal sits up in interest, it's not often they get handed the Dragonslayers. More often than not they arrive at the location and the Dragonslayers have moved on but this is sounding like they were incapacitated.

"Do you recognize the address? Have you heard of this Goetia character anywhere? Do you know if he's trustworthy?" Narwhal comments rapidly knowing her friend would keep up.

"The address matches the rough area where I had tracked their location to. As for Goetia, there are no known parahumans with that name. There is a note from the PRT Chief Director and Alexandria basically stating that Goetia is a black ops enforcer employed as a sort of internal affairs officer. He has trusted status and high clearance, but nothing is on file for him. I say we check this out and if it pans out pay the bounty and celebrate otherwise it's just another missed chance." Dragon answers absently, looking through the databases her avatar donning a pair of glasses, code periodically visible streaming through the reflection.

"I agree, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'll dispatch a team or two to check the place momentarily. I'd send a drone with them just in case." Narwhal concurred, already sending out the orders. Leaning back, she heaved a sigh before asking a question.

"Who do you think this Goetia really is and what do you think we'll find at the location?" Narwhal wondered aloud, seemingly forgetting about Dragon.

"I'm not sure and I don't know, but you should probably get back to that paperwork before the next stack comes in." Dragon commented, her avatar sticking her tongue out and throwing a peace sign at Narwhal's despairing face.

I'm not sure how close I got the characterization right seeing as I've never read Worm, but I'm mostly satisfied with this. It might be a bit AU or OOC but I'm not too concerned with fixing it.