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Chapter 1: Why one should always be careful

A renowned establishment for young men and women searching for high-grade education in the region where it is located.

Kuoh Academy makes its good figure with its illustrious teacher staff and model rule-book, both shining brightly compared to the other institutes present within the area.

Once an All-Girl school that would prepare students for diplomacy-related jobs that was proudly considered unique in its kind, the state of things changed when the high-quality drove him some non-negligible amount of coin.

The decision to switch to a co-ed system was born from a unanimous agreement by the previous school board after a large increase of funds that was received years ago from various donors that were interested in improving the already-growing institue.

This money was then used to allow the construction of a prominent complex of buildings styled after a delicate mix of Japanese and European unique architectural designs.

A prestigious place of learning where culture is the main priority for the harmonious body formed by teachers and student, but it was also place for a simple but sadly persistent issue that gave to the whole Academy a less than pleasant reputation compared to less-known institutes.

The name of this trouble was 'the Perverted Trio'.

Perverts had been a glaring problem that existed back since the decision of opening to male students passed, especially with the viciousness that certain young men were keen to adopt in their stay at the Academy.

The stern rules that were immediately applied to counter this horrible development managed to reduce the amount of the pests studying at the high school by a large margin, bringing some peace back to the respectful establishment.

Yet The Trio could be considered a special case compared to the older issue here mentioned.

Created by three specific students that had started their school year just a year before the beginning of this curious tale, the group had been infamously known for its overly-careful manner in dealing with the various perverted instances they sought to create.

While the school board was mostly-unable to properly deal with this recurring issues due to some suspicious laws that had been passed mere years ago, the female population wasn't limited to see them as a threat that they needed to deal personally.

Thus the various and sound beatings that some of these young men were forced to suffer through, the main idea behind those being the one of deterrence from having them act on those primal urges once more.

Yet the story isn't as it was told, or at least this was but just part of was the known part of the story.

There was another deterrent the Trio was supposed to face all those times they tried to lewd after innocent, but very violent girls that studied at Kuoh Academy.

It was during an hour after the end of the school day when the first burst of girly shrieks reached my ears and, having been doing this for months now, I knew that the owner of such shrieks wasn't female at all.

"Motohama! You better not be hiding in the Girl's storage room again because I will not be as kind as last time!" I shouted as I slowly patrolled the area.

I was still sweating a little after the brief chase I had been previously engaged while trying to find the last of the two present perverts today.

His comrade had been caught early on in the action as the girls that they had been peeping on, young students that had been returning from a volleyball practice, were quick to take notice of their lecherous stares and cameras.

The bespectacled moron had decided to bolt the moment they had been caught, leaving Matsuda to be subjected to quite the pummeling from the furious ladies.

It took me some effort to not flinch at the sheer brutality displayed, my attention completely shifted towards the coward boy.

No honor among idiots, I thought tiredly as I continued this silly game of hide and seek with the young teen, trying to find out where he was hiding away.

"Man, this isn't the first time we had to do this and you know well enough more than me that making things harder will not get you out of this situation."

There was some noises now erupting from the storage room and soon a familiar pervert slamming the doors open while trying to make a run for it.

He seemed shocked, surprised to have failed to remember that I had been far too close for him to make a run for it without being tackled by me.

Slamming head first, the boy groaned under my weight and soon I had him pulled up.

"C-Can we talk about this, H-Hoitsu-kun?" He let out a quick, nervous chuckle which I replied with a tired sigh.

"We can chat about the nice weather and how is school, but sadly I cannot have you skip righteous punishment," I muttered quietly, ignoring the panic surging at my words.

He squirmed a little in my hold while we started to slowly walk towards the girl that was currently approaching us.

Long, straight black hair that reached down to her knees, split into several bangs. She had heterochromatic eyes, one a soft violet while the other with a pleasant chocolate shade.

Tsubaki Shinra was a truly gorgeous young woman to look at, but I was mindful enough to not ogle at her.

She was afterall the Vice-president of the Student Council and my 'Second' Boss, and I considered the bespectacled lady someone with an admirable sense of duty for her work.

I couldn't just disrespect her like that, especially before this circumstance.

The girl nodded towards me the moment she got close enough to understand the predicament she was staring at, shaking her head at the sight of the pervert in my grasp.

"Motohama-san and Matsuda-san caused chaos once again?" Tsubaki asked in a somewhat rhetorical voice before sighing tiredly at my nod. "I would have thought you two would have learned from getting beaten so harshly last time."

Surprisingly enough the glass-wearing pervert huffed.

"The girls were violent a-and the council shouldn't condone this kind of violen-Eeck!" The boy tried to pull away from my grasp, noticing almost instantly the glare the girl was giving to him.

"Violence which is caused by your unbecoming acts, pervert," She scolded sternly, earning another whimper from the teen as we escorted him back to the teacher lounge.

Once we were there, one of the senseis picked the boy out of our jurisdiction to deal with him by giving him a proper punishment for the misdeed he had committed.

It wasn't much but at least there was an effort from the two of us.

I started to walk back toward the student council's room with Tsubaki.

"Those three are incredibly resilient to the ministrations of the strongest females in this school," I mentioned with a drained sigh. "Seriously, I think they are actually enjoying this at this point-"

"N-Now that I remember about it- Sorry, Hoitsu-san, I didn't want to interrupt you but..." The girl bowed her head apologetically, but continued as I gave her a polite smile and gestured her to continue. "Sona-taichou said that today's session will be skipped because Momo and Tomoe were busy with some important appointments and couldn't participate to, thus it has been de-"

"-layed," I interrupted with a mirthful tone and a small smile, making Tsubaki blushing a little at the fact that this wasn't the first time it happened. "There is no need to make this kind of news this highly-detailed. Still, thank you for the warning, Tsubaki-san."

She nodded happily at my words, but soon our conversation was cut short as we realized that we had to part ways for different motivations.

I didn't have now a reason to go to the council's room, having already done more than enough of my usual tasks to make my way back home earlier than normal.

Homework wasn't certainly going to be done without my input and today Math-sensei did leave quite the heavy work that he wanted to see completed by tomorrow morning.

Yawning quietly and stretching a little my arms at the stiffness trying to take hold over those, I paced swiftly through the deserted halls of the school with my mind set to reach the main entrance of the school.

Finally, I reached the large corridor that led right to the glass doors that divided the school building from the outside courtyard.

I was about to reach out for one of the doors' handles to open it when I stopped at the sound of footsteps approaching me from behind.

Blinking, I turned around and I was found myself greeted by a certain smiling brunet making his way towards me.

"Issei-kun?" I muttered calmly, trying to wrap up the fact that this was the first time I hadn't seen him waste time around the other two perverts and… didn't he disappear for most of the school time today?


"Hoitsu-senpai, can I walk with you back home? I need to tell you about some epic news and-"

I sighed tiredly at the cheerful tone, dreading at what kind of 'epic news' the younger teen had experienced today.

There were so many terrible things I could be hearing once we were out of the building and as I listened to his tale, I couldn't help but scowl inwardly.

This part of the story was known to me, it was the beginning of DxD and… how did I miss Raynare's attack?!

"Rias-buchou is so awesome, senpai," The brunet continued with his narration of the day, his main topic being the fact that he got accepted as a member of the Occult Club led by the redhead beauty of Kuoh, Rias Gremory.

My name is Hoitsu Sakakibara… or is it Sakakibara Hoitsu? Japanese styling of names and all…

Anyway! I'm what many would call a Self-Insert, or someone from the 'original world' that is either 'shifted' to a different universe or replaces a determined character, may those be important (and known) or secondary (and particularly unknown).

"...a-and then there was this shower built inside the room that…"

My situation is specifically a replacement of a character I'm fairly sure is a… OC within this dimension, a person that within the 'Canon' version of this universe shouldn't be existing or at least wasn't showed within the show.


I woke up a few months ago, way earlier than the beginning of the plot.

I was already enlisted to Kuoh Academy by the time I discovered that I was now in this world of Devils, Fallen Angels, and True Angels.

And while I was sure that I could certainly dodge some nasty bullets along the way, knowing how ugly the plot was going to turn into with proper plannings, the preparation I had long established to conclude in the long-term some of the more 'unpleasant notes' of this series have yet to be completed.

"...Koneko-chan is adorable!…"

I wormed myself in the Student Council early on as to gain a proper insight over the school, obtaining the rule as a serious treasurer under Sona's stern but fair leadership.

The role came as a surprise because I had expected that, even with the petty elections that saw me appointed to the position, Sona would have meddled with the results for the sake of putting in the council some more from her peerage.

"...Akeno-senpai is so nice and-…"

Still, I didn't show any suspicious reaction in accepting the charge from her, showing some genuine happiness at the 'results of my hard work'.

I knew I did more than enough to conquer the place, but the doubt of losing that seat of power because of favoritism regarding her peerage? That was a legitimate fear of mine that lingered until a little after I was given the position.

"...Kiba looks like a jerk…"

And while I consolidated myself at school as one of the good students that abode to the rules, I actually managed to find some time to scavenge for some magic books just about a few weeks ago from.

The pace of learning and training in the Arcane Arts only delayed by the duties at school and the nagging of my new parents regarding my already-excellent grades at school.

I was doing pretty well with exams, but much to my eternal dismay I ended up with a man and a woman that wished for their son to strive and reach the highest point in society, to never rest from the never-ending climb to the top.

A big objective that I just barely wanted to personally achieve, since there were more important situations to deal with first-

"Ne, senpai. Are you ignoring me… again?"

I blinked back to reality as I caught Issei's words, glancing quickly at him and shrugging sheepishly.

"Sorry, Ise. Dealing with stuff with the council and-"

"Oh? Is it Sona-senpai or Tsubaki-senpai the 'stuff' that you are dealing with?"

The lewd tone, I didn't like that one.

Thus I proceeded to land a quick karate chop on his head and, while this might have caused a reaction with little strength, I decided to add a little more as I knew that the boy wasn't human anymore.

The hit did work miracle as the teen recoiled at the quick punishment, huffing at the 'treacherous tone' I had around the Perverted Trio. "S-Senpai, this is unfair! You have many gorgeous women around and you refuse the accept the idea of having a harem-"

"Because it is a flawed idea of making everyone happy, Ise." I replied quickly, this bickering not the first regarding this very topic. "A man can't give equal love to more than a woman. The relationship would be unhealthy and get very unstable after some time."

He pouted but, like always, decided to not continue the losing battle.

Issei has been a… goddamn kick in the nuts.

While I had been amused by the way he behaved in a few scenes in the anime, I had thought that in this very predicament he would have been a little less into the 'fan-service' part, just like his Manga self.

I was immensely wrong, but also capable of mending some of the issues early on.

Being older than him, I was quick to have him recognize my role as his senpai.

I was still a model to him, someone that he could try and look up for in case of necessities.

After a month of tiring efforts, I had managed to achieve a level of control over the naive brunet that long transcended what some Oppai could achieve.

Maybe a little bit beyond some simple Oppai, but enough to get him to steer away from committing the worst of the lecherous act he could think off.

It was all in the hopes of getting some girlfriend in the process for him, a diluted objective compared to his early Harem plans.

It was unreal to some degrees, especially with sharing and giving the proper attention to everyone in the group.

But considering the kind of person that I was slowly turning him to be… maybe there was a chance for a harem for him.

"Still, it has to feel good to be invited to the Occult Club by Rias-san herself," I pointed out quietly, choosing to bring some little relief in that defeat of his. "You seem to have caught her eye with whatever you did… and I hope it wasn't anything perverted."

He blinked, his cheek reddening in embarrassment at the subtle jab.

"J-Just being normal and trustworthy-" Issei's eyes blinked as he found himself staring at the ground. "I… Senpai?"

"Mhh?" Now that was a quick change of personality.

"D-Do you believe me about what I said about Yuuma-chan?"

I blinked in surprise at that question, not expecting him to actually probe about this subject even now that he had been recruited by Rias.

I did kind of forget that this little thing was a reason for Issei to doubt himself early on about his state of mind and all of that.

I sighed calmly and nodded.

"I don't believe that."

At hearing my words he deflated immensely at this first bit, but I wasn't done yet.

"No, I know that there was a girl that asked you out."

… "Eh?!"

"Ise, you were shouting about this yesterday, bragging how a 'connoisseur of the fine female body' can get a girlfriend," I pressed on with a small grin. "I think it would be impossible for your senpai to forget the joyous state you were just yesterday."

He had the decency to blush again.

"I-It wasn't that bad and-"

The new Devil stopped in his words, his eyes widening as he looked up in the sky and I frowned as I realized where we were right now.

We both tensed up, but while his was an instinctual reaction, mine was one of rational knowledge

I recognized the fountain and the benches swiftly and I could feel some familiarity with the trees there in this… park.

The sky looked as if it had been painted by someone suffering from some heavy LSDs influence and I tensed even more as I felt someone walking right behind us with the intention of-

"To think I would end up encountering a human and a Devil this late in the day."

We turned to see a man wearing a trench-coat and a hat, both apparels hiding his appearance from our eyes but… I knew who we were looking at.

Dohnaseek, one of the few Fallen Angels that had joined Raynare and Kokabiel in their little rebellion against Azazel over the matter of Sacred Gears.

Issei looked scared at the energy coming from the man, surely comparing this very situation to the one that saw him dying against the backstabbing lady that had him on a date.

He looked ready to bolt away from this hellish instance but he managed to keep quiet and stand his ground as he noticed that I wasn't particularly fearful of this strange predicament.


"I know, Ise," I said quickly, understanding his concerns over the dreadful situation but… feeling quite ready to face someone of his caliber, especially with what I had planned to do with one of those Fallen Angels.

"But I have a plan."

It's all for science, after all!

The middle-aged man chuckled at my confident words.

"'A plan'? Do you seriously think anything you could come up with would work on me?" He pressed on with a mocking tone, ready to deride the 'sorry state' we were going to be if we didn't react properly to him.

But I just gave him a wide smile.

"I can assure you, prick, that my plan is the best plan possible and you should have expected guests."

My finger pointed right behind him and he turned to look, trying to find any intruders he had not detected and…

There was no one.

He turned around out of instinct, mouth hanging open and ready to call out my 'silly' bluff but he stopped at what I was trying to pull here in this deadly circumstance.

Pumping energy into my lower limbs the very moment he had turned around to play with my trick, I grabbed Issei close and turned around myself, legs moving quickly and swiftly as I muttered a grand hero's true strategy out-loud.

"Nigerundayo, Ise!"

"WHAT?" The brunet yelled under my arm, squirming a little as I rushed deeper into the foliage.

"You little shits!" Dohnaseek yelled furiously.

The Fallen Angel looked absolutely pissed and tried to get himself flying to try and intercept us from getting too far but-


-he ended up slamming on some tree branches in the supposedly simple process.

Face bleeding from the impact and his logic vanished because of the humiliation and the injury he had sustained, the Fallen Angel didn't stop in his pursuit and continued to give chase despite his new wound.

I sighed at his persistence and I decided that the distance we got over him was enough to start laying down a new plan.

Turning some of the corners through the trees, I jumped on a bush, Issei yelping as he took most of the fall damage in the process.

I was still human, and that kind of hit wasn't meant to be worrying to a Devil, even a new one as Issei.

"S-Senpai, what are you-"

"Be quiet, Ise." I stated with a stern tone, my hands glowing as I started to place some magical signs all over the trees...

"Now, this is my real plan."

The lights coming from the seals softened to a calm hue, and soon disappeared as nothing had happened there.

"Now you stay here as I deal with this annoyance, okay?"

"S-Senpai, don't-"

But despite his best attempt to keep me from leaving the hideout, I yawned as I walked on the clearing and waited to be spotted by the Fallen Angel.

"There you are!"

Launching in a burst of speed, the middle-aged man gave off an animalistic glare, akin to a predator finally catching its prey and then-


Eyes widening, Dohnaseek dropped the Light Spear he had created while rushing towards me, several silver-colored strings keeping him stuck still mid-air.

"For being someone that pride himself as one of the 'strongest' Fallen Angels, you sure suck in keeping yourself out of an ambush, Dohnaseek-san," I hummed quietly, my silky voice latching at my words.

He tensed at his real name being mentioned. "Y-You bastard-UGH!" The strings started to squeeze at him and I sighed.

"To think that a simple spell like the 'Silver Lining' could give you this much trouble and…" I crouched to pick the still-present Spear, humming at its magical composition. "What an interesting conjuration we have here."

"You pitiful human! Once your Magical Core go empty, your life is forfei- STAB -!"

The previously clean spear was now stained with his blood, the man looking down as I continued to push it deeper inside his torso.

Trembling in pain and fear, the Fallen Angel seemed to have understood that this wasn't going to be a warning for his group, that I wasn't going to let him free.

There wouldn't be any warning for soon-to-be terrorists.

I sighed again this time showing a curt smile at the dying man.

"Your little rebellion is going to end very soon," He tensed up in panic at my words. "Kokabiel isn't the sharpest planner, isn't he?"

His eyes widened even more at the mentioning of his boss, but his attention was mostly diverted in trying to live through the painful experience but-


The spear was pulled out almost instantly and pushed once more in his body, the damaged part this time being… his heart.

There was an instance of inner realization that his life was slowly going out and slowly he slouched over the strings of platinum grasping over his dying body.

I waited a few more moments of silence before pulling the spear out one last time, letting the weapon collapse and release its energy.

But instead of letting the energy disperse as usual, I decided to let it seep in my reserves for further study about this kind of magic.


I blinked and turned around to see a shell-shocked Issei, glancing back and forth between me and the now-death Dohnaseek.

"I will explain what is going on tomorrow, Ise," I assured without leaving much room for protests and patted his shoulders as I went towards him.

He looked confused, frightened even at the scene I left behind as the strings finally faded away, letting the man's corpse hit the ground.

"Right now, you should back to the fountain. I think Rias-san should be there and… Do keep quiet about my little stunt here, okay?" I asked him quietly while squeezing his shoulders again. "I am serious, do try and keep quiet about what has happened here, say that you managed to out-run the Fallen Angel and… I will be thankful."

He relaxed a little, his shoulders sagging as he nodded at my request. "B-But why are-"

"I know that secrecy sucks, but I need to avoid being noticed by some people," I interrupted again. "You do me this favor, buddy, and I will give you the answers you want and that your boss didn't even mention to tell you about. Capisce?"

He nodded and I sighed. "Good, then go and have a good day."

I started to quickly pace towards the exit of the park, avoiding the normally-used paths that could be easily monitored and managed to get out of the area without being noticed.

This night? I consider it a failure as now I will have to act more directly towards the plot from now on


I know many readers are shaking their heads and thinking that I had finally snapped about the situation going with the old draft and I would say that…

You are wrong.

I had all intentions to continue the old draft for the sake of at least bringing it to conclusion, but I realized that many were losing faith in what is a flawed product.

So what does this mean in layman's terms?

This story will be take a serious rework.

What kind of Rework are we talking about?

1)We aren't rushing things anymore. I understand that people love to have action scenes all the time, but with the large cast of characters as much there is action, there will be character- and plot-development. I will not ignore the fact that a proper story is made by balancing everything well and harmoniously.

2) Some arcs will be stretched, reworked and even expanded with newer ones. I understand that the real reason behind the dislike behind Xovers was more connected to the fact that not everyone knew some of those and for this I will make sure to add some proper means to give those backstories instead of having Hoitsu explain those summarily.

3) There is a harem, but I will not rush it. There will be lemons (which will be posted in those versions where is allowed to post the lemons). And finally there will be a proper understanding of Hoitsu instead of making him the moral copy of Superman. No more Mr. Boyscout, there will be some flaws that will be added along the way.

4) This point might sound superfluous but it is actually needed considering that very few people will take this seriously. I will not reply to stuff I've already explained within the chapter. If it's an expansion over something, sure, I will accept; but I will ignore anyone that asks silly questions. Capisce?

The next chapter… I don't know when it will be updated. Maybe in a few hours, maybe tomorrow or maybe I will just drop it at most in a month from now.

It's all depending in how I feel about the situation, I will not urge you to like stuff but I could accept some feedback over the matter.

I know I'm flawed as a writer and I appreciate all the proper criticism over some mistakes I might have left around. Of course, I will ignore those that just goes 'this gramar suks' or 'I dont feel it' kind of comments.

Time for Mr. Serious Bukharin!