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Omake 9: Mana Overload

Kimiko was rightfully frustrated.

The target of her frustrations, much to the surprises of many and especially her Papa, was not the cat familiar owned by Koneko. No, the little dragon had found another troublesome circumstance that made her incredibly vicious towards something from within. Something that was quite common for Dragons to suffer through from time to time, multiple times each year. She was facing a Mana Overload, and it wasn't a pretty issue to be dealing with. Not when it made her so violent and so upset all the time. Mana Overload, or Magical Overcharge, was the general 'illness' that happened commonly on those creatures that had a strong connection with their Mana. With Dragons being entities made by pure energy, they were those that had to face this kind of issue rather frequently. They would find their reserves swollen by an unnatural amount of extra energy that made them feel… uncomfortable and prone to lash out in an effort to lessen the effect of that particular sickness. The best solution to this problem? Draining the whole reserves and allowing those to recharge normally. And with Hoitsu struggling to find a proper way to deal with this, little Kimiko found herself in a state of self akin to being in relative pain. She thought about trying to discharge herself in small quantities from time to time, releasing strong electricity against small objects- and not living beings.

The situation didn't improve, in fact she felt even worse than when she started this practice. Tired, cranky, and also unable to properly gain gratification from getting chin-scratched. Her Papa even had her try to use stronger discharges while he was around in the training room, but nothing seemed to do the trick. In past years, she would have been freed from this torture by discharging thrice at once. Yet this changed due to her current bond with her Papa and how his magical growth took her to expand her own magical reserves to an impressive level. She also got a tiny bit bigger than she first found him, a clear sign of that. And the 'three discharge' plan collapsed when she realized her reserves had increased ten-fold. This was the worst for a dragon with her high standards, and something that further angered her about it. Accidental discharges ensued, one time hitting her own Papa while not looking and the young man, albeit just surprised, did seem close to snap himself at her. At least, that's what she felt he would have done because it was something she would do at random assaults. Her solution? She shifted back in her previous nest, the one back in the forest. Zapping around, thundering on trees' barks, shocking brainless critters- but never being able to fully lessen the sense of unpleasant fullness. Kimiko's sanity was chipping away at this very upsetting issue but… then a solution came in the form of a sudden call from her Papa.

She blinked, finding herself back between his chest and his shirt, nuzzling briefly before crawling upward to see where she was and why he called her there. He had a confident smile, confirming that he had some idea to actually help her with her current issue. Her confusion was met with… surprise when she realized where they were. It was far from home- it was the town's landfill, and there was a strange device tied to it. It had a thick looking rod that stuck upward, connected to multiple wires that intertwined with one another on the lower section before being plugged to a small rectangular device. The Sprite Dragon looked at her Papa for clarification and he softly patted her head. What was that bizarre contraption and how was it supposed to help her?

"This is something that Baraqiel gave me from Grigori arsenal. It's an old piece of equipment that was used to store electricity-based magic in a working generator. You will have to touch that pole, grasp it, and then release all the energy you've been saving up for a while now into it."

Simple explanation, no reason to not give it a proper try. So she nodded, the familiar resting her palms on the pole's spherical section. And soon, she let out as much as she could within that machine. The process, which initially thought was going to take a while to conclude, actually took her two minutes to accomplish. The machine sponged all that mana, converting it quickly before pumping it in the generator. With her eyes widening at the easy to feel drain on her reserves, Kimiko felt her body growing less tense and more… strained. She was drained. Incredibly so. But while that would be a bad thing since it meant being tired and unable to play around, this actually meant being given the much needed sleep hours she hadn't been able to enjoy on her own due to her trouble. It felt like she had been freed from some shackles, or given a warm and comfy pillow after resting on a sturdy surface for a while. Yes, the baby dragon was caught while falling backward by her papa. She was swiftly brought up to his chest which felt nice and warm. She felt all relieved and ready to be subjected to loving cuddles for the next few hours as she rested.

"And now, I think we can go home so you can enjoy some sleep, sweetie."

A nod, then a long yawn before she nuzzled back on his chest. Kimiko could definitely do with some sleep for the time being. Once again her Papa proved to be the best in the world, always there for her. And while she started to fall asleep, the little dragon wondered if she should already drop the surprise on him that she could turn in her human form already or not. After spending enough time with Grandpa Ddraig, she learned how to do it on her own and she was confident enough to pull that action without any awkward repercussions. At first she planned to do it now but… she wasn't in the mood, and she was far from energetic enough to face the overall shower of compliments that this move would subject her to. Right now she had a single goal in her existence and it was… napping. Napping with her dad.

Meanwhile, a certain Infinity Dragon stared at the scene from afar with a clear look of envy on her face.


Yes, the next legit chapter will have Kimiko's human form. After so long, it's actually happening!