"How did you two meet? You seem really close."

Aurora asked at dinner that night, looking between the pair.

"He knew your mother." Maleficent began slowly, unsure of how to go about this sort of conversation.

"We met basically the same way your parents met, at a formal dinner held by Leila's father." Diaval continued the story.

"I was still in college. I had met Leila a few times before." Maleficent cut off, smiling a bit as she added "ironically Diaval caught me in the worst mood and I emptied a cup of punch over his head."

Aurora nearly choked on her drink on that news.

"You two get along so well though, that's hard to believe," Aurora said, earning a chuckle.

"Perhaps but that was forged with fire." Maleficent retorted, earning a smirk.

"Fire? Try eruption." Diaval snickered, sending a playful look to Aurora as he added "she was a demon straight from hell. I tried to help her and I got my head bit clear off!"

The look Maleficent sent him caused Aurora to laugh.

"I was not that bad! I was horrible, yes but not that much so!"

Maleficent retorted before drinking from her water to hide her amusement.

This exchange caused Aurora to have even more questions. What were they talking about?

"Did he help you after your accident?" She asked Maleficent, earning a wave of silence from both adults. Maleficent hadn't explained much to her about what had happened but that it was an act of betrayal and it ended with her godmother having to overgo surgery for an injury to her back.

"Yes," Maleficent began, glancing down in a way that made Aurora think she really shouldn't have brought it up. "He was the one who found me afterward and he insisted on helping me."

Aurora noticed how Maleficent had gone stiff, prompting her to reach over and put a hand on her arm in the same way that Maleficent had used to comfort her.

This earned a slight hint of a smile from her godmother.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up," Aurora said in spite of herself, though Maleficent just patted her hand.

"No, it's alright. After my outburst last night, you deserve answers."

Aurora couldn't help but still feel guilty about bringing it up despite how her guardian had reassured her.

"I'm still sorry I brought it up."

She responded, earning what could be considered a gentle look from Aurora.

"Aurora, I said it was okay."

She said, moving to place her hand on Aurora's cheek, forcing her to look up.

"If we are to get along, we need to trust each other. Don't we? You told me a little about your past so it is only fair I give you some of mine."

Aurora thought about it, that was true and there had been something she had overheard.

"My first night here I heard something...I...The person who betrayed you was….it was my father, wasn't it?" She confessed her words barely more than a whisper.

She saw Maleficent's expression darkened though she got a nod.

"I'll tell you the full story when you are a bit older, but yes, it was your father."

The response told Aurora all she wanted to know about the things she had overheard. There was so much she wanted to say or ask, but she didn't.

Maleficent watched the girl's expression stay shadowy and it made her think about what the girl had said.

"You have eavesdropped more than once, didn't you?" She prompted, not angry in the slightest, and earned a nod.

"I see." Maleficent sighed before saying

"You heard what I had said...all of it."

Maleficent responded, earning another nod.


She muttered before glancing over at the blonde.

"We all better sit down and have a talk...after dinner." She added, earning a nod.

"Can I be excused? I...I'm not very hungry."

Aurora felt like crying. Why did she make messes of everything? Maleficent was certainly going to be angry this time.

However, like the previous night when Maleficent came into the room, there was no trace of anger.

"You heard those horrible things I had said about having you here." Maleficent guessed, taking a seat beside her on the bed.

"Yeah, I mean. It wasn't the first time I heard that kind of thing."

Aurora answered, earning a sigh from Maleficent.

"You thought I would be like Stefan. That I would become annoyed and leave you?"

Aurora didn't answer, though she suddenly felt memories creep back into her mind. She could remember crying herself to sleep for a week and though she was now sure Maleficent wouldn't be so cruel, the thought had crossed her mind.

"Do you still think that?"

This time Aurora shook her head negative, though she was only half sure.

"Good because I think I would miss having you here."

That response caught Aurora by surprise. She wasn't sure if anyone would ever miss her.


The response she got was a smile as Maleficent put an arm around her, drawing her against her. It wasn't verbal but it was enough.

Aurora knew any contact with Maleficent was meant to be brief, since it was obvious by her stiff posture that she was uncomfortable, however, Aurora couldn't help but melt into the touch.

"I was afraid I would hurt you. You have been through so much and I hated your father. I was afraid that I would do something that would either frighten or hurt you. That is why I said those things."

The confession shocked Aurora, causing her to glance up.

"You startled me a time or two but I'm not afraid. I know you won't hurt me. I just don't want you angry with me."

She thought I would send her away. She heard me and...No wonder she expected me to behave like Stefan. Between those idiots warnings and her track record with Stefan.

She thought, bitterly. She had never meant for the girl to hear those words, nor had she ever truly meant them. Yet the child had heard and it had left its mark.


Looking up, Maleficent saw both Aurora and Diaval standing there. The former in her nightclothes and the later looking rather concerned.

"Shouldn't you be in bed and you be home?" She retorted though she didn't exactly mind either being present.

"I was heading there, I just wanted to make sure you were okay," Aurora responded, sounding a bit more subdued than usual.

"I'm alright, Beastie. Just thinking."

Once she was certain Aurora was actually gone to bed, Maleficent sighed and glanced at Diaval.

"She overheard everything." She muttered, "she thought I would send her away. Between Stefan and me, the girl must have thought something was wrong with her."

She could hear Diaval sigh and felt him take a seat beside her.

"Well, at least that is an easy fix. Aurora Loves you and with a little reassurance, she'll know you love her as well." Diaval said, the corner of his lips quirking upward slightly.

"You know, you said you didn't know how to raise a kid. Seems to me that you do."

Maleficent glared but didn't dare argue. Only two and a half weeks in and she had grown quite fond of the little girl.

"I do not. Just because you saw me coddling the little rat doesn't mean I will be a good parent. What if I lose my temper? She's a teenager and I don't care how sweet she is, trouble will come along."

Diaval chuckled at that.

"Perhaps you will but perhaps, by then Aurora will be able to see through your anger and understand that the words are spur of the moment."