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Koi Koi 7: A super heroine team from the dimension they hailed from. Despite the name Koi Koi 7, there are only 6 of the super cyborg girls. Their mission is to protect Tetsuro from any danger.

Chapter 11: Storm Eagle: Maverick or Hunter? Birth of the Maverick Whisperers!

(Stage Select from Maverick Hunter X)

Not long after X and the mysterious duo of Jack Corvus and Queen Tia sent the Gokoh Five packing, the X-Squad and the Koi Koi 7 were walking down the hallways of Maverick Hunter HQ. The new visitors were all amazed and surprised to see more robots who look like both X and Marino, but in different shapes and colors. There were also some human members who had also joined the Maverick Hunters as they were inspired by the IS girls and are helping their Reploid companions in fighting against Sigma's army. There were also the NES mercenaries helping around the base since their leaders are part of the X-Squad and as a way to make amends for the actions of their predecessors, the Emerald Spears.

"So this world's future has amazing technology and robots who're working alongside mankind… I really had no idea this was possible, but this world has made it possible…" Miyabi muttered in astonishment as she sees the humans working alongside the Reploids and neither seemed to have any hostility towards each other.

"So, this is the inside of your base? I had no idea that it was this impressive on the inside. Not even Miya has something like this." Sakuya said with a whistle.

"So, I'm guessing that those girls has done this a lot with you guys? Using giant robots to fight you and make Tetsuro their slave?" Jessie asked them.

"Oh, you have no idea. Those idiots just don't know when to quit. They're always trying to take us down and make Tetsuro their slave." Akiwo groaned in annoyance "But they always end up getting their comeuppance in the end and Tetsuro is safe and sound."

"Huh. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted with how persistent those girls are." Marino said with a frown. "I can't even believe that they'll go through such lengths to make Tetsuro their slave for their own petty reasons. What exactly made them to believe they could force him to being their target for these constant attacks?"

"It's a really long story, but the short version of is that he's the only guy in our school." Sakuya answered her, sharing Marino's frown with her own "He was transferred to our school just last year and things had really went crazy for him the moment he stepped through the gates. Even in our dorm, he's always with us."

"Wait, seriously?! You were the only guy in the school? How did you even get transferred to that school where all that crazy stuff happens?" Ling asked in shock, for some reason, this reminded her of when Ichika first attended the IS Academy.

"It wasn't really my fault, I had no idea it was an all-girls school. I was just having high expectations for the school since I heard about it." Tetsuro answered her with a stutter "But when I arrived, all the expectations I had were gone and everything just went downhill fast. I even called my dad to have me transfer to another school, but he told me to stick with it and I had no choice but to listen to him."

"So, you had to tolerate all the crazy stuff that happens with not just those five girls, but also Yayoi and the others?" Dancho asked him with a sweat drop.

"Unfortunately, yes. I had too, but I wouldn't say it was all bad." Tetsuro answered and smiled a little "After getting to know each of the girls, I started to warm up to them and my experience with them started to gradually get better. So while I did wished I still transferred to another school, I'm glad I got to know them more and now I wouldn't feel the same way if I did." All the girls of the Koi Koi 7 all blushed at the fact that their only male friend has started to like them more and their feelings for him has only strengthen. "So… Um… Where are we going, if you don't mind me asking?" He then asked in an uneasy tone.

"Oh, we're going to see Commander Zero, Jerry and Sophie. They're the ones that helps us with our missions and are the ones to discuss about the machine that brought all of you to our dimension." Cecilia told him as she explained. "So if anyone can give you a better explanation than us, it's them." The rest of the X-Squad all nodded in agreement as they continued on towards the command center to meet up with Zero, Jerry and Sophie.

Maverick Hunter Command Center

Zero was waiting for the X-Squad to arrive in the command center with their new visitors, but is also waiting for Jerry and Sophie to return from their mission has backup for X and the others. As he turns over to the door, he saw the X-Squad entering the room with the same people they've managed to save from Sigma's army and from the Gokoh Five from earlier.

"Hey, X. Welcome back. I see you and your squad were able to save the visitors from another dimension and have brought them here safe and sound." Zero greeted with a small smile.

"Yeah, a unit of Sigma's army ambushed them the moment they've arrived. But we've managed to reach them in time and saved them." X reported. "Of course, we also had some help from these two figures from both saving our new visitors and those girls not too long ago. They say their names are Jack Corvus and Queen Tia, We don't really know who they are or where they came from, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing them again." The rest of the squad all nodded in agreement as Zero let out a small smile, though he might already have a clue about who they really are but decided not to say anything right now.

"I see, that's good to hear. Nice to know that there are some people who are willing to help us in this war against Sigma and his army." Zero nodded "But now I believe that introductions are in order. I'm sure X and the other has already told you, but my name is Zero. I'm the temporary commander of the Maverick Hunters unit Dr. Cain finds a new to take over for me." He introduced himself to their new visitors. "There were two others working alongside me, but they've stepped out for a moment. It'll probably be a while before they'll—" Zero stopped himself when he saw Jerry and Sophie entering the command center through the same entrance. "Oh, never mind, they're here now." Everyone else turned to face them.

"Hey, sorry we're late. We didn't make it to help X and the others save our new visitors from Sigma's army, so we had to return back to HQ." Jerry said while rubbing his head nervously.

"It's alright, we know you and Sophie are always looking out for us. And we know that whenever we've in trouble, you'll be there to bail us out." X smiled at them "So don't worry about it, we won't blame you for not arriving on time. We're just glad you were able to send us Jack Corvus and Queen Tia to help us both times."

"Oh… uh… yeah, we're glad they were able to help you guys in saving them and in defeating those girls." Sophie said nervously while shifting her eyes "But we're glad that everything has worked out and everyone is safe and sound." She and Jerry looked over to Tetsuro and the Koi Koi 7. "And since we're here, it's time for us to introduce ourselves. My name is Sophie and this is my friend Jerry." Jerry nodded and waved at them.

"Hi! Nice to meet all of you! My name is Yayoi Asuka!"

"Um Hi… my name is Tetsuro Tanaka."

"Name's Sakuya Kazamatsuri."

"Hifumi Inokai, it's a pleasure to meet you, Zero, Jerry and Sophie!"

"Nice to meet you, Zero! Same to you, Jerry and Sophie! My name is Akiwo Suzuka!"

"Konnichiwa, Otome Chrono."

"I'm Celonius 28."

"And we're known as the Koi Koi 7!" Yayoi beamed happily. Zero, Jerry and Sophie looked at them oddly.

"The Koi Koi 7…?" Jerry questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"That's certainly a name…" Sophie said uneasily.

"Yeah… That's uh… a very interesting name you've got for your group. Anyway, back on topic. I'm sure you've already heard of our world's plight with Sigma trying to conquer the entire omniverse, right?" Zero then asked.

"Yes, we have. X and his friends had already explained that Sigma mysteriously went Maverick and now he's waging war on humanity." Celonius remembered what the X-Squad had told her and her friends about this dimension's current situation.

"At least you guys are up to speed on what's going on, so this should be easy for us." Jerry nodded and crossed his arms.

"Very true, Jerry. And since Sigma is also bringing in people from different dimensions to our world, we could use all the help we can get from them to take him down. So would you join our unit to help us stop him from achieving his goals?" Zero offered to them.

"Sounds to me this Sigma guy needs a bit of thrashing for rebelling against the people who made him." Sakuya smirked. "Count me in to put him in the scrap heap." She pounds her fist into her hand.

"You can count me in too! His goon squad tried to make us join them while trying to kill Tetsuo! We can't let him get away with trying to kill all humans for his selfish actions!" Akiwo agrees as she nods. "Plus, there's no telling what he'll do to everyone else in our world. So, we have to protect them from his insane plans."

"Yippee! We get to go on an adventure on our summer vacation! This is going to be the best summer ever!" Yayoi squealed in joy.

"Yayoi, this is a war we're talking about. This isn't going to be a fun time for us. There's going to be lots of fighting, bad guys and death." Hifumi scolded the ditzy airhead of the Koi Koi 7.

"Incomprehensible…" Otome uttered.

"From what X, Jessie, Marino and Houki's group told us, Sigma launched missiles at Africa and killed all who were living there. What he did was unforgivable, so I'll help out as well." Miyabi frowned as she crossed her arms.

"And since X showed us that powerful move he used on the idiotic Gokoh Five, I'll gladly help him and his squad kick Sigma's can and end his evil war." Akiwo grinned as she jabbed a thumb at herself. "Plus, I really want to see Jack and Tia again. Those guys are so cool and I want to know them more." Both Jerry and Sophie looked away and whistled, not wanting to draw any attention to themselves.

"Oh lord… Now I have to get involved in a war for humanity's survival…" Tetsuro moaned and sighed.

"Glad to hear it. And as of right now, you're part of X's unit until we get back the device needed to send you guys back home after we end Sigma." Zero smiled before turning to X. "X, it'll take me until tomorrow to find the next Maverick General. And while I'm at it, I'll locate one of Dr. Light's capsules for you. In the meantime, why don't you take the Koi Koi 7 and their friend to your home? I take it Dr. Cain's old penthouse can hold more people?"

"That's right, it can. We've got plenty of room for them, so it shouldn't be a problem." Charlotte answered for X. "They can sleep with us in our rooms. Keep us posted, will you, Zero?"

"Roger that. I'll let you know as soon as I find anything." Zero saluted before turning to Jerry and Sophie. "And how about you two go with them? You've already done enough for today, so take the rest of the day off. You'll need to be up and running for when the next mission starts."

"Roger, Commander Zero. We'll go with them back home and rest up for the next mission tomorrow." Jerry said with a smile as he and Sophie saluted. After that, X, Jerry, Sophie, Jessie, Marino, the IS girls, the Arthurs, the fairies, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro all took the bus ride home while Zero has everyone else work on locating the next Maverick General and Dr. Light's capsules for X.

During the bis ride to X Estate…

"Holy mackerel…" Tetsuro gasped in shock and awe as he and his friends see a futuristic city that is Neo Tokyo from the windows of the bus.

As the bus drives through the main streets of Neo Tokyo, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro were amazed at seeing a highly advanced version of Tokyo. The IS girls all noticed the looks on the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro's faces when they saw Neo Tokyo's beauty for the first time and smiled to themselves. Much like their new friends, they were surprised by Neo Tokyo's beauty the first time when they've awoke from their suspended animation, though they were confused and thought this was an illusion used by the Phantom Task's virus gas and injuring Jerry in the process because they thought he was trying to take advantage of the situation. Luckily, things have eased up between them and they're now friends.

"So are all of you amazed by our world's future?" Houki smiled as she leaned in and asked the Koi Koi 7 that question.

"Yeah! It's just super dupers!: It's really nothing like Meet the Robinsons and the Jetsons! This world where humans and Reploids live in totally rocks!" Yayoi squealed again.

"Yep, that's pretty much how we felt when we first saw it. We were just as surprised as you guys." Ling said with a smile and nodded.

"Yeah, but… If it weren't for those Mavericks and their stupid war against humans, it would've been peaceful…" Sakuya muttered while closing her eyes and looked away coldly.

"We all wished the same, but it really can't be helped. If this keeps up, then more and more people will be in danger if Sigma isn't stopped." Sophie said sadly as she lowered her head.

"And that's why we're going to end Sigma's evil before he moves on to other universes after he's through with ours. If we don't, then he'll be virtually unstoppable." Cecilia noticed the bus arriving at their destination. She got up from her seat and pulled the bus stop signal to let the driver know this was their stop. Once the bus had stopped, the gang got off and walked towards X Estate.

While they were walking, Hifumi then realized something about the IS girls and goes to ask them. "Hey, there's something I've been meaning to ask you girls. Are you five from another dimension like us?"

"No, we're not from another dimension. We were born in this dimension, Technically, we had just awoken from cryosleep three months ago before Sigma started his war on humanity." Laura began as she looked up at the sky. "We've been able to get more accustomed to our new lives here, but there are times we missed our own time and everyone we all knew." Her friends all felt the same as her while the Arthurs, their fairies, Tetsuro and the Koi Koi 7 all looked at them.

"Huh?" Celonius blinked her single eye.

"Wait, so you're saying that you girls were born in this world? If that's the case, how come none of you have aged at all?" Dancho asked them with wide eyes.

"That's the thing, Houki and her friends are people from an era before Reploids were created and before Dr. Light became the famous robotics researcher in 20XX. During that time, women have most of the power thanks to advanced exoskeletons called ISes which stands for Infinite Stratos." X explained to them while still walking.

"Infinte Stratos? What is that? And how did it give women most of the power?" Yamaneko asked confusedly.

"The IS are, like X said, an endoskeleton suit that was created during the time before all of this existed." Jerry answered her as he explained "From what we've gathered from any lost information about their creation, they were originally meant for outer space exploration until the original creator herself designed them with technology and combat capabilities far more advanced than any other weapons system during that time. As such, women were now on the same level as men, thanks to the IS."

"Holy… That's kinda like one of those novels where there's only one man on Earth and all the women ruled it." Akiwo looked at the IS girls with wide eyes. "And you five were cryogenically frozen? What exactly happened that resulted in you five being put in cryosleep in your era?"

"The Phantom Virus Tragedy…" Charlotte looked down despondently, as did her four friends. Seeing as it still was painful for them, X decided to explain why the IS girls were put in cryosleep because of the Phantom Task organization and how the ISes were banned because the blame was pinned on Houki's sister, the creator of the ISes Tabane for the Phantom Virus being leaked and killed off 10 percent of Japan. Jerry and Sophie remained silent as X finished his explanation to them.

"I'm… sorry to hear that…" Tetsuro looked down despondently. Even Otome was silent, if she had emotions, she would be sad as well.

"Yeah… same here… That must've been horrible for you to find out everyone you knew were gone…" Renkin agrees with a sniffle as she wiped away her tears.

"It is, but there's no need to worry about it. I'm sure we'll get over it one day…" Ling smiled slightly as the gang arrived at X Estate which is a huge building that resembles a similar version of the one seen in TMNT Fast Forward mixed with Disney's Jessie. "Well, here we are. Here is our home."

"Are you sure? This isn't a home. It's more like a Las Vegas' mansions!" Akiwo grinned as everyone looked up at the massive building.

"I still find it impressive at how this building looks. Despite what it looks like on the outside, it always seems to blow me away on the inside." Kakka said with a smile as the gang entered the penthouse and were in the living room of their home. Now it was then they've decided which of the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro would be sleeping with.

"Ok, so now that we're here, it's time for us to figure out where our new friends will be sleeping with." Jessie said as she looked at the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro. "Any ideas on how who they'll sleep with during their time here?"

"I believe I have an idea. Yayoi can sleep with me and Dancho." Houki goes first.

"Sounds good to me." Dancho nodded in agreement.

"Aww… But I wanted to sleep with Tetsuro…" Yayoi pouted and crossed her arms.

"Don't be picky. We can't have boys and girls sleeping together." Houki scolded her "Next, Sakuya can sleep with Cecilia and Yamaneko." She then added.

'Just great, I'm stuck with the snob and an antisocial…" Sakuya frowned and crossed her arms.

'And now I'm stuck with a gun loving lunatic… As if Yamaneko wasn't already bad enough with her constant rude attitude…" Cecilia gulped as Sakuya glared at her.

'So not only I have to share a room with a princess, but now with a gun otaku…? This is just my luck…' Yamaneko groaned.

"Next up, Hifumi and Akiwo can sleep with Charlotte." Houki added in the third roommate for Akiwo and Hifumi.

"Yo!" Akiwo greeted.

"Um… Yo?" Charlotte smiled nervously as she looked away timidly.

"I hope we can get along well." Hifumi smiled.

"Ling and Renkin have Celonius as their roommate." Houki pointed out.

"Hope we can become good roommates." Celonius smiled eerily at them.

"Uh… Sure?" Ling grinned sheepishly as Renkin hides behind her.

"And let me guess, I get Otome?" Laura looked at the person in question who remained as emotionless as ever. Houki nodded in agreement.

"So where am I going to sleep with?" Tetsuro asked.

"You can sleep with us. We've got plenty of room for one more to add with us." Tekken suggested until X stepped in.

"Actually, he'll be sleeping with me. No offense, but I don't think him being around you is a good idea, Tekken." X said with a sweat drop.

"It's alright, we understand, X. And it's probably best that he's not around Tekken whenever he does his routine exercises." Kakka agrees before adding "But are you sure that he'll be more comfortable with you, X?"

"I'm sure he'll be okay, I have a spare bed in my room. So I hope it's not too much trouble for you." X answered and smiled at Tetsuro.

"I can't believe I got sent to a world where my roommate is a highly advanced robot who acts like a human in the middle of a war…" Tetsuro whispered softly to himself, X was confused on what he meant,

"Is there something wrong, Tetsuro?" He asked.

"N-No! It's nothing!" Tetsuro stuttered.

"So now that everyone is settled in for the night, I think it's time for us to start getting ready for bed." Jerry suggested with a smile before adding seriously. "We've got a big day tomorrow, so we've better be ready for when Zero finds the next Maverick General."

"Hold on, where are you guys going to be sleeping with?" Sakuya asked confusedly "Shinonono's already got us assigned us to her friends, so what about the rest of you?"

"We've got our own penthouse. It's on a lower level from this one." Sophie answered her with a grin. "It's not as big as this one, but it's big enough for all of us to sleep in. And plus, each of us got our own rooms, so we'll be fine." Jerry, Jessie and Marino all nodded.

After everyone was settled in, the gang all splits up to their assigned rooms with their new friends and got ready for bed. Jerry, Sophie, Jessie and Marino took the elevator back down to their penthouse while everyone was waiting for the location of the next Maverick General and Light Capsule from Zero.

With X and Tetsuro…

"Huh. It's not bad at all. This is a lot better than I thought." Tetsuro smiled slightly as he changed into spare pajamas offered to him by the maids who are friends of Dr. Cain's landlady and the one after her who is younger than her deceased mother. "I wasn't expecting it to be this roomy. It really makes our dorm look like small apartment in comparison.

"You'd be surprised how living arrangements has changed over the years. So much so that people can now have their dream homes without breaking the bank than how it was back then." X smiled "Sure some are still as expensive as ever, but we're definitely lucky Dr. Cain had let us stay here in his old penthouse. And it's because he knew the mother of the current landlady, so she was really kind to us."

"I can definitely see that. She even had her maid friends handing me these spare pajamas. And they're really comfortable too." Tetsuro agrees with a smile. "And it's a good thing too since all of our stuff are still back in our world. I just hope that we can find some new clothes for us while we're staying here."

"I'm sure we will. Probably after our next mission when Zero finds the next Maverick General." X reassured him "We'll take you and everyone out shopping for some new clothes for all of you. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow after our mission." Tetsuro nodded as he walks over to the spare bed while X is entering his capsule.

"Hey, X… If you don't mind me asking, why are you fighting this war against Sigma? Aren't you scared of war?" Tetsuro asked him with concern.

"No… It's not that I'm scared… I just hate fighting and wars and how much it really affects a lot of people…" X lamented as he looked down sadly "I never really wanted to fight and I'd try to avoid it whenever I can, but for some reason, I have this unexplained strength within me and it's telling me that I have to fight to protect those dear to me." He looks out the window in his room. "And for that very reason, I'm doing this for Houki and her friends. They give me the strength to keep on fighting and not only protect them, but for everyone around the world."

"So you're fighting to protect not only them, but for everyone else in the world, huh?" Tetsuro looked at X with sympathy. "That must be really hard for you. Having to fight in a war you didn't want to take part of, but you had to because you want to protect Houki and her friends and everyone else in the world." X didn't say anything, but he nodded at him. "Hey, X? There's something else I've been meaning to ask you. Do you like… Houki or any of her friends?"

"W-What?!" That made X turned to face him and blushed with a hint of red. "I… I don't know yet! I haven't decided on that or either one of them. I'm still getting to know them more before I can make a decision on who I like." He then looked over at the window and walks towards it. "But for some reason, I know they have a special talent that could prove useful in the Maverick War. I became their guardian after I, Jerry and Sophie awaken them from their cryosleep and I must protect them at all costs. I also know that Jerry and Sophie want to protect them as well, but I can't help but feel like there's something else going on that they're not telling."

"Really? They seemed a lot more friendly towards them before. Are you sure they're hiding something from you?" Tetsuro asked as he got into bed.

"I really don't know, but I just hope it doesn't escalate to a point where they'll turn against us." X answered "I wonder what the future Dr. Light made me for has in store for me, but I will keep on fighting to not only protect Houki and her friends, but for everyone in this omniverse." He smiled slightly as he entered his capsule and closed the hatched before falling asleep for the night.

"He really is a determined warrior who wants to save those he cares about…" Tetsuro whispered softly with a small smile. "He's definitely a lot stronger than I could ever be, but… …I wish I was strong like X." He lays down on the pillow and takes off his glasses and places them on the nightstand before falling asleep.

The next morning

Once everyone had woken up, X was making breakfast for his friends, the Arthurs and their fairies including the Koi Koi 7. Even Jerry, Sophie, Jessie and Marino have joined them for breakfast at the X Estate. Everyone was sitting around the massive dining table while X was finishing up the last of the breakfast meals before setting up the table.

"Wow! This looks really good! I didn't know X was a good cook!" Yayoi giggled playfully as X placed some pancakes on her plate and she used her fork and knife to dig in.

"No kidding! This is really amazing! The best breakfast I've had in a long time!" Sakuya agrees as she digs into her omelet.

"Thank you, I'm glad to hear you all like it. There's plenty more to go if anyone wants seconds." X smiled at them.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer!" Akiwo grinned.

"Same here!" Tekken agrees with a smile as he ate a sausage link,

"So how does X know how to cook so well? I know it takes time for someone to be really good at cooking, but he seems to be a master chef. So how does that work?" Hifumi asked while eating some french toast.

"You can thank Dr. Light for that one. He programmed X with the cooking skills and recipes of legendary chefs after all. So, anything they can make, he can make them as well and then some." Ling answered her as she turned and saw something that almost made her eyes popped right out of her sockets. She saw a connected plug sticking out from Otome's skirt as she sat down, silently drinking some juice. Of course, she has seen robots before, but not one who would have a plug sticking out from their butt.

So what about you guys? How come you don't sleep with us in this room?" Akiwo turned to Jerry's group "You say you're in the same building, but you also have your own room. So how does that work?"

"It's because we've graduated from high school over a year ago. We weren't sure what to do with our lives, so our teacher had us become Dr. Cain's assistants." Sophie answered her as she explained. "Since then, we've been working with him on several projects, including the creation of the Reploids. He even gave us a place to live while we're working with him. It may not be as grand as his penthouse you guys are currently living in, but it's our home away from home. He even installed a sleeping capsule for Marino since she and Jessie started living with us." Her friends all nodded in agreement.

"Huh. So you guys are already high school graduates. That's pretty cool." Sakuya commented with a smile. "I guess that does make sense since you guys are older than us. So of course you'd have your own place to stay." She then turns to everyone else and takes a bite out of her toast. "So now we're all together, I'm guessing we're gonna check in with Commander Zero on the whereabouts of these Maverick Generals?"

"Yeah. We've just received a text regarding the whereabouts of the next Maverick General." Cecilia nodded as she drank her tea. "From what he said, the location of the next Maverick General is at the Neo Tokyo Air Base. I'm not sure who we're going to find, but I have a pretty good idea who might be stationed there."

"So this next Maverick General is waiting for us at an air base? I'm just hoping we don't have to fight him in the sky." Miyabi said as she eyed the white, gold and blue boots X has on at the moment. "But there's something I've been meaning to ask you this, X. Where did you get those amazing boots?"

"Oh, he got them from one of Dr. Light's capsules during our last mission. He found them in Chill Penguin's location and that's where we discovered the person who created X." Laura answered for Miyabi.

"Capsules?" Hifumi blinked.

"Yeah. Just before Dr. Light died, he left these special capsules all around the world in case the world is in imminent danger. We're not exactly sure how many he's left just before his death, but all we need to do is find them and so X can power up if we're going to have any chance of defeating Sigma." Houki ate her pouched egg after giving the Koi Koi 7 some information about the only means of powering up X if they have any hope of ending this war.

"I see. So he let them for X to find just in case the world needs saving." Hifumi nodded in understanding. "So basically, we need to find these capsules left by his creator and power him up to stop this Sigma guy."

"Yeah, that's the plan. So far we've only found one of them, so the others are still out there somewhere in the world." X nodded as he flipped an omelet. "But we'll have to find them as we go through each of our missions. So after we eat breakfast, we go to HQ and discuss the whereabouts of the next Maverick General. I just hope we don't have to fight him at all much like with Flame Mammoth and Chill Penguin…" Jerry, Sophie, Jessie, Marino and the IS girls can tell he doesn't want to fight, but they can see he's staying strong for their sake and they hope to help him in any way they can. After breakfast, the X-Squad cleaned up their plates and headed out to HQ to meet up with Zero and discuss the whereabouts of the next Maverick General.

Neo Tokyo Air Base, 39 minutes later…

Theme: Storm Eagle's Stage from Maverick Hunter X

According to Zero's reports, the next Maverick General, Storm Eagle is located in this Maverick occupied airbase and also the fueling station of the Maverick Army's warships. There were also some rumors of the X Foundation agents were also in the area, so they'll have to keep an eye out for them. And also, Zero added that he picked up a faint signal from the air base and believes it could be another Light Capsule. So with all that in mind, the X-Squad arrives at the air base to begin their mission.

"Holy cow… This place is huge…" Ling muttered in as she, her friends, the Arthurs and their fairies, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro looked around in awe. "I wasn't expecting it to be this huge… How the heck do you think we'll find this Maverick General in here and the Light Capsule as well? This place is so huge, they could be anywhere."

"That's true, but that hasn't stopped us yet. I'm positive we'll find them, trust me." X reassured them with a smile. "And since we're all ready to go, let's get a move on and find both the Maverick General and the Light Capsule before anything else happens."

"Right. Let's get a move on." Houki nodded in agreement with X as they started their trek through the base.

The first obstacle in their path was a tower-like wall with some moving platforms that rotates in a sequence to another set of moving platforms just above it. Seeing this was the only way to move on, X had to lead the Arthurs and their fairies, the Koi Koi 7 and Tetsuro onto the platforms by timing their jumps the moment it's close enough. The IS girls actives their RepArmor's flight modes to bypass the moving platforms while Jessie held onto Marino who used her ninja skills to make it to the top. Upon reaching the top, X looked down and noticed some gas tanks. They seemed to be blocking an opening to something, and X wanted to go see what it was. He also had an idea what to use to get them out of the way, too. They were marked, "WARING: FLAMMABLE."

"What's up, X? Did you spot something?" Tekken asked him.

"Yeah, just down there. And I have good feeling what it could be." X nodded "Everyone, stay here. I'm going to go check something out." He then issued.

"Hey! Hold on just a minute, blue boy!" Sakuya growled and was up in X's face. "I thought we were here to find this Storm Eagle and stop him from fueling up their ship! We don't have time for any sightseeing!"

"Now, cool it, Sakuya. I believe X may be on on to something. So I say we let him go off on his own for a bit." Miyabi halted her friend. "You go right in ahead, X. We'll wait for you right here." X nodded as he went to where he'll find something useful.

As X drops down to the other side of the tower, he walked over to the tanks blocking his path, He switched to his X Buster to Flame Mammoth's powers and used it to blast one of the tanks. The tank exploded, and caused all the others to explode in sequence, one after another. Just as he had thought, they've been blocking an opening to a hidden pathway. He walked into the gap he managed to unblocked and catches a glimpse at what he was searching for. Inside, he was pleased to find one of the capsules that Dr. Light had said he'd hidden away. As he approaches it, an image of Dr. Light appears before him again.

"This capsule contains the Head Parts. This will enhance the capabilities of your helmet which will allow you to break certain obstacles with a head-butt." Dr. Light explained. "Step into the capsule and receive your next upgrade."

Nodding to this, X does so, and just like before, a light glowed around him. This time, the color of his helmet changed to match his boots. Now his helmet was white, gold, and blue, just like his boots were.

"I'm counting on you, X you are humanity's last hope…" Dr. Light pleaded before his image disappears.

'You don't have to worry about it, Dr. Light I won't let you down.' X nodded as he looked up and saw the same type of blocks that he'd seen in the old robot factory. 'Hmm… I wonder…' He thought to himself as he moved closer to the wall. He then kick-jumped up the wall and smashes through the blocks. Thanks to the upgrades to his helmet, he didn't feel anything, but the blocks broke easily. "I knew it. This'll definitely come in handy when we'll need to find a separate path. I think we may have to go back to that robot factory and check out that ceiling later." He nodded before heading back to his friends. Unbeknownst to him, some X Foundation soldiers were watching him as he makes his way back to the others.

The X Foundation solider turns to two high ranking members, one with a sniper rifle and the other with a rocket launcher. Both knew what they had to do and made their way to Storm Eagle's location and wait for the X-Squad to arrive. In case Storm Eagle does defect from Sigma's army, they had orders to take him down along with the X-Squad, except for the IS girls.

Eventually, X returned to his friends who were sitting on the ground waiting for him. When he does arrive, they noticed his new helmet and all gasped in awe.

"Whoa! That's so cool! You got a wicked sweet helmet there, X!" Akiwo grinned and gave him a thumbs up. "So, this is what you were looking for? And is it from one of the capsules your creator left behind?" X nodded.

"Not a bad look, X. It really matches your boots perfectly." Jessie winked and Marino nodded in agreement.

"I agree. I really like your new helmet, X." Charlotte smiled with a slight blush, which also made X blushed slightly.

"T-Thanks, Charlotte. And since I now have this helmet, we'll need to return to the factory where we fought Flame Mammoth later." He then explained.

"Huh? What do you mean, X? Why do you want to go back to the factory?" Cecilia looked at him oddly.

"During our last mission there, I saw some blocks that looked breakable. But I couldn't do much at the time, so I made sure to remember it for later. And with this helmet upgrade, I can now break those blocks without causing any damage to myself. I suspected it may lead to another Light Capsule. So after we're done with this mission, let's head on back to the factory to prove my thesis on the location of the next capsule." X explained to them.

"I see. I sure hope you're right on this, X. It would be great if we found another Light Capsule in Flame Mammoth's old hideout after we reduced him to scrap metal the last time we were there." Houki nodded with a smiled. Charlotte shivered at the thought of going back as she doesn't want to be reminded of how she almost died at the hands of Flame Mammoth or how he nearly killed their friends when he forced them to surrender.

"Well, it looks like we're almost at the end of the base. Once we find Storm Eagle, let's just hope he's more cooperative than Chill Penguin and Flame Mammoth." Marino said as everyone continued on towards their destination.

After some more exploring for some time, they've finally saw one at the end of the path. It seems to be another Maverick, but he had his back turned towards them. As the X-Squad moved in closer, the ramp retracted back into the bridge and the ship starts hovering. The Maverick looked like a cross between a man and an eagle as he turned around and faced them, his expression full of malice.

Ling's POV

While even though the first two Mavericks had been frightening before, the look on this one's face made him look even more fierce and evil than they had. He also looked pretty strong, too, but this is what I along with my friends had expected ever since we joined the Maverick Hunters.

X aimed his X-Buster at Storm Eagle, and said word-for-word of what he had said to Flame Mammoth and Chill Penguin: "Storm Eagle! Don't tell me that even you've gone Maverick!" Storm Eagle didn't say anything as he closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly. "Answer me, Storm Eagle! You're not the type of Reploid to do something like this! We can destroy you here and now, but we'd rather have you surrender and accompany us to HQ. I won't ask you again, you can either power down or face us." How many times would these Mavericks have to refuse this offer before he gets it through his head that they wouldn't listen to him? He has to approach it differently than the way he was now.

"Or do we have to reduce your machinal butt to scrap metal? It's your choice, big bird." Sakuya growled as she and the rest of the Koi Koi 7 readied themselves for battle.

"I won't deny my actions, X. But I'm afraid I can't stop now." Storm Eagle said to him sadly but coldly. "My orders were to make sure no one interferes with the fueling of our warships. So that is what I'm intending to do. Forgive me, X… I… I must defeat you and your friends! I hope you can forgive me in the next life…" I can see that underneath his harden expression, he feels remorseful for his actions. My friends can also tell he doesn't want to fight us, but he feels like he has no other choice.

"I was afraid of that being your answer… If that's the case, then we'll have no but to destroy you… It's our duty as Maverick Hunters!" X shouted to him as he readies his X-Buster.

"Very well, then the least I can do is to fight you with all my strength. Let's go, Maverick Hunters!" Storm Eagle yelled as he got ready for battle until my friend Houki stopped him.

"Storm Eagle, before you start attacking us, I would like to ask you something myself." Houki began to say.

X looked over at Houki and whispered to her "Houki, why haven't you and your friends readied yourselves for battle?"

I looked at him and smiled. "It's because we're a lot like you, X. We'd rather persuade our enemies to joining us in fighting the good fight rather than fighting them. But you can't get them to agree the way you're doing for the last two times. You can't just offer them once and give up like that. You need to keep trying until we can come to an agreement. Make them an offer they can't refuse. Just trust us." X didn't look too sure it'd work, but he agreed with my statement. Sakuya, however, has some serious doubts on our plan and tried to stop us.

"That's just stupid! You can't really be serious! What if he's too thick-headed like those idiotic Gokoh Five?!"

"Well, we won't know if we don't try, right? We have to figure out ways we can resolve a conflict without fighting, so this will be our best chance in ending this war." My friend Cecilia smiled as she agrees with Houki's plan. I can also tell Char and Laura also agrees as well. We've turned to face Storm Eagle with determination written over our faces.

"X, you really think this'll work? Will Houki and her friends be able to convince Storm Eagle to join our side?" Marino asked him hopefully.

"I don't know, but I know they can convince him. If they can, we'll have a strong ally in our fight against Sigma's army." X answered her with confidence.

"But what if it doesn't work? He could be just as loyal to Sigma as the other two Maverick Generals and we'll have to fight him. What makes you think that he won't accept their offer?" Jessie asked him skeptically.

"I know it's a long shot, but I have faith they can convince him to join our side. We'll just have to believe they can do it and see whatever happens afterwards." X looked over to the IS girls and Storm Eagle. "Honestly, I'd rather not have to fight them if we can, but I also know there's a chance we'll have to. So let's see what happens and hope for the best." Everyone nodded and turned to face the IS girls and Storm Eagle.

"What do you want to ask of me, you scrawny little pests from an era long forgotten? Exactly what do you plan to do?" Storm Eagle asked with impatience.

"Just that we want to know why you Mavericks are all so loyal to someone like Sigma. We all have reasons to believe that he just treats you all terribly. He doesn't really care about any of you." Charlotte stated bravely as she stood her ground.

From the look Storm Eagle now held on his face, I knew that he didn't know exactly how to answer our questions. It took him a moment, but he did managed to answer us.

"It's because," He said coldly "We Mavericks share the same goal that Sigma does. We want to annihilate the human race from existence."

"Why go through such drastic actions? Was it not humans who created you? Without humans, how would you even exist in this world?" Laura then questioned him. Again, he seemed flustered to say anything, but he managed to answer this question more quickly than before.

"You say that, but humans only created Reploids to work for them. So that we could make everything much easier for them. Humans are nothing but greedy, disgusting creatures that don't deserve to have life."

"Is that so? Well those 'greedy, disgusting creatures' are the ones who generously gave you the gift of life." I told him coldly.

"GENEROUSLY?! They've built so that we can be their servants! Not even a single amount of thanks was given to us, so we decided that their time was finally up!"

"You say that, but isn't that how Sigma's treating you? Making you his servants and not even giving a single amount of thanks?" Cecilia glared as she crossed her arms.

"N-no, that's not true! Sigma treats us well! He cares for our well-being!"

"Then out us put it this way, Storm Eagle. Humans built you so that you could help them, that much is true. But in return, they're willing to co-exist with you on this planet, and treat you just as they would treat anyone else. Even though Reploids were built to help mankind, that doesn't mean that mankind was going to stop helping itself improve. Humans would still have jobs, take care of their families, and are always trying to help others, as you would, you see? Sigma is just using you to destroy the humans because he wants to be the dominant ruler of this planet. That just means that once he gets what he wants, there's a good chance that he'll treat you the same way you see to believe humans do. Sure, there are some awful people, but not all humans are bad as you thought they were." Charlotte said with a voice of reason.

"What are you five girls trying to get at, exactly?"

"We're saying that if you join us to save the human race, then you'd be in a position for a much better future. If you become a Hunter again and help us to save the human race, then you'll be a hero, and the humans will treat you as such. You will be honored, Storm Eagle. You won't get that honor if you stay with Sigma, you'll forever be branded as a Maverick. All I'm asking is that you think about what we've told you. We've been in a lot of battles and most of them don't always end in our favor. We knew someone who was going to betray her family because she was never cared for and full of doubt and I can almost guarantee that Sigma is planning to turn on each and every one of you Mavericks in the end of this war. Don't go down that road. Join us, Storm Eagle. Put all your strength and power towards a life worth living." Houki pleaded. Me and my friends all knew what she meant. Ichika-san and Chifuyu's sister who swore revenge on the family she was born in for forsaking her.

Storm Eagle stared at us with wide eyes. He was obviously taking in what we were saying and closed his eyes to think about for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, he looked down at us, I can tell he's making sure that we're telling him the truth.

"Even if what you say is true, how can I be sure that you won't betray me if I join you?" He then asked.

"Storm Eagle… we won't betray you. Believe me, we won't. We promise."

"Do I have your word?"

"You do."

We smiled at ourselves while, X, Jessie, Marino, the Arthurs and their fairies, and the Koi Koi 7 were impressed by this. Ichika-san… This is what you wanted, right? A world where peace is always there and everyone living in harmony, human or Reploid and there are no wars. Just keep watching us, Ichika-san. We'll continue the work you started in making this world a safe place for everyone.

Normal POV

However, unknown to the X-Squad, the entire conversation was seen through the lens of s scope as the same high ranking members of the X Foundation were watching everything and now decided to make their move. The woman with the sniper rifle turns towards her partner and both nodded as she opens up the channel and spoke with a familiar voice.

"Madam Y, it seems that Storm Eagle has decided to defect from Sigma's side. I don't know what those girls did, but they seemed to have convinced him to join the Maverick Hunters. Should we move on to Plan B?" F. X Agent asked with a frown.

"Yes, you may proceed to Plan B. Take out Storm Eagle and those meddling Hunters, along with the warship." Madam Y answered her darkly "It's a small lost, but we can't let those Hunters have an advantage over us. Reinforcements are on the way, as we speak. So use whatever means necessary to take out that traitor and those Hunters."

"Roger. It will be done." F. X Agent closed the channel and turns to her partner. "We've just got the go ahead to take down Storm Eagle and the warship. If those Hunters are caught in the crossfire, then so be it. Reinforcements are also on their way, so we'll take them all down without any problems."

"Sounds good to me. I've been waiting for some action and now it's time to finally get serious." M. X Agent said with a dark grin "I hope you don't mind me getting loose on them."

"By all means. I'll be assisting you from here. You can go have some fun." F. X Agent nodded as she takes aim with her laser sight and points directly at Storm Eagle's head.

However, Storm Eagle noticed what the X Foundation Agents are planning to do and he shouted to his comrades. "Get down!" Everyone was confused but they did as he said and dodged the sniper rifle.

"Where did that come from?!" Runo gasped in shock as the X Agents leaped into the scene.

"Shoot! You are sharper than we thought you would be, Storm Eagle!" F. X Agent growled as she got out a assault rifle.

"Who the heck are you guys?! Some Racer X wannabes?!" Akiwo got into a battle stance. Ling, Jessie and Marino however, recognized them.

"You guys are the same group with that Madam Y woman!" Ling gasped.

"The X Foundation!" Jessie growled as she whipped out her dual revolvers.

"What?!" X gawked as he kept his X-Buster on the X Foundation Agents as two helicopters with the X Foundation symbol appeared and out came down more X Foundation Agents, ready for battle.

"That's right." M. X Agent smirked darkly. "The X Foundation has joined forces with Sigma to ensure his plans for a Reploid only omniverse!"

"So Sigma has help from the X Foundation, huh?" Marino frowned seriously as she readies her beam knife. "If that's true, then this is serious than I thought."

"Enough talk, X Foundation! Attack!" F. X Agent yelled.

"For Mr. X!" The X Agents roared as they charged towards our heroes.

"Everyone! Prepare for battle! Try not to harm them too much since they are humans!" X issued.

"Allow me to join you in battling those X Foundation scoundrels, X. It's my way to repent for my sins for joining Sigma and his evil rebellion." Storm Eagle smirked as he readies his Buster. "Just like when you and those IS pilots first joined the Maverick Hunters."

"Thank you, Storm Eagle." Ling smiled as she readies herself as an X Agent tried to attack her, but she did an uppercut which knocked him out.

"Time to kick some bad guy butt!" Tekken grinned as he charged towards a grappler X Agent and did a thirty punch combo which knocked the X Agent out.

"Grrr! Show them no mercy!" F Agent yelled in fury as three X Agents opened fire on our heroes, but they dodged the bullets.

"Now that wasn't nice, attacking a little girl with guns." Renkin frowned as she got out her mallet and knocked out the three X Agents.

"Well said, Renkin." Dancho smirked as she readies her sword and clashed with a sword F. X Agent for about 1 minute till Dancho won the duel and knocked out the X Agent.

"Eat this!" Sakuya grinned as she fired a bazooka at three more X Agents, the missile was actually a capture net which captured the X Agents.

"I-I…" Yamenko was getting jealous as she sees her 'friends' getting more victories than her. "I can do that too! I just don't show it!" Yamenko fired her rocket launcher at the X Agents, knocking them with a explosion.

"Eat ice!" Kakka yelled as he used his spell book to freeze more X Agents.

"Storm Tornado!" Storm Eagle yelled as he fired a purple tornado attack at the X Agents, blowing away their weapons. The defenseless X Agents sweat dropped as Marino appeared behind them and knocked them out with karate chops.

"Shotgun Ice!" X yelled as he fired Chill Penguins weapon at the X Agents, freezing them. Only 40 X Agents remain.

"H-How strong are these guys?!" Male X Agent gawked as the remaining X Agents charged towards our heroes.

"Eat this!" Houki yelled as she used knock out slashes to knock out 5 X Agents. Hifumi charged towards 5 X Agents and knocked them out with her super punches

"Hmm!" Cecilia frowned as she and Runo fired their ranged weapons to destroy the 5 Agents' weapons.

"Take this!" Laura yelled as she clashed with a heavy sword F X Agent for about 2 minutes till the German super soldier won the duel and knocked the F. X Agent out.

"Hah!" Charlotte yelled as she launched her spear into the warship's hull, damaging it and the shockwave knocked out the remaining X Agents out. Soon, the battle was over. X has Jerry and Sophie teleport the captured X Agents to HQ for questioning. And after that, they placed charges on the Maverick warship. After they teleported back to the Neo Tokyo Air Base, X nodded to Laura who nodded back and pressed the button, detonating the charges and blowing up the Maverick warship.


After everything has settled down, we were able to destroy Sigma's warship and made it back to the air base. Zero had even sent some Hunters to the base to gather anything was was still intact after the ship was destroyed. Luckily, nothing had survived the explosion so our mission was complete. I was also impressed by Houki and her friends' ability to convert a Maverick back into a Reploid and recruited him as a Hunter. And it was a good thing too, if they hadn't, then things might've been a lot harder for us. But now with the knowledge of the X Foundation working alongside Sigma, this war has started to take a turn for the worse. I just hope we can get some answers out of the ones we've captured.

"So… Sigma has teamed up with this X Foundation… He's even had them take me out if I were to defect from his army…" Storm Eagle said with a frown. I can definitely see that he's coming to the realization that Sigma never truly cared about him and was even willing to have him destroyed should he betray him. He then turns to Houki and her friends. "It seems that you and your friends were right, Sigma never truly cares for us and was even willing to assassinate me. I can see now I have made a grave mistake in joining his rebellion and almost paid the price for it. You have my thanks for helping me see the truth about his actions and making sure I didn't make the same mistake as this person you all knew."

"It's alright, we're just glad to see that you helped us in stopping and capturing them. I know you still have some doubts, but I can guarantee that you'll be treated much better with the Maverick Hunters." Houki reassured him with a smile.

"After seeing everything that just happened and realizing Sigma was willing to do, I can definitely say I made the right choice." Storm Eagle agrees with a smile "But that's not all, the chance to be honored by so many is impossible to refuse and I'd be a fool not to. I am not taken seriously among the Mavericks, and I can now see that you are most definitely nit lying to me. So to answer your questions from earlier, I will join you. However, if you dare to treat me unfairly at all…" He then sent a warning glance towards all of us.

"We won't. We promise." Charlotte smiled softly. However, even though Storm Eagle has agreed to join us, he was still unsure about his decision.

"Storm Eagle, every word she has just said is true. We will treat you as an equal, something that Sigma sadly lacks with his army. You have our word." I assured him.

Storm Eagle looked at us with more confidence now, and approached us. He then held his arm out towards Marino and I. "X, Marino." He said, "Both of you have the ability to copy other Reploids' abilities. Take mine. You may need it in this war."

Nodding to this, we both accepted his offer and copied his ability. Once that was done, we tested out our new abilities to see what they can do. I changed my armor to purple and held out my X Buster and shouted "Storm Tornado!" And created the same attack as Storm Eagle. Marino, on the other hand, gained a new blade called the Beam Sword and decided to test it out. She gets into position before shouting "Shinobi Art: Wind Strike!" And jumps into the air before coming back down with a tornado surrounding her as it disburses in all directions. Needless to say, I was very pleased. I was also proud of Houki and her friends for bringing another Hunter into our ranks. I believe a title would be great for them. I will give them the title of Maverick Whisperers when we get back to base with our newest recruit.

To be continued…

Next chapter: Enter Nanoha and Fate!: The Arm Upgrade and Revenge of the Gokoh Five!

A/N: With Storm Eagle back in the Maverick Hunters and the threat of the X Foundation now clear, only 5 more Maverick Generals to go. Next up, our heroes head back to Flame Mammoth's old lair and get an much needed upgraded X-Buster for X and our heroes face the Gokoh Five again, but who are those two magical girls who come to our heroes' aid? Find out next time.