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Chapter 13: Spark Mandrill: Reclaim Neo Tokyo's Power Plant!

Just after the spider mech was destroyed and the Gokoh Five were sent flying once again, the two mysterious girls landed right in front of the X-Squad and transformed into what they wore as normal clothes. The red haired girl then walked over to Charlotte and inspected her for about 15 seconds until she smiled and said "Good, there doesn't appear to be any serious injuries. That's a relief, I was really worried that we weren't going to make it in time." She returns to the blonde girl and looks back at everyone else. "As for your other question, my name is Nahoha Takamachi, it's nice to meet all of you!"

"Um… Hi. My name is Charlotte Dunois. It's nice to meet you as well, Nanoha." Charlotte smiled softly as she shifted a little. "And thank you for saving us from the Gokoh Five and the spider mech they were piloting. If you haven't, then our friend would've been forced to become their slave."

"So that's what was going on? Those girls were trying to take your friend and make him their slave?" Nanoha gasped "Then it's a good thing we've arrived as soon as we could. We're not going to let them use your friend for their personal satisfaction. So, if they ever come back, we'll handle them."

The blonde girl, however, sighed in exhaustion, probably out of annoyance of her partner's naiveté. "Honestly, you're just too good hearted, Nanoha. Even when we've first fought each other." She then turned to the X-Squad, the Arthurs and the Koi Koi 7. "In any case, my name is Fate Testarossa Harlaown. I'm Nanoha-chan's best friend and comrade of Riot Force 6."

"Riot Force 6? I've never heard of it. Is that a Maverick Hunter unit?" Cecilia asked them confusingly. This in turned confused Nanoha and Fate.

"Maverick… Hunter? What is that?" Nanoha asked, feeling confused on what that even means.

"Yes. What is this Maverick Hunter of which you spoke of?" Fate added, sharing in Nanoha's confusion.

"Oi, we're the ones asking the questions here!" Sakuya growled as she stomped over to Nanoha and Fate and looked at the former in the eye. "So why should we be telling you two that since you just appeared out of nowhere?! Huh? Care to explain that?"

'Yikes! She reminds me of when Alph used to be! Not even Fate was this mean to me when we first met as kids!' Nanoha gritted her teeth nervously and sweat dropped.

"Cool it, Sakuya. There's no need for you to get bent out of shape." Miyabi scoled the hotheaded gunner of the Koi Koi 7. "The important thing is that they've helped us deal with the Gokoh Five and kept Tetsuro safe from their clutches. My name is Miyabi Tsukuyomi. And you have already met the hotheaded Sakuya Kazamatsuri." Sakuya spitted at the ground when she made that comment about her.

"Hiiiii there!" Yayoi beamed energetically. "My name is Yayoi Asuka! Nice to meet you two!"

"Um… My name is Tetsuro Tanaka. Thank you for stopping them." Tetsuro shyly introduced himself and bowed.

"Hifumi Inokai. Nice to meetcha, Nanoha and Fate!"

"My name is Akiwo Suzukai. It's a pleasure to meet you two."

"…Otome Chono."

"My name is Celonius 28. Greetings."

"I'm Dancho Arthur and this my fairy Nuckelavee. A pleasure to meet you both."

"Name's Tekken Arthur and this is my fairy Titania."

"Yamaneko Arthur and this is my fairy Coupy."

"My name is Renkin Arthur and this is my fairy Bodach. It's nice to meet both of you."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintances. My name is Kakka Arthur and this is my fairy Brigitte."

"And last but not least is us, Runo Arthur and my fairy Bethor."

"And now, it's time for us to do the introduction of the X-Squad. I will start first." Cecilia cleared her throat. "My name is Cecilia Alcott, homeland: England, Europe."

"You already know my name, Nanoha-chan, so there's no need for me to reintroduced myself. My homeland is France." Charlotte smiled slightly.

"Nice to meetcha! Name's Huang Lingying! Homeland: Hong Kong!" Ling grinned toothy in a cheesy way and places her arms behind her head.

"My name is Laura Bodewig. Homeland: Germany…" Laura glared at Nanoha and Fate. Fate can feel a bit of sadness from Laura, the same sadness she felt when she was working with Presea.

'That girl… She seems… genetic or something. Was she… created to be a clone like I was? From Alicia?' Fate thought to herself, wondering if she and Laura are the same, but with different styles of their births.

"Name's Jessika M. Payne. My homeland is America, but I'm now living here in Japan." Jessie smirked with a thumbs up.

"And I am Marino. A pleasure to meet both of you." Marino smiled and bows.

Just then, Akiwo noticed X and Houki running out of the factory with their weapons drawn. "Heya, X! Nice of you and Houki to join us! So you got what you came here for?" She waved at them.

"That's not important right now! We got word from Jerry that the Gokoh Five was here and attacking you guys! We ran back as fast as we could to help in stopping them!" X answered her seriously before noticing that the Gokoh Five were nowhere to be found and Nanoha and Fate were looking at them. "Oh, I didn't notice you two were there. We thought that the Gokoh Five was still out here and attacking our friends."

"They were, but these two swooped in and blasted the spider mech they were using into next week." Jessie told him with a smile. "If they haven't come when they did, Tetsuro would've been enslaved by those idiots."

"Oh, I see. That makes sense. I guess we were too late to help, but I'm glad everything worked out in the end." X nodded as he turned to the two women. "And thank you two for stopping those girls from taking our friend. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell us who you are?"

"We could, but not until you tell us who you are first." Fate frowned as she glared at X, which made him uneasy.

"Oh right, where are my manners? My name is Houki Shinonono. Homeland: Japan and this is MegaMan X, he and Marino are called Reploids." Houki introduced herself and X to their new visitors. The word Reploid gave Nanoha and Fate confused expressions as they've never heard of it.

"Reploid…? What's that? That's not something we've heard in Midchilda." Nanoha blinked as X sighed and rubbed his temples in anxiety.

"I think it's best if we explained it to you in better detail as well as the situation at hand back at Maverick Hunter HQ. It's a lot safer to talk there than out in the open like this. We'll be able to explain everything and help you two understand better." He told them as he contacts Jerry and Sophie. "Jerry, Sophie. We've got what we came for and we need you to warp us back to HQ. And make sure to add in two more when you do."

"Roger. We'll bring you guys back in now time flat. Just hang on and we'll bring you home." Sophie said as she and Jerry starts the wrapping process. A few seconds later, the X-Squad and their new visitors were warped back to Maverick Hunter HQ while the Hunters returns to their posts and continued guarding the factory.

Maverick Hunter HQ, 3:50 PM

After finding the Light Capsule at the factory and returning to base, the X-Squad, the Koi Koi 7, Tetsuro, the Arthurs and their fairies, Nanoha and Fate were at the HQ's cafeteria having lunch. Jerry and Sophie had also joined them as Zero wanted them to take a break and were wondering who were the two new visitors were while also explaining to them what Reploids are and about the situation at hand.

"That's just amazing!" Nanoha gasped in awe. "I had no idea that was even possible! So both X and Marino are advanced robots who can think, feel and choose for themselves like us humans? And there are even mother Reploids as well?"

"And this Sigma was once the former leader of the Maverick Hunter who somehow turned Maverick and has declared war on humanity and is now plotting to conquer the entire omiverse so he can make a utopia for Reploids?" Fate murmured as she drank her juice before sighing. "Well, so much for our vacation. It appears we're in another dimension and we have no way of contacting anyone from the Bureau. And I was so looking forward to spending some time with Vivio." She then turned her attention to X and glared at him, making him nervous as he shifted his gaze around. 'But what is this odd power I'm sensing from X? It's even higher than mine and Nanoha's. Perhaps even Vivio and all of us combined. Just what kind of Reploid are you, X?'

"That's about the size of it. In more ways than you think." Laura nodded as she takes a bite out of her crab cake. "We have to end this war so that we can make sure the omniverse will be safe from his clutches. Plus, we'll need to recover the only means of getting you guys back to your dimension that was stolen by Sigma and is using to forward his plan."

"Project Uni, right? That's what he's using to conquer the other worlds?" Nanoha frowned as she doesn't like the way Sigma's doing to this world and will soon move on to her world if he gets his way.

"I'm afraid so. From what Dr. Cain told us, he and his assistants created it as a way to travel to other worlds and extend a hand in peace. But then Sigma turned Maverick and stole the device where he's now using it to take over the omniverse to create his Reploid utopia. So we need to end Sigma and get you guys back home with the same machine that he stolen when he started the war." Houki nodded as she took a bite out of her dumpling. Jerry and Sophie knew what she was talking about, but didn't say anything as they feel like they're responsible for the war and Dr. Cain most likely taking the blame for everything.

But just as before they could continue with their conversation, the lights suddenly went out. Causing everyone in the room to stop what they were doing and wondering why the lights went out.

"Hey! What gives?! Who turned out the lights?" Hifumi panicked as the red lights came on, indicating there is an emergency power generation in the base and has turned on.

"What on earth?" X gasped as he stood up from his seat. "Something is definitely wrong. I don't know what, but maybe we should see Zero about it. He'll probably have a clue to what's happening." He then suggested.

"It's worth a shot. We better head for the command center and see Commander Zero. Let's go." Cecilia agrees as did the rest of the gang before heading for the command center to meet up with Zero.

Upon arriving at the command center, Zero was talking with Storm Eagle about the problem at hand.

"I'm assuming you all noticed what just happened earlier?" Storm Eagle with a serious frown asked as everyone nodded. "I had a feeling that was the case. It seems like the work of Spark Mandrill, my former comrade and an electricity powered Maverick General. There's no doubt in my mind that he's taken over Neo Tokyo's power plant."

"And unless we get the power plant back from Spark Mandrill, the city will be out of power. There's no telling what kind of crisis that'll lead to if we let this go unchecked." Zero then turns to X and the gang. "X, I want you and your squad to infiltrate the power plant and take out Spark Mandrill and restore the city's power. We can't let him keep the city in a blackout."

"I'll go with them as well." Storm Eagle stepped forward. "I happen to know Spark Mandrill well, so I know both his strengths and his weaknesses. Not only that, but I know a way around the power plant discreetly, as I have gone there several times. I'm sure Sigma sent Spark Mandrill there to cut off the city's power to not only disable the communications, but also stop you from being able to use your computers to help you stop us."

"So he's trying to cripple us so that we won't find where his hideout is. I gotta admit, that's an interesting plan." Jessie stated as she crossed her arms.

"True, but we'll make sure it doesn't work. We'll head for the power plant and restore the city's power and take out Spark Mandrill." X nodded.

"Before you head out, there's something I need to ask of Storm Eagle." Zero turned to Storm Eagle. "As much as it's a fruitless attempt, you wouldn't happen to know where Sigma's fortress is, by any chance, would you?"

"Unfortunately, no… I do not." Storm Eagle frowned "None of us have ever been allowed to know the location of his fortress, so I'm afraid I can't help you with that. The only one besides Sigma who's been to his fortress is Vile. Vile is his second in command next to Sigma. None of us other Mavericks have seen Sigma's fortress, nor do we know of its location. I'm deeply sorry about not being of much help, Zero."

Zero sighed as he crossed his arms. "It's alright, it was a fruitless effort anyway… I'll just have to keep searching with Dr. Cain until we hopefully find any clues to its whereabouts…"

"While you're doing that, we'll take care of Spark Mandrill and bring the power back to Neo Tokyo." X said with a smile.

"Good luck, Zero. I hope you and Dr. Cain find Sigma's fortress soon." Ling saluted to him.

"Same to you, guys. Good luck and be careful on your mission." Zero smiled as the X-Squad and Storm Eagle gathered on the Teleporter System where Jerry and Sophie activated it to send them to Neo Tokyo's power plant.


(Liberon's Fate plays)

Deep in the interior of the Neo Tokyo power plant, Spark Mandrill, a powerful electricity typed Maverick was speaking with Vile on a holoscreen. Vile was updating him on what's been happening with the X-Squad and how they've already destroyed both Chill Penguin and Flame Mammoth and how Storm Eagle has defected to the Maverick Hunters.

"I see… So that's what's been happening. Chill Penguin and Flame Mammoth have both met their ends by the hands of the Maverick Hunters and now X and those five IS pilots from the IS era are recruiting an army of the inhabitants of the other worlds." Spark Mandrill frowned as he crossed his arms.

"Yes, that's correct. Lord Sigma wants those five IS pilots captured and brought back to his fortress so we can brainwash them into joining our army. You can also destroy the others if you want, but those girls must be kept alive." Vile ordered.

"But why go through all that trouble for those five human girls? Didn't Lord Sigma told us that all humans are nothing but slave drivers? Why would he want those girls to be part of our army?" Spark Mandrill asked skeptically.

"Don't underestimate those five IS pilots, Spark Mandrill. They're considered to be the best IS pilots of their era and they still are with their RepArmors. The only who surpasses them is their dead boyfriend, Ichika Orimura. Lord Sigma wants them on our time and for that to happen, we must capture them at all costs if we're ever going to have a chance in making our Reploid utopia. It's better to have them on our side since X refused to join us." Vile warned him before thinking to himself. 'Though personally, I'd also have Sophie on our side. She can definitely be a good asset in helping with Lord Sigma's Reploid utopia.'

"I gotcha. As long as we have them on our side, this war is as good as won for us. I'll do whatever I can to bring them to our side." Spark Mandrill nodded.

"See that you do. Do not fail Lord Sigma like those other three have. Also, Lord Sigma is contacting someone at this moment and I have to see them in person. So don't screw this up." Vile issued before cutting the channel.


In the streets of Neo Tokyo, the same limousine from before was driving through traffic as it seems to be heading home. Inside limousine are two men, an older man and a young boy, were sitting on different sides of the limo. Just then, the man gets a call on his cellphone and takes it out of his pocket to see who it was. Seeing the identity of the Caller, he taps on the window that separates the passengers from the driver to get his attention.

"Drop me off at the next intersection. It's an important call I have to take." The man tells the Reploid limo driver. "And take my nephew home. I'll call you when I'm done."

"Yes, sir. Right away, sir." The Reploid driver nodded as he stops the limo at the next intersection and the man exits the vehicle.

"Uncle Stephan? Where are you going?" The boy asked.

"It's an important call I have to take. It shouldn't take more than an hour or so. I'll see you at home, Malcolm." The man known as Stephan answered his nephew known as Malcolm before the limousine continued on. Once the limousine has vanished in the traffic, he answers his phone and walks down the sidewalk.

Spark Mandril's Stage Theme from MegaMan Maverick Hunter X plays

By now, the X-Squad and Storm Eagle had all arrived at the power plant. They were standing just outside of the entrance to the power plant before heading inside and down into the interior.

"So, Storm Eagle, there's something I want to ask you about…" Fate looked at him as the gang were walking down the power plant. "From what you told us before we arrived, you said that you know of this 'Spark Mandrill's' weakness, right? What kind of weakness does he have that we should be aware of?"

"Yes, that I do. And if I remember correctly, his weakness is ice. So if you have any sort of freezing weapons, then we'll have a chance against him." Storm Eagle answered her.

"That shouldn't be a problem. We've already got that covered." X said confidently. "Thanks to Chill Penguin, I can now change my buster into an ice blaster and Marino can use her blade to freeze him in his place." Marino nodded in agreement as she takes out her Beam Knife.

"True, but in order for you to fight him, you must be able to reach him first." Storm Eagle explained to him. "And if I know Spark Mandrill as well as I think I do, he'll do whatever he can to stop you before you get anywhere near him." Before he could continue, the lights went out, leaving the group in complete darkness. "And from the looks of it, I have no doubt that he has already prepared for our arrival." He then finished.

"Well if he thinks a little darkness is going to stop us, he'd better think again." X stated with a smirk. "Thanks to Dr. Light, I was built to be able to see in the dark, so getting through here won't be difficult for me."

"The same with me. My creator made sure that I was able to see in the dark as well, so I'm prepared as well." Marino agrees.

"And my glasses are equipped with a night vision, that way I can see in the dark without any problems." Jessie agrees as well before putting on her sunglasses and activating the night vision.

"As do I. Which means that we'll have to take the lead in reaching Spark Mandrill at the end of facility." Storm Eagle explained.

"Then we'll follow your lead. We're leaving our safe passage through the power plant in your hands." Houki nodded as did the rest of the gang.

"Leave it to us. Now let's go find Spark Mandrill." X declared as the group continues on.

"Storm Eagle, there's something I need to ask you about. Why did the lights go out like that? Do you think he knows we're here?" Cecilia asked him confusedly.

"No, I highly doubt that he does." Storm Eagle answered "There are motion detectors around the power plant that'll shut off lights if they were to detect anything in their perimeter. We set them off, but only the ones in this part of the building. I had completely forgotten about them until now. I don't believe Spark Mandrill knows that we're here yet, but we'd better be on our guard as we go even further into the plant."

"Then it probably won't take him very long to find out, though. We'll have to be ready for whatever comes our way to stop us." X said with a smile as he guided his friends around the corner.

"Oh wonderful." Sakuya muttered sarcastically. But as rounded the corner, the lights suddenly flickered back on.

"We're now out of the range of the motion detectors. That means the lights are now back on." Storm Eagle informed them. "But that was just the first of many we'll be seeing. I'm sure there will be more along the way, so be careful."

In Spark Mandrill's chamber, an alarm was going off to alert him of what's going on. He grinned slightly at this.

"My, my… It seems I have some compony…" He said as he gets ready for their arrival.

Just as Storm Eagle had said, there were many areas with motion detectors that would shut out the lights and make it difficult for them to see. Even so, their venture through the power plant seemed far too easy. Soon enough, they made it to the great steel doors that they all knew Spark Mandrill must be behind and waiting for them.

"This is it. Spark Mandrill is probably waiting for us behind those doors. You guys ready?" X asked.

"Yes." Storm Eagle said confidently. The IS girls, Koi Koi 7, Arthurs, Jessie, Marino, Nanoha and Fate nodded in agreement, meaning, they are ready for the battle with Spark Mandrill.

"Then let's go." They marched through the doors without any further hesitation, and after passing through the hallway they entered into a pitch-black room.

"Okay, here we are. So where is that Spark Mandrill guy?" Titania looked around the dark room.

"Keep your eyes open. He could be anywhere in this darkness. There's no telling if he's going to strike." Storm Eagle told her until they all hear a voice from the darkness.

Maverick Confrontation Music plays

"Welcome. Nice of you to finally reaching here." Laughed a voice that came out from the opposite side of the chamber. Just then, the lights flickered on to reveal Spark Mandrill, who was watching the IS girls with interest. "So they're the ace IS pilots that Lord Sigma wants…" He then turns his attention to X. "And X… You showed up. Just as I expected you to do…"

"It sounds like you've got Maverick. Your time has come, Spark Mandrill!" X aimed his X-Buster at him. "You can just do us all a favor and surrender peacefully or we'll be forced to destroy you!"

"No. I may not the smartest guy around, X. But I have a feeling that Sigma is right about you." Spark Mandrill's eyes shifted over to Storm Eagle. "Storm Eagle?! What are you doing with them?! Have you turned traitor on us?!"

"No, my eyes have been opened to the truth, Spark Mandrill. Sigma never cared for us and once he gains what he wants, he'll toss you aside like junk!" Storm Eagle replied "Thanks to Houki and her friends, I am now a Maverick Hunter and I will protect the humans as we were originally tasked with. And if you were smart enough, you'd join them as well."

"And Sigma has already gone insane when he started this war! He doesn't care about what happens to any of you as long as he gets what he wants!" X shouted.

"Now X, do you really think Commander Sigma is insane? Perhaps you never thought that maybe Sigma was right and you were wrong? Or it could be that none of you will ever understand what Lord Sigma plans to do with the omniverse once he's won the war?" Spark Mandril mocked as X didn't say anything until Marino steps in and places her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't let him get to you, X. He's just as corrupted as Sigma. He doesn't care who gets hurt as long as Sigma gets what he wants. So we've got to stop him and bring the power back to the city." Marino told him.

"She's right, X. You shouldn't let his words confuse you." Cecilia agrees as she added "He's only saying those things because he wants you to doubt yourself. He believes that if he could make you doubt yourself, it'll be easier for Sigma to win this war. But we know that you're not going to let that happen because we're always here for you." X looks over to everyone who all nodded at Cecilia's words as X smiled at them.

"Thank you, everyone. I'm glad to have all of you here with me to keep my head in check if I start to doubt myself." X said confidantly "And you and Marino are right, Cecilia. I can't let him get to me. We still have a job to do and that's to bring the power back to Neo Tokyo. Now let's work together and put a stop to Spark Mandrill!" Everyone nodded as they all turned to said Maverick General who was disappointed in trying to make X doubt himself.

"Then it seems that our time for talk is over. I will not turn on Lord Sigma like that bird-brained traitor Storm Eagle! It's time we find the answer together… In battle!" Spark Mandrill hits the ground with his fist that caused electrical orbs to form and he fires at the hunters.

MegaMan X and the X-Squad VS Spark Mandrill, Maverick Battle Theme from MHX plays

Everyone dodged the attack and X fired his Shotgun Ice at Spark Mandrill, freezing him. Spark Mandrill broke free. "Augh! You meddling kids!" Spark Mandrill yelled as he jumped up and grabbed the cable wires.

"Here he comes, everyone!" Runo issued as Spark Mandrill dropped down to try to attack our heroes, he managed to get Dancho and punched her away from him.

"D-Danchou!" Yameneko gasped in shock, everyone except for Spark Mandrill looked at her with raised eyebrows. She quickly flustered in embarrassment. "W-What?! I am not concerned for our idiot leader of Arthurs!" She aimed her rocket launcher at Spark Mandrill and fired it at Spark Mandrill, giving him medium damage.

"Ya know, for someone with the same name as the legendary king of Camelot, you and your friends don't act like him." Spark Mandrill frowned as he charged up his fists with electricity. "But I'm stronger than all of you combined!" He charged towards Nanoha and Fate, they leaped out of the way.

"Alright, Rising Heart! Let's do this!" Nanoha yelled as she aimed her wand called Rising Heart and fired it at Spark Mandrill, giving him medium damage.

"Bardiche! Show time!" Fate yelled as she dashed towards Spark Mandrill and slashed him three times with her scythe.

"Ugh! You'll pay for that, girlies!" Spark Mandrill growled as he slams his fist with electricity, they leaped out of the way. "Ugh! Hold still!" He charged towards Houki who got into a defensive state and slashed him three times.

"Spark Mandrill! You're going to pay for leaving the Maverick Hunters!" Houki yelled fiercely. Spark Mandrill chuckled darkly. "What are you laughing at?" She raised an eyebrow.

"That's pretty big talk coming from the baby sister of the Demon of Old Tokyo. Tell me something, Miss Shinonono… Did you ever made up with your big sister before waking up in this timeline?" Houki lowered her head sadly, suddenly, she felt X's hand on her shoulder.

"Don't let him get to you, Houki. Remember what Cecilia said to me and Marino said the same thing to help me. We're there for you and we will help you restore your family's honor." Houki blushed as she nodded in agreement.

"Y-You're right, we can't let him get to us." She smiled.

"I'll go! Shinobi Art: Icicle Dance!" Marino slashed Spark Mandrill three times with her ice Beam Knife.

""Eat Ice!" Kakka yelled as he launched ice spells at Spark Mandrill, freezing him.

"Ugh! Time for me to up my game!" Spark Mandrill growled as he made the lights go out.

"Where did he go?!" Sakuya growled as she aimed her machine gun in the darkness. Runo noticed Spark Mandrill coming up behind her.

"Sakuya, watch out!" Runo yelled as he dashed forward and grabbed her bridal style just as Spark Mandrill was about to land her fist into her. "You alright?"

Sakuya blushed madly as Runo let her down. "Y-Yeah. Thank you, Runo…" She looked away shyly.

"Hey Spark Mandrill! Let's settle this with our fists!" Tekken yelled as he charged towards the Maverick General.

"Huh, someone who isn't as smart as me. This should be good!" Spark Mandrill frowned as he and Tekken clashed in a flurry of fists, each delivering blow after blow.

"Hiiiyaaaa!" Renkin yelled as she charged towards Spark Mandrill with her mallet, but the Maverick General noticed her and fired a electric shot at her, shocking her. "I-I'm numb all over for awhile!" She stammered.

"Gyaaaahhh!" Ling yelled out her battle cry as she gave Spark Mandrill an uppercut, knocking him away from our heroes. Cecilia fired her assault rifle while Laura charged in and slashed Spark Mandrill three times.

"Right on!" Jessie grinned as she fired her dual revolvers at Spark Mandrill, giving him even more damage.

"Storm Tornado!" Storm Eagle yelled as he fired his attack at Spark Mandrill, giving him medium damage. Charlotte also dashed in and jabbed her spear at Spark Mandrill, giving him more damage. The fight is almost over.

"That's it, you brats!" Spark Mandrill as he charged up his fists. "Time for me to, gah?!" Spark Mandrill couldn't finish as X fired a charged Shotgun Ice at him, freezing him. Spark Mandrill exploded upon being frozen.

After the battle was over, everyone breathed a sigh of relief that they were able to stop Spark Mandrill and the power plant was free from his control. Now they can bring the power back to the city.

"That was a close one. These Maverick General guys are getting harder and harder to fight. I'm just glad we didn't have to fight you, Storm Eagle." Dancho said as she recovers from Spark Mandrill's attack.

"Indeed. I feel the same way about not fighting all of you, as well. Had we did, I'd most likely hold back as I wanted all of you to destroy me." Storm Eagle agrees as he started at his former teammate solemnly. "Still, it's a shame he didn't join us. He would've been a great ally to have in our ranks. But we shouldn't let his power to to waste, right X?" He turns to X and Marino.

"Right. We'll be needing it for whatever comes our way. Hopefully we'll put it to good use than Spark Mandrill." X nodded as he and Marino walked over to said Maverick General's icy remains. As they did with the other Mavericks, they touched Spark Mandrill and gained his power for their own. Wanting to test it out, X switches his armor to a yellow version and aims his X-Buster at the wall and shouted "Electric Spark!" and found out he can use the same attack that he used on them.

As for Marino, she gained a new type a blade that resembles a Hitachi with a blade that seems to emit plasma. Wanting to test it out, Marino takes her stance and draws her new blade and concentrates before shouting "Shinobi Art: Plasma Break!" and unleashes a series of electric slashes from her blade.

"That's a new one. I wasn't expecting you to gain a new kind of blade like that. Especially from Spark Mandrill's powers." Jessie said.

"Neither did I, but it feels like something that I could use for our future battles." Marino told her "I'm not entirely sure how or why I gained this new blade, but something in my programming is telling me to use this. Whatever the case is, I feel like this could really give us an edge in this war."

"Still, it looks like Sigma wants us to be on his team whether we like it or not… Since Flame Mammoth wanted us to come with him the other day…" Ling frowned as she crossed her arms.

"Yeah, and it may involve a little brainwashing if he captures the five of us… If he does that, then he'd conquer the omniverse ten times over…" Laura frowned deeper as she dispelled her claymore.

"Not to worry, I won't let that happen to any of you. I'll protect you five girls from Sigma's clutches and that's what I'm going to do. You can count on me." X said with confidence. Fate looked at him with a small smile.

'So he's nice and caring to those five girls… He's even willing to risk his life to protect them from Sigma and I can tell he means every word of it. But if he's going through such lengths to keep them safe, does he… like one of them?'

"Oh yeah! Sigma had better think twice before trying to get us on his evil team! He's not going to brainwash us that easily!" Ling pumped her fist in the air in victory.

"Hoo-ha!" Charlotte and Yayoi cheered.

"So now that the power plant is no longer in Spark Mandrill's control, we'd better get the power up and running again." Jessie then suggested.

"Right. Leave that one to me." Cecilia nodded as she walked over to the power controls and types away on the keyboard. A few seconds later, the power was back up and running once again. "There, that should do it. I just restore the city's power. Everything should be back up and running in no time."

"Then it's time for us to return to base and tell Commander Zero the good news. Our work here is now completed." Storm Eagle stated.

"Yeah! Sigma is no match for us when we're a team!" Nanoha cheered as everyone else nodded in agreement.

X looked at the IS girls with a smile as he thinks to himself 'No matter what Sigma does, I will protect all five of you and end this war for good. I won't let you five relive the same tragedy in your era… That is a promise…' Once the power was restored, the X-Squad was warped back to the base.

But the moment our heroes had departed from the power plant, the screen on one of the monitors turns on to reveal an emblem of kind. It was a crimson red dragon that looks to be roaring with its wings spread out and only seems to be showing the top half of its body. Just them, more monitors shows the same emblem to reveal that the power plant was owned by another family. One that has survived the Phantom Virus Tragedy and has thrived while Cecilia's family fell into ruins. But who could this family be and what is their connection to Cecilia's family?

To be continued…

Next chapter: Sting Chameleon: The Last Light Armor Piece! Mission In The Rain Forest!

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