The Deathly Hallows

Escape from Malfoy Manor

Chapters 23-24

Harrie was attempting to push herself off the polish floor of the Malfoy Manor. She felt her hair pull as Bellatrix threw Harrie's head back. With a strong grip, Bellatrix held Harrie's head on her shoulder as Harrie gasped, trying to breathe. Harrie was also having a hard time seeing her surroundings as her vision was blurred due to the swelling on her face. Hermione jinx Harrie as soon as they were captured, trying to hid Harries features. Bellatrix was trying give Draco the best view of Harrie in order to positively ID her. The Death Eaters did not want to call the Dark Lord unless they knew for certain they had Harriet Potter.

Bellatrix's wand was at Harrie's throat.

"Well?" Bellatrix whispered at Draco.

"Are you sure this is Potter?"

"Well, Draco, is it Harrie Potter?"

"We have to be sure it's Potter."

"I- I don't know," said Draco shakily. "What happened to her face?"

"Yes, what did happen to her face?" Bellatrix asked pulling Harrie's head back further to see the face for herself.

Harrie gasped.

"Don't know, but it wasn't us," said the voice of the werewolf, Greyback. "You see this marking on her forehead? The skin may be swollen, but that is the scar!"

Suddenly, Bellatrix seized Harrie's arm. Harrie made a noise as sharp nails dug into her wrist. She felt her sleeve pulled up. She tried to push Bellatrix away, but she kept a firm grip on Harry's arm. It was as if Bellatrix remembered something, Harrie did not.

"Why it is! It's baby Potter! See the scar on her arm!" Bellatrix cried out. Harrie felt Bellatrix pull and raise her arm to show the Death Eaters in the Manor.

At the mention of the scar, Harrie cursed herself. She had almost forgotten about the scar where the words "HALFBLOOD" were carved into her arm during her fifth year. It was after Bellatrix had killed Sirius Black, her godfather, in front of Harrie. Harrie had chased Bellatrix through the department before being subdued by Bellatrix. The Death Eater then used the Cruciatus Curse in Harrie, torturing her for information on the prophecy the Dark Lord wanted.

"I dropped it!" Harrie gasped out. "I dropped it and it smashed into pieces. You failed!"

"I don't believe you." Bellatrix said harshly and Harrie felt the pressure move from her check to her arm.

Harrie felt the pressure on her arm increase until it burned. Something was being pressed into her arm, moving around. Carving her. She was screaming, trying to push the Death Eater off, but she could not move. Her body was numb with pain, all while her scar burned on her forehead.

She remember that terrible night at the Department of Mysteries. Watching Voldemort torturing Sirius in her mind, battling the Death Eaters, being tortured by Bellatrix, and... Sirius' death... At the remembrance of her godfather's death, Harrie tried to throw herself at Bellatrix, but was held back a Snatcher who held her arms behind her and wrapped his arm around her throat in a chokehold.

Watching Harrie, Bellatrix smiled.

"Lucius, call him," Bellatrix called out. "The Dark Lord will be pleased-" But the Death Eater's celebration quickly ended when Bellatrix laid her hands on the sword being held by another Snatcher.

"Where did you get that sword?" She whispered.

"Found it," the Snatcher barked. Wrong answer.

"STOP!" shrieked Bellatrix. "Nobody move, we will all perish if the Dark Lord come now!"

Lucius froze, his hand hovering over his mark.

"Give me that," Bellatrix said.

"Nuh-uh," the Snatcher grunted.

There was a bang and a flash of red light as Bellatrix threw stunning spells around the room, hitting the snatchers.

"Where did you get this sword?" Bellatrix asked again, her voice rising.

"Found it in their tent," rasped Greyback pointing to Harrie.

Bellatrix walked up to Harrie and grabbed her face, turning it, observing it.

"If it is indeed Potter, she must not be harmed," said Bellatrix as though she was reminding herself. "The Dark Lord wants to deal with him personally, but… if he finds out… I must know…"

She seemed to be making a decision as her grip tightened on Harrie's face.

"Put the boy in the cellar!" Harrie felt Bellatrix move her hand to her hair, pulling it and threw her to the floor. "The rest of us are gonna have a little girl chat."

"No!" shouted Ron. "You can have me, keep me!"

Bellatrix hit him across the face; the blow echoed through the room.

"Don't worry, you'll get yours," said Bellatrix. "Blood traitor is next to Mudblood in my book. Take him downstairs NOW!"

Still on the floor, Harrie tried to lift herself up when she felt something wrap around her legs and travel up to her waist, where her arms became pinned to her side. Then she was pulled off the ground. She was now floating upside-down. Bellatrix's hand was back on Harrie's face gripping both her cheeks making her face scrunch together. Harrie blinked, trying to clear her vision.

"Do you know what this is?" Harrie moved her blurry eyes to look at the upside-down sword Bellatrix was holding.

"The- the sword of Godric Gryffindor."

"Good. How did you come across this sword?"

"I found it," Harrie said honestly. Harrie jerked as Bellatrix slapped her across the face.


Harrie took a shuddering breath and turned to look back at Bellatrix's upside-down face.

"Snape locked it in my vault. You broke into my vault and stole the sword!"

"Sorry to disappoint, but we didn't break into your vault!"

"Crucio!" Bellatrix roared.

The spell hit her in the chest and she was thrown back and felt her whole body twitch in pain. Knives were stabbing her repeatedly.

Harrie bit her lip to muffle the scream threatening to escape her mouth. She did not want to give Bellatrix satisfaction in hearing her screams this time.


Harrie failed as she let out a scream and her body jerked sharper. She could taste blood in her mouth.

Her vision went dark for a minute as she screamed, her mind back in the graveyard. Suddenly the pain stopped and Harrie laid on floor, her vision returning to a blur.

The pain stopped, and Harrie let out a sigh before she felt whatever was holding her let go. As her head made contact with the floor first, and a bright white-hot light appeared in her vision as she was blinded by the pain.

Harrie's body felt numb as if she had been stabbed so many times. She tried to move, to lift herself off the ground, but she could not feel her hands. Her head felt heavy and her whole body ached. She heard Hermione calling her name, but she could not move.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" Bellatrix shouted in Harrie's face. "I KNOW YOU HAVE IT! GIVE IT HERE!"

Harrie blinked as the white light faded and the blurry image of Bellatrix loomed over her. As Harrie felt Bellatrix grab her face, she felt as if she was back in the Department of Mysteries, not too long ago.

"There you are." Harrie heard Bellatrix say dangerously. She also heard Hermione gasped, but did not know where her friend was. Unknownst to Harrie, Hermione's jinx wore off quicker than expected and revealed Harrie's face. "Here she is, all shiny and new again."

She then felt the long oily hair brush against her face as Bellatrix loomed over her.

"TELL - ME - THE - TRUTH!" Bellatrix shouted in Harrie's face.

She felt the wand back at her check. The wet tip dripped blood that ran down her face. Harrie could smell metal.

"Bella! Stop!" Harrie heard someone said. Through her blurry vision caused by the pain, she saw another person come into her view.

"The Dark Lord wants her alive and unharmed!" Harrie recognized the voice of Narcissa Malfoy.

Bellatrix let out a scream of frustration, throwing Harrie's head back to the floor, with a loud thud. The last thing Harrie heard before her vision blurred into darkness was Hermione screaming her name.


"Kill me, then, Voldemort, I welcome death! But my death will not bring you what you seek… There is so much you do not understand…"

Harrie opened her eyes to see the concerned faces of Ron and Luna Lovegood staring back at her.

"Harrie," Ron said shakily. "Oh, Harrie."

Harrie tried to open her mouth, but nothing came out. She then tried to move her arms, but they felt numb.

"Shh, don't move Harrie," said Luna. Harrie felt Luna press her hand Harrie's head as if holding it in place. Why must she put pressure on her head? It already stung, and something wet was dripping from it, matting her hair.

There was then a terrible, drawn-out scream directly above them.

"HERMIONE!" Ron screamed, rushing to the door. "HERMIONE!"

"Luna," Harrie gasped. "Help me up."

From upstairs, they heard Bellatrix's voice: "I'm going to ask you again! Where did you get this sword!"

"We found it! We found it! PLEASE!" Hermione screamed.

Once Harrie was sitting up, supported by Luna, she reached toward her foot, rolled down her sock, and pulled out the mirror fragment.

"That's a weird thing to keep in your sock, Harrie," Luna observed.

Harrie looked in the mirror and saw a blue eye staring back at her.

"HELP US!" Harrie cried. "We are trapped in the cellar of Malfoy Manor, help us!"

Harrie blinked and the eye was gone.

Exhausted from yelling into the mirror, Harrie dropped the mirror and fell back against Luna. Her scar was also beginning to throb and she remembered seeing an old man in a cell. Harrie looked around and took in her environment. The cellar was lit up due to Ron's Deluminator and saw Luna and Ron were not the only one's prisoner. Ollivander, the missing wandmaker, was hunched in the corner, Dean Thomas was standing over the wandmaker checking him over. Then on the floor not too far away was the goblin, Griphook, who seemed to be barely conscious.

Hermione's screams interrupted Harrie's thoughts.

"It isn't real! It's a copy, just a copy!"

"Draco! Fetch the goblin, he can tell us if the sword is real or not."

Hearing Lucius's command, Harrie felt a sudden adrenaline rush as she pushed herself off of Luna and rushed to Griphook on the floor.

"Griphook, you must tell them the sword is a fake," Harrie whispered harshly. "They cannot know, please Griphook-"

"Stand back! Line up against the wall. Don't try anything or I will kill you!"

The lights disappeared back into Ron's Deluminator and Harrie felt arms wrap around her chest, pulling her up against whoever was supporting her. Whoever held her pulled her with them against the wall as the lock can be heard turning.

The door opened and Draco marched inside, wand out defensively. He grabbed the goblin by the arm and dragged him out the door. Closing it and locking them in again with a cracking sound echoing around the cellar.

Light returned to the cellar with a click of Ron's Deluminator, revealing Dobby in front of the door with them in the cellar.


Harrie moved her elbow, hitting Ron, who she realized was the one holding her up and silencing him.

"Harrie Potter," the elf squeaked in a whisper, looking around the cellar. "I have come to rescue you and your friends."

Before Harrie could question why the elf was here, she heard Hermione scream again.

"You can Disapparate out of this cellar?" she questioned in a gasp, trying to stand.

Dobby nodded.

"Can you take humans with you?"

Dobby nodded again.

"Okay," Harrie said, her voice becoming less shaky as her head began to clear. "Dobby I want you to take Luna, Dean, and Mr. Ollivander, and take then- uh, take them to-?"

"Bill and Fleur's, Ron finished. "Shell Cottage on the outskirts of Tinworth."

Harried looked up at Ron.

"Trust me," said Ron. Harrie nodded and turned back to Dobby.

"Then I want you to come back," said Harrie. "Can you do that?"

Dobby nodded again, then hurried over to Ollivander, taking one of his hands.

"No, Harry," Dean protested. "We can't leave you here."

"You can barely stand," Luna said, nodding.

"Go! Both of you, and we will meet you at Bill and Fleur's." Harrie then looked at Dobby, giving him a nod. The throbbing on her scar was growing, and when she blinked, she wasn't in the cellar anymore, hearing a cackling laugh. Hermione screamed again, Harrie blinked, bringing herself back to their present situation. When she opened her eyes, she saw Dobby was gone taking Luna, Dean, and Ollivander with him as the sound of them disapperating echoed through the Manor.

"What was that?" Lucius shouted from above. "Wormtail! Go check!"

Harrie and Ron looked at each other.

"We're going to have to try and tackle him," Harrie said. Ron nodded. They then back up against the walls near the door, one person on each side.

They heard the lock turn.

"Stand back," Wormtail's voice commanded. "Stand away from the door. I'm coming in."

The door opened, and for a second, Wormtail stared into the empty cellar before Harrie and Ron jumped onto the unsuspecting Death Eater. As Harrie pushed down on Wormtail's chest, keeping him down, she slapped her other hand to his mouth to keep him from screaming. Ron grabbed Wormtail's wand arm while also pushing him down with his other hand. What the two did not account for was Wormtail's silver hand, which grabbed at Harrie's throat, squeezing.

"What is it, Wormtail?" call Lucius.

"Nothing!" Ron called back in a squeaky mocking voice, in an attempt to sound like Wormtail.

'You're - going to - kill me -?" Harrie choked, her one hand now on her throat, attempting to move the silver hand. "After I - saved - your - life -? You owe me- Wormtail!"

The hand slackened as Harrie gasped, breathing in new air. Harrie and Ron watched as Wormtail's eyes widened in surprise as his silver hand moved towards his own throat and began to squeeze.

"No-!" Harry whispered loudly, attempting to drag the hand back, but it would not budge. Ron has also released Wormtail as the two tried to pull the hand from its master's throat as it strangled him. Ron even attempted to use Wormtail's wand to stop the hand but to no avail. The two watched as the Death Eater's eyes bulged before rolling into his head and fell to the ground, still.

Harrie looked up at Ron, who looked back at Harrie with a scared and surprised expression.

Hermione screamed again, reminding the two where they were. They ran up the stairs and hid in the dark hallway toward the drawing room. They watched as Bellatrix towered over Griphook, who was holding the sword toward his chest.

"It is a fake," Griphook simply said.

"Are you sure?" Bellatrix cried. "Absolutely sure?"

"Yes," said Griphook.

Bellatrix stood up, relief shown on her face.

"Good," she said. Then with a wave of her wand, slashed another cut into the goblin's face who fell to the floor.

Bellatrix then held her arm out and placed her wand on her mark. Once it touched her skin, Harrie's head felt like it split open, and she staggered.

"Kill me, then! You will not win, you cannot win! That wand will never, ever be yours…"

Harrie opened her eyes to a flash of green light. She blinked and felt a hand around her mouth. Ron held her up, supporting her. She looked up at him, blinking.

"You back with me?" Ron asked in a whisper. Harrie nodded, gaining her bearings as Ron let go of her.

"He's coming," Harrie whispered as she placed her hand on the wall.

Ron stared at her, fear beginning to grow in his face.

"Now," Harrie and Ron turned their attention back to the drawing room, where Bellatrix had returned her attention to Hermione, who was sprawled on the floor. "We can dispose of the Mudblood. Greyback, she's all yours."


The fear was gone from Ron's face as he burst into the drawing room. Bellatrix turned in surprise, raising her wand, but Ron was faster.


Her wand flew through the air before it was caught by Harrie, who, in turn, pointed the wand at Lucius.


Lucius was thrown into the wall, then collapsed to the floor. Narcissa, Malfoy, and Greyback were now throwing spells at Ron and Harrie as the two dodged, produced shields, and fired back.

"Drop your wands or she DIES!"

Harrie and Ron froze and saw Bellatrix holding an unconscious Hermione with a knife held up to Hermione's throat.

"I said drop them! Or we'll see how filthy her blood is."

Ron and Harrie hesitated.

"I said drop them!" Bellatrix yelled again, this time pressing the knife harder into Hermione's throat.

Ron obliged first, dropping Wormtail's wand. Harrie then dropped Bellatrix's wand allowing it to fall to the floor. Bellatrix smiled at Harrie, as her scar burned, knowing who was about to show up.

"Good." Bellatrix cheered. "Draco, pick them up! The Dark Lord is coming, Harriet Potter."

Harrie knew Voldemort was close; her scar was sharply throbbing and every time she blinked, she could see through Voldemort's eyes as he flew through the sky towards the Manor.

"Greyback," Bellatrix called. "Put these two back down in the cellar." But before anyone moved, a strange grinding sound came from above. They all looked up to see the chandelier shake, then with a crack began to fall. Bellatrix screamed and pushed Hermione away from her as Ron rushed towards them, catching Hermione. Taking advantage of the distraction, Harrie raced towards Draco, who was on the floor, shielding himself from the glass, she grabbed his wand out of his hand and pointed it at Greyback.


Just like Lucius, the werewolf was also thrown into the wall before sliding to the floor unconscious.

Harrie also picked up Bellatrix's and Wormtail's, which Draco dropped as he dropped for cover. She then grabbed Griphook and dragged him towards Dobby, who she realized was responsible for the fallen chandelier. Harrie then looked for Ron, who stood by Dobby, holding Hermione in his arms.

"Ron!" Harrie yelled, throwing him Wormtail's wand.

"Stupid elf!" Harrie turned to Bellatrix. "You could've killed me!"

"Dobby never meant to kill," the elf said with a squeak. "Dobby only meant to mane or seriously injure." If the situation wasn't so dire and life-threatening, Harrie would have laughed.

Narcissa waved her wand, but with a snap of Dobby's fingers, the wand flew out of her hands and into Dobby's.

"How dare you take a witch's wand?! How dare you defy your masters?!" Bellatrix screamed.

"Dobby has no master!" squeaked the elf, who seemed to stand taller with his hands in fists down toward his sides. "Dobby is a free elf and Dobby has come to save Harrie Potter and her friends!"

Harrie's scar was white-hot now, and she knew Voldemort was here.

"NOW!" Harrie screamed as she picked up Griphook and grabbed Dobby's hand. As they Disapparated, Harrie's scar burst and she saw a blend of colors before landing onto solid ground.

Harrie's face was scrunched against the dirt and she tasted salt. She turned her head and saw Griphook lying next to her.

"Are you alright?" Harrie breathed. The goblin nodded but kept his eyes close.

Harrie turned her head, brought her arms up and pushed herself off the ground into a sitting position. Even though she remained sitting, she felt herself sway. Her scar was no longer hurting but left her head feeling numb. She felt something wet run down the side of her face. She lifted her hand to wipe off, what she thought was sweat, but saw her fingertips red from blood. With everything happening so fast, Harrie forgot about her injuries from her session with Bellatrix. She looked around and saw the cottage a ways away. People were leaving the cottage and seemed to be running toward where they had Apparated. She turned again, only to scream at what she saw.


The elf was a few feet away from her. He swayed and looked down at the silver knife protruding from his chest.

"Dobby!" Harrie cried again as she crawled over to the elf. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder as he fell into her arms. "No, no, no, Dobby! Don't die - I got you -"

Dobby's eyes found Harrie and smiled as his lips trembled.

"Such a beautiful place… to be with friends…" Harrie grabbed Dobby's hand as Dobby's head fell against her chest. "Dobby… is… happy… to be… with his… friend..."

Harrie held the elf close, bringing her lips to the elf's forehead.

"Harrie... Potter…" Then with a sigh, the elf became still with his glassy eyes staring up into Harrie's face but was not seeing.

Harrie remained where she was holding the elf's body, rocking back and forth as if the elf was a child falling asleep. But Harrie knew the elf was not sleeping.

She was startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Luna and Dean right behind her. Luna walked around her and kneeled down onto her knees in front of Harrie. Harrie looked at Luna's hands and saw they were stained red. Blood? Who was bleeding? Because of Harrie's foggy mind, she forgot that Luna had treated her head back in the cellar.

The cellar. The memory of Hermione's screams entered her mind.

"Hermione?" Harrie asked, her voice shaking.

"Ron's taken her inside," Dean answered. "She'll be alright."

Harrie let out a breath she did not realize she was holding. Knowing that Hermione was okay seemed to give her body the permission as it released all the adrenaline it had produced. Harrie's shoulders fell and she saw darkness creeping around her vision. She swayed, almost dropping Dobby. Dean was at her side in an instant, coming from behind her and wrapping his arms around her chest. Harrie felt her head fall against Dean's neck as he held her against him.

Harrie did not want to let go of Dobby, but her arms had stopped working. Instead, she watched as Luna took Dobby from Harrie's arms and wrapped the elf's body in the coat Luna was wearing. She placed the covered body down before moving over to check on Griphook, who had not moved.

Bill then appeared in Harrie's darkening vision, placing both hands on Harrie's face observing her. Harried looked back at Bill. When did he get here?

"She's banged up pretty bad," Harrie heard Bill say, but his voice sounded like an echo. "Take her back to the cottage and lay her on the couch. Fleur will want to see to that head…"

But Harrie wasn't listening anymore. The darkness surrounding her vision finally took over as her eyes slipped closed and she fell slack in Dean's arms.

Everything was cool and dark: The sun was barely visible over the horizon as he glided alongside Snape, up through the grounds towards the lake.

"I shall join you in the castle shortly," he said in his high, cold voice. Leave me now."

Snape bowed and set off back up the path, his black cloak billowing behind him. He walked slowly, waiting for Snape's figure to disappear. It would not do for Snape, or indeed anyone else, to see where he was going. But there were no lights in the castle windows, and he could conceal himself...and in a second he had cast upon himself a Disillusionment Charm that hid him even from his own eyes.

And he walked on, around the edge of the lake, taking in the outlines of the beloved castle, his first kingdom, his birthright…

And here it was, beside the lake, reflected in the dark waters. The white marble tomb, an unnecessary blot on the familiar landscape. He felt again that rush of controlled euphoria, that heady sense of purpose in destruction. He raised the old yew wand: How fitting that this would be its last great act.

The tomb split open from head to foot. The shrouded figure was so long and thin as it had been in life. He raised the wand again.

The wrappings fell open. The face translucent, pale, sunken, yet almost perfectly preserved. They had left his spectacles on the crooked nose: He felt amused derision. Dumbledore's hands were folded upon his chest, and there it lay, clutched beneath them, buried with him.

Had the old fool imagined that the marble or death would protect the wand? Had he thought that the Dark Lord would be scared to violate his tomb? The spiderlike hand swooped and pulled the wand from Dumbledore's grasp, and as he took it, a shower of sparks flew from its tip, sparkling over the corpse of its last owner, ready to serve a new master at last.

(Pg. 500-501)