A/N: This is a short drabble that I decided to break into several chapters. It is also pure fluff. I am currently feeling slightly crazy from being confined in my apartment and hitting writer's block on my other stories. But I promise I am working on the update to Ten Dates!

Ga Eul's pen was gone.

Like, missing person gone.

Like, tearing apart her book bag, her purse, and her room and still not finding it gone.

Like, asking every single one of her friends if they had borrowed it or knew someone who borrowed it or knew someone who had a pen like it gone.

Like, freaking out to the point of almost crying gone.

The thing was, yeah, it was just a pen. But it was her favorite pen. Her absolute favorite pen that Jan Di had given her for her birthday two years ago. It was pink with Rilakkuma bears decorating the body of the pen and a Rilakkuma bear head on top that served as the clicker. Some of the bear faces were partially rubbed off from the pen jostling around in her pencil case and then inside her purse. And, yeah, sometimes the clicker got stuck. By some miracle, she hadn't used it enough to run out of ink yet. But that day was coming. Soon.

But it was her favorite pen.

And it was gone. Vanished. Poof.

Ga Eul collapsed onto her bed and stared up at her static ceiling fan that needed dusting. She tried to remember the last time she'd seen the pen.

She sat up abruptly.

New Caledonia.

That idiot So Yi Jeong had asked to use it on a customs form, and she couldn't remember him giving it back.

Then what?

So Yi Jeong had taken her pen?

No way.

He probably set it down somewhere instead of handing it back to her, and then she forgot about it until she got home.

Ga Eul sighed.

Why did she have to let him use that pen?

The pampered idiot.

Yi Jeong had no idea why he'd taken Ga Eul's pen.

It was a pen. A freaking Rilakkuma pen.

He'd almost tapped her on the shoulder and given it back to her, but she'd gotten distracted by something Jan Di was showing her and walked off in the opposite direction.

So he'd pocketed it.

Stolen it.

Okay, stolen was a strong word. He'd borrowed it for a bit longer than necessary.

She'd never asked for it back, so he'd never said anything.

Yi Jeong didn't know why he'd held onto it. It very obviously wasn't his style.

As a rule, he'd never liked pens with animal heads, even when he was young enough to use them. It was creepy how the eyes always stared at him while he wrote.

But he found this one...oddly cute. Kind of like its owner.

Not that the pen or its owner meant anything to him.

One day, he'd return it.


If he thought about it.

Tucking the pen into a little box where he kept small souvenirs from other countries, he shoved the box into the personal safe he kept in his bedroom and locked the door.