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Flower interpretations say that azalea's are a symbol of first love and also of our own fragility.

Dying, she supposed, was indeed very much like falling asleep.

In the sense that one moment you're there and the next you're not, claimed by the darkness.

But perhaps a bit of background was necessary.

Her name was -had been- Elizabeth Saxon. She was -had been- thirteen when she died... or she assumed she died. Anyway, she was an only child and slightly doted upon by her parents, Jill and Nate Saxon. They lived in Fishers, Indiana, and at thirteen she was just starting high school.

Most of her friends were nervous in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year, but she wasn't, Eli (as her friends and family called her) was excited. She was always a bit of an overachiever, and teachers pet, if a lazy slightly rebellious one at times.

It was finally the first day and grey eyes were fixated on the stand up mirror as she inspected her appearance. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled into a high bouncy ponytail, a new white fitted t-shirt under a lightweight black Naruto jacket with the Uzumaki spiral in red on the back, ripped faded blue jeans, and white Adidas finished the ensemble.

"Welp, I guess this will do." She was already close to being late as it was.

With a shrug Eli grabbed a packet of s'more Pop-tarts, and her Harry Potter backpack before running out the door with a hurried goodbye yelled to her mother as she went. "Have a great day sweetheart!" Was the last thing she heard before the front door slammed behind her.

The teen and her mother had the type of relationship people made cheesy movies about, and she didn't care how much Jess (her closest friend since pre-k) teased her, she would always consider her mother her best friend. Always. They did everything together, shopping, spa days, movie nights, Fanfiction, Netflix- junk food- and Harry Potter binges.

Her mother was a HUGE Harry Potter fan and corrupted her daughter from the cradle. Jill Saxon was a total Hufflepuff, Eli being a mix between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, a "little Griffinclaw" as her mother called her. And lets not forget the story her father was fond of telling about how his drugged up wife tried to name their newborn daughter Hedwig.

Hence the Gryffindor backpack she slung over one shoulder as she ran towards the bus stop.

She should have said a better goodbye to her mother... and she didn't even get to see her father that morning.

The bus was already at the end of the street, she was going to miss it! Pumping her legs faster, Eli threw herself into the road not bothering to check for cars. It was a bus stop, the stop sign and flashing lights on the bus meant there would be no cars. Or that's what it was supposed to mean.

Unfortunately, some people were distracted, in a hurry, intoxicated, or simply couldn't be bothered. She would never know which reason it ended up being, and it honestly didn't matter either way. All she knew was the sound of screeching tires, screaming, a flash of sudden burning pain, and then nothing.

Elizabeth Rose Saxon died at thirteen years old, a block form her own house, her Harry Potter bookbag had been thrown form her and flew a dozen feet away before landing in the street, the Gryffindor red not quite dark enough to hide the blood splatters.

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