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"I'm sure to be in Slytherin, you should try for there too." The last bit was added in an almost pleading tone.

They were in the park, where they first met, laying in the grass cloud watching.

"Hmmm." Lily hummed back in something that may have been agreement.

Go into Slytherin? Sure, it would be nice to have someone around they knew. But her and Lily would never be welcome in Slytherin. They'd survive it, she was sure of that. But every day would be a battle. They'd never have a moments peace, not even in their dorm, always having to be on guard. It sounded exhausting. Besides, she still was undecided on how she felt about the young Snape.

Five months had passed since the "Merge" as she came to think of it as.

For the most part she had come to terms with what happened.

Even if she couldn't explain it.

She was used to being exclusively called Lea, with the occasional Azalea thrown in, mostly by her mum.. or Tuna when she was being extra spiteful. It was very rare for her to be startled or surprised by her reflection anymore. It hadn't happened in weeks. She even came to think her hair was pretty, though pink still wasn't supposed to be a natural color, and could only be explained by some sort of juju at work.


Magic was surprisingly easy to adapt to. Odd since in one world there was no magic, and in the other she was a muggle-born who hadn't even known about it for more than a few years. She could feel it. More than likely because a part of her came from a world without magic. It tingled against her skin, and in her chest. The pinkette had no control over it in any internal sense, she couldn't bend it to her will, move it, or use it in any way.

But it was warm, comforting.


Magic was probably her favorite thing in the world.. closely followed by Lily.

Or maybe it was the other way around.

"Lily! Lea! You have to come home, now." Petunia marched up. Her face pinched and unhappy looking.

"Why do they have to go? We've only been gone an hour." Sev sat up, (Lea and Lily doing the same) scowling at the older girl, getting a twisted sneer back from their sister.

It was no secret they hated each other, had since the day they met.

It got worse when he almost "accidentally" dropped a tree branch on her.

That was the first and only fight Sev and Lily ever had. So far. He could have genuinely hurt the girl. As much as Lea disliked her, Petunia was still only a thirteen year old who hadn't actually done anything worse than being an awful person. When he excused it away by saying she was "just a muggle" Lea actually thought her twin would hit him.

For the pinkette it was the first sign of Death Eater Snape.

"None of your business, why don't you cross the tracks and go back to your hovel?" Her nose rose pompously. "That way no upstanding citizens will have to deal with the offensive sight of you!"

"Why you-" They all scrambled to their feet.

"That's enough!" Lily glared at all of them.. even her, and she didn't even do anything.

That was probably why she was glared at, she always preferred to watch them snipe at each other rather than bother to try and stop them.

"Is something wrong Tuney?" Her twin frowned worriedly. "Is that why we have to go home?"

"No." She worked her jaw, crossing her arms over her chest. "You've a visitor."

"A visitor?" Lea asked incredulously, a dark pink brow cocking up in question.

"Yes a visitor." Tuna ground out. "I've done as asked, now I'm off to the corner market for Mother." She gave them all a condescending look before walking back the way she came.

She always called their parents "Mother" and "Father" and almost every time Lea had to stop herself from rolling her sea colored eyes. Lily and her both called their mother "mum," but where Lily called their father "dad," Lea called him "papa."

Point is: Tuna's a snobbish cow, even worse, she's a fake trying-to-hard snobbish cow.

"We should hurry. Don't want to keep mum waiting." The twins both winced.

Last week they arrived home an hour late, when they had an appointment, soaked to the bone.. their mother was.. less than pleased.

"Will you be able to come back?" Severus fidgeted in his over sized black shirt, dark eyes unhappy.

"Dunno'." Lea shrugged, as they hurried through the park towards the entrance.

"We will if we can." Lily promised. "But don't wait for us or anything."

"Right.. well, good luck." He sounded unsure, and was slightly out of breath from the jog.

"Thanks!" Her twin yelled, grabbing her by the arm and running down the street. "Who do you think it is?" Lily shot her a look before focusing in front of her as they turned the corner onto their street.

"It must be someone from Hogwarts!" Lea laughed breathlessly, slowing to a fast walk when they could see their house.

Excitement was starting to burn in her stomach and she almost started running again.

"Do you think so?!" This time the look she got was more serious, scrutinizing. "I mean, do you know that? Did you See something?"

It was something that started since the Merge.

Black and white, blurry around the edges, flashes of images. Sometimes it was at random, they hurt- like a watered down version of that night, but more commonly it happened when she touched something. It was never anything important, mostly she couldn't even make out what it was she was seeing before it was gone.

But it did worry her some nights.

Did magic give her some broken version of Sight to explain away her knowing the future?

That would be.. far to convenient.

"No. I would've told you."

But almost as if her sisters words heralded it, the moment she went to turn the door knob her vision darkened, a sharp pain jolting through her head.

~ A tall woman, thin and stern. She looked down at them with a tight lipped smile ~

Lea looked to Lily, beaming.


Lily's answering grin was just as bright.

"You need gloves." They both laughed as they very studiously did not run into the house.

It was strange to her. The fact that the people around her looked nothing like the actors who played them. Except Severus, he looked remarkably like the child actor from the Deathly Hallows II. Just with a bigger nose. But Lily looked nothing like the girl who played her. She had brown eyes! Brown.

After all the hype of Harry having his mothers eyes.



Moving on.

She had been expecting a copy of the incredible Dame Maggie Smith. It was just impossible for her to picture anyone else when thinking of the Head of Gryffindor House. Maggie Smith was Professor McGonagall, it was simple fact, except she obviously wasn't.

There were some base similarities. Mostly in them both being tall thin women with a somewhat harsh, though not unkind, expression. She even had her, slightly greying, dark hair pulled into a tight bun, and wore dark green tartan robes.

It was enough for Lea's mind to instantly make the connection.

But her features were still all her own.

The doe eyed girl supposed she would do as a Professor McGonagall.

The woman would surely be glad to hear it, the pinkette scoffed sarcastically at her own absurd thoughts.

"Girls." Their nervous mother beckoned them into the sitting room, where their parents were having tea with the professor. McGonagall sitting in their fathers chair, their parents on the sofa, leaving the loveseat for the twins. "This is Professor McGonagall. She comes from a boarding school in Scotland. It's a school for.. well." She floundered.

Their father took his wife's hand.

"It's a school for special people. Like you." He looked them in the eyes over the coffee table and spoke in a calm and controlled manner.

"Hogwarts is a school of magic. One of the foremost institutes of witchcraft and wizardry in the world." The professor added.

She paused, looking at them over the rim of her teacup, likely expecting them to demand proof of magic being real. When they said nothing she placed the china down, with a nod of thanks to their mother.

"Schooling starts when a young witch, or wizard, turns eleven. You will attend for seven years. When you arrive on September first, you will be sorted into houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are there, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory and spend free time in your house common room." She stressed.

"The four houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours."

She gave them a look that clearly stated they'd better be.

The twins exchanged a look, gulping.

Lea wondered how long, exactly, the woman had been recycling that speech...

"Will you show us some magic?" Lily sat forward excited, green eyes sparkling, they had never seen magic done with a wand before.

The Transfiguration teacher indulged the twins by tapping a teacup with her wand gently, turning it into a mouse. Before the little critter could run off she tapped it again, turning it back into a teacup.

Their parents gasped.

"Whoa.." Lea was nearly bouncing in place, she couldn't help it!

Lily was no better.

"Your mother and I have been in contact with Professor McGonagall for a week now. We've discussed it. The tuition is manageable, and this is a opportunity we cannot deprive you of. We've always known you were special, my little girls." He looked at them with such raw pride on his face. Lea felt her throat tighten. "So what do you say, hmm? Do you want to go to school in a magical castle?"

"Yes papa!"

"Oh please, please, please!"

Lily had her hands clutched like she was praying, and looked like she might throw herself to her knees to beg should it prove necessary.

"It's settled then." Their mothers smile was a little wan, but there was pride and even a hint of awe on her face.

"Here are your letters." The stiff backed woman handed them two yellow envelopes she pulled from a black bag. Her twin ripped into hers, carefully of course, while Lea just read the address on the front, and inspected the heavy parchment. She knew, or close enough anyway, what would be written inside. "Your parents are aware of everything you need to know about attaining your supplies, and getting to the train."

Their parents and the older woman stood, making the twins jump to their feet too.

"Now if there are no questions, I have two houses to visit in Bristol."

Before their mother could give their pleasantries, Lily, obviously not picking up on the fact the woman was not inviting them to question her, was off. Question after question. As fast as her mouth could move.

Her twin often reminded her of a hummingbird. Never running out of energy, flitting from place to place. Bright, full of life, curious.

"Miss. Evans, that will do!" Lily snapped her mouth shut. "Hogwarts is home to the largest magical library in England, you will find most your answers there. Or in your school text. Now, I really must be going."

"Of course Professor, thank you for taking the time to come talk to the girls."

"Yes well it is one of my responsibilities as a Head of House, and one of the more pleasant ones, I assure you." McGonagall told their mother as they walked towards the door.

"Wait! Professor wait!"

"What is it Azalea, Professor McGonagall has places to be. We best not hold her up anymore." Her mum's eyes were reprimanding.

"I just wanted to know.. well.." Lea fidgeted. "Are there other people with pink hair? I mean is that a thing in the magical world?"

The hard line of the tall womans mouth actually twitched up slightly.

"Not that I've seen. Though there are some more unique hair and eye colors, I've yet to see natural pink. Until today of course."


How disappointing.

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