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AN: More Human Legendaries! And it's also with Fate Stay Night, too! I'll eventually contine Fate Creation, one day of these.

In this occasion, the Pokémon protagonists of this story are the mascots of the 5th Generation, minus Kyurem (unless someone has an idea). I entertained this idea, especially due to the Holy Grail Wars being events were ideals and ideologies clash while in a free-for-all violent clash in order for a miracle to grant one's most precious wishes. And who in the Pokémon World are philosophies incarnated? Zekrom, the Yin Black Dragon Pokémon of Ideals, and Reshiram, the Yang White Dragon Pokémon of Truth.

The Ideals part is self-explanatory and fits Shirou like a glove but the Truth is a trickier one, at least for me. I think it refers to Enlightenment and is more realistic in comparison with the Romantic vision of the Ideals. I think Rin is a Truth-aligned person: she only desires to win the War, not the Grail, to defend the honor of her family and demonstrate that she can be a great magus by her own merits. Like in any Fate installment, the protagonists will experience life-changing experiences that will make them contemplate about themselves and, if possible, change for the better.

I also think that there will be more comparisons with Taoism, especially the part about the contrasts and the fact that everyone has at least a bit of both, you'll see.

By the way, would Saber's initial vision of Camelot be also related of Truth or was simply and Ideal? Just to add to the contrasts between Rin and Shiro: Rin has the embodiment of Shirou's Ideals to the extreme as her Servant after all. If Saber doesn't represent the Truth of a perfect knight, well, it wouldn't matter, I think? Damon (from the 14th movie duology) and N's goals could be interpreted as Truth or Ideals, depending of the version.

By the way, Zekrom and Reshiram's abilities work on defensive PASSIVE Skills (poor Lancer, Caster and possibly Archer), that means that in order to protect themselves from the dragon duo, they'll need to put an effort, not leave their defense to some automatic damage proof abilities. It won't work on Noble Phantasms, because, come on, that would be absolutely broken, especially against Hercules. Maybe because Noble Phantasms have much more conceptual weight than a Pokémon ability or something. And Zekrom and Reshiram have all their natural moveset, and a few of TMs. Should I make Berserker resistant to the Type in question after being damaged or only to the move used against him?

And like in Pokémon composite, Zekrom and Reshiram are goddamn resilient, even against other Legendaries, though some Noble Phantasms like Excalibur (an Anti-Fortress Fae weapon, i.e. uber Fairy-Type), dragonslaying powers as well as excessive damage can gravely hurt the Tao Trio and kill them. (Revision: I took a peek at Reshiram's type chart and discovered that she receives neutral damage against Fairy, though she could obviously be defeated by an Excalibast. Zekrom would be the one that would suffer the most)

And also, I would like to thank Umbramatic and his/her Yangverse anthology, a very interesting interpretation of Pokémon lore and Legendary mythos, and while probably not a masterpiece, the stories that form it are a nice read.

Well let's see how it works.

Jewel of Truth and Sword of Ideals

It was time.

For Rin Tohsaka, that night will be the one that will allow her to participate in the Holy Grail War. A centuries-old ritual where seven magi or Masters and their Servants, spiritual copies of famous heroes summoned into familiar vessels, fight for the Holy Grail: an omnipotent wish-granting artifact modeled after the cup Jesus Christ used at Last Supper.

It was an opportunity that neither Master nor Servant can let pass. Though there are a few exceptions that may want to fight there for different reasons…

Since the First War, the Tohsakas, one of the families that created the Holy Grail alongside the Einzbern and Makiris turned Matous, had always participated in that glorious ritual. And like the other two families, they lost every one of them.

Ten years ago, at the Fourth Grail War, Tokiomi Tohsaka, Rin's father, lost his life by an unknown assassin, very probable one related to the War. Tokiomi's goal, like all the Tohsakas before him, was to reach the Root, either by perfectioning their magecraft, learning from the Second Magician or just wishing it upon the Grial.

However, Rin wasn't planning on that last method. She took upon her father's teachings of elegance and effort, characteristics of the Tohsaka family. As the last surviving member of the main branch of the Tohsaka clan, she will participate, no, win the War, restoring the honor of her family and making acknowledge the Mage's Association of her own potential as a magus, and maybe, probably, maybe, she can gain the attention of the Wizard Marshall Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, the Kaleidoscope, and take her as an apprentice. She wasn't sure if she can survive his "training" , one of the few survivors was her ancestor, Nagato Tohsaka. But there are doubts that even that was a full course apprenticeship. The last thing they knew about it, was that the vampire left them with the blueprints for his Jeweled Sword, and assigned them to make a fully functional as a long term homework.

Generations passed and they weren't even close to understand the damn thing.

But Rin wasn't that mainly invested in the sword (she's studying it but doesn't consider it a priority). Only to demonstrate to the Moonlit World that she can be one of the best, if not the best, Magi of the modern era.

That was her goal.

Her Truth.

She didn't take notice, but there was a dusty white stone orb in a corner that weakly shined in an orange color.

Taking into account the last preparations: the jewels with prana; the summoning circle; the optimal time to reach her magical potential peak, Rin activated her Magical Circuits, including those of her Magic Crest.

While the Grail supports the summoning as well as helps the Servants to continue being manifested in the physical world, it still takes a chunk of the magus reserves to summon a decently powered Servant. Besides, she wants to summon a powerful Servant, especially a Saber, considered the best class possible.

"Let silver and steel be the essence.

Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation.

Let red be the color I pay tribute to.

Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.

Let the four cardinal gates close.

Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate."

"Let it be filled. Again. Again. Again. Again.

Let it be filled fivefold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling."

"My will is your body, your sword, my fate."

"I swear to embody all the good of the world.

So Guardian of the Balance, come forth!"

Rin chanted while fueling the shining circle with more and more of her prana, the accumulating power generating a wind current that threatens to blow away papers and other light objects in the studio.

The same white stone from before was shining with more intensity with each verse.

At the end, the circle released huge flash of light and sound, forcing Rin. Once finished, Rin opened her eyes, observing that the back of her hand now had red tattoos brimming with mystical power. Those were Command Seals, three powerful compelling spells designed to give Servants orders with the potential of nearing True Magic and proof of the Master-Servant contract as well as the participation ticket for the Grail War.

"Oh, yeah!" Rin fist pumped "Now only thing left to do is to make a contract with my Servant and I'll be ready for the War!"

Only one problem.

There was no Servant.

"... uh, where is my Servant?" Rin asked unsure.

Suddenly, there was loud noise, like something crashing through a roof!

"What the hell is happening here?!" cursed Rin while running towards the living room, the place where the sound originated.

She kicked open the door, only to be witness to a huge mess.

And in the middle of the chaos, a tanned, white haired man with red coat and black body armor was stylishly sitting in what was supposed to be her coach. Once he saw her, he smirked.

"Who… are you? And what happened to my room?!" Rin asked hysterical. Due to her jewel magecraft costing a fortune and the asshole of Kirei being utterly incompetent at property management (Rin still thinks to this day that he did it intentionally), repairing the damages will cost a small fortune. True, she can still fix some of it with magecraft but for the rest she would need professional help.

"Me? I'm just but a humble Servant." the man began with a suave voice "As for what happened here, well…"

"I saw a spider, so I threw a table at it. It survived, so I threw a cabinet. This continued, the spider escaped." the man said with a tone you wouldn't know if he was serious or not. Not helping was his nonchalancy at the entire thing.

Naturally, at those audacious words, Rin's brain turned into a halt, trying to comprehend the absurdity of it all. She put some time to organize her thoughts.


Unfortunately, that was her only intelligent response.

The red-coated man snickered "It was a joke. But seriously though, while I feel you have larger than average quantities of mana and suspect you're a highly competent magus, how the hell did you botch a summoning so much that I appeared into the air? Around 2 km of height at that. Maybe I should congratulate you for succeeding at executing a remote distance summon at that range." he said in a somehow disbelieving and mocking voice.

"S-shut up!" Rin cried flustered "I don't even know how that could have happened! I ensured at last second everything: reagents, circle design, time…" At that last one, Rin remembered a critical detail. All clocks at her house were 1 hour fast, which meant it was 1 AM not 2 AM.

"Crap, so that's what happened." Rin cursed, then turned to the man who must obviously be her Servant "At least I may be lucky and have summoned a Saber."

The Servant sighed and shook his head "Sorry to disappoint you little lady, but I'm but a simple Archer. I know my way around a sword, but that doesn't make me a full-fledged swordsman."

At this point, Rin is beginning to have a nervous breakdown "B-but there are also famous Archer heroes, right? Like Arash or Robin Hood. Are you one of them?"

The Archer in question took on a thoughtful face which was shortly marred with a frown continued with a tsked from his mouth.

That didn't fill her with confidence "Some problem, Archer?"

"Apparently, I cannot remember my identity, only a few moments of my life." When he saw Rin beginning to despair, he continued "But my practical knowledge is untouched, so my skills in battle are still top-notch."

"Ten years." said dismayed Rin, hands over her face "Ten years of training and preparations, ending up in the drain in a fluked summoning with an Archer who doesn't even have any clue who he is."

"Oi, oi." the Archer said offended "Didn't you hear me? My fighting capabilities are still intact, and my amnesia can be used as a way to prevent an information leak about my identity."

Oh, right, Servants always procured to maintain their true names a secret. All of them, famous or not, were important figures of both myth and history. Once knowing their identity, all you had to do was peruse in their stories to know both their strengths and weaknesses. Servants, due to being collectively placed in the Throne of Heroes, are able to instinctively know the details of their fellow Heroic Spirits once they're recognised, not even needing the Grail to supply that information.

Rin sighed "Well that's that. But still, without knowing your legend, I don't know if I can devise a proper strategy."

"Oh? Really?" Archer said in an even more smug tone "No offense, but I doubt your skills as a magus, as exceptional as they could be, could help you in a real conflict of this envergature. So why don't you leave it to me while-?" Archer cut himself off.

Something was wrong.

"Archer, what are saying? I can't leave you to-" "There's some kind of power concentrating in this house and is enormous." Archer interrupted Rin in a serious tone.

Immediately, Rin looked at her Command Seals. Those also served as a radar in case a hostile Servant was nearby, but hers weren't activated.

"Do you think it's a Servan?" Rin consulted. Servants, as spiritual beings, they were more attuned to the supernatural forces of the World. Though there could be the possibility of one using Presence Concealment, the fact that Archer reacted to it rises doubts.

"I don't know." And with a low voice aria, he summoned a black short sword with red hexagonal designs and the yin and yang symbol, and took off with superhuman speed, taking care of not trashing the mansion even more than he did.

Rin, being obviously human, had to apply reinforcement to her legs to try to reach the Servant of the Bow.

Now sensing the power, Rin took great haste towards her attic, the place where she attempted her summoning.

Once there, she found Archer in a defensible posture, ready to attack at any moment, though right now, he even was at a loss.

Rin discovered why.

Floating above the ritual circle and shining with white light and orange flames, was the white stone from before. Great amounts of thermal energy was felt though, with enough potential to turn a Servant, a being that surpasses humanity, into ashes, but strangely enough, it wasn't burning anything but its own power. Pulsing with power in a rhythm reminiscent of a heartbeat, the Light Stone began to change, transmuting stone into flesh and bone, a human body was born.

Even in a fetal position, it was known to the spectators that their body was feminine, and despite being naked, moderately long white hair covered enough of her back, flowing freely like untamed flames.

The being opened her eyes, revealing them to be powerful blue, and directed them to Tohsaka's own. The young mage, who already expected to meet powerful beings at the time, couldn't help but take a step back, as if her merely human soul sensed the backlash of meeting the most powerful and transcendent of the ones whose bodies were one with the flames, like judging her or something.

Eventually, the flames receded, allowing for the floating girl to gracefully touch the ground on her feet, manifesting more flames around her body that took material form and transmuted into articles of clothing to cover her body: a white sleeveless jacket With feathered collar; a form fitting short-sleeved t-shirt that exposes the belly; white shorts; white low heel boots and white leather vambraces.

For some reason, she resembled an angel. A high-fashionable 16-year old teenager one at that.

Rin was flabbergasted, and while Archer saw his fair share of impossible events, he too was surprised at what happened. I mean, how can a piece of rock transform into a human-like entity whose apparent power can rival Servants or even surpass them?!

The girl in white took a moment to inspect her body, and by extension her clothes. It seemed like she didn't have a proper body for quite some time or maybe.

"So that's a human body." she spoke. Her voice seemed quite refined and regal. "It's strange, but I think I can manage." She created a small flame with a finger "In fact, this will be quite the experience."

She turned to look at the two people who were debating if she was a friend or ally "And this man must be a Servant."

"Archer, to be precise, miss." Archer began as politely as he could, dismissing his weapon. Now that she was fully manifested, her scent sent him tons of panic alarms which he suppressed with uncountable years of experience "Though I'm curious as to how a dragon knew about my kin, unless you were summoned as one. And I can sense that isn't the case."

Rin's mind went to a scratch again.

A dragon.

A dragon!


She can't believe it. She may be the luckiest or unluckiest person of the War or even the planet. Phantasmal Beasts became rare since the Age of Man was established on the planet. The scarcity of Mystery made most of them migrate to the Reverse Side, with few exceptions, like dragons.

Dragons are considered the cornerstone of Phantasma Beasts, overwhelming even most Heroic Spirits in raw strength alone. There exist tons of stories about them from greedy and prideful man-eating monsters to wise and benevolent divine messengers. Not to talk about the legends about dragonslayers and a few less that had dragon blood in their veins.

In other words, if they're not careful, they're pretty much screwed.

As if sensing the pair's fears, she chuckled "Don't worry, even if my 'kin' are propense to conflict, that doesn't mean I would ever harm my Heroine."

Huh? Heroine?

"As for your question, it seems that "Holy Grail" of yours implanted onto my mind the information regarding the War, even the world's history and languages, though there are some empty chunks in the data." she theorized " I think the ritual that summoned you and allowed me to fully awake was what gave me that connection."

"Wait a minute," Rin asked "are you saying that the summon spell was what awoke you? How is that possible? That rock didn't even have an ounce of magical energy before."

The dragon girl sighed "When I lost my life energy, I entered a state of hibernation so deep that it transformed me into stone, the only possibility to awake was for a chosen Hero to do so. In fact, from some time, I momentarily entered consciousness whenever you entered a state of determination while near me, like poor attempts at a call. The summoning being basically a powerful calling backed by one with a strong desire, I simply took the opportunity to manifest."

"As for not sensing magic, tell me, did you two hear about Arceus?" The red pair shook their heads "And Palkia, Dialga and Giratina? Or Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza?"

"Are those supposed to be famous figures or something? Because I can't recognize them and I basically have a connection to a library of physical legends." Archer asked.

"That would be correct." The dragon crossed her arms "Those that are mentioned are supposed to be creator deities. From what I learned from the Grail and what you assured, there's only one possibility."

Archer widened his eyes "Wait, you're telling us that you're from another world? That's crazy, even for us."

Of course it's crazy, Rin also thought but now that she contemplates about it...

"No, it makes perfect sense." Rin said "If we follow the multiverse theory, there are some universes with fundamentally different rules than what we're accustomed to, whether they're physical or magical. And now that I took notice, she hasn't radiated any amount of mana yet, despite all the elemental might displayed in front of us, which should have been impossible without any magical cause as well as mundane biology."

"... Yes, you're right, I can sense her energy but it's not magical energy in absolute." Archer said astounded.

"I think that energy would be a result of my typing." the dragon said.

"Typing?" Rin asked. Is that how they classify their supernatural system?

"Where I come from, creatures like me have differing elemental affinities or types that define our strengths and weaknesses as well as what powers we can use. There are 18 of them: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark and Fairy. It's also possible to possess two types."

"For example, I am a Dragon and Fire type, so I should be strong against Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel and Dragon; resistant to Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass and Electric and weak against Rock, Ground and Dragon."

"That doesn't mean I can't use powers of other types but their effectiveness will be reduced."

Archer absorbed all that information "So at the end it ends up as a glorified rock-paper-scissors game, and not only of classic elements, some more abstract and conceptual are also there."

"Wow" said Rin impressed "Not even all the magic systems here have all that variety of elements."

"Oh, that's nothing special." the dragon said slightly embarrassed "With tactics and skill, those types can be overcome. Other fact of the equation is also the creature's species which apart from type, it also determines physical characteristics and the powers or moves that they can use."

"And if Dragon is only a type for you, then which species are you part of, for that matter?" asked Archer.

"Yeah" said Rin "And not only that, you didn't give your name."

The dragon in human form smiled "I am Reshiram."

Rin blinked "Wait, is that your name or that of your species? Because if it's both, then that would be confusing." Not to say stupid. Who could name themselves after their species? Of course she wouldn't be telling that to the fire-manipulating dragon from another world, that would be suicidal.

I mean, yeah, Servants also identify themselves with their Classes but those are more codenames than anything to hide their true identities.

Reshiram shook her head "I didn't say that I'm a Reshiram, only that I'm THE Reshiram."

"... Okay, that doesn't make any sense." said Archer "Unless you're telling us you are the only one of your species."

"That's what I was saying." Reshiram said smirking "In my world, there are some species of creatures so rare that they could say that there are only one of them of each one. And not only they are extremely uncommon, they usually have extreme amounts of power that cannot be unobtainable for anyone else, even when training to their peak or beyond. Some of them are even revered as deities, just like those I mentioned before."

"And I am one of them."

"Stop." Rin ordered "... I've been having a busy night since Archer's 'crashed' summoning as well as the revelation that SOMEHOW, my family was possessor of an artifact that contains a powerful dragon of another planet, but for that dragon to proclaim herself a GOD! Of all things…" If things continued like that, Rin might...

"Well, I don't consider myself a god. I am more the representation of Truth than anything else, I think."

… Rin doesn't know what could be worse. That this dragon was possibly a god or the physical incarnation of a concept. Magecraft as well as any supernatural phenomena of Earth are based on Mystery which in itself is pure concept.

And here, concepts have power.

One of the reasons magecraft was declining was because scientific research either branched out those concepts, distributing the Mystery to near uselessness, or by discovering that most of those concepts aren't connected to various phenomena from a scientific point of view: like when modern medicine revealed that the human body didn't have anything inherently magical.

Magi, apart from searching for a route to Akasha, they also try to return to the way things were before the degeneration of Magecraft

Annnnnd supposedly this dragon was Truth itself… "What do you mean you're the representation of Truth?" Rin asked.

Reshiram was silent for some seconds, sporting a hurt expression, as if she remembered something she wanted to forget, and sighed. "It seems an explanation for that is in order. I would recommend you to get comfortable."

"Then, should I go for popcorn?" Archer asked in jest, Rin elbowed him, it hurt her elbow.

[Recommend a version of Emotions from Black and White]

"A long time ago, there were two brother kings that decided to create a kingdom. They were also friends with an ancient and powerful dragon that could even rival the Lord of the Skies at its peak. At the beginning, the kingdom was one of peace and harmony thanks to both the brothers' leadership and the dragon's power and wisdom. Until a dispute broke out…" Reshiram told, with a sad tone at the last part.

"Of course it's always a dispute." Archer sighed "And if it's between members of royalty, then things are bound to get uglier."

"That's right." Reshiram nodded "But instead of a territorial dispute, it was more of differing philosophies: the realist one was convinced that learning the Truth was necessary for the world to prosper, while the idealistic one believed that Ideals were crucial for civilization to improve itself. They fought to see who was right. The dragon didn't know who to support, loving them both equally, also creating strife inside its heart.

It continued until the dragon reached its limit, separating into two: a Black Dragon of Lightning who symbolized the Original's Ideals and a White Dragon of Flames who represented its version of Truth."

"So you must be that White Dragon…" Rin interrupted. There were some beings in myths and legends who were actually others' alternate selves or facets who for some reason or another, split off from the original. One such case would be some versions of Mesopotamian mythology in which the goddesses Ishtar and Ereshkigal where actually that case.

Brrr. Strange. For some reason, Rin felt a chill.

Jewel of Truth and Sword of Ideals

In Chaldea, two Divine Mesopotamian Pseudo-Servant siblings sneezed.

Jewel of Truth and Sword of Ideals

… Meh, it was maybe nothing of importance, right?

Reshiram continued "The two dragons took each a side: Truth with Truth and Ideals with Ideals. Then the brothers declared war on each other." she clenched her fists "With the dragons' immense powers, the land was filled with chaos, destruction raining everywhere, each side equal, neither losing either winning. Fortunately, the brothers saw that and horrified by what they've done, they made peace with each other and decided to govern each a half of the ruined kingdom as well as dedicated the rest of the lifes to reconstruct what the war destroyed.

Sadly, when they expired, their respective sons entered war, with the same motivations as their progenitors, as well as the dragons once again used as weapons, possibly creating even more destruction than the past. Only that this time, the two dragons depleted their entire life force and as a result, they transformed into stones, like that one I was sealed in."

""..."" The Servant and Master were silent.

"... I don't want to offend." Archer broke the silence "But that entire conflict was stupid."

"Archer!" Rin shouted "It's not the moment to possibly infuriate a moody pseudo-divine dragon!"

"No, please continue." Reshiram said, not at the very least offended.

"War has always been fought for multiple motives: resources, religion, politics and ideologies. There is never a right side, only those that think they are. With only the winners the ones with the right to write History. It's a fundamental Evil of Humanity, even if sometimes it was necessary. Fighting over Ideals or Truth? That was completely unnecessary and a loss of both lives and resources.

Though I must admit myself that I'm a hypocrite, for I decided to participate in an all-stakes war with a powerful wish-granting device as prize, not to say that I feel like I had a bad experience with Ideals despite my memory loss." Archer said with something of self-deprecation.

Rin sighed "The Holy Grail War didn't even begin and now I'm hearing about war philosophies… Though I also wouldn't like for my city or non magi to be destroyed, but I need to win this War to restore the Tohsaka's honor as well as improve their place at the Clocktower."

"An admirable wish to have." said Archer "Though I wonder how you will word it to the Grail, a wish can be interpreted from multiple angles, you know."

Rin blinked "Who said I would use the Grail to grant me that wish?"

"Eh?" "Oh?" said Archer and Reshiram, one confused and the other interested, respectively.

"I only need, and want, to win THE War, nothing less, nothing more."

"What?!" Archer shouted in uproar "You mean you have the opportunity to reach your goals with the Grail but the only thing that matters to you is winning the competition?!"

"Exactly." Rin answered "Holy Grail Wars are extraordinary events so exceptional that can bring fame and prestige to their participants. Lord El Melloi II was one of the few survivors of the Fourth War and before it, he was only a meager third generation magus of a peasant family. Now? He's one of the most respected Lords and instructors of the Association. If he can do it, then I only have to surpass him." Rin said with pure determination. Of course, she can do it. She WILL do it. It was the Truth that she chose to herself.

A giggling was heard "I knew I was right in choosing you, my Heroine, and your Truth."

"Oh, yeah." Rin said after blinking "What did you say before about a Heroine?" she remembered.

"You see, after being separated from my "brother" and allying with the king that was motivated by Truth, they started calling the brothers the Heroes of Truth and Ideals, due to their beliefs and the fact they had our support. I myself approved of that." Reshiram smiled proudly.

"And because I'm a being related to Truth, I could only be awakened by an individual who possesses a strong enough belief in it as well as a pure heart, so I could serve them."

"Uh… okay." Rin said not knowing how to think about that.

Then she blinked, once, twice, even thrice.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT?!" Rin shouted with incredulous sentiment "Wha-how-Why?! Why would you ally with a magus such as I? I bet there are others who are more worthy than I!" She blushed.

"And you may be right." Reshiram said "But I chose YOU. Granted, there may be some virtues you lack but I can sense than your heart is in the right place. Not to say you were the only one at the house, so luck was a factor, too."

"My goal is to create a world of Truth and peace, like my original liege intended." Reshiram continued "I know it won't be an easy task as well that this isn't my world but I won't let that deter me." She spoke with the certainty and charisma of a king "And for that, I'll let the Truths of those virtuous to guide me, as well as I'll guide them! Know for certain that I'll follow you anywhere, even to the dark pits of hell, as long as you breath and your heart stays on the path of goodness, you will be my Heroine of Truth!"

Rin Tohsaka was astounded. She knew that she was talented, but she's humble and patient enough to know that she needed constant effort to be able to truly accomplish anything. Her participating in the Grail War was because of her being from one of the Three Founding Families. But for a dragon choosing to serve her because of her determination in her goals and the fact its stone was coincidentally at her home?

Now, Rin can say that she was lucky.

"Rin." she said with a smile "My name is Rin Tohsaka and as a Heroine of Truth, I accept your offer in order to win the Holy Grail War and accomplish my goals so that you can reach the Truth that will offer the world you're searching for." She extended her hand towards Reshiram, who then took it.

A bond was formed, one between human and creature. One that will be the source of many miracles in the future.

"Ehem" a cough was heard "What, you already made a contract with her and not me? How insensitive of you." Archer said in faux-hurt.

Oh, Archer. Rin forgot that she had yet to form a contract with him. Servants after all, needed a contracted Master to continue existing in the material world. And now that she remembered.

"Oh my bad," Rin said in a somewhat disinterested tone then she smiled in a perverse way "After all, how can I be partner of a disrespecting Servant that doubted the capabilities of his own Master, without even have seen them, eh?"

"W-well…" Archer gulped "I-I simply took into account your inexperience." Especially the part where she summoned him wrong, but he wasn't suicidal "As well as I couldn't let a promising and beautiful magus like you to be tainted with the horrors of conflict." Those were genuine thoughts, but the way he chose to speak them…

"Oh." Rin flushed, turning into a human red lamp "If it was something like that… then..."

"Archer" Reshiram sighed "I also don't know how good she would be in a fight, but at least I'm willing to give her an opportunity. She was able to awaken me and summon you, so she should be strong enough, physical and mentally, to survive this War."

Archer went quiet for a while, then took a breath "Master, while I honestly think many things could go wrong with this War, I now believe that our enemies won't stand a chance with all of us together. You gained the approval of a dragon, not only bringing a serious amount of firepower, but it also made me see you in a new light. So with Reshiram's power, my abilities and your skills, we will, as some people would vulgarly but effectively say "fuck up all the bitches.""

He kneeled, like a knight of ages ago "So Master, will you accept this humble Servant's service?"

Rin smiled "... Yes Archer. As a Master in this Holy Grail War, I accept the contract, so that we will become victorious."

The Command Seals flared up and Rin now felt her connection to Archer solidifying, as well as feeling the drain of mana associated with it.

"Now that that is done with, I have a task for you Archer."

Jewel of Truth and Sword of Ideals

"I know that I'm a Servant, Rin, but not that type of Servant." complained Archer while holding a broom and a dustpan, clearly not happy at all with the humiliating mission he was assigned.

"Take it as a way to pay me for destroying my living." Rin said while smiling innocently. Reshiram sent an apologetic look at Archer while wondering how devious and petty her Heroine was, sweatdropping a bit. Was that what the Grail referred about a tsundere? She was only momentarily connected to it during her awakening so she couldn't consult it and she had the feeling she would receive the same fate as Archer if she so asked it to Rin.

"It's late and I'm tired" Rin yawned "so me and Reshiram are going to bed, we will talk about things in the morning."

"Good night, Archer, and I hope this doesn't become too cumbersome to you." Reshiram politely said, and with that, the two walked out of the scene.

"..." Once they were gone, Archer sighed. But at least he was happy. Even if if constant missions as Counter Guardian continuously erodes his memories, including some of the Holy Grail Wars he's participated in, his time with Rin will always have a place in his heart.

"Well, at least she didn't call me Satan." he mused "Or made me participate at that nonsensical carnival…"

AN: Been rewatching the Abridged Version of Unlimited Blade Works, it never gets old. And I finished the 2014 anime, began Apocrypha's anime, have to finish the Zero anime and light novels and realized the herculean effort in beginning one one of the visual novel routes which, of course, are in a computer situated in a house I can't access due to the goddamned coronavirus. At least there are walkthroughs and I have more games, anime, fanfics and light novels to keep me entertained.

I need a timetable for each of my forms of entertainment.

Well, I wish for all of you good luck with this global quarantine. If there's something I can improve on, please tell me.

Oh, one last thing, the fact that the Dark and Light Orbs can be awakened with those of pure heart and strong goals can bring more ideas for crossovers of this type, to see what would happen when the characters of a medium realize that they have control of powerful dragons that will help them achieve those goals. Example: Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee with Zekrom and Reshiram respectively could break the balance of power in Remnant quite a bit, right?

If you have more suggestions about which series to send those two members of the Tao Trio (Kyurem is optional) and which character would they serve, send them to me, please.