Shortly after Tobe and Garu were greeted by a clap of thunder they were struck with drops of rain. At first the droplets fell in few but quickly grew numerous, making the two soaking wet in seconds. Tobe acknowledged the state of the weather and then suggested that the two of them head home.

Not knowing who was doing the walking, both of them began advancing in the opposite direction until they split apart. Finally, for the first time in days they were free from the goo's grasp. No longer were they conjoined and confined to only remain within each other's proximity. They were free.

Tobe knew this could mean the end of their truce and thus the end of them spending time together. He had two choices he could make:

1.) Turn their temporary truce into a permanent one and continue being together.

2.) Resume their rivalry.

He desired greatly to choose the former.

But then an image of the severe stare of a certain pair of steely eyes glowering down on him, piercing him with pure disappointment and utter disapproval, flickered in his mind. Which forced him to decide on the latter.

Garu, on the other hand, was kind of confused by how quickly he betrayed him after a comment like "You know, we make a great team" and how eagerly he was ready to return to Garu's home, or as he called it "Our home". Then Garu realized that maybe it was all just a part of the trick and became dejected that his newfound friend was still a foe. In Garu's eyes their experience left no impression on Tobe's heart even though it certainly left one on his.

During Tobe's disclosure, his freedom was discovered by his minions who surrounded him for a group hug. Since Tobe's clothes were still quite sticky his henchmen became attached to their master. Tobe tried to warn them but they were so enthusiastic about his freedom that they felt compelled to embrace him. As a result they became a big ball of bodies. When Tobe's henchmen realized they were stuck they began to squirm and struggle which caused the human ball they were in to tilt and then roll downhill.

Garu instinctively tried to go after him but was stopped by his persistent admirer, Pucca, who had longed to embrace him as well. Garu's clothes also were still sticky so when she went in for a hug she had become stuck as well. This she had taken full advantage of, upon realization, and began planting kisses on his face without him being able to escape. He tried to break free like he did before but his attempts were foiled by his gooey garments that would yank him towards her when he would try to resist it's pull. Being bound to Pucca could only afford him to watch the cluster of ninjas tumble downhill until they eventually disappeared into the foliage of the nearby forest.