The Sequel of Twilight in Seattle

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A flurry of activity set off around me as Alice and Carlisle immediately started making calls. Emmett darted out of the apartment and I was left staring in awe at the vampires that I now knew about. My entire body trembled in pain, my stomach rolling like the sea in a storm, and when I wiped the blur from my eyes, I saw that it was tinged with red. I was being eaten alive by the virus and it felt like it too.

"Hey." I coughed, using my arm to cover my mouth before rolling my eyes at myself.

They couldn't catch this.

"Hey, Al-" I tried again, as I watched her mouth move so fast I thought she was talking but I couldn't be sure. I heard no noise. Or maybe a white noise. Just a simple hum the entire time her lips barely moved as she held a phone to her ear.

Carlisle was a blur of clothing colors as he zipped around so fast, pausing long enough to pack my most valuable items in my wild colored luggage. Totes appeared out of thin air and if I couldn't feel the breeze of their movements, I would have asked if they were witches too with all the magic going on in the room.

"Wha-, Alice!" I raised my voice loud enough to garner attention finally and both Carlisle and Alice stopped what they were doing. Alice's thumb was hovering over the 'end' button on the cell phone and Carlisle held my medical degree in his hands. "What is going on? Where'd Emmett go?" I was stopped from asking more questions by another bout of heaves and coughing. I groaned and flopped back on the bed, sweat dripping down over my temples to land innocently on the pillow above my ears.

"If you're to become a vampire, you must disappear. In order to do that, you must not exist. In order to not exist, your car is currently being involved in a fatal accident. We're packing your belongings." Carlisle explained quickly. I couldn't hear the anxiousness in his carefully controlled voice, but I could definitely see it in his beautiful eyes.

"But not all!" Alice cut in. "Only things you cannot replace. Most of this can be assumed it was in Charlie's attic this whole time so you can salvage quite a bit but it has to look as if you still lived here at the time of the crash. You can't just disappear with your belongings to be presumed dead when you've never made plans to leave Seattle Grace Mercy West."

All valid points, I concurred, but there was just one thing…"What kind of accident is my car being involved in right now?" I loved that car. I hardly ever drove it because I worked across the street but the few times I went to Pike's Place or Port Angeles or even to Forks, I had loved the way that car handled.

"Emmett's currently flipping it down the center of the bridge before he's going to cut the wheel and end up in the Sound at the exact moment a barge docks. You'll be fish meat in no time." Alice said as she shook her head oddly, her glazed eyes coming back into focus.

I just gaped at her.

"Oh, I can see the future. I saw what Emmett's plan was. It's brilliant really."

"But the bridge! It's always packed." I was immediately worried that there would be hundreds of other accidents because of Emmett's reckless plan.

Alice waved a hand dismissively. "He dodged one car by the skin of his teeth and they slammed on their brakes to video the accident. You'll be on the news. Well, your car will be. Don't worry, Emmett hunched down and used a wig." She giggled delicately behind her hand and I couldn't help the laugh that was pulled out of me at that thought.

"You guys are really dramatic, aren't you?" I asked. I should be used to this by now, knowing them for as long as I had but I had never really known the 'real' Emmett and Alice. "You'll be yourself around me now?"

I didn't like the idea of more secrets.

"Are you kidding me? I am so exhausted playing human, Bella. I love you, but oh my God. I can't wait until you're turned." She rolled her eyes and finished whatever she was doing. "I spoke to Jasper and told him what's happening. He's currently making you a new identity and they're fixing a room up for you at the house."

Carlisle turned then, pressing a lid down on one of the totes. "What now?" His eyebrows sat high on his forehead with inquisition.

Alice laughed again. She was in a very good mood, I could tell. "Bella and you cannot simply move into the same room, Carlisle."

I gasped, launching me into another coughing fit and Carlisle came to soothe the sting on my back, though it was on the inside. My lungs burned with each breath.

"We'll talk about that later. Trust me." Alice said before she zipped into the bathroom. "Do you absolutely love your makeup?" She called out to me.

"I don't hate it." I answered her, lifting an eyebrow at Carlisle.

He chuckled as he gently caressed my temple. The feel of it sent tingles throughout my body. "We can always get you more."

I realized that I'd be leaving a lot behind and felt a bit of melancholy for it. All of the items I owned were worked for. If they weren't gifts from family or friends, I worked hard for my things. I'm not exactly materialistic but that makeup was expensive stuff.

"Grab the Amazonian Clay and my blush. Oh! And the mascara!" At Carlisle's raised brow, I defended my choices. "That was expensive and the mascara is amazing."

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