I knew they would all be okay so I darted away from Dr. Grey's house to go check on Charlie one last time. I am immensely happy that he's doing so much better. The wolves were taking good care of him and though he still didn't know anything about the supernatural world, they stood by him and protected him as if he were one of their own. Alice helped me set up a bond for him and after fiddling with the dates, it arrived in the mail at his house. Upon my death, Charlie received a bond for twenty thousand dollars. It wasn't much and it probably wouldn't last him long, but it had been all of my savings that Alice had put into stocks for me. The rest of the family had wanted to help but I wouldn't allow it. I needed to do this myself for my father. I had even forged a note, stating it was written before my untimely death and stashed it in a safe deposit box at a bank. It told him in depth how much I loved him and will miss him.

I was finally able to say goodbye. The tears that my father had cried at that time were more of happiness than sadness, knowing I'd left something behind for him and thought of him. I had done pretty much the same thing for my mother, minus the money. She was now married to her third husband, Curtis who was a very established business man. He was always gone which made Renee feel as if she wasn't married so she never got bored of him. He was very good to her and I was glad because I would haunt him if he wasn't.

"You ready?" Alice whispered from somewhere miles behind me.

"Yeah." I let the wind carry my answer back to her as my eyes lingered on my dad one last time. He's at the hunting store in Port Angeles, the only reason I was able to visit him so close. With the wolves sniffing around, I wouldn't be able to get close enough without risking exposure.

I looked solemnly over my shoulder one last time at my dad who was checking out, blowing a kiss his way before zipping away at the speed of sound. Catching up with Alice and Rosalie, I locked my emotions up tight to save until I was completely alone and we all ran back toward Spokane. We had outstayed our welcome and it was time to move on. Overseas was calling my name. I had never been and I am excited to see where this second chance at life is going to take me.

"Are you all packed?" Rosalie asked me.

Alice snorted as I answered. "Nope."

"I packed her so yes, she is." My tiny best friend replied.

I laughed with Rosalie. "Well, thank you! I hate packing."

It had taken almost three long years to get Rosalie to talk to me without disdain in her voice. She was now someone I considered a sister. She had clung tightly to her jealous ways, stating that I didn't belong with them, she would never see me as family but I worked my way into her heart. Carlisle had been ready to throw her out for the way she had treated me but I chalked it up to change. It takes vampires a lot to change but when we do, it's forever. I taught myself mechanics, brought old junk cars to the house to fix up from the wheels up, and presented them to Rosalie as gifts. She would sneer and tell me that sucking up and gifts were not the way to go but I begged to differ. Sometimes I felt as if I were wooing her and I suppose in a way I was.

I knew she was worth it.

It took a lot to break the ice around her heart, even Emmett had thought I just better leave well enough alone but now we all get along famously and we're one happy, tight knit unit. As it turned out, she was simply jealous of my relationship with the men in the family. She was brought up at a time where beauty meant all men fawn over you. She thought I wanted all of their attention considering how quickly I bonded with Jasper and how close Emmett and I are. It took three years of her silent, angry observations to see that I am honorable and kind. I simply love Emmett and Jasper as my brothers and Carlisle is the only man I have eyes for.

"Bella." Rosalie said sharply.

"Yes?" I acknowledge her presence and that she wanted to speak to me but I didn't stop tinkering with the engine block I had hanging in front of me.

I heard a long sigh and wondered why she was talking to me if it was so difficult for her.

"Do you want help?" Her voice was softer now, not so angry and it snagged my attention instantly.

Wide eyed, I stared at her with my mouth open and she barked a laugh that sounded like music, even as quick as it was.

"Uh, yeah. Please." I answered her, feeling unsure.

Together we restored the 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom.

"This one's mine right?" She asked.

"Hell no, sister. This one's all mine." I laughed and she nudged me with her elbow as we continued working side by side. I smiled to myself as I secretly did a happy dance to finally have won her over.

"Carlisle!" I shouted as the three of us entered the house. Though Spokane and Forks were almost five hundred miles apart it had only taken us a few hours to run back home.

Alice and Rosalie each went to find their respective mates and I launched myself into my man's awaiting arms. The lean bulk of him wrapped me up and carried me quickly to our bedroom where he threw me on the bed and I laughed giddily as he covered my body with his own. Our lips locked frantically as we tore at each other's clothing. I hated being away from him for so long. It was easier when he was at work or I was reading out in the forest atop the largest evergreen I could find because I knew he was close by if I needed him or if he wanted me. Being hours away had created an ache in my chest that made me feel hollow, as if someone had carved out my heart.

As he laid on top of me, both of us bare, his arms threaded under mine to clutch me to him, I felt complete again.

"I love you, darling." He whispered as he dragged his nose up the length of my neck.

I moaned and gripped his back, holding him to me as my hips bucked against his. "I love you, Carlisle."

Our coupling lasted days, as it always does and once we emerged, so did the rest of the family. We had one last hunting trip together in Washington. As our plane ascended the air, I pressed my hand to the window, staring down at the Space Needle. Carlisle's fingers were firmly threaded with mine, his thumb rubbing gentle circles on the back of my hand and keeping me calm.

"Goodbye." I breathed.