Weiss Schnee was on track to fulfil all her dreams. Having already completed her coursework regarding business, law and politics just as her father has wanted, she had enough respect from her tutors, and, as the commoners liked to say 'brownie-points', with her father to warrant asking him to allow her to become a huntress. With her father's albeit somewhat reluctant acceptance, Weiss trained in the arts of fencing and hand-to-hand combat. She learned basic tracking and languages and weapon maintenance. Her aura was unlocked by the Crow of Remnant himself. A brute of a man with little to no charm and seemed to have misery and poor luck follow him around constantly. He seemed to antagonize her elder sister for the sheer pleasure of it.

But he was still one of the best in the business and plenty of strings had to be pulled to convince him to do the deed. He had even given her a short lesson in aura control. While she could not say that meeting him was a delight, those exercises still formed the basis of her daily routine.

But there she was now. Accepted into the most prestigious huntsman academy in all of Remnant with a glowing transcript and recommendations from world famous huntsmen and huntresses. She had no doubt in her mind that by the end of the week, she would be standing proud as a team leader, with a talented-in-their-own-right partner, and an accomplished, yet respectable team by her side.

If she could dream, those huntsmen-in-training alongside her would all eventually come to respect her as both a colleague and trust her as a friend.

By the end of her first year, she was sure she could win the respect of her professors and possibly even the headmaster himself. Headmaster Ozpin was famous for three things. Firstly, he was the reclusive headmaster; once the youngest headmaster in Beacon's centuries long history. Secondly, he was a fanatic when it came to his coffee. There had yet to be a picture taken of him that had not included a mug of the stealing liquid in his presence. And thirdly, he was most likely the strongest huntsman alive. While that final point was up for debate, he was the only person to win the fabled Vytal tournament both years he had competed in it.

While Weiss doubted that she could hold a candle to his reputation or strength, she still hoped to place in the competition during her second year; when the tournament was next scheduled to be held.

The shaking of the bullhead tore the girl from her thoughts as the vehicle descended below the clouds. Weiss gasped. There it was, the very place where all her dreams for the next four years of her life were about to take place.

Where she would be taught by the world's best teachers of this generation, and fight alongside those who would become the greatest huntsmen. Where she would break away from under her father's shadow and make friends and have experiences of her very own. As the vehicle tilted, turning towards their assigned landing pad, she had a great view of the other bullheads landing and unloading their own passengers.

Those vehicles were much larger, able to transport upwards of fifty people each, along with all their gear and luggage. With four bullheads currently unloading passengers and a fifth just then setting down, there looked to be a lot of fierce competition in the coming days. It was well-known that the school only had room for a hundred new students each year. The letter of acceptance, which she still held on her person since the day she had received it, was less so a letter of admission into the prestigious institute, but one of accepting that she had met the necessary qualifications and level of skill to warrant taking the entrance examination.

An examination which most referred to simply as 'Initiation', as one could not claim to be a student of Beacon until they passed it. The task changed each year, some considered harder than others. All of them being designed to weed out those lacking in certain characteristics that the headmaster deemed unsuitable for his school. The task itself was created solely by his deputy headmistress. Well, if longstanding rumour was to be believed, the tasks for the last decade had been created jointly by the headmaster and the deputy headmistress due to personal issues keeping the woman from putting her full attention into the school.

Weiss could almost snort with mirth at the rumour. What self-respecting woman would let personal issues in the way of such an important and recognized task? If it were her in that position, there would be nothing that would sway her from doing her duty. And yes, Weiss was sure to include the death of a father on that list.

Weiss's own sister, Winter, had failed to pass Beacon's Initiation when she took it. For her year, Winter was tasked with finding and tagging six unique species of Grimm within the forests surrounding the school. Only the first one hundred students to do so would be allowed in. That year was considered one of the hardest in recent memory. Only sixty had passed Initiation of the four hundred twenty-three which took it. Winter had not been among those to pass.

Winter was devastated but did well enough to warrant a letter of recommendation from the school in order to join Atlas Academy, the huntsmen academy in their home kingdom of Atlas. Weiss forced herself to calm her breathing. It did little to reminisce on those who failed to pass Initiation so soon to her own attempt at it.

She was confident in herself. She had trained hard and studied even harder. She knew the names of each, and every species of Grimm said to roam the forest around Beacon, as well as the layout of beacon Academy itself. She knew the names of each of the professors who would teach her in her first year and could recite the school's motto on command.

"Knowledge of the sake of history, Wisdom for the sake of Remnant," she reminded herself, just to be one hundred percent sure. It was a strange motto to be sure, but nobody had ever said that Beacon's founder was anything but.

After too long in Weiss's opinion, her bullhead finally landed. Letting the vehicle settle in place and finally switch off, she unclipped herself from her seat and proceeded to the slowly lowering gangway and out into the afternoon air, breathing in the sounds and smells of that fabled academy.

Nodding politely to her servants as they unloaded her luggage, Weiss took her final steps off the bullhead, letting a small smile touch her lips for the first time in days. She was finally here.

There were so many people. Dozens of hopeful-students, all carrying their bags in their arms or over their shoulders, weapons on their persons. Around them were Beacon's staff, those helping to direct the flow of traffic, bring people to the proper locations or answer any and all questions these people had. In the distance, she could see the tell-tale green hair of Beacon's illustrious history professor. He looked to be speaking to the deputy headmistress herself; Professor Goodwitch. The woman seemed to only be paying the slightest bit of attention to his rapid-fire speech, looking out into the distance with a light smile on her face. The other professor did not seem to mind her apparent lack of attention, or maybe did not notice it.

Weiss could understand her smile. There in front of her was the next generation of potential candidates to her school. The best and brightest of the year, all there to become huntsmen. It was a glorious thing. If Weiss had not already planned to become the next CEO of her father's company, teaching at Beacon could be a worthy profession.

Weiss walked through the crowds of people, enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by such happy and expressive teenagers. Along with the voices of everyone's own conversations with friends, Weiss heard the click-clacking of her servants wheeling her luggage behind her.

And then, all of a sudden, her entire world flipped over itself, as she landed hard on the pavement. Feeling heat rise to her face, up from her neck and onto her cheeks, she stared up at what had rammed into her.

It was a girl. No, a child really. She was looking down on Weiss with an almost embarrassed expression, index fingers poking each other and hips swaying, shaking her skirt left and right. "S-sorry miss. Are you okay? I didn't mean to…"

Weiss growled under her breath. "What do you think you're doing here?" Her voice had more of a bite to it than she had expected. Even so, that child had knocked her to the ground. She turned to her luggage, to see the topmost case had fallen off the cart, unleashing its contents onto the ground.

"Look what you've done!" Weiss shouted, standing up while gesturing to the spilled vials of dust around her. "Do you have any idea how much that much dust costs? You do know what dust is, right? Magic is physical form? Energy?"

Waving a vile in front of the girl's face so she could get a better look at it, Weiss continued her rant at the young girl, who seemed to get more embarrassed and sad with each passing word. Weiss scoffed. It wasn't her fault that this child was being so foolish. Even so, what was a child even doing here at Beacon?

And that's when she felt the ground around her explode, as the dust lit up from the girl's loud sneeze, sending the young girl rocketing up into the sky, before falling back down. Weiss could feel the singes and burnt cloth she was wearing.

"Did you just explode?" Weiss was too stunned at what had just happened to express any emotion other than shock.

"I'm sorry! I'm allergic to dust. It makes my nose all itchy!"

Weiss stomped her foot, "what are you even doing here?! This is a place for huntsmen and those training to be them. This isn't a place for little brats to just run around. Where's your parents, so I can give them a good talking to! Maybe get you to do as you're told and stay away from your betters."

"Mommy's working now," the girl nearly cried out. "But Grandpa Ozpin said if I didn't leave the docks, I could see all the new weapons!"

Weiss's next retort died on her tongue. What did the girl just say? It almost sounded like she just said, "Grandpa Ozpin?"

The girl nodded vigorously, her shoulder-length black and red hair flying about. The girl clutched tightly to her skirt. "Ya! Grandpa Ozpin said I could be here! I'm sorry I ran into you! I didn't look where I was going. Do you want me to help pick up the dust?"

Weiss could feel a blood vessel bursting. She had just yelled at the headmaster's granddaughter. The headmaster had a granddaughter. Since when did the headmaster have a kid, let alone a grandkid? She had to be lying. There was no other way…

"Girl, what's your name?"

The girl smiled and held out her hand for a handshake. It looked like it was well rehearsed. "Hi, I'm Ruby! Ruby Goodwitch!"

Now a blood vessel really did burst. Weiss almost involuntarily took a step back. The deputy headmistress's…

"Goodwitch? As in, deputy headmistress Glynda Goodwitch?"

"Ya, that's mommy!"

Weiss thanked everything above that she didn't faint right then.

This was not how she thought her time at Beacon would begin.

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