Damn this episode! It kept pulling me back into making another follow up for Keep moving forward. So, a second chapter of this one shot, technically now a two shot, will focus on the latest episode. Damn this episode was creepy. Well, at least that means I'll finish this. So let's go onto the second chapter of Keep Moving Forward.

The shadow of Emilia… kissed me.

All to the grave, I couldn't help but say,

"I'm sorry."

I understood who Emilia was now.

She wasn't this perfect person, with the strongest powers, the most kind heart.

She was… a normal half elf.

She had many fears... and I put her through it infinitely.

Only I had to carry that burden. Not her.

She deserved everything… that she never got.




Not this… shit hole, where she had to be mentally broken… with no one to comfort her.

I was alone as I died, even as I was kissed. Her eyes… were the last thing I saw before I died.

Those broken, beautiful eyes. Uncontained pain. Suffering.

As I closed my own, I tried to prepare myself.

I was on the icy ground of the sanctuary… now alive.

But my soul.. was nearly destroyed.

The loop… was about to restart.

Or so I thought.

Memories came back to me. Like a blast of wind.

The promise I made… came back to me.

'I have to fight. Until Emilia becomes the queen. Until Betelgeuse is dead. Until the cult is dead. Until… I become a person… one who will be able to save everyone.'

Even so… I couldn't move from my spot.

I was stuck.

I… couldn't figure out what to do.

Then, someone appeared.

"Oi. What are you doing?"

The person acted like Ram… but I couldn't hear any trace of her voice in the man.

"Stand up! Fight!"

He sounded harsh… but not angry.

He sounded… like a friend.

"You were given Return by Death for a reason."

My eyes widened.

I looked over at him.

He had a green jacket on, with golden blades, an a weird machine attached to his hips.

"I… can't find out. I can't… figure it out."

Tears started to leak out of my eyes.

Then, I was met by a kick to the groin.


More tears.

"Come on Subaru. You're going to give up? Now, of all times?"

"What do you know?!"

I stood up and tried to tackle him… but he sent me flying into the wall.

My bones broke, and I collapsed to the floor, trying hard to stay alive.

Then… the injuries disappeared.

"I know that you love Emilia like the world. She means everything to you."

Then man didn't even move.

I was scared again.

"Subaru… I'm not going to kill you. It's not only pointless, you're also my friend."

That didn't ease my worries.

"Fri… friend?"

That… shocked me.

This man, who I didn't even know, called me his friend.

He sighed.

"There is too much you don't know about this world, Subaru. You will learn it though, and conquer this world, metaphorically speaking."

I couldn't comprehend everything.

My brain was ten steps behind this man.

"Subaru… focus. Cry later. Pain is only for those you care about to show."

He sighed again.

"And I'm not one of those people yet."

I sat back up.

"What… are you?"

"Your friend."

His calmness unnerved me.

"What friend?! I don't even know you!"

He chuckled.

"Not in this life, you don't. You will know me, though."

My brain was racking itself for answers.

Something. Anything.

But nothing.

I was preparing myself for him to hurt me.

Kill me.

But nothing happened.

He put his hand on my head.

"Damn. You look weird looking anything other than a spring onion."

He ruffled my hair like I was his kid.

"Damn. I miss the old spring onion you."

He laughed.

"Spring onion?! What?!"

He continued to laugh at my expense.

"Sorry, it's just so fun to talk to you again. Sorry for sending you flying. I was a little too serious."

"Serious and killing intent are different things!"

He smiled, ignoring what I said.

"But anyways, Subaru."

He stared into me, his smile fading.

"Don't cry now. Wait till your Emilia-tan is awake."

He looked at her sleeping

"She's a good person, along with Rem."


"Yeah, I know her, Subaru. I know her."

I… gained strength once again.

He knew Rem.

No tears left my eyes.

"How… do you know about her?"

"Because she's one of your wives. Why else?"

He said that as if that was the most normal thing in the world.


He muffled my mouth.

"Keep it down, won't you, Senku?"

As soon as that name left his mouth… new memories flooded my head.

Then… I knew exactly what to do.

I became quiet.

He released his hand from my mouth… and I looked at him with new eyes.

"You knew that name, and you said that on purpose… didn't you?"

He nodded.

"Why? Why say it at all?"

"Because… you were mentally broken. Those memories will stich it together somewhat."


"Would you rather not remember that? That night with Emilia and Rem?"

I smiled.

"I don't think I have a choice on the matter. I'm forgetting this anyways, right?"

He snorted.

"Looks like some of that 300 IQ has gotten back into your brain."

I chuckled a bit.

"Why do this, though? My brain will forget this moment. You can't make me remember it, can you?"

He shook his head.

"It's not for you. It's for them."

He looked over at Emilia, who was still asleep.

"She and Rem, and Beatrice, and Petra, and… Crusch…. They all matter to you."

He looked… sad.

"I've seen what happens to you in other timelines. Where your soul breaks down. When… you go crazy, hurting everyone you wanted to protect."

My eyes widened.

Before then, I hadn't considered the other options.

Other choices.

But now… my soul couldn't forget that.

"One timeline, you destroy this entire country, Reinhardt, and you die in Emilia's arms. She asks… why? Another timeline, where you don't get convinced by Rem, and you leave off with her, but… at the cost of everyone else. They all die."

I was bombarded with even more information… but I understood what he meant.

The slightest wrong move… and I'd be in trouble.

Along with everyone else.

"So.. this information… will be attached to your soul. You'll forget everything… until we meet again."

He stood up, creating a portal.

"Until then… keep moving forward, Subaru."

He gave me a small salute, with two fingers.

My soul… wouldn't forget what he told me next.

"There's a bright future waiting for you, at the end of the tunnel. Till then…"

As I forgot the conversation, and my memories, my soul had his words, deeply ingraved on it.

"Keep moving forward."

And that's the second chapter. I might make another third chapter, bit for now, this will be the only other chapter I publish for this story. Anyways, thanks for reading, and I got to go to sleep.