Survivors Book I: Final Destination

Warnings: This story from the outburst on the plane into the opening of movie three is going to result in very close calls now. as time goes on. Also the seven that joined him and the agents see that the only way for him to prevent it. Is by intervening every single time as the next three years go by now.

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Chapter 2: The Theory, Angered Debates And Theory Speculations

Looking at the girl gently, Alex smiled at her and she wrapped her arms around his left arm and the two teachers hid a smile then. "Uh what's happening between these two, exactly?" Billy asked and he hid a smile. "If she says this the way I phrase it, the connection between them went to full, she's his soulmate now, kiddo, as such."

"Issues with being a mentor or teacher, you get overly protective and on our hours, you kids are our responsibility. Then again, where watching a relationship where your students are concerned, we need to keep an eye on these guys for the next month." the man said with a slight smile to her response and the duo nodded in agreement to that.

"Let alone the fact we get very terroritial with our students and some lunatic tried to approach Alex, before I stepped in earlier. But Alex is my favorite cub, that I know what you saw a bit ago is not the Alex I know right now. Larry and I are their side of the class, but the sextet are my responsibility right now, that Carter is screwed here right now."

"Hey guys what's your names?" Lewton asked and the female guard answered that . "Allison Barnfield and Robert Campbell." she said and they nodded. "If he's suffering another reaction, by that I mean Carter, I suggest you call for back up. Before this reaction, Alex never had something like this happen." she said and they nodded firmly.

"Looks like he thought, instead of going to Patrick, he was going to Eric and so you could check his luggage right now for contraband and then lost it. And attacked him, but that reaction is enough to get him expelled from 1/4 of the trip. And suspended for a week, before the year comes to an end." Murnau said and Lewton nodded as she said it to Alex.

"And the fuse is whatever is in the canteen I know he's carrying with him, Allison, Rob listen to me, you could be looking at an IED attempt. He reacted too soon to take it back, but they drugged me, creating a distraction." Alex said and the two guards nodded slowly. "That's true and their ass is ours." Campbell said with a furious growl at that.

"Case catch in chemistry, so IED and this is something the coach would recognize as well, but if there was a stray bottle in one of their bags. The climb would cause it to tip over, shatter and seep into electronics above my seat, short circuit and cause a fire. The sparks set the trail back to the bottle to explode, before it heated the compartment."

"Causing a chain reaction, if there was more the one bottle as we heard multiple explosions coming from the compartment. As the hatches break open sending our carry on luggage to get thrown all over the place, before the heat. It then causes one of the bottles to blow and to hit someone in the neck, at the carotid artery, spraying the wall."

"And before the heat caused the tank to explode and take out the escape hatch, destroying the engine. From there whatever was next on the plane exploded, and destroying plane, chemistry is big factor. But I saw the conclusion, but not the cause, though said cause could be because of you, Carter." Alex said and the quintet nodded.

"Anyone of 50 reasons could have resulted here in your vision coming true and all of them are because of a loss of temper and not staying sober. And we got the first by his nearly knocking that tank over as he could have destroyed the plane. And before we even left at the moment." The teacher said and they nodded in agreement to his thoughts.

"Whatever reason that nightmare came true as a result, you had to opt out the possible factors and tried to get to the captain's cabin. To alert them to that fact, or someone involved in piloting the plane was arriving and you were going directly to them. To suggest something though what, we can go into in a second, so with that, Alex."

"That was no nightmare was it, you were seeing the future, and one mis-step could cause it to happen anyway, because he immediately assumed you were going to Eric?" Lewton said sternly and he nodded to her. "Yeah, but Patrick Harrison is my mother's twin, he's one of the flight attendants in the pilot's cabin." he said and they nodded in shock then.

"You guys all knew, has this ever happened before, that one single vision, could mean the difference between life and death. I developed the same ability that the bible proclaimed right, has this, in the entire 5 to 10 since we met, has this ever happened before?" he asked her and she shook her head. "No it hasn't." the duo said together at his question.

"And that's the first time you had a reaction like this, you're usually calm and collected, but to quote Tina, just before she was murdered. 'Maybe we're going to have a big earthquake or something, they say things get really weird just before.'. I would consider your reaction that weird circumstance, as this never happened before right now."

"And with those words in mind, you're back to normal, but then he looks close to losing it himself right now, so fast role reversal and then it shifts back to normal. Yeah that fits in with your theory at the moment buddy." Billy said and the two teachers nodded in agreement then. "That's an understatement." Lewton said and the girls nodded to that.

"That's reason enough to take it seriously, with you acting completely rational, and are not the one acting like he's loaded right now." the blonde girl said to him at that. "Yeah and I was bringing that to his attention as Uncle Patrick hadn't arrived on the plane yet. With the pilot, I had to talk to them, in private." he said and the quartet nodded slowly.

"It wasn't about Carter Horton, but the safety of the entire plane manifest and he attacks you for no damn reason, as I can guess that image was beyond traumatizing. If you had that reaction, and before we arrived as we arrested him, but not you." the female guard said and he nodded and she and her partner nodded sternly as the boy swallowed hard.

"Your reaction, and I'm saying this for all of us adults now, that I understand, that image, whatever it is. That is beyond traumatizing, like the nightmares on the movies, but his reaction we can't, as he attacks you in a non prov. So no taking back that action and there is no excuse for it either." the male guard said, while crossing his arms to this.

"You were going to Commander Harrison to discuss this in getting the tank secured?" the boy repeated, shaking, realizing he made a big mistake. "That and we should check for shorts and the tank for holes, the fuel tank at the moment. I was going to my uncle so we can run a few safety checks before we left." he said slowly to emphasize it then.

As the guard saw the look. "You never read my family records, but here's something to consider, but the third flight attendant on the plane. His name is Patrick Harrison, but my mother's maiden name is Harrison, that's her twin brother I was going to talk to." he said and the boy paled at the news as he realized he was going to them to talk over it.

"But the coach was a spec ops, I'm a cadet in training, and you think that he or Harrison would never take me seriously if he saw the same thing. He would and going by what we just heard in there, he saw it immediately and let your buddies have it for this right now." Alex said and he swallowed, knowing that his football coach was going to kill him for this.

"So 'remove yourself' really meant you were going to talk to your uncle, so you could tell him to secure that tank and check the engine for shorts or holes, is that it?" Lewton asked and he nodded to her. "I wasn't leaving the class, I had to make a recommendation to Uncle Patrick, so we get that tank secured and secondly run a few safety checks here."

"What I just saw was a shocker, but he misinterpreted it as that I was going to get you guys and attacked me. But the vision just gave the conclusion, but anyone of two dozen possibilities could have resulted in that vision anyway. I had to get 3 of them checked off before we left, before running a scan on the plane." he said and the duo nodded sternly.

"That makes more sense then you screaming wolf for no reason right now." Murnau said and the guards nodded in agreement to that. "Their attempt to drug you backfired right now as a distraction, but why would it be needed. Unless this was an illegal operation they were trying to attempt and one that, though it is, and someone is going to get it."

"If you hardly ever get in trouble and they get in trouble too much, I would listen to you in a heartbeat kiddo." Barnfield said and the trio nodded sternly. "And so is the fact that someone tried to frame you for attempted sabotage, if you spotted several of the causes. And long before the saboteur could even try it, but if he has a criminal record right now."

"Then how can we, or the authorities believe anything he says?" they heard and he turned to see the manager at that remark. "You better call the cops, I'd rather test that theory, before we launch that plane, I don't know how I knew it was going to happen. But it will and I'd rather not have anyone on board the damn thing when it does now."

"Safety hazard and fast checks to make sure, a case of chemistry could have destroyed it, before we even left right now. But it was worth bringing to your notice, but I swear I never did anything to cause this riot in the aisle, but truthfully now. I think the reason it hit me harder if you saw I was asleep on my feet." he said and the two teachers nodded.

"That and call the hospital, my student was drugged with some hallucinogen, he got some of it up, but it's still in his system right now." Lewton told him and he nodded to the request at that as Alex looked between them. "To answer the next question, regarding why I look like I was up all night, it was because I woke up just after midnight now."

"I was up from 1 to when we left for school, I had that type of feeling the girl had before her murder, and I couldn't shake it off." he told them and they nodded to the news. "Before someone spiked whatever it was you had to drink with some sort of drug, causing that reaction on the plane, looking at you now, I see you as far more rational."

"Then your peer is acting with the fact Rob is keeping him covered at the current moment." the manager said and he nodded. "I knew you were going to consider that once I explained this to you, but like the co pilot, what's more important. Checking to see my claim is true, with a few hundred people on board right now in this case."

"He'd see this as a reason to double check at the moment, but at the moment that's why I had to get him back in here so I can suggest we run a few safety checks. And get the tank secured before we left at the moment, before I caught something now. But that tank, with the lever in the on position is an accident waiting to happen here."

"But I was trying to get that tank secured and run a few safety checks, I was trying to protect everyone from a possible accident as a result of angered irrational behavior." he said and they nodded in relief they got a reason for that attack. "So that's all it was, you going to your uncle to run a few safety checks?" Lewton said and he nodded to her softly.

"Smart move kid, if that gave the conclusion, then we give the entire scan as we get that possibility double checked and check everything." The female guard said and the trio nodded in agreement to that remark. "But knowing your thought patterns and the direction they take, what I said could mean foul play, I get that, but honestly now."

"My uncle is skilled in explosions and what causes them, but that brings it to you now Carter, but look at my rational explanation. To them, they haven't left yet I can discuss this with them over it, but tell me, just what does say about the fact. That you attacked me without provocation, I was just considering the safety of everyone on the plane."

"As I just explained it to them, I can see it in their eyes, my reaction, that they can understand, what I saw is like seeing the dead bodies. And of her dead classmates, and three of her block, that's the original block in Kristen's case. You want to go for traumatizing nightmares right now, try being a fly on the wall for said murder here."

"Or being in range of what could be considered the flashback from hell if it was a woman, and the soldier suffering that image is a man. But what comes next in this conversation is considered a case of P.T.S.D., and every adult knows. It takes years to get over that trauma, but if it turned true and you lose someone you love because of a single thing."

"Or seeing the remains of that victim's loss, what you can't tell outsiders not suffering these things, but someone else understands as you're linked together." he said as he looked at him as the brown headed girl nodded sternly then. "Which I did, only not see, but felt everything, like I was there seeing it with you in that vision now, Alex."

"The metaphor with the third movie, only someone suffering these dreams or visions can understand it. But until they see it in action the adults are skeptical, right now." she said and Alex nodded in relief she understood him. "I think I hit the comics too much if my abilities just activated at puberty now, though that's true the first one hit tonight."

"But whatever started between us left you being able to understand me just a little well now at this point." he told her and she nodded as she rubbed his back. "Yeah and I'm not losing you." she said and he hid a smile as he said it. "And that is what I just saw, they understand, as adults, how traumatizing that can be if this never happened before."

"You never could understand how hard carrying this ability, if it's permanent now, could be for me, but they can." he said, pointing at the group surrounding them. "And they do at the moment, but it's like I'm living with being marked, but you want to live your life. Be normal, well answer this, if it goes now in the launch now, but how can we now."

"We're marked, survivors, and we got to live with being marked in the way what was left of the block had to be, as we adapted to this, learn to head it off and work as one." he said and the sextet nodded in agreement to his thoughts gently. "He's right we do understand, if it does happen, how hard this could now for him at the moment."

"You guys don't have that ability, we, as adults, can only guess how hard this will be as we give him the support he needs to cope with it right now." Lewton said firmly as she squeezed his shoulder then as she looked at him softly then. "What's even worse as that for your piece of mind, best to just tell the doctors, and whoever gets involved now."

"Along with Goldberg and the others, but while you guys are well rested..." he said trailing off and she nodded gently. "You're looking like you driven yourself into the ground as you figure this out." she said and he nodded as he said it to him. "That reaction is understandable, they understand how hard this could be for me now, knowing now."

"That my one chance is getting my adult double, if he is now the one cop involved, as we have to forge a plan to manage this until the circle plays itself out. But your's, your reaction on that plane, let alone now with the camera on, they won't. But look at the charges carefully right now, unprovoked attack, disturbing the peace, a near riot now."

"And you looking like you're loaded here, not to mention what looks like, now as attempted murder, but what if I was allergic. And to whatever you and your friends drugged me with, you ever consider that. When creating this idea of yours now, to get their attention off of you guys?" he asked and the boy paled at the fact he got caught.

"Let alone this now, but you think they're not going to suspect you for bringing contraband on board the plane. You know the laws on smoking or tampering with the lavatory restrooms, but one spark could destroy the plane. How about sabotage by doing it in the lavatory, you think they're not going to suspect you at all now, Carter."

"When the premonition pointed out several factors to me, but of 190 adults on the plane, only one would take the warning seriously when he's a chemistry expert. And knows the dangers of mixing liquids and gases and what happens if there is a spark. Or a lit match next to said, I was bringing that to his attention." Alex said and the quartet nodded.

"So going to talk to the trio about securing the tank and running a few safety checks in case something explodes or shorts out. You were only considering our safety with a baby on board the plane." his best friend said and he nodded to him. "It gets worse, but 1/10th of them are from our home town, you guys, including us, and our class now."

"But Robby Parker, Peter Taylor and his sister and 70 others in the cabin and ahead of us, 1/10th of our town is on that plane. Along with us right now, everyone on the plane was at risk." he said and they nodded in shocked disbelief. "The town is 5,000 people, 1/10th aside from us was on board that plane?!" Lewton repeated and he nodded firmly to her.

"The baby, Robby?!" Murnau said in shock and he nodded to him. "Yeah and Peter was the owner of the tank." he said and Lewton nodded as she covered her mouth as she tried to control her anger at the other bot at that remark. "This was no provocation, I was just going to discuss safety checks with the captain and Uncle Patrick now on it."

"And he freaks out as Jenkins grabs him and then hits me, but I never provoked him, I never did anything, this was an unprovoked attack in his case. What did I do to have him attack me here exactly." he said and the two teachers nodded sternly at the news. "You never did anything, that was an unprovoked attack." Murnau said slowly to that remark.

As the manager crossed his arms at the news. "Unprovoked attack, you didn't do anything to have him attack you like this. But to narrow it down, Larry and I got up to discuss a new arrangement with the co pilot. George ordered Todd off the plane, Terri and Billy were edged out the door, and Clear got up and left on her own right now."

"But you were planning on getting to Patrick, but the side effects of whatever caused that were starting to wear off right now. You're beginning to relax, uh huh, that fits your theory, the tables have turned, you're acting rational. While for him, he got arrested for disturbing the peace, nearly causing a riot in the aisle, and assault and battery now."

"He attacked you because of that one remark alone, when you were just considering our safety at the time. This is not a provocation, he attacked you for no damn reason, but I could consider that a reason to have him expelled. Or 2) he be held for 18 hours till he cools down right now." Lewton said and the quartet nodded in agreement to that news.

"No they wouldn't, but the fact he did just gave evidence that he had a relapse and reverted back however many months to his last catch. If you said he did this to his team mate and he got banned from playing back then and crashed into a power pole. So I'm not listening to him, you got my attention." the teacher said and the guards nodded.

"Yes, I consider that more plausible then you screaming wolf for no reason right now, but his actions point him as the probable suspect for attacking you. And for only saying you were going to talk to your uncle who is a back up pilot on the plane." The female guard said and Lewton nodded sternly as Murnau said for both of them at that remark.

"So why the hell did you attack him for that simple remark, Carter, I could consider that assault and battery, he did nothing for you to attack him like that. All he was doing was heading for the front of the plane to talk to Patrick. There is no taking back that action, and I don't want to hear an excuse, just wait till Eric hears this because I'm telling him."

"But that one action could get you expelled as it's like the time when George was turning you in for a health violation. And you attacked him after he saw the caffeine pills in your locker?" Murnau said and he swallowed hard, realizing he jumped the gun and just got arrested for making a big mistake as he realized that his actions spelled desperation.

"He thinks I was lying and turning them in, but what if I'm not wrong, we have to double check that plane." Alex said and they nodded. "And best case and worst scenarios: so best case it doesn't go and you got just cause to suspend them from this trip. And expel them from the high school right now for drugging me and the other charges now."

"Worst case is it does go and it's not just the school they get it by, but the police and the authorities." Alex said and the duo nodded. "Agreed, time to run a meeting, so best case it doesn't go and we can have them sentenced to ISS and being hold back a year. And for drugging you, but worse case is it does go and they get it, not just by us or Eric."

"But by Derek, Dave and the authorities next." Murnau said and and the boy paled, praying he was wrong then. "Alex, Jenkins called a 30 minute delay they decided to hear what you had to say!" the receptionist said and he nodded in relief then. "What are they doing exactly right now?" he asked and she crossed her arms as she said it then.

"Your coach just let his fellow players have it and two members laid into them, but bad news for him and his fellow saboteurs, but we got an undercover cop on board." she said and the white shirted boy paled at that. "What kind of cop, homicide, narc, SWAT team what exactly?" he asked and she crossed her arms as she answered him gently.

"It's your precinct's narcotics team, he said your uncle, your coach, called him Jim." she said and he nodded. "Reynolds, it's James Reynolds, but every adult at home calls him by his nickname. But the chief sent him along just in case what happened did happen, looks like he was also waiting for this." Alex said sternly and they nodded in agreement then.

"Oh great well if you thought you could get away with this, you just blew it right now young man, a reaction that matches George's attack. And Jim just arrested him for it as well as his quintet as these guys could have killed you and us. With the fact he had a possible reaction and a relapse." Murnau said sternly and Alex nodded in agreement.

"I think I know why, but he's speedballing again, reverted back 6 months and saw George in my place." he told him and the nodded sternly at that. "You think he broke his rehab, is delirious and is only hearing what he wants to hear. To get the attention off him and on someone else for once?" Lewton said and he nodded to her as they gave a nod.

"Don't blame me for your actions, Carter and just wait till the authorities hear in why you attacked me for only considering the lives and safety. And of everyone on the plane, consider that both them and the fact you're sneaking contraband on the plane. So what if one of them, the agent, is an older version of me and considers ones of us is on drugs."

"If they get the FBI involved in this and they see I was right all along, you think they or the airline is going to let it go on the following. Once I turn myself into him and his partner, you blew the first impression and they, like the adults on the plane. Let alone the airline, even the guards, they see you as a troublemaker, me that I could do no wrong."

"In their eyes, they take a chance on my theory, proven correct, I get hailed a hero for getting everyone off the damn plane. And I explain everything to the agents that are sent to investigate why the damn thing exploded and they see this as whatever you're on. It has you looking like a survivor terrorist for not staying sober or controlling your temper."

"Reading this out carefully, I can see the looks on the quartet, you attacked me for no reason, I risked an arrest, getting arrested. Just to get the plane checked, they'll let it go when we prove I was right all along, however your actions. They spell out fear and desperation to the police, the medical council and FBI." Alex said and he paled at that.

And as the guards nodded sternly to his hypothesis then. "My grades are good enough to get me into the academy at the FBI, so guess what's going to happen. When instead of getting into the academy, they send a team here so they can interview us. And during the interrogations, they see you acting like this right now, your behavior right now."

"You think they're going to let this go, that you attacked me, as I never did a damn thing for you to attack me, you think that the FBI or just the cops are going to take that lightly. Especially if our department is the one that gets chosen as home base for the agents. Whoever it is that gets chosen to run this investigation and one of the agents now."

"He considers one of us, the six of us, was on drugs or drinking as the reason for that outburst and the fact you nearly knocked the tank over. And now sees you, like they do, as the troublemaker, while for me, I could do no wrong." he asked, pointing at the duo and he swallowed hard at that remark as the duo nodded sternly to him in agreement.

"He's right, that's the direction our thoughts are taking now, you are a troublemaker, he can do no wrong in our eyes. If he's proven correct, you blew the first good impression to us, and the medical council, especially if the town prcinct is involvec. The FBI, you think we won't suspect you of foul play now." the male guard said with a stern tone to him.

"And definitely not when we decide to take a chance on his theory at the moment if that plane is on it's last legs, we prove him right he just gained such a record with us all. That the agent, whoever it is takes an active interest in him, to him, he's suspecting you now. But your behavior is like you're on drugs." The female guard added with a stern tone.

Leaving her arm across Alex's shoulders then as she sat on the arm rest next to him as she saw her presence and the brunette were helping him in staying calm. And she decided to stay put next to him gently as he furthered that. "I never did anything and risking an arrest by getting the plane checked is undestandable by the FBI now."

"But if the agent is an older version of me, in every way, takes an active interest in me if they're staying for who knows how long. Guess who turns into another family friend and my mentor once I get into a college, as my expertise becomes his active interest. Your actions spell out you're the prime suspect now, and as I clarify my meaning to him now."

"Him and his team mate, the chief, the fire department, the airlines, if there is a doctor on board that plane, and when 2/3's of the manifest is from Mount Abraham?" he said and the boy paled as he realized he recognized 70 of the faces on the plane. "The woman with the baby, Mrs. Parker, the man on oxygen, Peter Taylor and his sister, Jane."

"Little Robby?" Lewton said, remembering the baby's mother ran the coffee shop in town and he nodded. "Little Robby Parker, I saw several faces I recognized, Peter Taylor and Jane were headed for Paris for two weeks just like we were. But to name them off: Dwayne Hancock, Jessica Parker Sanderson, Terry Dennison, William Ibanez."

"Eric Stanley, Dillon Jacobs, Robert Carson, Adam Hawkins?" Alex said naming a few members on the plane and he swallowed hard at that. "Oh god, if they saw the spectacle on the plane they're going to spread this around town you're proven right. And tell the others that he attacked you for only going to Patrick so he can run a safety check."

"Rather then telling us you decided to tell Patrick what you just saw and get him to convince the co pilot to check. And for any problems on the electronics or the fuel tank for holes in the fuel lines?" Lewton said as she got what he was saying and he nodded. "Yeah that's it exactly, but my behavior's understandable after that shock, but his isn't."

"So it wouldn't be me to have caused that explosion if they did a re-enactment of this situation on the big screen, instead it would be you, Carter. While I head for pilot's cabin and report that we needed to have the tank secured. But look at your actions in the eyes of the authorities." he said slowly and the two guards nodded concerned then at that.

"I'm trying to protect our town locals and the vistors from getting hurt or worse and the wild reaction, by you. That could have killed everyone on the plane, you would have been the prime suspect for nearly killing our town locals. If word gets out all over town they'd see, once I explained this to Jenkins, I was going to my uncle to run a safety check."

"But you ever consider that your reaction is the reaction of a desperate man after I said that, that it looks like, to them, that you're trying to save your skin. To them, this looks like you attacked me for ratting you out for carrying the evidence. But trust me this could be considered as you'd be the prime suspect." he said and they nodded in agreement

"What are you talking about?!" the boy asked shaking and he said it with one remark sternly. "That your behavior and actions regarding me, that could be considered starting a riot right now, or the fact you could have killed someone by knocking that tank over. How about the pile up in the aisle, the fact you hit me, assault and battery right now."

"Attempted murder, a riot in the plane, a pile up in the aisle, you think the judge is not going to throw the assault and battery charge at you. Or disturbing the peace, by causing a riot, or even, now, the fact that the evidence in your luggage suggests destruction. And of airline property, if the TSA check your carry ons?" Alex asked and he paled at that.

"What's in that tank if you needed to bring that to our attention after Jenkins threw him off the plane and the five of you with him?" the female guard asked and he explained that. "As I said I know them all, we see each other when on the weekends, but here it is now, that tank, it belongs to Peter Taylor, but the reason he needs it now is this."

"Peter Taylor is an asthmatic needing to be on oxygen to breathe, he's also heavily disabled, I got a very good look at him, but his sister Jane, was prepping him for it. Peter maybe heavily disabled, but that doesn't stop him from working his job. But right now he and Jane are going to visit their parents in Paris at the moment, but the tank."

"That tank was in range of the aisle, so as a result the fact he immediately got up, when the steward said he would remove me. That is grounds to cause a near murder on 3 charges, disturbing the peace on 12 counts. And destroying airline property, but the first is reckless endangerment, the tank." he said and she nodded sternly to him at that.

"My class is scattered around the cabin, but the person in range of the tank if it landed in either direction was Mr. Murnau and Janie. And both areas are right next to the escape hatches, 1) it hits the wing it could destroy the engine. And causing the plane to explode anyway, that's the problem." he said and Murnau nodded as he said it slowly to that.

"What's wrong Alex?" Murnau asked him and he explained that. "Did you see the tank in front of Peter at the front aisle, on my side of the aisle?" he asked and they nodded. "The man is on oxygen, that tank is bordering 5ft, so answer this: what would happen if it gets knocked over in that type of struggle?" he asked and the man straightened up at that.

"A tank that size is like a torpedo!" Lewton said in shock and he nodded. "Or more accurately a rocket, it's as close to the stingers in the military as possible. So with that in mind, upright and the tank is closed off, it's safe just treat it carefully. But it collapses and it's filled to the brim and and it turns into a loose stinger rocket cannon now."

"So what direction could it go if it landed on it's side in either direction, and the blow causes it to to go off. And both were connected to why I raised the alert, someone has a pocket knife or just brought a lighter in their stuff, even a packet of matches. So what happens if it comes into contact with it?" he asked and the guards nodded in shock.

"And your peer is not paying attention to this fact, but you are as you take it to Patrick and tell him there could be a possible explosion." Murnau said and he nodded to confirm that as he went over further as the other boy swallowed hard at that. "We all know this, what happens when a tank loaded with any gas collapses, if the lever is not on it."

"And the lever is not in the off position, and it collapses in the middle of a fight like this as it lands on it's side and pointed in either direction?" he asked and the group nodded. "It could punch a hole through the emergency escape hatch which is where I was seated at or breaking the window next to Janie's seat now." Murnau said sharply to the news.

"You just re-examined the pile up in the aisle, before we got thrown off the plane?!" Lewton asked and he nodded sternly. "Yes, if the undertaker says anything to this: it's that by spotting whatever pattern the clues give. You can cheat death and I just did by getting you off the plane and me with you, but look closely at the evidence, the clues."

"Carefully now, but look at it, guys, focus, now that I mentioned that tank, focus, why would I be drenched in sweat if not for the fact. I saw the evidence building with every clue I just gave out." he said and they nodded as the player's girlfriend stepped forward. "The oxygen tank, as heat rises and gas expands, but chemistry: oxygen is flammable."

"Your clock was shorting out and flashed up the number of our flight, the latch on your tray table, your conversation with Christa. The tank, George's statement to you when we boarded, anyone pick up on this stuff right now, before you see the damn tank. Caine would have seen that and killed you for nearly knocking it over right now, Horton."

"And nearly killing us in the process." his best friend said in shock and he nodded as he looked between their teachers as he said as the guard grabbed the other boy tightly. "There that's it exactly Todd, thank you, looking at this closely, I got you off the plane, before we left, before telling you what his temper nearly resulted in, but here it is."

"Flight 180, a picture of a flame on that tank, a tank loaded with oxygen, put it all together, someone had a packet of matches. So a flame, oxygen, contents under pressure, matches, a malfunctioning alarm clock. And with the number 180, on it, so, what does all this say to you now, exactly..." he said and the guards straightened up.

"Possible plane crash." the guard said sharply and he nodded. "And this kid and possibly his side of the ten players in your group, drugged you to get our attention on you. If they expected us to not listen to you when this never happened before now. They were gambling too damned high on that, so half being guess work and the other chemistry."

"But one false step could have killed 90 to 110 people, me included as I'm also in your cabin, son, not much older then your teachers and parents. My age group grew up in the time that book was created at the time. But us teachers had to study specific subjects, before we got the one we wanted at the time." the man said and the boy paled at that.

"You said you're a teacher yourself, Sir?" he asked and the man nodded. "I am, but if your other teacher is my female counterpart right now as well. I teach the same subject in school here, but at times I'm a substitute teacher, though meeting you. It's best I become a permanent at your high school, but as a result in one fast analysis here now."

"Just seconds after I meet you, I can tell you're not a troublemaker, but he and his clique are." he said and Lewton smiled as Alex said it then. "You just met me, so who's word would you take if you worked at the high school yourself. And heard nothing, but good things on me from every teacher that does us?" Alex asked and he crossed his arms.

"You and no questions asked, especially if I had the chance to see you and your girlfriend a second time if this happens again in whatever time period it takes. I know you, you never had that reaction before and in one second things return to normal. And with them getting in trouble once too often, I would take the cub who never gets in trouble now."

"Your word, over the group of drugged and possibly drunk troublemakers and in a heartbeat, if he attacked you for damn reason. When all you were doing is discussing safety checks with the pilot and your uncle. In getting that tank secured, but 2 to 3 hours delay is fine to make sure we all make it out alive." the man said and the duo nodded.

"Not quite girlfriend, more like soulmate, she said, before you arrived, she felt it, so our link left an empathy link open between us. And you like our teachers already know that, but you know this already so the next time we see each other. Then you never saw one of us without the other if this happens again and brings you back into it at the moment."

"As the away game has you involved with the coach and I intercept my counterpart's vision as we see each other again this soon after you met me tonight." he said and the man nodded in agreement to that. "Yes and I got to deal with your counterpart, before said cop leaves something lying around that could kill someone right now if it does."

"Example being a canoe hanging from the rafters and this." he said, pulling his keys out and passed them to him as he saw a miniature billiard ball hanging from the chain. "The ball falls off the chain, hits a mouse trap and disengages the canoe. From where it was hanging and barely misses us as it breaks a window." the girl said and Alex nodded.

"Whoever left that lying around triggered an accident waiting to happen right now, it could have not only broken the window. But whatever was made of glass that was sitting in front of it, then again when distracted you never see it coming." Alex said and the man nodded as Billy answered that remark as he exchanged looks with him and the girl.

"Spot the clues and deflect the attack, but that is like a mouse trap just waiting to hurt someone at the moment." Billy added to that remark. "Yeah that's an understatement, but with the fact we found you this soon, then we just saved your life this soon. As you transfer schools at the moment, but the person leaving things around is an accident."

"Just waiting to happen, if that broke the upper window and turning it into a jagged edge." She said and Billy closed his eyes at that. "And whoever was standing in the way of that edge could be stabbed in the heart. Or hit in the neck by the glass breaking, and that little ball was the switch that caused it." he said to that and Alex nodded to that.

"Nice booby trap, but you time it right and you can prevent the injury from killing someone right now. As I see this in action as you and I are discussing this, but the chain chooses that moment to break and causes it to collapse and break something. As whoever it was misses the target as it jumps targets." Alex said and the man nodded.

"We get a rewrite to that story, you and I never meet till after his counterpart gets me out of the hospital after I lost him. As you're still skeptical until you have a panic attack, calm down and you guys reveal who of my friends saved your lives now. But getting that truth, I tried to save you and in the end we both go." she told him and he nodded gently.

"Because the explosion killed us both, but not anymore, I met you and Alex this soon right now that though no longer high school students nothing changed. You still see me as an old friend if I'm working at your high school full time. And as you guys drop by to see us, between now and to when it starts." he said and the couple nodded smiling then.

"And I am a high school teacher, though I do substitute status at times, but if we get the chance to see each other again after your counterpart has this same reaction. I'm pulling it over as I help the deputy in calming them down right now in this case. Especially if a bus loaded with students from my new high school is on a collision course here now."

"With whatever caused it this time." he said and they nodded. "Bingo, I just spotted the first possibility of that plane exploding in the take off. Because as we climb in the take off, the tank could tip over, the lever snaps and his breathing cord is yanked. As it breaks the line and goes flying into the wall and taking out the escape hatch while doing it."

"Or crashes into the engine next to Janie's seat." he said and Lewton sighed in relief that he brought that information to their attention. "So who's fault is it that the wall of the plane and the engine were destroyed and that tank destroys airline property. Before I could make a suggestion to the pilot we check it?" Alex asked and they nodded sternly.

As they all looked at the white shirted clad boy in stern anger. "The pile up in the aisle could have knocked the tank over and destroying the wall and the engine. And before we could even leave the airport, young man you are in serious trouble." Murnau snapped and the boy paled at that as he realized Alex was a making a valid point to them at that.

"So what happens when gases like oxygen and helium get heated up exactly, as both of these are like being around liquid nitrogen?" Alex asked and and the guard next to him answered that. "On their own in the tank that cold it's condensed which is why the damn can is so heavy, but heated and it expands." she said and the boy felt his heart sink then.

"And what happens if the can is punctured or it gets too close to a flare, or just a lit match?" he asked and she crossed her arms. "It could cause it to explode, but gas under pressure like that it would be like a bomb going off. Demolishing the..., demolishing the cabin wall if it landed on it's side and went off." she said as she got what he was saying.

"That fire symbol on the tank says when exposed to fire, or near a lit match, it could explode if the cord is yanked. So who's fault is it that the tank was almost knocked over, or that the plane was destroyed, before we left?" he asked and Lewton nodded slowly. "You were telling us there could be a problem, but Eric is your chemistry teacher, Alex."

"But that was a dead give away if you saw that, before he knocked it over as he was lashing out, hit you, and metal on metal could cause a spark. Causing an explosion, if the cord got yanked and oxygen was flooding the compartment. If someone had a match, one spark could cause an explosion." Murnau said and Lewton nodded as she got it.

"It collapses and it could explode." Lewton said and the boy paled as he realised what he almost did then. "Yeah exactly, it could explode, so what direction could it eject into if we were in the air, directly over the lake?" he asked and the guard crossed her arms. "It could destroy a wall or 2) hit the escape hatch causing someone to be killed by that."

"Anyone of two dozen possibilities could result in your warning to happen anyway, and all because he lost control of his temper." the second guard said sternly and he nodded. "Bingo, that is why I had to get off the plane, I had to check something, but I'm an aviation engineer prodigy." he said and the quartet looked at the boy then as he said it.

"And the one teacher not involved your 44 person group is the decision maker right now, as such I say we take chance in trying out his theory with everyone off the damn plane." the man said resting his hand on Alex's shoulder at that and the quartet nodded. "Just wait till his coach hears this." Murnau told him and he nodded with a bemused look.

"Carter do you understand what the dangers of ethanol when combined with oxygen and gasoline are when under pressure and as the heat builds. And the gas in a tank, say the oversized oxygen tank the guy used, as the heat rises, the gas expands. And until something gives and one spark could create an inferno, killing everyone on the plane?"

"The man who was with the woman was on oxygen, you realized you could have killed them anyway by knocking it over." he said and the boy paled at the remark. "Look at your actions in their eyes when compared to mine, as I was actually removing myself. So I could talk to the pilot, my uncle is the flight attendant with the co pilot and captain."

"I was going to tell him that he should check for any leakage in the fuel line or any shorts in the wiring now." Alex said and the boy paled as the quartet nodded sternly. "That's the added warning, one mistake could kill someone in the first three aisles. So what else was wrong if he lost his temper." Lewton asked and he crossed his arms as he said it then.

"So why is it that he freaked out when the co pilot arrested him and you dragged him in here, look at me now and then look at his behavior. As you're keeping him from attacking me, but it's like he's pissed I foiled his plan to leave the airport. Before the authorities arrived as he's got a DUI record with the cops." he said and the duo straightened at that.

"And what hapens if this Reynolds catches him right now?" she asked and he crossed his arms. "With his record he, or all of them, this could put them in juvie for 6 years." he told her and she nodded sternly. "Well they're asking for that right now anyway, reason being is, if you found those downers, that tells me all I need to know right now."

"Especially if he's scared here of him." Barnfield said sternly said as she crossed her arms then. "And for obvious reasons he gets in trouble enough already without adding this to it, but do you understand. In what something like this could do to you guys with your records?" Alex asked and they watched boy pale at that as the teacher crossed his arms.

"Yeah well I know marijuana when I smell it, someone was smoking a joint, before mixing it with alcohol." the man said and that did it as the boy paled that the man busted him that fast and Lewton crossed her arms sternly at the news. "You think it's bad now just wait till Eric catches him in the act next." she said and the man nodded at the news.

"What?" the guard said and the white shirted clad boy struggled to get out of his chair. "And either you calm down or you're getting arrested by the police next, now calm down now, young man." the female guard said sternly to him at that response. "Well that just proves my point right now, he's so furious it's like he's drunk right now at the moment."

"So how often do you see a person so furious they're acting like they're drunk?" Alex asked and Murnau crossed his arms at the news. "You think he's drunk if he attacked you, when they dragged him off the plane after that. Because now that you calmed down you're acting more then rational?" the female guard asked him gently and he nodded.

"Yeah I do, but with the stench coming off his clothes that goes without saying right now, he was drinking before he boarded the plane. Tried to sneak this passed their quartet and immediately jumped to the assumption I busted him, even before I busted him." Alex told her and the quartet nodded sternly in agreement to that and he paled at that.

"He's reverted back six months to the month before the homecoming game." Alex said and Billy translated that. "He's seeing George in Alex's place, he'a delirious and had a reaction to doing it again, guys. But he's delirious and hearing only what he wants to hear, but Alex never said he was going to Caine." he said and the three teachers nodded.

"I think we can take that without second guessing, but cross chemicals, he has a reaction and gets caught by us long before the conclusion. Especially if they drugged him, though with that evidence, and as I said they were gambling too high on this. That we would never listen to cub here after that reaction." the man said and the group nodded to that.

"Yeah I agree with you on that, if they never expected us to listen, they're out of their damn minds, once we realized he possibly did it again. Though he attacked him without provocation, he's drunk and possibly speedballing and they drugged him. So 3 red flags on this, I think we can hear what he has to say." Lewton said and Murnau nodded sternly.

"With your behavior beyond rational, as you relaxed the second you snapped out of that waking nightmare. That helps, but his behavior the next outburst I see, nothing is changing my mind right now, that I call the cops for this. And get them here along with the FBI." the manager said and he nodded in relief, that he could prove his claim true.

"If he, if this was why he was struggling to get out of Jenkins grip and your partner's, but he was praying he could get it passed the quartet, our chemistry teacher. But my dream, premonition, whatever, forestalled that by getting him off the plane. And he's pissed he got caught, before we could leave, though with those words in mind, I'm doing it now."

"Billy were you watching him when we got up here?" Alex asked and he nodded. "Yeah he was in the shop over there buying a bottle of pepsi." he said and Alex nodded. "It's a bait and switch right now, telling them he's getting a non alcoholic drink right now. And instead of putting that in his canteen he dumped some of the strong stuff in it now."

"He did it again, with you two guarding us, check his pockets, because he smells like he's plastered, though that's true, then he filled his canteen with it. When Todd and I were in the showers." he said and the duo nodded firmly as Murnau nodded as the guard grabbed him and pulled out a metal container and the two teachers nodded sternly at that.

"That looks like the one Sheldon had on him before the murder." The guard said sternly and he nodded. "It is, but like Sheldon, he never knew when to stop drinking, until he gets caught by George four months ago. After the season came to an end at the time here, but the coach banned him from playing in the homecoming game now."

"As a result, but our coach is like the all star player hockey coach they gained in the third film on the kid hockey movies. But a mixture of him and the good side of of O'neill on SG-1, he doesn't tolerate screwing with the toxic chemicals. Anyone who does is banned from playing until they're clean, reversing roles in the case of Davis and Anderson."

"To Stewart and Frakes, that's him when he's ready to lay into you for something, but he's a retired spec ops. And taking us through the dangers of cross chemicals. and this was a big one that idiot doesn't realize what the mixture could do. If it knocked the tank over." Alex told her and she nodded sternly, as they heard an answering response.

"And it could be the issue with George and his attacking him for no damn reason when he crossed this crap, or it could be an adverse reaction to this shit. But I made it highly clear whoever screws with that crap is off the team right now and until they're clean. But the same reaction twice and just six months apart and right after George at the moment."

"Is the car accident into the power pole on campus that day, but this is too damn soon for it a second time." they heard and the boy paled as a man walked up with the trio, also dressed in a bigger version of their school jacket as he crossed his arms. "I take it you just overheard that, Coach?" Alex asked and he nodded to him gently at that.

"Yeah I did, but I can't believe this, our class is scattered all over the compartment, and 2/5's of the manifest is from our hometown. But you remember what I taught you, sight sensory perception?" he asked, as he ran a hand through the hair at the back of his head and Alex nodded softly to him as the quintet looked at him as the guard saw it then.

"Uncle Eric, I was going to Uncle Patrick, regarding that tank, and to delay the flight so we could run a few safety checks." he told him and the man nodded as the title got the quintet's attention as they saw something else in the man's eyes. A look of paternal love in his eyes for him, as he stroked his hand through the hair at the back of his head.

The look of love for the older man in their eyes for him and the paternal love in his eyes for them. 'Not a normal coach, he inspires loyalty and trust in everyone who gets him as a teacher.' she thought as she listened to their conversation. "Your troublesome players drugged him, Eric." Lewton said, passing him the left overs in the cup and he nodded.

"Uncle?!" the guard repeated and the man nodded. "More accurately his godfather, my best friend is his father, but not only was I on this trip. Just to keep an eye on the quintet of troublemakers on my team, I was heading for Paris to discuss something. And with the leader of the air force base in Paris, because I've been training him, since he was 14."

"But to switch subjects, if we had it right that the quintet drugged him, next question is what the hell was it, if the medical deparrments study. And in biofeedback just became a reality right now as this is going too damn far at the moment." he said as he crossed his arms. "The wax seal of what these are melted off." Lewton told him and he nodded then.

"How much of this did he get out of his system?" he asked, before someone walked in. "Son you alright?" he asked and Alex nodded. "Yeah I got most of it out, but still feeling a bit drained, Sir, like the added side effects, this is even worse. Then waking up seeing him covered in blood, my vision is just as bad." he said and the man nodded gently.

"Case of nausea, and several other indicators for this stuff, whatever it is they dosed me interacted with that vision and she got my fever down. But to put this bluntly, I don't take drugs or drink, my mother is a E.R. nurse, skilled in rehab. But this stuff combined with the vision I had and made it worse." he told him and the duo nodded gently to him.

"Had a case of nausea and his temperature was spiking, before we got his fever down doctor." Lewton said and he nodded with a furious look at the news. "Well re-translate his warning to me, if you worded this to Matt and Emilio's version to book. When they turned it into a movie and put everything in there." Alex said and the group crossed their arms.

"That was not a warning, but a threat." the steward said and he nodded. "You did that stage play a few weeks ago, and it just went real on the plane. And before it had us ending up in the middle of it, your spoken parts just went to the real thing. But you never started that fight now, he attacked you in a non prov." the cop said as he walked in then.

"Come again?" the co pilot asked and Alex explained that. "Essay in English we were doing The Outsiders, before putting on the play, my part was the narrator himself. With his personality, Ms. Lewton put him as the Soc that was killed in the self defense/murder. And our class ran it the same way here now, but what just happened in there right now."

"Could be considered the self defense/murder, as they drugged me and then he attacked me and tried to beat the heck out of me, before you arrested him. Not realizing our police chief had one of our department in place to arrest them. As they got the truth, they just attempted a case of attempted murder." he said and the trio nodded sternly to that news.

"That explains the freak out, the vision combined with this crap, and the quintet were hoping we would never listen to you. But too late as we did as we know this is a set up, but it very nearly turned into a case of murder right now." the coach said sternly and the doctor said it with a furious growl at that remark as he looked at the boy sternly.

"Are you the doctor that was on the plane?" Alex asked and he nodded sternly. "Yeah I am, but my team is on the plane with me, we were on a two week tour. Up at the Air Force base in Paris, and not just me, or my team, but a quintet of spec ops." he said and they nodded as the other boy paled at that news as he crossed his arms as he said it.

"That was not a drugged reaction or a dream was it, my other skill is in bio-feedback, so possible premonition?" he asked and Alex nodded to answer him. "Yeah but this stuff just enhanced the effects of that premonition, I felt like I was the narrator. After waking up and seeing the guy that tried to kill him drenched in his own blood right now, Sir."

"And his friend holding the switchblade and in a panic he just risked the electric chair to save his life right now. Well that's this now, but everything before I saw in that vision, before I got you guys to delay that flight. Was the reason for that, but the effects of this crap are the reason I was drenched in sweat." he said and the man nodded sternly then.

"Damn idiots, did it ever occur to you or your friends he was allergic to this crap, huh?" he asked angrily as he tried to read the stamp on the dissolved pill. "The fluid erased the wax stamp that tells us what these are, we have to find the pill bottle to know." the doctor said and the man nodded sternly as the other male teacher said it to the man.

"Names Eugene, I just cracked it right now myself, but what just happened was a distraction, they were sneaking contraband onto the plane with them. They were gambling too high on the fact we never were going to listen to him here. But Alex caught him with the evidence all over his clothes." the teacher told him and he nodded to that.

"Either contraband or even better we could see this as a terrorist attack, an amateur terrorist attack. Especially if they had a smirk on theirs face, at the fact he had that reaction, I'm their chemistry teacher, but a Lieutenant Colonel. But Alex here, is my young star pupil cadet: soldier/scientist." he said and the other man nodded bemused.

"Issues of growing too attached, he's seeing you the way Crusher sees Riker, is that it right now?" he asked and the soldier nodded firmly. "Yeah that's us exactly, but I don't tolerate what Carter here just pulled in there, when it had nothing to do with him. Yes alright, son, we had that discussion already, with you getting ready to graduate."

"One reaction, he snaps out of it, before Carter loses it next and following that is he realizes they drugged him. To get our attention off of them and on someone else for a change, but they never expected us to listen now. As they get in trouble way too much and he never gets in trouble with us, so we listen to what he has to say right now."

"And as we know him, but I would consider this a god damn psychosis, but they get caught long before we leave as he turns them directly into us. And for drugging him at the moment here, this I can consider as conspiracy and sedition. A cadet version to the espionage charge after they got arrested for actively help that leech, same thing."

"And they get caught long before we leave, well they just screwed themselves over right now at the moment." he said and looked at Alex gently. "You're a skilled soldier and only a soldier would see these things and what happens if you combine it together. But that tank is enough to tell me they were sneaking contraband onto the plane right now."

"But like you, I saw what you saw here in that compartment when he attacked you, but any skilled soldier knows the mechanics of cross chemicals and what happens. Your knowledge of chemistry just prevented what could have been a bomb going off right now. So you weren't coming to me, you had to report a safety hazard to the trio, Alex, if it is."

"Then nothing is saving him from losing 1/5th a delay in his trip to Paris until we get this crap out of his system and he cools down." he said and Alex nodded. "Yeah coach it is, I was going to Uncle Patrick to tell him, the pilot and the co pilot. That we had to secure that tank and check for shorts or leaking in the equipment and tank right now."

"Before he lost it, but I never provoked him, I never did anything and Ms. Lewton and Mr. Murnau already let him have it for that. But he attacked me, and without provocation, I think in his delirium, he saw George and then lashed out and attacked me. Thinking I was going to you, to turn him in again." he said and the man nodded sternly to the news.

"Uh huh, well that's reason enough for me to delay him 2 to 3 days in this trip right now and if that tank gets knocked over. Then it could act like a bomb going off and destroy the wall, killing everyone in the compartment. I see why you had to tell me that or your uncle and the co pilot." he said and they heard a response as they heard a fast remark.

"What's going on if Browning asked to talk to us?" the co pilot asked and Alex explained that. "We had the possibility of the plane exploding anyway, when you arrested Carter, the man on oxygen, Carter barely knocked the tank over. When you dragged him out of the plane, Sir, but it goes off it could destroy a wall." he told him and he nodded sternly.

"The tank is loaded with oxygen, the man using it is asthmatic, needing oxygen to breathe, but a tank that size would be like a bomb going off. And destroying the wall or taking out the escape hatch, that's what I was going to tell you. As we get that tank secured and check for shorts or holes in the fuel tank." he said and the trio nodded then.

Watching it carefully then, the manager picked up the phone then and spoke quietly into it, as the camera directly across from them turned and then a red light activated. Seeing it, Alex hid a nod as he quickly shifted his eyes to it and then back to him. 'The audio is on along with the visual, perfect.' The group of adults thoughts together as he went on.

"Thanks for the heads up, alright so what else if you prevented that possibility right now, if your classmate flipped out when you had that panic attack?" he asked him gently and he explained that to him. "Commander Jenkins, Mr..., Mr. Peterson, I know 1/10th of the manifest, they're from our town and like us are going on a 2 week vacation to Paris."

"The man with the tank, his name is Peter Taylor, he's an asthmatic needing to be on oxygen and his sister is taking care of him, as for the crying baby. Well that is little Robby Parker, but his father is in Paris on a business trip, he and his mother. They are going to see his father for the week now." he said and they nodded in shock to the news then.

"You know these people?!" the stewardess asked and he nodded. "Yeah but my remark is I was saying I was going to suggest you run safety checks and get that tank secured. I was running a hunch, he mistook my remark for thinking I was going to their coach. To report him for breaking his rehab and attacked me, before you guys arrested him."

"As to why exactly, I just uncovered another possible theory and why he flipped out on you, and it's because he was trying to get something passed TSA, so with that. And in your eyes this could be considered illegal anyway, right now, but safety in my case. But what is one of the rules you apply on flights." he asked and the stewardess answered.

"That smoking is prohibited on any flight and smoking in the lavatory or disabling the smoke detectors is a felony. Because if that wasted cigarette ends up in the trash and still smoldering it could set the bathroom on fire." she said and he nodded sternly. "That is why his behavior is so suspicious in your eyes right now, but look at it like this."

"Anyone consider that instead of contraband, that if that plane goes now, his attitude, his desperation to leave, it could point him as a terrorist. And he's trying to leave before the authorities get here right now?" Alex asked and they crossed their arms at that. "And he attacked you, because you tried to warn us it could." Murnau said and he nodded firmly.

"Commander Jenkins, I never did a thing for him to attack me like that, but our chemistry teacher is his football coach and my best friend's brother. He turned him for a health vio, before the homecoming game, and he attacked him in the way he did me. But non prov." he said and the trio crossed their arms and the boy looked between them.