Survivors Book I: Final Destination

Warnings: This chapter and the last also covers the first two attempts with Todd and Murnau as the case starts heating up from here. And as Alex and Clear start their own side of the investigation, as they gather evidence. Now that the attacks are happening, as the story follows along the path of the movie now.

And with Carter in Alex's place of being under suspicion for the near murder of everyone on the plane. As the attacks are always when Carter is in range of them each time, as the attacks start turning dangerous from here now. As the new characters are introduced one by one in the story for the next movie...

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Chapter 24: The Arrest, The Bludworth Interview And The Design Is Created

The Case Begins-Weine's POV Continued:

"To repeat that remark, he came into our observation ever since the explosion, and since the car exploded, but nothing happened since then. And we were ready to let it go since then, but then the rest of the group is suffering near misses. First Todd, and then Terri Cheney when all of you are at the scene, and now we pick him up at Val Lewton's house."

"You prevented the explosion yourself, but if not for you and we would have lost a few hundred people now, not quite powers. But more of your training from Eric left an added side effect here now and one that is helping to prevent any losses. But unknowing or not, I don't believe he meant to cause that to happen, and out of desperation here now."

"Now nobody has control over life and death, unless they were the ones that were causing it, but can he guarantee no one is about to be killed right now?'. And that's just the problem, he can't because he doesn't have your ability to time it exactly right. Or see what's coming right now in order to deflect it." Weine said softly to that and to Alex then.

"Issues of being reasonable with a teenager who's temper has them close to be arrested and you sound like the psychiatrist that was treating Kris at the moment. But our bond is the one thing keeping his reckless behavior from hitting me. And after the shrapnel barely missed a few week ago, but that's three straight close calls in seven weeks now."

"But so far it's working, as you have me as the undercover plant, he arrives and we have another close call. But a close call with a pile up, I prevent her from walking into oncoming traffic and you pulling that bus over for a few hours. And till it was safe, if whoever is on that bus is part of next the group." he said and they nodded gently then.

"If he expects me to let it go right now if he attacks you guys in public and after that threat, whatever it might be, after the car accident missed Billy. He better think again right now, because you're my responsibility for two months. But the blast if someone's oven explodes it's enough to knock someone half conscious right now in this case."

"But that threat is enough to kill their case if he and whoever his accomplice was nearly kill you and we go to investigate. And they're being arrested and whether or not they did it, as with you recovering from three injuries in the side of a month. The car chase is the end of the line in our eyes right now if this continues." Weine said and the couple nodded.

"Yeah I agree with that, but wait till the news finds out about this, the hiatus is over and the trouble is about to start. But 7 weeks, since the accident, you think these idiots would realize this is not a good idea, and not want us suspecting them, stay clear. How can we be sure that they're not going to destroy anything else, or another frame job."

"How about a murder/suicide job, kidnapping, attempted gang rape, we can't trust their behavior anymore right now. And after they destroyed a plane and committed arson by destroying a car." Lewton said and he nodded in agreement to that. "Turn around slowly, he's listening, guys." Alex said to two agents and the chief and the quartet turned then.

As they saw him standing by the fence and crossed their arms. "Well that's not smart right now, if we just lost Todd at the moment, as I make it clear. That if you could see the accident, how could you not see that Todd was being set up to look like he killed himself." Waggner said and Weine nodded in agreement to that remark as he answered that.

"Answer to that question it only works when Carter is close by, but I'm sensing Krueger's presence when Carter's near me, my ability activates. And then comes the attack, but Carter loses his temper a third time and we're having another back to back. When in the close calls here, when he's not around, I'm picking up signs to realize what form."

"That it's going to take and head it off, when he is around, and the vision hits full force, take right now for instance, the song on the radio and his previous reaction. And of miming he's going to hang himself, but if the mortician says this exactly. I got to know where and when it's going to jump out at us now." Alex said to him in response to that.

"The car explosion is one thing and we learn that it was not one time thing, what happens if these premonitions start going berserk exactly, and out of exhaustion?" he asked and they sighed. "That once we reach him, you need a break and a chance to rest, especially if they put you in the hospital." Weine said as he rubbed his back then gently.

"Were you adjusting to this, since it started right now?" Shreck added and he nodded as he answered him. "That crash in the case of the plane, it unlocked a door in my head and now I can sense it coming to know where and when to head it off now. But that's two in the course of 5 weeks and 3 in the side of nearly 2 months now, in these attacks."

"But meeting at the precinct tomorrow guys, we got to talk, because if they got the theory set up, I can give you the design then." Alex told them and the quartet nodded to the request. "And at least then we know who was next to get targeted, but so far it's been going fairly easy, but it starts getting more dangerous from here and I mean it."

"Take it easy on the daredevil stunts, before you scare us into a heart attack here, buster, and I mean that." the chief told him and he nodded with a bemused smile. "Well so far we got two down and six to go at the moment, but this is not looking good. For him in your eyes right now, if he attacks us in public." he told him and they nodded to that.

As Clear tried to keep from laughing at the deadpan remark exchange between them and they saw Carter's face pale at that and they all nodded. "That's just what we need, but first at the coffee shop, as we have this set up, he sees us. And we move it somewhere else after we have another after you arrive guys." she said and they nodded, bemused.

"Close to 2 months of this right now and we been running studies, but with you guys and the fact we met Mr. Johnson, we know this quite easily. But you're not likely to investigate plane crashes if they're by accident and secondly. If it wasn't for the fact, he lost his temper, this would just have our precinct." Alex said and the two agents nodded.

"At the moment we're puttting that temper of his to the test, that every time he sees you when in public he lashes out and then immediately following it. Comes the attack right now, as he nearly causes damage and then causes the real attack. But this psychosis is serious enough already without him nearly killing someone in the process of that."

"But the psychosis of you turning them in, that you're crazy, dangerous and out of control, that you're the one who is jinxed and wrecked their lives. Hey you're not the one who was drinking and attacked someone for one remark alone. You're not the one who nearly knocked that tank over, you're not the one who nearly destroyed the plane now."

"And you're not the one who drugged someone to get out of our scrutiny, and that nearly turned into a murder by you suffering poisoning from this crap. So to us, all of us, if he continues to hold on that and in a last ditch attempt actually attacks you. To get out from under our scrutiny and the evaluation is done." the doctor said sternly to that remark.

"Carrying on about your premonitions is one thing, but then after you settled, you immediately relaxed. You're not acting like one of those guys suffering megalomania, because if you lost all of us. Then all that anger goes into the rant now, because you're just needing time and you're sick of everyone asking you about it, we get that here."

"But one choice deflects that and turns our attention back on him and we all know that right now, but Billy read it correctly. Carter is Edward Brock, before he turned into Venom, you are Parker, as he came to terms. And with the fact that the man he tried to arrest was not the right man, he's obsessed with his life being destroyed by Parker."

"Same thing, you quickly got to me, before this could turn in that direction, he gets caught in the act and with him, his gang. And we 'fired' him and he's not getting a referral, because he just lost everything and is now being stuck under psyche here. He's put the blame for everything going wrong in his life on you, not your fault here now."

"But your emotional state is the one taking a serious hit and you hit the second stage and are ready to take it out on Carter, if not for him. Then you would not be in this mess, that's what it comes down to right now as a result. But without back up then you can't do this alone as you're physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted by this point finally."

"Close to 6 weeks in, and you basically just recovered completely at the moment, but working over time. That is definitely not a good idea at the moment, and your mother would only say the same, so though I'm busy up at the base. Wes has me as your emergency contact on the list, as for issues with vice versa in you being jinxed now."

"And he's not, just how long does he expect us to take that excuse, before he ends up being committed to the hospital. And for a few months till he's thinking straight, if Rick can't get through how long does he expect Jason to take this. Before he suggests that we have him committed for a few months if the drugs he's on did permanent damage now."

"Just what does he take Larry, Val and me for exactly, a complete idiot, because we get wind he's carrying on about that vice versa. Then we're throwing him first to Rick and then to Jason for another psyche evaluation, you never raised your voice at anyone. You never attacked anyone, that's enough of this." Caine said, crossing his arms sternly then.

"And does he expect us to take that story after you saved 3 lives in the side of 6 weeks right now, and he nearly gets you guys killed. We're not buying that and not when he nearly caused a pile up and nearly killed 60 people on the maindrag. In eye view of close to 200 spectators as well." Weine said, crossing his arms and Shreck nodded sternly.

As they saw the look on Carter's face at that remark. "In addition to that is just getting to know you guys we know you would never do something like that. And secondly would a amateur terrorist be hanging around the crime scene of the next attack. Show up and start an altercation and cause a near back to back car accident right now in this."

"Or try to drop by the teacher's house after they shut them out now, return to the house as the target of their blame is putting out the fire in the kitchen. Try to make it look like the blast from the explosion in the kitchen is the reason the target is barely conscious. And leaning against the fridge door?" Shreck asked, crossing his arms and he nodded.

"I doubt it, but trying that when we got two teachers in the house, and trying to set the kitchen on fire, you catch them in the act, as he knocks you unconscious. And in addition to putting the fires out, we see what looks like a crime scene as this was no accident. As we find your shirt drenched in blood, a cut across your forehead and with it now."

"Another bottle of alcohol in range of where you collapsed against the fridge door and the other bottle in pieces all over the kitchen counter. And all that tells us is the little brat just beat the crap out of you and set the kitchen on fire right now. To cover his tracks, but that was it for us, as he's being arrested for arson and assault and battery now."

"Assault and battery that is ranging on attempted murder." the detective said with low growl at the possibility. "And he tries that and with you living with me for a few weeks, he just pissed me off now, but my cub is recovering from that injury. And gets released from the hospital week later, how long before he sees that he has only hours here."

"As he has only hours to grab enough food to last him a month as once he's out of range and he doesn't realize. Now, that whoever was next in that list has their turn come up, but that sums it up, he can't go to his parents. And because he knows we got all the bases covered, there is no escape from the law." Weine said and saw the scared look.

"Yeah I think he got the message, but 1) we have no clue what caused the plane to explode, aside from the components we talked about. 2) we're not ruling anything out, 3) that the seven of you got off that plane is strange enough already. Before you called a meeting, and after you had that vision, son, but it doesn't help the perp's case now."

"That after a car is destroyed and five weeks later we were ready to let it go and then we have another close call that looks like an attempted suicide. And we find him hanging around the house, after dark, and when we were already knuckling down harder. And on him and his gang, so not looking good now." Weine said and as he looked behind them.

As they saw Carter looking at them in shock and fear, realizing that the next attack was because of him arriving. "Well I can translate that look on his face as, 'aw crap, five weeks after the explosion that destroyed Larry's car. They were ready to drop it, but then I stop by and they're now suspecting me!'." Shreck said and Alex nodded to that remark.

"Well there's our conversation, we've seen enough tv to know that arriving a month after the previous accident hit. This is not looking good for him, in his claiming that he had nothing to do with this." Clear told him and he nodded to that. "And having us, the guys and ems standing in front of the scene or the houses is not looking good for them."

"I really hope we don't have it cutting too close every time, but this is getting ridiculous, if that was separated by 5 weeks now. But next question is whether or not we got the back to backs starting next and after you're just over the last injury." the chief said and the two agents nodded in agreement as they exchanged relieved looks at his strategy.

"Well that's two, and so far the pattern is working right now, but your idea of always being with the victim is working like a charm right now." Shreck said and he nodded to that. "Just what the heck does he think this is, as we catch him outside the house and suddenly the attack hits just minutes later?" Weine said and he nodded to that remark.

"If we had a third case in explosions and this time you do get hit by the bottle, or I find a cut in your shirt the size of a knife blade directly to your abdomen. And nothing is stopping me from hunting him down, as he just barely killed you by that explosion. And as you're under my guardianship with your parents out of town until August here."

"But this is cutting it too damn close right now." Weine added with a stern growl as he looked at him as, after over a month. The two agents were now acting like a father to both of them as he laid a hand on his shoulder. "Things were fine till he was in range of the house, but he possibly can't think of anything, but the accident here right now."

"Uh guys, he looks like he lost weight out of that accident and with it, his obsession over the accident, the fact he's convinced himself Alex wrecked his life. But it's showing clear evidence that's all he can think about right now, get a look at him." She said and they got a good look at him, to see his jacket dirty, he looked like he hadn't changed clothes.

In a week and his eyes were showing a drugged and exhausted look to them. "Well the kid is obviously hung up on the accident, ever since we put them on probation. They're trying to get us off their case right now, but destroying a car just 18 days. And after the accident just turned our sights on them and now this this, what do they expect now."

"But we were just beginning to let it go and his breaking curfew and dropping by the next victim's house, does he think this is a game. That we're not going to suspect him of attempted murder after our version of Krueger tried to frame your friend. And for attempted suicide?" Weine said as he crossed his arms sternly and Alex nodded to that.

"To us this is how it is, you're doing everything you can to help us out, in regarding why it started again just weeks after Larry's car exploded. We had that discussion already, we know you're not the one who is jinxed, but if the bastard possessed him. Then he possessed his anger and every time he loses it, it comes close to killing someone else."

"But can he guarantee that no one is about to be murdered next after three close calls here?" Weine asked and he looked behind him and Alex sighed then as he said it. "That's not good, this psychosis is getting worse in the 'act before they think' catch. And because he drops by at the intersection when we're meeting up for lunch later on right now."

"And then sees you and me there, before he sees Terri, he's going to realize she shot him down again for the day at the moment. And so we could meet up for lunch, but that must be why he stopped by tonight right now. But if they lose it in trying to get you off their backs the line got crossed by attacking one of my trio or me guys, as a result now."

"He saw Terri's jacket in my car, when the three of us were heading here for the night and realized she bailed on him. Because she had something else planned and realized the guys and I were that something else." Alex told him and he nodded. "Well all that tells me is the pattern is now showing solid evidence." Shreck said and he nodded to that.

"The pattern is now showing solid proof now, I'm with the victim, he arrives and the attack hits, but first he's in range of us. My vision activates and we barely miss it with the car exploding as he protecting me from another injury with the shrapnel. We're here, and I see him standing by my car and Todd barely gets it, do we need anymore evidence."

"Because Clear and I are dropping by the funeral home tomorrow night to talk to the mortician about this,." he said and they nodded. "The guys working on why the plane exploded in the first place are coming to a close with that right now. But remember what I said with the paranoia and death omens, just relax." Shreck told him and he nodded.

"She and I need to go over that anyway, but over thinking it, it's going to have someone have a nervous breakdown from this." he told him and Shreck nodded. "I know, but the closer it gets to the victim's turn, we're looking at a full blown panic attack. After what happened at the airport, and frankly once was enough right now in that area."

"But in your case, if you're driving yourself into exhaustion, we need to pull the plug, so you can sleep this off right now, but these guys attack you. And they signed their death warrants both legally and academically as of the day they attack you." he said as Weine crossed his arms then as Alex said it in relief as he looked at Todd and Murnau.

"You are free to relax Todd, Sir, but nobody start getting edgy starting now in this case, I won't know who's next till he appears at wherever we are for lunch, okay." Alex said and the quartet nodded gently. "He's right, none of you start getting edgy, or we're going to have a panic attack here." Weine said and the quartet nodded to him gently at that.

"Son, your parents are leaving next Saturdary for that business trip." he added and Alex nodded as he knew he had to get some stuff and move it to his partner's house that Friday. "Come again, wait never mind, with you always hanging around, issues of being a mentor, and when your student is under 18." Lewton said and he nodded to her gently.

"His parents are leaving next week and gone till August, so he's staying with me, but this continues with him under my watch and the last barely misses. These guys are being put in the lock up until they're 20." he said and she nodded to that news. "Don't blame you for that right now." she said as he left an arm across his shoulders then as he said it.

"I know, but she's right, as soon as it gets deflected you all can relax, but I need the design of where the explosion just to match it where my original theory was." he said and they both nodded. "Yes, we're just allowing it this once with the breaking and entering, but don't over do it guys." the chief said to him and he nodded to him gently at that.

"Uh guys, don't look now, but our perp is still hanging around right now." the soldier that was with the doctor said and they looked behind them. "Always in range of the victim, he shows up and the attack hits right now, summer just started. And it's 7:45, their curfew starts right now, so what the hell is he doing here." the chief asked and he sighed then.

"He must have gotten the date wrong right now, he thought they had another week." Alex said and they nodded. "Nope, it started tonight after you guys graduated yesterday, but like always the supposed troublemakers are the ones thinking they got time." Weine said and they saw him freeze at that remark and they nodded sternly at the reaction.

And as they all saw the deer in the headlights look in his eyes, as he was looking at the duo. "With you always hanging around and waiting for me to contact you, acting like my legal guardion now, he knows, try to attack me and you're ready to run him in now." Alex told him and he and Shreck nodded to the look of fear in his eyes at that remark.

"Mentor and adoptive father, and if I'd been training you, and since you were 12, does he expect me to not treat you like you're really my son?" Weine asked him and he hid a smile at the title then and he smiled at the look on his face as he looked at him then. "After 2 and close to 6 weeks of this and we're two months post the plane crash now."

"After his last encounter with us, he sees us, Dave, Jason or Jack now, he knows what's coming now as he knows that you're my cub. Issues with the rivals and who am I going to believe right now, regarding these guys, then again. If this was that new book series focused the Phantom Menace, I'd believe Alex over Carter every time right now here."

"We deflected the loss of ten of his loved ones and he stays himself here, Carter is close to crazy jealousy, but he must be Vader as a teenager, before he lost his mother." Weine said and they nodded. "That's true at the moment right now and he knows that he tries anything with you, and he's screwed with us around." they heard and he turned at that.

"Guys this is our boss, Damian Johnson, Damian, these are the survivors of the crash, before Alex got us up to the airport." Weine said and Johnson nodded, smiling. "Nice to meet you guys, so two close calls and you had one massive bruise. And followed by a close and in what looks like an attempted suicide." he said and he nodded to him then.

"Jerry took over at the bureau, so I'm sticking around, but Dave, we got a case of attempted escape from house arrest or he tries to return to town. In the second the kids comtact the duo, I'm joining you in arresting this kid now, as, like them. I can see he's the troublemaker, so something else happens now, starting now, I'm involved now."

"But you he knows, us, he doesn't know us at all and it's not looking good for him if he arrived and we have that happen right now." he said and the two agents and the chief nodded. "Great, we need anymore members of the bureau showing up at this rate as the town is about to be crawling with feds next." Clear said and the trio saw the fear at that.

"And unlike drug or weapons running, this has us trying to arrest a bunch of teenage troublemakers, but this is going too far right now." he said, just as Jane Waggner pulled in and she quickly got out. "Mom, it's okay, I'm fine, I'm fine." Todd said and she hugged him tightly at that as she turned to him and said it sharply at that response then.

"What the hell is he doing at my house right now?!" she said sharply then and Alex explained it to her then. " He saw Terri's jacket in my car, realized she stood him up so she could hang with us for the night. And decided to see if she wanted to come out with him, but his arriving here nearly caused it." he told her and she nodded gently to him.

"To answer your original remark, if these idiots in that book were more focused, and on the safety of their world and keep more then those demons as protection. Then that lunatic that sabotaged the kid in the next 2 stories here would never have escaped. But even a law abiding man shows his darkside every now and again, but this crossed a line."

"Which why we're not making that same mistake, and before this turns into a warzone now, but these kids try to start a fight in public. And it narrowly missing killing the next victim in causes another traffic accident and someone is going to get it right now." Shreck said and she nodded gently as Weine answered that as he crossed his arms.

"Which is what they should have done regarding the tournament, as the castle is crawling with magical cops and order members of the next book. As they wait for who did it to expose themselves now, well this is the exact same thing. Though we have to keep picking him up he's pushing our patience too far." Weine said and she nodded to that.

"You guys get hurt, or he ends up in the ICU and my patience has ended, regarding this case completely, but how far can he push it. And before I hunt him down as the evidence from the fire, if there is one, mimics the explosion from the plane crash, again. And we got enough to put him in juvenile hall for life." he added and Johnson nodded to that.

"That's three agents so far right now, alright, so how many members of your department are we having involved in helping us corral these guys exactly?" the chief asked him bemused and he explained that. "I got three more teams coming, but the duo are sticking close to these two at the moment." he said and they nodded gently at that.

"Uh oh, well that's enough to scare these guys out of their wits right now, when the rest of you are dealing with the crime scene. It's that these guys keep getting picked up by my team repeatedly for another talk till the latest one lands him as being the subject. And of a state wide manhunt, for arson." she said and the man nodded gently to that.

"Peter, Adam and Eric's teams are coming in the morning, but it's just us, baby." he told her and she nodded. "That's 9 agents of the bureau now, but between them and the town precinct, plus the sheriff's department two towns over." Alex said and she nodded to that. "Oh boy, that's enough to scare these guys out of their wits if they keep it up here."

"But Krueger just missed a second time, and we got a case of loss of temper and in a public place and someone is going to get it, if we have another traffic accident." Clear said in response and the trio nodded in agreement. "Yes, but if we have another attempt and a shoot the cop, he's screwed." Weine said and they saw Carter pale at that remark.

"Said cop a cadet or junior agent, let alone a teacher, and he's being eaten alive for it at the moment, because with us acting like your guardians. They finally ticked us off and they're being arrested in whether or not they did it at all. But two close calls in two explosion and you're still recovering." Johnson said and they both nodded sternly then.

"Yeah he's afraid of us now, the us being me and Wes, because he knows that we just caught him out after curfew, as you have the only radio link between us right now. And secondly though we're your mentors, your parents had Wes acting as guardian now." Shreck said and he nodded in agreement as Terri and Lewton walked out the door then.

"Like I said, every time we had a murder or close call, he sees us hanging around the crime scene now, so he knows. That we catch him by or just coming by the crime scene, and the ending results are we know he's connected. As his anger is jumping out and killing someone or trying to kill someone everytime." Weine said and the couple nodded.

"But we seen enough tv to know that the FBI normally never investigates accidental plane crashes. But 1) we don't have a clue as to what destroyed that plane yet, 2) none of us are ruling anything out. 3) is that 8 people getting off that plane is strange enough already, before we call a meeting and I was the one that had that vision of it exploding."

"And just moments before it does explode." he said and Clear finished his statement as she crossed her arms. "And it doesn't help the possible suspect's case of arriving at the next victim's house a month after the previous close call right now." she said and the two agents nodded in agreement as they saw a scared look as Terri and Lewton came out.

"At the moment it's not anyone thing, and if it was, we could have seen this coming from a mile away that they finally had a psychotic break. Out of annoyance of being stuck under scrutiny by the coach, our parents, the cops and Dr. Hawthorne. But this time they lost their damn minds completely." Billy said and Alex nodded in agreement to that.

"Yeah and these attempted set ups are going too far right now, just what does he take me for, a complete idiot. I know for a fact, Alex would never do that right now, as such, how many times do we have to this, before we had enough right now." the chief said firmly as he looked over his shoulder sternly and Carter swallowed hard at that.

As he saw the unreadable look in their eyes and swallowed. "I can smell it from here, he's drunk." Terri said then as they saw the car. "He's drunk and he drove here, is he trying to kill himself at the moment." Lewton said in shock and they nodded sternly. "There's the catch on that book and she knew they did it again right now, but this."

"I can see the look that says what's going on and what is she doing with me exactly." Alex said and Terri crossed her arms. "And we're not doing that conversation twice, but ever since we got back I told him repeatedly. I am never going out with him when he's drinking and I mean every word, but too many things could happen when he's drunk."

"So me or the booze." she said and the agent leader nodded sternly. "How many times do we have to do this with these guys?" Shreck said in annoyance to that. "I don't know, but he broke curfew, drinking and driving, he's busted, alright, stand by." Weine said as he heard a beeped out message come over Alex's radio and nodded in relief then.

'Good, they're ready to head off another resisting arrest case in this case and with us now completely involved, don't, don't fight us, we're not doing that twice, easy, easy.' he thought as he said it firmly. "A little late to be dropping in, isn't it right now?" he asked and he watched the boy swallow as he tried to answer him then at his question.

"Thought we had another week." he said and Shreck crossed his arms. "I guess you also forgot about the rule that Dave put out that we catch you drinking. And when during that curfew you were ending up back in the hospital right, now. So tell me, are the rest of your gang hanging around?" he asked and the boy shook his head and he said it sternly.

"Keys, hand them over." he said and before Carter could move, he felt a hand come down on his shoulder as one of the soldiers caught him from behind. And he sighed and gave him the keys. "In the car buster, come on, and don't start with us tonight, we're not doing that twice." the orderly told him and he nodded and got in without resistance.

"Strike 2, one more strike and he's out, regarding this right now, in trying to get us off their trail, alright guys, we better talk tomorrow. Because I'm not taking chances of his gang trying to drop by your house tomorrow, baby. See you tomorow afternoon, guys, as we do bodyguard protection." Weine said and the couple nodded as they left at that...

Hanging Out At Clear's House And Bludworth:

"Alex, I just got the news, the trip was extended, we'll be gone till October." Browning told him as he got ready to leave and Alex nodded. "Got it dad, when in October?" he asked and he explained that. "October 25th." he said and Alex nodded gently. "I'll be fine with the guys, two close calls, but we're preparing to run a bit of research here."

"But this starts a second time after you leave and it's repeated back to backs, it's going to be close, but I did my job and saved the others." he said and his mother sighed. "At the cost of us and your mentor almost losing you now baby. But the little brat puts you in the hospital, nothing is stopping us from suing their asses when we get home now."

"We know the guys love you, but the early catch in this job, take it easy after it ends, as you need time to rest and heal." she said and he nodded to her. "I will, but Wes said he's planning on adopting Clear as his daughter now, but at the current moment. He's my guardian once you guys leave now." he said and she nodded to him gently at that.

Arriving at Clear's house the following afternoon, Alex saw her dog run up to him and he gently petted him. "Just got the news back, after saving Todd, some woman was murdered next, the report was that her daughter saw the news. And their car was jacked, her daughter could be my counterpart." he said and she nodded to the news.

"Well whoever it was, tonight's the night, we're going to the Mortician tonight." she said and he nodded as he examined her latest project. "Working on a sculpture honey?" he asked her smiling and she nodded to him gently, looking at him. The dog gave a gentle whine and he rubbed his head and he buried his head into his side gently at that.

"Seven weeks of this and these guys are close to cracking completely, but after another attack last night this keeps up. And we got it going in repeated circles, but we dodged it 3 times in under 2 months right now. And I'm just saying this, but like Max said, take it easy on the death omens or it's going to drive us crazy by thinking about it too much."

"Being open to the signs is more then enough but we start over thinking it, someone is going to have a nervous breakdown from this." she told him and he nodded. "Design maybe, but you can spot death omens anywhere you want to. Coffee, starts with a C and ends with an E, so does the word choke, so what, are we going to choke to death."

"Just to determine this we got to put it to the test right now, as we need one fast example, say when we meeting up for lunch tomorrow. But this time we run it in public, but Val gets wind that he did it again a 3rd time in less then a week. And causes a near car accident she's going to have him with the guidance counselor so fast here now."

"It's going to make his head spin, but the guys are already irritated enough already without adding this to it right now." he said before they heard a bemused tone to that. "You're right we are, but it doesn't help his case that we keep finding him at the crime scene or supposed crime scene right now." Weine said and they walked over then gently.

"Why do I get the feeling that the second my parents leave and you're now my guardian, that they try the more direct approach of trying to frame me here?" he asked him and they sighed. "Because their desperation to get us off their trail is pushing them to cross the line till it nearly kills someone now." Shreck said and he nodded to the news then.

"At this point I'm looking at a case of all hell breaking loose once you're with us with your parents out of town. That these guys just finally pissed us off at this rate, as these keep up and by the time your parents get back you're 2/4's recovered. And from the damage these guys caused in your case now." Weine said sharply then and he nodded to that.

"It just got better, but my dad's company extended the trip, they'll be gone till October 25th, boss." he told him and Weine nodded gently. "That's fine right now, but these guys don't realize that not only are you my student, you're my son now. So mess with you and they mess with me at the moment, but 1 year getting used to this right now though."

"In your visions it's either premonitions or visions, that we got to be ready for the side effects right now, Carter however. He thinks he's the one who is not jinxed, but you are, but both times you deflected and he was in range of the victim. How can we ignore the evidence when you're always with the victim." he said and Alex nodded in agreement.

"After a year of this, as it goes in another run around and before we had enough time getting used to it in your case. That you deflected it a few hundred times by the time your counterpart had it start in her case. And it was the daughter of the woman that got robbed and car jacked today." Shreck said and they nodded as he wrote it down then.

"What's the family name?" he asked and Weine answered that. "The Cormans, so first the Carpenters and now we got the Cormans, after finding Eugene now. But the next question is who are the others exactly right now." he said and Alex nodded. "I think we're finding that out tomorrow right now." he said and they both nodded to him in relief then.

"To repeat Mr. Waggner, what idiot tries to stick around a crime scene when they know the cops and authorities are knuckling down harder on them, but two in 5 weeks. Who's next exactly, because we had enough evidence to notice a pattern forming from this. That crazy jealousy is one piece of it and 2) is he's sick of being under scrutiny by you."

"And 3) is he blames me for getting them kicked off the team and hold back a year, you guys are acting like homicide detectives. And the homicide team is now considering that theory of crazy jealousy themselves right now." he said and Weine crossed his arms. "One that's suffering from the level of drugs and said are affecting his mind at this rate."

"That his coming by the scene drunk or looking like he was speedballing it's cutting his chances right now. But whatever you have..., never mind, we're coming with you in case they choose tonight to ambush you guys, so we're coming with you right now." he said and they nodded gently in relief, feeling safe with the two agents always close by then.

"The pattern is showing a proof positive, so we just need one more to confirm it now, but the ability went to full now. But I got a fast recommendation that instead of the drag being loaded with civilians, that we have 60 or 70 agents. And do a sting operation and have the driver replaced by one." Alex told him and he nodded to the idea gently at that.

"Protect the civilians by having most of the bereau at the drag as we see what kind of frame job they pulled this time after destroying Larry's car. That's a good idea, alright I'll tell that to Damian and we can get it set up, but best to do that in 2 days." Weine said and Shreck nodded to his idea as he hid a smile at the way his thinking matched theirs.

"I would consider that a teenage version to the arrest on that martial arts movie that the man in that scifi movie played in now. But tries to cross you and instead gets double crossed by us if they try to cause a car accident up there right now. But this should be good that you can out think him pretty fast here with him not thinking straight now."

"But rehearsing these conversations comes in handy, but if he still blames you, nothing is stopping us from throwing him in the hospital till he's thinking straight. As this psychosis is serious enough already without adding a car accident or two next to it. But by getting us there, that just insured we would never believe him at all right now in this case."

"And not when he attacked you for no damn reason at the time that day." he said and Alex nodded gently as they exchanged looks. "We better get up there right now." Weine said and they nodded as they got into his car amd headed for the funeral home. As the couple went in and then froze, as they saw the woman lying on the table at that.

"Oh god, did we just come at a bad time right now." she said and he sighed. "Don't think so." he said as he looked at her and then deaged her, as he saw his counterpart. "Her daughter could be my counterpart seer, and if she is, I have to teach her now. In how to control it right now, because attempting to wing it could kill someone now here."

"But you and I are the experts in this, we take it slow." he said and she nodded, before they heard a crash and almost knocked something over. "Jesus, alright easy baby, son, relax, it was just me." Weine said coming in and he relaxed, as he tried to control his heartbeat. "Max?" he asked and he nodded as he answered him gently at that question.

"In the car, waiting for us." he told him and he nodded as he rubbed his back then, as they saw a man come out then. "Looks like that news broadcast saved my counterpart." he said and the man nodded. "Mr. Bludworth?" he asked and the man nodded. "I assume you're here to know what I know about this?" he asked and they nodded to him then.

"Yes, but they're in training Sir, so take it easy on them." Weine said as he stood next to Alex then. "Is it possible for the reaper to possess someone's anger and every time they lose their temper, that anger jumps out and targets the next victim?" Alex asked and he nodded as he answered him then as he saw the defensive way the agent acted with him.

"It's possible, but it seems like your peer crossed a line in this, but concluding it to your movie theory is a good way to put this. See what you got to understand is that we're all just a mouse a cat has by the tail, that every move we make here. The red lights we stop at or run, the people we work with, the planes and buses we get on or off of."

"It's all part of death's sadistic design leading to the grave now." he said and Alex said for the three of them. "So this means if you can catch the design you can cheat death?" he asked and Bludworth nodded with a slight smile. "Alex, you already did that by getting off the plane and talking them into running a test, now you have to know when and where."

"That it's coming back at you." he said, watching him then, and as the smile on his face turned creepy, Weine shifted position. 'Don't push it, these are my cubs, they're spooked enough without you making it worse.' he thought as the man went further, as he got to work in disconnecting the tubes, as he saw his students trying to control it then.

"I suppose talking in riddles basically means if he never prevented Murnau from leaving, you're basically telling me Carter was the murderer and Alex is innocent?" Weine said to switch it up then, so he could get the duo to focus then. "Trying times and teenagers are wont for undue pressure." he said and Weine said it to himself in annoyance to that.

'That's a yes, alright, if Carter comes here next, then we're following him here to determine what he was trying to find out. But Alex is not the one losing his temper repeatedly here and to the point we got to arrest him. And before he hurts himself or anyone else here.' he thought and saw an eerie smile cross his face as he said it then.

"Play your hunch, if you think you can get away with it, but beware the risk of cheating death, and disrespecting the grand design. As it could incite a fury that would terrorize even the grim reaper." he said and said it with a slight growl in his voice. "And even you don't to fuck with that mack daddie." he said as he removed the needle from her neck.

As it caused a spurt of blood and fluid mixture, and that did as they both turned away in disgust then. "Yes well thank you, we'll just see ourselves out." Weine said and Bludworth nodded as he answered him as the two quickly headed for the door. "I'll see you soon." he said and Weine nodded as he left the room and moved to his students then quickly.

"I'll handle the next one, you two okay?" he asked and they both nodded. "Yeah, but unless absolutely necessary, neither of us want to see this guy a second time. But I gained enough that my theory is pretty solid one, but it's part II alright. Our Freddy possessed Carter and every time he loses his temper here, then it lashes out now."

"And kills someone else at the moment, we just need to run one final test on that and we got enough evidence now. That so long as he's near us, we're endanger, putting him in solitaire or just being turned into an outcast is the best way to go now." Alex told him and he nodded as that confirmed his own theory then as thought it over carefully.

As he smiled then. "Bait and switch, you and I are talking about this in front of the coffee shop, as we wait for the quintet to arrive. He sees us and we go from there right now, Clear, as we see how close his anger causes another crash." he said and Weine smiled sternly. "Combine both together." Shreck asked and he nodded to him gently at that.

"Yeah that is just what I'm suggesting right now, as we confirm that, like the little jerk in that in-line skating movie. We see him sabotage the main character's test race with his best friend, the girl right now, Carter and his gang try that. And instead of cheating, that very well could have killed someone if it blows a tire right now, on the drag now."

"As I would never cheat to win and that act is beyond desperate to get you guys off their cases right now." he said and just as they were answering, the radio went off. "The test results just came from the aviation testing department. In addition to the fuselage, the chemical reaction was what did it." the chief said and they nodded.

"They created a 300 ton rocket out of these ingredients, as a result, were it not for that premonition, they could have killed a couple hundred people right now." Weine said and Alex nodded. "Find anything else?" Alex asked and they heard a firm tone. "We had an attempted stowaway in your class, Curtis Parker's pack was what did it."

"The quintet may have gotten their stuff off the plane, but Parker forgot to grab his and his bag was what destroyed the plane, son." he said and they nodded. "So joint effort right now, they drugged me, because they smuggled him onto the plane. And with it smuggling contraband on the plane." he said sternly and Clear nodded sternly.

"Well I'm taking that to Williams and the quartet, they're not going to like this when they hear that." she said and he nodded. "We just graduated and the faculty are deciding to keep in touch with us, but the quartet are the lock into the faculty." he said and they nodded to that news gently, as he dialed a number and it picked up quickly at that.

"Caine?" he said and Alex said it then. "Coach, the test results from the explosion and what caused it just came back. But instead of 44 members, we had an attempted stowaway in the group that night." he told him and his tone went stern. "Who was it exactly son?" he asked and Alex explained that to him then, knowing he was furious.

"It was Curtis Parker, but it was his bag that destroyed the plane, they drugged me, to prevent me from doing an attempted headcount and pointed out to you. As you send him home right now, but the idea backfired so highly that they all panicked." he told him and he heard a stern paternal tone to that news as he answered him gently at that remark.