Gosh, she was stupid. Bernie knew what the aubergine meant now. Serena had used it on her the afternoon they got there. There were some complimentary things to be said about the bed. It had stood up to some very rigorous testing. She abandoned all thoughts as Serena's tongue took over her senses. Upside down.

'This is an improvement from my last couple's holiday.'

Bernie nestled further into Serena's neck; pushing away her hair from her shoulders with one hand and holding the ice cream inbetween them so they could lick as they liked.

'Let me guess, Marcus took you to Paris?'

Bernie confirmed the cliché with a chuckle.

'He didn't think the accommodation through. It was in a dodgy area of the city and covered in piss. He tried to find ways to impress me but spent more time scrapping with the drunks and waiters. We even argued halfway up the Eiffel tower. He was a bit annoyed that I ordered off the menu in better French.'


'Not the most successful honeymoon.'

'That was your honeymoon?'

Serena looked appalled. Bernie leaned back to observe the expression on her face.

'No wonder you've never been on another holiday alone with him.'

'Cam was born a year later so holidays were out after that. I might have been a bit drunk when that happened.'

'I don't blame you. What about Lottie?'

'I was definitely drunk when that happened. Things were already souring between us.'

Serena took a slurp of ice cream.

'Well cheers to getting out early. As soon as Edward committed his third strike, I threw him out and never looked back. Elinor is still annoyed about it but too bad.'

'He did the same thing three times?'

'No, I'm not that stupid. He cheated on me with a nurse, spent some of the money I put away for Elinor and then he showed up inebriated on the job. That was enough. Our honeymoon was even worse than yours, but he tried to make it up to me on another holiday to Kent. Waste of time and money.'

Bernie nicked the last of the ice cream and told Serena that they could consider this to be their first real couple's holiday.

Five attempts at a selfie later, they argued over which was the best one and sent it.

'Time for a walk along the sea before it rains?'


It rained, they ran back, scrubbed each other under the hot shower and drank an entire bottle of red while organising the notes for the article. Bernie thought about what she needed to edit out to make the feature public friendly.

'Can't write about that. Or…that.'

Serena played with Bernie's dressing gown, slipping her fingers down further.

'Nor this' she warned playfully. 'Now how will your article be worded?'

Bernie was up for the challenge.