Chapter 1.

Ferb sighed.

There she was, walking through the gate and opening her mouth to say her casual, carfree (Ha!) phrase.

"Whatcha doing?" Isabella smiled at Phineas.

Ferb glanced back at the control panel. He wasn't quite sure why he was so bothered. This happened every day. Or maybe that was why he was bothered. Who's to say?

"We're building an invention to communicate with the Aliens on Neptune!" Phineas answered.

"How do you know there are Aliens on Neptune? Mars and Neptune are very different, although Candace is more of an expert on Mars than I am." Isabella said lightly, afraid to hurt his feelings.

"Well, Candace, Ferb and I were watching TV this morning and in it there were. I know that tv isn't always real, but I can't believe that there wouldn't be life on Neptune. Almost all of it is water, and who wouldn't want to live underwater?"

Many people, the tax on oxygen must make it a fortune, you buffoon. Species don't just adapt cause it would be fun.

The rest of the day continued as it did:

Isabella noticed perry was missing, Buford and Baljeet walked in, made their jokes. Everybody pitched in on the project, Candace became aware of the communicator, and tried to bust them, except, unlike most days, when their inventions were without a flaw,

The communicator didn't receive any signs of aliens. Ferb checked. There nothing was wrong with the machine. He wasn't too shocked about this revelation. There simply were no aliens on Neptune, and in his opinion it wasn't upsetting.

When a green-ray shot out of the sky to clean up their faulty (?) machine, Ferb's Mom asked them in for pie, and they all went inside to gorge on the dessert.

Even if Ferb wasn't surprised by the absence of aliens, Phineas was. Ferb resolved to talk about it later, but it was obvious to him that Phineas would start the conversation if he didn't.

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Hello! This is my first Fanfiction, and I promise it will GET MORE INTERESTING!

I wanted to start the story off slow. I will definitely make longer chapters in the future (That was very short.) with more complex sentence structure.

The story is going to be told mostly from Ferb's point of view though that could change.

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