~Ghost, where you from? I can take you away, so far away. Ghost, I'll make sure they all see, the kinds of man that you can be…~

I blinked at the song, which matched my mood entirely. I scowled at my phone. What the hell, I never downloaded this song. I blinked, "Huh, it's 2005 already? Only… Too long to go until my smartphone exists."

A hand grabbed my arm, halting my movement, and I stared at the man. Ha, wasn't I just reading about him? I glanced at my phone. Yup. The Doctor glared at her, "You never thought to tell me? You could have ripped a hole in the very fabric of the universe!" My eyes turned back to the man I had been reading about, observing the curious gaze of the very man that I was reading a horror-fic about.

Yes, one of those. I'd have deleted it the moment I realized what it was if it hadn't been for the fact that it was one of my last fanfictions to read left in the world. I couldn't deal with not having something to read. It was the last unread fanfiction on my phone. I didn't want to taint my image of the Doctor too bad with it.

I guess that wouldn't be an issue anymore, I mused as I stared at him. I clicked my phone screen off. Was I telling him? Nope. Kidnapper-fic was just before the horror-fic. I was in no mood to be like Missy until I inevitably died. Or to meet the Time Lord Victorious, for that matter.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked curiously, northerner accent somehow making it easier to understand him. Oh, so I can't understand American accents, of which I was one, but I could perfectly understand British accents? I have a feeling my half-deaf predicament would mean nothing to the man.

Or, my mind pitched in, the TARDIS is making it so I can perfectly understand him.

"Not as such," I mused aloud, putting my phone in my back pocket even as my attention turned back to the man, "Just testing out new technology for Apple. Steve Jobs is one hell of a man."

Please be called Apple here please be called Apple here please be called Apple here, "Oh, okay. Can I see?" He nodded amicably. I blinked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh, sorry, n-hey!" I smacked his head, half-scowling half-pouting. Why couldn't things go my way, I asked the sky silently. There was no response as the Doctor held my phone, scowling at me for smacking him. The screen opened, and he flicked the top. I watched, almost awed as the oldest man I've ever met easily worked my phone like it was second nature. What a guy.

"Android," He gave me an amused glance, "September 12, 2025," He said aloud, sounding rather happy, "You're from 2025? How's the second plague coming along? You didn't bring it here, did you? Well, you'd be dead, unless you just got here, which it doesn't seem that you did."

"Wait, second plague? Fuck, glad I missed that one. Nah, 2020. I've been here five years," How old was I? I blinked at my own unknown question, "Er, that makes me… 19 plus five? Ish? Uhhh that would be…"

"Twenty-four," The Doctor supplied even as he scanned me with his sonic screwdriver.

"Oh, thanks Doct-" I cut myself off, only for him to raise his eyebrows at me, "... or…" I finished awkwardly. Good job, me, my thoughts spit venomously.

He gave me a curious look, "You know me."

"You're the pr-" I cut myself off. He's the president of the world, of course I'd know him, I mentally joked, "Uhhh spoilers. Sorry sir. May I have my phone back?" I asked weakly. Would it work?

"Whaddya mean spoilers?" He asked, sounding dismayed.

"Well, you're pretty well known in 2020… I was privy to knowledge of your previous faces," I lie easily. Oh, so I can lie easily now, but I can't keep from calling him by name? Smooth, dude, smooth.

"What's your name, then, since you know mine?"

"Um S...arah? Sarah Harkness," I nodded at my own words. Right. Going with the fanfiction's first name and Jack's last? Original.

The Doctor gave me a look, before shrugging and grinning, "Sarah Harkness then. You gonna be able to respond to that name?"

"Have been for five years, what's fifteen more?" I lied.

I was just referred to as Girl by the people who allowed an ID-less nonexistent girl to work for them and live in their building. It worked okay, lived in a slumlord's domain and cleaned the place up for less rent but that was fine. Five dollars- er, Euros an hour sucked. Luckily for me they let me work whenever and however many hours I wanted, so I could pull 24-hour jobs.

"Mm," He commented, "I can take you back to your time if you want?"

"Er, I'd… Rather not. Second plague isn't my cuppa joe," I muttered.

A person passing inserted themselves into a conversation, "You mean tea? Do Americans all change the sayings?"

At the two silent stares they got the hint and left. I sighed. Humans. People.

"Okay," He agreed, and my shoulders slumped. He wasn't the TLV, close to the Valeyard, or any of that. I could tell just by the fact- "But I can't leave you here to disrupt time. I can either take your phone-"

"Okay okay, jeez no need to threaten me so harshly," I muttered, snatching my phone to my heart. He rolled his eyes.

"Or, you can come with me. Travel the universe," He offered. I blinked, and gave him a skeptical glare. He amended his words with a sigh, "I already know you aren't human, so I can also take you to your planet."

"I'll just… Keep my phone and stay here. Don't worry, no one will get my phone. Not even from my dead corpse," I saluted and jogged away. Wait. Why was he in 2005? I almost stopped, before stumbling forwards and continuing my jog. Okay. Hide from the Nestene Consciousness' Autons, then return to my normal life. Hiding away from anything in particular, I don't notice as my back touched a plastic bin. I try jumping away, but am unable to as I'm swallowed up.

Fuck. It was the only word that came to mind as I woke up next to a smelly black man. I blinked at him. Mickey Smith, the coward that wasn't. Well, he was right now, huddled into my side as the blob tried speaking to him. I chuckled.

"And you, who knew him on sight, what can you tell me of the man searching after me!?" The blob demanded dramatically. I'm surprised I could understand it. I stood up, stretched with a yawn, rubbed my aching head and walked towards a chain and axe. I grabbed the axe with nary a thought.

"He's a total badass. You can find out more when he arrives to offer you freedom or death," I shrugged and started reading Lost in Time by emptyvoices on my phone, ignoring Mickey until he left me alone. Despite being a genre of the Doctor Who fanfictions I wasn't interested in, it was disturbingly good. I couldn't stop wondering what happens next. 11/10 would recommend for people like me. I winced at what I read. I don't think the light hearted would benefit from it though.

"What's your name?" Mickey asked after I tore my eyes from my phone with a wince.

"Sara…" I said sympathetically, "Ooh, that was a bad fucking chapter. Okay. I got this. My name is Sarah Harkness, nice to meet you."

"Whatcha readin'? Is that an iPod? I'm Mickey, Mickey Smith."

"I'm reading a uh, horror fic. About aliens. And time travel. Uh, new technology, I'm a beta tester. This won't come out for another few years, it's still buggy," I lied.

"Oh. Can I see it?"

"Over my dead body," I offered kindly.

"..." He settled for looking over my shoulder. I sighed and pulled up Knockoff Piano Tiles™.

"If you leave me alone and stop shrieking every three seconds I'll let you play for a bit? It's based on music that you'll never have heard. You just tap the black squares on the screen as they appear. Don't touch the white."

He played for a solid three hours before they arrived. I took it from him and pointed them out. After ignoring the reunion, I stood up and stretched my legs. Even if it's only once, I'd save lives. I wasn't letting Clive die so soon. He could be useful later. Maybe. Probably.

"Heya, Doc. I uh, guess I'm too technologically advanced not to attract attention? Sorry!" I called with a sheepish grin. He shook his head, and probably rolled his eyes. Most likely. It looked like he did from this far, which was only a few feet away.

After I glanced at my phone, reading a few paragraphs I was jolted out of the story by a jolt of lightning. I looked around, saw the Doctor all "save yourself!" and rolled my eyes at him. He gave me a disbelieving stare even as Rose called her mother. I hummed, smashed the chain after a few solid hits, and grabbed the chain. Aiming, I gripped as tight as I could, phone in mouth. I almost lost my balance at the jolt of hitting the mannequin, and the Doctor watched as I almost fell to my death, only the chain wrapped around my legs stopping me. My phone hung precariously from my fingertips, where I had dived to catch it after the unreliable off brand popsocket popped off. Damn. I gripped it as hard as I could, did a sit up as best I could, and rolled onto the platform at impact.

"Whoo, almost lost my baby there," I exclaimed happily as I popped the holder back on and put it in my back pocket, "Let's go, Doctor, before any other craziness attracts towards you."

He was giving me an appraising stare as I ran to the TARDIS, him behind me.

I held my phone in my hand during the run, gazing at the small crack that appeared. I had gripped it too hard, again. Damn it, it was the hardiest phone out there, and I was damned proud of it, but I kept accidentally crushing it. It wasn't even breakable glass. Come on, I shouldn't be that strong.

I barely glanced at the TARDIS, before doing a double take as she flew. She was beautiful. Amazing, stunning, no words could encompass her sheer beauty.

"Beauty doth take me henceforth, forever to be in my mind," I muttered aloud, getting an odd glance from Mickey.

"It's alien! He's, he's a thing," Mickey snapped at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Don't be rude, asshole," I snapped back, voice awfully dry for how many fucks I gave. Which was precisely none.

I ignored what he said, sitting on the pilot's seat and reading more of the story. Ooh, damn. Forgot that was where I left off. I hesitated, glancing up at the Doctor.

Did I really want to read this?

Did I really want to choose books over the real deal?

Did I still want to use this method of escapism when I could use another?

"You're not the only one running," I muttered to myself, looking back down to my phone for a long moment before clicking my phone off. I don't notice the Doctor give me a curious glance.

"It's safe out, now," The Doctor says, and Mickey rushed out, Rose following soon after. I hesitate, giving the TARDIS one last look full of thisiseverythingI'veeverwantedandI'mlettingitgo, before following them. I don't look back, I just continue onwards, gripping my phone like the lifeline it was.

I listened as he spoke with Rose, slowing to a stop at the end of the alleyway. I turned around, leaning against the brick wall as I realized something. He blew up Hendrick's. I was jobless. Fuck. I don't bother leaving after that hit, just slid down and accepted my fate. I didn't have enough for rent. I'd be kicked out. I didn't really have anything except clothes and a sleeping bag anyway.